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Was Hillary Right to Support Bill?; New Orleans Has Little to Celebrate at Mardi Gras

Aired February 20, 2007 - 19:00   ET


GLENN BECK, HOST: Coming up, Monica Lewinsky could actually help Hillary Clinton become president.
Plus, the latest on Anna Nicole, Britney and JetBlue. That and more coming up next.


ANNOUNCER: Tonight`s episode is brought to you by Eastern Airlines. Even though we`ve been out of business since 1991, we don`t look so bad now, do we?


BECK: Now here`s a stat that I think is going to make your head explode with anger and confusion. And it`s really not about politics. It`s about us.

According to a new poll out, Hillary Clinton`s decision back in the `90s to stand by her man after the Monica Lewinsky scandal is seen now as a sign of strength by 62 percent of women voters. You heard that right, 62 percent of women.

Here`s the point tonight. Guys, cheat away, brother. According to this poll, if you have an affair, six out of 10 of your wife`s friends will tell her that staying with you is a sign of strength. Right.

Here`s how I got there. This poll is bull crap. You know it, and I know it. The poll doesn`t reflect reality. It reflects politics. If this wasn`t about Bill and Hillary Clinton, these women would not be saying this. The fact that it is, I think, skews the numbers.

I don`t think that Clintons in this particular poll should play a role, but they do. This should be about the value we place on marriage, about the value of our spouses. Now, when it comes to the Clintons, I`m a little harsh. I have very little respect for their marriage. I know it`s not mine really to judge, but really nobody can see inside of their relationship except for them.

However, we`ve had to past judgment because this story with the Clintons in the `90s just rubbed in our faces.

When the story first broke, before Monica Lewinsky, about Gennifer Flowers, I gave him a pass, quite honestly. I mean, I thought he was a dirt bag from the beginning, but you know, they got on "60 Minutes" and they said, you know, we`ve had our problems in this marriage. And I thought, OK, who doesn`t have problems in their relationship? Hillary has endured that one. They patched it up.

However, it wasn`t just that one infidelity. It was a series of indiscretions that happened one right after another that would make Charlie Sheen blush.

Now, if that was you, do you really think your wife would stay with you, if you would have done these things? And please, would six out of 10 of her friends agree on that decision and say, "Oh, you should stay with him. I don`t know. There`s something about him." Not on your life, Jack.

Not only has Hillary put up with what I believe is serial emotional abuse, but she has faced it in a disgustingly public way. Need I remind you that our children now know about other uses for cigars because of that event?

Plus, Bill let her go onto national television and talk about it with a straight face defend him, say it`s a vast right-ring conspiracy. He allowed her to publicly defend him when he knew it wasn`t true.

How can 62 percent of American women respect that, respect a woman who clearly doesn`t have any respect for herself? This woman taught the women of America, including her daughter, the exact opposite of what a real champion of women would want to teach, and that is this, that you as a woman are far more valuable than the treatment that your husband is giving you.

You know, I believe in the sanctity of marriage, but I`m also a guy who`s been divorced. I`m a guy who made mistakes in my own marriage. We should strive to heal our marriages when we can. We should do everything we could to not break them up, but with that being said, doesn`t there come a point when someone should no longer tolerate serial infidelity?

How can a majority of women support someone who stands by a man who so grossly humiliated her in public and trampled on their vows? Is there no line you can cross in a marriage that isn`t shameful now in America?

Here`s what I know tonight. Believe it or not, I truly believe that Hillary Clinton would be president today if, after Bill admitted the affair, she would have taken all of his clothes and thrown them out on the front lawn of the White House and then called a press conference.

If she would have stood there in the press conference and said, "Look, I respect this man`s policies as president of the United States, but I don`t respect his principles and the way he has treated his family. To the women of America, no woman should ever allow themselves to be mistreated for years, used for political reasons and humiliated in front of the entire world. Every woman, including my daughter, is more valuable than that."

Now here`s what I don`t know. If Bill Clinton were a conservative and Hillary stayed with him, would 67 percent of the women say that that was a strong move, or would the feminists then stand up and say, "Oh, look at the cute little conservative couple making his wife walk behind him? He`s got her so under control that she`ll do anything he says."

John Harris is with "Politico". He`s also the author of "The Survivor: Bill Clinton in the White House". And Debra Mandel, a psychologist who specializes in relationship issues.

John, let me start with you. Did any of Hillary`s decision to stay with her husband have to do with political calculation?

JOHN HARRIS, "POLITICO": I don`t think, Glenn, you can separate the political from the personal when it comes to the Clinton marriage. Politics has always been at the center of their marriage. Back from the times even before they were married in the early `70s they were drawn to each other because they saw this great -- two great political talents.

And so when Bill Clinton -- when Hillary Clinton looks at Bill Clinton and sees the things she admires, it`s his political talents and vice versa. So politics and personal all mixed together.

BECK: Do you think this is kind of a business relationship?

HARRIS: No, I think it is much more than a business relationship, and many times I`ve had people roll their eyes at this. They think that Hillary Clinton is only with Bill Clinton for opportunistic reasons.

I think it`s much more than that. I think they have an authentic -- you know, I apologize for using this corny word -- I think they have an authentic romance, but I also think their professional ambitions are very much a part of that romance, part what have draws them together.

BECK: OK. So Dr. Mandel, I`ll be honest. Because I really truly don`t understand how women are assigning strength to Hillary Clinton for sitting through serial infidelities. How is that strength?

DEBRA MANDEL, PSYCHOLOGIST: Contrary to popular belief, it actually is a great strength for a woman to be able to work through infidelity with her spouse. I mean, it happens to a lot of couples.

BECK: Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait. Over and over and over again. If you don`t have trust in the relationship, what exactly do you have?

MANDEL: Well, that`s true. I think -- and this is just from an outside position because I haven`t had them in my office as a couple, and if I had I wouldn`t be able to talk about them for confidentiality reasons.

But you know, Bill, I think he`s got some elements of sex addiction, and I think that`s probably what he was struggling with. And if Hillary was able to understand what that means and not personalize that, and he was able to take some ownership of that and work through that with her, then actually there was a lot of dimensions that were going on that most people don`t understand about sex.

BECK: So you -- are you telling me, because I know how my wife would answer this, and I know how all of my wife`s friends would answer this. If I were being serial cheater on my wife, I couldn`t find six out of the 10 friends that she has that would say, "Oh, stay with him. It would show strength." They`d say, "Beat it, he`s a dirt bag."

MANDEL: Yes. You know, I think that`s most people`s initial response, and that`s what they would say until they`re in that position. And as John was pointing out, you know, they have a lot more to their relationship, most likely, than just to climb the political ladder, but they probably do have an incredible bond, a lot -- a lot of strength between the two of them.

They probably feel better together as a couple than they could imagine being separate, and they probably have a very good best friendship and those are reasons that people might be willing to work through those things that we would usually say, "Oh, no, that`s a hard line non-negotiable."

BECK: John, you`ve been -- you`ve spent a lot of time with the Clintons.

HARRIS: Yes, I have.

BECK: King-sized bed or Lucy and Desi beds?

HARRIS: You know, a lot of times they are not in that bed together very often.

BECK: What a surprise. Who would have seen that coming?

HARRIS: He is constantly traveling around the world. She is down here much of the time.

You know, I must say I`m not dodging the question. I have been in the Clinton bedroom once on a personal tour that Bill Clinton gave me of his Chappaqua house. It is indeed a king-sized bed.

BECK: That`s shocking to me.

Do you think she knew? Did she know before -- when she got on television and said it`s a vast right-wing conspiracy, did she know?

HARRIS: You know, I think what she has is this ability, this discipline almost to will herself to believe. Obviously, that time in 1988, January 1997 when the Lewinsky scandal broke, anybody who was reading the papers could tell that obviously something had happened. This was not just a normal relationship between a president and an intern. I believe she, through force of will, committed herself to a different story.

BECK: So how is that -- doctor, how is that possibly healthy for you? I mean, I just can`t get past the fact that people are saying -- is there nothing -- is there no line in relationships that you can -- that somebody would come into your office and you`d say, "Woman, what the hell are you thinking?"

MANDEL: You know, healthy is such a relative term. That`s a great question, because I think a lot of people would be listening right here and would be agreeing with you. You know, how could that possibly be considered a healthy relationship.

And for many people it wouldn`t be, but I think that we have to consider what people`s priorities are in a relationship. For instance, for me, I don`t think I could survive in a relationship where somebody had been unfaithful, because that is such a high priority for me to have that kind of sexual, romantic intimacy with a partner.

But relationships are very complicated, and I`ve learned to be a lot less judgmental over the years because...

BECK: I`ve got to tell you -- Doctor, I`ve got to tell you, I think this is the biggest bunch of bull crap I`ve ever heard.

MANDEL: That`s OK. You can have your opinion.

BECK: No, I`m sorry, it`s a little more than opinion. Marriage is marriage. You have nothing if you don`t have -- if you don`t have trust for each other. And I`m sorry, but right and wrong is right and wrong. Everything is not relative now.

MANDEL: Yes. But, you see, now once these serial infidelities are come out and once they`re on the table -- now I would agree with you wholeheartedly if you know what, next year she finds out he`s been, after all this and all that`s come out, if he`s still having affairs, if she doesn`t leave him then I`d say that she`s got some serious self-esteem issues.

BECK: OK. So after the 12th time that`s the line.

MANDEL: No, no, it`s because they kind of had a series where they all came out at once. It`s not like he was busted each time repeatedly and she kept coming back.

BECK: Right, right. Debra, OK. We`ve got to run. Thank you very much.

John, thank you as well.

HARRIS: OK. So long.

BECK: You`ve got to wonder who -- who wears the pants in the family. I can tell you who wears the pantsuits.



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BECK: All right. I mean, it`s just not necessary, is it? It`s Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras is back in full swing, though I`ll tell you why it`s not really much of a party beyond Bourbon Street.

And our government is lying to you about illegal immigration. We`ll explain as our weeklong series, "On the Border", begins in tonight`s "Real Story".

Plus, did Anna Nicole Smith know she was going to die young? The first public testimony from Howard K. Stern since her death and shocking highlights from the courtroom. Don`t miss it. It`s coming up.



BECK: I don`t want to kick a city when it`s down, but I just -- I mean, we`re not even rebuilding it properly.

I find it very difficult in some ways to feel bad for New Orleans, because you`ve voted your government in. It`s a bad government. You didn`t know that after Katrina, as you were sitting there and the buses were underwater, but the city of New Orleans would like to let you know that crime usually decreases during Mardi Gras.


BECK: Well, now I feel better. You know, when you look like me and you`ve got this spooky double chin going on, every Tuesday is Fat Tuesday, but the rest of America thinks of it as Mardi Gras.

This is the second celebration since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Crescent City along with much of the Gulf Coast, Mississippi, Alabama, and much has been made now of a New Orleans comeback, but life is far from back to back to normal -- far from being back to normal.

Just a few blocks from the parties in the French Quarter, entire neighborhoods are still lying in ruin. Nearly 50 percent of New Orleans` population hasn`t come home.

On this day to eat, drink and be merry, you`ve got to face some sobering realities. Before Katrina there were more than 2,000 doctors serving in the city. Today, 500. Before Katrina, 128 public schools in operation. Today, 56. Four thousand businesses have closed, 100,000 jobs disappeared, 62,000 families still living in temporary trailers.

The murder rate is soaring. It has increased 90 percent in the past six months alone.

Christopher Cooper, he writes for the "Wall Street Journal". He`s the author of "Disaster: Hurricane Katrina and the Failure of Homeland Security".

Chris, what is happening in this city now?

CHRISTOPHER COOPER, "WALL STREET JOURNAL": Hey there, Glenn. The biggest problem is, frankly, the federal government. They`ve...

BECK: Really? How is that possible?

COOPER: I know. That comes as a big shock to you.

BECK: You would think that it would be, I don`t know, the local government that is completely corrupt.

COOPER: They`re partially to blame.

Congress appropriated the money. It`s not the $110 billion that you always hear about. It`s about $26 billion or so for Louisiana. But they only appropriated the money under the color of what`s called the Stafford Act, which requires every local government to come up with a matching amount of money before any of the federal money can be used.

Well, these local governments are broke as a choke. They can`t come up with the dough.

BECK: OK. See, I think the problem in New Orleans is -- is about corruption first over the federal government.

I mean, don`t get me wrong. CSX, the railroad, has already rebuilt the bridges coming into New Orleans. Private industry got it done, because they had to. They`re still pricing out and taking bids, you know, for the freeway system in New Orleans.

You`re exactly right. The government is out of control.

But when you`ve got crime and murder rate going through the roof, a 90 percent increase in the murder rate in the last six months, and people are walking from it. Everybody knows there`s a 60-day rule going around now. People know. I can kill somebody and serve 60 days and be done.

COOPER: Well, it`s always been a pretty dangerous city. I mean, back in the `90s it led the country in murders.

They don`t have a crime lab anymore. It got washed out. They need to build a new crime lab. You can`t build a case if you can`t -- if you don`t have the evidence.

BECK: You see, I mean here -- Chris, I mean, just help me understand this because I -- I just fail to understand it. I read a story out of New Orleans today about a 17-year-old boy who came home, had been beaten up, and his mom says, "What happened to you?"

And he says, "I was beaten up by so and so."

She hands him a gun and says, "Go get revenge." He goes. He kills the other kid. The police grab him, take him home. Mom is there. On the mantle of the house is a picture of the kid with a gun in one hand, a fist full of cash in the other. This -- this family has glorified violence.

What does the police chief say? His response was, "We`ve got to fix the educational system here." What?

COOPER: I mean, clearly that`s a troubled mom. I don`t think that`s a...

BECK: No, that`s a -- that is a troubled police chief that says, "We have to fix the educational system." We`ve got problems with families here.

COOPER: They have all sorts of problems down there, and he`s right. I mean, the root of the problem is that there`s a whole lot of poor people down there who really haven`t been taken care of.

I mean, the root of the problem is that there`s a whole lot of poor people down there who really haven`t been taken care of. I mean, they lost 150,000 jobs or -- yes, about 100,000 to 150,000 jobs after the storm, and unemployment was already high.

It`s a service-based economy. People don`t make a lot of money. It`s a thin middle class, and a lot of really, really poor folks down there.

BECK: All right. Chris, thanks a lot.

Back in a minute.


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JetBlue, on track today after six days of cancellations and customer chaos. They are now unveiling a customer bill of rights.

Dave Glover from 97.1 Talk in St. Louis.

Dave, did you see the bill of rights?

DAVE GLOVER, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: I did see the bill of rights. Yes, I did.

BECK: Let me post them up on the screen here. What do you think?

GLOVER: I`m always intrigued when a company gets caught doing something horrific, and then they start making promises of providing you the same service that they should have really been promising you and providing before.

BECK: Wait a minute. I will tell you that nobody else is doing this.

GLOVER: It`s sort of being king of the nerds, though. It`s not really that tough to stand out in service for the airlines. This one -- this one didn`t hit me real well, you know. I mean, all due respect, I know he`s a friend of yours.

BECK: Yes.

GLOVER: Really, I don`t want to really talk to him until he takes his entire board of directors, preferably with their families, and spends 10 hours on a plane.

BECK: Oh, no.

GLOVER: Then he can say, that was terrible.

BECK: I will tell you the guy is personally humiliated by it.

GLOVER: I believe that.

BECK: And I think he is -- I honestly, you know, nobody lost their job on this one, and I saw him in an interview today, and he said, "We have a good reputation. We`re a good airline. The people who made these wrong decisions are the people who made this airline. I`m not going to fire them for this one really horrific decision."

GLOVER: You know, I saw him on your show a couple times, and he really did seem like a nice man with integrity. I knew this had to hurt him.

BECK: Yes.

GLOVER: But this isn`t what I would do, the bill of rights thing.

BECK: What would you do?

GLOVER: I would just -- you know what? I would apologize.

BECK: He did.

GLOVER: I would offer the people more than, hey, how about a free ticket to Poughkeepsie?" They did deserve something more. You would not buy me off.

BECK: Like what? What do you deserve? You see, this pisses me off. This pisses me off. What do you deserve? Can anyone not make mistakes now in our society?

I agree. You should be compensated. You should go ahead and get your refund of your ticket. It`s nice that they give you another ticket anywhere in the country, but what else? We had people actually comparing their experience to John McCain`s experience in the Hanoi Hilton. Come on!

GLOVER: Somewhere between your view and that is where you need to be because, let me tell you something, having a 2-year-old, if I were on the plane for 10 hours.

BECK: Nightmare.

GLOVER: No toilets, no water, no food with a 2-year-old, I would be ready to be pretending to light a wick in the heel of my shoe just to get off the plane, you know.

BECK: You would have to stop -- I would open up the door. You`d have to stop me from opening up the door.

GLOVER: Physically you`d have to stop.

BECK: I agree with you.


BECK: All right. Real quickly, Britney Spears has checked herself back into rehab.

GLOVER: Back in today.

BECK: She might be out now by the time we`ve announced it. I`m not sure. But real quick, I just want to show this, because this weekend she shaved her head.


BECK: And I thought my gosh with a shaved head she looks just like Dave. But something wasn`t right and I have the pictures now side by side. Here`s what was missing and look. She is a hot woman with a goatee.

GLOVER: That`s the true cry for help is when women start to aspire to look like me. That truly says help me.

BECK: You make one ugly looking chick.

Dave, thanks a lot.

GLOVER: See you, pal.

BECK: Coming up, why the government is lying to you about immigration. You know it and I know it. I`ll explain it in tonight`s "Real Story". It is next. Don`t miss it.


BECK: Welcome to "The Real Story."

Our series about selling out our borders and our government lying to us continues tonight, with an update about the story of Bank of America providing checking accounts and credit cards to people without Social Security numbers, the majority of whom are likely to be illegal immigrants.

Today, we get the news that a coalition made up of over 100 different organizations has decided to launch a nationwide boycott of the bank. Unfortunately for the bank, this is the same coalition that drew national attention to Miller Brewing Company`s sponsorship of a demonstration supporting illegal immigrants last year, so, Bank of America, don`t expect this story to go away anytime soon.

Now, in a completely unrelated story, I checked out a list of Bank of America`s directors today. It turns out that they just appointed a woman named Monica Lozano. She was on the board -- last year they appointed her. Now, she just happens to also chair the National Council of La Raza, which bills itself as, quote, "the largest Latino and civil rights advocacy organization in the U.S." I`m sure that her being on the board has absolutely nothing to do with this new marketing plan.

Let me ask you an honest question: Who is standing up for us on the border anymore? What person or group can actually make a difference? Who do you look at to say, "Oh, well, they`re on it, they`ll get it fixed"? Is it the president, Congress, big business? Please! Every single one of them has sold out to someone or something.

And I hate to say it, but the real story is that we are absolutely in this one by ourselves. The only people left to stand up for us is us. So let`s start doing what nobody else seems to want to do. Let`s start naming some names.

Have you ever heard of Golden State Fence Company in Southern California? Probably not. Why would you? Prosecutors say these guys employed over 100 illegal immigrants. Why am I telling you about these guys? Well, the irony of ironies. One of their projects is actually building the 14-mile border fence in San Diego, illegal immigrants building a fence to help keep illegal immigrants out. You can`t write this stuff and make it up.

Then there`s Wal-Mart. In 2005, Wal-Mart paid the largest fine ever, $11 million, to stop the government`s investigation into their use of illegal immigrants as janitors, some of whom were locked in the store overnight while they cleaned. I guess you just can`t sell a toothbrush for 97 cents by paying the minimum wage.

Then we have Home Depot, a company whose parking lots are literally day laborer auction blocks. In at least three California towns, Home Depot has caved into pressure and built shelters for these day laborers to use while they wait for work.

That pressure came from people like Julian Ross (ph). He`s an immigrant workers` rights official who said that Home Depot, quote, "should create a safe and dignified space adjacent to its store for the day laborers." You know what? I`ll make you a deal. I`ll support your little shelter if you let us check their green cards first. Not going to accept that offer, are you, Julian?

And, finally, there`s Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Company. This is the largest private mortgage insurance company in the country. They insure mortgages now made to people without Social Security numbers. Why? Because studies in the U.S. say that illegal Latino immigrants would take out $44 billion in loans if they only had access to them. Well, thanks to the Mortgage Guaranty Insurance, they now do.

It`s all about bigger markets for cheaper labor. It`s all about avoiding boycotts, so let`s appoint somebody on our board of directors. You and I may be in this together, but I`m telling you now: We are definitely in it alone.

Meanwhile, it`s not just businesses that are selling us out; it`s also our own government. Later this week, I`m going to tell you a story of a former U.S. border agent who was convicted of using excessive force against an illegal alien, only to later be acquitted at a retrial after evidence surfaced that the prosecutors gave the alien -- the illegal alien -- a Social Security card, witness fees, travel expenses, border-crossing permits in exchange for his testimony, oh, and cell phone hours, as well.

If this case sounds eerily familiar, it`s because of the continuing saga of the two other Border Patrol agents who are now serving 11 and 12 years in prison for allegedly covering up a shooting of an illegal alien, Mexican drug smuggler.

Now, you and I both know this story has never smelled right. Well, today we learn that even more evidence that these two guys were railroaded by their own government. The real story is that a key Department of Homeland Security memo, a memo that casts serious doubt on this entire case, apparently never given to defense attorneys.

Let me tell you why that`s so important. All along, the government has based its entire prosecution on the supposed cover-up that the agents destroyed the evidence and failed to report the shooting to their supervisors.

Here`s the problem: The Department of Homeland Security memo, the one that was withheld from the attorneys, says that nine other agents, including two supervisors, were, quote, "at the location of the shooting incident, assisted in destroying the evidence of the shooting, and/or knew or heard about the shooting."

Wait a minute. That doesn`t really add up now, does it? If the supervisors were there and knew about it, how exactly could there be a cover-up? Exactly.

And if you add the fact that three of these agents cited in the memo were then given immunity in exchange for their testimony, things are starting to look like a set-up.

If you`re still sitting there thinking that none of this really matters anyway, then consider this. After the trial, the jurors told the defense that they didn`t believe the drug smuggler story at all. They said the only reason they convicted the agents was because they didn`t report the shooting to their supervisors.

If that`s true -- and I hate to use a bad pun -- but this Department of Homeland Security memo is literally the smoking gun evidence, and these guys deserve a new trial.

I am not stupid. The American people are not stupid. We see what`s going on. Yesterday, it was Dog the Bounty Hunter; today it`s the border agents. The lies, and the cover-ups, and the sweetheart deals can`t be hidden anymore because we, the American people, demand answers. We, the people, demand and deserve the truth.

Congressman Tom Tancredo is joining us now. Congressman, other people were involved, and it was covered up, it appears to be. Do we know if this is true?

REP. TOM TANCREDO (R), COLORADO: Well, I have received information just today. I think there was an article in "WND" that indicates that evidence was withheld from the defense, exculpatory evidence that would, if had been allowed, would have shown that there were other people who knew about what happened, that the other nine or more Border Patrol agents and supervisors on the scene, actually even some of them participated in picking up the shells.

It is not as though the -- as the prosecution tried to present it -- Ramos and Compean were trying to hide things themselves, keep it from their supervisors. Everybody knew about what happened. This information, exculpatory information, was not given to the defense. They were not allowed to use it. And if this is true, which is what I was told just coming over here, then that would certainly be grounds for a mistrial.

BECK: OK. But...

TANCREDO: There are so many things in this trial that I can`t imagine that that would be the only grounds for the mistrial.

BECK: It`s not just this case, though. Tomorrow...


BECK: ... at this time, we have another Border Patrol agent on that has a very similar story to tell, that other people were involved, that we`re in bed with the illegal aliens, that we are offering them things to get them to testify against our own border agents. What the heck is going on?

TANCREDO: I think this is all as a result of the fact that there is this strong desire to show Mexico that we are doing everything possible to, quote, "rein" in our Border Patrol, and that, when we want something from Mexico, extradition or something like that, they`ll approve of it, and we`re going to show them that we`re doing everything, we`re going that extra step.

They have even allowed -- you know about this I`m sure -- there`s another case similar to everything we`ve talked about where a Border Patrol agent did actually kill someone who was trying to kill him with a rock. This was an illegal alien coming in. And before anybody got to speak to the other witnesses, the Mexican council was brought in to the Border Patrol headquarters and allowed to interview the other witnesses, before any American was allowed to see them, this happened.

I`m telling you there -- you`re right. There`s case after case, and you have to ask yourself if the world isn`t turned upside down here.

BECK: OK. I mean, I clearly know what`s going on. You know what`s going on. This is all about money. The NFL, they didn`t run a Border Patrol ad in their program.

TANCREDO: That`s right.

BECK: But they ran an anti-war ad in the Super Bowl. They said the Border Patrol ad was too controversial.


BECK: This is about the Hispanic market. This is about money in Mexico and these giant corporations, is it not?

TANCREDO: Absolutely. Follow the money. Anytime you want -- and people ask you this all the time. "How can this be happening?" Seventy- five percent of the country wants to stop illegal immigration. The president, why isn`t he paying any attention? Follow the money.

You`re right. Huge corporate interests in this country have a vested interest in it. Look at the Bank of America and what they`re doing. And, by the way, I hope we talk about that in a minute, because I have something I want to show you.

BECK: Real quick, because we`re almost out of time, so let`s go with that. Tell me what you have on that.

TANCREDO: OK, the Bank of America, they are allowing illegal aliens to open up bank accounts without a Social Security number.

BECK: We got it.

TANCREDO: You know that?

BECK: Yes.

TANCREDO: OK, I have suggested to everyone to do what I am going to do right here. I got this last night, this sort of a mini -- that came in the mail. It`s a Bank of America credit card.

I want everybody in America to do the following to their Bank of America credit card, OK, because that`s the only way you`re going to get anybody to pay attention to you. You`ve got to make it -- you`ve got to make it harmful. You`ve got to make it painful for Bank of America to go ahead and aid and abet illegal aliens in this country.

BECK: Congressman, thank you very much. I will tell you, I like your Judge Rehnquist sweater there.

TANCREDO: Thank you.

BECK: It looks very nice.

That`s the "The Real Story" tonight. If you`d like to read more about this or if you found a real story on your own you`d like to tell us about, please visit and click on the "Real Story" button. More on this story tomorrow.

Up next, the latest in the Anna Nicole Smith hearing. Don`t miss it.



BECK: Everyone is out of control. Your behavior doesn`t matter anymore. I mean, look at Anna Nicole Smith. Why was she rich? She was rich because she was white trash, big boobs, blonde, and was scandal- ridden. Why is Paris Hilton charging, I believe it`s $40,000 a night, to sit on a barstool at your club? Why can she do that? Because she`s a bad girl.

PARIS HILTON, ENTERTAINER: I`ve worked really hard and, you know, it`s paying off right now.

BECK: That is real trouble.


BECK: That, unfortunately, is also America. Welcome to it.

Anna Nicole Smith`s life and death has become more bizarre every single day. Not only has a new video surfaced that you`re going to have to see on YouTube of a pregnant Anna Nicole wearing bizarre clown makeup being filmed by Howard K. Stern, but also we`ve got the hearings going on. That`s right, two hearings.

One is going to decide the fate of Anna Nicole`s body; the other is the future of her daughter, Dannielynn. They resumed today. Casts of thousands in the Broward County courtroom, and for the first time, we`ve heard from Smith`s husband, Howard K. Stern.


HOWARD K. STERN, FORMER FRIEND OF ANNA NICOLE SMITH: She was my best friend, my lover, the mother of my daughter, everything to me, I mean, literally everything in my whole world.


BECK: Wow. That was pretty emotional, wasn`t it? Joining me now to hopefully make some sense of all of it is Harvey Levin. He`s the managing editor for

Harvey, the latest out of Florida?

HARVEY LEVIN, MANAGING EDITOR, TMZ.COM: Well, the latest is it seems like everything is barely under control. You`ve got all the parties in the courtroom, but this hearing is meandering, and it almost feels, you know, voyeuristic and prurient. The judge seems almost interested in this on a personal level, as much as on a legal level, in terms of the back story, and it is really moving at a snail`s pace.

BECK: OK. So this is to decide whether or not, you know, where she`s going to be buried, which didn`t she -- isn`t her son buried in the Bahamas?

LEVIN: Yes, I mean, look, I don`t think there`s much question here that, you know, the Bahamas is her place of burial. But the judge seems to want to bring in lots of other issues, including the paternity issue, including all of the entertainment shows that Anna Nicole and Howard K. Stern did, so, you know, he is going way beyond the scope of what this is supposed to be about.

BECK: Do you think this judge is just into his minute of fame?

LEVIN: Well, I know he is, because I found out that this judge, his dream is to be the judge on a courtroom television show, and he`s...

BECK: Oh, no.

LEVIN: ... he has even put a reel together from his greatest moments in his courtroom that were recorded as a demo to try to pitch himself.

BECK: Could this story get any worse? I mean, there isn`t a good person in this whole story.

LEVIN: You know what? I think Larry Birkhead is a good person. I do.

BECK: OK, you know what? I`ll give you that. I don`t know much about him, but he does seem like the one guy who`s just in it for the kid.

LEVIN: I think so. And you know what? That`s enough for me to at least know that there`s one kind of hero in this thing.

BECK: So, Harvey, the odds that the DNA is going to be, you know, extracted, and we`re going to have Howard K. Stern actually take a DNA test -- I mean, who fights against -- what dad wouldn`t just say, "Take all you want, brother, you can take my arm, if you want. It`s my child"?

LEVIN: Yes, I mean, I think it`s pretty clear, at least to me, that he`s got something to hide here or else he would do it and he would end all of this, so, you know, if you look at common sense, he`s not the father, and he knows it. And that`s why he`s blocking it. And Larry Birkhead is dying to have this test taken, which seems to militate in favor of him.

BECK: Right. What do you mean just common sense? What is it that`s just about common sense?

LEVIN: I mean, what you said.


LEVIN: If everybody is going after Howard K. Stern, everybody is saying, "I want a piece of the action here, I`m the father, I`m the father, I`m the father," he could end it all.

BECK: Right.

LEVIN: He could end it all with a simple swab, and he doesn`t want to do it. That`s what I mean by common sense.

BECK: Odds that this crazy judge is going to actually force him to take one?

LEVIN: Well, by the way, I have to tell you, I like this judge on a level, and I`m not sure if it`s because...

BECK: You`re an entertainer.

LEVIN: ... I`m in the entertainment medium.

BECK: Yes, you`re in the entertainment business.

LEVIN: There`s something about it I just really like.

BECK: I mean, this is -- look, I have to tell you, this is the sickest story, because I don`t know why I`m fascinated about it. I don`t know what it says about us as a country or as a people, but you are strangely fascinated by this story and the characters. But on another level, it is tragically sad.

LEVIN: But I know why. I mean, I covered -- the O.J. Simpson case was my life for two years. I mean, I know -- I did that case from beginning to end, and I think that case resonated because it was a real- life soap opera.

You had violence; you had death; you had betrayal; you had sex. And you have a lot of the same things in this case. And, you know, you have this beautiful figure. You`ve got, you know, this mystical personality. You`ve got sex; you`ve got intrigue; you`ve got mystery; you`ve got all sorts of things, drugs. And I think it has become a soap opera for people.

BECK: I agree with you 100 percent. Unfortunately, you just don`t see a lot of white hats, and it makes you feel just a little scummy as you`re watching it. Harvey, got to go. We`ll be back in a minute with your e-mails. Stick around. Don`t go anywhere.


BECK: Yes. Well, rest well, America. Britney is back in rehab, according to I was just on it in the break. And the Britney e-mail is pouring in.

Sherry writes in, "Glenn, please, yes, I agree, Britney needs help. But I think she shaved her head just to get back in the spotlight. First, Lindsay Lohan goes into rehab, taking the focus off of Britney and Kevin. And then Anna Nicole passes away. Britney had to do something to get attention back on herself."

OK. Good point, I think. I feel a little dirty after that, but it is kind of like fast food restaurants. You know, when they try to top each other? McDonald`s has the Double Cheeseburger, Wendy gets the Classic Triple. Now Burger King has a Quad Stacker. I believe -- and I mean this -- Carl`s Jr. is going to come out with an entire cow on a loaf of bread soon. Look for breaking news coming from Paris Hilton any moment, either that or an Olsen twin punching another Olsen twin. Just a theory.

Brandy writes in, "Come on, Glenn, I can`t believe you haven`t figured this one out. The only way you can trace a person`s drug history is through their hair. If I had to guess, this is why I`m here, I`d say she learned this information in rehab, freaked out, checked herself out, and cut off all her hair."

Well, I mean, it is true that you can test drugs through your hair. You`ve got about three months of drug history. Shaving the head could help, although 30, you know, diligent seconds of searching Google tells me that you can use hair from anywhere on the body -- yes, even the eyebrows, the eyebrows.

Taylor in Michigan writes, "Why is there so much interest in a broad that kills herself and another one that cuts off all her hair? Not a word about the gas prices being raised by 50 cents. Where`s Katrina? Where`s the gas shortage?"

Taylor, actually, there has been a big rise in the past month, especially in Michigan, and a lesser extent across the country. Allow me to be Al Gore and present you with a somewhat misleading chart. Oh, my gosh. Look. There it is. Here`s the latest month of gas prices intentionally or nationally, and we intentionally just gave you a month. Everybody panic.

Of course, when we zoom out and look at the last six months, yes, I can feel the ratings dropping right now actually. Feel free to panic. Speculators are most likely going to push the prices up and have us approaching three bucks by summer anyway. So get ready. Then Americans can act like they care about hybrids again. Can`t wait.

Prius owners, go ahead. No, I can feel you running to your computer right now. Send me your hate. That`s what I`m here for, a vehicle for your hate. You can do that at I`m a very energy efficient vehicle for that hate. I am. I am. E-mail me now.