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Isa Soares Tonight

World Leaders Gather In New Delhi For G20; Spain's National Prosecutors File A Sexual Assault Complaint Against Spain's Football Chief Luis Rubiales; Hurricane Lee Brews Over The Atlantic; Officer Facing Murder Charge After Shooting Man Inside Car; Georgia Grand Jury Charges For 39 People; Fulton District Atty. Chose To Indict Trump And 18 Others; Nancy Pelosi To Run For Re-Election Next Year. Aired 2-3p ET

Aired September 08, 2023 - 14:00   ET



ISA SOARES, HOST, ISA SOARES TONIGHT: A very warm welcome to the show, everyone, I'm Isa Soares. Tonight, world leaders have arrived in India

ahead of the G20 Summit this weekend to address the crisis facing the world today. But unanimous decisions might be hard to achieve, given the

absentees. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Then Spain's national prosecutors files a sexual assault complaint against the now suspended president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis

Rubiales. What could come next, we will discuss. Plus, a strong storm brews in the Atlantic. We'll take a look at the potentially destructive path of

Hurricane Lee. But first, tonight, it is almost midnight in New Delhi where U.S. President Joe Biden is joining other world leaders for the G20 Summit.

The event officially kicks off on Saturday. Mr. Biden has been meeting with his host, as you can see there, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

But there are other major players ditching the event. Russian President Vladimir Putin is accused of war crimes in Ukraine. He is wanted on an ICC

warrant, and rarely travels abroad these days.

He sent his foreign minister instead. Chinese President Xi Jinping is also skipping the summit. Some see it as a snub to rival India or show

solidarity with Mr. Putin. Still, the rise of China and its rivalry with the U.S. looks to be a major theme. President Biden is coming with

proposals to reform the World Bank and other global bodies.

The White House says they can provide an alternative to Chinese lending. Let's get more on all of this, and what to expect. CNN's Ivan Watson is in

New Delhi with the very latest, and Nic Robertson is with me. And Ivan, let me start with you first, and this bilateral meeting that wrapped up in the

last what? Two hours or so between President Biden and Mr. Modi.

What do both men want to get out of this critically? What would be considered in their eyes a successful G20 here, Ivan?

IVAN WATSON, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, you know, India has been positioning itself as the host of the G20, as this kind of proponent

supporter of what they describe as the global south, less developed poorer countries, saying that they deserve a seat at the table. And Biden has come

to this meeting, vowing to offer some kind of support for as Narendra Modi has called it, sustainable kind of equitable economic development around

the world.

Biden is pledging to increase financing at multilateral investment and lending institutions like the World Bank, like the International Monetary

Fund. So, the bilateral meeting between these two leaders -- well, that was mostly addressing all sorts of cooperation between India and the U.S. on a

whole host of issues, everything from space exploration to defense cooperation to developing microchips and trying to get a moon-shot cancer

cure put together.

And you know, we got a briefing from a White House aide who then said that the Indians are substantially -- they're seriously disappointed that the

Chinese leader Xi Jinping pretty much at the last minute, decided not to attend this meeting. For the first time since he's become leader of China,

and without any real formal explanation for why he is absent here, according to the Chinese government.

That of course, is an issue when you're gathering leaders of 20 countries here, 19 countries in the European Union, and the world's second largest

economy is not present, and they send their premier here to attend instead. And it's possible that Ukraine could be a contributing factor to that. We

know that the European leaders who have been showing up one after another, have been saying that one of their key priorities here is to keep Ukraine

at the forefront of the discussions that will be taking place here throughout the weekend.

SOARES: Ivan, really appreciate it, thank you very much. Let's go to Nic Robertson who is listening to that conversation. So, disappointed, but you

know, as Ivan was mentioning there, for some of the countries in the global south -- from the global south, the question of Ukraine may be somewhat



Is this perhaps an opportunity, given there's no Xi Jinping, given that there's no Putin for President Biden to show some strength to make the most

of it here?

NIC ROBERTSON, CNN INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC EDITOR: There is an opportunity, of course, and no doubt Sergey Lavrov; the Russian Foreign

Minister will put his view forward as well. But you know, we've heard from the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on his way to the G20, saying that

he was going to put the issue of the Black Sea grain deal of Ukrainian grain, getting to developing nations, two-thirds of its normal grain

exports go there.

So, he's going to be a very big proponent likely here from President Biden, the same to explain why Ukraine is in this war, why Russia is the menace in

this situation. So, I think you know, absent Putin, it may become a little easier, there's more maneuverability to have those conversations, but

there's a lot of convincing to be done. And under the auspices of Narendra Modi, who has really sat on the fence with Russia, not --

SOARES: Yes --

ROBERTSON: Criticized their invasion, buys their oil, gas and fertilizer, helping fund the war, and it has decided not to invite President Zelenskyy

to come along to the G20. I think it's going to be an uphill battle despite those notable absences.

SOARES: And Ivan, I'm not sure if you're still with us. I mean, the conversation clearly, I am keen to find out whether from the global south,

what they see as the focal point of the G20 here. It's clearly from some of the leaders including President Biden, and some from the west. Ukraine, it

should be front and center. Where does the global south sit on this?

ROBERTSON: Right, I mean, well, that is awfully -- there's an awful lot of reference to again a kind of sustainable development supporting investment

and perhaps, debt relief for countries that have had a rough go of it, certainly through the COVID pandemic and with the consequences of Russia's

invasion of Ukraine and what that's done to fuel prices around the world, energy prices as well as food prices.

And those are issues that are not going away since the war is not going away any time soon. Climate is also at the top of the list here to be

discussed, something that everybody seems to be experiencing around the world, this extreme climate conditions, hopefully -- and that is one of its

issues that is intended to be discussed here. But then there's also that question, how much can you accomplish if you --

SOARES: Yes --

ROBERTSON: Don't have the leader of the world's second largest economy at the table, and no real explanation for why he is not here.

SOARES: Yes, no real explanation, only the fact we're hearing from the -- being inside, disappointed, but we shall see what comes out of the summit.

Thank you very much, Ivan Watson for us there in New Delhi, thank you very much, Nic as always. Well, Venezuela's President has began a state visit,

he says, is meant to help build a new world order. Nicolas Maduro arrived in China on Friday.

His first visit in five years. He's trying to strengthen ties with Beijing as its relations deteriorate with the West. Venezuela is also seeking new

investment to shore up its collapsing economy. China's foreign ministry says there is a well mapped-out blueprint for advancing a strategic

partnership in new era, important to point out, Venezuela also has elections next year.

Well, with no end in sight to Russia's war, Ukraine is expanding its military conscription. Starting October 1st, women between the ages of 18

and 60 who have medical education, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists, must register for military service. At least, four Ukrainians

were killed today in new Russian airstrikes, and missiles slammed into police administrative building in Kryvyi Rih, President Volodymyr

Zelenskyy's hometown, killing at least, one person and injuring dozens more.

Three other people were killed in strikes on Kherson. Well, some of Russia's ongoing strikes aim to destroy expensive Ukrainian weaponry. But

Ukraine has a strategy to outsmart the enemy by luring them into costly mistakes. Our Melissa Bell shows us how decoy weapons are shielding

Ukraine's true military targets from Russia's fire.


MELISSA BELL, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): An Iranian-made Shahed drone launched by Russian forces heads towards a Ukrainian air defense system. A

miss quickly celebrated by Ukrainian soldiers.


BELL: What the Russians missed was this, a fake air defense system. Part of an entire arsenal of decoys that has popped up around the country. Fake

weapons that are as cheap to make, as they are useful to deploy.

(on camera): An American towed Howitzer costs anywhere between $2 million to $4 million. This one, costs just a $1,000 to make, it's essentially made

up of drain pipes. But the point is, each time one of these is hit, it is a real one that is spared, and it's cost the Russians time, energy and money

to hit it.


(voice-over): The challenge for this steel work's company that had nothing to do with arms making at all, updating their designs to keep up with the

ever more sophisticated weapons arriving in Ukraine. Despite them, the fighting along the eastern front has been tough, Ukrainian officials

acknowledge. The forest just outside the eastern town of Kreminna has been a battleground for much of the war.

But the counteroffensive has made its daily battles that much more intense. Yuriy Mykuliak, a special forces commander has just returned from there

with his men.


BELL: Behind Mykuliak, one of the Russian tanks his unit took in Irpin early in the war. He says the lack of ammunition has been chronic in this

war, Ukraine, he explains, has had to use creativity as it holds the line.


BELL: A part of that is happening far from the frontlines. In factories like this one, perfecting the art of the fake weapon. The measure of each

decoy success, how quickly it gets destroyed once in the field. Melissa Bell, CNN, in central Ukraine.


SOARES: Melissa Bell there. Well, a Russian human trafficking network designed to recruit Cuban citizens to fight in Ukraine has been dismantled,

that is according to the Cuban Foreign Ministry. Seventeen people believed to be linked to the network have been detained. A Cuban official says the

traffickers targeted people with criminal records.

I want to bring in our Patrick Oppmann in Havana, Cuba, with the very latest. And Patrick, you and I spoke about this story at the beginning of

the week when they had just uncovered -- at least, announced they had uncovered this network. But now they've already dismantled it. I mean,

that's pretty fast. What is the latest?

PATRICK OPPMANN, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, it would seem from reading the details, and there are not many because we're not talking about

a transparent justice system that have been released as the Cuban government was aware of this for some time, surely, the media reports had

began to trickle out probably, prompted more action.

But it does seem like they were aware that they were recruiting efforts going on, and that there are intermediaries, essentially recruiters both in

Russia are working with a large Cuban community there. And recruiters here on the island, essentially trying to find people they felt would go to

Russia -- or would go to Russia first, then they deploy to Ukraine with the Russian military.

And as the Cuban investigators said in the information that was released, a lot of times, it looked -- these recruiters for Cubans with a criminal

history tellingly enough. It's very interesting of course, that Cuba of all countries would roll up a Russian recruiting effort because these countries

have been close allies since the cold war. But Cuba says their laws are very clear, they do not let their citizens go and fight in other countries

and they do not want them to become mercenaries.

And the people that they have arrested here, some of them are recruiters, some of them are alleged mercenaries that they are going to be facing

decades in prison. And I have to say from experience, usually in Cuba, when you are charged, you are as good as guilty. So, this has some serious

implications for the people who are involved in this, and certainly, for the people who would consider for a lot of money and the possibility of

Russian citizenship, going to fight in Ukraine. I think this is going to put an end to it.

SOARES: Yes, Patrick Oppmann for us in Havana, good to see you, Patrick, thank you very much. We are now hearing for the first time from the

American trapped inside one of Turkey's deepest caves. Mark Dickey became ill at about 1,100 meters below the surface with gastrointestinal bleeding.

Officials say the operation to pull him out of the cave could start tomorrow on Saturday. Our Nada Bashir has the story.


NADA BASHIR, CNN REPORTER (voice-over): In the dark and cavernous depths of Turkey's Morca sinkhole, a welcome update.


BASHIR: American caver Mark Dickey now said to be in a stable condition after falling ill some 3,500 feet below ground almost a week ago.

DICKEY: As you can see, I'm up, I'm alert, I'm talking, but I'm not healed on the inside yet, so I'm going to need a lot of help to get out of here.

BASHIR: Rescuers say Dickey suffered gastrointestinal bleeding during his research expedition and required urgent medical attention at base camp.


According to officials, six units of blood had to be delivered to him. It's an operation which has drawn about 150 rescuers from across the globe to

Turkey's third deepest cave. The Turkish caving federation says it typically takes a full 15 hours for an experienced caver to reach the

surface in ideal conditions. But Dickey's health is still in a delicate state, and the narrow-winding passages of the cave as well as frigid

temperatures could pose a major challenge to rescuers.

GRETCHEN BAKER, NATIONAL CAVE RESCUE COMMISSION: The team on the ground is very happy that Mark's condition seems to be improving. So that it looks

like he will not have to be in a litter the entire way out, but there may be portions of the cave that he has to be in that litter. So the more he

can help, the faster the rescue can go. But even with him helping, we're anticipating that it will take days to get him out of the cave.

BASHIR: For now, Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Authority says the operation is running smoothly. And though, this is a huge logistical

undertaking, there is cautious optimism for Dickey's safe return. Nada Bashir, CNN, London.


SOARES: And still to come tonight, the new complaint against a suspended head of Spain's football federation, why it could lead to criminal charges

over the unwanted kiss at the Women's World Cup. And a police officer sworn to uphold the law now finds himself charged with murder. We'll have more

details on the video that led to his arrest.


SOARES: Well, the president of Spain's Football Federation is now facing a federal case for alleged sexual assault and coercion. Spain's national

prosecutors filed the complaint against Luis Rubiales over that unwanted kiss after Spain won the Women's World Cup final. The complaint could

eventually lead to criminal charges against Rubiales.

He's currently suspended, if you remember, from his position, and has refused to resign. Meanwhile, players in Spain's top women's league are

about to go on strike over a pay dispute. Spain's Liga F says it offered to gradually increase pay, as its minimum wage to nearly $27,000 over the next

three seasons. But unions say the players want that much by next season.

Right now, the league's current minimum salary is just over $17,000 a season. And the new season is scheduled to begin later on today.


We have team coverage of both of these developing stories. "WORLD SPORTS" Patrick Snell is live from Atlanta for us. But we begin this hour with

Atika Shubert who joins us live in Valencia. So Atika, just explain here what the sexual assault complaint means potentially for Rubiales. Because

as we mentioned there in that statement, it also now includes coercion. What more can you tell us?

ATIKA SHUBERT, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, I think the wording is important. The sexual assault part of the official complaint from the prosecutor is

something that many of us have seen already -- we were watching the World Cup, we saw Rubiales planned that forceful kiss on Jenny Hermoso, Spain's

star striker.

Now, she officially made a complaint to the prosecutor earlier this week, and you know, this is what the sexual assault part of the prosecutor's

complaint would be. The coercion part however, happened several days afterwards. And this is when, you know, questions about Rubiales' behavior

began circulating online.

And according to the prosecutor's statement, Jenny Hermoso said she came under pressure from Rubiales and his associates to put out a statement in

defense of him saying that nothing and toward -- happened. And as a result, the prosecutor says that pressure could be considered as harassment or


So that's why you have those two terms in the prosecutor's complaint. Now, it's not likely that we're going to see trial any time soon, this is still

an evolved legal process, the next step would be for the national court to start an investigation, still gather more evidence, and remember, this all

took place in Australia, so it does mean that prosecutors actually have to consult Australia as well, Isa.

SOARES: And in the meantime, no word from Rubiales here, Atika?

SHUBERT: No, no word yet at all from Rubiales. He's been very quiet about this. We haven't heard from him since his defiant speech where he said he

would not resign. He has however, consistently maintained that he did nothing wrong, and that he is innocent, and that the kiss was completely

mutual. Now, if this legal process continues, then he will have an opportunity to prove that in court. Isa.

SOARES: Yes, but pressure clearly mounting. Stay with us, Atika, let me go to Patrick. And Patrick, staying with women's football, but not related to

neither Rubiales or Hermoso, we're learning as we stated there, that Spain's top-tier football are going to go -- players are going to go on

strike. How realistic can that get, that pay rise that they're seeking here?

PATRICK SNELL ANCHOR, CNN WORLD SPORTS: Oh, this is the big question. You know, what is next in this story? I just want to point out that the new

season that was due to start in about 40 minutes from right now, as it stands, that's not going to happen. And the strike comes amid an increased

focus on the women's game in Spain following the success of La Roja at the World Cup in Australia.

And of course, all that substantial fallout from that kiss from Rubiales on Jenny Hermoso. This weekend was meant to be the moment the Spanish footy

fans welcomed back their all-conquering Women's World Cup team back to domestic action for the start of the new La Liga F season, the league that

features top teams like Barcelona for example, the reigning European champs.

But the players calling a strike for the first two matches of the new season in the top-tier of Spanish women's football over that pay dispute.

Negotiations have been going on, these negotiations for the last year. The strike called by the Spanish Players Association after the league and the

unions couldn't reach a deal.

And it's just an all-too familiar story, isn't it? Calling for the union is calling for fair and just treatment for the players in recent years of

course, we've seen the strong and the powerful stance that comes to mind for me is the American women's national team led by superstar players like

Megan Rapinoe. I want to put it into big picture context, talk finance here.

Important that we do this so that people can see the kinds of figures we're talking about. The current minimum salary for women's players, it's $17,000

a year, not a week, a year. For men in La Liga, close to an average of 200,000 players, have asked it to be raised to a minimum of 24,600, rising

to a minimum of $26,750 for next season. What is La Liga F saying in response?

Well, the league says it was willing to raise current wages by about 25 percent to around the $21,400, as well as tabling other measures such as

help with childcare and financial aid as well to study. In a statement, the league referring to what he called its firm conviction of coming to an

agreeable deal for both sides, including what it says at one point, making an offer which would increase the minimum wage to 26,800, but that would be

over three seasons, a total of three seasons.

So, this is far from sorted out. We're watching it very closely indeed. And I say that first match of the new season was about to kickoff between

Sevilla and Granadilla Tenerife.


As it stands, you know, the first two games of the new season are not going ahead.

SOARES: I'm here, Patrick, and I'm splitting feathers, if only you could feel when my face -- when I looked at that graphic. Can I bring that up

again? I'm just going to ask --

SNELL: Yes --

SOARES: My producer to bring it up, because it is quite staggering to get a sense at the difference between the league, the La Liga F where they're

paying 17,000 a year for the woman, and the comparison to when -- I'm -- the men, is a completely different league. For some reason, we didn't bring

it up. How much of the men on? Just very quickly, I saw 17,000 --

SNELL: Yes --

SOARES: For the women, 197,000 per year, minimum --

SNELL: Yes --

SOARES: On the men's Spanish league.

SNELL: Yes, that's why I said it's important to just get those figures out there. And just take a few seconds to take them in, just to digest them.

And this at a time, remember when the World Cup winners from La celestial(ph) Roja, they have had their moment. This should be a moment for

them basking in the glory of their World Cup triumph, the country's first ever when it comes to the Women's World Cup.

That moment has been well and truly deprived with all the Rubiales' fallout that remains ongoing. And now, we've got the situation which is just very

pitiful when you look at those figures.

SOARES: Well, I think they're doing the right thing, they're putting their foot down and they're asking for more. They deserve it. Thank you very

much, appreciate it. And still to come tonight, shocking and disturbing police body camera footage shows the moment an officer opened fire on a man

inside his car. We have that video and how it led to the officer's arrest.

And then later, a look inside Hurricane Lee. We are tracking the storm as it gains strength in the Atlantic. We're covering both those stories for

you right here.



SOARES: Welcome back, everyone. The Philadelphia police officer who shot and killed a man is facing murder and other charges. The district

attorney's office released unedited body camera footage and it is graphic and it is also very hard to watch. It shows the moment Officer Mark Dial

fired into Eddie Irizarry's car through the driver's side window. Again, we want to warn you the video is graphic and some may find disturbing.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Show me your hands.

MARK DIAL, PHILADELPHIA POLICE OFFICER: Shut the **** up! Shut the **** up. I'll **** shoot you. 4-13, shots fired, shots fired, 100 West Willard. Get

your hands off that right now.


SOARES: Now it took Dial about five seconds to get out of his police car and approach Irizarry's car before firing at least six times. An

unidentified voice can be heard shouting, "I will shoot you." Initially, if you remember, police told reporters Irizarry was outside of his car and

given multiple commands to drop a weapon.

Let's get the very latest from our Brynn Gingras who is in New York. Brynn, I mean, this, in many ways, contradicts what the police officers say

occurred. What is the attorney saying here for the police officer? What has been the reaction? Because I know you have seen more than this little bit

that we are showing.

BRYNN GINGRAS, CNN U.S. NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes, that's right. And actually, it was the family's request, the victim family's, Eddie Irizarry,

their request that the entire body cam footage be released to the public. Now, yes, as you just mentioned, Irizarry, I have actually seen other

footage that was released by their family attorney shortly after this shooting happened in Philadelphia on August 14th.

And I want to make this a point because this is why it's kind of raised a lot of alarm in the community and Philadelphia itself. Because when this

happened, police in Philadelphia initially said that Irizarry was shot while he was outside of his car and he wasn't obeying commands from police

after being pulled over. But it's very clear when you see that body cam footage and other footage, again, that was brought forward by the family's

attorney, that he was inside his car. And that was the major issue here is that police did not give an accurate description of what happened initially

and had to somewhat give a mea culpa. And then now we have the videos from the incident in its entirety.

And so that's where we are right now. That police officer Mark Dial, he fired those shots very soon after he got out of his police car, giving very

little warning before firing those shots. And as you pointed out, actually saying I'm going to shoot you right before firing those shots. And as far

as that officer, he was immediately put on leave by the police department with the expectation of being fired. He has been fired and today he turned

himself in, but he's facing some very serious charges. He's facing murder charges. He's facing aggravated assault charges. There's just a number of

them that he is going to have to answer to and defend himself against. I want you to hear from his defense attorney.


BRIAN MCMONAGLE, ATTORNEY FOR OFFICER MARK DIAL: We intend to right this wrong. This decision today puts police officers in peril at a time when

they're dealing with perhaps the most violent time in our city's history. We intend to right this wrong and bring him -- this young man home.


GINGRAS: Now, Dial's attorney called the charges appalling. He actually said that he believes in his defense. He was retreating after those shots

were fired, believing that he's already had some sort of weapon inside that car. There were actually two small knives that were found within that car,

but no gun according to authorities. And he is now behind bars on $500,000 bail, Isa. It's unclear right now if he is going to bail out. Today, we're

still trying to get that information, but he is expected to go back to court later this month.

SOARES: And Brynn, I can't imagine it being easy for the family, to Irizarry's family to watch this. What has been the reaction from the

Irizarry family?

GINGRAS: Yes. Like I said, well, first we should know that he was 27 years old. His family said that he had just moved to Philadelphia not long before

this happened from Puerto Rico, that he didn't speak great English and it's very possible he didn't even understand the commands that were being yelled

at him during that incident. But, yes, they want there to be calm within the streets of Philadelphia, but they made a point. They wanted the entire

video to be seen. They watched it first with the district attorney.


But they wanted it all out there. They want no questions as to what happened because, of course, they believe their son, their loved one, was


And, Isa, it's a disturbing video. I watched both body cam videos and it's disturbing, not only just to see this go down, and the lack of sort of

warning, and how fast the shots were fired, but also the aftermath because you do see him killed in his own car and then quite frankly dragged out of

his car and brought to the hospital by the other patrol officer there. But it was important to the family that it be released in its entirety.

SOARES: Appreciate it, Brynn Gingras. Thank you very much.


SOARES: Now, former President Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants were charged last month on charges. They were part of a criminal effort to

overturn Trump's election loss in Georgia. But a grand jury in that case recommended charges for 21 other people, including current U.S. Senator

Lindsey Graham. This is according to a report released by a judge just hours ago. It says jurors also wanted indictments for former Republican

senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, retired three-star general Michael Flynn also made the list along with Trump's advisers Boris Epshteyn


Ultimately, Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis, chose not to pursue those indictments. She also charged Trump campaign official Mike

Roman, who was not mentioned in the report. And all 19 defendants have plead, important to point out, not guilty.

Let's get more in all of this. CNN Senior Legal Affairs Correspondent Paula Reid is life for us in Washington. And Paula, I mean, it is stunning to see

this report because it includes a sitting senator and two former senators. Ultimately, like we said here, Paula, I mean, they were not charged, but

what does this tell us about the grand jury's thinking here? What are the major takeaways in your opinion from this report?

PAULA REID, CNN SENIOR LEGAL AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT: Well, it's extraordinary to see this kind of thing. Typically, the public does not

have access to a grand jury report like this. Grand jury proceedings, by their nature, are secret to protect witnesses, to give them the confidence

to speak freely and also to protect people who are not ultimately charged. What's so fascinating here is we see these two groups of people in

particular, both the senators, the current senator, Lindsey Graham, former senators, Kelly Loeffler, and David Perdue, and then three Trump advisers,

Mike Flynn, Boris Epshteyn, and Cleta Mitchell. These are the two groups that are really drawing a lot of attention.

Let's start first with the senators. What you can see from this report is that there was some dissension about whether these folks should be charged,

particularly Senator Lindsey Graham. There were 13 votes in favor, seven against, and that is notable. I mean, if you look at that math as a

prosecutor, you can see you have problems with your case. If in a grand jury, they -- that was the vote that you got on Lindsey Graham, I think

that would give any prosecutor some real pause before actually filing criminal charges because a grand jury is the most favorable environment

possible for a prosecutor. It's no lawyers with the witnesses. There's no defense presentation, and there's no standard of beyond a reasonable doubt.

Now, looking at the Trump advisers, more questions there, it's not clear why Fani Willis did not charge them. If you look at the math, the votes,

they appear very similar to those for people who were charged, like Rudy Giuliani and former President Trump so that's something we're really going

to be watching. Why were these individuals not charged? Epshteyn was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator, but were you watching in any eventual

trials? Are these incredibly valuable witnesses? Have they provided something that would make the district attorney reconsider charging them?

CNN was one of the media organizations that fought to make this public, and it really does give us some extraordinary insight into a historic case.

SOARES: Yes, and probably more questions than answers at this point, but you know, important to point out for an international view is they are not

charged, but a grand jury recommended, of course, they ought to be. In that case, Paula, what does this do politically? Does it complicate matters?

REID: You know, I'm sure there'll be a lot of spin out there. There's also legitimate questions about whether this should have been made public. Like

I said, the grand jury process is usually secret because they're testing a case. Oftentimes, they'll hear matters that are never ultimately charged,

and if you are charged, there's a process to clear your name, or you could also be convicted. If there is a recommendation that you be charged and

you're not charged, there's not really a process to clear your name. So, I think there are some fair questions about the impact of transparency like

this on this process.

And as we've seen, the former president and his allies are certainly suggesting that at this grand jury was willing to indict a then-sitting

senator and then other now-form lawmakers, that there was some sort of political bias, but it appears, again, there was some dissension here. All

of these people fit somewhere in the narrative, and this is how the process works. People are getting rare insight, but these recommendations were not

binding on the prosecutor. She takes these. This is one part of her assessment of who to charge, in addition to, of course, how much evidence

do I have? Am I going to be proved -- able to prove this at trial? So it's really fascinating to see what they recommended and what she ultimately

wound up doing.

SOARES: Fascinating indeed.


Thank you very much, Paula. Great to see you.

Now, former U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is looking to extend her decades-long career on Capitol Hill. The 83-year-old Democratic

representative says she will run for re-election next year. Pelosi stepped down as speaker in January when Republicans took control of the House, but

she held on to her congressional seat. She says she's running again to show the world that America's flag is still there.

And still to come tonight, preparations are underway all across the Atlantic for Hurricane Lee. We are tracking the storm for you.

Plus, the U.K. manhunt for a fugitive terrorist suspect intensifies a confirmed sighting of a man fitting his description. We have that very

latest after this short break. You are watching CNN.


SOARES: Hurricane Lee remains powerful, but has lost a bit of strength. It's now fallen to a Category 4 storm. Here's what it looks like from

inside the storm. A hurricane hunter flew into Lee on Thursday to capture these very images you're looking at. Lee was briefly the strongest Atlantic

storm since Dorian back in 2019 and it continues to swell east of the Northern Leeward Islands as you can see there. The question is, could it

make landfall?

Joining us now with the very latest is Chad Myers. So, Chad, good news that it's lost strength. But I suppose you're going to tell me that it may pick

up strength again, right? So, talk us through the timeline here.

CHAD MYERS, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Sure, it could pick up strength again. It was 260 kilometers per hour, 265 at one point in the overnight hours and

then had a little bit of sheer, a little bit of wind got in the way. Hurricanes are like my cat. They want to be left alone. Don't touch me.

Don't blow any wind on me. Don't do anything. Just leave me alone and I'll get big. So, a little bit of wind came in. It was a little bit called

westerly sheer, about 20 knots, so 30 kilometers per hour. So, that's the wind that kind of knocked us down from 265 to now 240, and then 230 for a

while, and then it starts to get into some cooler water and that cooler water may help us out for lessening the strength.

Now, the question is, will it hit land? It's not going to hit the islands. That's the good news. The waves will. There aren't going to be 40 foot

waves under this storm, but what we have to wait for, whether it's going to turn or not, this is five days away, four or five days away before the

turn. If it turns way out here, Bermuda's in trouble. If it turns way out there, then the east coast, the northeast coast and even Nova Scotia,

Newfoundland, they're in trouble.


So, we have to watch this. This is still likely seven to ten days away from making any landfall. It has to go around that high and it has to go between

that low and that high in the water. That's what we wanted to do and just keep right on going. There's the cold water from a different hurricane.

Another major hurricane. Over 240 kilometers per hour with the hurricane that stirred all that water up. So, that might help. Hurricanes like the

water down here, water that's very warm. Not water that's very cool. So, still many, many days to talk about this. Unfortunately, we're going to be

sick and tired of being sick and tired of talking about this thing for sure.

SOARES: And Chad, a very quick question, I'm just looking as your outline. We're going to be looking at this for the next week or so. For authorities,

how did -- at what point do they start planning? Like you said, if it's turning right or turning left, at what point do you start thinking we need

to have preparations now?

MYERS: If we don't get the turn, that's going to be a problem because the areas that are to the west of that storm, that's not turning. We may only

have two days and that's a problem. You want three to four days. But if the turn happens earlier, then Bermuda's got to get right on it because you're

probably going to see a storm at 220, 230 kilometers per hour in the next two to three days. And that's really, really quick prep. Do all the things.

You got to get guys and ladies and do things and board up windows and all that kind of stuff. This is going to be a problem if it doesn't do exactly

what the models are saying.

SOARES: Well, let's make sure, keep -- and I know you're keeping an eye that model. My favorite line from your hit, Hurricanes are like my cat. You

heard it here first. Chad, thank you very much.

MYERS: Don't touch me.

SOARES: Thank you. Thank you.

Well, in Greece, Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has been visiting the trail of destruction left behind after extreme rainfall from Storm Daniel

triggered massive floods. At least 10 people have died as a result of this week's storm. Four people are still missing. One government spokesperson

called it the biggest flood phenomenon that our country has ever experienced. And the heavy rainfall turned streets into deadly rivers, tore

down buildings and bridges and left whole villages. You can see they're absolutely submerged. Here's how one resident describes the damage.


HARALAMPOS TSERGAS, PALAMAS RESIDENT (through translator): Tragic disaster, misery, pain, sorrow, such a tragedy. We are suffering and we'll suffer for

a very long time. The damage we have all suffered in our homes is irreparable. A lifetime's worth of work was lost within two hours. It is

completely destroyed.


SOARES: Rescue teams are working to evacuate those still stranded by the floods. We'll stay on top of that story for you.

More than 110 people have been injured in Hong Kong. It's thanks to the heaviest rainfall the city has seen in more than a century. The Hong Kong

Stock Exchange even cancelled morning trading due to the dangerous weather. Schools and businesses have also closed. Residents have been told to stay

inside and find shelter. Authorities have issued a black rainstorm warning. That is the highest level warning. In just 24 hours, get this, some regions

saw almost 500 millimeters of rain. This latest round of rain comes just days after a weekend Typhoon Saola hit the region.

Well, one of those sheltering in place is our Kristie Lu Stout. She gives us a glimpse of what people in Hong Kong are dealing with.


KRISTIE LU STOUT, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It is a day of severe disruption here in Hong Kong as the heaviest rain since records began in 1884 has

effectively shut down this city. A highest level black rainstorm warning was put into effect Thursday evening, 11:05 P.M. local time. And that's why

I'm reporting from home. All residents have been advised to shelter indoors. Schools are closed. A number of bus routes and roads are closed.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is closed.

Earlier, we heard from the Hong Kong Observatory that issued an advisory saying this quote, "People should stay away from watercourses. Residents

living in close proximity to rivers should stay alert to weather conditions and should consider evacuation if their homes may become flooded." Now

we've been monitoring and vetting dramatic video that has been circulating online showing both the deluge and the damage.

In this video, you see an example of how a Hong Kong street has been transformed into a river with cars, including Hong Kong's iconic red taxis

submerged in floodwater. And in this clip, you see the impact of the black rain from the perspective of a resident, rainwater seeping into the

stairway of an apartment building after the street is flooded outside. And in this final video, a dramatic rescue, a person had to be taken out of a

partially submerged vehicle by Hong Kong firefighters.

Heavy rain also reported in southern China, including the megacity of Shenzhen. We have learned that authorities there have planned to discharge

excess water from its reservoir on Friday.


And that could potentially worsen the flooding situation in northern Hong Kong, including the northern new territories. This is just the latest

extreme weather to hit Hong Kong a week ago. This area was pummeled by Typhoon Saola, which was the strongest typhoon to hit the city in five

years. Kristie Lu Stout, CNN, Hong Kong.


SOARES: And still to come tonight, the U.K. manhunt for fugitive terrorist suspect intensifies. A confirmed sighting of a man fitting his description,

we have the details for you just ahead.


SOARES: Nearly 400 law enforcement officers are now involved in the search for an escaped Pennsylvania inmate. Numerous tactical teams are searching

for 34-year-old Danelo Cavalcante along with a helicopter and K9 support. Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens said there had

been at least eight credible sightings of Cavalcante since he broke out of prison. If you remember, nine days ago, including this video you're looking

at, Cavalcante was serving a life sentence for killing his former girlfriend when he escaped.

Well, police here in London have a confirmed sighting of a man fitting the description of a fugitive terrorist suspect Daniel Khalife. The 21-year-old

escaped from prison on Wednesday by strapping himself to the underside of a truck. Our Salma Abdelaziz has the story.


SALMA ABDELAZIZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Police are combing through London's largest park, Richmond Parks, in 2,500 acres looking for a fugitive terror

suspect. Daniel Khalife, a 21-year-old who was awaiting trial on terror offenses, staged a bold escape from Wandsworth prison early on Wednesday.

According to authorities, he left from the prison kitchen wearing a chef's uniform and clung to the bottom of a delivery van to make his jailbreak.

Now, authorities have called it extremely concerning that Khalife is back on the loose and have staged essentially a nationwide manhunt.


DOMINIC MURPHY, METROPOLITAN POLICE COUNTER TERRORISM COMMANDER: He could be anywhere in the country at the moment and, yes, of course, we're mindful

of the risk of him potentially leaving the country. We're focusing our efforts in London at the moment. So, we have counterterrorism officers now

deployed across London working with colleagues from across the Metropolitan Police and our partner agencies to try and find him here.



ABDELAZIZ: Now the Met Police Commissioner has said that the jailbreak was clearly pre-planned and that investigations are underway to determine if

Khalife had any help from inside the prison. The 21-year-old who did serve in the British military, he stands accused of planting fake bombs on

military bases. He was awaiting trial for terror offenses and alleged breaches of the official Secrets Act. Now, the last time he was seen he was

dressed again in that chef's uniform, red and white trousers, a white t- shirt and brown shoes. And the hunt for him has already triggered some delays in airports and ports across the country as authorities try to track

him down. Salma Abdelaziz, CNN, London.


SOARES: Well, a mysterious golden orb has been discovered on the ocean floor in the Gulf of Alaska. What it is exactly has scientists stumped.

It's unclear if it's a known species or an entirely new life form. The object, as you can see here, is about 10 centimeters in diameter was

collected for further inspection using a remotely operated vehicle here. One scientist said this, "I just hope when we poke it, something doesn't

decide to come out. It's like the beginning of a horror movie." We wish them all the best of luck.

That does it for us. Thanks very much for your company. "QUEST MEANS BUSINESS" is up next. Have a wonderful weekend. Bye-bye.