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Glenn Beck

Government Lies about Border Agent Shooting; Author Fears for Life from Islamic Extremists

Aired February 07, 2007 - 19:00   ET


GLENN BECK, HOST: I am sorry to report, but our government has been lying to us about the border. Wait until you hear the new details.
Also, the latest on "American Idol" and that crazy astronaut. More, next.


ANNOUNCER: Tonight`s episode is brought to you by "Star Trek XI: The Wrath of Nowak", coming never to a theater near you.


BECK: Sad news to report tonight. Common sense has officially passed away. I`m not really sure when it happened, but it has, especially concerning our border and illegal immigration.

Apparently, our politicians believe that two of us, we`re just a bunch of 4-year-olds or we`re just too stupid to understand that they`re on the take. I just can`t figure out yet who`s paying whom.

Here`s the point tonight. Washington is literally lying to us on illegal immigration, and today we have the proof. We all know they`re lying. How? Well, I`ve got to tell you, common sense plays a role here. Nothing makes sense of what`s coming out of Washington, and it`s time we demand the truth.

Here`s how I got there. Two stories have surfaced to back this point up that common sense is dead. The first one is the Justice Department is formulating new rules to allow the government to collect DNA samples from hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants detained by the law enforcement.

Well, as you can imagine, everybody is coming out of the woodwork. Oh, how dare do that to illegal aliens? Yes, right. Let me get something straight here for those illegal aliens that might be watching the program. You have human rights. You do not have legal rights. I`ll treat you like a human being and I`ll treat you with dignity. But if you break into my country, you know what? I`m going to take your DNA, and I`m going to put you on a plane and I`m going to send you the hell back to your freaking country.

Some reports suggest that in Los Angeles 95 percent of all outstanding homicide warrants are for illegal aliens. Gee, if that`s the case, do you think having their DNA might help catch some killers?

Do you remember that Mexican immigrant who was known as the Railroad Killer? Starting in 1997, he committed at least 15 murders and countless rapes in the United States. Now, over the years of his brutal rampage, we`ve deported the Railroad Killer 17 times. That means we had him in custody 17 times. We had 17 opportunities to lock him up for murder.

If we had his DNA, do you think after the first crime we could have tested that, matched it, maybe the rest of the murders and the rapes would have never been committed?

Plus, another chilling example of the government having absolutely no clue about the border. The story of the two border agents who were sent to jail for shooting an illegal alien who had a van full of drugs? The illegal alien drug smuggler sued the government for $5 million, and the two agents have been sent to prison for 11 years.

Now here`s the new part of the story. The Department of Homeland Security has suggested that the guys were dirty agents. They met with Congress people and said, hey, you don`t want to get involved with these guys. They`re bad dudes. They told the Congress that they had confessed their guilt and they were also quoted as saying they wanted to shoot some Mexicans.

Well, I`ve been telling you for weeks that I don`t know, there`s something about this story that`s just fishy. Turns out suspicions were true. Department of Homeland Security official yesterday admitted to Congress that the agency misled Congress when it had -- when it said that it had reports proving the Border Patrol agents were guilty.

The inspector general, Richard Skinner, actually admitted that the Department of Homeland Security did not, in fact, have any reports to back up those claims. Skinner reportedly said, quote, "The person who told you that, sir, misinformed you." End quote. Translate bull crap to English, the government lied to Congress.

Meanwhile, the drug smuggler, he`s free. The border agents getting beaten and abused in prison this week. Does that or anything like this make any sense to you? Of course not. The question is why? Why is our government lying to Congress?

Here`s what I know tonight. Congress -- Congress needs to step up and answer a few questions. They need to look us in the eye and tell us, what`s going on with the border? Why are you protecting illegal aliens? Why are you sending a message to our border police to do nothing, to take no action on those crossing into our country? It doesn`t make any sense. Something is wrong: wildly, wildly wrong.

Here`s what I don`t know. Am I ever going to find anybody in Washington, anyone who has the courage to tell me what really going on, the courage to throw their whole party or the whole system under the bus?

Congressman John Culberson, he`s from Texas. He`s the guy who got homeland security to admit that they were lying to Congress.

How mad are you, Congressman?

REP. JOHN CULBERSON (R), TEXAS: Glenn, it`s an absolute outrage. A federal official who has the authority to throw you in prison and destroy your life has an absolute obligation to tell the truth, the absolute truth to the American people. And I and three other members of Congress were deliberately lied to in order to throw us off the scent, to stop us from seeking the truth in this matter.

And this was last September, Glenn, that we met with top investigators with the Department of Homeland Security, inspector general`s office, and we were told flat out. As you said in the intro, these two agents, Ramos and Campean, are bad cops. They`re rogue cops. We said, why do you know that? Because these agents admitted -- we were told these agents admitted under oath to the investigation that they went out that morning to shoot Mexicans, that they were not in fear for their lives. We heard that. Hey, rogue cops, these guys get what they deserve.

Now it turns out in my subcommittee yesterday, and I`m on the subcommittee on -- I`m on the appropriations committee, Glenn, on the subcommittee on homeland security. I asked Inspector General Richard Skinner where are those statements and are they true? These statements were made by your investigators, sir, are they true? And he said, under oath, "I`m sorry, congressman, we misled you. Those statements were not true."

BECK: So what is going to happen?

CULBERSON: I`m going to ask for the inspector general`s resignation. I`m going to ask for the resignation of Lisa Redman, who is the investigator on this case who lied to us directly. I`m going to ask for the resignation of James Taylor, the deputy inspector general and the resignation of Tamara Wagner (ph), who is the other congressional liaison who lied to us directly.

And then I think Congress needs to really dive into this. We need to make sure that these agents are pardoned. I would encourage every American listening to your broadcast tonight to contact the White House, because the president has the power of pardon. And these agents deserve to be pardoned. They were using their best judgment. I`ve met with officer Campean.

BECK: I have to ask you something else, because there`s more outrage to this story than what you just laid out. You also have Johnny Sutton. Now you explain to me, sir, why we have the guy who came across the border, he`s smuggling drugs, he shot at officers. The next time he was nailed, he comes back again with another van full of drugs and Johnny Sutton seals the fact that he had been arrested and pardoned yet again so it couldn`t be used after these two border agents at the trial. Why is someone trying to put these guys in jail?

CULBERSON: Glenn, it`s a question I guess I could answer, and it`s important to understand that congress enacts the law but we cannot execute it. The executive officer of the United States, the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, has to enforce the law and protect the border.

Johnny Sutton is a U.S. attorney for the western district. He`s the one who prosecuted this case. And you`re right, Johnny Sutton and the prosecutor gave immunity to the drug smuggler, who was carrying in a million dollars worth of drugs to the United States.

BECK: Twice. Twice.

CULBERSON: And now the drug smuggler is suing us, the taxpayers. It`s an absolute outrage.

BECK: Congressman, why is this happening? What is the agenda? There are secret combinations happening in Washington. They`re not telling us the truth.

CULBERSON: I`m told that when asked directly by Sarah Carter, a reporter with the "Valley News" in California -- she`s a reporter who`s been following this. Sarah Carter, I am told, asked Johnny Sutton directly what message does it send to Border Patrol agents for you to prosecute these two agents for doing their duty.

Johnny Sutton`s reaction was, I am told, what message does it send to Hispanic voters. I think that`s an absolute insult to Hispanic Americans, because if you are a law abiding citizen, you want the law enforced, my neighbors -- my neighborhood to be safe and my kids to be safe. We must enforce the law. We need to have the rule of law and order on the border, Glenn. You`re going to have the rule of ploto o plomo (ph), which is the rule of the drug lords. Silver or lead.

BECK: I have to tell you, sir, thank you very much for standing up to this. We will follow this tomorrow. We have much more tomorrow. You do not want to miss tomorrow`s program. Congressman, we`ll be following your progress closely.

Now with a proposed 700-mile fence along the border, guess what happened? In Bush`s new budget, only money for half of the fence. Gee, who predicted that happening?

You know what? But if you`re going to build a fence, it might as well be a really, really good one.


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BECK: Coming up, a controversial author and film maker whose life is in danger because she`s speaking out against radical Islam. Please don`t go anywhere. You cannot miss her story next.

The latest in the chapter of the strange saga of the astronaut, Lisa Nowak, who is -- well, who`s nuts. What made her snap? Villain? Bad TV drama? That`s what she`s turned into. That`s tonight`s "Real Story".

Plus, a group of Arab students travels across the country to make a new Middle Eastern reality TV show. Should it be shown here in America? We`ll find out. Stick around.


BECK: You know, one of the things that has been in the forefront of my mind for a while is Islamic extremism. And I mean, I`m astounded by the heat that I get for calling it by its name. But I can`t even begin to imagine the life that my next guest leads today, a woman named Ayaan Hirse Ali.

I`ve told you the story before about the Dutch filmmaker, Theo Van Gogh. He was brutally murdered by an Islamic radical. He was bicycling to work. He was stabbed, I think, 28 times in the chest. What was remarkable to me when I heard the story was they took the knife the last time, attached a manifesto to it, and then jammed it again into his chest.

On that note and that manifesto was a death threat to my next guest. She worked on the Van Gogh -- or worked with Van Gogh on a film called "Submission", a documentary denouncing violence against women in Islamic society. Her courage is absolutely remarkable. Her name -- never forget - - is Ayaan Hirse Ali. She is a filmmaker and author of "Infidel".



BECK: What an honor to meet you. It really is. You, I believe, are one of the bravest people on the planet today.

ALI: Thank you very much.

BECK: You have -- I just want to touch on this briefly. What a remarkable story. You actually were headed toward Canada for an arranged marriage. Kind of escaped, went over to the Netherlands, learned to speak Dutch, ended up in parliament. How long a period was this from the time that you escaped an arranged marriage to the time you got to parliament?

ALI: Ten years.

BECK: Ten years?

ALI: Yes. I arrived on the 24th of July, 1992, and I became a member of parliament on 30th of January, 2003.

BECK: I first heard your name when I read a book that I`ve been begging people to read, "While Europe Slept". I don`t know if you`ve read it.

ALI: By Bruce Bawer. I`ve read it.

BECK: It is frightening what is happening over in Europe. And you have been speaking out against this. And you were a Muslim up until September 11.

ALI: Yes.

BECK: And you left Islam then. Why?

ALI: Well, I left Islam because I could not combine my conscience with the commands that are in the Koran and the example of the Prophet Mohammed, or following the Prophet Mohammed and what bin Laden and those who are on his side wanted with 9/11 was to put Muslims in a position where they either choose his way or they choose what he calls the enemies of Islam.

BECK: It is -- there`s so many people that are asleep. They don`t understand what great evil we are facing. You have a unique vantage point. What is it -- I don`t mean to be crude here, but what does it feel like to have your name stabbed into somebody`s chest, a death threat to you? What is that like?

ALI: It is terrible. It is -- I can`t even talk about it. I mean, that feeling is terrible. And not only that, but the killing of Theo Van Gogh. He was slaughtered. He was stabbed. He was followed for a long time. He left a child of just 14 years old who knows that his father died in that way.

BECK: You`re most likely not going to die of natural causes. Why do you do this? Why? What is it that you feel people need to hear?

ALI: Well, first and foremost, for those people who say it`s a small problem, I want to tell them it starts small but it grows. When I was living in Africa, the first broadcast (ph), the first veils, the first haircut, were remarkable. Now a country like mine in Somalia is entirely in the hands of people who want to introduce Sharia or Islamic law, which was just unfathomable 20 years ago. So yes, it can start small but it can grow. And that`s what I`m trying to tell people.

BECK: Are you surprised -- and this shocks me. Sharia law is horrifying, especially to women. What women go through is unbelievable. I mean, it`s slave territory. You`re not even -- under Sharia law, correct me if I`m wrong. You`re not as valuable as I am. You -- it takes two women or three people to equal me.

ALI: Not only that, Sharia law is horrible to the human individual. Sharia law divides the world into believers and unbelievers. Under Sharia law, when people steal, their hands are cut off. If you have sex before marriage, you`re flogged.

And yes, it always affects women. We are now confined to the houses and so on. And Sharia law, as it`s been propagated today, affects Jewish people, infidels, actually homosexuals, all of us, even if we disagree on lots and lots of matters. I would say anyone who is not a Muslim is a target of...

BECK: I was going to say, not even Muslims are safe. They`re targeting them now in London.

ALI: Exactly. So the propagators of radical Islam are saying unless and until you practice Islam as it is in its most pure form, you are not a Muslim. They`re declaring you a hypocrite, and they want -- yes, they want to behead a soldier, a British soldier, who is a Muslim and who served in Iraq (ph).

BECK: Have you met with anyone here in the United States that you thinks -- that you think really gets it and is willing to stand up next to you? Is there -- is there anybody here? Is there a woman`s organization? Is there a Muslim organization that says, we`re with you?

ALI: I`ve met several individuals, several organizations and all very concerned. To be honest, I think vigilance in the United States seems to me to be today better than the one in Europe.

What I haven`t seen in the United States is people who are aware of the problem here today in the U.S. Most Islam, as a foreign policy (ph), jihad in this country.

BECK: A year ago I said that it is -- that we have to watch Dearborn. The "New York Times" just had it Sunday that this is starting to creep in. And it`s -- I mean, there`s an Islamic thinker society here in America, here just right down the street in New York City that wants Sharia law now.

ALI: I don`t have a problem with an Islamic Sharia or Islamic thinker society. What I have a problem is that is that Islamic thinker society depends -- has a front face saying we want to debate and we want to go achieve our dream through a dialogue. And on the other side they are supporting terrorists and threatening people, calling everyone who wants to debate with them Islamophobes and racists. That`s what I have a problem with.

BECK: My family will keep you in our prayers. Best of -- best of luck to you. And peace to you.

ALI: Thank you very much.


BECK: Well, last night marked a first for "American Idol". Paula Abdul actually had a blood alcohol level below legal limit. It`s crazy. We should alert the media.

There was also another thing that some people are talking about. She, Randy and Simon changed their minds for the very first time, letting a contestant through after initially rejecting her. It was heartfelt. I was feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, had I watched the stupid show.

Kim Caldwell is from the TV Guide Channel. What?

KIM CALDWELL, HOST, TV GUIDE CHANNEL`S "IDOL CHAT": Are you in a bad mood today or something? Look at you being negative all the time.

BECK: Look, that`s just the way I roll. That`s just the way I roll. How are you?

CALDWELL: You know you watch the show.

BECK: No, you know what? I actually -- no, no, no. I actually watched it with my wife over the weekend. I watched last week`s episode, and I watched it like this with my hands over my -- I got up from the middle of it and I said, "Honey, I can`t watch it." I couldn`t watch the little -- I don`t remember what her name was.

CALDWELL: The girl who wanted to be like Taylor Hicks.

BECK: And she said, "My mom doesn`t want me to be here because I`m not very pretty." And then Simon...

CALDWELL: Isn`t that horrible.

BECK: Oh, my gosh. And then Simon says, "You know, you`re not very pretty."

I`m thinking, oh, my gosh, what are we doing?

CALDWELL: I know. It`s sad. It`s really sad. And they have become harsher herb but at the same time. You know, it`s like millions of people coming in every year that know that they`re not right for this. And somebody has been lying to them. So I think they`re finally just fed up.

And personally, I want to start seeing the good people. Where are all the good people? Nobody -- you know, it`s definitely -- they`re getting a disadvantage because they`re not getting any airtime, so nobody is going to vote for them when they are in the top 32. You know?

BECK: May I ask you a question?


BECK: I mean this sincerely. I think that we are -- no, no, I mean this.

CALDWELL: You don`t mean anything sincerely.

BECK: No, I do. I mean this sincerely. And by the way, I like your referee outfit.

CALDWELL: OK. If only I could see what you were wearing I could think of something funny.

BECK: OK. I look like a gangster today.


BECK: Not that kind, the old school.


BECK: The -- I think we`re facing a Jenny Jones situation. I really think that you can`t humiliate this many people on national television. You can`t. I mean this sincerely.

CALDWELL: Jerry Springer.

BECK: You can`t humiliate this many people and crush their dreams...

CALDWELL: You obviously can.

BECK: ... no, no, no, wait -- without some sort of repercussion. Somebody is going to show up with a gun. Somebody is going to -- somebody is going to do something. And it`s...

CALDWELL: I`ve thought about that.

BECK: Have you really?

CALDWELL: No, not me. I`m not saying personally. I`m saying...

BECK: Because you were on. You brought the gun?

CALDWELL: I don`t believe that people -- shut up. I can`t believe that people haven`t showed up and said, you know, like gone over the deep end. You know what I`m saying? Because this is their dream.

BECK: I know.

CALDWELL: And the thing is their family and their friends, even some of the people who, like, you know, shouldn`t be singing, their family and their friends really support them.

BECK: I know.

CALDWELL: So when you have all the support behind you, and then all of a sudden, your dreams are crushed, these people are human.

BECK: It`s -- right.

CALDWELL: And that`s something that everybody needs to remember. And I know that if I was in that room, sometimes it would be hard to laugh. But you`ve kind of just got to hold back and you`ve got to just, you know, realize that these people are human and they have lives to go back to after this.

BECK: And speaking of that, you are a human and you`re a fine looking human. But I just -- and darn it, I only have 30 seconds to show it. I mean, a listener brought in a photo of you. Send it to me right away.

CALDWELL: OK. Actually, believe it or not, I had my people do some searching, as well.

BECK: Really? Took bad we`re out of time.

CALDWELL: And, ladies, I was wondering if you could pull up that really hideous picture I found of him back in the day.

BECK: All out of time. No, all out of time. Too bad.

CALDWELL: It was a picture of you yesterday.

BECK: We`ll see you later.


ANNOUNCER: Why have Glenn read your e-mail when you can tell him yourself?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Listen, you simplistic (expletive deleted).

ANNOUNCER: Glenn Beck video mail. Turn on your camera and say it like you mean it.



BECK: All right. Welcome to "The Real Story."

Now, in case this is the first time you`ve watched this program, this is the part of the show where I try to show you why the conventional media and, as a byproduct of that, the conventional wisdom is so often wrong or, at a minimum, extremely slanted. That`s why, virtually every night, someplace in the program I`ll give you a disclaimer that, you know, basically is, "I`m a conservative; I`m not a journalist." This show is slanted.

If you`re still interested now in what I have to say, well, God bless you. But understand that these are the rantings of a guy with an opinion. I`m not a reporter.

Unfortunately, "The Real Story" is that, once again, the major mainstream media sources have not been quite as honest with you. I`ll explain exactly what I mean in a second. But, first, I want you to listen to a few quotes that someone in the media has made over the years.

On the subject of President Bush and 9/11, quote, "So let me get this straight. The Bush team failed to predict the events of September 11th. Score one for bin Laden," end quote.

On the war in Iraq, quote, "I can`t help but feel cynical about the fact that we`re going to war to enhance the economic interests of the Enron class," end quote.

And most recently on our men and women in the military, quote, "These soldiers should be grateful that the American public still offers their support for them. America needs to ponder what it is we really owe those in uniform."

Wow. Does that really sound like the renting of someone you`d want to rely on for independent, unbiased analysis? Well, they should, because they`re all from William Arkin, military analyst for NBC News. This is a guy who appears on NBC and MSNBC to offer his analysis on issues like Iraq war strategy or Iran`s nuclear program, analysis that should be based on experience, not partisan politics. But, unfortunately, nonpartisan really not part of his vocabulary or on his resume.

After four years in the Army, Arkin spent time at the Institute for Policy Studies, a group that describes themselves as, quote, "a liberal think tank." Then he went to Greenpeace as an activist, then Human Rights Watch. He also was a guy who tried to make a buck by selling top-secret U.S. government code names in a book.

You know, when I go on other shows, every time -- and I`ve been everywhere from CNN to ABC -- I am clearly labeled in a little thing underneath me "conservative talk show host." So why is it that Mr. Arkin isn`t called a Greenpeace activist there on the screen underneath? Why does it say "military analyst"? Why do they violate at NBC every single rule of journalism by allowing someone with an agenda to provide so-called independent analysis on their network without any disclosure?

Well, I`ll tell you why. It`s because, in this case, that analysis serves their agenda.

Well, I think America is sick and tired of it. And that`s why, on this show, a show that tries to be honest, probably to a fault, being honest with you every night with our viewers, that`s why this program is the fastest-growing show on cable news. It`s also why the cloak of agenda- driven old media is a dinosaur waiting for their extinction.

Now, by now, you probably know the story about NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak. She`s a woman whose career literally reached the stars last July before she was arrested yesterday in a bizarre case allegedly involving diapers and wigs, pepper spray, steel mallet, and, of course attempted murder.

This morning, Nowak was flown from Orlando back to Houston where she`s now free on bail. The real story is: I don`t think she should be free. At best, she should be in a hospital. Shouldn`t we be looking at someone who has fallen this hard, this fast? I think this woman is, at best, an extreme danger to herself.

Now, I know I said the word hospital. And there`s got to be a lot of people watching the program right now, rolling their eyes, going, "Oh, geez, no, not another boob on TV making another excuse." Here me out.

Imagine that you sat down on your couch last summer with your young twin daughters by your side, and you turned your television on, and you saw this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One of the first-time fliers on this mission is U.S. Navy Commander Lisa Nowak.

LISA MARIE NOWAK, FORMER ASTRONAUT: Exploration is just part of our destiny. It`s what we feel inside of us, that we have to go and find out what more there is.


BECK: I mean, how great is that. Your kids are feeling good about you. Then, a few months later, you`re sitting on that same couch rushing to shut the TV off before your daughters see this.


JAY LENO, HOST, "THE TONIGHT SHOW": You know who I feel sorry for in this? Not the woman who she attacked, although I feel sorry -- and not even the other guy involved -- the cop that had to search her, huh? Do you want to pat down someone who`s gone in their pants for 900 miles?

CRAIG FERGUSON, HOST, "THE LATE, LATE SHOW": I guess what happens in space doesn`t stay in space. I never knew what NASA stands for. Now I know it: Nailed a Sexy Astronaut. That`s...


BECK: Wow, Mom, the famous astronaut, has turned into Mom, the crazy diaper lady. I don`t know anybody on the planet that`s strong enough to mentally handle all of that. You know, I am not trying to offer excuses for her. Honestly, I`m not that guy. I get just as outraged as you do everybody somebody screws up and then enrolls in rehab like that`s going to make it all OK.

But in this case, I`m not trying to excuse her; I`m trying to protect her or us. At a minimum, this woman is criminal. She just also may be full-fledged out of her mind nuts. Until we know for sure which one it is, why don`t we play it safe, keep her away from PTA meetings? Maybe it`s just me.

Dr. Gordon Wolf, a psychologist who specializes in cases involving extreme changes in behavior, Dr. Wolf, shouldn`t we be looking at this woman`s mental health before we just release her?

GORDON WOLF, PHD, BEHAVIORAL PSYCHOLOGIST: Well, probably the first thing that we ought to look is look at her medically to make sure that there`s not a medical program. And after that, we could begin to look at her mental health.

BECK: You know, I was shocked that NASA does not do mental tests. So I mean, we`re shipping people up into space with air-lock doors. The last time she probably had a mental test was maybe 10 years ago. Is that a good idea?

WOLF: No, probably not. In most of the places where I work, we`ll talk to people once a year and make sure that they`re OK. And we develop a relationship with them, so that when things are beginning to go a little sketchy in their life, they`re willing to talk to me.

BECK: Well, a little sketchy in their life? I mean, she`s really kind of gone really sketchy in her life. I`m trying to -- I was driving in today, and I was thinking about her. And I thought, "Man, how do you recover from this? How do you go from astronaut to diaper lady, with your children, and not kill yourself?" She`s got to be going through at least major depression, you know, in the coming weeks. Am I wrong to think that she might be a danger to herself?

WOLF: No, I don`t believe that she`s a danger to herself. I think that you`re correct in that she`s going to be pretty depressed. When you`re assessing whether or not somebody is a danger to themselves or others, there are three categories: at normal risk, at higher than normal risk, or at acute risk. And she`s at higher than normal risk, but she`s probably not at acute risk at this point.

BECK: I mean, why is that? I mean, from what you know about her, how could you even tell that?

WOLF: Well, because, at acute risk, she would have a plan. She could have the implements to carry the plan out, and she would be planning to carry it out.


WOLF: I think, right now, she`s in a good holding environment. She`s with people that love her and people that respect her. And they`re trying to take care of her as best they can.

BECK: Is there anything to be said -- gosh, and I know I sound like the excuse guy here, and I`m not -- but is there anything to be said -- as I was, again, thinking about this case, here`s a woman who has just traveled to space. Only 450 people in all of history have had that opportunity.

She was strapped to basically a giant bomb and hurled up into space. She had this grand experience. She comes down -- a couple weeks later, you know, she`s making Rice Krispies treats for the kids in her class. How do you adjust to that grand experience, then back to real life?

WOLF: Yes, I don`t think it`s an adjustment issue. And it`s not a post-traumatic stress issue, either, because none of her symptoms are related to post-traumatic stress. This is a normal person who became obsessed with somebody else and then did what many of us have done. They carried out their obsession.

BECK: No, I`ve never -- uh-uh. I`ve got to disagree with you on that. I never went shopping for rubber hoses, wore a diaper, put on a wig and glasses. That never -- that`s not, I don`t think, what most people do in this area.

WOLF: Well, most people maybe haven`t done something quite this far, but if you go around and talk to people, you`ll find that -- or don`t even talk to people. Think back when you first fell in love and you became really obsessed with that person. Think back how you laid in bed at night, how you thought about the person, you thought about the person.

BECK: I mean, I did all that. But, again, it has to end up with a wig, and that never happened. Gordon, thank you very much. That is the "The Real Story" tonight. If you`d like to read more about this or if you found a real story of your own, please tell us about it. Visit and click on "The Real Story" button.




BECK: Politicians in 34 states are standing up against this. Why would you be standing up against a birth certificate and your home address for your driver`s license? Why is that? Invasion of privacy.

Every time I`ve gone to have my passport renewed or anytime I`ve ever had to bring in my birth certificate, I`ve never said, "That`s an invasion of privacy." I`ve never felt, "Oh, my gosh, they`re violating me here." How is that an invasion of privacy?

Meanwhile, these same politicians are putting cameras up on our streets so they can watch us at all times, but I can`t ask them bring in a birth certificate to get a driver`s license, but you can watch me at the stop light?


BECK: I just don`t get it. All right. Let`s switch gears here. About a month out of every year, I do a live stage show. It allows me to travel across the country. And every time I get home, I feel honestly like I have rediscovered this country. We the people are what makes the United States such a spectacular place.

And I don`t care if you`re in Harrisburg, Denver, or Hollywood, California, all you have to do is open up your eyes and you will see what a weird and yet wonderful country we really have here.

Now, this is coming from a guy who was born and raised in America. But what if you were a group of Arab students whose only impression of America came from newspapers and sitcoms in the Middle East? What would you take from a cross-country road trip here in America? A new Middle Eastern reality TV series decided to find out.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re all the same. People have to get this, to understand this and realize this. We see this stuff on TV that makes us believe that there is a war, but there isn`t. There isn`t a war. This is a war between politicians, people in suits in their offices, not with us people.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Whenever you visit a country and you make friends there, the next time you hear about the country, the first thing is going to come up in my mind (INAUDIBLE) these people?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I love this country. I love it.


BECK: Jerome Gary, he is the creator and producer of "On the Road in America." Jerome, this is not playing on Al Jazeera, but it is playing on a significant network in the Middle East. Was it hard to get this thing on?

JEROME GARY, "ON THE ROAD IN AMERICA": MBC saw the pilot -- that`s Middle East Broadcasting -- saw the pilot about a year ago and became interested in the series. And based upon some of their input, we recast it. But they were very interested in the concept, you know, just based on the pilot.

BECK: Have you had any idea what the reaction is so far? When did it start?

GARY: It started a few weeks ago, and the reaction has been very good. They have a very odd rating system that comes in sort of staggered in numbers. But I can just, from the conduct of my stars, tell. They`re all sort of acting like Marlon Brandos. They`re going to -- they have interviews and talk shows and everything. So I think it`s doing very well. They`re just delighted about it. And everything that I hear is that it`s doing well.

BECK: So you had 10 guys, they`re all Arab guys. I understand that you wanted to put an Arab woman on the trip with them, but you discovered that the Arab public just wouldn`t buy that a woman was traveling with 10 guys.

GARY: Just culturally it wasn`t appropriate, in terms of the Middle East. And so, you know, I felt it was important, just for the mix. And so the woman, who is really very much a character in the drama, because this is a reality show. I mean, the crew are characters in the drama. And so she is -- technically, Laura was my assistant. And then also the Middle East episodes, which were the last two episodes of the series, where we came to visit them in their homeland, she actually produced those episodes.

BECK: I would imagine that, if Americans traveled over to the Middle East, and you picked just 10 people randomly and have them travel over to the Middle East, there would be at least a couple of them that would be afraid to travel in the Middle East. Did you have that situation with any of the cast members here, that they were a little nervous about coming here? And what did they find?

GARY: Very emphatically we had that problem. I mean, when they first came -- I mean, Ali from Egypt, you know, really felt Americans carried six guns down the street and, you know, everybody carried weapons. I mean, the conclusions that you just played were after being here for 10 weeks, very different from the attitudes and the fears that they had when they arrived.

BECK: What was the biggest surprise to them?

GARY: I think it was just a face of America, a face of Americans, other than the official face, you know, of the presidency and of U.S. policy in the Middle East. And I think the other really substantive surprise for them was the freedom, that people could say whatever they wanted. And it skewed both ways for them, because religious freedom -- you know, the fact that we can insult religions, you know, we can say what we want -- I mean, that`s sort of, for them, that`s very much out of school. You know, obviously, certain events have indicated how sensitive Muslims are to, you know, any kind of criticism of their own faith.

BECK: I understand that they loved Montana, loved the people in Montana, et cetera, et cetera. At any time, did they run into any -- you know, we always hear about how hateful Americans are against Islam, Muslims or Arabs. Did they run into any of that?

GARY: They had a few incidents. I think it would be, you know, dishonest television, to be honest. I mean, this was a warts and all documentary. So we allowed what happened to happen.

And there were a few incidents where people -- you know, they encountered some hostility or they couldn`t get into a building or they were searched excessively, et cetera. But, actually, it was quite surprisingly. They were also cast, quite frankly, because of their -- we felt that Americans -- they would like Americans and Americans would like them.

I mean, we cast, actually -- there were three guys and a woman assistant. And we saw more than 600 people and cast them, and also sensitive to Middle East Broadcasting`s, you know, geographical -- wanted to just have some just geographical...

BECK: Real quickly, I`ve only got a couple of seconds, do you have any plans on doing the reverse?

GARY: Absolutely.

BECK: Picking Americans, sending them?

GARY: Absolutely.

BECK: Have you pitched it to anybody. Is anybody interested in it?

GARY: Absolutely. Yes, New Line, who`s distributing for us in the states, has indicated an interest in developing that. But, I mean, we`re dying to do the opposite. I think it`s really an important show to do.

BECK: That`s great. Jerome, thank you very much. We`ll be back in a minute.


BECK: All right. We`ve talked a little bit about Lisa Nowak and how she shouldn`t just be roaming free right now, because I believe she`s a danger to herself falling from the literal height of being an astronaut to being a diaper joke. But let me prove it to you, as I check my e-mail box.

Thomas writes in. "Hey, Glenn, this crazy astronaut, is she doing a stunt just to have her name added to a new version of `Clue`? Think about it: Crazy astronaut in the parking garage with a knife, rubber hose and pepper stray. I can`t really figure out how the Depends fits in. Must be for bonus points."

Luckily, Thomas, you know, it`s pretty funny or it would have been very, very wrong. The point is, you`re not going to be able to protect this obviously unstable woman from ridicule. It just adds up to an awfully dangerous equation, in my eyes. Hopefully, someone other than me is thinking about it.

Now onto some important stuff. "Glenn, I hope you read `USA Today.` They are reporting that Burger King will begin serving, and I quote, `cheesy tots,` deep-fried potatoes with cheese melted inside, to be sold all day. Please tell me you`re going to cover the news that really makes a difference to all of us."

Walt, I love you. Yes, like a brother. I think obviously this is the big story of the day that the mainstream media refuses to cover. Deep fried tater tots with cheese inside available at 1:00 a.m. with my quadruple Whopper? Yes, for that, I think I can overlook their mascot that looks like a deranged serial killer in a king mask.

Later in the same article, it talks about a new shake with giant Oreo pieces in it. The pieces are so frickin` big, they need a wider straw called "the pipe." Am I the only one who thinks this is quite possibly the best day of their life?

You know, I know, you know, there`s a point to the real story here. You know, the all-day breakfast at fast food restaurants is long overdue. That`s the point. Jack in the Box is doing it. Burger King is going to have some breakfast items available all day. It`s been months since I read a story about, you know, breakfast being served possible at McDonald`s all day. What happened to that? It`s like a dream that everybody wants so badly but never seems to arrive, kind of like the Freedom Tower.

By the way, if you have some breaking news about cheese-filled potato snacks, e-mail them to me or just send the snack right to me at We`ll see you back here tomorrow night, on the radio show tomorrow. See you then.