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So Long, 2010

Aired December 31, 2010 - 21:00   ET


JOY BEHAR, HLN HOST: The holidays are a time to spread love, cheer, and goodwill towards men and women and others so have a Merry Christmas and I hope you get whatever you wish for the New Year and I hope also that it`s legal in your state. So from all of us here: Happy Holidays.

Coming up on THE JOY BEHAR SHOW: the top stories of 2010. Joy will be joined by some of her favorite people of the year to talk about her favorite stories of the year, from the royal engagement to the rise of the Tea Party, to the rise and fall and rise of Conan O`Brien.

Plus, who could forget all the celebrity cheating and the TV stars behaving badly? And who will be crowned the most annoying person of 2010?

That and more starting right now.

BEHAR: 2010 was a good year for breaking news, big stories, and most important, juicy gossip. Is there anything more exciting than a celebrity wedding? Maybe celebrity rehab but let`s leave that to Dr. Drew.

In November Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement. The pair revealed their joy to the world. Watch.


PRINCE WILLIAM, U.K.: She`s excited and we`re looking forward to spending the rest of the time and the rest our lives together. And seeing what the future holds.


BEHAR: Oh, excuse me. Ok. Here to talk about royal love and other wild stories from 2010 are Joe Levy, editor-in-chief from Maxim magazine; Rebecca Dana, senior correspondent, The Daily Beast; and John Fugelsang, actor and television personality extraordinaire.

Welcome to the show, guys.

The British tabloids call her Katie Waitie; now, because she was engaged for eight years. Why do you suppose she waited so long, Joe?

JOE LEVY, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, MAXIM MAGAZINE: Ah, he`s a prince, he`s going to be a king, I think, ladies wait for that. Right? Some day my prince will come kind of thing?

BEHAR: Yes. Yes. I know.

LEVY: I think they wrote a whole song about it.

BEHAR: Yes, they did. That`s true. What do you think, Rebecca? Would you wait for a guy for eight years?


LEVY: She is hesitating. This is a loaded question. It`s happening right now, isn`t it? You`re messing around with that guy`s brother. There`s a royal in your life.

DANA: Wow. I think she was just waiting for him to start to lose his looks a little bit. It seems to have just happened and now they`re engaged.

BEHAR: He sort of has -- he`s not cute anymore.

DANA: He lost his hair. He`s going more from Diana to the Charles side of the factor.

BEHAR: Exactly.

DANA: So he`s going to lock it in now.

BEHAR: Do you think the other boy -- what`s his name -- Harry?

DANA: Harry.

LEVY: Harry.

BEHAR: Do you think he`s genetically Prince Charles?

LEVY: He is at least his half brother, Joy, of course.

BEHAR: What do you think?

JOHN FUGELSANG, COMEDIAN: You`re being too hard on the guy. It`s not every day a future fake King of England gets engaged. It`s a really big occasion. I like William. I`m starting a support group for straight men who don`t mind William because he`s the first one ever to like kind of realize it`s all a load of crap.

In his interviews he`s like hello, it`s all rubbish. I know. It`s all rubbish, hello, I know. He has his mother`s irreverence with his father`s passion for social justice. He`s a decent guy.

BEHAR: He is.

FUGELSANG: I`m always happy when a rich, white, powerful prince finds love.

BEHAR: I am too. It does your heart good. Rebecca, he is a bit of a snorer though, isn`t he?

DANA: They are both extremely aggressively boring. They seem perfect. What have they been doing the last eight years, just sort of like looking at each other from opposite sides of a room? It might be a wild pair in the bedroom.

BEHAR: And what about the fact that the queen likes her? This woman has -- couldn`t stand anybody. Look what she did to Fergie and Diana. She likes this girl and this girl is not royal. What`s that about?

LEVY: She won`t make trouble. You know, listen, she waited eight years for this. If you look at it from that perspective the queen likes her because she won`t make trouble. She didn`t put pressure on him. She is extremely poised. If you read the British papers supposedly she has never put a foot wrong, whatever that means. It`s some British saying for not screwing up I guess.


LEVY: You know, I mean they like her. He waited so long because he wants to make sure everything is perfect.


LEVY: You know, he got his mom`s approval.

BEHAR: You know what? We wish them well.

DANA: Absolutely.


BEHAR: Boring as they are we still wish them well. They`re very nice. But you know, boring is not so bad.



BEHAR: There could be worse.


BEHAR: Exactly.

Moving on, with Conan back in late night with a new show on TV, the question still burns. What really went down behind the scenes in the late night wars between Jay, Conan, and NBC? Now, I personally asked Jay if he felt bad about Conan being ousted back stage at "The Tonight Show" back in March. Listen to his response.


JAY LENO, HOST, "THE TONIGHT SHOW": Conan got screwed. I got screwed.


LENO: I mean this is TV. The reason show business pays a lot of money is so when you got screwed you got something left over. Conan was treated terribly and I was treated terribly.

BEHAR: Right.

LENO: And guys make a decision. I think Conan will come back and he`ll be strong and, you know, we`ll all compete against one another. It should be me against Letterman against Conan against Kimmel.


LENO: And then you see who wins.


BEHAR: I was so talkative there. Wasn`t I?

Let`s refresh our memory. Conan told -- I mean, NBC told Conan he would get "The Tonight Show" in five years. Jay Leno was going to get kicked out even though he had a hit show and the ratings were great. When he got it Jay moved to 10:00 p.m. And then seven months later Jay is back and Conan`s gone and now he`s on cable.

Why would they do that to these people?

LEVY: Because they`re morons. I mean, I don`t think there`s any question about this. These NBC people, they`re morons. Just numbskull broadcasting agency? I don`t know.

I mean why would you ever make a deal like that? They`re so scared of losing one of their toys. Why would you ever make a deal like that? Don`t leave us. In five years we`ll give you "The Tonight Show". Then they don`t want to lose -- they don`t want to lose Leno. So they put him on at 10:00.

BEHAR: Go ahead Rebecca.

DANA: There`s actually an extremely boring answer for this. This began with --

LEVY: Oh, good.

DANA: This began with actually a reasonable --


BEHAR: Go ahead.

DANA: This whole thing began with arguably a reasonable gamble on the part of NBC executives because they didn`t want a repeat of what happened when David Letterman left the network so many years before that and started a fairly successful franchise for CBS. So they made a bet that Jay would be sucking by the time -- so they wouldn`t -- they could lock Conan into his contract. And they totally lost it and then they fumbled everything after that.

LEVY: And they`re like dudes who don`t want to break up with a girl but they want to go out with somebody else so they`re trying to go out with both of them at the same time. It never works.

FUGELSANG: Could we just agree that thank God finally it`s going to safe for white men on late night TV? When Lopez took over I thought Lou Dobbs was going to have a heart attack. They`re taking over.

BEHAR: He did have a heart attack.

FUGELSANG: I mean, it`s kind of funny. Lou Dobbs had to sneak into Mexico for broadcasting work. That would be worth it.

BEHAR: Whatever happened to Lou Dobbs?

DANA: I don`t know. He is on some other network now.

BEHAR: He is. On Fox probably.

DANA: Yes. No one has ever watched that hour.

FUGELSANG: This is like two really rich, famous, powerful guys that got totally humiliated; it`s like an S & M club for celebrities.

BEHAR: Ok. Here`s the coda of that. Jeff Zucker is no longer working there.

LEVY: Right.


DANA: Ben Silverman one of the people behind the --

BEHAR: And what`s his name, Letterman, I mean, "Nightline" is beating everybody -- just saying.

DANA: That`s nice. That`s a nice silver lining.

BEHAR: It is. Ok. One more story here.

Fondling a stranger on a subway is still illegal but doing it at an airport is now the law of the land. But some Americans had enough of the scanners and TSA pat-downs and one passenger created a scene and a catch phrase. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you would like a private screening we can make that available for you also.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We can do that out here but if you touch my junk, I`m going to have you arrested.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Actually, we are going to have a supervisor here because of your statement.


BEHAR: Ok. Was this the greatest sex scandal of the year?

LEVY: This was the greatest sex scandal of the year? Really?

BEHAR: Well, the quantity. Think of the quantity.

LEVY: Oh, you mean all the touching at the TSA.


LEVY: I don`t really understand the whole -- I`ve lived my entire life with a simple philosophy, which is, touch my junk. Touch my junk please touch my junk.

BEHAR: We`ve read your magazine. Ok?

FUGELSANG: No doubt.

LEVY: I`ve gone through my entire life that way. It`s intermittently worked out fine for a couple of minutes at a time.

BEHAR: John, pat-down or scanner? What are you?

FUGELSANG: I know. It used to be aisle or window. Now it`s radiation or groping. For me a pat-down is the closest I`ll ever get to joining the mile high club so I like that aspect of it. Really, can men stop calling it their junk please? Can we have a little self-respect as a nation? If you call it your junk no one is ever going to want to take it out for you. So don`t do that.

LEVY: Don`t touch my treasure.

FUGELSANG: Thank you.

BEHAR: Jewels. A lot --

LEVY: Well, there`s a difference between junk and jewels and I`ll show you later.

BEHAR: Do you know the word schmuck in German means jewel? Did you know that? Ok, I`m just saying that.

DANA: Does it really?

BEHAR: Yes, I know my German.

FUGELSANG: This is just giving the people the illusion of safety in the airport? This pat-down begins nine years late.

DANA: That`s exactly it. This is the problem. Somebody puts a bomb in his underpants so now we all have to be groped. Somebody puts a bomb in his shoes and now you --

BEHAR: I know.

DANA: All of this is ridiculous. It does nothing.

BEHAR: So after the fact.

DANA: Exactly.

LEVY: Can`t even bring lip gloss on a flight. It`s just insane.

BEHAR: I know.

DANA: And nothing gets John angrier than when women can`t bring lip gloss on an airplane.

FUGELSANG: Well, because it`s all a plot by (INAUDIBLE) water in my opinion. That`s all they sell in the airports anymore.

BEHAR: Is that true. You can bring -- what about a suppository? It looks like lip gloss.

FUGELSANG: Exactly. You can`t bring that on --

LEVY: It does.

FUGELSANG: You have to hide it very well, Joy.

BEHAR: You can hide that. You can put the lip gloss in the same spot.

LEVY: I guess you could.

BEHAR: What about national opt out day? That didn`t work. Nobody cared about it.

LEVY: No. Nobody cared.

FUGELSANG: You know what. If they`re going to feel you up go ahead and enjoy it. Half way through it I always say pay it forward. Let them know you care.

BEHAR: The fact is that the pat-downs, you see your breasts and your genital areas.

FUGELSANG: In the x-ray.

DANA: In the x-ray.

LEVY: You mean the scanner. They can see it. They don`t always see it. They have several settings. I`ve really looked into this because I`m trying to get a device, hand held I can take with me on the street.

FUGELSANG: So is Brett Favre.

BEHAR: But aren`t these people a little ego maniacal thinking that everyone wants to see their parts on the scanner? Who cares?

FUGELSANG: Yes, groping is moderate --

BEHAR: If you`re a celebrity, it might be.


FUGELSANG: They found --


FUGELSANG: -- in Florida that there was 10,000 naked photos on file. So it is an issue of privacy. And you know --

DANA: Right.

FUGELSANG: Really, it -- it comes right down to like, you know, if I want to have radiation in my body I`ll eat the food on the plane.

BEHAR: Exactly. Go right to the source.

Ok, remember that Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater who quit his job by sliding down the emergency chute? He`s on the phone right now. Hey, Steven. Hey, you I want to --



BEHAR: How are you? You`re one of the biggest news makers of 2010 believe it or not. How are you doing since your meltdown?

SLATER: I`m a lot better now, thank you. Now that I`m out from under that dreadful job.

BEHAR: Any medication we`re talking about here? Or just, you know?

SLATER: I`m a -- I`m a firm believer in better living through chemistry, yes. Absolutely.

BEHAR: Yes, do you -- do you regret at all what happened or do you just shout it from the roof tops and say, I`m fabulous?

SLATER: You know everything happens for a reason. And I`m in a much happier and healthier place and it took me 20 years to get to that point but apparently that`s what was supposed to happen.

BEHAR: See, I believe that nothing happens for a reason but that`s interesting, the philosophy. What are you doing now, Steven?

SLATER: I`m just -- you know, I`m having fun. I`m out here in California with my mom for the holidays and seeing her through a kind of challenging time with -- she`s got lung cancer and liver cancer.


BEHAR: Oh, I`m sorry.

SLATER: And we`re going enjoy the holidays here and you know, plugging my new -- my new endorsement deal with Line 2. We`re having lots of fun with that.

BEHAR: Look at you.

SLATER: Working on the book.

BEHAR: Work it baby.

SLATER: And just you know, it`s a lot more fun now. You know, I`m just kind of -- we`re just kind of having fun with the whole thing. I see the humor and the whole thing and I`m laughing at myself a lot.

BEHAR: That`s so great. We congratulate you on the successful time you`re having right now.

SLATER: All right, thanks --

BEHAR: And have a very happy New Year.

SLATER: -- and same to you, Joy.

BEHAR: Ok. Ok, back with my year end panel. They`re staying for more of this after a quick break.


BEHAR: I`m back with my panel.

2010 was a busy year in politics. The Tea Party and Sarah Palin rose to prominence. Sarah even got her own reality show where she introduces you to some of Alaska`s beautiful wildlife and then she shoots it.

Ok. Here we go, Rebecca. Will 2010 be remembered as the year of the Tea Party? Do you think?

DANA: God, I hope not. I mean, these -- these people made a lot of noise, but what have they actually done? I think only a third of them and certainly the -- the least fringe third actually got into public office.

So -- so they`re quite loud but --


BEHAR: I know. They really didn`t -- didn`t do that well. I mean, about two-thirds of the Tea Party actually lost their races in the house.

DANA: Right.

BEHAR: So maybe the crazies are too crazy for some of them, some of the people out there.

DANA: Yes, I think it was like we saw a lot of 15 minutes and -- and hopefully they`ll never be heard from again apart from a reality show or maybe they`ll all be put in a house together and we can see them like --

BEHAR: That would be so great wouldn`t it?

DANA: -- tear each other up.

BEHAR: Oh, Sharron Angle with a bunch of Hispanics. Oh, yes.


BEHAR: Mi casa es su casa. What about Sarah Palin? Do you think she is the face of the Tea Party?


LEVY: Yes, obviously.

BEHAR: Is she responsible for its popularity?

LEVY: I don`t think she`s responsible for its popularity.


LEVY: I -- I honestly think we can`t under estimate these people and their rage, their white rage, their anger over the situation we find ourselves in economically and their ability to pin it on a black man in the White House.

And I really don`t think we should under estimate Sarah Palin, who is scary. She is terrifying.

BEHAR: Well, she could become president in 2012.

LEVY: And she -- and she has successfully blurred --

FUGELSANG: But she will.


LEVY: -- that well, I`m not sure about of that.

BEHAR: It`s -- it`s the year of the apocalypse. I read that.

FUGELSANG: Well, if the Mayans were only warning us about the movie "2012" it`s not the actual year.

DANA: Oh, ok all right.


LEVY: But -- but I think the reaction from every smart left-leaning person I know about Sarah Palin is she won`t become president in 2012. And you flash back it -- flash back to the Reagan election.


FUGELSANG: Oh and --

LEVY: Every smart person, every smart left-leaning person when Reagan was elected was like you know what, he`s nothing but an actor. He doesn`t really know anything. And boom, we got eight years of him and we`re still paying for it.

FUGELSANG: It`s very --

DANA: That`s right.

FUGELSANG: -- but Reagan was much more popular within his own party and had a much higher polling numbers beforehand. I think Sarah Palin is sort of like the Flavor Flav of the Republican Party, you know she`s definitely entertaining but kind of embarrassing to the movement.

And since I think we all agree --


FUGELSANG: -- on this whole issue I do want to be fair to the Tea Party and say that it really began as genuine conservatisms. You know Bush and the White House they weren`t conservative. These guys spent money like Lindsay Lohan in Amsterdam, right?

BEHAR: That`s right.

FUGELSANG: This started because the Rand Paul guys and the Ron Paul guys got together and wanted to take the party back to its values. Then it got taken over by the nut jobs drawing their pictures of a Hitler mustache on Obama.

BEHAR: Yes remember that?

FUGELSANG: Somewhere in hell Hitler is really mad about his mustache on a black guy.


FUGELSANG: And he can tell the Tea Partiers when he sees them.

BEHAR: You know, we just read -- I just read somewhere that Hitler probably was part Jewish. I never knew that.

DANA: Oh, yes. He had a Jewish -- like a distant Jewish relative.

BEHAR: Right, right. Self-hating.

DANA: Yes.

BEHAR: Well, now let`s -- they made very controversial statements, these Tea Party people. Sharron Angle told Hispanic students they looked Asian. Remember that? Carl Paladino said homosexuality isn`t a viable option. Well --


LEVY: Yes he is --

BEHAR: Who is going to go for him?

LEVY: Right. Not viable for him.


BEHAR: And O`Donnell, remember her? Christine O`Donnell, she questioned the separation of church and state and she also put this ad out. Let`s look at it again.


CHRISTINE O`DONNELL (R), FORMER DELAWARE SENATE CANDIDATE: I`m not a witch. I`m nothing you`ve heard. I`m you.


BEHAR: Well, how about that?

DANA: She is me. She is exactly like me.

FUGELSANG: We should point out --


BEHAR: Even the hair is the same.

DANA: I know, we`re the same person, oh, my God.

FUGELSANG: Christine also dabbled -- she said to dabble in Buddhism but they didn`t want her because they thought she was too empty. But here is the -- here is the thing. You know, Carl Paladino, he was great.

DANA: Yes.

FUGELSANG: He made me ashamed to be a racist adulterer who sends these (INAUDIBLE) e-mails. But the thing about the Partiers, these are the -- the race is real, it`s misdirected. You know these people have been convinced by Fox News that they need to fight for the richest two percent to get a tax cut because that`s all they accomplished, was giving the richest two percent back their tax cuts.

And it`s a lot of misdirected rage. It`s going to be curious to see where they go now. Because they already -- begun to eat their own. Scott Brown will be the first one that they eat and we`ll see if they actually wanted to be --

LEVY: No, you mean actually? Are we talking --

FUGELSANG: I mean they will cannibalize Scott Brown.


BEHAR: They will physically --

FUGELSANG: Kenny Rogers wrote that there`s a Scott Brown sandwich and they`re going to do it.

DANA: I think the problem is, I think John is maybe giving the Tea Party just a little bit too much credit for its origin.

LEVY: Wait, wait, first off, I just want to go back to calling them tea baggers.

FUGELSANG: Yes let`s compare this --


DANA: All right. Yes let`s go back to that.

LEVY: Because it -- it references a sexual act that`s actually kind of fabulous.

FUGELSANG: Thank you.

BEHAR: Exactly.

FUGELSANG: Yes, it does.

LEVY: And I think and I think we should go back. Let`s not give them the respect of calling them the Tea Party.

FUGELSANG: They get very offended by that because tea bagging is an activity engaged in by gay men or straight men with spectacular women. And what it -- what it made -- but my -- my dad never knew the difference.


BEHAR: He didn`t know --

FUGELSANG: My dad didn`t -- my dad is like, these tea baggers get testy. I`ll tell you. They want to tea bag Obama because his package was too big. My dad is kind of hard to swallow.

BEHAR: The thing is that the GOP won -- I know that`s funny. I`m going to have to move on.

LEVY: Right, I wish you would.

BEHAR: The GOP won big last year. I mean, in the -- in the midterms. What do you think of that?

Obama called it a shellacking. Is that a good word to use do you think, a shellacking?

LEVY: Ok, what`s the fuss over using the word shellacking?

BEHAR: I think he was -- they were pummeled is more than shellacking.

LEVY: Oh ok, he should have said pummeled.

BEHAR: Yes. Yes.

LEVY: That would have been -- that would have been much more dignified.

BEHAR: But before we go I only have a minute more in this segment. That`s why I`m rushing. But I must show you this again. Let`s look at -- Boehner at the podium on Election Day.

LEVY: Tea bagging.

BEHAR: It`s the greatest. Come on, let`s watch it.


JOHN BOEHNER (R), HOUSE MINORITY LEADER: I started out mopping floors, waiting tables, tending bar at my dad`s tavern. I put my -- myself through school working every rotten job there was and every night shift I could find. And I poured my heart and soul into running a small business.


BEHAR: Poor me. Poor me. As if he is the only one who ever had an American dream. Whatever happened to man up?

LEVY: Right. This is how --

DANA: All the Republican women manned up. Sarah Palin is shooting people. Sharron angle would like to kill the immigrants. But all the Republican men are sobbing.


BEHAR: Why are they so --

DANA: I wish I knew. Maybe he has teared his tear duct.

BEHAR: Ok. We have more to talk about and then one more segment. So stay tuned. We`ll be back.


BEHAR: I am back with my panel discussing the year in politics.

Some liberals went after the President this year for too much compromising with the GOP. Rebecca, did Obama cater to the right too much? I mean, he got the tax deal, you know, that`s the latest thing he had to succumb to -- extending the Bush tax cuts.

DANA: People are complaining now that Obama has moved to the right or moved to the center. I don`t see any evidence that he was ever any further to the left. He started his administration and has been nothing but a series of disappointments I think for people on the far left.

BEHAR: Well, he got a hard time from the left I think. Didn`t he, Joe?

LEVY: He has got a very hard time from the left. Let`s figure what has he actually done? He passed health care which Clinton couldn`t pass.

BEHAR: Right.

LEVY: He passed gays in the military, did away with "don`t ask, don`t tell" which Clinton couldn`t do.

BEHAR: Right.

LEVY: So, I mean I`m just going to say --

BEHAR: Financial regulation reform.

LEVY: -- financial regulation reform --

FUGELSANG: These are improvements more than reform though. Let`s point that out.

LEVY: And health care could be better but we had no health care.

DANA: "Don`t ask, don`t tell" is hardly an Obama triumph.

LEVY: I`m not calling it a triumph. But he got it done. I mean he got something done.

BEHAR: There`s is something about the way he does it that`s not sneaky but like under the radar and then he kind of pulls it off. You know? Fascinating.

FUGELSANG: It`s a bit early still.

I mean the outrage against him is so crazy especially against health care because Republicans should have been the one leading that fight, you know.

If you don`t want to help save American lives, you`re not a patriot. If you`re afraid of capitalism from a public option you`re not a capitalist. And if you don`t want to help the sick you`re not a Christian.

Republicans should have been leading that fight instead of fighting this guy on this. So I give him a lot of credit.

The left is very angry at him. But you know Rebecca is exactly right. He was always a moderate and he never really claimed to be anything but.

I mean, I get mad at him. Then he gives a speech and I`m like, "Damn, Urkel grew up all right." He always --


BEHAR: You make the point. All the things he accomplished.

Bush invaded a country that didn`t have any weapons, broke the economy, he raised the deficit, choked on a pretzel and finally finished "My Pet Goat". Those are his accomplishments compared to this guy.

DANA: I think part of the problem here which Obama himself identified is a communication problem. For a guy who was such a great campaigner and gave these wonderful, inspirational speeches during the campaign, he`s been remarkably sort of ham-fisted and tone deaf.

BEHAR: I know. But again, he did a lot anyway. He`s not all it is cracked up to be.

DANA: No. You remember before the midterm elections when he was sort of like haranguing his base about coming out and voting for him? I think that sort of thing rings really false with people who supported him in the general.

LEVY: People supported him in the general election because they wanted a change. Because they were tired of Bush, because they were tired of where the economy was and tired of the war. The economy only got worse. The war is still going on.

But here`s the thing. Obama is a leftist if you`re on the right and a complete disappointment if you`re on the left. So what choice does he have? He has to go to the center.

BEHAR: But aren`t the moderates what it`s really about in this country anyway?

FUGELSANG: Eventually yes. I think the economy has actually gotten better. We were losing 700,000 jobs a month when this guy took over so blaming this guy for the economy is like blaming the guy making your breakfast for your hangover, you know.

It`s like his policies have worked. He needs to fire Geithner and all this other stuff we know of. The new tax compromise, it`s good and bad. It`ll save Christmas for millions of people and where is the money, Lebowski? There is no money to pay for any of these new things.

BEHAR: What about the time that Clinton was at the podium the other day? I loved that when he let Clinton start blabbing it up. Did that make Obama look bad do you think?

LEVY: Or weak?

BEHAR: Or weak yes.

FUGELSANG: Clinton is the most popular Democrat in the world right now. He brought those two girls home from Korea. Only Bill Clinton could get cheered for bringing two Asian girls home with him.

BEHAR: Yo. Ok. Thank you guys very much. We`ll be right back with more of 2010`s top stories. Don`t go away.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: 2010, a year that will be remembered for all those men who behaved badly, some very badly, like Mel Gibson, whose rants captured by Radaronline captivated a nation.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And Jesse James, who turned his back on America`s sweetheart for a young maiden named Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. And let`s not forget Charlie Sheen, whose naked, drunken hotel rampage left the "Two- and-a-Half Men" star talking to "Extra" and begging for our forgiveness.


CHARLIE SHEEN, ACTOR: I mean, a guy has one bad night, and everybody goes insane and panics. And you know, I`m not panicking. So what people should be excited about is tonight`s episode of "Two-and-a-Half Men."


BEHAR: In 2010, Mel Gibson showed he could not only do drama and comedy, but he could do anti-Semitism, homophobia, and sexism, too.


BEHAR: What a range! He`s a regular Laurence Olivier. Radaronline has the rants that started it all. It really is his finest work. Listen.


OKSANA GRIGORIEVA: I don`t walk around -- I don`t walk around in tight clothes. I stay (EXPLETIVE DELETED) home most of the time.

GIBSON: You go out in public and it`s a (EXPLETIVE DELETED)ing embarrassment to me! You look like a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) on heat! And if you get raped by a pack of (EXPLETIVE DELETED) it`ll be your fault, all right? Because you provoked it. You are provocatively dressed all the time, with your fake boobs you feel you have to show off!


BEHAR: Can I just say, what`s the point of having fake boobs if you don`t show them off?


BEHAR: I mean, really. With me now to talk about the rants heard around the world and other crazy pop culture stories from 2010 are Rob Shuter, AOL`s "Popeater" columnist, comedian Judy Gold and Clinton Kelly, co-host of "What Not to Wear" on TLC and the author of "Oh, No, She Didn`t."



BEHAR: Now, Rob, there`s been speculation that Mel has mental illness. What do you say?



BEHAR: He`s been diagnosed. In 2008, he did a -- there was a documentary where...


BEHAR: ... where he said that he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

SHUTER: There`s something to the fellow (ph). He`s terrified that he might actually have to take some sort of psychological test with all this lawsuit that`s going on at the moment with the baby. But clearly, these tapes are not good. They`re going to be...

BEHAR: Is that the excuse, though, mental illness? Give me a break.

JUDY GOLD, COMEDIAN: You know, first of all, I heard that he`s starting a new reality show called "Goose Stepping With the Stars."


GOLD: But I mean, really, who goes into show business when they hate Jews? I mean, pick another career.

BEHAR: It`s a very bad idea to do that. I agree with that. You know, Clinton, things went from bad to worse Oksana Grigorieva accused Mel of hitting her. Listen to her.


OKSANA GRIGORIEVA: What kind of man is that, hitting a woman when she`s holding a child in her hands, breaking her teeth twice in the face? What kind of man is that?


BEHAR: That`s a good question. What kind of man is that?


GOLD: A man who hates women! He is just the worst human being ever. I just -- I thought he was cute when I was younger.

BEHAR: We all did. Yes, "Braveheart" all that.


GOLD: He was so handsome. And he`s a Nazi. I mean...

BEHAR: Yes. What kind of Nazi is that?


BEHAR: So Clinton, people were accusing Oksana of being a gold digger. Do you think she`s a gold digger?

CLINTON KELLY, CO-HOST, "WHAT NOT TO WEAR": Please! She`s got gold digger written all over her. These guys crack me up. I didn`t know she was a gold digger. She`s got the fake boobs and she wears skin-tight clothes. My favorite part of the rant is when he`s, like, You wear these tight clothes and you sashay around." You can`t use the word "sashay" while ranting!


GOLD: But I don`t -- you know, that`s probably why he was attracted to her in the first place.

KELLY: Absolutely.

GOLD: Then he gets mad at her for doing that, you know?

BEHAR: And the fake boobs and the whole thing.

GOLD: Right.

BEHAR: And anyway, even if she is a gold digger, no excuse, right?

SHUTER: No excuse. No excuse. And I think that they`re trying to -- Mel`s team are really throwing this at her that she is after his money, but it doesn`t matter even if that turns out to be the case. I think there`s no excuse for this.

BEHAR: No. And also, he says he`s religious. He has his own church.

GOLD: Oh, yes.

BEHAR: What religion talks like that?

GOLD: Well, he`s actually doing a new movie where -- about Jesus` life, but he comes back as a non-Jew because Jesus was Jewish, ladies and gentlemen.


GOLD: I mean, I can`t believe it. Let me know if the joke doesn`t...



BEHAR: Turning, turning. OK. Now, do you think his career will be resuscitated at all ever?

KELLY: You know what? This is America.

GOLD: Yes.

KELLY: And it wouldn`t surprise me if he, you know, did have a comeback. Not right away. It`s going to take a little while, but he`ll have a big movie in a few years.


BEHAR: He`s got "The Beaver." Not only is he an anti-Semite, but he uses "The Beaver" as a puppet. Now he`s a ventriloquist.


KELLY: What is this "Beaver" thing? What does that mean?

BEHAR: It`s a movie with Jody Foster. It`s called "The Beaver."


GOLD: She loves him. And she loves beaver.


BEHAR: We`ll take that out.


BEHAR: OK, here`s another bargain we talked about over the years -- the year, actually. In October, Charlie Sheen was found naked and drunk in his trashed hotel suite at the Plaza with actress Capri Anderson -- or as I like to call her, Dame Capri Anderson...


BEHAR: ... hiding in the locked bathroom. OK? All right. So have you...

KELLY: The best part of this...


KELLY: He was seen at "Mary Poppins" the night before. Like, he went to -- came to New York to see "Mary Poppins."

BEHAR: Well, no wonder.


BEHAR: It all fits together now.

KELLY: We`re having a family day. Let`s pick up an eightball, a -- you know, some Jack Daniel`s and a prostitute. Nice family vacation.

BEHAR: Have you ever been on a date like that, Judy, where you get...

GOLD: I haven`t, really. I have not been on a date like that. I do want to repeat my joke that I did say about Charlie, that he really did put the "ho" in hotel. OK? And he put the ho in the room next to his wife. So I mean, what is wrong with him? He`s out on a family thing and he goes and -- oh, whatever.

BEHAR: Well, you know, just let`s take his side for a second. He blamed his bizarre behavior on an allergic reaction to some medication. I thought cocaine was hypoallergenic.


BEHAR: No, really, do you buy that?

SHUTER: No, not at all. I think everybody knows that Charlie has serious issues. And this was just an instant when we found out about it. Sources have been telling us at "Popeater" for a long time that he`s had troubled behavior for many, many years. However, when he`s in LA, he can do it in the privacy of his own home and nobody ever gets to find out about it. When you have this sort of trouble in a hotel, and the police get called and that`s when -- that`s when I think we hear about it. His behavior is not new.


SHUTER: It`s just that we`re hearing about it.

GOLD: Well, he needs to get a place here and then he can just do it here.

SHUTER: You`re probably right.


GOLD: And he`s the highest paid TV actor.

BEHAR: I know.

GOLD: It`s unbelievable.

BEHAR: Oh, they`re just all terrible.

SHUTER: And the ratings went up.

BEHAR: I know, the ratings...

GOLD: The ratings went up.

BEHAR: As long as the ratings go up, he can do whatever he wants.

SHUTER: Yes, he can.

BEHAR: Oh, yes. Finally, shortly after winning an Oscar, America`s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, found out that her husband, Jesse James, was cheating on her with a tattooed stripper named Bombshell McGee, or as I like to call her, Dame Bombshell McGee.


BEHAR: OK. Rob, isn`t it great that men cheat on beautiful women?


BEHAR: It`s not great news. I`m just saying. It`s, like, older women who are not beauties think, Oh, if I was just as beautiful as Sandra Bullock, then he wouldn`t. And then he does.

SHUTER: Right.

BEHAR: What`s her name, Elin Nordegren?

SHUTER: Yes. Tiger Woods`s wife. Yes, I think that this is just such a sad story. And I think what made this story so big was it was a total surprise. Nobody knew this. There hadn`t been rumors about them. When she got her Oscar, she looked him in the face from the podium and thanked him.

BEHAR: Oh, I know.

SHUTER: I think we really wanted this couple to be the real deal, and it turned out that they weren`t.

BEHAR: You know, but they shouldn`t be thanking their spouses in public.

SHUTER: Really? When you win an Oscar?

BEHAR: Thank your piano teacher.


KELLY: I think, look, this guy`s ex-wife is a tattooed, drug-addicted former porn star. I mean...

BEHAR: Those are the good points!


KELLY: You know, if that`s your husband`s ex-wife, I mean, just run away from that. That`s saying that this guy doesn`t have the best taste in the world.

GOLD: I thought it was so refreshing that she left him, and there was no press conference where she was standing next to him, going, Stand by -- you know, that`s what I really respect her for.

SHUTER: And still not spoken about it.

BEHAR: What?

SHUTER: Sandra still hasn`t done it. She`s getting offers from everybody to sit down and do that big Barbara Walters-type interview.

GOLD: Right.

SHUTER: And she said no.


BEHAR: She doesn`t want to do it.

GOLD: And the best part is she adopted that baby and the baby looks nothing like Jesse James.


BEHAR: The baby is African-American. But will Bombshell be the step- frau? That`s what we want to know.

When we come back, the year in reality TV. Did you know that Snooki has a book out? She wrote a book.

GOLD: Yes!

BEHAR: And Paulie D. is getting his own TV show. I think it`s called "Law and Order STD."


BEHAR: We`ll be right back.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The year 2010 found many of our most popular reality shows struggling to cope with reality, like "Dancing With the Stars," which this season re-defined the word "Dancing," as well as "Stars," and "Jersey Shore," which drew record audiences by celebrating the lifestyle of gym, tanning, laundry, and assault. And let`s not forget Oprah, who made headlines by announcing she was leaving her show and that she was not lesbian.


OPRAH WINFREY, TALK SHOW HOST: I`m not lesbian. I`m not even kind of lesbian.


BEHAR: I`m back with my panel, talking about the top pop culture stories of 2010. One young lady who could not stay out of the news was Miley Cyrus, who took every opportunity to remind us she`s not a kid anymore, like this TMZ video of her smoking salvia from a bong. Take a look.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re going to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) when you see this. Oh, yes, girl. Get it!


BEHAR: Well, you know, it`s really hard to blame her. The poor girl started so young. Watch. He`s down to four packs a day so -- OK. So now, Rob, let`s talk about teen experimentation. Is she -- first of all, PR- wise, is she making a mistake, or is this a move -- a good move for her?

SHUTER: No, I think it`s a mistake that she got caught doing this, but I think it`s a mistake, too, that -- she should look at her friends. This was done at someone`s house. It wasn`t in public. But a friend sold this video to TMZ.

BEHAR: But she looks like she knows all about it.


SHUTER: She knows she`s being filmed, but still, there`s something about selling it. What was smart was her reaction to it, which really was, like, So what? Who cares?

BEHAR: Is that what she did?

SHUTER: She couldn`t care less.

BEHAR: No kidding.

GOLD: I find it odd that a child star would do drugs.

BEHAR: That is shocking.

GOLD: That is very unusual!


GOLD: But was it her or was it Hannah Montana that was doing (INAUDIBLE)

BEHAR: You know, but she is a Disney star, Clinton. You know, she -- she`s a role model to these little girls. Isn`t it wrong of her to shock them this way?

KELLY: No, are you kidding? I think she`s a great role model. She shows them how to use a bong and keep her lipstick intact. I think it`s fabulous.


KELLY: She`s done that before.

BEHAR: It`s just fabulous. By the way, this is the gayest panel.


BEHAR: Not you, of course, Rob.



BEHAR: You`re fooling no one with that pink sweater. But listen, "Don`t ask, don`t tell" just passed. Are we excited about that?

GOLD: Oh, my God. And I just filled out my application.

BEHAR: Oh, you`re joining?

GOLD: Yes. Marines.


KELLY: I cannot wait to kill someone.

GOLD: Yes.


KELLY: Now I have a right to do it.

BEHAR: OK. Let`s see. Let`s move on. 2010 will be remembered as the year of the offensive reality show. From the stereotypes of "Jersey Shore" to Bristol Palin making it to the finals on "Dancing With the Stars," it all made me want to shoot my TV. Now, the "Jersey Shore" castmates were among Barbara Walters`s "Most Fascinating." Why do you think she thinks or anybody thinks that they`re fascinating?

SHUTER: Because their ratings are huge. You know, this is the biggest show that MTV has ever had, not just this year, the history of MTV. Nobody has watched anymore shows than this show. There`s something about it that`s almost like train wreck TV. You can`t turn away.


SHUTER: I think the combination of all of these fools together in one house makes it addictive.

BEHAR: Well, do you think that this show is train wreck TV, this one?


KELLY: I haven`t seen you puke once. So maybe not.

BEHAR: That`s the sweeps, OK?


BEHAR: I`m saving that. Now, what about her mother, on "Dancing With the Stars" Sarah Palin...

GOLD: Oh, God.

BEHAR: ... and that whole thing about "Sarah Palin`s Alaska." That`s a reality show.

GOLD: They`re actually changing the name of that show to "Reading Is Fundamentalist."


SHUTER: The show is such a...

BEHAR: You know what I told you before about the red carpet, when they asked me, What are you wearing, and I said Chicos (ph). They asked her, What are you wearing, and she said, Bambi.


GOLD: Oh, God.

BEHAR: Whatever. All right...

SHUTER: But the show was such a hit. They`re talking about doing season two. Sarah only signed up for eight episodes, so they`re renegotiating doing another season. And the reason it hasn`t been signed yet...

BEHAR: What?

SHUTER: ... is Sarah wants double the money.


SHUTER: Because she`s a hit. So they got her, I think...

BEHAR: I heard the ratings went down.

SHUTER: They did go down, but they went down from a huge number, so it`s still, like, in the top 10 shows on -- is TLC your channel?

KELLY: It is my channel.

SHUTER: It is...

BEHAR: What do you think?

KELLY: What do I think?


KELLY: You know, look, I`ll be honest with you. I wasn`t thrilled when I heard that Sarah Palin had an eight-hour infomercial, you know, on my network because she basically stands for everything I don`t stand for or I`m against. So it`s a little bit rough. It`s a little -- what bothers me the most about her is her hypocrisy. And you know, I`m trying to be funny here, but I can`t even think of a joke.

BEHAR: That`s OK. You don`t have to be funny.

KELLY: I hate somebody who`s, like, Oh, look at nature. Look at this beautiful Alaska.


KELLY: Look how beautiful everything is. Let`s go kill something...

BEHAR: Right.

KELLY: ... because we need some meat in the refrigerator.

BEHAR: I know. As if anybody in New York City can relate to this.

GOLD: And also, why do you pick a fight with Michelle Obama about obese children? I mean, shut up!

BEHAR: To put herself on the cover of a magazine.

GOLD: Right. Exactly.


BEHAR: That`s it.

SHUTER: But she`s been on more covers this year than any other celebrity. There`s a survey. She`s had more covers than Angelina Jolie.

BEHAR: Really.

SHUTER: Sarah Palin has had the most covers of the entire year.

BEHAR: She`s doing something right.

KELLY: Well, she should be a celebrity. She should be...


GOLD: Right, and not a politician.


GOLD: Right. I totally agree.

BEHAR: Can I just say something? If she takes herself out of the political game, no one will be interested in her as a reality star. It`s only interesting because she thinks she`s in politics.

KELLY: Right. She thinks she`s in politics.

SHUTER: You`re right. Ann Coulter told me that she`s not going to run, that she thinks Sarah is sort of pretending that she`s going to run to keep us all interested in her.

GOLD: Wait a minute. You talked to Ann Coulter?

SHUTER: In your Green Room!

BEHAR: Ann Coulter`s on my show...


GOLD: I know! I know.

BEHAR: OK, finally, after 25 years on the air...

GOLD: She`s not my favorite.

BEHAR: After 25 years on the air, Oprah Winfrey launched the final season of her show in September, and she had a special surprise for her audience. As usual, they reacted with quiet dignity. Take a look.


WINFREY: We`re going to Australia!


WINFREY: To Australia! You, you, and you, and you, you are!



BEHAR: John Travolta was in that plane. With Carrie Fisher.


GOLD: Yes, she`s a flight attendant.



BEHAR: But now she`s leaving television, Oprah. I mean, she`s going to her own channel named OWN.

GOLD: Right.

BEHAR: But you know, is that the same thing as having this big thing on channel 7?

GOLD: Well, I heard -- you know what she`s giving away to the entire audience for every remaining show?

BEHAR: What?

GOLD: Cable.


BEHAR: That would be smart.

GOLD: I know.

BEHAR: But I mean, I don`t know what she`s going to do after this. One thing I know she`s not going to do, lesbianism. Remember that?

GOLD: I love that she said -- I mean, it`s fine to deny it, but just to say, I`m not even kind of lesbian? First of all, it`s not an adjective, OK?

BEHAR: I know. I know.

GOLD: I`m not even kind of lesbian. I just -- I don`t know where that came from, at all.

BEHAR: Why are people obsessed with her sexuality? Why?

KELLY: She`s got a very deep voice.

GOLD: She has.


KELLY: And she`s not married.

BEHAR: I think that I`m much more butch than she is.

GOLD: She`s not married, and she has this best friend who she`s obsessed with, you know?

SHUTER: Everyone`s interested in celebrities` love lives, though. And the fact that she`s been with her boyfriend for so long and isn`t married, and we know so much about Oprah, but there`s that one little thing that we don`t know, which is about her...

GOLD: But I think she would have said -- I mean, she seems like someone that would have said it.

SHUTER: Oh, I think she...


BEHAR: What about this thing Rush Limbaugh said? After "Don`t ask, don`t tell" was passed, he said, Oh, now Mrs. Clinton can go into the Army. Did you know he said that?



BEHAR: That is mean. But as I said before, I don`t know why we`re obsessed with Oprah. That doesn`t make sense. She`s very fem.

GOLD: Yes. She is fem.

KELLY: Yes, I think she...

GOLD: She looks -- she seems -- I mean, honestly...


GOLD: She seems straight.

SHUTER: There`s something about her...

BEHAR: You`re a lesbian?

GOLD: Oh, my God! And my son is here!


BEHAR: When we come back, the most annoying person of the year. Guess who it`s going to be? You don`t know.


BEHAR: OK, so 2010 was chock full of people who got on my nerves.


BEHAR: So I figured what better way to round out the new year than crowning 2010`s most annoying person? Here are the nominees. First we have John Edwards`s mistress, Rielle Hunter. I don`t mind that she posed with puppets, but that she`s in her Frederick`s of Hollywood underwear is over the top. Isn`t there a law against Muppet-ophilia?


BEHAR: Second, a half governor, Sarah Palin, the Alaska hockey mom turned almost VP turned reality star. It`s that hopey-changey thing I can`t stand. I`d like to give her a smacky-wacky.


BEHAR: And number three on my hit parade is Mel Gibson. Here`s a refresher, if you haven`t seen enough.


GIBSON: Why did you (EXPLETIVE DELETED) and I let you sleep? That`s my (EXPLETIVE DELETED) mistake. I should have woke you up and said (EXPLETIVE DELETED) (EXPLETIVE DELETED) (EXPLETIVE DELETED) .


BEHAR: I love him.


BEHAR: All right, so let`s battle it out, OK? What do each of the nominees have going for them? Rielle Hunter is the most annoying person.

SHUTER: She`s the most annoying because she has no dignity. She should have kept her mouth shut, done no interviews, and stayed out of the press. What she did was bad enough.

BEHAR: OK, what do you think?

GOLD: Rielle Hunter is real annoying. Now, here`s the reason. She poses without any pants on...

BEHAR: Right.

GOLD: ... with a bunch of stuffed animals, and then is shocked that there`s a picture of her without any pants on with a bunch of stuffed animals.


BEHAR: Exactly. OK. And you?

KELLY: Annoying because she believes she has a soul connection with the liar, John Edwards. That drives me crazy!

BEHAR: Oh, yes, they`re soul -- they`re very...


BEHAR: OK. Sarah Palin?

SHUTER: Sarah Palin`s the most annoying because she`s fake. She doesn`t know if she wants to be a politician or a TV star. And that`s annoying.


GOLD: Sarah Palin -- I mean, there are so many reasons that she`s annoying. I mean, she`s really annoying. I mean, you have to be really annoying if Karl Rove hates you, OK?


GOLD: And she is starring in "Wicked" now, as herself.


BEHAR: No, that`s Christine O`Donnell.

GOLD: Oh, yes.


GOLD: I like that!

KELLY: Annoying because, you know, she uses that "Don`t retreat, reload" thing like it`s her new favorite catchphrase. That drives me crazy. The incessant tweeting -- I`m sick of these politicians tweeting all the time.



BEHAR: And Mel Gibson?

SHUTER: Mel Gibson`s annoying because we thought we knew this man, and I hate it when you love somebody and they turn out to be the opposite of who you think they are.


GOLD: Well, I don`t want to pass over Mel. Get it? Passover!


GOLD: But I find him more evil than annoying, you know? I find him just a really bad person.


GOLD: Yes. I mean, he`s annoying, but he`s -- you know, Sarah Palin (INAUDIBLE)

BEHAR: I find for a man who provokes a woman to say, What kind of man does that, is annoying.


BEHAR: Clinton?

KELLY: I`m just annoyed that I sat there about seven minutes of his rants. I mean, that annoyed me, that I wasted seven minutes of my life listening to it.

BEHAR: OK, so...

GOLD: Pretty annoying.

BEHAR: ... let`s vote. Is it Rielle Hunter? Because I only had time for three. Is it Rielle Hunter, Sarah Palin, or Mel Gibson?

SHUTER: Sarah Palin.

GOLD: Sarah Palin. Baby!

KELLY: Sarah freaking Palin.

BEHAR: Really?

KELLY: The most annoying, maybe most annoying of all time.

GOLD: Yes. Maybe, the -- yes. The most...

BEHAR: You know, you have me so (INAUDIBLE) now because I was going to vote for someone besides Sarah Palin.



GOLD: Who`re you going to vote for?

BEHAR: I thought Mel Gibson was the most annoying.

GOLD: You`re allowed to have your opinion.

BEHAR: But I feel insecure about it now.


GOLD: Why? Because the gays think Sarah Palin?


BEHAR: They know what`s annoying.


BEHAR: But I voted for Mel Gibson.

But anyway, be sure to catch Judy Gold on "Hatched by Two Chicks" on Sirius at XM radio Saturdays from 1:00 to 3:00 PM.

Good night, everybody. Wasn`t this fun?

GOLD: It was fun!