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Could Anti-American Backlash Hurt Troops?; Self-Proclaimed Pedophile Defends Lifestyle; Does Media Bias Hurt War Effort?

Aired September 12, 2007 - 19:00   ET


GLENN BECK, HOST (voice-over): Tonight, a presidential candidate condemns the U.S. on Syrian TV.

REP. DENNIS KUCINICH (D-OH), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We also must pay reparations to the people of Iraq for the great, human tragedy that has been caused.

BECK: Will Dennis Kucinich`s outrageous anti-American tirade hurt our troops on the ground and create an international backlash?

Plus, I`ll speak with a notorious, self admitted pedophile, Jack McClellan. Should he be locked up before it`s too late? I`ll ask him what he thinks.

And if terrorists ever managed to hit our schools, Americans might become revenge-fuelled vigilantes. Part three of our series, "Exposed: The Perfect Day". I`ll tell you what that`s exactly what Islamic terrorists are hoping for, and we must not give it to them.

All this and more, tonight.


BECK: Well, hello, America. Let me ask you a question.

From the day that American troops were sent in to fight in Iraq, didn`t we promise each other? Didn`t we promise each other one thing that we wouldn`t treat these veterans like the way we treated the ones from Vietnam? That we`d support their efforts and never call them murderers and baby killers? Wasn`t that what we promised each other?

Well, here`s the point tonight. To some, our troops are now officially baby killers. Here`s how I got there.

When took out their full-page ad and "The New York Times" took their money this week, calling General David Petraeus a lying traitor, General Betray Us, I warned you, I warned you this was just the beginning of a vicious anti-troop sentiment.

Everybody screams, "Oh, no, we love the troops." Bull crap! If activists like will dare to come after a respected man like General Petraeus, a man with impeccable reputation, who was approved without objection by the entire Congress, I wondered who would cast the next stone. How fast would this thing start rolling down the hill?

Well, even I was surprised that it wasn`t an activist group taking the next shot but an American politician and presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich.

During his Middle Eastern tour last week, Democrat Dennis Kucinich met with the president of Syria. You know, Syria, little country with a long history of aiding terrorist groups?

Then he sat down with Syrian television. What better way to gain favor with your interviewer than bash your own home country while our brave, American men and women are dying just across the border in Iraq?

Here is what he had to say.


KUCINICH: We are all being weakened by continuing a war that`s based on a lie. This war was based on lies. Iraq didn`t have the weapons of mass destruction, wasn`t connected to 9/11, had nothing to do with al Qaeda`s role in 9/11. What are we there for?


BECK: Vietnam had Hanoi Jane. It looks like now, we have Damascus Dennis.

It is one thing to question our foreign policy here. In fact, it is -- that is the most patriotic thing you can do. But it`s at home. It is quite another place to do it in a place like Syria.

The State Department has determined that Syria is a state sponsor of terror. There are only five states like it in the -- in the world. And they are continuing to support and give aid and comfort to the world`s deadliest anti-American terror groups.

You know, I have come to expect this level of anti-Americanism from the extreme left, and that`s saying something. But now they`re making it personal against our troops.

Next one. Brian De Palma, he`s a director out of Hollywood. He`s got a new film coming out this fall about the real-life rape and killing of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl by U.S. soldiers.

I want you to understand: this did happen. It is at least one of eight American films on the war in Iraq due to come out in the next few months.

What happened to this young girl is a tragedy. It is a horror show. And the men who committed that horrible crime are rightfully in prison. They each received a hundred-year prison sentence. I`d be for giving them death.

But it is unfair and completely irresponsible to color all American troops as rapists. Maybe being called a baby killer wasn`t so bad after all.

Yes, there are bad soldiers. But you know what? There are no more bad soldiers than there are bad doctors or bad lawyers or accountants, priests, actors and directors. In fact, I`ll bet you there are fewer rapists in our armed forces than there are in Hollywood, California, you pieces of garbage.

Most in the military hold themselves to an incredibly high moral code, and films like De Palma`s disgrace their sacrifice. So tonight, America, here is what you need to know.

Buckle up. If you have a family member fighting overseas like I do, prepare yourself. The real atrocities of war are about to begin.

We must never, ever forget our American soldiers are the very best of us. They conduct themselves with the same honor and integrity as the Greatest Generation did. In fact, I think they`re proof that the greatest American generation is still alive.

Congressman Duncan Hunter is here. He`s a Republican from California.

Congressman, I got to tell you, man, I can`t take it anymore. When did this country go insane?

REP. DUNCAN HUNTER (R), CALIFORNIA: Yes. Glenn, you know, this -- this show is right on today because this did start with trashing General Petraeus.

And you know, the left wing went after the one thing that military people hold most dear, and that`s their honor. And the idea that they would say -- in fact, the head of the International Relations Committee said that his statement to Congress wouldn`t even be his own statement. He was going to take the speech written by some political operative, and that would be the speech that he would make to Congress, giving us his judgment, his take on Iraq.

You know, I saw the thing about De Palma. Absolute trash. The idea that De Palma would hold out a crime, very isolated, as representative of the one million-plus Americans who have served honorably in Iraq and hold that out...

BECK: Congressman, Congressman.

HUNTER: What about the three million inoculations that we did to -- for -- for children in Iraq to protect them and make them healthy? And the prenatal care that we gave hundreds of thousands of Iraqi women and the schools we built and the hospitals we built?

BECK: I have to tell you, Congressman. I said -- I said, quite honestly, when they put Michael Moore in the box next to Crazy Town President Jimmy Carter, I said, Democrats you better watch yourself. Who`s controlling who? Who is leading whom here? And it is the extreme left.

And I come from a family of Democrats. For generations my family has been Democrats. These are not the Democrats of old by any stretch of the imagination.

Please, Congressman. Tell me that there are Democrats on the Hill that are standing united and saying, "Enough, Hollywood. Enough, Dennis Kucinich. And enough,"

HUNTER: Well, I think there`s a few. One thing I was encouraged about the other day was when we had -- when we had all the resisters leap up and start shrieking in the middle of General Petraeus` testimony.

Ike Skelton, Democrat from Missouri, the chairman of the armed services committee, did announce that they would be arrested. So that was a first push-back from what I would call conservative Democrats who see their party now being hijacked by the hard left, and it is the wacky left...

BECK: Dennis Kucinich...

HUNTER: ... represented by folks like Dennis Kucinich, who are pulling this party.

BECK: Dennis Kucinich, I mean, I`ve always referred to him as Gollum. I could see him -- I mean, put him in a loincloth and have him huddle up on a -- "my precious." I mean, that`s what he looks like.

But for the love of Pete, nobody here takes him seriously, but they will in the Middle East.

HUNTER: This is really tragic, when you have suicide bombers moving across that line between Syria and Iraq, and the idea that an American politician goes over and talks about America`s illegitimacy. That is very sad.

BECK: OK. Congressman, I would love to have you on the radio program because you caused a firestorm, and I did, too, with Michael Chertoff. I think it was yesterday on the radio show. I`d like to have you on, because Chertoff is mad at hell. And...


BECK: And I`d like to talk to you about that.

HUNTER: Let`s get him to get mad and build some fence.

BECK: Yes, I know. We`ll do that tomorrow on the radio program if you line that up.

Now, the shameful anti-troop sentiments of Dennis Kucinich have been broadcast around the world. Director Brian De Palma has explicitly said in his -- about the new movie, quote, "It is an attempt to bring the reality of what is happening in Iraq to the American people. The pictures are what will stop this war."

You know what, Brian? First of all, relax. The only people who are going to see the film here are the freaks, but you`ll pack `em in all over the Middle East.

Al Qaeda might even hit their end of the year recruitment numbers. Congratulations on that.

No matter what else they accomplish, people like Kucinich and De Palma and are painting giant bull`s eyes on the head of every American soldier and maybe on your head, as well.

Joining me now is Lieutenant Colonel Robert -- Robert McGinnis. I`m sorry, Lieutenant Colonel. I am a little upset today. You are U.S. Army, retired, and Pentagon consultant.

Please tell me, please tell me that I`m wrong here, that we are not at the -- at the threshold of calling people baby killers.

LT. COL. ROBERT MCGINNIS (RET.), U.S. ARMY: Well, Glenn, I think we already are there. You have the Cindy Sheehans that are yelling in the back of the testimony the other day by General Petraeus.

You have people around this country that are portraying our military as something other than the honorable profession that it is.

You know, they`ve been -- as the congressman just said, a million of our young people have been over there fighting and many dying and many being wounded, but they`re sacrificing for our freedoms.

Yes, there may be some difference of opinions as to why we`re there, but the fact is we are there, and you know, the fact that we have a presidential candidate that`s over there cavorting with the enemy is just despicable.

The fact that he -- 60 to 80 suicide bombers every month flow through his capital into Iraq. And we know for a fact from General Petraeus and others that that`s exactly what they`re doing. They`re killing our people.

So why would we tolerate this? And yet, he is sitting down like Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean and others to celebrate this guy as a leader of peace. He`s no man of peace. He`s a man of war, and he hates us.

BECK: Am I wrong that this is why we don`t see a scoreboard? That we don`t see the number of their dead compared to the number of our dead? Because we can`t say, look. We are kicking their butts, specifically al Qaeda in Iraq right now. They may have killed this number, but we killed this number.

I think it`s because they -- our leaders know, the Pentagon knows if you put our numbers up, the left, the extreme left -- and I`m not even talking about Democrats, I`m talking about the nut job left -- will immediately paint our troops as just wild rapist killers.

MCGINNIS: Yes. Over the last few months as General Petraeus said, we`ve killed 2,500 al Qaeda, in Anbar mostly. We have put in check a lot of what the Mehdi Army is doing.

We have been incredibly successful, Glenn, during the surge. Now, the politics is disappointing. And certainly, the ambassador made that clear the other day, but our troops have done a phenomenal job. They`ve represented America well. They have made us proud.

BECK: Lieutenant Colonel, thank you very much.

Coming up, self-proclaimed pedophile, yes, Jack McClellan, he has moved to Portland. You know, it kills me to give this guy a platform on this program but, oh, tonight is the night he gets one. I bet he`s happy about it. I`m giving him a platform so you can protect your kids. Watch me burn the little ant, next.

Plus all terrorist attacks cause outrage and anger, but what if the attack was against our children? I`m telling you, this country would turn into a country of animals, and that`s exactly what the terrorists want. That`s why you cannot miss our next installment of our weeklong series, "The Perfect Day".

And just a reminder that tonight`s show is brought to you by the Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort. I need it. I need it tonight. Find your sleep number today at a Select Comfort store.


BECK: In just a few minutes we`ll continue our weeklong series, "Exposed: The Perfect Day". As I`ve been telling you all week, for Islamic terrorists, the perfect day is a term used to define a series of coordinated attacks resulting in death and destruction on a massive scale.

Tonight, we`re going to look at the consequences if such an attack were to happen here, and believe me, it is not pretty. What does the day after look like?

Now, when you do a talk show, there are some guests that you want to talk to, some guests that you have to talk to. And then there are the others that you hope you never have to talk to, like a scum bag, Jack McClellan.

In my opinion, McClellan has been nothing but an attention-seeking time bomb, a disaster waiting to happen. In Washington and California, he has maintained web sites where he confesses his sexual attraction to children as young as 4 and then rates the best places to leer at little girls, or "LGs", as he calls them.

Even worse, he flaunts his perversion by taunting police and hanging around daycare centers, giving all the gratuitous interviews he can.

You know what? I didn`t want to play into his hands, but the thing is, as disgusting and evil as I find this guy and as conflicted as I am on putting him on the air, I finally decided it`s more important for you to see this man for yourself. You listen to him. Let his image burn into your forehead forever. You know exactly what he looks like, what he sounds like.

Remember, just because he may not be in tomorrow`s headlines doesn`t mean he won`t be a danger to our children.

Bottom line: this is not going to be one of those little neutral interviews you find on news shows. I ain`t a journalist. We need to take a look at -- a long, hard, harsh look at Jack McClellan, the way you used to look at bugs under a magnifying glass under the hot sun. Remember that when you were a kid?

This show is the magnifying glass. I hope my questions will provide the heat and now let`s see what happens to the little bug.

Here he is, confessed pedophile, Jack McClellan.


BECK: Jack, I want you to know this isn`t "The Today Show". I think you`re a despicable human being.

I`ve got some yes or no questions for you. Remember, they`re yes or no questions. Are you an imminent threat to young girls?


BECK: If not, why?

MCCLELLAN: I have no history of doing that. I have no criminal record. I`m not a...

BECK: Do you consider your attraction to young girls as normal?

MCCLELLAN: No. I don`t think any psychologist would consider...

BECK: Do you want to be cured?

MCCLELLAN: I really don`t -- well, the straight answer would be no. I really don`t see the problem of what I`m doing.

BECK: Of a 4-year-old?


BECK: With a 4-year-old? You being attracted to a 4-year-old,


BECK: You don`t want to be cured of that?

MCCLELLAN: No. The short answer would be no. I could elaborate. I -- again, I really don`t see any problem with what I`m doing. Just legally enjoying children.

BECK: Uh-huh. Should parents keep their kids away from you?

MCCLELLAN: Again, no. I`ve been around probably thousands of kids in the last...

BECK: I bet you have. Would you trust yourself with a child in your home overnight?


BECK: If you had a child of your own, would you trust yourself with your child?


BECK: Do you think somebody who`s actually raped a child should be in prison?

MCCLELLAN: Yes, if it`s forcible, yes. Like, it`s...

BECK: If it`s a 4-year-old, no matter how she was dressed or if she wanted it real, real bad?

MCCLELLAN: Say that again. What was the...

BECK: Should they be in prison if they`re 4 and they wanted it real bad? The child.

MCCLELLAN: I don`t really know how to answer that.

BECK: You don`t know how to answer that? That`s amazing.

Let me ask you this, Santa Monica, the police department, you`re upset at them. You`re angry because they posted your photo on their web site as a predator.


BECK: Does that make you a hypocrite or just an idiot?

MCCLELLAN: That`s kind of a...

BECK: It`s a choice. Hypocrite or an idiot?

MCCLELLAN: All I can say at this point is I don`t live in California, obviously, anymore.

BECK: Yes. If you -- if there`s somebody put a web site together that said that they just really fantasized about killing you, and they decided to track you, where you are all the time and put the best place to fantasize about killing you, would they have a right to do that? Would that be OK? Would you cherish their freedom of speech?

MCCLELLAN: Well, I don`t know. You`d have to talk to...

BECK: Yes. That would be crazy, wouldn`t it?


BECK: Let me tell you something, sir. I think you`re a bug. And I hope our system crushes you. Thanks for the interview.

BECK: Did you get the stats? Remember his face.


BECK: Coming up, Keith Olbermann says FOX News has hurt America more than al Qaeda. Really? I agree, media bias hurts, but it doesn`t really kill, does it? Plus, Keith, you`re not really one to talk. We`ll talk hypocrisy next.

Plus, a little later, how would America respond to a terrorist attack against our schools? Well, not pretty to say the least, and that`s exactly what the terrorists want. Don`t miss our next installment of our weeklong series "The Perfect Day".


BECK: I don`t know if you picked up the latest issue of "Playboy" magazine, but they tell me there`s a fascinating article in it. Who knew there were even articles?

But "Playboy" did an interview with -- what`s his name? Keith Olbermann. My favorite person in the world. It`s, you know, no "GQ" profile, but I guess you got to take what you got to take, huh, Keith?

While Olbermann`s spewed his typical liberal bias, there was one specific part that really kind of caught my eye. It was this, quote: "Al Qaeda really hurt us, but not as much as Rupert Murdoch has hurt us. Particularly in the case of [evil] FOX News. FOX News is worse then al Qaeda, worse for our society. It`s as dangerous as the Ku Klux Klan ever was."

Hmm. Once you get passed the part where a cable news channel is worse than a bunch of racists and murderers, you`ve got to wonder, why is the pot calling the kettle black? I`m just saying.

Howard Kurtz from "The Washington Post", an actual journalist.

Hello, Howard. How are you, sir?


BECK: I don`t even begin to understand this quote from -- well, first of all, would you say that what Keith Olbermann does is journalism?

KURTZ: It has its journalistic aspects but like you, Bill O`Reilly, he`s paid for his opinions.

BECK: OK, Hang on, hang on.

KURTZ: All right.

BECK: I want to hold on.

KURTZ: I`m not defending this opinion.

BECK: Yes, OK. I just want to -- first of all, I`m not a journalist. I never claimed to be one. I claim that this is an opinion show, and I also, more importantly, tell you from the get-go, I am a conservative. And what you`re going to hear is a point of view from a conservative.

Mr. Olbermann never says that. He`s never even admitted -- I guess he is ashamed of it -- that he`s a liberal. Never. And so there`s no transparency here. It`s all -- it`s all built up like it`s news and not opinion. Don`t you think that`s a little dangerous, Howard?

KURTZ: Well, not as dangerous as al Qaeda. Look, I mean, Keith Olbermann makes no bones about the fact that you are getting his views, his analysis...

BECK: Bull crap.

KURTZ: His thing is -- wait a second.

BECK: That is not true, Howard.

KURTZ: It is true that he doesn`t wear the "L" word. He does not adopt the liberal label. But...

BECK: He`s not saying that it`s opinion except for the last segment of his show. Everything else is news.

I want you to do -- you`re a journalist. I want you to do me a favor, Howard. I want you to watch the blogs, the extreme left blogs, and then match what they say that day to his show. Just match `em. And you tell me that`s journalism.

KURTZ: Look. I`m not -- look. Keith Olbermann is somebody who interviews people and spouts off on cable and has had some success doing it. And I think he`s very talented.

But I think those comments -- al Qaeda, Ku Klux Klan -- are so over the top, it`s just beneath him. It`s beneath the kind of erudition I would expect from him.

BECK: Do you -- do you even understand what he was talking about?

KURTZ: I think the argument that I`ve heard Olbermann make in the past about FOX News is not an argument that I embrace. Is that, because it poses as a news organization and puts out dangerous misinformation...

BECK: That`s what he is doing.

KURTZ: ... and is -- is a cheerleader for the Bush administration, that it is misinforming our society. But you know what?

BECK: Howard...

KURTZ: They`re entitled to do that.

BECK: Let me ask you this question. Who makes you weep more for journalism: Keith Olbermann or me? That`s quite a question.

KURTZ: I think you both have plenty of opinions and are paid -- paid to spew them on the airwaves.

BECK: At least I admit it. Howard, thank you very much.

KURTZ: All right.

BECK: Coming up, the next installment of our weeklong series, "The Perfect Day". If you`re a parent, you do not want to miss it, coming up.


BECK: Welcome to day three in our weeklong series focusing on the threat of terrorist attacks on our nation`s schools. Today, I want to try to answer the question that quite possibly is the most important question of the week. Why? Why would the terrorists want to wake up the proverbial sleeping giant? Once again, by attacking not our Towers but this time our children?

The answer is what, as you`re about to hear, isn`t as obvious as you might think. It is not about body counts or violence or spreading fear. It is about the backlash and more importantly, it is about how that backlash would be used in propaganda in the foreign media, to unite extremists all over the world against us.

Tonight`s episode is called "The Aftermath." it is really the whole reason I decided to do this series. Maybe, maybe -- just maybe, if America knows the reaction that these monsters want from us and expect out of us, we will refuse to hand it to them.

Brad Thor, author of the new book "The First Commandment", and former member of the Department of Homeland Security`s Analytic Red Cell Program, is back tonight. We also have Doctor Zuhdi Jasser from the American/Islamic Forum for Democracy. And Bernard Kerik, chairman of the Kerik Group and former police commissioner of New York City.

Let me start with this. I guess it goes to Zuhdi. Tell me a little bit about the Al Jazeera affect. They want something so horrific where they are raping our children, killing them, torturing them, stuffing out the windows, having the whole media see, because they want us to do what?

M. ZUHDI JASSER, AMERICAN ISLAMIC FORUM FOR DEMOCRACY: They -- as you can see in Iraq, Glenn, they feed off of sectarian divisions and they feed off of creating those divisions so that they can continue to claim the mantle of religion and no matter how monstrous or evil what they do is, they still see the ends justifying the means. So if they separate the world into Muslim and non-Muslim and attack and commit such an act of evil that you start to get a rage response, like we saw here in Phoenix, right after 9/11. A man was gunned down by a hate crime just by virtue of looking Muslim.

And what Al Jazeera would do is start putting this all over the Middle Eastern media, 80 million watchers would see this happening and the terrorists get what they want, which is to sow unrest, to create chaos, Muslim versus non-Muslim.

And the most potent weapon against what they seek are the moderate Muslims that are liberty minded. That want to take away their mantle of religion and saying that they are not only not Islamic but we want to fight them and declare on war on them. And we`ll be so busy fighting hate crimes.

BECK: OK, Bernie, I want you to take me two places. First take me, what does it looks like the day this -- God forbid would happen? What does the country look like that day? What are parents doing? What are schools doing? How do we react that day?

BERNARD KERIK, FMR. NYC POLICE COMMISSIONER: Well, think about this. Post- 9/11, that morning, that afternoon, in the days and weeks after the aftermath. In New York City, and around New York City, there was depression. There were people that couldn`t work. Just physically couldn`t go to work.

BECK: I don`t want to take you -- I don`t want to go there yet. I want you to tell me, that day. How does the police react? What happens to our schools that day?

KERIK: OK. Well, here`s the thing. It`s all going to be dependent on what you said earlier. Are we prepared? You know? On September 11th, we were prepared for a response of some catastrophe. We never knew they were going to hit the Towers. Our police departments, Department of Homeland Security, the first responders, do they have protocols, procedures, and plans in place to respond to schools? Do they have evacuation plans to respond to those schools?

BECK: But time makes --

KERIK: Are there notification processes to notify the parents? Are there pick-up points? Are there head count procedures? These are all things that, if they are in place, it will make their job much easier.

Time is of the essence, though. We can`t -- you can`t hesitate. You have got to stop it immediately, right?

BRAD THOR, AUTHOR, "THE FIRST COMMANDMENT": That is the thing, Glenn. We have talked about this. There is no happy ending to this. When we think about a way to reconcile this, talk the terrorists out of the school? No, we can`t. It is like imaging what if we could have communicated with the pilots on 9/11? Talked them down? Could we have turned them around and convinced them not to hit the Towers? No. These guys are coming here without exit strategies. It is going to be horrific and every single second wait to prepare now, or to act, once this happens, the more children, the more people are going to die.

BECK: OK, so now, Bernie take me here because this affects our economy. I don`t know -- I don`t know how mom and dad send their kids back into school a month later. I bet you home schooling goes through the roof, which means mom or dad, one of them, if they both work, will have to quit their job. This changes everything.

KERIK: It is going to have an overall impact on everything, Glenn. I mean, tourism will come to a standstill. The airline industry will fall. The stock market will take a tank. The kids will not return to school immediately, if they do at all. People are going to want in-house programs, if you will.

There`s going to be -- you know, every parent -- I have two young girls that go to school. I will want to know from that point on, what are the schools doing? How are my children protected? What are the protocols and plans? What are the evacuation points? What is the security for the school? Do they have internal, critical infrastructure policies and procedures and programs systems, to screen visitors, monitor visitors. Everything will change.

JASSER: Glenn, it is important that we also remember that we have to have a -- the best inoculation to this emotional response is to see Muslim organizations saying that they`re declaring war on Al Qaeda -- not against terrorism. But the best thing to inoculate the rage response --


BECK: Zuhdi, you and I have talked about this over and over again. This is why you`re on the show all the time. You are a pray five-times-a- day Muslim. And you have been speaking out. And, I have been saying over and over again -- Muslims, you have got to do it now because the day something like this happens, it is going to be too late.

I mean, Zuhdi, project if you will, if this happened, you or your family comfortable leaving the neighborhood? I`m telling you. This is the worst thing that could possibly happen. This is why I`m doing this series. You cannot go out and round people up because they`re Muslim. Bad guys are bad guys. Good guys are good guys. But are you going to feel safe? What do you think happens the day if this happened?

JASSER: We have to be strong. We can`t allow terror to get what they want. As Edmond Burke said, the old quotation, "For evil to triumph, good men need to stay quiet." We can`t do that. As I start my fast tomorrow on Ramadan, I know, that part of my cleansing of what I do is gain the strength not just to condemn terror, but to get Muslims to wake up and start condemning Al Qaeda.

To declare war on them frontally, so that Americans know that we`re not only going to run to defend our mosques, we`re going to run to defend every America. We don`t care primarily about our mosques, but we care about every American and our way of freedom.

And remember, Glenn, if we give up liberty and freedom in exchange for a military state in response, we would have lost. That`s what they want. They thrive in secular dictatorships.

THOR: You know what, Zuhdi, you and I haven`t met before. And I really have a lot of respect for what you`re doing. But the time is running out for the moderate Muslim community to raise a voice that is heard in this country. If you look at FBI statistics, in 2000, there were 48 hate crimes against Muslims in the United States. After 2001, after 9/11, that number jumped 17 fold to 481.

I am so worried about what might happen in this country. As much faith as I have in my fellow citizens. The Muslims of this country who are moderate, who are secular Muslims, who do not believe in the Islamist movement really need to make their voices heard. And we need to help them make those voices heard, whatever it takes.

JASSER: You are exactly right. Because the numbers you gave, actually, still in perspective are actually pretty low. It used to be almost negligible and now it quadrupled, like you said. So what we have to do is Americans need to see us leading a charge and not just sleeping. And not being apologists.

BECK: Bernie, let`s say you were the commissioner of police in any town in America and this happened. And they attacked schools and raped and murdered children in five different schools, and five different places in America. What the hell do you do?

KERIK: Well, the response, number one, has to be immediate.

BECK: I don`t mean on the schools. What do you expect -- what do you say, you deal with the schools but as the police commissioner, you also have to look at the community. What are you expecting?

KERIK: You know what, Glenn? It is nothing that we didn`t have to do after September 11th. And when you talk about the attacks on Muslims, we had if I`m not mistaken, we had about 150 bias crimes against Muslims or people that were perceived to be Muslims, in and around New York City, in Brooklyn. You know, it`s sort of an educational process and I think what you`re doing is really good on a national level.

People have to realize, Muslims for the most part are law abiding citizens. They`re good religious people. But if the American people don`t know and understand that, when something like this happens, they`re on the attack.

BECK: Zuhdi, one last question to you. Tommy Franks said something that really disturbed you. What did he say?

JASSER: Yeah, in 2003 to cigar aficionados, he said that if we have a nuclear attack, a dirty bomb attack, that America would have to set aside the Constitution and have a military law, and I don`t think he understands why terrorism thrives in Egypt and in Saudi Arabia. Because they are dictatorships and military law. We can`t give that up.

BECK: I have to tell you. I thought a nuclear attack would be the worst thing that could happen to this country. I don`t think so. I think "The Perfect Day is.

Zuhdi, Bernard, Brad, thank you very much.

We`ll be back tomorrow for a final installment. Tomorrow night, an important discussion about preparation. There are practical things that parents and teachers and police and even our own children have to know in case the worst ever happens in their community. You can`t wait for the attack to occur before you take action. The panic and chaos would be overwhelming. You and your family must prepare, prepare now.

Also, I want to remind you, all week, we`ve been running a special report from our guests in my free e-mail newsletter, available at Tonight, we have tremendous, passionate articles about the aftermath of "The Perfect Day" attack from both Zuhdi Jasser and Commissioner Kerik.

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BECK: I was on vacation and people told me about this new apple. I`m telling you, people are raving about it. It`s like a $5 apple or something.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s not an iPhone?

BECK: No. Luann?


BECK: Yes, go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It called a grapple, and it`s a cross between a grape and an apple. They actually infuse these apples with like grape juice, or grape flavoring so it`s really not such a wonderfully healthy thing.

BECK: Who is looking for health?

They`re doing all of these crazy breeding with fruits and animals. Soon we`ll have animals fruits. How about the snug? It`s a pug combined with Snapple.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What would that? Would it just walk out of the refrigerator so you could drink it?


BECK: I don`t know. I haven`t thought it all the way through.

In today`s high-tech world of the intraweb, as those kids are calling it nowadays, keeping in touch is easier than ever. You can send an e-mail, text, instant message, write a blog, update your Facebook page. Let me ask you this, when was the last time you actually sat down and wrote a real letter on paper? My daughter writes me a letter from time to time. And it is -- there`s something to it. It is different.

In the incredible new book, "The Wednesday Letters", you can get a chance to see why there is no match for the old-fashioned charm and romance of writing love letters. Joined now by its author Jason Wright.

Jason, you sent this to me over the summer. I know it`s just been released. I read the galley of it. And it is probably one of the best romantic -- I compared it to "Bridges of Madison County" except clip all the adultery and the icky images now of Clint Eastwood with his shirt off.


BECK: I don`t really want to.

What was the inspiration for this? What was this -- tell the story a little bit.

WRIGHT: The story is about a bed and breakfast, it`s based out in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where I now live. This B&B is run by this older couple. They`ve been married 35, 40 years. They die on the same night, at the very beginning of the book. I`m not giving anything away. And they --

BECK: I`ve got to tell you, you remember the scene in "Titanic" where the old man and the old woman die in the bed and the water`s rising? That is one of the most powerful scenes in the movie "Titanic." That scene where they both die, is as powerful as that, and it`s all done by words. It is great.

WRIGHT: Well, thank you. When they die, their three children have to come together to deal with the arrangements, the funeral, what to do with the business, the viewing, et cetera. When they come home, they start digging through the basement and they find these boxes. Boxes and boxes of letters, thousands of letters that dad had written to mom.

It turns out on every Wednesday of their marriage, dad wrote mom sort of a love letter and those letters reveal some interesting secrets about the kids and where they come from and who they belong to, in fact. And it really sort of shakes the family.

BECK: I have to tell you. It took a corner and I was loving it so much, and then it took this dark corner. I`m like, no, no, no. Don`t go there. It is really amazing.

I read it, and I passed it to my wife. My wife passed it to my 19- year-old daughter. Who read it, and then passed it to my 16-year-old daughter. The whole family read it this summer. While all of us have varied tastes, we all just loved it. Just tremendous.

You say that authors today are forgetting who they`re supposed to -- who they`re writing for. What do you mean?

WRIGHT: That`s right. Well, I think authors and artists and pop stars and even you, Glenn, frankly, you work for the people.

GLENN: No. I know. I`m a pop star that works for the people.

WRIGHT: No, I mean, we do work for the people that consume what we write, or say, or sing.

BECK: Right.

WRIGHT: And I feel like I want to really communicate with the folks that read "The Wednesday Letters" this fall. I want to know what they have to say about it and tonight, here, for the first time ever -- and my wife is going to absolutely beat the tar out of me, when I get home -- I want to give out my cell phone number.

BECK: You are the dumbest man in America.

WRIGHT: I -- I --

BECK: No, you are the dumbest man in America. Two years ago you wrote a great Christmas book called "Christmas Jars" and you said, I`m going to give out my e-mail. I said don`t do that, Jason. You are crazy. They didn`t have -- if I`m not mistaken, they didn`t have enough books printed to be able to fulfill the orders that just came in for your e-mail.

WRIGHT: That is true. But I made a dozen or so relationships off of people that listen to your show, and contacted me via e-mail, that I still communicate with today because of that. So, it`s a chance I`m willing to take.

I`m giving out a cell phone number tonight. I want people to call me. I want them to read the book. I want them to try writing a letter. Write your wife, your mom, your dad, whomever. Write a letter, read the book, and then e-mail me or call me at -- ready for this?

BECK: Go ahead, dummy, dumb, dumb, dumb.


BECK: 703


BECK: 901

WRIGHT: 6111, that`s my phone number.

BECK: We already turned it off.

WRIGHT: Give me a call, 703-901-6111. Night or day, folks. I want to hear what you want to say about the book. I really do want to communicate with people.

BECK: Here`s the thing. I want you to call him at 3:00 this morning. Please.


BECK: Please, call him at 3:00 in the morning.

WRIGHT: My wife is going to hurt me.

BECK: Jason, you have done something really spectacular with this. And I so agree with you that the -- that letter writing is an art. The thing is, you don`t save e-mails, generally.

WRIGHT: That`s right.

BECK: But letters you do.

WRIGHT: That is right, forever.

BECK: Yeah. The name of the book is "The Wednesday Letters." Please, pick it up. It is fantastic.

Now, a quick programming note. NASCAR -- America`s most popular sport and two of its most popular drivers will join me for the full hour. Make sure you tune in for NASCAR Friday, this Friday, with Jeff Burton and Matt Kenseth. It`s coming up.

Also tonight, we are not done yet. Not everybody is bashing Britney Spears over her VMA performance. One of her biggest fans comes to her defense. And they`re crazy. Stick around. I`ll explain.


BECK: Well, still more fallout from the Britney Spears` performance at Sunday`s MTV Video Music Awards. In case you missed it, Britney looked really, really out of it and yes, a tiny bit out of shape. Probably was her poor choice in outfits that made her look fat. Although, I heard one critic say that it wasn`t her outfit that made her look fat. It was actually -- her, her fat, that made her look fat. I don`t know who said that. But that is really insensitive.

Anyway, lucky for Britney, somebody has finally come to her defense and this guy`s stable. His name is Chris Crocker. He`s 19 years old. Lives with his grandparents. And his rant against Britney`s critics entitled "Leave Britney Alone" has already been seen by 2 million viewers on, you guessed it, YouTube.

Before you ever think about badmouthing Britney again, you better watch this first.


CHRIS CROCKER, BRITNEY SPEARS FAN: And how (BLEEP) dare anyone out there make fun of Britney? After all she`s been through! She lost her aunt, she went through a divorce. She had two (BLEEP) kids, her husband turned out to be a user, and cheater, and now she is going through a custody battle. All you people care about is readers, and making money off of her. She`s a human!

BECK: This is scary.

CROCKER: What you don`t realize is Britney is making you all this money and all you do is write a bunch of crap about her.

BECK: Yes.

CROCKER: She hasn`t performed on stage in years. Her song is called "Gimme More" for a reason, because all you people want is more, more, more, more, more! Leave her alone! You`re lucky she even performed for you (BLEEP)! Let her be alone! Please.


BECK: You know, may I just say this? I`ll leave her alone if I can target this guy for a while. This guy is -- he is full pledged out of his mind, nuts.

Don`t forget, if you want to know what`s on tomorrow`s show or get the important information, you need for the series, "The Perfect Day", please sign up right now for my free daily e-mail newsletter. It is at

We`ll see you tomorrow night from New York. Good night, America.

Leave Britney alone! Leave her alone! I know. I know.