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Kathy Griffin Censored At Emmys

Aired September 17, 2007 - 21:00   ET


LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, the most outrageous Emmy winner of them all -- Kathy Griffin. Her first live primetime interview since her Emmy acceptance speech was censored.
What did she say to drive Christian entertainers and the Catholic League crazy?

What does she make of all these other stars getting bleeped last night?

And O.J. Simpson's arrest.

And Britney at the VMAs.

Kathy Griffin tells all and takes your calls.

And then...


O.J. SIMPSON: Don't let nobody out of this room. (OBSCENE WORD OMITTED) think you can steal my (OBSCENE WORD OMITTED) and sell it?


SIMPSON: Don't let nobody out of here. (OBSCENE WORD OMITTED), you think you can steal my (OBSCENE WORD OMITTED)?



KING: That hotel room confrontation has O.J. Simpson sitting in a Las Vegas jail without bail. Now, one of his alleged robbery victims tells his side of what happened.

Also, a primetime exclusive with one of O.J.'s co-defendants.

Plus, reaction from Kato Kaelin, the one time Simpson house guest who testified at his murder trial.

And Kim Goldman -- Simpson was found liable for her brother's brutal murder. Now her dad's published Simpson's book "If I Did It".

It's all next on LARRY KING: LIVE.

primetime. And we begin with one of my favorite people, Kathy Griffin, the Emmy Award winning star of Bravo's hit reality program.


KING: The Emmy Award winning Kathy Griffin...

GRIFFIN: Oh, I love that story.

KING: She's appearing, by the way, at the Kennedy Center in Washington for three nights starting tomorrow night. She'll be at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on October 12th and she's doing two dates at Madison Square Garden in January, which I understand is already sold out.


KING: Kathy Griffin is hot.

What was it like to win it?

GRIFFIN: I couldn't believe it. I was absolutely floored. I wanted them to say my name over and over. I thought "Extreme Home Makeover" was going to win. So when America Ferrar handed it out and she said, "And the winner is Ka" -- I thought, well, it's not Ka streme (ph) Home Makeover". Maybe I won.

KING: Ah-ha.

GRIFFIN: So I was off and running.

KING: And since nothing ever goes easy with you...


KING: ...the acceptance speech you gave when "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List" earned the Emmy for outstanding reality program, it caused quite a stir.

We're going to run the unedited version.


KING: And be warned for you people, you may be offended, maybe.


KING: Watch.


GRIFFIN: Now, look, a lot of people come up here and they thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus. He didn't help me a bit. If it was up to him, Cesar Millan would be up here with that damn dog. So all I can say is suck it Jesus, this reward is my God now.


KING: All right.

Are you surprised that...

GRIFFIN: Can you -- can you see the Emmy?

KING: I see it.


All right.

KING: Are you...

GRIFFIN: I'm sorry.

KING: Are you surprised at all the fuss?

GRIFFIN: I love it. Larry, I have had the best week of my life. This is fantastic. As a comedian, I live for this stuff. Every...

KING: Did you plan this?

GRIFFIN: Of course, I did, Larry. You know me from the breakfasts.

KING: You knew? You knew?

GRIFFIN: I knew. I did the red carpet. I said I'm going to say something. I'm going to offend people tonight. And I had two plans, one if I lost and one if I won.

KING: Well, if you lost, you wouldn't have spoken.

GRIFFIN: No, but guess what I was going to do?

I was going to run up on stage anyway, steal the Emmy and take it back until security took me home or Emmy jail or wherever they take you.

Have you ever been to Emmy jail?

I'll bet it's nice. It's probably green this year.

KING: Yes.

GRIFFIN: Anyway, so had I something planned if I won and, of course, I planned it all. So this is great. I've been in all the papers.

KING: Are you...

GRIFFIN: Bill O'Reilly called me a pin head. That's a badge of honor.

KING: He did?

GRIFFIN: Yes. Come on. I'm sir, come on. I'm on the Fox shows.

KING: Does Bill thank Jesus for his program?

GRIFFIN: He should, you know what I'm saying?

KING: He should.


GRIFFIN: And a lot of other people.

KING: Are you shocked at a little of the reaction?

A little, at all?

GRIFFIN: I just am loving it. I mean it's just -- it's in newspapers around the world and every article starts with "Emmy winner Kathy Griffith" and then the letters all just blur after that.

KING: All right.

You meant it though, right?

GRIFFIN: Of course.

KING: You weren't going to thank Jesus, even though you were raised...

GRIFFIN: Well, what I was making fun of is I love these award show. I watch them. I have the gay boys over. We make popcorn, you know?

Ring a bell, Lar?



GRIFFIN: And, you know, we enjoy ourselves. And I -- I always think it's funny when the rappers and the starlets and the athletes -- and they get an award and they thank Jesus, as if Jesus doesn't have anything better to do than make sure that someone got their People's Choice Award or whatever. So that's really what I was parodying because I...

KING: Because he also wins football games.

GRIFFIN: Yes. And he also helps if you're trying to get a three pointer from the line. And he helps if your premiere is going to make $10 million this weekend. Yes. Jesus is not busy in Darfur. He's very busy helping Hollywood celebrities win awards. KING: Sally Field won best actress last night in a dramatic series, in the primetime Emmy show. Fox Network cut part of her anti- war acceptance.

Here's what the TV audience saw.


FIELD: I am proud to be one of those women. And let's face it, if the mothers ruled the world, there would be no...



KING: All right, now let's hear Sally Field uncensored.

And we caution, some may find this offensive.

Here's Sally Field, what she really said.


FIELD: I am proud to be one of those women. And let's face it, if the mothers ruled the world, there would be no goddamn wars in the first place.

Thank you for this.

Thank you so much.


KING: Since Fox is known for its political views, do you think they were...


KING: you think they were editing goddamn or they were editing the war attack?

GRIFFIN: I don't know. But when you're censoring the flying nun, that's a good day for me. When Gidget is so shocking that you have to just cut through like a black screen, that's where I come in. I mean it's ridiculous.

KING: You think it was political?

GRIFFIN: Probably.

I mean that's a Murdoch thing, right?

I mean, you know, I'm sure it was political and offensive and they're all nervous and all of that stuff. But that's what everyone is talking about today. And, also, Sally Field is a fantastic, amazing actress and people will continue to watch that show.

KING: So, in a sense, when you censor, you build up what you censored?

In other words, there would have been no fuss today if you ran that.

GRIFFIN: Well...

KING: But by censoring it, every network is playing.

GRIFFIN: Then everybody's talking about it. I was sitting here going, "What did she say? What did she say?

I didn't know what she said at first. I thought, well, did she say something -- and then your mind starts to wander. I'm like oh, no.

Did she say this word, that word?

And then I'm thinking that's all she said?

KING: So censors create their own problems by censoring?

GRIFFIN: I try to.

KING: Yes.

We have an e-mail...


We have an e-mail question from Justin in Los Angeles: "Why give awards out to comedians if they can't be themselves in accepting them?"

GRIFFIN: I agree, Justin, and I'd like you to have -- to have you over for dinner next week, some time when it is convenient for you. I mean that's the thing, you know, when you watch these shows, I think you want a comedian to go in there and shake it up. That's why they all host the shows. That's why they all present, all that stuff. And this show, the Creative Arts Emmys, which I lovingly refer to as the Shmemmys (ph), because, you know, they're not the real -- do you have an Emmy or a Shmemmy?

KING: I have an Emmy.

GRIFFIN: Oh, look at you. A big man.


GRIFFIN: Anyway, this is like the week before. It's -- I'm up against like the key grip from "Two and a Half Men".


GRIFFIN: And so this is a non-televised show. They show clips of it on E!. And so -- oh, Larry, I've got to tell you. I forgot to tell you. I now have my own "E! True Hollywood Story".

KING: What is it?


KING: Oh, there -- the (INAUDIBLE)...

GRIFFIN: It's scandal, Larry. It's scandal.

KING: They're doing -- you're an "E! True Hollywood Story?"

GRIFFIN: Yes. But here's the best part. Before the scandal, it was only going to be a half hour. Now it's an hour.

KING: You're getting bigger.

GRIFFIN: I'm thinking honey, outside the box.

KING: OK. Here's how bad it is. The Christian entertainers say -- and they quote you, where they're leaving out the...

GRIFFIN: Right. Just some asterisks.

KING: One word. The award is my God now (ph) and they say that -- this is in response to comments given by Kathy Griffin that she accepted her Emmy. And: "Dear America, we're actors, singers, dancers, crew and managers of the Miracle Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and we're proud to...

GRIFFIN: Hold on.

Did they say dancers and crew?

KING: Yes.

GRIFFIN: So I'm thinking there's a few of my gays in there somewhere that, you know, maybe need a helping hand. They can come out and enjoy themselves.

KING: And they say, "They love their Lord and savior."

GRIFFIN: And I think they like a lot of things.

But, no, that -- a full-page ad in "USA Today?"

That ad costs over 100,000. I've got to go work for them.

Do you think Bravo is going to take an ad out for me for a hundred grand?

Please. I bought my own billboard for "My Life on the D-List".

KING: We'll be right back with more of the Emmy...

GRIFFIN: I bought my own billboard, Larry.

KING: Just a little later...

GRIFFIN: Mr. King.


Hang tough.

Just a little later, history repeats itself as news photographers catch a handcuffed O.J. In the custody of police. We'll check in with the memorabilia collector who says he's the reason O.J. Ph is wearing jailhouse jewelry.

but when we come back, more with the Emmy winner -- that's right -- Emmy winner Kathy Griffin.

As we go to break, comedy as only Kathy can do it, from her Bravo special.

"Kathy Griffin: Everybody Can Suck It".



GRIFFIN: And then in walks Lohan with a boyfriend. Right?

And (OBSCENE WORD OMITTED) short shorts and little wedgie heels. So I'm such a dork, I think she and I are buddies.


GRIFFIN: Lindsey, hi?

It's Kathy.

It's Kathy Griffin.


GRIFFIN: It's Kathy.

It's Kathy Griffin.

What's up?

It's Kathy.




It's Kathy.

Hi. It's Kathy.

All right.



KING: We're back with Kathy Griffin.

What list is Kathy really on?

Head to our Web site and vote for yourself.

And Miss. Griffin is our -- OK.


KING: We'll be discussing it later.

It isn't even a question.



Thank you.

I'm so jealous. I mean the free publicity this guy has gotten.

I'm going to let you in on something. I'm going to commit an armed robbery. I'm going to go to some like not very nice casino. I'm going to steal one of my old "Suddenly Susan" outfits back because I'm sure it will be auctioned off somewhere for tens of dollars. A couple henchmen, some guns. I mean this guy is -- what's wrong with him?

KING: What do you make of it?

GRIFFIN: I don't know.

But why didn't I think of that?

Now I've got to go rob a bank or something to get back in the papers next week, because this thing is going to die down. I've got to go rob the mall or -- memorabilia is a very niche kind of robbery.

KING: But it is -- I'm curious. We'll ask the gentleman who had the memorabilia and then one of the men accused of (INAUDIBLE)...


KING: Is...

GRIFFIN: So he demanded his suit back?

Is that it? KING: Why...

GRIFFIN: Because...

KING: Why...

GRIFFIN: ...(INAUDIBLE) dry cleaner's?

KING: Why not just go to the police and say these people have my memorabilia?


KING: Get it back.

GRIFFIN: And now it's on tape with him with the swearing and where they were brandishing weapons. And I would use just plastic ones. I would just to go like Toys" R" Us and get fake ones.

The point is I'm going to do it, so be looking for me. I haven't decided where I'm going to rob. Some place -- maybe Sherman Oaks Mall. I don't know. But I...

KING: We'll look for it.

GRIFFIN: I'll be bringing a crew with me.

KING: What did you make of the Emmys last night?

GRIFFIN: I thought they were good. I love that stuff. I loved the Sally Field moment, of course. I didn't love the In The Round. It was a little Cirque du Soleil for me. You know, I thought Ryan Seacrest was just going to have a big beach ball and start speaking French with a French-Canadian accent.


GRIFFIN: I didn't know what he was going to do next, frankly.

KING: In fact, we have an e-mail question in that regard from Lisa in Washington: "What was it like being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest at the Emmys?"

GRIFFIN: Oh, he's such a tool. He is ridiculous.

KING: A nice guy.

GRIFFIN: Larry, what's wrong with you?

How can you like Ryan Seacrest and sleep nights?

He's the devil.

KING: He's the what?

GRIFFIN: He's the devil. KING: He's the devil?

What -- how could anyone...

GRIFFIN: When the devil comes back, that's what he's going to look like.

KING: How hard -- how could anyone dislike Ryan Seacrest?

GRIFFIN: I just -- it's just fun, to dislike him. What Ryan doesn't understand is that America craves to see someone take him down. And I'm the person for the job, because he admits he doesn't do anything. And last night he was doing nothing in the circle. He was just going round and round in a circle while celebrities said hello to him.

I mean, really, what's the deal here?

And I even wished him luck, against my better judgment.

KING: Your Emmy date was Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple.

What's that about?

GRIFFIN: You know, what's great about that, Larry?

He has so much more money than you. It's ridiculous.


GRIFFIN: I mean your money -- what do you have, tens of millions?

Oh, wow!

Impressive. I mean when you get into that billionaire club, I'll tell you something, it is great.

KING: Are you going with him?


KING: I mean is this for real?

GRIFFIN: He took my dress off at the end of the night.

KING: You had sex with him at the end of the night?

GRIFFIN: Yes, I did. And I had a billion reasons.



KING: Are you in love with (INAUDIBLE)?

GRIFFIN: What do you make, Lar? You make -- what do you make, like probably like some -- a few million a year?

KING: Are you in love?

GRIFFIN: You know what?

He craps that out for lunch. I mean this guy has so much money it is -- but I love him for his personality.

KING: How did you meet him?

GRIFFIN: Who cares?

He's got a billion dollars.

KING: How did you meet him?

GRIFFIN: He actually came to see a show of mine in Saratoga. And he didn't know who I -- oh, I've got to tell you this. All right, he didn't know who I was, had never seen "The D-List" show. He didn't know I offended everybody. None of it.

He saw me live and he said, "And I heard you the LARRY KING show."

And I said, "Well, Steve, that's a television show."

And he says, "No. I listen to the pod casts. So he watches no TV. He listens to you...

KING: They invented the pod casts.

GRIFFIN: I -- he kind of invented all of it, actually.

KING: I know.

GRIFFIN: But it was actually really great bringing him as my date because it was great seeing all the Hollywood phonies just not know who he was at all and knowing that he could just buy and sell them all, and -- he did just a little thing called inventing the computer.


How do you...

GRIFFIN: He downloaded my private parts. Ba-da-bub. I have an Emmy. I apologize for that joke. That's how hackey (ph) that joke was.

KING: Do I like -- how do you...

GRIFFIN: Do I like, like him -- or like him?

KING: Like-like.

GRIFFIN: I boy-girl like him. KING: You boy-girl like him.

GRIFFIN: I like him in a boy-girl way.

KING: So this could lead to somewhere?

GRIFFIN: If he's lucky. If he plays his cards right.

KING: What post-party did you go to?

GRIFFIN: We went to the Governor's Ball and we went to the "People" magazine E.T. Party.

KING: Were you a hit?

GRIFFIN: It was -- I was -- I have to tell you, a lot of people came up and said they liked my speech. A lot of people said it was funny, it was a long show, it was fun to wake us up. You know, there weren't -- I will admit there were not a lot of members of the Catholic League at the Emmys, believe it or not.

KING: What did Steve Wozniak think of the speech?

GRIFFIN: He thought I looked very beautiful. No, actually -- oh, what was great is I made him do the red carpet with me for a couple of interviews, because he's actually pretty shy. And -- but I made him do the interview with Fox News Channel.

So they would ask me a question and I would just turn to him and I would say, "Honey?"

And he would answer. Because I thought how can you argue with a genius. He's like Einstein smart.

KING: Yes. One of the guys that are geniuses.

But doesn't that blow you away, though...


KING: ...because he's so much smarter than you, right?

GRIFFIN: It's -- well, who cares, with that kind of cash?

You know what I do?

I lay down and say hello.

You know, I mean what -- what complaints do I possibly have?

KING: Coming up a little later...

GRIFFIN: Yes, he's a brilliant guy.

KING: ...the audio tape that shocked America -- O.J. Allegedly robbing someone at gunpoint. Listen.


O.J. SIMPSON: Don't let nobody out of this room. (OBSCENE WORD OMITTED) think you can steal my (OBSCENE WORD OMITTED) and sell it?


SIMPSON: Don't let nobody out of here. (OBSCENE WORD OMITTED), you think you can steal my (OBSCENE WORD OMITTED)?



KING: It's Beep-A-Vision.

We'll talk to a man who says he was there and claims those are the sounds of him and some associates being robbed by "The Juice."

Alfred Beardsley will join me live from Las Vegas later in the show. He'll tell us about the event he'll never forget.

But as we go to break, comedy Kathy Griffin-style.

Here's a clip from her Bravo stand-up special, "Kathy Griffin: Everybody Can Suck It".

Stay tuned.


GRIFFIN: I'm nervous about the whole velvet rope scene because like I said, I'm a child of the '70s, and I remember those Studio 54 stories where there's a guy at the velvet rope and he's saying OK, you're hot enough to get in and you're not. And I know I'm in the "not list. And that's not fun for me.


GRIFFIN: And you know what?

When I go to Applebee's, I get a table whenever I want.



KING: We're back with Kathy Griffin.

The last time you were here, you said you had been banned from "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". But you turned up as a guest last week.

GRIFFIN: I got back in. KING: How?

GRIFFIN: The show called my publicist and they said Ellen saw the "Life on the D-List" show and she thinks it has a lot of heart and she wants to give you a shot. I said perfect. And that's what's great about that show, is people that think I'm mean and horrible watch that show and they go oh, well, she went to Iraq...


GRIFFIN: ...(INAUDIBLE) the bad guys, you know?

KING: ...and being banned?

GRIFFIN: Was I what?

KING: Did you express -- did you say to her, you know, I was banned from your show?

GRIFFIN: Oh, no. I just kissed her butt and said thank you.

KING: Oh, I see.

GRIFFIN: It's like you.


GRIFFIN: I don't show my true feelings for you, Larry.

KING: You copped out?

GRIFFIN: I just -- yes, I copped out. I sold out as quickly as I could.

KING: We have an e-mail from Pamela in Los Angeles: "If a celebrity is going to be in your audience, do you ever get asked not to make jokes about them or is everybody fair game?"

GRIFFIN: Everybody is fair game, although I usually won't make fun of a celebrity if they're there because it makes the audience uncomfortable.

KING: Oh, really?

You think -- they squirm?

GRIFFIN: Yes. So if you come see me live, I'm going to have to take out my Larry King chunk, is what I call it.

KING: You have a Larry King chunk?

GRIFFIN: And it's about 40 minutes and it's brutal. Ooh, you go down hard, Larry. I'm not going to lie. But that night I probably wouldn't do it. I'd go more into the baby Dannielynn material.

KING: (LAUGHTER). GRIFFIN: Now, I'm going to be honest. It hurts that I'm -- some of my time is being cut for Kato. I mean that's a guy who knows how...

KING: We'll have you back. You'll get an hour.

GRIFFIN: Yes, but still...

KING: This story broke.

GRIFFIN: It hurts, Larry. It hurts that Kato is going to be coming on looking for a new apartment, I assume.

What about your place?

He can't stay there in the compound?



I understand you've read Rosie O'Donnell's new book, "Celebrity Detox".


KING: Is that correct?

GRIFFIN: Yes, I loved it.

KING: How did you get it?

GRIFFIN: She sent it to me. I know all the scandalous people.

What are you looking at?

They're not going to help you. You're alone with me.

KING: Is she...

GRIFFIN: I have an Emmy right here, Larry.

KING: Is she tough on people?

GRIFFIN: I loved it. I think it's like a conversation with her and, you know, I love her and I feel like people try to spin it like she's not popular and beloved, but she is. And she would say things on "The View" and get applause breaks all the time. And she says outrageous things. And, of course, I love that.

But the book is great. And, you know, she's also kind to some people in the book, too. You know, they were saying she's so hard on everybody...

KING: Not -- but not so kind to Barbara Walters.

GRIFFIN: Well, but she's kind to other people and there's some stuff that she left out.

And, you know, it is her experience, you know?

KING: OK. Now we turn to Britney Spears. There are stories...

GRIFFIN: Finally.

KING: ...rumors around circulating of a possible death threat on her husband -- ex-husband's life.

GRIFFIN: She's going to kill him.

KING: Do you think so?

GRIFFIN: I think she should. I'd kill him if I could. Then I'd be on the full hour, am I right, Mr. King?

KING: Yes.

GRIFFIN: Thank you. Fine. I will go kill Kevin Federline.

Is that against the law, like saying you're going to kill the president?

KING: What did you -- I don't know.

What did you make of her performance, which you see here?

GRIFFIN: Well, I'll tell you, it was a bad sign when it started with the dirty, greasy hair extensions. I wanted to put her in a shampoo bowl right from that opening shot. And I thought all that money and she can't just wash her hair.

And then we saw the rest -- the sparkly bikini, what have you. But I did enjoy when she was sort of laughing at her own bad performance. Like at one point she was like, I know, I'm terrible. Good night, everybody. I've got to go party with Diddy.

And the reaction shots you couldn't buy. I mean showing 50 Cent and all these artists in -- and just like in the audience like this. I mean it's a live show. You can't edit it.

KING: What do you think happened, though?

Why would she choose to do that?

GRIFFIN: I -- I don't know. She must enjoy having people talk about her, I guess. I mean I like that part of her. But what I don't get is that night, later on, there's another crotch shot. Now, you'd think after like the 17th one, she would go oh, my skirt is up to my belly button.

I'm slowly getting out of a car in a yoga position. Somebody might see this.

So that -- you don't feel a draft? You'd think she would feel a draft and go wait a minute, something's familiar. It's that old draft again. And then the lights are there. So, I mean, she's got to know about that stuff.

KING: All right, what do you think of the new "View" -- "The View?"

GRIFFIN: I love Whoopi and Sherri and I think they're doing a fantastic job. So I don't know, I think people might be looking for like a Rosie Hasselbeck type of fight. I don't think it's going to happen with this group.

KING: Well, Barry Manilow, I understand, says he won't go on because he doesn't want to be interviewed by Hasselbeck.

GRIFFIN: Manilow's edgy?

This is a new Manilow. It's a new day. That is great.

KING: It says he scrapped plans to be a guest because he didn't want to be interviewed by Elisabeth Hasselbeck. He called her "dangerous and offensive."

GRIFFIN: I love it. I now have new respect for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, because if Barry Manilow is coming down hard on you, then, you know, it's time to look inward and find your own Jesus.

KING: How are you?



KING: How are you dealing...

GRIFFIN: Sorry, I was looking for my Jesus.

KING: How are you dealing with your success?

GRIFFIN: Oh, I love it.

KING: I mean you're on a roll.

GRIFFIN: I love -- I love -- you know what's so great?

OK, so I go to the Emmys last night and -- you know, I bring my Emmy with me everywhere, right?

Like I brought -- oh, I've got to say this...

KING: Do you carry your Emmy to the Emmys?

GRIFFIN: Oh, look at you, you're so high and mighty. Yes, I take it to the bathroom when I go to the bathroom...

KING: Well, I just asked. I wasn't high and mighty... GRIFFIN: No, you said it in a hurtful and accusatory way.


GRIFFIN: All right.

So I -- oh, I've got to tell you this. I brought it to a dinner party on Friday. So I get invited to a dinner party at Sue Manger's house -- who is the legendary agent, right?



GRIFFIN: I know. So I'm in. And because of the scandal, she sends me a letter that says, "I'd be honored to have such a scandalous figure at my house."

So I go. It's a small dinner party. And it's me, Jack Nicholson, Neil Diamond, David Geffen, Angie Dickinson, Natasha Richardson, this crazy crowd, right?

So I bring the Emmy and I go up to Jack Nicholson and I go, "Never had one of these, have you buddy? Take a good hard look. It's got to hurt."

He looks at me like I'm from Mars. He's like, "Who are you and what are you and when are you going to stop talking to me?"

But I got to meet Jack Nicholson at a dinner party.

KING: You really carry it around?

GRIFFIN: Yes. And then -- oh, Tina Fey was there and she hid it in the bathroom, which was very frightening to me. Like it was a prank and I thought someone stole my Emmy. Nicholson, pony up.

KING: You're that...

GRIFFIN: And it was just Tina Fey hiding it in the bathroom.

KING: You're that attached to this.

GRIFFIN: I love it. I love it more than a person. More than anyone in my life in person.

KING: Ah, the key question.

Do you sleep with it?

GRIFFIN: Yes. I make out with it.


GRIFFIN: Mmmmm, I love you, baby.

KING: When you went to bed with Steven, did you take the Emmy with you?

GRIFFIN: It's a threesome. It was a super kinky threesome. There were wings everywhere. It was Golden Globes.


We have a few moments left with Kathy Griffin.


KING: Breaking news from Las Vegas just now. The A.P. Reporting that a third man suspected in the alleged armed robbery case involving O.J. Simpson has been arrested.

And one question tonight -- will he be released on bail or should he be released on bail?

Later, we'll talk to both sides of the case, one of his alleged victims and one of his accused co-conspirators.

More with the "D-List" diva, the Emmy winning comedian, when we come back.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And the Emmy for outstanding reality program goes to "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List".


GRIFFIN: Do you believe this?


GRIFFIN: I guess hell froze over.





GRIFFIN: What's your type, Marty (ph)?


GRIFFIN: OK, so you're shallow.


GRIFFIN: You're straight. You're a typical shallow straight guy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Shallow straight -- yes, basic shallow straight guy.

GRIFFIN: Marty's a very sweet guy. He's not going to get my picture in a magazine. He's such a nice guy with a nice personality. Who has got time for that? What's he going to get me in, The Chicago Sun Times? BFD.


KING: Got a few minutes left with Kathy Griffin. Our poll is in, 40 percent still think an you're on the D list.

GRIFFIN: Thank God. I have a job. Now who is the third victim in the O.J.? You just said the AP, is it the suit?


KING: There was no third victim, third accused person of going in with the group. It's one of the fellows...

GRIFFIN: So it was a big who went in there? It was like a party.

KING: Anyway, let's take a call. Cincinnati, hello.

CALLER: Yes, my question is to Kathy Griffin. I was curious why did she say "suck it, Jesus" on the Emmys?

GRIFFIN: Because one of my specials is called "Everybody Can Suck It." And so people come to my shows and have T-shirts that say "suck it." And I knew that Jesus would be in really good company.

KING: You didn't think he would be offended?

GRIFFIN: I think he's OK. I think he's pretty busy in other places. So I think he's going to survive this one.

KING: So you've got to fly to Washington right now.

GRIFFIN: Yes, I'm taking a red eye and then Kennedy Center and back on tour in Madison Square Garden. And I'm working all the time, I love it.

KING: You are fantastic.

GRIFFIN: You are fantastic, sir.

KING: I wish you nothing but the best, lady.

GRIFFIN: Aw, thanks, Lar. Oh, my Emmy, don't look at it. It's mine.

KING: Coming up, is this really an armed robbery caught on tape? Take a listen to the tape that was acquired by




KING: Alfred Beardsley is the man who says O.J. and company burst into his hotel room and robbed him at gunpoint. He's coming up later live from Las Vegas.

Up next it, the O.J. Simpson house guest who got famous from Simpson's infamous murder trial, Kato Kaelin, don't go away.


KING: We now go to Las Vegas and welcome Alfred Beardsley to LARRY KING LIVE. Alfred is the gentleman who was alleged to have been the victim in the armed robbery involving O.J. Simpson. Simpson remains behind bars. There are now two other of the attackers who have been apprehended.

Alfred, get us up to date here a little. What were you doing with this memorabilia? Give the clue.

ALFRED BEARDSLEY, ALLEGED VICTIM: Well, Larry, how are you doing? I was contacted about a month ago by this Thomas Riccio who I know. He claims to work for Howard K. Stern and Tom Cruise and other persons. And I'm saying that he had a client that wanted some high- end O.J. Simpson items because they were big O.J. fans and would pay top dollar for O.J. items.

So, of course, knowing some of the people around Mr. Simpson, I made a call to an individual, Mr. Bruce Fromong, asked him if he had any items and he gave me a list of items to give back to Riccio.

KING: And did you buy these items?

BEARDSLEY: I didn't buy them. You know, there's a lot of controversy going on about who is the owner of these items right now. The best thing I could say is I'd rather let a judge decide who is the rightful owner of these items because...

KING: But they were in your possession in that hotel room?

BEARDSLEY: Yes. They were in mine and Bruce Fromong's possession in that room, yes.

KING: Were you shocked when Mr. Simpson and three others came to the door?

BEARDSLEY: Larry, that's the best word and I've been using that word with your producer today. That's the only way I can describe it, is shock. When you're a victim of a violent setting like this, you just -- it's like somebody telling you that somebody in your family passed away. You know how you get the cold chill through your body? It was scary.

And you just wait it out. See what's going to happen. And you know, see how the thing goes. And it was pretty bad. KING: obtained an audiotape reportedly recorded while this was going on. Let's watch this and get your reaction.


O.J. SIMPSON: Don't let nobody out of this room, mother (expletive deleted)! Think you can steal my (expletive deleted) and sell it?


SIMPSON: Don't let nobody out of here. Mother (expletive deleted)! You think you can steal my (expletive deleted)?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (expletive deleted) you. Mind your own business.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Look at this (expletive deleted).


SIMPSON: You think you can steal my (expletive deleted)?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Backs to the wall.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I was trying to get past you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Walk your ass over there.

SIMPSON: Think you can steal my (expletive deleted)?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You, up against the (expletive deleted) wall.

SIMPSON: I know (expletive deleted) Mike took it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And I know what Brian is trying to prove.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Get your (expletive deleted) asses up.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Stand the (expletive deleted) up.


KING: Is that tape correct, Alfred?

BEARDSLEY: You know, Larry, I can say that is O.J. Simpson's voice. And that is my voice in one part, but I don't know if that tape was manipulated in any way by Tom Riccio, who made...

KING: Manipulated meaning what?

BEARDSLEY: May be edited for content. I don't know. But it needs to be looked at by the authorities if they haven't already. But that is Simpson's voice. That is him yelling.

KING: Did the people coming into the room take the items?

BEARDSLEY: Yes, they did, Larry. Yes, they did.

KING: How many guns were involved?

BEARDSLEY: I only saw, I know there were two. But I saw one. You know, this was a very small room in the seedy hotel that Riccio was staying at. And I only saw one. This guy came over and ordered me at gunpoint to pack the items up in the boxes we brought them in. I refused. And I was sitting in a chair and I was told to get the F up, get the F up. And I did get up.

Now one thing I want to say, Larry, this guy that's going to be on your show in a few minutes, when he came through that door with his guys, he yelled out "police." Now they came into that room like policemen or military-style people. They were well dressed. It was a takeover situation. And they knew what they were doing. And I thought they were involved in law enforcement or if it was the FBI, I just didn't -- didn't know what it was. But the guy's barking orders at me to pack the...


KING: Alfred, did you call the police?

BEARDSLEY: I did, Larry. I had to call 911. I mean, an armed robbery just occurred. You know, I was hot. I had to call 911.

KING: Gotcha. All right. Now, Alfred, you'll be back tomorrow night. We're going to devote the full show to this tomorrow night and give you a lot more time.

BEARDSLEY: Thanks, Larry.

KING: Alfred Beardsley, we thank you. We'll see you tomorrow night.

BEARDSLEY: Thank you, Larry.

KING: We now welcome here in Los -- thank you. Here in Los Angeles, Walter Alexander, who was arrested Saturday night in connection with this alleged armed robbery, and his attorney Robert Rentzer.

You got bail, Walter?


KING: Why hasn't O.J. gotten bail, Robert?

ROBERT RENTZER, ATTY. FOR WALTER ALEXANDER: It's a misnomer to say he got bail. He was released on his own recognizance.

KING: Walter was released on his own.

RENTZER: Yes. I can't tell you why O.J. hasn't. I can tell you why Walter has.

KING: How did he get released on his own recognizance in an armed robbery case?

RENTZER: Well, I spoke with the district attorney and I agreed that he could be debriefed on the condition that nothing he said could or would be used against him. By showing that cooperation, the district attorney in turn released him on...

KING: Recommended.

RENTZER: You got it.

KING: What were you doing there, Walter?

ALEXANDER: Well, I was there for a wedding. That's why I came to town, for a wedding.

RENTZER: The rules for this interview are that we're not going to discuss the incident. But you can ask him if he was in Vegas. He has not answered that had for anybody else. But he will for Larry King. You can ask him if he spoke with O.J. before, during, after. He'll answer that for Larry King.

KING: You were in Vegas?

ALEXANDER: Yes, I was.

KING: Did you speak with O.J.?

ALEXANDER: Yes, I did.

KING: Before and after?

ALEXANDER: Yes, I did.

KING: Did you speak with him when he got to jail?

ALEXANDER: No, I haven't talked to him since he was arrested, no.

KING: Are you a friend of his?

ALEXANDER: We've been friends for many years. Since he wrote the book, I didn't really consider myself his friend. Another situation happened where he proved not to be a friend in May. And I haven't really considered myself his friend in some time. But I was just there for the wedding. KING: That's the wedding you see there.

ALEXANDER: That wedding there which I didn't get a chance to make it there. I was being arrested and interrogated during that time.

KING: Now, Robert, he can't respond to anything that happened in the room or going into the room. Can he say whether he was in the room?

RENTZER: Well, he's going to acknowledge that he was there at the time. You can draw your inference that he was in the room but he's not going to articulate that he was in fact in the room.

ALEXANDER: I know exactly what happened in that whole situation from before, during and after.

KING: But you can't reveal?

ALEXANDER: I can't reveal it at this time because it could be incriminating and used against me.

KING: Can you give -- somebody's talking in my ear going nuts. Can you give us an opinion as to whether O.J. is getting bum rapped or not?

ALEXANDER: I believe he was set up. I believe the whole thing was a setup. You see it was taped. You know, I believe that it was a setup. It's very obvious that Thomas Riccio had intentions to set O.J. up and that's what happened, you know? Unfortunately, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and now I'm in the middle of this mess. And I hate that it happened.

KING: He has been charged?

RENTZER: Yes, he was actually arrested. I tried to persuade the district attorney not to make an arrest and to wait it out. That fell on deaf ears. But we did get him released without bail.

KING: And he's back in Los Angeles, right?

RENTZER: Well, he was on...


KING: ... Nevada.

RENTZER: He was on his way to see me. He was arrested at the airport. But now he made the trip.

KING: And normally we don't accept ground rules but we can't force you to answer. So -- but you can have your own ground rules.

RENTZER: No, you can ask any question you want.

KING: You don't have to answer. This ain't -- the last time I checked, this was not a court of law. But we appreciate your coming. Do you think it is going to be resolved, Walter?

ALEXANDER: I believe that he will wind up going to jail for this matter personally.

KING: You do.

ALEXANDER: Yes, I do. I believe that he'll go to jail.

KING: Even though in your mind he was set up?

ALEXANDER: Well, he was definitely set up. But I believe that the public -- there has been a public outcry for him to pay for possibly past transgressions and the book coming out and him saying "If I Did It," you know, or I did it. I believe it will accumulate with him.

KING: Now you and O.J. were arrested. Now we've just announced tonight that a third man has been arrested. Do you know who?

ALEXANDER: I did know all of the gentlemen, the black men that were there. I did know them. I don't know if it was one of them. They've been painted to be thugs. They were not thugs. They were people that were going to the wedding also. We were going to the dinner before the wedding.

KING: Did Mr. Beardsley say anything that you would say was wrong?

ALEXANDER: You know, he was very accurate in the fact that he said he saw one gun. You know?

RENTZER: I think you can leave it at that.


KING: I got you. All right. We're going to do more on this Robert. And if you can come back tomorrow night, we're having a lot of guests come back tomorrow evening, if that's possible. I understand, if you can't, you can't. I understand, because he's under restriction as to what he can say.

RENTZER: Only by virtue of my having restricted him and it's moment to moment.

KING: You are the lawyer. If it changes, let me know.

RENTZER: I'll do that.

KING: Robert Rentzer and Walter Alexander.

Anderson Cooper is standing by to host "AC 360." Anderson is back home. What's up tonight, Anderson?

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: Well, Larry, we're going to stay with the O.J. Simpson saga. We're going to look into Simpson's many run-ins with the law since the trial that everyone watched to see if there's maybe something in a pattern here. Could O.J. Simpson in fact be a sociopath? Some have argued that. We'll get some expert opinion from Dr. Drew Pinsky.

We'll also follow the money trail. Just how is this guy making an income these days? Is he so hard strapped for cash that he would he would actually commit burglary? You may be surprised by what we found.

We'll also talk exclusively with Daniel Petrocelli, the attorney who won the $33 million wrongful death suit against Simpson, money that the Goldmans and Browns have yet to see. All that and more, Larry, at the top of the hour.

KING: Thanks, Anderson. "AC 360," 10:00 Eastern, 7:00 Pacific. When we come back, Kato Kaelin joins us. Don't go away.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Robbery with a deadly weapon, two counts. Assault with a deadly weapon, two counts. Conspiracy to commit burglary and burglary with a firearm.


KING: Great to welcome back to LARRY KING LIVE Kato Kaelin, a historic figure in the life and times of O.J. Simpson. A celebrity of sorts, 13 years ago at the trial, testified at both the criminal and civil trials, hosts "National Lampoon's Eye for an Eye." And in Las Vegas, our erstwhile correspondent Ted Rowlands on the scene.

All right. Kato, start with you. What do you make of this?

KATO KAELIN, FMR. O.J. HOUSE GUEST: First of all, Larry, I, from 13 years ago still have my house guest key. I'm going to hand it over now. I don't want to be shot. I'm giving it back. It will be here at your office. That's my house guest key.

KING: To O.J. Simpson's guest house.

KAELIN: Yes. It's done. I don't want -- it's a collectible, I'm sure. There, so it's going back to you.

KING: What do you make of this.

KAELIN: I think it's inevitable. O.J. is constantly in the news for things. We hear 911 girls. We've heard where his girlfriend Christie Prody, believed called it on him also, his daughter Sydney called. Ramming someone in a car incident two or three years ago. He keeps getting in the news for terrible things. I don't know why. It just...

KING: You know him. Why do you think?

KAELIN: Does he like being adulated so much that that he has to be in the news? That's a possibility. He used to be -- fans used to call him O.J. this and loving him. I think now it has just gone that they don't care any more. And maybe he's trying to stay in the media. I don't know.

KING: This is hardly adulation.

KAELIN: No, well, maybe he doesn't know that.

KING: Yes. Ted Rowlands, what can you tell us, the third man arrested tonight?

TED ROWLANDS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, Larry. CNN confirming from multiple sources that Clarence Stewart, a 54-year-old individual that was one of those men that went into that hotel room allegedly with O.J. Simpson was arrested today and booked here at the Clark County Detention Center.

He is most likely going to make bail, according to sources. Whereas Mr. Simpson is being held without bail here. And that according to judge who made that decision because they consider him a flight risk because they said that he didn't have any Las Vegas ties and because of the seriousness of the charges. They're going to talk about that at a hearing on Wednesday though. So he may make bail after the Wednesday hearing.

KING: Consider him a flight risk. You think this other suspect will get bail?

ROWLANDS: Most likely, considering that the -- Walter Alexander, who you had on the show, was able to get out on his own recognizance. It is likely that Clarence Stewart will probably also make bail according to a source within the police department.

KING: Kato, when did you last have contact?

KAELIN: It was actually Dan Petrocelli, with him at the civil trial, during depositions. And believe it or not, it was in the restroom with O.J. the last time.

KING: What did he say to you?

KAELIN: He said, answer your questions honestly and that was it.

KING: He lost that trial big.

KAELIN: Yes, he did. He did. I hurried up and went out in the other room.

KING: Were you shocked at the criminal trial verdict?

KAELIN: You know, I mentioned once before that the jury, they had a love affair I thought, my opinion. They had a love affair with O.J. Certain days he would walk in and they would be waving to him, he would wave back. I figured out that I think that they're going to let him go.

KING: You did think so.

KAELIN: Yes, I really did from seeing that. KING: And you make anything of the coincide with the book being published?

KAELIN: Well, at least he has got another book out, "If I Robbed It." You know, it's like he has got open opportunities now for more and more books. No, I don't think -- I think it just happened to be a phone call from someone that happened to be in Vegas. And I think what happened is that it's all coincidence. But oh, my goodness. The publicity. This is craziness.

KING: Ted, what is the press attention in Vegas?

ROWLANDS: Extensive, as you can imagine, Larry. Media from around the country converged here. Basically on Friday when news that O.J. was involved in an armed robbery, then after the arrest, more people flooded in over the weekend. And people are monitoring every single detail of this. You know, you'd think he was accused of murder again the way people are treating him. But it's O.J.

KING: Ted, you will be back with us again tomorrow. Kato, if you can, can you come back tomorrow?

KAELIN: I'm going to sure try to. I'm the biggest fan of yours.

KING: OK. We hope so. Well, that says enough. And I'll hold the key. Just last week, Kim Goldman stole O.J.'s thunder by releasing the book Simpson wrote about Ron and Nicole's murders. Is the timing of O.J.'s new legal troubles a mere coincidence? We'll get Kim's thoughts when we come back.


KING: We want to finish up with Kim Goldman, the sister of Ron Goldman who was murdered along with Nicole Brown Simpson in June of '94. The O.J. book, "If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer," went on sale last week, it debuted at number one on What's your reaction to this latest caper, Kim?

KIM GOLDMAN, SISTER OF RON GOLDMAN: Caper, that is a good word. I was slightly elated. I'm not going to lie to you. It has been a weird couple days. My father and I both very emotional. We're just trying to not to get ahead of ourselves and trying not to jump to any conclusions. But I'm certainly keeping everything crossed.

KING: What do you make of being accused of participating in an armed robbery and being denied bail so far?

GOLDMAN: I love it. I know that's weird. But you know what? I think karma tapped him on the shoulder. And I think -- you know what? He has believed that he is above the law and that he dances to a different beat and that he doesn't have to live by the same set of rules that we do. I hope that if in fact he did do that this, I hope in fact that he is held accountable for it.

KING: Admittedly, is it helping sales of the book? GOLDMAN: You know what? I have to no idea. I know it sounds crazy. But I haven't checked, I haven't been in contact with the publisher. I don't know. I have a little baby at home, I run a business. And so I've really just been in such a whirlwind the last couple of days. So he a morbid curiosity for a lot of people.

So I think if people buy the book, it's to have an insight into him. I hope in some way it's for people to understand and support why we did this. But who knows how this will turn.

KING: Well, it can't be hurt by having his face on the front page everywhere.

GOLDMAN: You know what, who knows. I mean, who knows if it does. I mean, I'm sort of sick of watching his arrogant, smug face as he waves to the camera as he's being hawked away in his handcuffs. But he is an interesting human being -- or monster as I quote my father.

KING: Did you and your dad have second thoughts about publishing?

GOLDMAN: Absolutely. This was not an easy decision. When we levied on the book back in January to stop him from profiting from it, we didn't have any idea that it would get to this point. He forced it. He forced his sham company into bankruptcy. The court seized it. They ordered it to be monetized. We were awarded the rights and here we are.

We're very sensitive to Nicole Brown's family. We were sensitive to the kids. But when we learned that they all knew about it and signed off on it, it made it a little bit easier. But the flip- flopping and being accused of being a hypocrite, it has been hard but I believe it was worth it in the end.

KING: Do you understand Denise's anger?

GOLDMAN: Sort of. I don't understand why her venom is so, so directly pointed at my dad and I. I haven't really heard her talk about the killer putting us in this situation. I understand it's probably difficult for her to have any kind of anger towards her niece and nephew for signing off on the book deal. You know what, she's entitled to her opinion. She's a grieving sister and I -- she's entitled to it and I can't hold it against her.

KING: Do you lay claim to any of the items purported to be part of the memorabilia?

GOLDMAN: I think it's a little premature for us to know exactly what was taken. Years ago after the civil verdict, there were items that were removed from his house before we were supposed to go in with the sheriff to take them to be auctioned off. These might be those items. There were some things that were awarded to us back in 2004. I don't know if any of them are in the loot. Only time will tell.

KING: With armed robbery, you could -- technically you could go to jail for life.

GOLDMAN: Yes. Wouldn't that be interesting? He can't go to life for killing my brother and Nicole, but he will go to life for brandishing a gun and demanding his suit.

KING: So you get some sort of vicarious joy in this?

GOLDMAN: Yes. He has walked around a free man, snubbing his nose at all of us. And we've allowed it to happen. And if this time he actually gets it handed to him, I will be forever grateful for that.

KING: Thank you, Kim.

GOLDMAN: Thanks, Larry.

KING: Kim Goldman. We may see her again tomorrow night. Kim Goldman, the sister of Ron Goldman. Reaction to what's going on with O.J., the never-ending story.

Tomorrow night more on the fascinating armed robbery case that involves O.J. Simpson.

Later in the week, "The View" veteran Joy Behar will join us with her thoughts on everything from politics to her new co-host.

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