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Teens Arrested for Beating Girl Unconscious; Iran Still a Concern in Iraq War; First Grader Cited for Sexual Harassment

Aired April 08, 2008 - 19:00   ET


GLENN BECK, HOST (voice-over): Tonight, teenage girls film a vicious ambush. The rules have changed. So have our kids. So should the punishment. Tonight, I`ll tell you what`s really going on. We`re worshipping a false God. And I`ll give you his name.

Plus, tensions near a boiling point in the Middle East. Israel issues a stark warning after Iran says it`s upgraded its nuclear program.

And, did the BBC change its story about global warming after an e-mail complaint? You bet.

All this and more, tonight.


BECK: Well hello, America. I`m about to show you something that I think you`ve seen before on television today, but as a dad, especially as a father of a son, it pisses me off. As a parent of three daughters, scares the living pants off of me.

The sheriff`s office in Lakeland, Florida, they say a 16-year-old girl was beaten by six other girls that she knew. They allegedly lured her to a house, beat her unconscious, then waited for her to wake up. Then they beat her again. It went on for 30 minutes. They would not allow her to leave, and worst of all, they videotaped the whole thing.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Don`t hit the shelf. Don`t hit the shelf. Don`t hit the shelf. Just stop it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t want to do this.




BECK: It`s amazing. The whole time the girl is saying, "Don`t hit the shelf; don`t hit the shelf."

Here`s "The Point" tonight. We are worshipping a false God in this country. And that God`s name is fame and fortune. Just like radical Islam is committing horrible violence in the name of their God, our children are doing the same in the name of theirs. And here`s how I got there.

Officials say this whole tragedy was payback for some trash talk that the victim posted on her MySpace page. Authorities say "this pack," and I`m quoting here, "of animalistic girls tortured and beat as revenge, taping the act so they could put it on the Internet."

The victim suffered a concussion. She still hasn`t regained her vision, all of her vision fully, or her hearing on her left side. I can only imagine what kind of psychological scars she`s going to carry with her for the rest of her -- of her life.

The sheriff who arrested the girls say they were joking about the whole thing in the holding cell. It was like some sort of game to them. In their new-reality world of reality TV, and Paris and Lindsay and Britney, they`re all law-breakers. These people are also role models. Our kids are being taught that crime does pay, especially if you catch it all on tape.

Teens are living in a virtual reality and voyeuristic culture of violence and humiliation, and it`s all for fame or fortune. Until we get control again, until we start teaching our kids right from wrong, holding them responsible for all of their actions, and make sure God is in his rightful place, our families and our society will not begin to heal.

So tonight, here`s what you need to know. These attackers may only be teenage girls, but they acted like brutal, calculating criminals. These kids were animals. Prosecutors are trying them as adults, and I say, good. Get `em. We`re living in a new world with new rules. And it`s time we impose some new consequences.

And don`t worry, ladies, if they send you to grown-up prison, I`ll put a good word in for you with Nancy Grace. But I`m guessing she`s just as pissed at you as I am.

Grady Judd is the sheriff of Polk County, Florida. And Talisa Lindsay is the mother of the victim.

Talisa, let me start with you. First of all, how`s your daughter?

TALISA LINDSAY, MOTHER OF VICTIM: She`s recovering right now. She`s just wanting the support of her friends and that to get through this.

BECK: Were these her friends? I mean, these girls she hung out with?

LINDSAY: My understanding is at one point or another they did have some type of relationship as friends. How extensive this friendship was, I`m not sure.

BECK: And did you see what she wrote on her MySpace page? Because that apparently is what, you know, these kids were pissed off about. Did you see this?

LINDSAY: I have not, but you know, even if my daughter had done that -- I`m not saying she`s not an angel.

BECK: Yes.

LINDSAY: It doesn`t justify what they did.

BECK: Oh, no, no, no. I`m not -- I`m not meaning to imply that at all. In fact, I saw one of the mothers on -- I think it was "The Today Show" this morning. And she was saying, "Well, I guess you shouldn`t talk trash on the Internet if you don`t have the guts to back it up." And I`m thinking what kind of world are we living in?

Sheriff, let me ask you...

LINDSAY: If I may say something on that.

BECK: Yes.

LINDSAY: My comment to that is the character speaks for itself on that. And that`s all I have to say about that.

BECK: Speaking of character, your daughter didn`t fight back. I don`t know how she didn`t do it. I mean, God bless her. And they were telling her, "Fight back. Fight back." She didn`t. Was she -- was she tempted at all to fight back? Did she -- did she make a choice not to fight back? Or...

LINDSAY: She did make that choice. And that was to let them know that she was not wanting to partake in a fight and what they were doing. She was asking them to stop, asked them to release her, asked for a phone to call somebody just to get away from it.

She honestly did not understand what is it that was so brutal that they could not talk it out. And at one point, I believe she even said, "Can we just talk about this?"

BECK: Yes.

LINDSAY: No. They didn`t even think about it.

BECK: The mom that I saw on "The Today Show" said that her daughter warned your daughter before she walked in and said, "Don`t go in there." Your daughter say that`s true?

LINDSAY: I`m not sure about that statement, to be honest with you. I do know, however, she did have some of her belongings that were in the bedroom. So even if they said, "Don`t go in there," but yet said, "Please get your stuff to leave," how could she avoid that?


Sheriff, the mother also disputed that this was the worst part of a 30-minute tape. Your office, somebody said that it`s much worse than what has been released in those three minutes. The mother said her mother saw the whole tape, and it`s not worse than that. This is the worst part. Which is true?

SHERIFF GRADY JUDD, POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA: You know, Glenn, we know that there`s supposed to be up to five different video clips. And that`s according to the information that we`ve gathered from the victim, and from those that were there. We have one clip.

We do know this. That Tori was not unconscious in the bedroom prior to this tape being made. But quite frankly, Tori lived at this residence - - I`m sorry, that one of the suspects lives at this residence with her grandmother. She doesn`t live with her mother, and quite frankly, moms come into this event after the fact, so she could get her time on national television.

BECK: You know, I said this on the radio today.

JUDD: But she really doesn`t...

BECK: You bet. I knew that`s what was going on with that one. Was she the girl that was saying the whole time, "Don`t hit the shelf. Don`t hit the shelf"?

JUDD: Absolutely. As you could see, it`s OK to beat Tori.

BECK: Yes.

JUDD: Just don`t upset the knickknack shelf. And quite frankly, the grandmother was shocked when she heard about this. And she has cooperated with our detectives who, I think, by the way, have done an outstanding job.

These kids all got together. They conspired to do this. They had two guys standing outside of the house while the six girls were inside. The two guys on the outside were the lookouts.

One of them, Glenn, even said, "Hey, you girls have got to quiet down in there. You`re making too much noise." Now they didn`t care that the beating was occurring. They just didn`t want the neighbors to hear all the noise.

BECK: I`m telling you, these kids are soulless. And I also thought it was premeditated when you -- when you heard one of the girls saying, "No, no, this is fair fight. One at a time."

It`s almost like they got together in advance and said, we`re OK. It will be fair as long as it`s one-on-one. I mean, they were standing up, punching her one at a time. Nobody was punching her at the same time. But it was almost like they made some sort of sick rules on this.

JUDD: Quite frankly, they did plan in advance. There was a conspiracy here. They got the girls together. They got the guys to be at the house, and they were taking turns beating her. They bruised her from head to toe. They gave her a concussion. She has not regained full sight in her left eye, or full hearing in her left ear. And until the swelling goes down, they won`t know how much the damage is.

BECK: I have to tell you...

JUDD: But our goal is to...

BECK: Just let me interrupt you here, Sheriff. If we could just stop playing that video over and over again, because I`ve got to tell you, as a dad. You know what? I don`t know how you -- you`ve restrained your husband, Talisa. I don`t. I mean, as your husband...

LINDSAY: Honestly, if I may comment on that.

BECK: ... I`d go crazy.

LINDSAY: My husband has not watched it. He refuses to actually see the brutalness of it.

BECK: Good for him.

LINDSAY: The reason being is every time that I hear it, even through your audio, or I see it, I feel helpless as a parent because I can`t change it. I can`t stop it. I can`t help her. And it makes me feel sick that even my 3-year-old, because it`s all over the media, will respond, with, "That`s my Tori. Don`t do that to my Tori."

BECK: Talisa...

JUDD: Glenn, I think it`s a bigger problem.

BECK: What is it?

JUDD: I think the bigger problem is, as a society, we must -- we must draw the line in the sand. If we desensitize these kids to this issue today, then what about tomorrow?

BECK: I have to tell you, Sheriff. Let me tell you something. I am so glad that you`re getting them on felony kidnapping and everything else. Go get `em. Put these kids away as adults. They`ve made adult choices. Put them away, and teach everybody else`s kids a lesson. It`s inexcusable.

Talisa, best to you and your family. And God bless you. God bless you.

LINDSAY: Thank you.

BECK: Just like you, America, I tell you, I don`t know how to be a parent in this world. I mean, I really don`t.

Tomorrow, I`m going to share with you a new study that floored me, because they were drawing, I think, all the wrong conclusions. It shows what your kids are learning from you, and that it is a whole lot different than what they`re getting from the media and the digital world. And guess which world is winning? That world. Tomorrow, I`ll put some ammo in your parenting gun. You don`t want to miss it.

Coming up, a stark warning from Israel, as Iran ups the ante in what could eventually be a nuclear showdown in the Middle East. We`ll have all the details coming up.

And a new report says the BBC altered a story on climate change, a.k.a. global warming, after one -- let me repeat -- one complaint. This makes me wonder just how the mainstream media puts their news together. That`s tonight`s "Real Story."

And a reminder, tonight`s show brought to you by the Sleep Number bed and Select Comfort. The Sleep Number bed. It`s the bed that counts.


BECK: Well, global warming ain`t going anywhere. It`s, by the way, not an issue, mind you. It is a debate, as evidenced by a recent BBC article entitled "Global Temperatures to Decrease." The reporter actually was forced to change it, because of one e-mailer that threatened them.

Stick around. We have the whole story in tonight`s "Real Story."

Now, Washington`s been waiting for progress on Iraq. Today, they got some news on progress. General David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander over there, told Congress that security gains were, quote, "fragile and reversible." Despite the improvements, the job ain`t close to over.

And all three presidential candidates had some time to meet with the general today to ask him all kinds of questions, and quite honestly, between you and me, that`s why I haven`t been watching.

With all the Washington weasels involved, I mean, this is political showboating. We`re not really getting any answers. You didn`t think we would, did you?

You can`t stay sheltered in the District of Colombia, you know, make a bunch of speeches on the campaign trail, and then expect to know what it`s like for American troops on the ground, let alone for the Iraqi people. So, that`s why I stopped listening to Washington.

I start listening to the surveys over from Iraq. Almost twice as many Iraqis now feel it was absolutely right for the U.S. to invade Iraq, as it did in August of last year. That`s a good thing. I don`t know why that`s not on the -- well, sorry, I do know why that`s not on the front page of "The New York Times."

Now things aren`t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. The general did have some bad news and, as always, the bad news starts with Iran.


GENERAL DAVID PETRAEUS, COMMANDER, MULTINATIONAL FORCES IN IRAQ: Iran has fueled the violence, as I noted, in a particularly damaging way through its lethal support to the special groups.


BECK: But here`s where it gets worse. Earlier today on The Drudge Report I saw a story that Ahmadinejad has announced that he`s installing 6,000 new advanced centrifuges at his leading nuclear facility. For some reason, it seemed like those -- those really tersely written letters from the U.N., not working.

Joel Rosenberg is the founder of the Joshua Fund and author of a great new book I just finished about a week ago, "Dead Heat."

Hello, Joe. How are you, sir?

JOEL ROSENBERG, AUTHOR, "DEAD HEAT": I`m doing well, Glenn. How are you?

BECK: I`m good. I want to talk to you a little bit about, first, the centrifuges over in Iran. Is this more bluster from him? Because I should have started with this. Happy National Nuclear Day. That`s what it is in Iran. Is this just more bluster from him today?

ROSENBERG: I don`t think so. I think Iran is the most dangerous nation on the face of the planet right now. I think it`s the epicenter of evil. And I think that what you`ve got is a situation in which Iran is actually feverishly trying to build, buy or steal the nuclear weapons it needs to accomplish two objectives: to annihilate Israel, whom he calls the Little Satan, and to annihilate the United States, whom Ahmadinejad calls the Great Satan.

I`m in Jerusalem with 2,000 Christian leaders and we`re having a conference on epicenter. What are the dangers of this country, Israel faces? I think it`s existential. I think Iran is the most dangerous country on the planet, and its danger is getting worse. And I don`t think Washington fully gets it.

BECK: Well, I don`t think -- you know, Joel, you and I talked about a year ago on this very issue. And I have to tell you, I think there are those in Washington that do get it.

But I don`t think they have any power to do anything anymore. I mean, at the time, I thought that George Bush was going to take action against Iran before he left office. I no longer think that`s true. Because I don`t think he has the political clout to be able to pull it off, especially with that report that came out last year. But that leaves that in the hands of Israel, and they will do something.

ROSENBERG: I don`t know if they will, actually. I agree that the window of opportunity for the United States to take military action against Iran`s nuclear facility is rapidly closing. I mean, it`s almost inconceivable right now to imagine the United States launching a preemptive war against Iran in the middle of a presidential campaign. And then, of course, you`ll have a new administration. Who knows where that will go?

Israel, I don`t think that they`re -- I don`t think they`ll never say it. But I don`t think they`re capable of launching a massive attack. But they are expecting war to be coming.

BECK: You know what? You tell me, then, if they`re not -- if they`re not going to do something, what are the emergency drills all about?

ROSENBERG: Well, this -- for five days now, Israel is involved in a worst case scenario drill. How would it respond to a massive salvo of missiles, whether it`s from Lebanon, Syria, or Iran?

Israel is preparing for war. Syria is preparing for war. Iran is preparing for war. Lebanon is preparing for war. I think war is coming. Can I tell you when, Glenn? No, I can`t. But I`ve got to tell you, this is the most dangerous moment the Middle East has faced since the beginning of the 2003 war in Iraq.

BECK: I will tell you, Joel, your book, which is "Dead Heat," which is on this, I just finished, and it`s absolutely fantastic. I have to tell you, it is the first time that I`ve ever heard anyone explain to my satisfaction why, in the Book of Revelation, America does not play a role in the end days.

I think that you solved that problem and explained it quite plainly. I think you could have gone in another direction, which was economic meltdown, which would also explain it. But it`s some spooky stuff.

ROSENBERG: It is spooky. And the first line, of course, as you know, of the book, Glenn, and I say -- I pray to God this never comes true. The Bible doesn`t explain why the United States is not in end-times prophesy, but it isn`t.

"Dead Heat" is a fictional scenario. But it`s the worst-case scenario, in which we don`t really deal, ultimately, with the radical extremists in the world, and we get hit with a series of cataclysmic attacks the likes of which we`ve never seen before. I pray to God it`s fiction. But Iran wants it to be fact.

BECK: I know. Joel, thank you very much. Stay safe, my friend.

Now, where am I wrong? I don`t think that President Bush will act on Iran before leaving office. And that means Israel will. Joel says no. I think they will act. Agree or disagree? Go to right now and cast your vote.

And coming up, I`ve got a story about a first grader that`s been written up for sexual harassment for giving another student a love tap on the butt. Six years old. You`ve got to be kidding me. Police were called. Details coming up right around the corner.

And then Starbucks catches Obama fever. Wait until you hear this story. Blood will shoot out of your eyes and right into your cute little cup.


BECK: At the beginning of the program I told you about some girls gone wild down in Florida who should be treated as criminals and adults. Well, they`re going to be, thank goodness. Now we have a story about a kid who should not be treated as an adult.

In Maryland, the first grader`s elementary school -- first grader -- called police and wrote him up for sexual harassment because on the playground, he slapped a girl on the butt. The school says they have a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment. Sounds to me a little more like zero intelligence.

Ted Feinberg is the assistant director of the National Association of School Psychologists. The school says -- this is big of them -- they`re not going to put this on his permanent record. The kid was -- he`s in first grade. They called the police.


BECK: Yes. But the damage has already been done, don`t you think?

FEINBERG: Absolutely. I think, although recent pictures of this child looked like he was managing OK, it can be a very disturbing and traumatic episode for a child to be taken out of school by the police, and thought of, by his -- by his own admission, as a very bad boy.

BECK: I have to tell you, I mean, I don`t understand. You can`t draw a cross in an art project. You can`t draw a gun anywhere in school. You know, God forbid you do any of that stuff. But then they call the police on this -- this is nonsense. And it`s not a problem with our kids in Maryland.

Listen to this. I think it`s a problem with the school. Tell me what this says to you about the school district, Ted. Suspended for sexual harassment in 2007 in Maryland, 166 elementary schools. That is three preschoolers, 16 in kindergarten, and 22 first-graders.

FEINBERG: It`s kind of a real travesty to think that zero tolerance makes sense when you have these kinds of situations taking place.

BECK: Does a preschooler or a kindergartner, God forbid a first- grader, do they even know what sexual harassment even is?

FEINBERG: From a developmental point of view, no, they do not. They do not have those feelings or those impulses, and to assign adult motivations to a 6-year-old is a bit absurd.

BECK: You know, I have to tell you, I last talked -- I mean, top 40 radio. I did mornings most of my life. And I laughed -- in my 30s, I wanted to get out of it, because I did a deal for -- what is that -- "Cover Girl" magazine or "Teen" magazine, or whatever it is, and I actually had to host one of these talent shows, or modeling shows.

These teenagers come in. They were acting all sexy, and it was so disturbing. It was so weird and so disturbing. Teenagers don`t even know what real sexy is. How do we expect a first-grader to know what sex is?

FEINBERG: And it points to the need to really look at and examine the whole concept of zero tolerance. If we place every child in the same box in terms of their motivation, if we -- if we cling to policies that are inequitable, and kind of absurd, we run the risk of damaging children, and their families for a lifetime.

BECK: Yes.

FEINBERG: And there are things that -- certainly, schools want to keep children safe. And that`s laudable. But, the fact of the matter is, each case is different, and it should be looked at and examined.

BECK: And Ted, I mean, schools want to keep you safe. And California says I don`t have a right to teach my kids. You know what, schools? Stay the hell away from my children.

Coming up Starbucks refuses to print the term "laissez-faire" on personalized gift cards. Why? Too Frenchie-French? No, no, it`s much worse. The reason in just a bit.


BECK: All right, welcome to "The Real Story." Now I want you to know right up front, I am not an expert in very many things. In fact, I`m not an expert on anything, really. And I make no secret of that.

When I talk about global warming, for instance, I`m not coming to you as a climatologist. Low pressure system over here. I`m just some boob on T.V. who`s just trying to put some common sense and balance back into a debate that has become ridiculously one-sided.

This is why this next story is so important. I mean, it proves beyond any reasonable doubt, that the actual science of global warming, irrelevant. The media doesn`t give a flying crap, they really don`t.

Let me set the scene for you. Last Friday, BBC, the reporter at the BBC had just published a story on their Web site, with the headlines, global temperatures to decrease. I remember reading it. I saw it. Decrease? Wait. I mean I saw Al Gore`s slide show. There`s no decrease in my charts. I mean, the line was virtually straight up. Remember he had that little scissor lift thing? He had to get to the stop. Well it turns out global temperatures have not risen since 1998. That`s odd, isn`t it?

I mean considering that the world is now pumping out well over 23 percent more CO2 than we were pumping out in 1998. Why isn`t the temperature rising? I thought they were locked in. Details, details. I know, it`s pesky, isn`t it?

Well the BBC, they put this story up. It went up early Friday morning. Immediately got the attention of a British climate activist named Jo. Like any good activist, Jo got right to work, 10:12 a.m., she fired off an e-mail to the BBC reporter Roger. Here it is. Subject, correction demanded. Dear Roger, please can you correct your piece published today entitled "global temperatures to decrease?" You should not mislead people into thinking that the sum total of the earth system is going to be cooler in 2008 than 2007. Thanks for your attention to the matter, and just thanks for paying attention to all the facts and figures available, Jo.

The earth system is still warming. Thank goodness, because that`s definitely what people mean when they talk about global climate change. Glad you cleared that up for us there, Jo. About 10 minutes later, Roger, the reporter, replied. He wrote this. Dear Jo, no correction is need. If the secretary-general of the WMO, that`s the World Meteorological Organization tells me that global temperatures will decrease, that`s what we`ll report. There are scientists who question whether warming will continue as projected by the IPCC. Best wishes, R.H.

In other words, beat it, chick. But, activist chicks like Jo don`t really give up on saving the planet that easily. She writes back, hi, Roger, personally, I think it`s highly irresponsible to play into the hands of skeptics. Spelled two ways for some reason, I guess maybe in case there`s any spelling skeptics out there, who continually promote the idea that global warming finished in 1998 when that`s so patently not true. As time goes by the - catch this life, the infant science of climatology improves, so please do not do a disservice to your readership by leaving the door open to doubt about that -- Jo.

Who`s trying to silence who? Don`t leave the door open to any doubt? And my other favorite line is, the infant science of climatology. The infant science of climatology. Wow, you know what, if my infant said that the house was going to catch fire because the oven was getting warmer and it would continue to get warmer, would you listen to them? Or maybe wait until they gain a little bit more knowledge and experience and learn how the oven works? I`m just saying.

How about we don`t use infant science to make multi-trillion dollar bets on things we don`t really understand because -- just an idea. Rog responds 20 minutes later with this.

The article makes all of these points quite clear. We can ignore the facts that skeptics, spelled just one way here, have jumped on the lack of increase since 1998, and it is appearing regularly now in general media. Best to tackle it and explain it, which is what we`ve done, or people will feel the debate is being censored, which makes them very suspicious -- Roger.

You know what? I`ve got to tell you, aside from the fact that Roger the writer apparently hates using any kind of punctuation whatsoever, I kind of like this guy. He`s, you know, he`s holding strong here. Then, Jo, as always, unleashes the nuclear option on him.

"Hi, Roger. Your word debate, this is not an issue of debate. This is an issue of emerging truth." I love that. "It would be better if you did not quote the skeptics, again trying to silence the debate. Their voice is heard everywhere on every channel. They`re deliberately obstructing the emergence of the truth. Otherwise, I would have to conclude that you`re insufficiently educated to be able to know when you`ve been psychologically manipulated. And that would make you an unreliable reporter. I am about to send your comments to others for their contribution, unless you request I do not. You may appear in unfavorable light because it could be said that you have turned your head by the skeptics. Respectfully, Jo."

Respectfully. I love that. I didn`t catch an ounce of respect in there. She called into question his education. Then she basically extorted him by threatening to harm his credibility if he didn`t give in. Well here is Roger final`s Churchill-esque reply. "Have a look in 10 minutes. Tell me if you`re happier. We`ve changed the headline and more."

Wow. Thanks, Roger. There`s a spine for you. I want you to take a look at just the differences between the old story and the new activist-friendly one. Here`s the original version. It said this, quote, "This would mean global temperatures have not risen since 1998, prompting some to question climate change theories."

OK, sounds fair. Some are questioning it. But the new line was deleted and replaced with this, quote, "But this year`s temperatures would still be way above the average and would soon exceed the record year of 1998 because of global warming induced by greenhouse gases."

Not scientists say or experts predict or it`s a consensus. Nothing. Now it`s just a fact that because of greenhouse gases the earth is soon going to be much, much warmer. We`re all going to burn to death in some icy flood. No one is even questioning it. It`s an emerging truth, you know.

In just under 90 minutes, a sole activist with a clear agenda was able to get the mainstream environmental reporter to completely change their story. Imagine what the powerful groups with, you know, big, $300 million bank accounts and advertising budgets like Al Gore can do.

The real story on global warming is now clearer than ever before. You can control the language, and you control the debate. You control the debate, and you control the media. You control the media, and you win the war.

Noel Sheppard is an associate editor of NewsBusters. He was the first to bring this to my attention. Noel, you watch, you`re kind of a conservative watchdog or liberal watchdog. You`re on the conservative side. You brought this to my attention. Do we know anything about Jo? Is she a scientist? Because obviously Roger`s just not well-educated enough.

NOEL SHEPPARD, ASSOCIATE EDITOR, NEWSBUSTERS: Yeah, that is one of the real questions here, is why did Roger cave so quickly to someone who is, by no means a scientist. She`s not a Ph.D. Of course, neither are you and I. But then again, we`re not asking for major press outlets to change their story line.

BECK: Right.

SHEPPARD: So what`s interesting to me is when he gets that first complaint, and you and I get e-mails all the time. I`m sure you get a lot more than I do. Why didn`t he do a Google search or a Yahoo! search or whatever his choice and identify who this was and find out that, you know what, this is just a climate activist, this is not a climatologist. This is not a meteorologist. This is someone who works for a group called the Campaign against Climate Change and another group called Christian Ecology Link, which is trying to tie Christian principles to environmentalism.

So, why did he cave like this? I mean, after all, this wasn`t an e-mail from, let`s say James Hanson of Goddard. It wasn`t Gavin Schmidt. Lord knows it wasn`t even Nobel laureate Al Gore. Why cave like this so quickly? Especially what I do find interesting is, as you said in your introduction, he kind of held firm initially. You know I think that this is a good article, it`s balanced.

And then as soon as she kind of threatens him with, well I`m going to send it all over the Internet and you`re going to look unfavorable, all of a sudden he caved in 16 minutes. And in 16 minutes he had a response back to her that included full edits. I mean, it`s really - - it`s quite extraordinary when you think about it.

BECK: We called the BBC. They won`t even comment on it. They don`t want anything to do with it.


BECK: We tried to get them on. We`re still trying today. We hope to have them on tomorrow. So far the BBC is like, no comment on this one at all. And they`ve removed the original, right? Usually, if there`s an update, you`ll get a time stamp and it will show, story change. The "A.P" does this, story`s been updated. Story`s been changed. They`ve removed all time stamps on this story. Is that not true?

SHEPPARD: And that`s what`s really curious here, Glenn, is he even told her in his third e-mail, he said, updated version, note the page, date and time has not been changed. Why? It doesn`t make any sense. And the reason why you have updates at the top of the page is so that your readers know that the story has been changed. It seems like not only did he roll over, and write exactly what he wanted. I mean in reality, what`s interesting is, three of the first four paragraphs were changed. Three of the first four. So not only did he roll over and do exactly what she said, he seems to have done it in a fashion so that people wouldn`t have known it.

BECK: Reminiscent of Genghis Khan if I may quote someone. Thank you very much. Noel, I`ve got to run. Hopefully tomorrow we`ll have an update for you on this story from the BBC and also have another guy, who`s a hurricane expert, hopefully, who will come on tomorrow and say, this is McCarthyism. It`s all happening, gang. That`s the "Real Story" tonight.

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Coming up Starbucks continues to adapt. How they`re going to market to consumers even if that means liberal consumers. I`ll explain next.


BECK: You know, I have to tell you the one thing that really continues to amaze me is the double standard of the people in our country now. I mean, here in America today, I can make it, but you can`t. I don`t want to pay a lot in taxes, but he should. I want to live in a big house, drive a big huge SUV, but you should replace all of your light bulbs. It`s this kind of hypocrisy that isn`t just practiced by a few freaks, you know, in our population. It`s practiced by a lot of people and practiced by some companies, as well.

Starbucks, which used our free market system to grow from a single store to a company worth $9.4 billion, that`s just $9.4 billion in coffee revenue last year. This company may not exactly embrace the capitalist system as much as you`d think. And I don`t -- it`s kind of surprising for a company headquartered in Seattle. But David Boaz is the executive vice president of the CATO Institute. He has a story about Starbucks and politics that you just have to hear. Tell me how this all started here, Dave.

DAVE BOAZ, AUTHOR: Well one of my friends got a Starbucks customized card for Christmas, and what you do with the customized card is you go to their Web site and you tell them what little phrase you want printed on it. So he said, print laissez-faire, which is a slogan that a lot of free market people, free enterprise people use to say the government should stay out of our lives, stay out of our businesses. So he said put laissez-faire on it.

And it came back, we can`t do that it doesn`t meet with our standards. So he looked up the standards. The standards say it can`t be racial or otherwise offensive. It can`t be four letter words and it can`t be overtly political.

So apparently they think it`s overtly political. He came to me and told me this story and I laughed and said see if they`ll give you "people, not profits." So he put in "people, not profits," and a few days later he got his card.

BECK: That`s weird.

BOAZ: You can`t have a free enterprise slogan on a company card, but you can have a socialist slogan.

BECK: You cannot put government, stay out of my face. But, hey, not profits, people.

BOAZ: That`s right. So I tried calling the company and asking, why is this? And their first response was well, it might be because it`s a foreign phrase. I said, OK. That`s fair enough. You know, the computers don`t recognize foreign words.

So, my assistant tried ordering a card that said "si, se puede," the Spanish phrase that the United Farm Workers Union uses and that Barack Obama`s campaign is using and that went through. So now we know -

BECK: But that again is a liberal phrase.

BOAZ: A left wing Spanish slogan, a left wing English slogan but not this French slogan that`s actually pretty well known in English. So we tried calling them again. We tried to get an answer and all we could get was, we don`t allow political commentary like we wouldn`t allow you to have Obama for president on your card.

BECK: But wait a minute. But yes we can.

BOAZ: That`s right. So, I keep hoping that the company is going to come forward and say, it was all a mistake. Low-level employees, just a mistake. But, you know, we did try it twice. Several weeks, maybe a month apart, and both times laissez faire was rejected. So obviously there`s something in the system to say that`s not OK.

BECK: You`re going to continue to follow this?

BOAZ: Well, I`m trying to get an answer from the company. I was hoping that having the article in the "Wall Street Journal" would cause them to come forward.

BECK: Yeah, no, David, they`re probably on coffee break.

BOAZ: I`m just saying.

BECK: Thanks. We`ll talk to you again. Let us know with the update.

Now time for the "Real America," brought to you this evening by CSX.

Everybody would say that Trish Yodice had her dream job. She was working as an on-air traffic reporter at an NBC station here in New York City. But one day she`s up there and she realizes I ain`t living my dream. So she decided to follow her heart.


TRISH YODICE, DIRECTOR, CLIFTON HS TEEN CTR: Dealing with a couple of problems right now. We do have some sky cam shots to show you.

I was the traffic reporter for "Today in New York," the local New York show on channel 4.

Mass transit, we`re all good, everything running on or close to schedule.

You get into it and you think it`s going to be something. Then when you get there, wait a minute this isn`t really what I thought it was going to be. It`s not that it`s not good. It just that it wasn`t for me.

BECK: After 10 years of working in broadcasting, Trish made a decision that surprised many.

YODICE: I had to re-examine, you know, examine and find out, OK what is it? I`ve always had an interest in psychology. So I went back to Seton Hall graduate school and got the masters in marriage and family therapy. This is drawing me in. This is what I want to do.

BECK: So Trish quit her TV job to work for the New Jersey Community Development Corp and now spends her days with teens in high school.

YODICE: And now Miss P. is going to run the program. Can you guys see?

BECK: As a mental health clinician, Trish holds daily workshops for the students and conducts individuals counseling session with teens and their families.

YODICE: We reach out to at least 500 kids on a weekly basis. So, that just empowers us to go forward. The hardest part is when kids come in, and you know, some of the problems that they have to deal with, you know, it`s pretty -- it`s serious stuff and the hardest part is trying to treat a kid that has lost hope. And so that kind of gets to you. Are you guys watching? Sometimes you have stressful days in that context. And it`s hard to just like leave it and go home.

BECK: Now some would say Trish took a step back in her career, giving up a high-profile job and all that money. But she doesn`t see it that way.

YODICE: So I have, you know, I don`t have ten pairs of shoes in my clothes, I`ll survive. It`s, again, the work that we do up there is for the greater good. When a kid comes into your office and says thank you, you know, I`m doing so much better and I feel like I can handle things. You know, on a completely different level, and I`m doing OK, it`s good. That`s my pay.


BECK: Now if you`d like to see more stories like this one, click on and look for the "Real America" section and do me a favor, will you? Let me know about some amazing people in your year. Tonight, real America, sponsored by CSX. It`s how tomorrow moves.


BECK: Well, on yesterday`s program we told you about an ad by a company that makes Absolut vodka that they had running in Mexico. The ad depicted a map of North America where Mexico owns some pretty valuable American real estate including our best ski resorts.

This is how the map looked before 1848 when we all went to war with Mexico over the annexation of Texas and we wound up occupying Mexico City.

Luckily for them, we were gracious enough to give Mexico City back. Now, if you watch this program you know that many in Mexico still believe that California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Wyoming are still theirs.

Thus the ad. Last week, Absolut said the ad was made with a Mexican sensibility. In other words, we never saw it. One of their spokes amigos wrote in no way was this meant to offend or disparage, nor does it advocate an altering of borders, nor does it lend support to any anti- American sentiment, nor does it reflect issues of immigration.

You know. Yeah. The only problem with that is, it does, it does, it does, it does, and it does. Apparently I wasn`t the only one who didn`t like the ad all that much. Pressure apparently began to build, you know, regular people who just saw it said wait a minute, that`s not right. You know, it`s kind of the -- kind of the way we are turning against each other for money and political ads, you know, I think people are sick of it.

You know, political correctness, we`re done with it. And people made their voice heard. They called. They wrote. They complained. They were loud. Well, most amazingly, most of them did it in a magical almost forgotten language called English. Apparently, those words got through to the makers of Absolut and they decided to pull the ad.

Now I`m pretty sure they don`t really care that they`re irritating us. They don`t really care about inflaming the border situation. But luckily, what they do care about is America has lots and lots of alcoholics. I mean lots of them. Thirsty alcoholics. I know I`m a recovering alcoholic. I mean thirsty alcoholics with lots of disposable income. Jack Daniels, they actually wept when I sobered up.

So greed was cured by greed. The world turns, and the room continues to spin. Just another day in America. By the way, luckily, Absolut will soon be taken over by a French company so I`m sure all that anti-American stuff is going to stop, you know, soon.

Don`t forget, if you missed something on the program, you can get more details through my free e-mail newsletter. You just sign up for the free newsletter on the all-new completely redesigned From New York, good night amigo. What? I`m just saying. Try to fit in.