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Nancy Grace

Unsettling Police Document Released in Missing Cheerleader Case

Aired January 12, 2011 - 20:00   ET


NANCY GRACE, HOST: Breaking news tonight, live, Texas. A 13-year-old cheerleader, broad daylight, leaves home around lunchtime, heads by foot down the street to a little friend`s house for a sleepover. She`s never seen again. Bloodhounds scan the neighborhood and the local motel. Police comb that motel surveillance video. No sign of Hailey.

Police seize cell phones belonging to Mommy and her live-in boyfriend. They polygraph friends, neighbors. And just hours after we go live with the story, Colorado police, who originally dismiss Hailey`s disappearance as a runaway, upgrade the case to missing person, cops searching an abandoned cotton gin, combing creek bottoms and the Colorado River. Searchers zero in on the home of Mommy`s boyfriend.

As police take DNA samples from Hailey`s parents, bombshell tonight. Did Mommy and the boyfriend actually throw a New Year`s Eve party? That`s just 72 hours after Hailey goes missing. We learn turmoil in the home before with the boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, with him threatening to kill the mom and Hailey. And oddly, during his police interviews, after cops ask to see his cell phone, he starts deleting numbers. Why?

Then he says he`s sure Hailey can be found a few counties over. In those same interviews, Adkins starts out saying, quote, what a "good girl" Hailey is. But then he does a 180, claiming the little girl -- she`s 13, people -- claiming she`s promiscuous. And did the boyfriend lie about his job and his whereabouts that day?

Tonight, we learn multiple polygraphs gone wrong, including Mommy showing up high, both her and boyfriend refusing to take polygraphs, even walking out. In the weeks before Hailey`s disappearance, did Hailey`s own mother stockpile research on serial murders, family murders, motive for murders and sexual sadism? She is with us tonight to answer these questions live. Where is 13-year-old cheerleader Hailey Dunn?


BILLIE DUNN, HAILEY`S MOTHER: I don`t know where my daughter is.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Still no sign of Hailey Dunn.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She`s disappeared.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No sign of what happened to this girl.

BILLIE DUNN: They asked if I knew anything about the disappearance of Hailey.

GRACE: Mommy volunteers for a polygraph.

BILLIE DUNN: If I caused the disappearance of Hailey.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A lot of buzz surrounding Hailey`s mother`s boyfriend, Shawn Adkins. He was the last person to see Hailey alive.

BILLIE DUNN: As soon as I found out he failed the test, I told him I didn`t want him back at my house.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Family members are inconsistent in their statements.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Family has not been forthcoming.

BILLIE DUNN: There are so many different things, but that`s frustrating.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Their discernment of the truth continues to (INAUDIBLE)

GRACE: Inconsistencies.

BILLIE DUNN: I`m a credible witness. I`m not a liar.


GRACE: Good evening. I`m Nancy Grace. I want to thank you for being with us. Bombshell tonight. Did Mommy and the live-in boyfriend actually throw a New Year`s Eve party just 72 hours after they report Hailey missing? We learn turmoil in that home before, with Shawn Adkins, the boyfriend, threatening to kill the mom and Hailey. And in the weeks before Hailey`s disappearance, did Hailey`s mother stockpile research on serial murders, family murders, motive for murders, and sexual sadism?


GRACE: (INAUDIBLE) changed her story.

BILLIE DUNN: I don`t know.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Within family members.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The story some are telling isn`t the same as the one they told before.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It means somebody`s not telling the truth.

BILLIE DUNN: I took a polygraph test. I failed it, lost all faith in the test.

GRACE: Did anyone see her other than your boyfriend that day?

BILLIE DUNN: A neighbor saw her out in my back yard.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: As far as we know, this friend had no idea she had plans for a sleepover that night.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A witness that called in a tip to authorities might have seen Hailey walking down the street between her mother`s house and her father`s house with two other girls.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The mom`s boyfriend.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Red flags being raised on Shawn.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My main focus is just Hailey.

BILLIE DUNN: (INAUDIBLE) very careful, told me, You know I love you, you know I love Hailey and David. You know I couldn`t do this.


GRACE: We are taking your calls live. I want to go straight out to Priscilla Luong, CNN affiliate KTAB. Priscilla, what`s the latest?

PRISCILLA LUONG, KTAB CORRESPONDENT: Well, Nancy, as you know, that 35-page affidavit was released by Mitchell County authorities today, and it reveals a whole lot of information. I sat down with Billie exclusively shortly after the documents were released, and she told me there are -- the document was accurate, for the most part, but there`s also several issues that need to be cleared up. It`s not telling us everything.

GRACE: Like what? Like what? What needs to be cleared up? What are you talking about, Priscilla?

LUONG: Several things, Nancy. The first thing is the New Year`s Eve party. Billie told me that on New Year`s Eve, she had relatives come into town because Hailey wasn`t home. The relatives said, If Hailey is not home by the weekend, then we`re coming down and we`re going to be visiting with you. That`s one thing. Another thing she said needed to be cleared up is being under the influence of narcotics during her first attempt at the polygraph exam. And several other things, as well.

GRACE: We are taking your calls live. First to Jean Casarez, legal correspondent, "In Session." Jean, you know, I`m going to get to the bottom of the New Year`s Eve party that happened less than three days after they reported Hailey missing. But if anybody`s having a cocktail at the party, they`re in trouble because when your daughter is gone, that`s not the time for you to kick back in the living room and have a rum and Coke, all right?

JEAN CASAREZ, "IN SESSION": And Nancy, let`s remember where this comes from. This is the search warrant affidavit for cell phones and also for a vehicle. And that is what gives a judge probable cause that a crime has been committed to issue a warrant. And it says in this search warrant affidavit that Shawn Adkins and Billie Dunn hosted a New Year`s Eve party at their home.

And it goes on to say many things. Let`s look at the polygraph. It says that Shawn Adkins actually walked out the first time, walked out the second time. The third time, he sat down for it. And when he was asked, Do you know the whereabouts of Ashley (SIC) Dunn -- you know, Hailey Dunn, you know what he said? He said he didn`t, and deception was indicated.

GRACE: You know, Jean, also in that interview and in some of his police interviews -- everybody, we`re talking about the live-in boyfriend of the mom, Billie Dunn, who with us live tonight and taking your call calls. At some point, he starts talking about what a great little girl, a good girl, as he says, the little girl is. She`s only 13. Of course she`s good.

But then he goes on within that same interview, does a 180, Jean, starts talking about, she is promiscuous, sleeps around, does drugs. You know, take a look at these pictures. This is not a drug-head. Look at this little girl. She`s an all-American little cheerleader. She didn`t even have a boyfriend.

CASAREZ: Thirteen years old. Thirteen years old. But you`re right, he totally changes course and says she wasn`t a good girl, she was a bad girl.

GRACE: Now, isn`t it true also that in one of those interviews, he tells police point-blank, Oh, you can find her. She`s in Scurry, Texas. It`s just a couple of counties over. Right? He said that.

CASAREZ: That was in the polygraph that you could find her in Scurry County. You know where Scurry County is? That`s Dunn, Texas. That`s where they had that big search.

GRACE: We are taking your calls. Out to the lines. Stacy in New York. Hi, Stacy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How`re you doing, Nancy?

GRACE: I`m good, dear. But I got to tell you, this is clear as mud right now because it just seems to be getting more and more confusing. The more facts I hear, the more confusing it`s getting as to what was going on in that home.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I know about the stuff in the home. My question was -- I had two full questions. But back to the search at the motel that you elaborated on in the last show. I remember you said there was no sign of Hailey. What about any other persons of interest? Did they hit on anybody, the Shawn boyfriend guy, or anybody else there (INAUDIBLE)

GRACE: You know what? Stacy, that`s an excellent question. Let me go out to Alexis Weed, our producer on the story. Alexis, we know because we went there and got the answers at that local Western motel that they`ve got surveillance outside. They`ve got surveillance inside. Did they keep it for 30 days, they do not tape over it every 72 hours, as is customary in many places, that police came and they reviewed every square inch of that video and there was no sign of Hailey? But what about the persons of interest? PS, headline tonight. The boyfriend has been named a person of interest, along with others. But Shawn Adkins has been named a POI tonight.

Go ahead, Alexis.

ALEXIS WEED, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: Right, Nancy. Just not too long ago, police did indicate to us that Shawn Adkins is a person of interest. They also say they have other persons of interest. And as far as those dogs are concerned, the other place that they hit was -- in the early reports, was outside of Hailey`s home, that there was a trail that went from her home, but then turned towards the friend`s home and then stopped.

GRACE: Now, hold on. My original question, Alexis, is in that video from Western motel, did they see any other persons of interest? And your answer is?

WEED: No. We actually don`t know what was seen on that video, but we`re told...

GRACE: So we don`t know.

WEED: We don`t know.

GRACE: So there`s not a yes, there`s not a no because you said no, but what you mean is, I don`t know.

WEED: Right. That`s right.

GRACE: OK, let me ask you this. And we`re about to go to Billie Dunn. This is Hailey`s mother joining us tonight. Very quickly, Alexis, it`s my understanding that Hailey`s uncle -- this would be Billie Dunn`s brother -- asks the boyfriend what does he think about all this. And the boyfriend gives some response about killing deer?

WEED: Right. The uncle says that he talked to Shawn Adkins after Hailey went missing. And he said, You know, I can`t imagine anyone would hurt a 13-year-old girl, to which Adkins allegedly responded, yes, it would be like killing a deer.

GRACE: But isn`t it true that Adkins goes deer hunting and has described actually cutting the deer up with a chainsaw?

WEED: According to uncle, he does go deer hunting, talks about it frequently and talks about how he cuts up a deer with a chainsaw, yes, Nancy.

GRACE: And he compares Hailey`s possible death to, OK, cutting a deer up. (INAUDIBLE) wrong -- OK, got it.

I want to go to Billie Dunn. Billie Dunn is Hailey`s mother, and it speaks to her credibility that she is here taking our calls and taking my questions tonight. First thing I want to clear up, Ms. Dunn, I have in these documents that I`ve with me and I`ve read them very carefully, that you did, in fact, have a New Year`s Eve party at your home. That would have been within 72 hours of reporting Hailey missing.

BILLIE DUNN: Well, we did not. I know it wasn`t on my mind at all that it was even New Year`s Eve. I had an uncle and aunt, and they brought their grandbaby from out of town. They came up. They stayed at my house Friday during the day. They spent the night at my brother`s. They were back over here Saturday. I think they went home on Sunday. We had family over here. I`ve had a lot of fat of family here. But that weekend, an aunt, an uncle and their grandbaby and my two brothers came over.

GRACE: And when they were there that night...

BILLIE DUNN: There was definitely no...


GRACE: ... New Year`s Eve night. What were you guys doing in the home that night?

BILLIE DUNN: We were visiting. We were talking about Hailey. We were pretty upset.

GRACE: Did you have out food for them? Was anybody having drinks?

BILLIE DUNN: I know that there was a lot of food out, and I think Shawn had some drinks. Nobody else. Nobody was worried about having a New Year`s Eve party.

GRACE: Did you have the TV on?


GRACE: Were you watching the ball drop?

BILLIE DUNN: We were just watching news.

GRACE: Are you sure?


GRACE: So you`re telling me that you have people over, you had food out, alcohol was being served, but it was not a party.

BILLIE DUNN: There was no party, and we weren`t serving alcohol. I think Shawn had a beer.

GRACE: So it was just him.

BILLIE DUNN: Nobody was trying to have a party. that was -- right. That was on nobody`s mind.



BILLIE DUNN: I`m a credible witness.

GRACE: Cops are saying the family, including the live-in boyfriend.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Shawn Adkins, not a credible witness.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s frustrating.

GRACE: Are giving inconsistent statements.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Somebody`s lying.

BILLIE DUNN: I`m not a liar.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They`re looking at family.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Somebody`s not telling the truth.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They`re looking at the boyfriend.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We just want her to come home safe.

GRACE: You changed your story.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Multiple scenarios.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Multiple possibilities.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s all these different theories.

BILLIE DUNN: The focus is getting my daughter home.

GRACE: A 13-year-old little girl who has gone missing. This is...


GRACE: We are taking your calls. I want to go back to Hailey Dunn`s mother. Ms. Dunn, I was very impressed when you volunteered to take a polygraph test. It was not like cops asked you and you hum-hawed around. You went and you took the polygraph. You kicked -- you didn`t kick the boyfriend out, but you told him to leave. Ms. Dunn, but I`m concerned that you seem nervous. And many people construe that to believe, to mean, that you are afraid your live-in, the boyfriend, had something to do with Hailey`s disappearance.

OK, I`m not -- can Billie not hear me right now? Can you get her IFB corrected? Liz, yes, no? OK, while I`m waiting on the chance to go back to Billie, let`s go to Marc Klaas. Weigh in, Marc.

MARC KLAAS, KLAAS KIDS FOUNDATION: I think one of the reasons that so many people are confused by these stories is that the inconsistencies aren`t only coming from the family. And let me give you a couple of quick examples.

On December 31st, Police Chief John Biven (ph) said his department considers Hailey a runaway, and that`s what the evidence demonstrates. On January 10th, law enforcement said that Hailey`s case has always been approached from two different angles, runaway and criminal. On January 10th, a DPS trooper told a meeting of Colorado City middle school students that he`s confident that Hailey`s alive and in hiding. Later that day, he said there`s no evidence to support that assertion. And it gets worse from there.

GRACE: OK. I think I have Billie Dunn back. Billie, can you hear me?


GRACE: OK, Billie, I want very much to believe you, and I was very impressed that you volunteered to take that polygraph. Nobody made you do it. And they couldn`t make you do it. But you did it all on your own.


GRACE: You made the boyfriend leave. You haven`t been talking to him. But many people believe that you appear nervous, and it`s been interpreted that you are concerned the boyfriend had something to do with Hailey`s disappearance. Is that true?

BILLIE DUNN: That bothers me a lot.

GRACE: Is that a yes?

BILLIE DUNN: I don`t know what to believe at this point -- yes.

GRACE: Well, I don`t know what to believe, either, because I`m getting all these different stories about you having a New Year`s Eve party, and you`re high when you go take the polygraph. Let me ask you this. Let`s get back to the facts. When was the last time you absolutely are positive you saw Hailey?

BILLIE DUNN: I saw her Sunday night.

GRACE: What time, 10:00 PM?

BILLIE DUNN: Probably around 10:00.

GRACE: Now, was that when you looked in her room and it is was dark and you thought she was lying in her bed?

BILLIE DUNN: I did see her in her room, but I saw her watching TV. Monday morning, I looked in her room and it was dark and it looked look she was laying in bed. But I didn`t go touch her, make sure that was her. I just peeked in to make sure she was in bed to ease my mind and...

GRACE: And so no one for sure saw Hailey from, like -- that was 6:00 AM in the morning when you left...


GRACE: ... until the boyfriend gets home and he says she`s there at 3:0 o`clock and then she leaves at 3:15. So if you were not correct at 6:00 AM, for all I know, she`s been gone since 5:00 AM in the morning.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Where is Hailey Dunn?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I feel like Hailey does not want to be found. I think she`s in hiding.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Where is Hailey Dunn?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hailey may be in hiding somewhere.

GRACE: Cops issue a statement saying they believe the little girl is, quote, "in hiding."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Maybe she was just hiding out and maybe she was scared.

GRACE: Now they`ve withdrawn that.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Where is Hailey Dunn?

BILLIE DUNN: They`re not thinking she`s run away and hiding out on her own anymore.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She`s a missing person.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They`re not ruling anything out at this point.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Where is Hailey Dunn?


GRACE: Back to Jean Casarez, legal correspondent, "In Session." What can you tell me about this drama surrounding the polygraph? I`ve been told that Ms. Dunn, Billie Dunn, Hailey`s mother, and the boyfriend showed up high. I`ve been told that they walked out. What exactly are police saying about the polygraphs?

CASAREZ: Well, let`s look at the search warrant affidavit once again. In regard to Shawn Adkins, it says that three different times, he went for a polygraph. The first two times, he walked out. The third time, he stayed. And there are different sections. During the first section in regard to, Do you know the whereabouts of Hailey Dunn, it showed deception was indicated in his answer. And then in the second tier of that polygraph, he says she could probably be found in Scurry County.

GRACE: OK. To Billie Dunn. This is Hailey`s mother. She has been with this guy now three years, dated him two-and-a-half years before he moved into the home. Did you know that your live-in walked out of two polygraphs?

BILLIE DUNN: They told me he couldn`t take the first one because he had taken the anxiety medication also.

GRACE: OK. What about the second one?

BILLIE DUNN: And the same thing with the one they set up -- the same thing. We didn`t know it was set up for Monday. It was set up for Wednesday. I made sure he didn`t get near any of that.

GRACE: OK. What is this business that he`s telling police that she can be found in Scurry County, Texas?

BILLIE DUNN: I don`t know.

GRACE: Well, what significance is Scurry County?

BILLIE DUNN: Somebody knows where my daughter is -- she has a lot of family and friends over there. That`s the only thing I can think of. I don`t have any explanation. I don`t want to defend him.


BILLIE DUNN: A neighbor saw her out in my back yard.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There are still many questions that need to be answered.

GRACE: Where is 13-year-old cheerleader Hailey...





GRACE: A 13-year-old cheerleader.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Walked out the doors of this house.


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: And was never seen again.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re searching on horseback.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Still no sign of Hailey Dunn.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re searching on foot.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Hailey may have been kidnapped.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are searching on ATVs.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: A lot of buzz surrounding Hailey`s mother`s boyfriend Shawn Adkins who may be holding the missing piece to this puzzle.

DUNN: He failed the test.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: He was the last person to see Hailey alive.


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Combing the fields and retracing footsteps.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There`s so many hundreds of miles to cover.

DUNN: She`s a 13-year-old baby. And I want her back.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You name it, we`re out here.

GRACE: Where is 13-year-old cheerleader, Hailey Dunn?

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Do you believe Shawn or Billie, one or the other or both, know where Hailey is?

SENIOR TROOPER SPARKY DEAN, TEXAS DEPT. OF PUBLIC SAFETY: I think, I think that is a very good question. And they`re actually working on leads just to the nature of that. You know, they`re -- they`re pursuing I think a logical sequence of questions that would come right out of reading the things that you`ve read on the affidavit.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: To specifically answer that question.


GRACE: We are taking your calls. Back to Billie Dunn, this is Hailey`s mother.

You know, is it true that while your boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, has gotten a defense lawyer, you yourself have not hired a lawyer. You don`t have a lawyer?


GRACE: One more thing I`ve got to ask you. You have told me, and we have asked police, and they tell us they cannot confirm it, that a neighbor sees your daughter Hailey in your backyard around 12:00 noon, talking on the cell phone. That would be the Monday. The Monday she goes missing.

But police say they have tried to verify that, and they cannot. Are you positive? And what neighbor is it?

DUNN: He is actually living in a neighbor`s house. I think his name is Charles. The man that owns the house is Travis. But he told us that he seen Hailey in the backyard and he said he told police that also.

GRACE: OK, because we have asked police and they`re telling us they cannot verify it. And if that`s true, that means that nobody absolutely can positively say they saw Hailey since the night before at 10:00 when you saw her watching TV.

That changes the whole -- that`s a whole new ball game if we cannot spot her. Your son comes home, your 16-year-old comes home at 4:00 p.m. the next day, Monday. Hailey is not there. The boyfriend is there.

And your son says he beats on the door, he can`t get in, takes him five minutes. He has to get in the house, nobody will let him in the door, and he sees your boyfriend and your boyfriend he says has a deer-in-the- headlights look. This is at 4:00 p.m.

But Miss Dunn, I did not invite you on tonight just to rake you over the coals about these various inconsistencies about the New Year`s Eve party. I want to hear what you have to say tonight.

DUNN: Well, I wanted to come on to clear some of that up. I don`t want to be perceived as a bad person even by people who don`t know me. But the main reason I am here, I don`t want people to get away from the fact that the whole reason we are here and we are talking to media is because my 13-year-old daughter isn`t in my house. Somebody knows where she is.

GRACE: Billie Dunn, what do you think has happened?

DUNN: I don`t know what to think at all anymore. It`s -- to me -- my mind changes from one hour to the next. But right now it`s not feeling good to me that I am going to be able to hold my daughter again, or that I am going to be waiting for her to come in from school, too.

GRACE: Up until now --

DUNN: I`m scared to death that somebody hurt her.

GRACE: Until now, have you believed that Hailey is in some other town hiding out? But why would she hide out? And why would your boyfriend tell police --

DUNN: Exactly.

GRACE: -- she`s promiscuous. That doesn`t even make sense. That`s not true.

DUNN: It isn`t true. I don`t know why he would say that. We have never -- we have never thought that. I did talk to Hailey about birth control once or twice. She didn`t feel the need to even think about it. We talked about it.

I don`t know why he would say that about my daughter. Me, or Clint, either one have ever thought she was promiscuous or having sex.

GRACE: You know, look at her. This is a little girl, she is an all- American little girl, scrubbed and sunshine.

DUNN: She`s a baby.

GRACE: Look at her. She`s 13. And I don`t understand, I`ve got a big problem with him even saying that. But another thing has come up --

DUNN: Yes.

GRACE: -- in the investigation when police searched your home they found -- that you had printed off at work, you didn`t just look at it, you printed it off and brought it home.

DUNN: Yes.

GRACE: Stories about serial murders, motive for murders, family murders, sexual sadism. Why?

DUNN: They were stories that I thought I was interested in reading. I read true crime stories. I get on The stories weren`t laying out. They were up in a box in top of the closet because I wasn`t reading them, either because I already had or just because some of the stories weren`t interesting.

They did make me feel bad and told me it was strange that I read things like that. But I`m just interested in people that aren`t like us.

GRACE: But wait a minute, weren`t --

DUNN: They`re not normal people.

GRACE: Weren`t all of those stories off the truTV Web site, the old Court TV Web site?


GRACE: Right. OK.

DUNN: Yes.

GRACE: I want to go to Caryn Stark, our psychologist joining us out of New York.

Weigh in, Caryn.

CARYN STARK, PSYCHOLOGIST: Well, Nancy, I do feel sorry. This woman seems very sad. But I have to tell you, that somebody who`s obsessed and intensely fascinated by crime and gore and horror, and they`re not looking to understand --

GRACE: Whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait.

STARK: And they`re not -- wait, wait, Nancy.

GRACE: Hold on. If she got these off -- plug it in, Liz, isn`t off of the old Court TV, truTV Web site? You`re -- it is. I worked there 11 years.

STARK: I would know.

GRACE: You are the shrink, on-air, my expert for all those years. You`re not going to get freaky stuff off that Web site. You`re going to get true cases that have gone to court. I don`t see that that`s crazy.

STARK: I understand, Nancy. But that`s not what I was reading. I was reading that they were also, movies and books about serial killers, and a lot of gore and horror, and unless you want to know what`s behind -- in other words, you`re interested in the mind of the person or the legality --

GRACE: OK. Let`s get to the truth of it. What do we know, Jean Casarez? What do we know about the material found in the Dunn home?

JEAN CASAREZ, LEGAL CORRESPONDENT, "IN SESSION": All right, it is a lot of cases. True-life cases. But what the doctor is talking about something that Shawn Adkins said to Hailey`s uncle when they were talking about her missing and his deer hunting.

He said he was obsessed with horror movies and murder movies and the "Halloween" movie series, that he had it all. And he was fascinated by that. He was.

GRACE: So this is Chet Adkins, the boyfriend, not Billie Dunn, the mother.

CASAREZ: Right. Exactly. Correct.

GRACE: OK. Caryn Stark? I don`t want to get on your bad side. I stand corrected. You are right. Because if I find out somebody has got a whole library of slice and dice, chop-them-up movies, I`ve got a problem.

Let`s see what that video is in full, Elizabeth. Take a look at this. You`re taking a look at Hailey`s room that we have obtained. A typical 13- year-old girl little room.

Billie Dunn, have you changed anything about her room?

DUNN: No. A friend of my mom`s did go in and pick up some of her clothes and fold them the other day.

GRACE: Unleash the lawyers. Joining us tonight Bradford Cohen, defense attorney, Miami. Alan Ripka, defense attorney, New York.

You know what, Bradford, I`d say about right now that the boyfriend is looking like quite a suspect. Again he has not been named a suspect. He has been named a POI.

BRADFORD COHEN, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Yes, I mean, obviously, there is a lot of inconsistencies with his story. And what`s making this worse is the police really are dropping the ball here. They had -- his cell phone in their hands, they didn`t take notes. They didn`t copy what was on it.

They didn`t do anything like that. But they hand it back to him where then he deletes stuff. Like stuff like that is not acceptable in this type of case.

GRACE: Alan Ripka, what do you make of him taking the phone back from police and then deleting phone numbers?

ALAN RIPKA, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, that`s certainly not a good sign. And the cops are going to use that to show they had something to hide. But I want to know the relationship between him and Hailey. What`s gone on in the past?


GRACE: Boyfriend.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Shawn Adkins. He was the last person to see Hailey alive.

SHAWN ADKINS, MISSING TEEN CHEERLEADER MOM`S BOYFRIEND: It doesn`t bother me. Because my main focus is Hailey.

DUNN: It`s wonderful to know that everybody cares and everybody wants her back.




UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: We just got a press release from Senior Trooper Sparky Dean, and he`s telling us that there is not enough evidence to show that Hailey was a runaway or is in hiding.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: There is a criminal case going on here. Investigators believe that there is still the possibility that Hailey may have been kidnapped.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Usually, he`s changing the story. Inconsistent statements. They have a really strong sense somebody is lying.

CASAREZ: It means somebody is not telling the truth in plain English.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: And I`m going to tell you why they think Hailey is still alive.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Pretty much everybody is a suspect or person of interest in this case. So, you know, it really -- they`re not ruling anything out at this point.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: There was actually a witness that called in a tip to authorities that they might have seen Hailey walking down the street between her mother`s house and her father`s house with two other girls.

MARC KLAAS, PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER, KLAASKIDS FOUNDATION: I think that there are several things that are red flags here.


GRACE: We are taking your calls, out to Barbara in New York. Hi, Barbara.

BARBARA, CALLER FROM NEW YORK: Hi, Nancy. I must say to you, you are everyone`s earth angel. We love you and we thank you for being there and being our voice.

And a quick hello to Jean.

Nancy, again we have another young child that`s gone missing. And everything seems to go to the family. I think when all is said and done that this boyfriend will be responsible for whatever has happened to this little girl.

Now when beautiful Polly Klaas went missing, her father was insane with -- he was horrified. And he went right up, take the polygraph test, do whatever you need to do. Everyone seems to be so nonchalant about this little girl missing. And I don`t understand it.

GRACE: You know, I have not found the mom to be nonchalant. But I understand what you`re saying, Barbara.

And I want to go back to Billie Dunn.

You said you left that morning around 6:00 a.m. to go to your -- to your work, right, you`re a nurse administrator, correct?

DUNN: No, I`m the secretary up there at the hospital. I left about 6:30.

GRACE: So 6:30 a.m. And --

DUNN: Yes.

GRACE: Your live-in Shawn Adkins, what time did he leave?

DUNN: He left at 5:30.

GRACE: So he was already gone.

OK, Alexis Weed, what can you tell me about the cell phone pings?

ALEXIS WEED, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: Yes. So, Nancy, Shawn Adkins, he arrives at work at 6:00 in the morning.

GRACE: Let`s see the map.

WEED: Then he leaves work, though, he -- his employer tells police, according to this affidavit, he leaves work at 6:10 after going to the break room, buying a soda, looks at his supervisor, takes off. Leaves the premises.

GRACE: Whoa. Wait, wait, wait. I thought he said he was fired.

WEED: He said he was fired. But then he said he quit according to police.

GRACE: And what does the boss say?

WEED: Pardon me?

GRACE: What does his boss say?

WEED: His boss says that no, he wasn`t fired. That in fact he is a good employee and he just left without saying a word.

GRACE: OK, let me see the map again. So he`s at work. And give me the timeline again, please.

WEED: OK. So he arrives at work at 6:00 in the morning. He leaves at 6:10. But that --

GRACE: Wait, wait. He gets to work at 6:00, he -- gets a drink out of the soda machine and then leaves?

WEED: Yes.

GRACE: OK. Back to the map.

WEED: OK. So then, Nancy, he tells police according to this affidavit that he goes directly to his mother`s house located in Big Springs, Texas. But police say no, his cell phone is pinging in Colorado City where Hailey`s home is located.

GRACE: Do you -- looking at the map, do you have to go through Colorado City to get to the mom`s residence?

WEED: The mom`s residence and Colorado City is about 25 miles from his work place.

GRACE: Do you have to go -- repeat, do you have to go through Colorado City to get to his mother`s house?

WEED: You do not. There is a separate highway that`s more direct -- more direct route there.

GRACE: OK. Let me see the map again, please. Leave it up. So he is there at 6:00. Now that I`m hearing this, he goes in, he gets a soda, looks at his boss and just walks out. He didn`t say anything?

WEED: That`s what we`re hearing.

GRACE: What kind of job was it?

WEED: He was -- in the pipeline industry, refurbishing oil and gas pipelines.

GRACE: He drives all the way there. He leaves after 10 minutes. Repeat, put up the map. There we go.

OK, John Lucich, criminal investigator, president of E-Forensics. What about the pings?

JOHN LUCICH, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR, PRESIDENT, E-FORENSICS: Nancy, as a person drives down the road their cell phone automatically will register or ping to the nearest and strongest cell site. And the main reason that is not for outgoing calls but so when someone calls in it knows what cell site to send it to in order to get to you.

If it sent it to the wrong cell site you wouldn`t get it. So it`s important it registers to cell site after cell site, it`s called a handoff. They can actually go to the MTSO, which is the Mobile Telephone Switching facility, at the base of each one of these cell sites, check the files where this cell phone registered, and will actually tell you what time he was in that area.

GRACE: So, Alexis Weed, he says -- let me get the story straight. And then line it up with the pings.

WEED: OK. So he says he leaves to go to his mother`s house and that`s in Big Spring, Texas. This is at 6:10. But his cell phone pings show that at 6:35 a.m., he is pinging in Colorado City.

GRACE: All the way up until nearly 7:00 a.m.

WEED: Correct.

GRACE: So he goes back to the area in which Hailey lives.

WEED: It looks that way.

GRACE: Question, if he were back at the home, is that the cell tower his phone would ping off?

WEED: Yes, police say in the affidavit that that`s the exact same tower.

GRACE: OK. Did you know that, Billie Dunn? He didn`t go straight to his mother`s. He went back to where the home is.

DUNN: I found that out last night watching the news. He told me the same thing that he went straight to his mom`s house in Big Spring.

GRACE: Now in his defense, to get from work to his mother`s, would he drive through Colorado City?

DUNN: No, I don`t think so. He could but it would be shorter to not come through Colorado City.

GRACE: Back to the line. Shannon in Tennessee, hi, Shannon.

SHANNON, CALLER FROM TENNESSEE: Hi, Nancy, what a privilege it is to speak to you.


GRACE: No, it`s my privilege.

SHANNON: I love what you do.

GRACE: Thank you for calling in. What`s your question, dear?

SHANNON: Well, I had two. One is she is so dead set on saying that she kicked him out immediately, and I don`t want to attack her. But immediately after he failed the polygraph, but she failed it, too, so I don`t understand why she says he`s guilty, he did it, and she failed it, too. I don`t understand what she thinks the difference is.

Second, if I had any clue that my child, or you, too, your two twins. If we knew our child was -- had a chance to be in Texas with family or friends, has she ever, because I have not seen her ever go to look (INAUDIBLE) and go to Texas?

I`d go anywhere, door to door in my neighborhoods everywhere. What has she done to look for her daughter?

GRACE: OK. Billie Dunn, what have you done to look for Hailey?

DUNN: Got ahold of all of her friends. We pass out flyers. We get ahold of the media. We talk to the media all the time to try to keep her face out there.



DUNN: My boyfriend, he came home from work. He seen Hailey. Hailey was there.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: She leaves her home to walk over to a friend`s house where she was supposed to have a sleepover.

DUNN: Four to five blocks.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: She didn`t take anything with her when she left her house.

DUNN: Hailey never made it over there.


GRACE: Out to Dr. Marty Makary, physician and professor of public health, Johns Hopkins.

Dr. Makary, thank you for being with us. I know that police have asked for a warrant to search a white Chevy available to Adkins. What would you think they would find if a body had been transported in that vehicle?

DR. MARTY MAKARY, PHYSICIAN, PROF. OF PUBLIC HEALTH, JOHNS HOPKINS: Well, they`re looking for any source of DNA. It could be a hair, a nail fragment, certainly any body fluid like blood.

Now blood is known to stain, so if there`s any cloth there, it`s very hard to get it out unless there`s some kind of detergent. So they`re going to be looking for any source of DNA they can get. They`ve gotten DNA from other people. Why? Because who knows, that DNA may not be available at some point down the road. And they want to use all the pieces of the puzzle.

GRACE: And, Dr. Makary, how would anti-anxiety medication affect polygraph?

MAKARY: Well, it would give you a false negative result. That is, you can throw out the polygraph out the window because there`s simply no good basis for it.

GRACE: Tip line, 325-728-5294. There`s a $15,000 reward. Please help us find this girl. Hailey Dunn.

Let`s stop and remember Army Sergeant James Witkowski, 32, Surprise, Arizona, killed Iraq. Awarded Silver Star, the nation`s third highest medal of valor, Purple Heart, Army Achievement Medal. Inspired to enlist by football star Pat Tillman who gave up the NFL to serve and lost his life.

He loved playing golf, basketball, and friends, softball. Favorite TV show "Family Guy." Magnetic personality. Never met a stranger. Leaves behind parents Jim and Barbara, sisters Tracy and Randy.

James Witkowski, American hero.

Thanks to our guests, but especially to you.

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