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Haley Vows To Stay In The Race After Trump Wins Iowa, New Hampshire; Jon Stewart Returns To The Daily Show; 2024 Oscar Snubs And Surprises; Keegan-Michael Key Talks About Loving The Detroit Lions; Madonna Fans Sue Pop Star For Starting Concert Late. Aired 10-11p ET

Aired January 24, 2024 - 22:00   ET



KAITLAN COLLINS, CNN HOST: And at the same time, Stewart's show on Apple T.V. ended last year. We're told that he is set to return in two and a half weeks, but only on Mondays.

The other days, he's in work with a rotating cast of comedians as host and also executive produce the show. That is a moment of zen for many of his biggest fans here tonight.

Thank you so much for joining us tonight.

King Charles starts right now.

CHARLES BARKLEY, CNN HOST: Welcome, welcome, welcome. We're back again.

GAYLE KING, CNN HOST: Yes, when did my reading lessons start?

BARKLEY: You know, listen, you need to Google me, Gayle.

G. KING: Clearly, because I didn't know you had a book called, Rebound. That was a little embarrassing.

BARKLEY: Well, I just wrote like five books, but that's okay. Shout out Mike Wilbon and Roy Johnson.

G. KING: Shout out to you.


G. KING: Somebody just said when we walked in, they said, oh, look at you, Gayle, trying to dress like Charles.

BARKLEY: Well, first of all, I think you look nice tonight.

G. KING: Thank you very much.

BARKLEY: We spent a lot of money on clothing. You get a clothing deal here?

G. KING: No, Charles. I do not get a clothing deal.

BARKLEY: We ain't going to have a lot of money left.

G. KING: We are going to go right now, so much to cover tonight.

You got jokes. Jon Stewart returning to The Daily Show, that was announced today. I'm very excited.

BARKLEY: I love Jon Stewart. I was on there a couple times. He is tremendous.

G. KING: And we need Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart, we need you now.

There's outrage over the Oscar nominations. We're going to talk about that. We're going to be joined by actor, writer, producer. What can he not do? This is Keegan-Michael Key.

But, first, first after months of campaigning and $200 million spent on advertisements, it looks like we may be right back -- big sigh, right?


G. KING: Right back where we started. Why? It's a Trump -- it's shaping up to be, it's not over yet, a Trump versus Biden rematch. But Nikki Haley, despite consecutive losses in Iowa and New Hampshire, says she is staying in the race. Everybody always says that until they don't, but she says she's staying in the race.

The former South Carolina governor is back in her home state tonight, she's holding a rally. And Trump with eyes on that South Carolina primaries using the freshly engaged Senator Tim Scott to help make sure Haley doesn't have a home court advantage.

Take a look at this.


DONALD TRUMP, FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT: Did you ever think that she actually appointed you, Tim? And think of it, appointed, and you're the senator of his state, and she endorsed me. You must really hate her. No, it's a shame. It's a shame.

SEN. TIM SCOTT (R-SC): I just love you.

TRUMP: No. That's why he's a great politician.


G. KING: So, you saw that and you thought what?

BARKLEY: Ridiculous.

G. KING: You know, many people think that he's vying to be V.P. pick. We'll see. But what did you think when you saw that, I just love you?

BARKLEY: Yes. Well, this notion that if he makes him V.P., that black people are going to rush to the polls and vote for him, he's 100 percent incorrect. I was disappointed for a couple of reasons. Number one, I would have never went against Nikki Haley if she appointed me, personally. But I understand he's going to win. It's just a matter of when. And look like we're going to be right back where we --

G. KING: It looks like Trump is going to win, it's just a matter of when.

BARKLEY: It's just a matter of when. I mean --

G. KING: So, Charles, we've only had two states. We'll talk about this with John King. But we only have two states. But a lot of people agree with you. A lot of people agree with you.

BARKLEY: Well, listen, if she loses South Carolina when she was the governor, it's definitely over, definitely over. But, listen, we're going to have the same thing we had a few years ago. It's going to come down to Biden and Trump. And it's going to be interesting. I think the most interesting thing is going to be who he'd pick for the V.P. I personally think he's going to take a woman.

G. KING: You don't think Tim Scott has a shot? He seems to be campaigning. He says he's not. He was on CBS Mornings this morning. He said, no, he's not campaigning for it.


He's very happy with what he's doing, and we'll see. But he seems to be, from a lot of people's point of view, campaigning for this position very hard.

BARKLEY: Yes, I don't dislike Tim Scott. I actually -- yes, I don't dislike him. but I don't think -- I just don't personally think he's going to take Tim Scott. I think he's going to take a female. That's just my personal opinion.

G. KING: Okay.

BARKLEY: Yes. It would be interesting, though. But the notion that if he picks a black guy, that we going to rush out in droves, that's not going to happen. I don't like speaking for all black people, but I am going to do it right now.

G. KING: Okay, Mr. Blackman, we're going to dig in more on that race in just a second with John King.

But almost a decade after he left the Daily Show, I was so excited when this news broke today. Jon Stewart is coming back. Come on back, Jon. Starting next month, he'll host the show every Monday night. He's also going to return as an executive producer. The announcement called Stewart the voice of our generation and that he would help us all make sense of the insanity and division roiling the country as we enter the election season.

Here, here, I agree with that. How about you?

BARKLEY: I'm a big Jon Stewart fan. But I will say this. If you are a comedian on a show, whether it's Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, any of those guys, Jimmy Kimmel, I love Jimmy Kimmel, this is going to be the crazy, most fun, ridiculous year in the history of television, because this is like the gift that keeps giving.

I mean, there's not going to be enough time to make jokes about what's going to happen next year, because, listen, we can talk all we want to, it's going to come down to Biden and Trump.

G. KING: So you say, I'm not prepared to yield to that yet, Charles, because I still think we have time. But it's like somebody made a good analogy today. It's like if you start a basketball season, football season, you don't call the winner after two games. You don't. You still left the season play out. But go ahead.

I want to go back to Jon Stewart for just a second. Because John Stewart always had a very unique way of putting things in perspective about what was happening in politics.


G. KING: And that's what I'm -- there hasn't been a voice like his since he left the air. He's coming back Monday nights.

BARKLEY: Well, you still haven't introduced me to Trevor Noah yet. So, that's one of my big faults.

G. KING: Yes, yes. Trevor is good too.

BARKLEY: I think Jon is smart. I think he's got great writers. I think he's got a very real personality.

G. KING: He does.

BARKLEY: And I think he's going to be great. I'm disappointed he's only going to be on one night. Because like I say, for every comedian on television now, this next year, and it's kind of funny and sad that we're going to be in this situation, because --

G. KING: I think it's starting out one night. We'll see. We'll see.

Moving on to the next topic, decency is often a foreign concept on the campaign trail, especially if you're running against Donald Trump. The former president, how shall we say, has a tendency to hit below the belt. But that has not stopped his one-time rival from getting behind him. This week, Ron DeSantis joined many, many others in completing a transformation from Trump target to Trump endorser. How they do that?


TRUMP: Ron DeSanctimonius was walking off the stage. And his feet, it's weird, because of his cowboy boots. So, they have a high heel outside, but inside, you've got a big deal going on. And he's walking like that.

GOV. RON DESANTIS (R-FL): He has my endorsement because we can't go back to the old Republican guard of yesteryear.

TRUMP: Honestly, I think he's crazy. Lying Ted does not have the temperament to be doing this. He is choking like a dog because he's losing so badly.

SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX): I am proud to endorse Donald Trump for president of the United States. I look forward to supporting him enthusiastically.

TRUMP: When Little Marco spews his crap about the size of my hands, which are big, those hands can hit a golf ball 285 yards.

SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R-FL): I think Trump is the candidate that gives the party the best chance to unite.


G. KING: CNN Chief National Correspondent, there he is, John King, no relation, is here. Hello, John King.

JOHN KING, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Great to see you both. How are you?

G. KING: Not this time. John, John, John, I'm always amazed at these politicians. When you've been insulted, you know, with Ted Cruz, he actually attacked his wife and he commented on her looks, he commented about his dad. I can remember Lindsey Graham saying something about voting for Trump is like picking your poison. And then things turn around and next thing you know, they're standing there saying, he's my guy. How are they able to do this?

J. KING: For some of them who take the hardest Trump hits, you have a remarkable evidence of sort of scar-free spine removal, right? There's no evidence --

G. KING: Scar-free spine removal.

J. KING: There's no evidence of the surgery, but suddenly these guys who Trump has eviscerated are on his side. Here's what they say. Privately, most of them would tell you they don't like Trump, they think he's mean, they think he's coarse.


G. KING: They think he's a bully.

J. KING: But they know he has the base of the party and when they go home, their voters give them grief for not being on Team Trump. And so, essentially, they just surrender.

And since he came down that escalator, think about this now, that's 2015, this is 2024, they've been thinking eventually he's going to go away, he's going to go away, let's just find a way to wait out, hide, be an ostrich, whatever, until the day he goes away. But he's winning Republicans. He is incredibly strong at the Republican base, which is why those people, you know, Little Marco, Lying Ted, whatever he called all the rest of them, they just, they don't fight with him, because when they go home, they get grief. The base of the Republican party is for Trump, like it or not.

BARKLEY: So, I got friends who love Trump and they say to me, his policies are better, but the noise that he makes, you can't get past -- people like myself who wouldn't vote for him, they says, you got to get past the noise and look at the policies.

G. KING: And they like the policies.

BARKLEY: They like some of his policies. But they think that because some of the words you said, he's coarse, he's a bully, he's really --

G. KING: He's loose with the truth.

BARKLEY: He's loose with the truth. But they said, if you actually pay attention to his policies, some of them are pretty good. Agree or disagree?

J. KING: You are making a critical point about how Trump survives. Yes, some of his supporters, you know, they're the MAGA base. They think January 6th was a setup. They think he won the 2020 election. They believe and they repeat his lies, and they believe and they like the coarseness in the fight.

But a decent part of the Trump base are hardworking Americans who are so disaffected with politics, they don't trust Washington to do anything. You know, one of the fishermen I've been spending a lot of time with up in New Hampshire.

G. KING: A lot of fishermen?

J. KING: A lot of fishermen, commercial fishermen. Trump opposes the wind farms they want to put off the shore. He thinks that's going to put his job -- take his job off the map. I don't know if that's true, but that's what he believes. It's a blue collar guy who works really hard, just barely paying his mortgage. You know, thinking about starting a family, he thinks Trump's the only guy who's going to save his job. He hates all that other stuff. But he looks around and no one else is talking about it. Nobody else mentions his business. So, he votes for Trump.

People have just made this transactional decision that, I don't like a lot of this, but I'm busy anyway. I won't pay attention to that stuff, I'll use a polite word, and this guy will help me.

Now, you know, part of the problem here is the creation of Trump is part of his critics within the Republican Party and the Democrats are not given these people who are disillusioned, disaffected, disgusted, and worse with politics, they're not giving them an alternative.

G. KING: Yes. On the other side, they're not -- I was going to say on the other side, they're not actually jumping up and down for President Biden either.

J. KING: President Biden has a giant problem right now. You are saying you don't think black people are going to rush to vote for Trump if you pick somebody like Tim Scott. I tend to agree with you based on history. However, it doesn't have to be a rush. It doesn't have to be a parade. It only has to be a tiny percentage in Milwaukee and in Detroit and outside Atlanta, and Trump who won the presidency.

I was in Michigan a few weeks ago, this Israel-Hamas War, young people viscerally angry at the president. Outside of Detroit, in Michigan, Dearborn's part of it, but in Michigan, you got 3,400 thousand Arab- American voters who traditionally vote Democrat, big for Biden. They are furious. So, wherever you look, the president has cracks, or worse, in his base.

Now, we're having a conversation in January. He's got until November. But he's got -- you know, you list your problems. You try to list -- he's got a lot of eggs.

G. KING: But, Charles, if things have gone differently, we could be sitting here talking about you.


G. KING: Not necessarily for president. Do you remember this, John King?

J. KING: I do. Governor Charles Barkley.

G. KING: Yes, Governor Charles Barkley, we have evidence.

BARKLEY: Well, listen, I -- oh my God, you got to think about that.

G. KING: We have evidence. Let me see it. Let me see it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You have mentioned in the past that you have thought about running for governor of Alabama. Is politics still an avenue that you may pursue?

BARKLEY: I think that I can do more. You know what's funny? I think politicians are corrupt. I do.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you were president of the United States, what would you do is you just --

BARKLEY: Well, the first thing I'd do is I'd change the name. I can't live in a place called the White House.


G. KING: That was 2003 and you were talking smack in 2003.

BARKLEY: When you talk about forecasting the future, and if I'd known in 2003 when I did the interview, it was going to be crazy as hell in 2024. You know, but listen, I want to ask you this.

J. KING: A quick note about that. BARKLEY: Sure.

J. KING: Remember, Ross Perot got almost 20 million votes in 1992?

G. KING: Yes.

J. KING: The disgust with both parties, the dissatisfaction with Trump versus Biden, the rematch, there's a giant opening. Right now, it's Robert Kennedy and the Green Party and maybe Cornell West in a few states. If there were a Perot-like figure, or Dwayne the Rock Johnson- like figure, if there was an independent candidate who was authentic, like Trump.

Now, a lot of people are saying, Trump is not authentic, his voters perceive him to be that way, right? There would be a giant opening. We're too late in the season now. The ballot access rules and requirements, all the money it takes and everything like that.

But I do think after this election, A, the third-party candidates are going to matter in the battleground states.


How many make it in the battleground? But you're going to see a restructuring of the party and maybe more people running this like I am an independent like you.

G. KING: Well, you were looking for another job. You were looking for another job, Charles.

BARKLEY: I'm going to ask one more question.

G. KING: Okay.

BARKLEY: Immigration is obviously a big problem, the economy is a serious problem and Biden's age. Which one of those three issues do you think is going to come -- be the most important part coming down the stretch?

J. KING: There is some evidence that inflation is getting a little bit better. His problem is that working class people were so punished, so punished in 2022 and 2023, you know, they're still driving their old car, they couldn't take their kids to the ball game, in the amusement park. You know, coming from a working class family, I know what that's like when your parents have to say no, that there's no money to do that. That's what we feel among a lot of blue-collar voters. So Biden has to hope people start to feel better about that.

But the age question, I call it the vitality issue, right? I don't think it's so much about the number. When we travel, black voters in Milwaukee, these young voters on campus around the country, Latino voters out and about, they want to see him. They want to see him in their community, even if you're going to take your lumps. Even if they say, Mr. President, I disagree with you on this. What are you doing for me on this? Let's talk. But they want to see him be more active. And, again, whatever you think of Trump, he's active. He's out there. You hear from him every minute, not just every day. You hear from him just about every minute when he wants you to hear from him.

G. KING: And when you talk about vitality, he certainly has that. Thank you, John. That's a good way to look at it. It's not the age, it's the vitality. I totally agree with you.

J. KING: Be present, be active.

G. KING: Even when you talk about the economy, we say the economy is better, but if you don't feel it in your pocket, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter.

Thank you, John King.

BARKLEY: Thank you.

G. KING: Good to have you here.

J. KING: Great to see you both.

G. KING: Just ahead. Did they not understand this movie? That's the question. Ken lands an Oscar nomination for Barbie, but Barbie doesn't. How? As Ryan Gosling said, there is no Ken without Barbie. He's right about that. We dig into the snub that everybody is talking about.

You're watching King Charles. We'll be right back.



G. KING: Guess what? He's just Ken from the Barbie movie and some of that, here's your rubbed off on the Academy. Why? Because Barbie has eight nominations in total. That's good. But Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie were left off the best director and actress list. What?

Ryan Gosling, as you see there, however, it's nominated for his performance as Ken, well deserved, go Ryan Gosling to you. The Academy's decision, as everybody talking, including Hillary Clinton who tweeted this today, her support of Robbie and Gerwig saying, you're both so much more than Kenough. See what we did there? I like that, Hillary Clinton.

So, we got lots of answers. We want lots of answers. We got lots of questions. So, we brought in culture critic and host of NPR's It's Been a Minute podcast, I love the title of that, Brittany, Brittany Luse. Welcome, Brittany.

BRITTANY LUSE, HOST, NPR'S IT'S BEEN A MINUTE PODCAST: Thank you, it's good to be here.

G. KING: I'm glad you're here.

BARKLEY: Thank you very much.

G. KING: So, what do you make of the Barbie snubs? Is it a snub to you?

LUSE: Okay, I'll say this. It's not a snuff to me. First of all, I'll say not a snuff. Not a snuff. I mean, look, there are so many incredible movies that came out this year. There's only five directors that get nominated for Best Director, five actresses that get nominated for Best Actress. So, it's stiff competition.

Now, I'll say this. I'll say this. This is the thing. Ryan Gosling knocked it out of the park as Ken. Margot Robbie was amazing. Ryan Gosling, I mean --

G. KING: But even Ryan said today, Ryan, I thought it was very classy, he said, you can't have Barbie without Barbie and without the director, Greta. While he's very appreciative of this award, he made a point of paying tribute to his co-stars. I didn't understand that. There would be no picture without Margot Robbie.

LUSE: No, that's true. There would be no picture without both of them. I mean -- and which is why they're both nominated as producers in the Best Picture categories. I don't think of it as complete snub because there's also the best adapted screenplay nomination that Greta is also getting this year.

She's also been nominated for Best Director before, and I'll say this, there are -- there's another snub that I'm actually keeping in mind for Best Director who -- Celine Song who directed Past Lives. You know, in all the conversation that we're having about Greta Gerwig being snub or Margot Robbie being snub, what about Celine Song? What about someone like Tiana Taylor or Angeline Ellis (ph)?

G. KING: She was very good. Tiana was very good.

LUSE: In a thousand and one, yes.

G. KING: So, I realized you can't nominate everybody.

LUSE: You can't.

G. KING: She said, Charles, she was already nominated before. I don't think that should matter if you were nominated or you won before. You should be (INAUDIBLE) what's happening here. Don't you?

BARKLEY: I hate the makeup. We had her on the show a couple of months ago.


BARKLEY: And he had two nominations. Yes. Obviously best picture -- three, excuse me. You got Sterling K. Brown and Jeffrey Wright. But I love Jeffrey Wright. He's unbelievable. Were you surprised -- first of all, have you seen the movie?

LUSE: I've seen the movie. I loved it. BARKLEY: And why did he not get a best director nod?

G. KING: If you get a best picture nod.


LUSE: Now, see, that is something I have --

BARKLEY: But also -- well, because my question is, if you got two guys nominated for Oscars and Best Picture, you should get nominated for Best Director.

G. KING: No, and that's movie didn't direct itself, same thing with Barbie.

LUSE: But it's the same thing I also say with Celine song. And it is something that I do think about. I feel like part of the reason why we end up in this tricky place is because there are ten movies that are allowed to be nominated for Best Picture.

G. KING: And only five --

LUSE: And all the other categories, right. So, it's a little frustrating. When you have all of these other movies that are in the mix for Best Picture, well, then it's like well, what was wrong with the script? What was wrong with the director? What was wrong with this performance or that?

But I think that when we only focus on Barbie, which, I mean, you know I think it's perfectly normal for maybe the production team or for Ryan Gosling to feel upset or excited by that, I think that we also don't lose the opportunity to talk about so many other great movies that were nominated, I mean, or actors that were nominated, I mean, America Ferrera, one of a very small group of Latino women to ever be nominated for acting Oscar. And, you know, I feel like her victory has been kind of overshadowed in this moment as well.

So, I think that it's an important conversation but it's also part of a larger, very important conversation.

BARKLEY: Okay. We want everybody to watch the Oscars. But I'm going to pay -- you know how you go to movies and people tell you what's going to happen next.


Are Oscars just going to be a ceremony to celebrate Oppenheimer?

LUSE: Now, I'll say this. I will say my money --

G. KING: I do think that's going to win.

LUSE: I think my money is on Oppenheimer for Best Picture.

G. KING: Yes, yes, yes. LUSE: I think my money is on Oppenheimer for Best Picture. It just feels like between the glorious summer that it had at the box office and everything that's just been going on with -- you know, I mean, every time I open up TikTok, I'm seeing some sort of super cut edit of people being obsessed with Cillian Murphy. I'm like --

G. KING: You saw Oppenheimer, didn't you, Charles?

BARKLEY: It was the best movie I've seen this year. I'm a big movie guy. I thought it was amazing. You know, I really always worry about long movies because sometimes they seem like a long movie. That movie did not seem like a long movie.

G. KING: You didn't even notice it. It's that good.

BARKLEY: And even though they got so many nominations, there could have been another three, four or five. Frances Pugh was ridiculous and amazing. Florence, excuse me. She was flat out amazing. And I was sitting there like, man, this movie is long, but it's fabulous. So, it's going to be a coronation for Oppenheimer, in my opinion.

G. KING: I'm still sort of feeling some kind of way about the Barbie. Are there other movies in 2023 that you think should have gotten more attention?

LUSE: I think that --

G. KING: It's okay to mention Color Purple.

LUSE: Oh, did I say that out loud?

G. KING: In all fairness. In all fairness.

BARKLEY: Welcome to my world.

LUSE: I was going to say, you probably had a very purple fall, autumn, winter.

BARKLEY: I have. She wears purple. This is the first time she hasn't worn purple all year.

G. KING: Thank you very much. Thank you very much, Brittany.

LUSE: Thank you for having me.

BARKLEY: Thank you.

G. KING: America, we know this, we love an underdog. And every once in a while, a team or a city captures the heart of the nation. You know what we're talking about.

BARKLEY: Oh, yes.

G. KING: This year, believe it or not, it is the -- who, Charles?

BARKLEY: Detroit Lions. G. KING: Detroit Lions. After seven decades of futility, years of ridicule, they are now, how many wins away from a Super Bowl, Charles?

BARKLEY: Two, one win from a Super Bowl, two for being Super Bowl champions.

G. KING: There you go.

Coming up, we're going to talk to a super fan. That would be Keegan- Michael Key. He's going to join us after the break.



KING: We welcome you back to King Charles. We are very excited to talk to our next guest about the story that you could say has captured the nation's hearts and your mind, too.

Now, you might know him from the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning sketch comedy series. We remember this, "Key and Peele", or maybe you know him from movies like "Wonka", there he was, and TV shows like "Shmigadoon". I just like saying Shmigadoon. Say it Charles.

BARKLEY: Shmigadoon.

KING: Shmigadoon. I like that. But now we are seeing him in a role he's never played before. He's playing the role of a happy Detroit Lions fan. He joins us now from Los Angeles to talk about your team, Michael -- Keegan-Michael Key is just one game away from the Super Bowl. Did you ever think you would hear those words, Keegan-Michael Key .One game.

KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY, ACTOR, WRITER, PRODUCER: You know, Gail, I have to tell you, I hope spring's eternal inside of me. So, I have always hoped that I would hear those words, but I just didn't know when it was going to be.

And I certainly didn't know it was going to be in 2024, but I am absolutely over the moon at what is going on right now for our Detroit Lions. We have this young team that is so talented and so resilient, much like our city. And I am -- I'm in disbelief. I'm kind of in a dream state.

BARKLEY: You know, Key, I just got to say this. Number one, I'm a tremendous fan of yours for all your success -- number one, continued success. I can't believe I'm talking to you about the damn Detroit Lions. Out of all the questions I want to ask.

KEY: But you can ask, you can ask. Maybe I can come on the show another time where you can ask all those other questions.

KING: That would be good.

KEY: After we win the Super Bowl.

BARKLEY: Okay, oh, we're going to wait.

BARKKEY: I have -- fell in love with the Detroit Lions. I have a man crush on Dan Campbell. I know nothing about Dan Campbell, but I'm like, I want to play, I play football one day. I want to play for Dan Campbell. What do you think?

KEY: I want to play for Dan Campbell, too. I think, I --

KING: That would be Coach Campbell to the audience. Coach Campbell, we know him.

KEY: That's right, Coach Campbell. We should call him Coach Campbell. You're absolutely right. Yeah.

KING: Coach Campbell.

KEY: I think that what he has done in that city and for that team has been so amazing. The culture that he's established for the team, again, he calls it grit. And I think grit is one of those terms that can be described in a bunch of different ways. But like I mentioned before, resiliency.

Resiliency is one of those things that I think that Dan brings to the team. He keeps them mentally strong, mentally tough. And I think that those young men would do absolutely anything for him. He sprinkled his magic dust all over that team and all over that city. And I'm so thankful to Sheila Hamm, who is the president, not the president, but the owner of the team.

KING: Yes, yes.

KEY: And first step for hiring Dan and hiring, there's something just really special about him. He's a natural born leader. He's amazing.

KING: Yeah, help us, Keegan, understand your love for this team. And I say, was watching the game last week when Michael Strahan even gave you a shout out. When he announced a Detroit Lions victory, he said, and you know, I'd like to congratulate Keegan-Michael Key like you had something to do with it. Explain --your love for this team because I find it very touching. But a lot of people feel the way you do.

KEY: Yes, a lot of people -- I think a lot of it has to do that the team -- I love -- that I've been -- I've loved this team since I was a kid and I remember going to friends' houses and watching the games when we were young in the 80s, when we had a really good team in the 80s. And there's something about the blue-collar, hard-working nature of our city that this team reflects.


And the city has been through so much in its history. You can think about its past and the auto industry and how it revolutionized -- how business is done. And it revolutionized the automobile in and of itself. And then things like the riots and us coming up from the ashes and us always trying to fight and fight and fight to get over. And I've watched my team. I've watched my city, I should say, come to

this place where it's -- there's a rebirth and the team reflects that rebirth, that the team is now following suit to the city. And it's really inspiring.

BARKLEY: You know, the last two weeks, I have been out to sports bars, because you want to make sure you get to watch both games with your friends. Where the hell did all this blue come from? Because it's crazy.

KING: Yeah, in all cities.

BARKLEY: In all cities.

KING: In all cities. Detroit versus everybody. Yeah.

KEY: Yeah, it's Detroit. You said it. It's Detroit versus everybody. Everybody roots, you know, everybody loves an underdog story and we are an underdog story. And I think the big thing is that I'm going to say it. I'm just going to say it. We are the new America's team. I really feel like Detroit is America's team. Detroit reflects this hardworking, honest energy that you can see across our nation. And people have really, really cottoned onto it.

KING: Have you run that by Dallas yet, America's team?

KEY: I've not run it by Dallas, but I got a feeling. I got a feeling we can give them a run for their money.

KING: So, if it happens, Keegan, you saw Jason Kelce last week at the game where he just went shirtless. In what was it? Freezing temperatures. There he is.

KEY: Freezing temperature. Right.

KING: Would you do something like that?

KEY: I don't know. I'd have to think about it.

KING: You have to think about it?

KEY: I'm going to go to the game in San Francisco. So, it might not be as cold. So, maybe I'll think about doing it because I can't do what Jason did. That's too much. That's too much for me.

BARKLEY: So, you're going to be hosting the NFL honors in Vegas.

KEY: Yes.

BARKLEY: Can you imagine if you're Detroit Lions or playing in the Super Bowl the night before you host the NFL's honors. Can you imagine that coming together? That'd be like your perfect scenario.

KEY: It would be -- I would be -- I would be on cloud nine. I would be so distracted during the honors. I don't even know what I would do. I think every time I finished a line, I would just say, and now the offensive Rookie of the Year, ladies and gentlemen, Detroit Lions are in the Super Bowl. And now, what should the year --the Detroit Lions run the Super Bowl.

BARKLEY: I got to tell you, I'm a Philadelphia Eagles fan and we stunk up the joint. But I'm telling you, I am pulling for the Detroit Lions. I don't know anybody on their team. I'm just a big Dan Campbell fan. Obviously, I know a couple of players that I've never met. But I am all in on the Detroit Lions. Please get to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl.

KING: A lot of people don't want to hear that, Charles. A lot of people don't want to hear that, but you know.

KEY: Charles, from your mouth to God's ears.

KING: Lips to God's ears. Well, Keegan, listen, I'm hoping for it for you, just so when you're hosting for the third time, the NFL honors, you can say, and the Detroit Lions are in the Super Bowl. And the Detroit Lions are in the Super Bowl. Everybody's watching this. What we want is a good football game. Thank you so much for joining us. I know you're in L.A. doing stuff. Thank you so much. Coming up.

KEY: Thanks for having me. I really appreciate it.

KING: You're welcome anytime.

KEY: Go Lions. Coming up, Madonna concert goers are suing the "Material Girl" for starting her show, how should we say, a little late. We're going to weigh in on that, next.




BARKLEY: You're going to see your favorite artist perform.

UNKNOWN: Yeah, Lil Durk, by the way.

BARKLEY: Lil Durk?

UNKNOWN: Yeah, Lil Durk. What's the longest you would wait for them?

UNKNOWN: Yeah, I could wait six hours.

KING: Okay, you must really like Lil Durk.

BARKLEY: Hours? You got a maximum time you would wait?

UNKNOWN: No, there isn't.

BARKLEY: What is wrong with people?

UNKNOWN: Time is money, but yeah. You only get to see the artist one time. (END VIDEOTAPE)

KING: Yeah, welcome back. Let's talk a little music. I think it's a good question, how long would you wait? Some Madonna fans are suing the pop icon for showing up two hours late to her show. Reps for Madonna and Live Nation responded saying this, "The shows opened in North America at Barclays in Brooklyn as planned, with the exception of a technical issue December 13th during sound check. This caused a delay that was well-documented in press reports at the time we intend to defend this case vigorously."

So, Charles Barkley, number one, you said you don't like to go to concerts because you said you don't like people.

BARKLEY: Well, the people think I'm at the concert to talk to them. I'm not there to talk to them. I'm there to actually see the concert. They were like, hey, man, I didn't come to talk to you all. I came to see the concert.

KING: So, the question is, is there anybody -- how long would you wait for somebody that you really wanted to see? Keeping in mind you don't like people or concerts, but just play a game of let's pretend.

BARKLEY: An hour?

KING: An hour.

BARKLEY: Maybe an hour and 15 minutes, somewhere in there. After that, they're being disrespectful to me. I paid money to see them.


Like I say, sometimes things happen, you can be late, 30, 45 minutes, maybe even an hour, but they have to tell you that. Okay, like, did they warn those people?


BARKLEY: Okay, that's just totally wrong.

KING: So, how long would you wait for Madonna?

BARKLEY: An hour?

KING: Really?


KING: Just an hour?

BARKLEY: Just an hour.

KING: Okay.


KING: You know anything about her?

BARKLEY: She's very talented.

KING: She's very talented.


KING: Okay.

BARKLEY: I'm going to kill you off the air. Can't kill you on TV, that's evidence.

KING: Google, people. Google. Madonna and Charles Barkley. I would like to see that as a couple myself.

BARKLEY: Stop it, Gail.

KING: Okay, okay, just type in here. We need to have a little chat. Because everybody makes mistakes. Even people at the top of their fields, very seriously about this. I know most of us saw, my heart went out to him. Buffalo Bills kicker, Tyler Bass. Love you, Tyler Bass -- missed the game-tying field goal in a playoff loss to the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday.

Bass took full responsibility for the miss saying this, ultimately it's completely on me, but still he was the objective abuse -- he was the object, rather, of abuse from fans online.

It was so bad, guys, that Bass had to deactivate his Twitter and his Instagram accounts and the word is that he was getting death threats, people were harassing him, people were saying all kind of negative nasty things about him. That broke my heart to see it because it's not like he intentionally missed the field goal that people could be so mean and so vitriolic.

BARKLEY: One of the reasons I don't do social media is for that reason.

KING: You don't have Twitter, Instagram, nothing.

BARKLEY: I don't have any social media because you can't -- because people are so mean-spirited.

KING: They are.

BARKLEY: They're just total jackasses. The kid did not mean to miss the field goal.

KING: Exactly. Exactly.

BARKLEY: And, you know --

KING: The Bills had a chance to win the game earlier, too.

BARKLEY: They did, but like he didn't try to miss the field goal. And I just think people, when they get behind their keyboards, they got liquid courage, or they're just mean spirit because their life sucks. And now you factor in people betting on these games, that makes it even worse. And it's just really unfortunate. It was a heck of a game.

KING: Yes.

BARKLEY: I felt bad for him missing that kid because you knew what was going to happen. You knew what was going to happen. You knew they were going to come at him on social media.

KING: I didn't think they would be that mean to him.


KING: You're getting death threats. I really didn't think that.

BARKLEY: There's all type of death threats. We talked about it earlier this year. Some of these guys are getting racial slurs heard at them.

KING: Yes. Yes.

BARKLEY: Listen, if you -- my thing is, hey, you would not say that to guys to their face.

KING: Yes.

BARKLEY: You do it behind their confines, your own home with a keyboard.

KING: Did you ever have a time when you were playing that you screwed up -- I'm just saying.

BARKLEY: Many times. But I'm so old. I'm so old. I'm so old. We didn't have social media.

KING: That people came after you. You didn't have people coming after you back then.

BARKLEY: No, I'm old.

KING: You're into that.

BARKLEY: You know what I mean.

KING: Yeah.

BARKLEY: But no, I didn't -- never have to worry about social media in my day.

KING: Yeah.

BARKLEY: And I'm blessed. But that's still even if they had it in my day, that's no reason. I'm not trying to play bad.

KING: I just think if anybody threatened you that they would regret it because he would come after you. We want to hear from you. Call and leave us a voicemail, ask us anything. Charles, the number, I love our number.

BARKLEY: 1-855-3434-KING.

KING: And where is the 3434 coming from?

BARKLEY: My number throughout my entire life in Philadelphia and Phoenix.

KING: Yeah, now we're still together, King Charles. We'll be right back. We've got a special message for number 34. We'll be right back.



KING: By the way, before Keegan-Michael Key left, we asked him who would he like to see play in the game --


KING: -- against the Detroit Lions, and he said a match-up between --

BARKLEY: -- him and the Baltimore Ravens.

KING: A lot of people -- that is a prediction we will see. So, before we went to break, we gave you the number. We gave you the number because we like it when you call. We actually listen to the calls, and sometimes we pick out a favorite one like this one. This was from Quinton in Texas, and he had a very special memory that he wanted to share with you.


QUINTON, TEXAS (voicemail): I just want to leave this message to thank Charles Barkley. One night after a son's home game, my son and I waited outside. The word was that you had to be wearing a jersey of that player for the player to stop and sign an autograph for your kid. Not a single player stopped to sign an autograph for my son except Charles Barkley.

I could not afford a uniform for my son at the time. But that did not matter to one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA. I've waited many years for the opportunity to be able to tell you how important that one minute of your time was many years ago.

KING: Wow. That's so nice. Do you even remember that?

BARKLEY: Not right off hand, but --

KING: That's so nice.

BARKLEY: Well, he says something interesting. I think any player should always sign autographs and take pictures. He said it, it only takes a minute.

KING: A minute, yes. BARKLEY: It only takes a minute. And we really appreciate the call.

I've been so lucky and blessed. And people say, man, you always sign autographs and take pictures. I said, that's part of the job.


But he said something so profound, it only takes a minute.

KING: A minute, yes. And you know what I always say about that, Charles? For those people, quite often, it's the first and last time they're ever going to see you.

BARKLEY: Going to be -- you're right.

KING: It's the first and the last time, and it's such a small thing to be nice to people. You see all these years later, he still remembers that you signed for that.

BARKLEY: Yeah. Thanks for --

KING: I'm not surprised.

BARKLEY: Thank you for another great week. What are you doing tomorrow, Gail? What are you doing tomorrow?

KING: I'm not saying. I'm not saying, I'm not saying.

BARKLEY: Wait. You got to read that.

KING: I'm not saying. That'll do it for us.

BARKLEY: You want me to read it?

KING: I got something really exciting. Go ahead. You finish it.

BARKLEY: Thanks for watching King Charles. We'll be back next Wednesday at the same time.

KING: He's trying to get me back because he don't want to talk about Madonna.

BARKLEY: You can catch Gail tomorrow morning on CBS at 7 A.M.

KING: Google, people.

BARKLEY: At 7 A.M. tomorrow on CBS Morning, you all. But don't go anywhere. "Laura Coates Live" starts right after this.