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Should Mexico Compensate U.S. for Cost of Illegals?; Latest in Anna Nicole Case; New York Bans "N" Word

Aired February 28, 2007 - 19:00   ET


GLENN BECK, HOST: Coming up, an illegal alien tries to sell her baby for a car. More on this shocking story, plus the latest on Anna Nicole, next.

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BECK: I hate to end your night this way, because I know you`ve had a tough day. I`ve got a story that is so disturbing on so many levels.

It starts with a woman. Her name is Nicole Uribe-Lopez. She`s a Mexican mother who was in this country illegally.

Then there`s also a Colorado couple. They were all arrested Tuesday for the alleged sale of a 5-month-old baby boy. The illegal immigrant reportedly sold the baby to the couple for $1,500. Then she used $500 of that as a down payment on a car. The child is now in custody of the Department of Social Services.

Here`s the point tonight. Let me speak right directly to Mexico. Hey, Mexico, America has enough home-grown scum bags. We don`t need any of yours coming here illegally.

I am sick and tired of sending illegals back to Mexico when you know they`re just going to come in again, sometimes with the help of the Mexican government, over and over. I mean, it`s the definition of insanity.

I suggest a new tack. We incarcerate those people here and, Mexico, we`re going to start sending you the bill.

Here`s how I got there. Story of this mom is sad. It is tragic. It is despicable. She says she left Mexico for a better life here. Start the violins. She left her children behind just to come here to make some money for them to live. That`s what she says.

Now, I don`t want to judge her on that. Maybe all of that is true. But somewhere along the way her story went horribly awry. And she`s making it with some guy. She gets pregnant, which is always a great idea for any struggling single mother.

And then she decides, hey, you know, I need a new car. I mean, why not sell my newborn baby for 10 grand?

Of course this poor, young, Hispanic woman was taken advantage by an evil couple, who bargained her down to $1,500 before they got caught. We`re not even sure about their immigration status. But why would that surprise anyone? Nobody knows who`s in our country anymore.

Yes, it`s just another tender and lovely story which should end with all of them in jail for a very long time. Baby selling is a felony, and it`s one law, fortunately for us, at least at this point our leaders have decided to enforce.

I am so tired of hearing about the poor people trying to make ends meet. That excuse, I`m done with it. Look, if you`re poor and you want to come here, we welcome you. Just do it the right way. Come through the front door.

But if you`re somebody who wants to sneak in here illegally, work some, have sex some, have babies a little, and then sell them a lot, sorry, all full up.

Trust me, there are plenty of scum bags who were born and bred here. We really don`t need anymore scum bags, thanks.

But what choice do we have? If we send this mother back over the border, you know it and I know it. She`s coming right back. And who knows, this time when she comes back, maybe some bleeding heart dot org will convince her to start up that lucrative baby selling business. You`re just, after all, trying to feed your family.

If we keep her in jail here, you know what? Then you and I are paying room and board for this person. According to the Department of Homeland Security, 630,000 illegal immigrants are booked into our jails and prisons every single year. It costs the American taxpayers almost $1.5 billion, with a "B", every single year just to keep these people in jail. Why are we picking up the tab?

Here`s what I know tonight. I say we keep those illegal immigrants in our prisons. And instead of sending them back, we send a $1.5 billion bill to Mexico.

Mexico, I`ll take it in trade. You can send us some oil or pinatas or maybe, you know, some nice rooms at a nice hotel down, you know, by the water. I don`t really care. I just want you to understand that we don`t mind taking your poor, huddled masses legally, but we do mind taking those who get here illegal, especially who -- you know, those who use their lady parts as vending machines.

Still we`ll keep them here for you. We`ll give them food, we`ll give them shelter, we`ll treat them humanely in our prison system, which is more than we can say about yours. But we`re going to have the bill sent to you.

Here`s what I don`t know. Are we too far down this road to start using common sense?

Wendy Murphy, a former prosecutor, now a New England professor at New England School of Law.

Wendy, why can`t we send them the bill?

WENDY MURPHY, FORMER PROSECUTOR: Yes, it`s a brilliant idea. Yes, Glenn, if you can find political will, which you won`t. You know, there`s so many reasons why good ideas never make it in this country.

But what you said about the nature of this crime, yes, it is a felony. And guess what else? It`s actually got its own constitution. It`s called slavery. That`s what you do when you sell human beings. You commit the crime of slavery.

And it`s only a level three felony in Colorado, which means there`s not a real good chance any of these people are going to spend much time behind bars. That`s problematic enough.

BECK: Wendy, I`ve got to tell you, you know what`s coming next, is there`s just going to be, you know, play the sad music behind the story. They`re going to talk about how this poor mother had to sell for a car. What mother would do that?

MURPHY: Let me tell you what I bet the result is going to be. Because we don`t respect kids enough to see this as the serious constitutional civil rights violation that it is when you sell babies.

She`s going to get a hug, a big old pile of food stamps and maybe even a free plane ride back to the homeland. With a, you know -- and with that message sent, which -- and remember we`re all going to watch this case, right?

Would it be any wonder that we can`t seem to get any of it right when it seems to protecting children from violence and harm and crime in this country? We`re not getting it right. And when you have the excuse of, "Oh, but she was poor. Oh, but she needed help. She was desperate," you add that to the pile. Kids are really screwed.

BECK: Let me tell you something, Wendy. One of the first things that I think I`ve heard you say that I disagree with. And this is what I disagree. You said we`re all going to watch this story. No, we`re not.

Nobody is going to pay attention to this story. This story is going to disappear. She`s going to get on a plane. She`s going to have a nice meal provided by us. And we`ll never see her again until we probably bust her again on this side of the border.

MURPHY: Well, you watch it, then. I`m going to hold you responsible. You`re doing a good job on this show paying attention to the stories other people aren`t paying attention to. You watch it.

And I`ll tell you something. If we care about kids like I know you do -- they don`t vote, they don`t have any money. When bad stuff happens to them like when they`re sold and we don`t pay any attention, then it`s our fault.

BECK: So these guys likely won`t serve real time, and they`ll just go back. We`ll just deport them.

MURPHY: It`s the cheapest out. There`s no political will to make a big deal about it, as you noted, although I suspect you might be doing something about it.

And look, you know, what`s the message? Selling babies is OK. You get a hand slap and a plane trip. That`s what we do. That`s unacceptable.

BECK: Wendy, thanks a lot.

I want to bring Steve Camarota in from the Center for Immigration Studies.

Steve, maybe it`s just the recovering alcoholic in me, but we are an enabler to Mexico`s alcoholism. Are we not?

STEVE CAMAROTA, CENTER FOR IMMIGRATION STUDIES: Well, if by that you mean, in a way, Mexico is exporting a lot of its problems to us and we`re not really responding, yes, I think that`s right. And we in fact, some of our politicians, in effect, apologized for their transgressions against us.

BECK: I mean, what do we do? Wendy is saying, and I agree with her, we`re not going to -- we`re not going to nail this person. The bleeding hearts will be everywhere saying, "Oh, we`ve got to let her go." She will go across the border.

And what is it that we teach illegal immigration -- what is it we teach Mexico by just deporting someone who is trying to sell their child?

CAMAROTA: Well, I mean, I think what it shows is not only do we tolerate illegal immigration, but we tolerate a kind of high-level of social dysfunctionality so that people can behave in all kinds of degenerate ways, as well as come into the United States illegally. That we just really don`t take it as that big a deal.

BECK: You know, I -- give me -- give me a look at how bad this is here in America. What is it like?

I mean, I was just looking at some of the stats. Seventy-three percent of babies born to Hispanic mothers, those mothers, 73 percent, those mothers are unmarried or lack a high school education. Good God in heaven. What is their life going to be like here in America?

CAMAROTA: Yes. Yes. That`s for Hispanic immigrants. No, it`s extraordinary. What it means is that we are almost certainly going to see a lot more social dysfunctionality. Whether it`s criminality or general social disorder, it`s hard to say. But clearly a lot of these kids are growing up in environments that just aren`t that good.

And the reason is not so much illegality, because those statistics actually include legal and illegal Hispanic immigrants. But rather, we`re just taking in enormous numbers of people with very little education. In effect, what this does is we`re taking in sort of 19th century workers into a 21st century economy.

And one of the consequences of that is illegitimacy, is social dysfunction, and that`s what we`re seeing.

BECK: You can`t be expected -- I mean, I read about, you know, what my kids are going to be facing. My kids need to have wild, wild education to be able to compete in the future.


BECK: You cannot compete if you don`t have an education. We are dooming these people to life of abject poverty by not standing by our own laws, are we not?

CAMAROTA: Yes, obviously, some kids who come from parents who were not married or have no education will excel. And that`s really -- we should congratulate them in that sense.

But the evidence is overwhelming that children born to unmarried parents, children born to parents who didn`t even graduate high school face very difficult life prospects.

BECK: Steve, we`re not -- we`re not just talking about those statistics. You`re also talking about people who were coming over here with a fourth grade education.

You`re also talking about a society that doesn`t insist that you speak the language. How could you possibly survive if you don`t speak English?

Steve, I`ve got to run. Thank you very much.

The Anna Nicole legal battles continues, and we are going to have the latest, next.

And good news out of Iraq: believe it or not, the administration`s new troop surge strategy in Iraq is actually saving laws. We`ll have details in tonight`s "Real Story".

Also, that whole thing about "American Idol" contestant getting more exposure than she bargained for might just be the best thing for her. Welcome to America and "American Idol". We`ll explain in a minute.


BECK: Well, here`s the latest in the Anna Nicole saga. Her mother, Virgie, is now saying, "You know what? I still kind of want the body with me in Texas."

You know, I did this earlier today. I was in my office and I thought, you know, what would I do if I were the mom of Anna Nicole? I think I would probably say, she`s dead. Even though, you know, she`s dead now, she was probably dead to me a long time ago because of the scum bags who were surrounding her and poisoned not only her body but her mind with drugs.

So now I get past my grief, I try to move forward. And I think what would help me do that is trying to think what`s best for the family, those who are still living, the baby. I wouldn`t be fighting over her body. I`d be fighting over the baby.

It would be really tough to see my daughter and my grandson buried near that dirt bag, Howard K. Stern, in a foreign country. But you know what? Right now, that wouldn`t be my top priority. The baby would be.

Lisa Bloom from Court TV, anybody care about this baby?


BECK: Anybody?

BLOOM: Well, Virgie Arthur has been fighting for her right to see the baby, as well as fighting for access to Anna Nicole`s body to be buried in Texas.

BECK: Is there -- is there -- are these two joined together? You know how -- you know the court system. I don`t. But sometimes stuff is joined together. If you lose one, it hurts you down the road. Is that one of these situations?

BLOOM: No, they`re completely separate actions. In fact, there`s two hearings that went on today in Florida, one in the court of appeals pertaining to the body, one in the lower courts pertaining to paternity. And there were a couple different hearings that happened yesterday in the Bahamas. So this is being fought out internationally, really.

And I can say on behalf of Virgie Arthur, she`s clearly fighting on both fronts. And Howard K. Stern, as you know, Larry Birkhead also fighting over the baby.

But the gripe that I have that I think is consistent with what you`re saying is why is it taking so long to resolve this about the baby? This is one of those few legal matters you can actually decide conclusively in a snap. You do the DNA test. You find out who the daddy is. If he`s a fit father, you give the baby to him. You`re done.

BECK: So the -- the story today with the DNA, it was decided in Florida...

BLOOM: Right.

BECK: ... not to do anything, right?

BLOOM: The judge rules that Anna Nicole Smith`s DNA can be handed over to the attorneys for Birkhead. But that`s really only a very small point. That`s because when they get the baby`s DNA, they want to make sure they`ve got the right baby`s DNA. They want to match it up with Anna Nicole to make sure it`s the right baby. They don`t want any baby switching.

But what they really need is the baby`s DNA, and so far they`ve been unsuccessful in their attempts to get that.

BECK: Let me give Howard K. Stern -- and by the way, just a side note. Did anybody ever think that somebody could ever wreck the name Howard Stern more than Howard Stern did? Howard Stern has got to be going, "Geez, I can`t believe this guy has my name."

BLOOM: That`s why we put the K. in there.

BECK: I know it is.

BLOOM: K. for Kevin. I don`t know why, you know, why that makes it any better or any worse, but you`re right.

BECK: Right. So -- so Howard K. Stern, help me play devil`s advocate. Is there any reason whatsoever not to just swab your own mouth and say, "Here`s the freaking DNA. It`s my child"?

BLOOM: Well, there`s one reason. If you`re not the daddy, right? I mean, clearly.

BECK: Yes, but there`s no other reason, right?

BLOOM: We`ve had the attorneys on here and Court TV interviewed them. Why isn`t he just giving it up for the DNA test? And they say, well, he wants to resolve the issue of the body first. He can only do one thing at a time. You know, give me a break. It takes five seconds to do a DNA test and about $100. Obviously just an excuse.

BECK: It`s really bad for Birkhead...


BECK: ... if Howard K. Stern goes back to the Bahamas. What are the odds of getting the DNA test out of the Bahamas?

BLOOM: Well, in the Bahamas it`s an advantage to Howard, because the Bahamian law is that a child born to a couple that`s cohabitating in a committed relationship is a child of that relationship. DNA tests are not important to them.

I talked to Bahamian attorneys and asked why isn`t there a DNA test? And they said, "It`s really not that important to us. It`s only one factor." They`re essentially looking for the best man for the job, and biology is not as significant to them as it is to us, believe it or not.

BECK: So Anna Nicole Smith is supposed to be buried Friday.


BECK: You believe it when you see it?

BLOOM: No, I don`t believe it when I see it. Because I know that Virgie Arthur`s attorney is going to keep fighting and keep fighting. She says she wants closure, but she also wants to win. And she`s going to keep think both sides are going to continue fighting.

BECK: Would you do that? If you were the mom, would you be doing that? Or would you...

BLOOM: I`ll tell you something. There`s a difference when your children become adults. You have to let them go. You have to let them make their own choices.

Anna Nicole went to the Bahamas. She buried her son there. Her mother wants her to be in Texas because that`s where her mother lives. But Anna Nicole was a grown woman. She may have been a drug addict. She may have made bad choices, but you have to respect her wishes, I think, even in death. That`s what I would say to her mother.

BECK: I`ve got to tell you, I want to check the world record book. I really do. Because you know, they still haven`t -- I could be mistaken on this, but I don`t think I am. They still haven`t buried James Brown.

BLOOM: I know.

BECK: Are we going for some sort of a record on how long we can leave people unburied?

BLOOM: And it`s really sad. I mean, tomorrow is three weeks Anna Nicole, since she died and she`s still not buried. We know from the medical examiner she`s decomposing. I mean, we`re really disrespecting her at this point. This has got to get resolved.

BECK: OK. Lisa, thanks a lot.

BLOOM: Thanks, Glenn.

BECK: New York City unanimously has voted to ban a very bad word. I`ll tell you what that word is, next.


BECK: All right. Brace yourself. We are going to have a frank discussion about the "N" word. Whenever we have one of these discussions about words, it always ends up getting me in trouble. Grow up. We`re all adults here.

The New York City council has just unanimously passed a resolution to symbolically ban the use of the "N" word. This is happening in New York City. Now, I just have to ask, first of all, New York, symbolically can we stop with the symbolism? Either do something real or shut the pie hole, because I can`t take it.

Secondly, when did we get into the banning of anything in this country? Can`t we just all agree that, whether you`re black or white, the "N" word should never be said by anyone, not under the guise of free speech and definitely not in some crappy rap song.

Now here`s someone I think sort of agrees with me, Marcia Harris. She is the founder of a like-minded web site,

Marcia, this is a victory for you today?

MARCIA HARRIS, FOUNDER, BANTHENWORD.ORG: Yes, because we here are talking about it.

BECK: OK. So this is where I think you and I agree. Because I -- you know, I`ve had conversations with Al Sharpton about this. It is one of the most offensive words out there, and nobody should use it. And I don`t think -- I mean, the next thing, we`re burning books.

Do you really think -- is this just trying to get people to talk about it so it`s common sense, or do you really want to ban it?

HARRIS: No. It`s -- what we want to do is keep the "N" word in its historical context, which was used to dehumanize the Africans stolen from Africa and brought to the shores of America to maintain a system of chattel slavery for 246 years.

BECK: OK. Now, you -- correct me if I`m wrong. You believe that the reason why this is used now is because of a lack of education. Is that right?

HARRIS: Definitely.

BECK: Explain that.

HARRIS: Well, the American educational school systems, they don`t educate the kids on history, true history. I mean, kids have absolutely no idea that America enslaved Africans for 246 years, then 100 plus years of Joe Crowism. I mean, the kids have no clue that their ancestors were enslaved and this word was used to dehumanize them.

BECK: See, I got to tell you, I find that really hard to believe. Because it -- slavery is -- is used as an excuse a lot of times. It is unfortunate that maybe the actual context of slavery isn`t taught.

But if that is true, how can we teach -- because I think the "N" word is a hateful word. So how can we teach the real meaning of the "N" word to people who apparently don`t know it, if you`re accurate, who don`t know what it means, without teaching the hatred of the races?

HARRIS: Well, I don`t think that`s possible. I think you have to teach the "N" word where -- when it was used to enslave human beings, and slavery would have to be discussed. Because, again, we had 246 years.

BECK: No, no. No, no, I agree with that. What I`m asking you is how do you teach such a hatred -- hateful word if your premise is, you know, young adults in America don`t understand slavery, don`t even know what the word really means.

How do you teach that word and what it really meant to African- Americans without passing on hatred of the white man?

HARRIS: It`s just true. It`s true history. You have to teach it. It`s not passing hatred on the white man; it`s just passing on history. And this is what one group of people who happened to be white did to another group of people who were African, black people.

BECK: Thanks, Marcia.

Coming up, "The Real Story" on how illegal immigration is ruing families in Mexico, next.


BECK: All right. Welcome to "The Real Story."

Even though they failed to pass their bloodless nonbinding resolution against the war, it is no secret that the Democrats on Capitol Hill are dead set against the president`s proposed troop surge in Iraq. Unfortunately for them, the real story tonight is news, news today that the surge-based Iraqi security crackdown is working.

A new Bush administration plan is saving lives each and every day. Now, even though this is an opinion show and I`m conservative, this isn`t opinion. These aren`t some skewed statistics from some crazy conservative on your television. This is according to the Associated Press.

Since the security crackdown launched on February 14th, there has been a dramatic drop in slayings by sectarian death squads, by as much as 50 percent. Again, A.P. numbers, not mine.

I don`t care what side of the aisle you`re on. Any plan that is saving the lives of Iraqi citizens and helping Iraqi security officers get better at protecting their own people is a reason to celebrate.

Tragically, streets have been littered with dead bodies that show signs of torture. And they have been all too common. In Iraq, on December of last year, 1,222 tortured bodies were found. Then, in January, the number was a terrifying 954. Since the intensified security operation has been in place, that number has dropped to 494.

You know, you`d think that George Clooney and Brad Pitt, who are always screaming about the tragedies in Darfur, which they are, would be ecstatic over a plan that is cutting ethnic bloodshed by 50 percent in its first two weeks. Boys, pay attention. Big picture here.

Let`s give credit where credit is due. The security operation proves that increasing the numbers of troops decreases the number of dead. I think if you were in the fourth grade you could do math like that.

This U.S.-led plan to help Iraqis protect their own is saving upwards of 25 innocent people, just like you and me, every single day. Jane Fonda, is 25 not enough for you? Hollywood morons like Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, you can argue all the political strategy, foreign policy and ideology you want all day long. If Nancy Pelosi and her pals had their way, they will impose something called military readiness standards. They`re going to screw this thing up six ways to Sunday. They`ll redraft the constitutional authorization for war and generally tangle up the deployment of the requested troop reinforcements?

Nancy, how many people will die by then? How many could have been spared torture or death?

Politicians, you need to stop arguing over if we should have ever gone into Iraq. The ship has sailed. And the more time we waste on that stupid, irritating discussion, the more Iraqi civilians and children and American soldiers die. It is just that simple.

The numbers don`t lie. Politicians do.

From the war abroad, let`s turn now to our homegrown battle against illegal immigration. Unless you`re a politician in Washington, you don`t really need a dope like me to tell you that illegal immigration is bad for our national security, hurts American workers, and puts a tremendous strain on our social service. Then, if I say that, there will be people who will respond and call me an insensitive hatemonger because "he just doesn`t care about immigrants who are trying to better their lives."

Well, unfortunately for you, the real story tonight is illegal immigration is now shown to significantly hurt Mexican families, especially mothers and children. Yes, and even as a conservative, I`ve got a problem with that.

It`s a common misconception that immigrant families come to this country together in search of a better life. Not so much. A new study now shows that the majority of the Mexicans who immigrate, usually illegally, are husbands and fathers who leave their families behind. As a result, there is a tremendously high rate of divorced mothers and now emotionally disturbed children in these broken Mexican families.

Maybe it`s just me, but I think a family that struggles together is far richer than a family that prospers apart. Experts have also found that many young boys drop out of high school and drop out of school altogether in Mexico to follow their fathers to the United States.

Being raised without fathers is taking a national toll in Mexico, especially tragic because the family has always been a cultural cornerstone of Mexican life. Mexican single mothers are now being forced to raise a new generation of uneducated, disenfranchised, angry young men. Kind of sounds like a recipe of disaster that`s boiling over in the Middle East, doesn`t it? Don`t think we need it here at home, as well.

The wives of those illegals who have been abandoned have now started a Web site. They call themselves, their words, not mine, "Wetback Wives." They post letters on the Web site and good wishes to husbands that they haven`t seen in months, sometimes even years. They`ve even begun posting pleas to our government to send their men home.

One woman wrote, quote, "Close the border. Send our men home to us, even if you must deport them." The study is being presented now to the Mexican Congress, I believe it`s in April. And I pray that this will finally spur some action to close the border and stop the rampant illegal immigration. But you and I know that ain`t going to happen.

Out of all of the arguments against illegal immigration, the preservation of families may be the most important one yet.

Dan Stein, president from the Federation of American Immigration Reform, give me a thumbnail sketch of what`s happening to families in Mexico.

DAN STEIN, FED. FOR AMERICAN IMMIGRATION REFORM: Well, they`re being split apart. They`re being split apart by the fact that young men come up here -- frankly, most men, between the ages of 20 and 50, in many of these villages, particularly less educated, they`re up here. They`re working. They`re sending money back home.

But the mothers don`t know what`s happened. The wives don`t know what`s happened to them. They stay up here for some time.

And the economics of this thing, Glenn, are that, if you`re sending money back to the village, that money then drives up cost for everybody. Then everybody has to send somebody up to El Norte, to the U.S., and suddenly it basically is a matter of pride and moral virtue. You`ve got to come here illegally and work to send money back home. Pretty soon all you`ve got are mothers and children and people over 50, and you basically destroy entire communities that way.

BECK: So, Dan, here we are destroying towns in Mexico, no jobs. I mean, you`re hurting, because as the town is destroyed, people move away, there`s no jobs in the towns for those who are remaining. We`re taking their greatest resource, their youth. We`re dooming them to a life of poverty, because they`re leaving school and not getting an education.

How is it that people with my point of view, that illegal immigration is bad, are being painted as the ones without any compassion?

STEIN: Look, Glenn, it is astounding to see Democrats in Congress, people who claim to care about poor in this country or in Mexico, pushing the cheap labor agenda on behalf of major corporations. We see these swelling corporate profits, while U.S. workers are not getting their fair share of the increase in productivity for their labor.

They`re flooding the market with illegal alien labor in this country, and you see wages stagnating, dropping, deep poverty rates growing in major states around the country, the split-up of families in Mexico, and a corrupt, extortionist Mexican government, with monopolies and everything else, pushing people out of their own country to maintain a corrupt regime, and somehow our political system is complicit in a process, when the average American cannot understand why the system won`t work.

BECK: But, see, what kills me is, this is bad for them.


BECK: It`s bad for us.

STEIN: Exactly.

BECK: I mean, if this is -- what we`re doing is we are enabling Mexico to continue to be corrupt, to continue down the road that they have been going down. You know what it reminds me of, is when you are on a ship, and it starts to sink, and they put the lifeboats out, after a while, they won`t -- they`ll fill the boat, and then you get away from the people, because other people will sink the boat you`re on. That`s what`s happening.

We are letting so many people come in. They`re taking our services. They`re going to sink our lifeboat. Then everybody`s in trouble.

STEIN: Look, there`s a consensus in this country among the people that we need to control our borders, hammer employers. We need work document verification, interior enforcement, detention deportation. If you don`t play by the rules, you don`t play the game. Roll back overall immigration. Give American workers a chance to reassert some bargaining leverage.

And make Mexico take back the people who ought to be the positive agents for political and social change, to make it attractive for foreign investment, to actually develop a stable political and economic system.

Look at Cuba. If everybody who disagrees with a guy like Fidel Castro lives in Florida, where are the agents to bring about real political change? And the extreme case, of course, is Cuba, but the same principle applies in Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, any government that systematically encourages people to leave.

BECK: Dan, thank you very much. Appreciate your time.

STEIN: Thank you.

BECK: You know, there`s two ways to go. We could either fix the problem of illegal immigration or we could find some way to cash in. What could we come up with?


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BECK: Just not necessary.

Coming up, an "American Idol" singing sensation has traded unplugged for undressed. We`ll have all the details and the pictures. Don`t go away.



BECK: We found the bones of Jesus, which isn`t even true. They didn`t find the bones of Jesus. You know, they found a box that said "Jesus" on it and another box next to it that said "Mary" and another one that said "Mary Magdalene" and another one that said "Joseph" and another one that said "The Boy." And they`re like, "That`s the holy family." Yes, like Jesus, Mary and Joseph weren`t popular names back then.


BECK: Well, you watching "American Idol"? It should be interesting tonight. If you are, the female semifinalists and Antonella Barba performs tonight. She has been the subject of controversy recently, as photos of her allegedly cavorting topless on the beach and/or sitting on the toilet, which is always my favorite, surfaced on the Internet.

The question is, are the photos real? And what song is she going to perform tonight? Probably, I`m guessing something by the Barenaked Ladies? Joining me now is Dina Sansing. She`s from "Us Weekly."

Dina, are the pictures real?

DINA SANSING, "US WEEKLY": Some of them are real. Yes, she is saying that, you know, it`s obviously the ones that she was filmed with the roses. There was a couple of very provocative shots. Some of the ones that have been circulating aren`t real, the sort of more lewd ones were fake. But, yes, she is fessing up to some of them.

BECK: OK. Now, what I read is that one of her friends said, "Oh, I know her, and she`s a sweet girl, and she was just making a calendar," and these are apparently and she`s are the calendar shots. And then she said, "But the really lewd ones, I mean, my friend is not a slut." I mean, there were like naked pictures for the calendar for your boyfriend. I don`t know -- is it just me that`s having a problem drawing the line here?

SANSING: Yes. Well, she certainly didn`t know that she was going to be some day on "American Idol" and that, you know, people around the world would be looking at these pictures. They might have seemed like a good idea at the time.

BECK: Well, Dina, has it ever struck you as a good idea to take naked photos?

SANSING: It depends from what perspective you`re coming from. You know, it`s probably not the best idea.

BECK: Probably not the best idea? You know, I just read a story in "USA Today" this morning about how there`s a digital footprint, that people don`t -- you know, everybody`s fine about the carbon footprint. It`s the digital footprint.

People now have cell phones with pictures everywhere, and your photo is going to be everywhere. You can`t take stupid photos and expect those to be you know, locked away forever.

SANSING: Certainly not if you want to become a big celebrity. You have to understand that the minute you go on "American Idol" or want a career as a singer, people are going to look into your past and find these kind of photos and post them everywhere, which is what happened.

BECK: Dina, let me tell you something. I don`t think you have to be famous. I think you just work in the average environment in America now, somebody would get a picture of you, and then it would be posted all around, and it will happen in your office.

SANSING: Possibly.

BECK: You don`t think so?

SANSING: Well, it depends. You know, it depends...

BECK: Dina, I`ve got some time and a camera. Why don`t you stop by? No? OK.

Do you think that, with "American Idol," this is really pretty much a win-win for them? I mean, they`ve got to be saying to themselves, "Oh, the hot one in naked pictures? This is great."

SANSING: Well, yes, it`s certainly a great thing for the show. All publicity for this show has been a great thing. Their numbers just keep going up and up. This is certainly, again, another scandal, and they`re profiting from it.

I don`t know that it`s a great thing for her. I think, ultimately, when America is deciding about "American Idol," they`re going to say, "I`m not sure we are ready to name this woman the American idol. We have seen her in these pictures. It`s kind of shocking, and that`s not really what we`re looking for, for the next great singer."

BECK: No way. Come on, you -- I got 100 bucks right now. You want to bet? Come on.

SANSING: You think she`s going to do it?


SANSING: Are you going to be voting for her?

BECK: No. I`ve got a life, thank goodness. No, here`s the thing. Vanessa Williams, Vanessa Williams was shot in provocative, lesbian, you know, action shots, if you will. She`s very well-respected now. I mean, that was, what, 1980 something or other?

SANSING: It took a while, but that was certainly after she had won Miss America. You know, I think it`s tough, especially this show is very - - you know, this is a sort of family show. People watch it with their kids. Their kids are voting. You know, they just aren`t ready to have someone who`s exposed themselves.

BECK: OK, so let me look -- with that being said, let me look at -- do we have the screen shot of all of the felons there -- all the trouble that people have had? Do we have that shot?

Here are all these people that have, you know, posed nude. They were, you know, involved in battery and everything else. I mean, this has happened on "American Idol." Is it that this shows attracts these kind of people or this just even worse, this is just a reflection of American society?

SANSING: Well, let`s hope it`s not a reflection of American society. You know, I think it`s a lot of things. I think anytime you have a show with so much success, people are looking in every corner to see if there`s another scandal, because, quite frankly, that`s what "American Idol" has been known for. They love the scandals. You know, and these are real people with imperfect pasts.

BECK: OK, Dina, aren`t we all? Thanks a lot.

Back with your e-mail in just a second. Stick around.


BECK: Well, yesterday I was complaining about the ocelot. It`s a killer animal that is apparently on the endangered species list. Environmentalists don`t want to disturb their natural habitat to build that Mexican border fence. Of course, if human beings would stay in their natural habitat, except when they`re legally allowed to leave, I guess we wouldn`t need that little border fence in the first place, but I digress.

Here`s the sort of thing that made people so angry last night.


BECK: This is what an ocelot looks like. Not exactly "Hello Kitty," now, is he? Everybody knows that, given a chance, these feline monsters would rip your throat out and then play with your lifeless corpse like a rubber mouse. So save your tears, you Sierra Club-PETA-Greenpeace crybabies. Man up. Like it or not, as life on Earth evolves, some species just don`t make it.


BECK: Yes, and that kind of went on for about six minutes.

Gordon from Houston wrote in, "What`s with the ocelot hate, Beck? I have to say you have disappointed and alienated this gun-toting, middle-of- the-road, semi-affluent, young person. Good day to you, sir."

And that wasn`t, you know, all from the apologists for this vicious creature that I believe is planning human genocide. "Are you that much of a girly? Sure, an ocelot is an animal that would rip you to shreds, if you were a mouse. You talk tough, but you`re afraid of an animal no bigger than a house cat. What a weenie."

A housecat, are you kidding? Look at these vicious beasts. I mean, tell me that this thing wouldn`t tear you limb from limb. I think, if we do build a border fence, we need to extend it to encircle the murderous ocelot and isolate it from all humanity, in fact, maybe, just maybe, we consider a preemptive strike, air strikes strafing the ocelots. Yes, I`m just saying.

George writes in, "Are you aware that you have a rug on your step that has a very strong resemblance to the United Nations flag? I`d get rid of that or somebody might get the wrong impression of your show and its views."

Wow, interesting observation there, George. Here`s the U.N. flag, and here`s the rug. I mean, not an exact match, but I guess I can see the resemblance. It`s just a subtle signal to the audience that you shouldn`t expect this host to be any more effective than the United Nations, just trying to keep your expectations down, keep them very, very low. And besides, I like to keep my feet on it. It reminds me of the U.N. flag.

You can e-mail your decorating ideas to me at See you tomorrow.