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Arlene Dahl Shares Her Horoscope Insights

Aired May 09, 2001 - 21:00   ET


PAT SAJAK, GUEST HOST: Tonight, Arlene Dahl. This glamorous redhead went from starring roles to reading star charts, with three near-death experiences and six husbands along the way. Actress and astrologer Arlene Dahl for the hour. She'll share her horoscope insights with you. It's next, on LARRY KING LIVE.

Pat Sajak in for Larry King. Welcome to our show. We packed a lot into that introduction.

ARLENE DAHL, ASTROLOGER & ACTRESS: We certainly did. I'm exhausted!

SAJAK: You've done a lot of stuff.


SAJAK: Now, we have so much to talk about during this hour. We're going to have a lot of fund. But the focus is going to be the astrological part of your life, because you devote a lot of time to this. This has been a great -- it's more than an interest for you, it's what you do.

DAHL: Well, it was my hobby, and then suddenly it became a business for me. Isn't that wonderful?

SAJAK: Now, I want to say right off, and you know this because we talked before the show...

DAHL: Yes.

SAJAK: That I am -- you know, I don't know much about it. It seems a little odd to me. I don't put a lot of credence in it, which, I'm sure you run into this all the time.

DAHL: All the time.

SAJAK: I'm sure during the hour...

DAHL: Especially from Scorpios.


SAJAK: Well, my moon is in Cleveland.

DAHL: I know, I know.

SAJAK: That's why I don't understand what's happening. But you'll set me straight on all this. And you're actually going to do some readings later, with some callers? There's -- now, do you look at everything through the prism of astrology? In other words, when you meet someone, first do you do the "What sign are you?" And you do these mini-readings all this time?

DAHL: Of course not. No, I usually tell them what sign they are.


DAHL: Like I did with my husband when we first met.

SAJAK: So you walked up and you said, "Hi you must be a -- he is a what?

DAHL: He is a Libra with five planets in Scorpio, like you have.

SAJAK: So we each have five planets.

DAHL: And you were born the same year, within three weeks of each other.

SAJAK: Now, but so -- let's talk generally about that. I don't want to get too technical on the subject, but what's the basis here? That the alignment of stars and planets...

DAHL: It's very simple. It's so simple. Let me just take all the mystery out of it.

SAJAK: Lay it out for me.

DAHL: Although you like mystery, being a Scorpio. I like...


SAJAK: Stop that.


DAHL: Dimples. I liken astrology to a weatherman who forecasts the weather. I forecast what is likely to happen. And you know, if the weatherman says it's going to rain tomorrow, you get up in the morning and you look out, and you see that it's cloudy and it's likely to rain, so you take an umbrella if you don't want to get wet. Well, it's the same thing with astrology. We forecast what is likely to happen that week, that month, or whatever, based on the alignment of the stars.

SAJAK: So you see it as a guide, not a real -- kind of outlining what should you do day to day.

DAHL: And I don't predict. I don't believe in predictions because we have our free will. SAJAK: So...

DAHL: If we want to get wet and walk in the rain, then we don't take an umbrella.

SAJAK: So you're talking about likelihoods, or...

DAHL: Yes. Forecasts. I forecast for the different signs of the Zodiac every week in the "Inquirer."

SAJAK: Well, there you go. Now...


SAJAK: Now you've established your credibility. But if -- but if I were to come to you and say, you know, I'm out of work. I'm looking for a job. What's -- what's the best time to be looking? I mean, is that -- what kind of advice could you give me in that area?

DAHL: I would tell you that you'll never be out of work.

SAJAK: Well, maybe...

DAHL: Because I have taken a look at your chart and with your ambition and your luck, because you were born under a very lucky star, you won't be out of work. But if you were somebody else, then I would say, I would look to see where your Jupiter is, and where the planets are aligned at the time of day, and I would ask your birthday, month and year. And if you have the time, I would like that also, because that -- that gives your personality, your ascendant. Your rising sign is your personality. Your sun sign gives you my idea of your character, how you would be similar to other people born on the same month.

SAJAK: So you can give me the most propitious time, maybe, if I were to go out and find work.

DAHL: Absolutely.

SAJAK: Now, how much of it is psychological? I mean, if you were to say to me "Early January is a great time to go out,"

I'd say, "Wow, Arlene Dahl said this is the time," and I would feel pretty cocky and go out and probably get the job, maybe not because of my sign but because you made me feel good about going out for a job. I mean, nothing wrong with that.

DAHL: Absolutely. Absolutely.

SAJAK: Would you give me bad news if you saw something, or sensed...

DAHL: If I see, let's say, you could be accident prone during this week, I would say: Look -- to women, of course -- wear sensible shoes, don't walk around on spike heels, because you're likely to turn your ankle or have an accident of some sort. And... SAJAK: So you're not predicting an accident. You're saying you should be particularly cautious.

DAHL: Being prepared.

SAJAK: But that's good advice.

DAHL: Take your umbrella if it is going to rain. Don't cross the street if it says "stop" for you. Only wait until the green sign. Don't start ventures or adventures on a waning moon. Wait until the new moon.

SAJAK: So when did this first become of interest to you, as more than just a casual look in newspaper and see what it says on a given day?

DAHL: Well, I didn't know anything about astrology until I went to Hollywood. I mean, we were talking earlier, I said my father, when I was 11, put an astrology book on the dining-room table and I leafed through it and I thought, "Isn't that interesting?" I love the stars. Every child wishes upon a star.

SAJAK: But it didn't grab you then, did it?

DAHL: No, not until I went to Hollywood, and of course, all the stars are interested to knowing more about when to sign contracts, when to start their pictures, when to get married.


SAJAK: And you've had some experience in all of those areas.

DAHL: I have, and I met the leading guru of astrologers, Carroll Righter, the first week I was in California, making a test for Warner Brothers. I was barely 17, and he came up to me and he said, "Hello, Leo."

And I had never seen him before in my life. And I said, "But my name is Arlene."

And he said, "But you were born in August, weren't you.?"

And I said, "Yes, how did you know?"

He said what's more, I'll bet you're a double Leo.

And I said, "What's that? Is that bad? What does that mean?" And he gave me his card and he said he gives classes twice a week at night, and if I would care to come he'd tell me more about it. So I did. And I learned a lot.

SAJAK: And here you are. We're going to take a break and be back with more with a double Leo. And as we're coming in and out of break, we're going to see a lot of clips from some wonderful appearances, wonderful films, of Arlene Dahl. And a lot of them, I'll bet you'll know. Take a look. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)


(singing): Desire, desire, drives me insane.

DAHL (singing): The feeling, the choir, the pleasure, the pain.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR (singing): Loving you...

DAHL (singing): Needing you...

GROUP: That is all in vain.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR (singing): I can't escape the torment

DAHL (singing): I can't escape the torment...



DAHL (singing): I love you so much, I can't conceal it! I love you so much, it's a wonder you don't feel it. I love you so much, my eyes reveal it! I love you so much, it is a wonder you don't feel it. I decided that I am through with all this rambling about. I don't know what I'd ever do without you. I'm telling you...


SAJAK: The gorgeous Arlene Dahl then, and now.

DAHL: Oh, Pat.

SAJAK: How do you walk downstairs in heels, waving giant fans, singing a song, looking at these guys like you love it.

DAHL: And trying not to look at your feet, I thought I was going to topple all the way down those stairs. I was trying to remember the lyrics. I was trying to...

SAJAK: Where was your astrologist then?

DAHL: He was in the audience.

SAJAK: When you are involved with astrology, with high profile people, names we would know, are they squeamish about that? Do they not want you talking about that.

DAHL: The only thing their squeamish about is giving me their year of birth.

SAJAK: Really?

DAHL: Yes. They don't mind giving me the time. SAJAK: But I mean, are you at liberty to talk about some of the people, not about them, but who are some of the people you have dealt with in terms of astrological...

DAHL: I better not, or I won't have them as friends anymore.

SAJAK: Now, I have heard that Mrs. Reagan occasionally, and you -- because you share that interest.

DAHL: Oh, yes. Yes, well, Nancy has -- we were both at Metro together so we became very good friends, and as a matter of fact, before Nancy, Ronnie Reagan used to come to all the parties that -- the guru I spoke to you about, Carroll Righter, used to give every year.

SAJAK: So he was, in fact, interested in that.

DAHL: Oh, yes, every star that you can mention, from the highest peak to those just starting out used to come to Carroll Righter's parties every month for each sign of the zodiac.

SAJAK: Now, is that -- will people actually not start a movie on a certain date based on planet alignment?

DAHL: Oh, absolutely Marlene Dietrich wouldn't sign a contract, wouldn't start a movie, wouldn't hire a leading man because she had script approval, leading man approval, well, all the approvals you can mention. No, absolutely, he was her guide.

SAJAK: Now, when you -- now you have been married a couple of times.

DAHL: Yes.

SAJAK: Two, three.

DAHL: Oh, it's already been announced. I went through half the zodiac until I found the right one.

SAJAK: You have been married now for what, 18 years?

DAHL: Eighteen years. And we were engaged two and a half years before that. So, I think it will last.

SAJAK: So you no longer refer to him as your present husband? He is your husband.

DAHL: He is my husband.

SAJAK: And that's the longest running...

DAHL: Yes.

SAJAK: Now the first husband was Lex Barker, as I recall. You were just a little girl, practically, when that happened.

DAHL: Yes.

SAJAK: Fernando Lamas.

DAHL: Yes, two actors. Yes.

SAJAK: Now those are the only two actors among your husbands, yes?

DAHL: Yes, professionally, yes, yes.

SAJAK: Yes, people that got paid for acting, not who might be acting during the course of the marriage.

DAHL: Yes and of course we had Lorenzo.

SAJAK: Exactly, and you're doing a show with him?

DAHL: Yes, Hollywood Squares, as a tribute to Mother's Day on Sunday, and so this was leading up to Mother's Day. So we were together.

SAJAK: So, my point is, tying this back to astrology, now you had some marriages that weren't as successful as you wished they would have been.

DAHL: Yes.

SAJAK: Could astrology have helped? And why didn't it? And -- if it could have?

DAHL: Well, I'm glad you asked me that question because Carroll Righter, who became a very dear friend and a very good adviser, who advised me on all the films that I did and all the contracts I signed, and so on. said I would do this, this, this and this and I said, Carroll, my heart never read a horoscope. Leave me alone.

Here is where your self will comes in. You can do whatever you want to. You can be warned against something or you can say this would be a more propitious time to do such and so, but if you want to do it then, you do it, and then you learn a lesson from it.

SAJAK: But you had to learn several.

DAHL: Of course. I am not the person I am today if I hadn't gone through all of those signs, and I never met married the same sign twice. So I really have been through half the zodiac. I did my homework.

SAJAK: You were actually lucky. You could he be on your 12th. I mean, if you had started at the wrong part on the wheel, you would have ended up...

DAHL: Well, I have had a few flirtations with other signs, too. So, that is why my books are written from the heart.

SAJAK: Yes. John Kennedy was what sign? DAHL: Gemini.

SAJAK: And I mention it because you...

DAHL: The 29th of May.

SAJAK: Did you go out with him a time or two, or three?

DAHL: Oh, yes. Oh, yes.

SAJAK: You dated regularly for a period?

DAHL: A year and half.

SAJAK: What period was this?

DAHL: 1948, 49, 50.

SAJAK: Dashing young man?

DAHL: Very. Wonderful.

SAJAK: Was there a real romance?

DAHL: Yes I would say so. Of course, I was a virgin then.

SAJAK: Well, I would never think to ask you that.

DAHL: I probably am the only actress in Hollywood that ever dated Jack that didn't go further than just being kisses good night with him.

SAJAK: Oh, good. I didn't even know a virgin was a sign of the zodiac. See what I'm learning here tonight?

DAHL: You see!

SAJAK: More With Arlene Dahl in a moment. Stay with us on LARRY KING LIVE.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I got your horse, miss.

DAHL: Thank you. I can't tell you how grateful I am, mister. You actually saved my life, I expect. And you did it so beautifully, so courageously. Is anything the matter?


DAHL: Oh, I'm sorry.


DAHL: Is it hurt?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I can't find it.

DAHL: Oh, dear, let me see. Oh, dear what does an Adam's apple look like? Did I do it?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: You and the horse.

DAHL: Try swallowing. Maybe it has gone for good. Don't look distressed. They're really very unattractive, Adam's apples, I mean.



SAJAK: Arlene Dahl, with Fernando Lamas, there.

DAHL: Yes.

SAJAK: Husband number two, yes?

DAHL: Yes, that is right.

SAJAK: You met on the set of -- was that what's from the film, where you met?

DAHL: That was from "Sangaree." We did "Sangaree" for Paramount. That was after I left Metro. I then had a three-picture deal with Paramount, and Fernando was supposed to do a film with Lana Turner called "Latin Lovers" and they'd had a spat, and so he was let go of Metro, and so I went to Paramount and I said why not have Fernando as my leading man?

SAJAK: Why not?

DAHL: He is available, so...

SAJAK: Sparks flew, pretty quickly?

DAHL: Yes. I did his screen test at Metro with him, the first and only test I ever did, and he was married at the time. My wardrobe woman found that out. They detected the sparks flying on the set, and he asked me to go out to dinner with him that night, and I said, "I'm terribly sorry, but you are married."

He said, "I'm married, but I'm not dead." And I said, "You are as far as I am concerned. Ask me after" -- he said, "But I'm getting a divorce. I'm separated." And I said, "Then ask me again."

SAJAK: And he apparently did.

DAHL: Yes, he did.

SAJAK: And sparks continued to fly.

DAHL: That is right. We got married. We had Lorenzo. He was a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful person to be married to.

SAJAK: How long were you married?

DAHL: We were married seven years, minus a week, I guess.

SAJAK: We had Regis Philbin on the show early in the week, and I don't know how we got on subject -- maybe we were talking about how careers, and how success can come unexpectedly -- and I was talking about a time 20 years ago when I first met Regis and he was out of work, things didn't look good. And I said, look what's happened in 20 years.

And he proceeded to tell a story which showed he wasn't all that surprised, and I thought you would be interested in seeing a little bit of this and commenting.

DAHL: Oh, yes.

SAJAK: This is Regis Philbin earlier in the week.


REGIS PHILBIN, GAME AND TALK SHOW HOST: On the last day of the Joey Bishop show, I had Sydney Omar, who has the astrology column for the "Los Angeles Times" syndicate, on the show to predict what would happen to all of us -- now I'm going back to 1969.

And Omar said, he talked about Joey, then he talked about Johnny, and then he said -- and I said, what about me? What's going to happen to me?

SAJAK: Good question.

PHILBIN: He said, well, your name is going to be a household word. I said what? You are kidding me, how? He said, no. Actually, everybody is going to know your name.

So I said, how long? He said, well, it is going to take a while. I said, I can wait. What is it, a year? A year and a half? He said, 20 years.


PHILBIN: This was '69. '89, '88-'89 was when Kathie Lee and I went national with our show. That is what he meant.


DAHL: Isn't that when you got married, too.

SAJAK: So, there you have it.

DAHL: There you have it. I know Regis has always been a fan.

SAJAK: He has. Now, that to me was a prediction of something, as opposed to a guidepost, wouldn't you say?

DAHL: Well, no, it was sharing knowledge -- he looked ahead, you see and didn't only do it for the year, but he looked ahead, you see, in his life chart.

SAJAK: Could I learn -- I'm sorry to interrupt -- could I learn to do what you do? Or is it -- I mean -- is it a matter of learning the techniques, learning what the relationship...

DAHL: You have to learn, you have to do homework.

SAJAK: Is there something you bring it to beyond...

DAHL: You can learn to be an astrologer, but it helps to have a little clairvoyance. I was lucky enough to be given a little clairvoyance, with each near-death experience, I was handed more and more, it was gift that was given to me to probably help people. I like to think that, anyway.

SAJAK: In what form does this take? You see someone, and, I mean, what do you see that -- what is this clairvoyance...?

DAHL: It doesn't always happen. But for instance, my husband, we met through a mutual friend, and we were introduced -- he had never seen me on the screen. This was 1976, something like that. And he said hello. How are you? I said, you are a Libra, aren't you?

And he said Libra, no -- yes, Libra not Libra. And, I said, once more, I bet you are born on 29th or 30th of September. He got as white as what? Milk. And he had to sit down.

SAJAK: See, I think it is contagious, because I can see that we are going to a commercial right now.


SAJAK: I can just feel it.

DAHL: Your ESP is showing.

SAJAK: It's amazing what happens on CNN. Back with more LARRY KING LIVE, lots more with Arlene Dahl, we'll be taking your calls very shortly.


SAJAK: Back in New York with actress Arlene Dahl, astrologer Arlene Dahl, and author Arlene Dahl? Lots of beauty books over the years.

DAHL: 13 books on astrology, and 15 on beauty.

SAJAK: Do the two go hand in hand at all?

DAHL: Well, I was the first in 1960 to combine beauty with astrology, beauty and health and fashion. Then, I got a call from Simon & Schuster from the head of Simon & Schuster, said, we want you to write a book for us. It turned out, 12 books. One for each sign of the Zodiac, called "Your Beauty Scope." I'm updating it now; it is coming out again. SAJAK: I'm, as we discussed, a...

DAHL: Skeptical.

SAJAK: Well, no, that is not a sign, or maybe it is.

DAHL: Sure it is.

SAJAK: A scorpion.

DAHL: Yes.

SAJAK: Scorpio. I'm a Scorpio. So now, you know this: Is there anything I should know -- any guideposts for me?

DAHL: Absolutely. Next year, you are going to have one of your most successful years, and you are going to make more money than you ever made before.

One is going to be with an investment that comes to you, out of the blue, and you are going to take it and you're going to say, oh, I don't know. Well, OK. It is going to be the best thing you ever did. And you are going to be international next year. I mean you are going to be doing something that is going to be repeated internationally.


DAHL: You may be writing a book, but it will have to do with a written and spoken word.

SAJAK: Maybe that summer stock theater I opened up...


SAJAK: finally going to start making some money. You know, we all like to hear good things are going to happen, and, no matter how you feel about it, it is good to hear stuff like that.

DAHL: Makes you feel good.

SAJAK: I will give you a call if anything works out.


SAJAK: Now, a little bit later, we are going to take some calls from folks. What are you going to need to know from them to be able to say anything meaningful?

DAHL: Their birthday.

SAJAK: Does that mean everyone born on that day has...

DAHL: No. But there are certain things that you can't go into before you know the year, but I don't have my ephemeris, so I can't do their charts.

SAJAK: You didn't bring your ephemeris?

DAHL: No, it's a big, big, big, big, big, big thing.

SAJAK: What is an ephemeris? I'm sorry.

DAHL: An ephemeris is a timetable, it's a map that tells where the planets are, at a certain time, in the year, in the day, in the month.

SAJAK: But...

DAHL: Every astrologer uses it.

SAJAK: It's called what again? Ephemeris. DAHL: Ephemeris.

SAJAK: And -- but merely based on the birth date, you can give some...

DAHL: I can give help, yes.

SAJAK: So there are -- I think most of us who are just sort of casual, we see the paper, it says today, you are going to -- I don't know, wax your car.

DAHL: Yes. You read your sun spot in the paper. What I tell them, is to read -- if have your chart done and you know where your moon, your ascendant, and sun sign is, then you read those different months, and you have more of a personalized idea of what is coming.

SAJAK: Most days, I don't know where my socks are, so I guess...

DAHL: In the drawer, did you look?

SAJAK: We are going to be back and be taking those calls in a moment. Now, to test your knowledge about tonight's subject, log on to Larry's Web site at And tune into King's Quiz.



DAHL: May I remind you that months ago you gave me explicit orders to that effect?

JASON MASON, ACTOR: You may not remind me. I do not wish to be corrected by you incessantly.

DAHL: Is that what I'm doing?

MASON: With your looks, with the inflection of your voice, the very posture of your body, your entire presence is a constant criticism of me. I'm tired of it. I've had enough.

DAHL: You've had enough! Well, let me tell you, you -- you dried up walnut of a man, if anyone's had enough it's me. MASON: It's I.

DAHL: It's I, it's me. It's Carla Goetaborg. I quit. I'm leaving.


SAJAK: And then she came here, we're happy to say. Arlene Dahl.

DAHL: Yes, I was from the center of Earth.

SAJAK: I know. I'd forgotten until -- I'd forgotten you were in that.


That was a fun -- that was a fun movie.

DAHL: Yeah, I almost died.

SAJAK: Really?

DAHL: Oh, yes, I almost died in that film.

SAJAK: Now, is this one of the near-death experiences you referred to earlier?

DAHL: Pretty close. Pretty close.

SAJAK: How many? You say you've had three?

DAHL: Pretty close -- I almost drowned in the center of the Earth, you know.

SAJAK: Really?

DAHL: Yeah, on stage. The blooper that had -- I don't know how many tons of water -- I almost drowned when I was child at five and had to be revived with the (UNINTELLIGIBLE) and everything. And I'd regressed to that time. They had me in a hospital.

I must say that James and Pat were very dear.

SAJAK: Pat Boone, and of course, James Mason, who was saw in the -- in the clip.

DAHL: Right.

SAJAK: So what other -- briefly, what other experience -- I don't mean to be brief about near-death..

DAHL: Well, I -- I had an automobile accident. My car turned over and they couldn't find a pulse. Finally, you know, somebody came, and by some miracle. But I made that tunnel, you know, journey.

SAJAK: So, that thing that we hear about the light and all that was there for you.

DAHL: I saw it. I saw it.

SAJAK: And you think -- and you think that something happened to you that gave you some insight?

DAHL: I came back with a little more knowledge than I had before that. And then when Lorenzo was born, we were both supposed to die. And because the -- well, a long story, but -- and I won't talk to you about the doctor and what she did that was wrong. But we didn't. We were saved by this wonderful man who was 20 minutes away. He was in charge of the hospital.

SAJAK: And again, the same kind of experience.

DAHL: Again, the same -- but one extra thing. I saw my mother, who had died when I was 15. And she said, it's not your time, Arlene, go back. I'll be here, I'll be with you always.

So I do feel her presence. I feel my father, who has also gone over. I feel their presence. And all of the husbands that I married that you have talked about, they're all over there.

SAJAK: Your presences are crowded, kiddo. You've got...

DAHL: They're all looking after me tonight.

SAJAK: You have -- there's not much room in your presence.


We would like to take some calls...


SAJAK: ... and I know people are very interested to talk to you, and we're going to go to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hi there.



CALLER: I'm curious what advice you can give me based on my birth date.

DAHL: All right.

CALLER: And it is February 11th, 1960, .

DAHL: Oh...

SAJAK: That would make her a what?

DAHL: That she's an Aquarian.

SAJAK: Of course. DAHL: Lorenzo -- my son, Lorenzo Lamas, is an Aquarian with many planets in Aquarius. And we are living in your age. This is the age of Aquarius, where everything that is anything happens in the air: computers, anything electronic.

I would say that you're a very highly evolved woman, you're very sensitive. If you are married, or not married -- you may be within the next year. If you are married, you may be going through a little problem right now, but that will be settled in -- at the end of July.

Do you know what I'm talking about?

CALLER: I think so.

DAHL: Anything else you want to ask me. Do you have children?

CALLER: I do not and I'm not planning on it, but I have a lot of animals that I consider my children.

DAHL: Well, you -- you're a very spiritual sign and a very spiritual number, 11. And people look to you for advice.

SAJAK: Now, where does the 11 come from? I'm sorry. Where...

DAHL: In numerology.


DAHL: That's a highly...

SAJAK: That must be the effer -- the effervesce. What is it? The...

DAHL: The epithet? What?

SAJAK: You...


I'm sorry. I need to take notes.

What was the chart, the maps and the things? What did you call that other thing? The map...

DAHL: Ephemeris.

SAJAK: Ephemeris. I'll make a note of it. Ephemeris.

DAHL: Ephemeris, yes. You probably spelled it wrong, but it's...


... it's a bible.

SAJAK: It's probably spelled like it sounds. DAHL: Do you have anything else you want to ask me?

CALLER: Just is life going to be good, bad, or can you tell that from a birthday?

DAHL: You have a very lucky sign, so I would say that it's going to be very good for you, but especially after the middle of January -- the middle of July.

SAJAK: Well, there's a lot going on.

DAHL: And are you a career woman?

CALLER: I'm not. But I think I ought to move in that direction.


DAHL: You know, you can talk to animals. You have a very big connection with animals. And perhaps something that involves animals would be a good career move for you.

SAJAK: Well, good luck to you, and we'll take a break and take some more of your calls with Arlene Dahl in just a moment.



DAHL: Everything is so perfect.

Oh, and it will be for a lifetime. We'll share all the beauty there ever was. Everything starts from now, from this moment. After we're married, we'll remember how...


SAJAK: Arlene Dahl with Rock Hudson.

DAHL: I remember it well.

SAJAK: Well, you should. Were you surprised by all the revelations that came later in his life?

DAHL: Yes, I was. Rock was a very good friend of mine, and wonderful sense of humor, also a Scorpio.

SAJAK: But bit his nails you told me during the break.

DAHL: He bit his nails and I was determined to cure him.

SAJAK: How does one do that? Now, when you're a child you put some of that bitter stuff on the nails...

DAHL: Yes. Well, I tried that.

SAJAK: What did you do? DAHL: That didn't help much. But I -- I came up with an idea. I said: "Rock, at the end of the film, if you don't bite your nails -- and I'm going to check them every morning -- I'll give you a gold star, and if you get x amount gold stars, I will give you a wonderful present at the end of this picture." I wouldn't tell him what the present was.

SAJAK: Yeah. Would you tell me?

DAHL: But his curiosity was such...


SAJAK: Mine is sort of...

DAHL: That he very -- once in a while, he got a silver star because he bit one or two, but had the number of gold stars.

SAJAK: So did he get his gift?

DAHL: Yes.

SAJAK: And what was it?

DAHL: It was a big tankard, silver -- sterling silver tankard, with his name on it, and the date and the name of the film. And with a little personal note from me.

SAJAK: And did he -- and I hope he stayed...

DAHL: Well, I -- the years go by and you don't always check.

SAJAK: You can't always check. You can't call him and check his nails.

Gastonia, North Carolina, on the line now for Arlene Dahl.

CALLER: Are you ready?

SAJAK: Yes, please, go ahead.

DAHL: We're ready.

CALLER: OK. My question is, I was born, I was a premature baby, and I was born September 13th, 1955. But I was born three months early. Would that have any bearing on my astrological sign?

SAJAK: That's a good question. Are things out of whack?

DAHL: That's a very good question, and the answer is no, it has no bearing on anything. The minute you take your first breath and make your first yell, that's your time of birth.

SAJAK: Anything to say to this lady, given the date? The date was what, I'm sorry?

CALLER: September 13.

DAHL: Virgo.


DAHL: Well, Virgos always land on their feet. I would say that...

SAJAK: My cat is a Virgo, so I think you have something there.

DAHL: Oh,..

SAJAK: Larry, I'm sorry. I'm just hear to...

DAHL: Do you have animals, by the way?

CALLER: One cat, but I love animals.

DAHL: Oh, you're a cat person. Well, I tell you, you're going to make a transition. Within the next six months you're going to move or extend your present living quarters. You're going to be decorating -- and by the way, you should be a -- you should work with color. You would be a very good decorator.

SAJAK: There you go. So you could decorate your cat.

DAHL: Is there anything else?


CALLER: Well, my husband and I, we've been married just a couple of years. He's a Scorpio.

DAHL: A-ha.

CALLER: Is that a good match?

DAHL: Well, it's pretty hot.


DAHL: And he is very controlling, and you like your things just so. Does he like the cat?

SAJAK: Does your husband like the cat? You know, most men in life, they try to look for a woman who doesn't like cats. I mean, women tend...

DAHL: They like dogs.

SAJAK: Yeah, I think men basically are dog...

DAHL: Most men don't like cats. Does your husband like the cat?

SAJAK: Well, we'll never know.

DAHL: We'll never know. We'll never know.

SAJAK: But we'll know something from Tucson, Arizona. You're on with Arlene Dahl.

DAHL: Yes?

CALLER: Ms. Dahl, I wanted to ask you about move that I'm contemplating from Tucson to Portland. My birth date is May 20, 1957.

DAHL: Uh-huh.

SAJAK: And are you concerned if that's a good move for you? Is that what you're asking?


DAHL: Is there someone else that you're going to see, or someone else that's going to be traveling with you?

CALLER: My daughter will be moving with me, and I'll have a job there that's lovely, and some family there. And I'm just wondering if you think that's a good idea.

DAHL: I think it's a wonderful idea. What month are you go going to go?


DAHL: July what?

CALLER: July -- the closing on the house is the 2nd, maybe the 15th.

DAHL: I would say to move about the 17th. You want to move when Jupiter makes its move.


DAHL: Jupiter, being the good luck sign.

SAJAK: This would be Jupiter Van Lines.

DAHL: That's right.


SAJAK: They're in the Yellow Pages. You'll be able to find them.


SAJAK: Good luck. Good luck with the move.

DAHL: You will have a wonderful time.

SAJAK: Now, you're being -- you like to be that specific about days? I mean, move July 17th, that's pretty specific stuff. Because something is happening, so...

DAHL: Yeah.

SAJAK: Yeah.

DAHL: There is going to be a change in the sign of the Zodiac that rules good luck, good fortune, expansion.

SAJAK: All right. Well, we're going to take another break and we'll take some more calls. But going to break, we've seen some wonderful clips with you and other wonderful stars. And here we're going to take a look at you and Jane Russell, as we go to commercial. Take a look.

DAHL: Oh, good! What did we do together?


DAHL: One, two, three.



UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I'll tell you something that really hurt Lisa -- that you were willing to swindle em out of millions of dollars.

DAHL: Oh, come on, let's face facts. The last thing you need in all this world is more money. Now let me tell you what hurt me. Your trying to put me into financial ruin -- that's what hurt me.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Oh, Lucy, I just let you stew a while. I'd have given you the money back.

DAHL: I'll never know if that's the truth, will I?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: No, Lucy, like you said, the last thing I need is more money.


SAJAK: Back live in New York, LARRY KING LIVE. Pat Sajak for Larry tonight. That was Arlene Dahl in "One Life to Live." Early '80s, you were there.

DAHL: Phil Carey.

SAJAK: Yeah, Phil Carey.

DAHL: We did a movie together in Europe, 20 years before that.

SAJAK: Now, there were -- I know you had a good time on the show.

DAHL: Oh, we had a wonderful time. SAJAK: But there were some economic reasons you did that show, right?

DAHL: Oh, absolutely. My then husband left, and left -- forgot to pay the taxes...

SAJAK: Just an oversight.


DAHL: Just an oversight!

SAJAK: Well, that's a way you had a good experience.

DAHL: About $3 million worth of taxes, which I tried to pay back for two years and then I -- you know, my present husband said, listen, you've got kids to put through school. You'd better pay attention to...

SAJAK: Well, it led to a good experience in your life.

DAHL: So I did something I never thought I would do. I declared bankruptcy. I was advised to do so, and then I signed a contract. And next week I signed a contract with ABC for four years to do "One Life To Live."

SAJAK: See? Things have a way of working out sometimes.

DAHL: Yes.

SAJAK: Vancouver, British Columbia, for Arlene Dahl.

CALLER: Hi, Arlene, I think you're great.

DAHL: Oh, thank you.

CALLER: Yes, I'm a Leo, born August 15, 1960, and I have Aquarius rising at 90 degrees, and then I have five planets in my seventh house.

DAHL: You have what?

SAJAK: Five planets in her seventh house.

CALLER: I have my sun my sun conjunct Mercury and Uranus and Leo. trying to...

SAJAK: This may be getting too technical.

DAHL: Well, you know a lot about astrology.

SAJAK: So do you have a question?

CALLER: Well, I'd like to know -- OK, and my Jupiter is in Sag, trying my sun, and I'd like to know career, money, within the next year, what's going to happen. SAJAK: Well, where did you say you live?

CALLER: Vancouver, Canada.

DAHL: In Canada. Have you tried to writing? I seem to get a feeling that the written and spoken word would be wonderful for you. Have you tried theater, have you tried television, have you tried writing articles for your newspaper?

CALLER: I have been published and I'm actually working on a screenplay.

SAJAK: So you would encourage her to continue.

DAHL: I would absolutely encourage you to continue that way. And also, there's a big love coming into your life before the of the year.

SAJAK: Lots to look forward to in Canada. Going to break, we're going to see you working with your son, Lorenzo. What is the project? "Night of the Warrior," you're familiar with this?

DAHL: Oh, "Night of the Warrior," OK.

SAJAK: She seems pretty thrilled about it.

DAHL: Oh, I'm thrilled.



UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: You look beautiful, Edie.

DAHL: Really?


DAHL: You really think so? I haven't worn this since, oh, it's over 20 years. Last time I wore it was on Broadway, when I danced with Tony Martin.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: We made the last mortgage payment. This place is finally ours. We don't have to pay Lynch another cent.

DAHL: Listen to what they're playing. Remember this?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I gotta go look up Edie.

DAHL: Please, just once. For old time's sake. Please. Come on, just once. One dance.



SAJAK: You can now log on to Larry's Web site at king and the answer to King's Quiz will be revealed.

And we are revealing Arlene Dahl right here in our studio. You mentioned the Mother's Day "Hollywood Squares" you are doing with Lorenzo, airing this week. We have a little clip from that.

DAHL: Good.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Lorenzo Lamas stars in the syndicated TV series "The Immortal." And his mom, Arlene Dahl.

True or False: the ferocious barbarian Atilla the Hun was actually a dwarf who died while making love.

DAHL: Oh, he should know that.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Henry Ford put something in the early Model-T Ford to discourage love-making. What?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Arlene, he is the only film critic to ever have won a Pulitzer Prize. Who is he?

DAHL: Film critic?

LAMAS: You married him.

DAHL: No. Not this time.


SAJAK: We have another Mother's Day surprise from you, because in our CNN studios in Los Angeles is Lorenzo Lamas.

Hi, Lorenzo. How are you?

LAMAS: I'm fine. Hi, mom.

DAHL: Hi, sweetheart, I talked to you today. You were going to fly to San Luis Obispo.

LAMAS: I did and I'm back.

SAJAK: Did you have fun on the show? On the "Squares."

LAMAS: Great fun. The fact that we fit in the square was amazing. All this hair going on.

SAJAK: I have a question: Why did mom roll her eyes a little bit? We showed a clip from "Night of the Warrior."

LAMAS: Because I worked my mother so hard on that movie, and she was a professional all the way. Remember, mom? I mean, we worked all night on that one particular scene.

DAHL: Absolutely.

LAMAS: She was so good about it. Such a sport. You know, working for scale and everything.

DAHL: He is a great director, I must say. You know, my son, the actor, but he's a great director, too.

SAJAK: We have been talking about astrology a lot, Lorenzo. Is that something that interests you? Do you follow it? Do you understand it?

LAMAS: No. Not too much, no.

DAHL: Wanted you to tell that story.

LAMAS: No. No, I tell you what's interesting is that my mother -- I think she -- I know for a fact she's one of the most positive people in my life. And, I think astrology somehow has given her a forum to bring all that positive energy to the world, and to the people around her, to her family, to her friends, and I think it is a gift and I -- although I don't follow it, you know, strictly speaking, I have been given many, many words of advice from her, that have turned out to be true. And...

SAJAK: We all like to hear good things, and if it gives you a positive spirit, I think it is all to the good.

LAMAS: Well, yeah. For an example, I was working in Canada last year on a television series and I was spending all week away from my family. Shauna, who, by the way, says, "Hi, mom." And I was flying back to Los Angeles, for the weekend and flying back up to Vancouver, during the week, and it was just a tedious and hectic schedule, I wasn't spending a lot of time at home, and Shauna called my mom. She said, you know, Arlene, we are really wrestling with this, and my mom said, don't worry, because next year it is going to all change.

She said next year, you will not worry about being apart, you won't have to worry about the back-and-forth, just trust me, everything is going to work out. Of course, I thought my series was going to get canceled. You know, but what turned out to be a reality is that I'm going to be shooting the series in Australia, starting in August, and Shauna and our three children are all moving down there together.

So we will be together. I will be working, and it all worked out and mom knew this long before any producer made the call.

SAJAK: I bet she's a good grandma, too?

LAMAS: She's a wonderful grandmother.

DAHL: I love to sing lullabies.

LAMAS: The children love her. Alexander, our 3-year-old, is absolutely enamored by her. Mom walks into the house, it is everything is like, lit up. She lights everything up around her. And Alexander is in love with a grandma.

SAJAK: Lorenzo, thanks for taking the time...

LAMAS: My pleasure.

SAJAK: This was probably...

DAHL: Your plane.

SAJAK: This is probably an easy booking for us, considering...

DAHL: Two-for-one.

SAJAK: It was great to see you. Thanks.

LAMAS: Great to see you, too. I love you, mom.

DAHL: I love you, too, sweetheart.

SAJAK: He's going to be OK. He is...

DAHL: He's a good son.

SAJAK: He's a good boy.

DAHL: He is.

He's my renegade son.

SAJAK: It was delightful having you here. And you know, as I have said, during the show several times, while I'm not a devotee of the subject, it is great fun, and it is great to hear positive thoughts, and I will call you when the investment comes in, and when I find out exactly...

DAHL: Get busy on that book.

SAJAK: I will get busy on the book.


SAJAK: Maybe I should read one first, before I write it.

DAHL: Never hurts.

SAJAK: Arlene Dahl, great to have you with us.

DAHL: Good to see you, Pat.

SAJAK: Thanks for being with us.

Tomorrow, Liz Smith from New York will be our guest for the hour. We'll see you then. Bye-bye.