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Interview with Anna Nicole Smith

Aired May 29, 2002 - 21:00   ET


LARRY KING, HOST: Good evening. A great pleasure to welcome to LARRY KING LIVE tonight, Anna Nicole Smith, the model, actress, former playmate of the year, and you read about her involvement in the courts and her late husband. We've got lots to talk about.

Also with us here in Los Angeles is Howard Stern. He is Anna Nicole's personal attorney. The world knows her as Anna Nicole Smith. That's not your given name, though, right? Vickie Lynn Marshall, is your -- that's the birth certificate, right?

ANNA NICOLE SMITH: No, that's my married name, actually.

KING: Oh, that's right. Was Vickie Lynn your real name?

SMITH: Vickie Lynn Hogan is my birth certificate's name.

KING: Who changed it to Anna Nicole Smith?

SMITH: That's my other married name. That's my first married name.

KING: Your first husband was named Smith.

SMITH: Right.

KING: And your second husband was named Marshall?

SMITH: Right.

KING: Where did Anna Nicole come from?

SMITH: Anna Nicole came from Guess Jeans, Paul Marciano and me and one of his friends we were sitting around coming up with a stage name, and that's where that came from.

KING: Did Guess Jeans hire you to be their model after the playmate of the year or before?

SMITH: Before.

KING: So, you went to work for them before "Playboy" magazine caught on to you?

SMITH: Right. KING: And, Howard, how long have you represented Anna?

HOWARD STERN, ANNA NICOLE SMITH'S ATTORNEY: I've represented her for about five years, about five years.

KING: So, you've been with her through all of this...

STERN: Through a lot of this.

KING: ... all of this...


KING: ... struggle so to speak?


KING: Let's go back a little? You had a tough background, didn't you? You were raised in a -- your parents divorced shortly after you were born. You never went beyond eighth grade. It was a tough childhood?

SMITH: Well, a time, tough time.

KING: In Texas?

SMITH: In Texas.

KING: How were you discovered? How did Guess Jeans find you?

SMITH: I did a "Playboy" -- actually, when I went to -- (UNINTELLIGIBLE) -- OK. There was an ad in the paper for "Playboys" playmates, and I went to the ad and took some pictures. And "Playboy" called me and flew me to Los Angeles, and I was on the March cover of 1992, and that's the cover that Paul Marciano saw.

KING: I see. So, they saw you when you were on the cover, but not when you were playmate of the year?

SMITH: Right.

KING: That was after.

SMITH: Right.

KING: And they hired you off that?

SMITH: Right.

KING: And were you...

SMITH: It was like eight months later.

KING: ... were you a model before applying to "Playboy" to take your picture?

SMITH: What?

KING: What made you do that to the ...?

SMITH: Because I wanted to become a model and an actress, so I thought, well, here we go. But I chickened out four times before I did that, though. It was really scary.

KING: You did? Were you married at the time?

SMITH: I was not married at the time.

KING: Were you divorced?

SMITH: Well, wait a minute. Let me think. I was not divorced at the time. I was still married, but I was separated and we were living -- my husband was living in Mahare (ph), Texas and I was living in Houston. I had moved from Mahare (ph) to Houston.

KING: When they -- was it tough for you the first time to be photographed?

SMITH: Absolutely.

KING: The little girl from Texas, it don't happen everyday, right?

SMITH: Right.

KING: How'd you get through it?

SMITH: They talked to me a lot. They just kind of talked me out of my robe, for about 30 minutes. It took about 30 minutes, and then I was just like...

KING: What did being on the cover mean to you other than the -- I mean, did it get you a lot of attention other than the jeans thing?

SMITH: In my hometown, it did.

KING: Yes. I mean, you were the rage, I guess.

SMITH: Right, right.

KING: Did you have a child at the time?

SMITH: I had my son, Daniel.

KING: How old is he now?

SMITH: He's 16.

KING: The first time I talked with you I think he was 8 or 9 or 10?

SMITH: Yes, he was a baby back then.

KING: You raised him through all of these trials and tribulations that you've gone through?

SMITH: I have.

KING: How did you meet what would become the story of your life now, and how did you meet J. Howard Marshall?

SMITH: I met my husband in a gentlemen's bar. He had come in, and I came over and talked to him and...

KING: This was after the Guess Jeans and everything?

SMITH: No, this was during -- this was before everything.

KING: Oh, so, you knew him a long time?

SMITH: Right. Right.

KING: He was in the bar. You were performing?

SMITH: Right. I went over and met him, and he had asked me to go to a lunch with him the following day, and I did. And it was the last time that I ever danced.

KING: Why? He said don't?

SMITH: He told me -- he asked me, could I see him the following day and I told him that I had to work, and he gave me an envelope. And I was back with him the following day. And we have been together for many years.

KING: How much older was he?

SMITH: He was -- I was 23, I believe, and he was 86.

KING: All right, now, I guess the obvious question, Howard must have asked it too.

STERN: Everybody asks this question.

KING: What did you see? What did a 23-year-old girl see in an 86-year-old man?

SMITH: I saw a very sick man. Someone that was just really, really sick and...

KING: Physically sick?

SMITH: Physically ailing. And I just wanted to just talk with him and (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

KING: You didn't feel attracted to him?

SMITH: No...

KING: Or did you?

SMITH: ... there was no physical attraction at all.

KING: Ever.

SMITH: Ever.

KING: He was attracted to you, though.

SMITH: Yes. He was very much attracted to me.

KING: How long before he asked you to marry him?

SMITH: Well, within a week.

KING: How did you react to that?

SMITH: I was blown away. But he's a sweetie.

KING: You refused.

SMITH: I turned him down. I said that I had wanted to try and make something out of my life before.

KING: What did he think of you doing the "Playboy" thing?

SMITH: He supported me 100 percent.

KING: He was behind that?

SMITH: Right.

KING: And you knew how wealthy he was? Did you know how wealthy?

SMITH: No, I didn't know at all how wealthy he was.

KING: So, would you go on dates? I mean, what was the courtship, if that can be called that, like?

SMITH: We went to dinner every night. We went to lunch every day.

KING: All right. Didn't you feel, Anna, a little strange? I mean, you weren't physically attracted, but obviously he was attracted to you. He's proposing to you, and he could be your great- grandfather. He could have made great-grandfather.

SMITH: He could.

KING: But certainly grandfather. Why were you doing this, lunch, dinner?

SMITH: Because he took me out of a horrible place and was taking care of me and my son, and I loved him for that.

KING: Loved him as a person?

SMITH: Loved him as a person. KING: What was the horrible place? What was life like for you before him and the "Playboy" and the Guess Jeans and all that? What was life like for you and Daniel? Why were you in a bar?

SMITH: Well, because I tried working at other places and I just -- I couldn't. I couldn't make ends meet. I tried Red Lobster. I tried Wal-Mart. I tried all these places and I couldn't make it. I couldn't. So, I tried this gentlemen's club, and, you know, I worked there, and it was just awful in those placed. It was terrible. And he saved me from that.

KING: What did you have to do dance?

SMITH: I had to dance and...

KING: Topless?

SMITH: Topless. And it was really horrible for me. But, you know, the clubs are dark and -- but it was still -- it just...

KING: Tough for Daniel, too?

SMITH: It was -- yes.

KING: Our guest Anna Nicole Smith with her attorney Howard Stern. You're watching LARRY KING LIVE. Don't go away.


SMITH: It is a very big honor for me. I have always wanted this. I am just so happy and thrilled and I am so glad Mr. Hefner chose me and all my fans out there that called out there, thank you. And I am just really, really excited.




SMITH: One thing about living in a small town, I knew everybody and everybody knew me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She was an ornery child.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She used to be built like a boy.


KING: Anna Nicole Smith, married briefly at 17, had a child from that marriage, Daniel, who's now 19.

SMITH: Sixteen.

KING: Sixteen. What's he doing, high school?

SMITH: High school.

KING: Doing well?

SMITH: Honor student, straight A's. Yes.

KING: Was Mr. Marshall good to Daniel?

SMITH: Absolutely.

KING: Yes, so he was a good stepfather?

SMITH: Oh, absolutely.

KING: And how did Daniel handle all of this?

SMITH: My life?

KING: Yes, your marriage to the older man, how did he deal with it?

SMITH: He dealt with it very well. He's -- we've just always stuck together through our whole lives.

KING: Did he get kidded about it?


KING: At school, no?

SMITH: No, he was too young for that, I think.

KING: One would imagine he went to private school?

SMITH: Right. He's been to a lot of private schools.

KING: How long did this -- you worked at -- you worked at a fried chicken restaurant, right? I mean, you had a lot of...


KING: ... kind of lower-end jobs?

SMITH: Right.

KING: Nothing menial about that, but it was -- it must have been tough?

SMITH: Well, at Crispy Fried Chicken, I worked there for four years, that was fun, that was...

KING: What did you do?

SMITH: I was a breakfast cook.

STERN: That's how she met her first husband.

SMITH: Yes. That's how -- my first husband, yes.

KING: He came in for breakfast?

SMITH: No, he worked there.


SMITH: He worked there. At first I was a waitress. I -- and then I became later a breakfast cook and he worked in the back. So that's where I met my first husband.

KING: That marriage didn't last long, though?

SMITH: No, it didn't.

KING: All right. Well, how did the relationship develop with him until you -- why did you finally accept marriage?

SMITH: With my husband?

KING: Yes.

SMITH: Well, I made it...

KING: How long did he chase you, in a sense? How long did he court you?

SMITH: He courted me until I married him.

KING: How many -- was it years?

STERN: It was two and a half years. And that's when...

KING: That was indeed part of the case, right?

STERN: Yes, that's one of the big misconceptions...

KING: I want to get to that.

STERN: ... is that people always emphasize a 14-month marriage, but they had a two-and-a-half-year relationship before they actually got married.

KING: The assumption was that you met him, took advantage of him, married him a week.


KING: You did not?


KING: He asked you to marry him and was after you for two and a half years.

SMITH: Yes, he was. KING: Why did you finally accept?

SMITH: Because I promised him that I would marry him after I made something of myself, and I got to where I was a name. And I promised him, and it was time to do something. And I wanted to have children.

KING: Because you owed it to him?

SMITH: I owed it to him. I wanted kids, and it was time to get married.

KING: But he couldn't have gotten kids -- given you kids, could he?

SMITH: We tried.

KING: You did?

SMITH: We tried, but it didn't happen.

KING: Was it difficult to be physical with someone that much older?


KING: Not at all?

SMITH: Not at all.

KING: Because I guess everyone imagines that, wouldn't you, Howard?

STERN: Not really.


STERN: Not really, now knowing my client and now knowing where Howard Marshall took her out of and knowing her now. The true love that they did have. So, to me it's not -- it's not difficult to perceive. I think maybe before I had met her...

KING: You would have perceived...

STERN: Yes, I would have thought that.

KING: As the audience would. Yes. Did you -- would you say you loved him?

SMITH: I loved him very much.

KING: Now, without being in love, right?


KING: I mean, you weren't physically... SMITH: I wasn't physically, oh, my God, you hot, hot body, you know, like that. It was just I loved him for so much of what he did for me and my son. I mean, I just loved him so -- I've never had love like that before. No one has ever loved me and done things for me and respected me and didn't care about what people said about me. I mean, he truly loved me and I loved him for it.

KING: He was kind.

SMITH: He was very, very kind to me.

KING: Where did you and he live?

SMITH: We lived in Houston.

KING: That's where his business was? He had retired, right?

SMITH: Right. Right. No, he went to work every day.

KING: What was his business?

SMITH: Seven a.m. to 5:00 p.m. He was in the oil business.

KING: Oil.

SMITH: Right.

KING: When he died, how old was he?

SMITH: He was 90.

KING: And what did he die of?

SMITH: Pneumonia.

KING: Did you know it was coming?

SMITH: I didn't know it was coming that quickly.

KING: Were you with him when he died?

SMITH: No, I was not.

KING: You were home?

SMITH: I was out on a job.

KING: What kind of work were you doing?

SMITH: I don't remember exactly what job I was on.

KING: I mean -- was it in modeling?

SMITH: It was a modeling job.

KING: So, you've always worked as a model, right? SMITH: Right.

KING: How did you find out he passed away?

SMITH: By telephone.

KING: Were you shocked?

SMITH: I was very shocked. Yes, it was...

KING: Did you go right to the hospital?

SMITH: No, I had a seizure and went to another hospital.

KING: You had a seizure?


KING: You were that close?


KING: Where was the reading of the will, Howard?

STERN: You know, this is something that I -- it's kind of a tough subject for her. But she -- because she was not close at all with Pierce Marshall, to say the least...

KING: Pierce Marshall is her -- his son?

STERN: The son, right. She wasn't informed of...

KING: That there was a will reading?

STERN: ... of most of the things that went on. And, you know, wasn't able to get copies of documents and, you know, she really was kept out of the loop.

SMITH: I wasn't allowed to see my husband.

KING: What do you mean?

STERN: She was...

KING: You weren't allowed to see the...

STERN: ... prevented from...

KING: Funeral?

STERN: Well, they -- it's a -- you know, it's a morbid story and it's the kind of...

KING: I never heard this one.

STERN: ... thing that... KING: She couldn't go to...

STERN: ... I don't know if...

KING: ... her husband's funeral, Anna?

STERN: They had separate funerals. They ultimately had separate funerals.

SMITH: They would only let me see my husband for...

STERN: It was...

SMITH: Like 30 minutes per day.

STERN: ... Yes, there was limitations on the amount of time that she could see...

KING: There was a wake?

STERN: No, we're talking about when Howard was alive, there was limitations on the amount of time...

KING: Oh, when he was in the hospital?

STERN: ... that she could...

SMITH: No, when he was at home.

STERN: ... Not -- even when he was at home.

KING: Well, couldn't -- didn't he have a say in it?

STERN: Well...

SMITH: He wanted -- yes, he did. No, they -- he didn't.

KING: You mean they kept you out of the house?

STERN: It was bad.


KING: How could they do that if you're his wife?

STERN: There was a guardianship of the person imposed by...

KING: You mean he was deemed incapable of making his own decisions?

STERN: ... it wasn't over his finances, it was over his person. And, you know, Pierce would say that it was for health reasons that he couldn't see someone for more than 30 minutes at a time. And the restrictions got loosened up later, but...

KING: But when you saw him... (CROSSTALK)

KING: ... didn't he say I want to see you more?

SMITH: He held his hand out.

KING: And he was powerless?


KING: We'll let you get a little rest here. We'll be right back with Anna Nicole Smith and Howard Stern on this addition of LARRY KING LIVE. Don't go away.


KING: We thank Anna Nicole Smith for being with us and her attorney, Howard Stern, for making this possible and for cooperating. We realize this is very difficult, but this was -- were incredible times for everyone concerned.

Did you realize that the public looked at this as kind of like gold-digger?

SMITH: Yes, I did.

KING: How did that make you feel?

SMITH: It made me feel very angry because the time that, you know, I could have already married my husband, you know, I did it just for that fact. I wanted to make a name for myself so that wouldn't happen. And it hit me in the face anyway.

KING: You think you got a bad deal?

SMITH: I got a big -- I did.

KING: Should you have come forward more and explained it more? Should you have said, and I'll ask Howard this too -- in retrospect, this all is -- should you have said hey, folks, this man has taken care of me for two and a half years. I love him. I'm going to do the best I can by him. I told him I wouldn't -- this story, why didn't you tell it publicly then?

SMITH: Well, I was going to tell it publicly in 1994 on New Year's Eve at the Playboy Mansion. It was when we were going to come out with this. And, unfortunately, that's when he got sick.

KING: And they got a kind of guardianship that could keep you away? Boy, oh, boy, it must of -- were you banging on the door? Were you -- did you legally fight this, Howard?

SMITH: I tried.

STERN: Yes, there was...

SMITH: I tried. I was in court every day. STERN: Yes, an independent guardian was ultimately appointed by the court.

KING: Independent from both sides of the family?

STERN: From both sides of the family who made his own determinations.

KING: How did you eventually learn of how much you were supposed to get? How did you eventually learn of the will?

STERN: Well...

SMITH: Well...

STERN: ... see, now it was...

SMITH: Let him do the...

KING: OK, Howard, how did you learn?

STERN: Yes, I mean this -- what people don't realize about this whole court fight is that all Anna Nicole is trying for is what her husband...

KING: Left her.

STERN: ... wanted her to have, wanted her to have. And this is -- it's not an estate battle. It's actually Howard during his life and -- this is all in David Carter's court opinion, the U.S. District Court judge out here.

KING: So, there was no will, per se?

STERN: Well, you know, they...

KING: But, there was a trust?

STERN: ... on Pierce's side they'll say there was so many wills and so many trusts, and she wasn't in any of them. But...

KING: So, eventually she was awarded how much, finally?

STERN: Well, the final judgment from the U.S. District Court judge is about $89 million. And that's a review of the bankruptcy court where the bankruptcy court judge awarded approximately 475 million.

KING: So, the bankruptcy court awarded 475 million, the federal judge reduced it to 89 million, and they're still appealing that?

STERN: Well, we don't know yet for sure. But I would expect an appeal. And in court filings, they've stated their desire to appeal again. You know, sometimes when you have really wealthy litigants like E. Pierce Marshall, justice takes time. And we'll be here to the end. KING: How do you live now, Anna, if you haven't seen any of the money yet?

SMITH: Well, I've lived -- I'm starting to live better, but it was really rough on me, I mean.

KING: How did you support yourself?

SMITH: It wasn't easy.

KING: Did you get work?

SMITH: I couldn't. I mean, I got really sick, really sick from everything.

KING: Physically sick?

SMITH: Physically really sick from everything. So, I really...

KING: Were you laid up?

SMITH: ... didn't work. And...

KING: How did your son handle this? Were you able to be a full- time mother?

SMITH: Yes, but it was hard because I was always in bed or in the hospital, you know...

KING: Was this emotional as well as physical?

SMITH: Very much so.

KING: We'll be right back with more of Anna Nicole Smith and Howard Stern, her attorney. Her son is here. A good-looking kid, by the way.

Tomorrow nignt on LARRY KING LIVE, Jack Hanna of the Columbus Zoo returns with a wild assortment of animals and I will take them on. That's tomorrow night on LARRY KING LIVE.



SMITH: What are you doing?

LESLIE NIELSEN, ACTOR: I'm just contemplating my next move.

SMITH: Your bishop is exposed.

NIELSEN: It's these pants. I usually wear a fuller cut.

SMITH: You're all man. I like that in my men.

NIELSEN: You are coming on to me big time, sister. You are praying like a kitten with a fresh mouth, but we got a problem.

SMITH: You're Jewish?

NIELSEN No. You're Rocco's girl, and in my book that chapter is called look but don't touch.

SMITH: I could have two lovers.

NIELSEN: Kinky, but I like my sex the way I play basketball -- one on one and with as little dribbling as possible.


KING: In a little while we'll be getting to what Anna Nicole Smith is going to be doing now. And we'll have a little bit of a news item for you here when we ask her that. And we'll get to that. How did you react to all -- all right, now he's gone. Now you're in a court fight that lasts...

STERN: Seven years right now.

KING: Seven years, right?

SMITH: Right.

KING: You draw no money during this.

SMITH: None.

KING: (UNINTELLIGIBLE), right? So, anything you get you have to earn yourself.

SMITH: Right.

KING: And you're sick and you're in bed and you're depressed and you have physical illness and emotional illness.

SMITH: Right.

KING: And at the same time, tabloids are having a field day with you.

SMITH: Right.

KING: How did you react?

SMITH: It was -- it's been, it's been hell. I mean, it's been really, really hard between the hospitals and the ulcers and the nervous breakdowns.

KING: Did you ever think maybe it isn't worth it? I know it's a lot of money, but maybe I should just leave it alone and say goodbye?

SMITH: I'm going to fight until the end. My husband is worth it. I'll fight until the end.

KING: He wanted you to have this?

SMITH: He wanted me to have it and I'll fight until the end.

KING: Did the trust specify an amount, or did it just keep growing as...

STERN: Well, that's the thing, we haven't received the trust. The trust was never produced in court.

KING: All right. How did they come up with 88.5 million, why not 86, why not 92?

STERN: Well, that's Judge Carter's determination, essentially.

KING: How much was he worth?

STERN: He was worth a lot. He was worth a lot. There's been bitter disputes as to his exact worth. But he was -- there's no question that he was a very, very wealthy man.

KING: So, Pierce, the son who fought you. The other son did not fight it as much, right?

STERN: Well, the other son actually filed a lawsuit against Pierce, and that's something that has worked its way and is working its way through the Texas court system.

KING: But no one is poor out of this? These two sons are going to do all right?

STERN: Well, as of now...

KING: Anna Nicole is poor today.

STERN: As of now Pierce has everything and Anna Nicole has not collected a penny from even this judgment.

SMITH: Not even a widow's allowance, spousal support, nothing.

KING: No, even we'll give you something-something a month?


STERN: Not since Howard...

KING: Wait a minute, now no one's denying that the marriage took place, right?

SMITH: Right.

KING: Or that you didn't live together.

SMITH: Right.

STERN: you know, again these are issues . that is why we are in court. KING: you are saying that you will never give up.

SMITH: right

KING: Do you carry a locket of his?


KING: What is -- do you have it?

SMITH: Yes. You want to see?

KING: Yes. What do you keep in it?

SMITH: This is the day we got married and he -- we threw doves. And he laughs, and I just remember the day (UNINTELLIGIBLE). Me throwing a dove away and him laughing.

KING: I see that, yes.

SMITH: Really cute.

KING: You're releasing a dove.

SMITH: And he's laughing.

KING: And he's getting a good laugh. Where were you married?

SMITH: We were married at a chapel.


SMITH: The Doves Chapel (ph) in Houston.

KING: In Houston. Where did you honeymoon?

SMITH: We honeymooned in Bali.

KING: Are you engaged?

SMITH: No. This is just an old ring. It -

KING: Was he very, very generous with you?

SMITH: Very much, very much.

KING: Was it hard not to take advantage of that when someone is giving you anything you want?

SMITH: No, because he always had me a present. He just -- he was so giving and he was just such a giving man. He just loved to see me smile, and...

KING: Now, the time that you were married.


KING: Before they got this guardianship.

SMITH: Right.

KING: What was life like?

SMITH: It was just wonderful.

KING: You continued to work.

SMITH: I worked.

KING: He wanted you to work. He didn't stop you from...

SMITH: He wanted me to work.

KING: ... working.


KING: You tried to have a baby?

SMITH: Tried to have a baby.

KING: Where were you living, in Texas?

SMITH: Right.

KING: And he went to work every day?

SMITH: Every day from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. And then we'd go to dinner, and then he'd be home in bed by 7:00. And then I'd go and take my dance classes that he paid for. And then I had -- you know, I had my night life. He knew it. He paid for it. I had my life. He had his life.

KING: But you didn't see other men?

SMITH: No. No. Never. As you can see, I always went to premiers by myself. I was always alone.

KING: Because he couldn't stay up late?

SMITH: No, because I was in California.

KING: Oh, you were out here and he was in Texas...

SMITH: Right.

KING: ... and you were out here.

SMITH: I'd fly out here and go to premiers and stuff by myself. I didn't have a boyfriend.

KING: And never got attracted to anyone... SMITH: No girlfriends.

KING: ... in that time?

SMITH: No. No, I had a honey at home.

KING: Talk to him every day?

SMITH: Every day. I was -- he called me his sleeping pill. Every night I had to call him, and he called me his sleeping pill.

KING: What was -- did she have to testify in any of the court cases?

STERN: She's testified so many times. She's testified in three different court proceedings and...

KING: Was she a good witness?

STERN: ... it goes on and on. She's an honest witness. So that's a good witness.

KING: Did you ever ask the family, the other litigants for a specific -- did you ever say look, give me 30 million, 50 million and we'll forget the whole thing and it'll go away.

STERN: OK. That's something that, you know, I wish she could talk about. But honestly, that's something that we're really not permitted to talk about.

KING: But there has been no settlement?

STERN: There has been no settlement to this date.

KING: We'll be right back with more of Anna Nicole Smith and Howard Stern. Don't go away.


QUESTION: How you feeling emotionally?

SMITH: Well, I'm very nervous.

All the facts are going to come out and I will prevail.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She is not going to make any comments about the case.

SMITH: I am just going to get lots of sleep.

QUESTION: Are you glad it's over, Anna?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She is going to hold up great. She is going to do just fine.


KING: Before we talk about what you're going to be doing and what you might do if everything works out financially, being in the spotlight, dealing with people saying mean things about you. It's been tough?

SMITH: It's been tough.

KING: You had -- there were reports that you were addicted. That you were in rehab.

SMITH: Right.

KING: Were you?

SMITH: True. But they say I was in there for drugs. I was in there for painkillers.

KING: You took what? You got addicted to prescription painkillers?

SMITH: I got addicted to pain pills and also alcohol when my husband was dying and when he died.

KING: Where were you treated?

SMITH: I called and put my own self into Betty Ford and got my own self well. But, no, did I get any pity from anyone? No.

KING: Did Betty Ford work those 28 days?

SMITH: It worked. It got me off everything. It was hard. I hated it. I'll never go back.

KING: It's an amazing place.

SMITH: Oh, it's horrible.

KING: You didn't like it?

SMITH: They treat you terribly.

KING: But Betty always tells us how successful they are.

SMITH: They're horrible. .

KING: Being large breasted, did you have breast augmentation?

SMITH: Yes, I did.

KING: Up or down?

SMITH: Both.

KING:. Aren't there downsides to it?

SMITH: Yes, there is. There is.

KING: It becomes too much of an attention getter. It takes away from modeling?

SMITH: Right.

KING: It might have cost you jobs?

SMITH: I don't know about that. But it's definitely painful on your back.

KING: It hurts?


KING: You know...

SMITH: Not anymore because I've went down.

KING: You brought it down?

SMITH: Right. .

KING: Was Marilyn Monroe your idol?

SMITH: Yes, she is.

KING: Why?

SMITH: I don't know. I just feel a connection there with her. Just -- I don't know, I just love her.

KING: You feel the sadness of her life too?

SMITH: Yes, I do. I just completely feel what she went through.

KING: Everyone assumes that someone like you, who looks like you, is never alone.

SMITH: Are you kidding me?

KING: Never without.

SMITH: I have been alone since my husband died.

KING: Never without suitors, never without men chasing?

SMITH: I stay in my home. So, I mean, I don't go out.

KING: You don't date?

SMITH: I don't date. It's hard to date when you're at home because nobody knows you. KING: Do you go out on jobs?

SMITH: Since the trial I've just -- I've been so committed to the trial this so many years...

KING: You've been in court for five years now.

SMITH: I've been in court for...

KING: Now, what are you going to do? I understand something's coming that's going to involve you?

SMITH: Right. And they're going to do the "Anna Nicole Show." Did I do that right? Anna Nicole?

STERN: Yes, it's going to be the Anna Nicole...

SMITH: "The Anna Nicole Show." Right, on channel E!.

KING: On the E! channel?

SMITH: Right.

KING: And what kind of show is it going to be?

SMITH: All about me.

STERN: . We assume it's going to be a weekly show. It's going to be a series.

KING: When does it start?

STERN: You know, I don't know if we're allowed to say, but I think it's going to be coming the end of summer.

KING: What? They've held the date?

SMITH: Yes. They're holding the date back right now.

KING: But it's coming?

SMITH: It's coming.

KING: And it's "The Anna Nicole Show."

SMITH: Right.

KING: And, as I understand it, since there are a few cameras here, they follow you around?

SMITH: They won't leave me alone. Get away.

STERN: They follow her around.

KING: Why did you agree to this, Howard? I mean, are you also the agent? STERN: No, I'm...

SMITH: He's mean. He made them come to my dentist's office.

KING: They're following her around?

STERN: Yes, she actually...

SMITH: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) watching everything I do.

STERN: She actually wanted to do this.

SMITH: Yes, but I didn't know how bad they were going to be watching me. They watch me very closely.

KING: Now, wait a minute. Isn't that going to cramp -- I mean, let's say, you're OK now, right? You got your -- you don't have any drinking problem? You don't have any drug problems...


KING: ... none of that?

SMITH: I'm fine.

KING: Well, what about you meet someone and you want to go on a date, are you going to let them go with you?

SMITH: I never get to go on a date. I told you. I've been in court.

KING: Well, if you're in court or in the house all day, what's going to be interesting about the series?

STERN: Oh, she is a living soap opera.

SMITH: That's true. We got to go out to some bars and stuff.

KING: She's a living soap opera how?

STERN: She really is. She just -- you know, just everything in her life, the small issues get compounded into big issues.

SMITH: It's like...

KING: Things happen to...

SMITH: ... every single day something happens to me, it's true.

KING: Really? Do you think there's sort of like a cloud?


KING: That hangs over your head?

SMITH: A dark one, a very... KING: A dark one?


KING: How old are you now?

SMITH: Twenty-seven.

KING: I've got ties older than you. Your life is just starting.. Do you want to get married again? Do you want to have children? Do you want to have a boyfriend?

SMITH: I want to have children so bad. Yes, I do.

KING: And E! is going to follow you around for that too. We'll take you through a pregnancy. This will go on for years. You'll find out the father will be there for the birth.

SMITH: No, no fathers. I'm just going to be one-night stands.

KING: That's what you're interested in now?


KING: That's easier, Anna?


KING: Less involved, don't fall in love, is that what you're saying?

SMITH: No. I'm just going go out there and...

STERN: It's more than that too, the television show, because it's following her in her career. For the first time, she's really starting to work again and she's excited about working again.

SMITH: Yes, hey, E!, I'm going out on a date, come on.

KING: One of the tabloids said that -- were you ever in -- did you kiss Roseanne or something? Were you involved in...

SMITH: Maybe.

KING: What was that?

SMITH: Maybe.

KING: Did you like it? You can tell me, come on.

SMITH: Did I kiss Roseanne? Probably.

STERN: You know, these things are...

SMITH: I'm always kissing everybody. I kiss everybody. KING: So you can safely say here tonight, you have not been involved with a woman? Oh-oh.

SMITH: What do you mean?

KING: I mean, you haven't been physically involved? I don't want to put words in your mouth. You haven't been physically involved with someone of the same sex?

SMITH: What do you mean?

KING: You haven't had a relationship with someone of the same sex?

SMITH: Like what?

KING: Like physical?

SMITH: What do you mean? I don't know what you mean.

STERN: She's good.

KING: OK. You're good. You know, or I can make my own presumption.

SMITH: About what?

KING: About your having a relationship with a woman.

SMITH: What kind?

KING: This is going to be a successful show, I mean, this is going to be good.


KING: Anna Nicole Smith has been our guest tonight. Her son, we'll leave him a little camera shy, 16 years old, let him have his peace. Is he dating yet?


KING: No. And this is who?

SMITH: This is Sharapa (ph).

KING: How long have you had her?

SMITH: Three years.

KING: She's cute. Now, tomorrow night, Jack Hanna and his animals are going to be here. He brings us a whole bunch of animals from the zoo and other places. Are you an animal lover?

SMITH: I'm an animal lover. KING: Always had dogs?


KING: All right, what are you going to do -- all right, let's say the E! show goes and that's a big success, what else do you plan to do?

SMITH: Give you a present. I brought you a present.

KING: You brought me a present?


KING: While I open the present...

STERN: She actually made you a present.

SMITH: I made it.

KING: You made this?

SMITH: I made it just for you.

STERN: For your 45 years in broadcasting.

KING: Wow, you made this?


KING: Wow.

SMITH: Do you like it?

KING: Wow. Do you paint?

SMITH: Yes, I paint. I just started.

KING: You're very good. You got a lot -- this is a great use of colors, signed it with a little happy face.

SMITH: That's my signature.

KING: Well, thank you so much. I will treasure that.


KING: What are you going to do if you get 88.5 million?

SMITH: Rest.

STERN: You know...its so funny. in every type of event that she is in that is the last questions that everybody asks her. what are you going to do at a Guess event.

KING: you still do events for Guess.? you are still a model? SMITH: no I am not.

STERN: there was a 20th anniversary Guess party.

KING: What are you going to do?

SMITH: Oh, my goodness, things that will make my husband proud. I'll tell you that.

KING: The first thing will be get a house.

SMITH: Well, I just got a house, actually.

KING: And take care of your son.


KING: Would you marry an older man again?

SMITH: I sure would if he was nice to me.

KING: What if it was an old rich man with two older sons?

SMITH: I'd make sure that I had everything on paper.

KING: Yes. You didn't have anything down?

SMITH: I don't -- I mean, I don't do that. I don't -- I never thought to want to ever ask for money. Anything like...

KING: In fact, if she were (UNINTELLIGIBLE) and this guy's begging, Howard, why not a prenup?

STERN: Exactly. Exactly.

KING: I mean, why not where she gets, OK, I'll marry you and I'll do these things for you, and here's what I want.

STERN: Well...

SMITH: I know, I was so stupid.

SMITH:, you know, (UNINTELLIGIBLE) but, here, sign this, I mean, people are just so stupid.

KING: So, in your heart you have never felt what is commonly called a gold digger?

SMITH: No way.

KING: This was not for money for you?

SMITH: If it was, I would have just stashed it away. I would have got money. I would put it away somewhere. I mean...

KING: That's all right. He gave you everything. You could have said, Howard...

SMITH: He gave me everything.

KING: ... you're getting sick, give me...

SMITH: I would had say give me some...

KING: ... $10 million, I'll put it in the safe deposit...

SMITH: ... money, give me some -- right.

KING: ... vault.

SMITH: I would have just kept getting money or something. I mean, people are crazy. I don't have any money.

KING: How do you feel about it legally, Howard, all of this? Why does this get so protracted?

STERN: Well, I think, again, when you have a litigant that that's wealthy that justice takes time. And if something can be filed, it will be filed. And it's hard. Sometimes the court system take longer than a litigant would want.

KING: So, you feel you will be eventually getting this, because you're justified in getting it?

SMITH: Absolutely.

KING: Like this is your right?

SMITH: Yes, it is.

KING: You preformed every wifely duty you were supposed to perform.

SMITH: Yes, I have.

KING: And you deserve to be treated well for it.

SMITH: Yes, I have.

STERN: She deserves to get what Howard wanted.

KING: Are you still a -- you're a devout Catholic. Still believe?

SMITH: I love the Lord.

KING: You still -- that has not wavered at all?


KING: Thank you, Howard. Thanks for making this...

STERN: Thank you. KING: ... possible.

STERN: Thank you for having us.

KING: Thank you, Anna.

SMITH: Thank you.

KING: Thank you. And thank you for the painting.

SMITH: You're welcome.

KING: You want to be a famous artist?

STERN: She was thinking about having an art opening.

KING: An art...

SMITH: I am not. He wants me to.

KING: Come on, you have...

STERN: I'm trying to get her to have one.

KING: Have an art opening.


KING: Come on, and then I'll have a famous piece of art. Anna Nicole Smith and Howard Stern. Jack Hanna and his animals tomorrow night. John Ashcroft, the attorney general of the United States, on Friday. By the way, Howard Stern is changing his name to Don Imus, effective next week. Stay tuned now for "NEWSNIGHT" with Aaron Brown. I'm Larry King. Good night.