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Nancy Grace

The Jodi Arias Sex Tape

Aired February 18, 2013 - 20:00   ET



JODI ARIAS, CHARGED WITH MURDER: I was totally tired and I was asleep. And I would have been completely content just cuddling with you once we got into bed, but you had another agenda!

But I don`t mind receiving while you`re doing the giving.

So, like, I was the goddess. And so aside from all those warm, fuzzy feelings, but, like, it was so sexy and it was so hot, and oh, gosh!

TRAVIS ALEXANDER, VICTIM: Start touching yourself.

ARIAS: I am already. (INAUDIBLE) soap on my hands, giving you a hand job.

ALEXANDER: Since she`s left, I (EXPLETIVE DELETED) every day, sometimes two to three times a day.

ARIAS: Are you serious?

I wish you were here. If you were here, my grandparents are asleep (INAUDIBLE) in my bedroom and we`d shut and lock the door and we would just have a big (EXPLETIVE DELETED) fest.

ALEXANDER: Your body is so hot (INAUDIBLE)

ARIAS: (INAUDIBLE) do a porn star thing, I`m going to put on a little extra makeup.

I really, really, really want to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) right now!

You`re bad! You make me feel so dirty!


NANCY GRACE, HOST: Tonight, raw and uncensored, the Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander phone sex tape. Less than a month before he is stabbed to death, listen to Jodi Arias and murder victim Travis Alexander in their own words. Jodi Arias tape-records herself luring Travis into phone sex. We have the audio. But what does this lurid and XXX display have to do with self- defense? What does the tape reveal?

The recording may begin with small talk, but quickly escalates to talk in graphic sex terms. Viewer discretion advised. Take a listen.


ALEXANDER: You cannot say I don`t work that bootie.

ARIAS: Oh, never mind. You do know how to work the bootie.

ALEXANDER: Your butt has gotten more attention than any woman on the face of the earth (INAUDIBLE)


ARIAS: Well, it kind of screams for attention. It sticks out.

ALEXANDER: I love that butt. If they had ass of the planet award, it would win.

ARIAS: Awww! I don`t know about that, but thank you.

ALEXANDER: No, it would (INAUDIBLE) in so many categories, it frickin` gets an A-plus.

ARIAS: You`re an A-plus.

ALEXANDER: For example, I`m not the frickin` tossed salad type, to be honest, but I would do it. I love doing it to you.

ARIAS: And you have done it. Oh!

ALEXANDER: (INAUDIBLE) no, I`ve more than done it, I`ve frickin` done it!



ARIAS: You`ve gone to town, like it was an all you can eat salad bar.


ALEXANDER: No, I went to town on it for, like, 45 minutes one night.

ARIAS: Oh, my gosh.


ARIAS: That`s another thing about you. You have the most incredible stamina that I`ve ever, ever even dreamed of encountering. It`s just crazy. Like, you have...

ALEXANDER: Yes, we`ve had two and three-hour sessions many times.

ARIAS: Yes, we have. More than that even.

ALEXANDER: It`s -- it`s -- I think three-and-a-half like our tops or something.


ALEXANDER: It`s because I pace myself.

ARIAS: (INAUDIBLE) perfect because I have that constant renewable energy.

ALEXANDER: Yes. I -- you`ve got renewable. You can just never stop. I am extracurricular, so -- and I`m a giver, so I don`t mind recouping while I`m doing what I need to do to you, so...

ARIAS: I`m a giver.

ALEXANDER: No, I agree, honey.

ARIAS: But I don`t mind receiving while you`re doing the giving.

ALEXANDER: I`m glad. And I like how you`ll play whatever role you need to play.

ARIAS: I like to play. That`s fun.

ALEXANDER: You know, if you need to, you know, handle me, you`ll handle me. If you need to be handled, you`ll be handled.

ARIAS: Oh! I know. I know you love being handled. But like, if I had to put the one before the other, I like being handled.


ARIAS: I like being handled. But yes, I totally will handle you.

ALEXANDER: Yes. (INAUDIBLE) Mercy, mercy me. We got into this quicker than I thought we would.

ARIAS: Yes, I wonder how that happened.

ALEXANDER: (INAUDIBLE) I`m really excited about (INAUDIBLE) I`m going to tie you to a tree and put it in your (EXPLETIVE DELETED).

ARIAS: Oh, my gosh. That is so debasing! I like it!


ALEXANDER: (INAUDIBLE) tie your arms around a tree, blindfold you and put a camera on a timer while I`m (EXPLETIVE DELETED) you.

ARIAS: Oh, my gosh! You`re full of ideas!

ALEXANDER: It takes creativity to top ourselves.

ARIAS: I know it does. We`ve gotten way creative in the past. I think I give you most of the credit, though, as far as the creative ideas go. I`m game for, like, almost everything you come up with. But you really are a wealth brain of ideas. You are, like, quite the source.



ARIAS: When he said tie you to a tree and put it in your ass, the first thing that flew to mind was the scene from the movie, "Me, Myself and Irene, where toward the end, there`s some kind of antagonist or bad guy or some guy in the movie where he is tied to a tree with his arms around the tree, and his pants are pulled down. And a chicken or a duck or a goose or something, his beak and head are shoved up his butt. And it was really an awful scene in the movie. It`s supposed to be funny, but it was disgusting to me.

So when he said that -- and I could only think that man, not that that really happened, it was just a movie -- but I thought how degrading. And so I said that. And then as I said "How -- so degrading," I didn`t want him to feel bad about expressing himself and his fantasies, so I quickly added, I like it, just so he didn`t feel like I was insulting his personal fantasies.



ARIAS: Oh, when we took a bath together?


ARIAS: That was -- that was surreal. Like, honestly, I think -- I mean, maybe the candlelight and the bubbles all had something to do with it. But you were amazing! You made me -- seriously, you made me feel like a goddess. Like, I wasn`t saying you were, like, worshiping me, but you were -- you made me feel like I was the most freaking beautiful woman on the whole planet. Like, I so felt like I was a goddess. And so aside from all those warm, fuzzy feelings, but like, it was so sexy and it was so hot.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And what did he do to make you feel like a goddess, as you`ve described?

ARIAS: He told me to meet him in the bedroom. And when I walked into the room, he had this -- he had a light, kind of a decorative lamp on the side of his -- on one of the nightstands, and it was, like, the shape of a candle or a cluster of candles, but it was actually -- it was, like, a fountain. So if you pour water in it and turn it on, it bubbles over the candle and goes into the other candle and it kind of recycles the water. And I think there were pebbles and things around it.

So he had that on, and it had a soft glow. He had hurricane candles lit on the dresser. He had a CD playing low on the other nightstand. And then his bathroom, where there`s a long hallway, he had the hallway lined up -- like, it was lit up kind of like a runway with hurricane candles on each side all the way down. And he had red rose petals kind of just scattered throughout, down the hallway all the way to the bathtub. And the bathtub was full of hot water, and there was steam coming off of it. And there were no bubbles in that one, but there were candles in the corners of the bathtub also.



ALEXANDER: Start touching yourself.

ARIAS: I am already.

ALEXANDER: I just started.

ARIAS: I have soap (ph) on my hands, giving you (EXPLETIVE DELETED)

ALEXANDER: Before I met you, I had never (EXPLETIVE DELETED). Once I started -- once I started meeting you (INAUDIBLE) once a month, once every two weeks. Since she`s left, I (EXPLETIVE DELETED) every day, sometimes two, three times a day.

ARIAS: Are you serious?


ARIAS: I wish you were here. If you were here, my grandparents are asleep (INAUDIBLE) in my bedroom and we`d shut and lock the door and we would just have a big (EXPLETIVE DELETED). We`d go at it all night.

ALEXANDER: (INAUDIBLE) slowly. (INAUDIBLE) sounds like you`re a 12-year- old girl having her first orgasm. That`s so hot!

ARIAS: Sounds like what?

ALEXANDER: A 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm. (INAUDIBLE) hot little girl.

ARIAS: You`re bad! You make me feel so dirty!

ALEXANDER: You are dirty. (INAUDIBLE) I just want to have a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) with you. I like that term. It`s a marathon.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When you recorded this tape and you were living in Yreka in May of 2008, were you 12?


ALEXANDER: Was this your first orgasm?


ALEXANDER: Were those real orgasms, or did you fake it?

ARIAS: I was faking them because -- well, there were several reasons. One, I wanted him to be -- well, he was turned on by it, so I wanted him to be turned on. I wanted him to like it.

And also, I was faking it because I can`t -- well, when I`m on the phone -- when I do something like that -- like, masturbating requires both hands, so I couldn`t use just one and actually reach that point. So I just faked it so that he could -- like, he was -- he was very mean to me during some of this period of time, at times, and when he wanted phone sex or something like that, he was really nice, and I liked that side of him. So I wanted to prolong it and I guess you could say draw it out or enjoy it while it lasted because he would turn into Mr. Hyde soon, or whatever the analogy is. So those things were pleasing to him.



ARIAS: Do you still blur my face and put (EXPLETIVE DELETED)


ARIAS: You have a good-looking (EXPLETIVE DELETED), I just want to let you know.

ALEXANDER: You really like it?

ARIAS: Yes. It`s, like -- oh, it`s -- oh! So smooth. And it goes so (INAUDIBLE) (EXPLETIVE DELETED) so good!


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Pleasing him was still important to you even in May of 2008, after you moved back home?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is this why you complimented his stamina?

ARIAS: Yes. Travis thrived on compliments.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is this why you called him superhuman?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is this why you with were so complimentary of his genitalia?



GRACE: When we come back, more of the Jodi Arias/Travis Alexander phone sex tape. What does it prove?


GRACE: It may be against the Mormon faith, but Arias tells Travis Alexander on tape she`s glad the two are involved in sex, and, quote, "Well, if it`s wrong, then I don`t want to be right."


ARIAS: You make me feel so (EXPLETIVE DELETED). I seriously think about having sex with you every day. Several times a day. (INAUDIBLE) I think how it feels to have your (EXPLETIVE DELETED) inside of me, and I remember it and I want it again.


ARIAS: What?

ALEXANDER: I`m glad that we started (EXPLETIVE DELETED).

ARIAS: Well, if it`s wrong, then I don`t want to be right because I`m glad, too! Like, seriously.

ALEXANDER: Generally, I`m like, OK, Jodi, I`m just -- I want Jodi, all of Jodi. (INAUDIBLE)

ARIAS: Like, I -- OK, I -- I don`t know. What`s wrong is that I wish we were doing it before because that was good (INAUDIBLE)

ALEXANDER: Once we did it, like, why not do it, you know?

ARIAS: Exactly. Yes, I know what you mean.

ALEXANDER: I want to give you a (EXPLETIVE DELETED).


ALEXANDER: (EXPLETIVE DELETED) just, like, a quarter of an inch (INAUDIBLE)



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You had sexual intercourse twice in the bathtub, vaginal intercourse, right?

ARIAS: Yes. Prior to us actually just going all the way, like, to heck with it, let`s just, you know, sleep together.


ARIAS: Prior to our just -- we kind of reached a point during our relationship that we just began sleeping together without any boundaries or limitations.

He wanted me to put pop rocks in my mouth while he -- while I gave him oral sex.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And did you do that?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And the Tootsie Pops -- what did they turn out to be needed for?

ARIAS: He wanted to put the Tootsie Pop inside of me, I mean, just spend time down there doing that, I guess you could say.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do you mean, inside of you?

ARIAS: Inside my vagina.



ALEXANDER: Everything about the details of your body are so hot. (INAUDIBLE) (EXPLETIVE DELETED) just like -- it just accentuates how female you are and how hot you are, like, you are a prototype of sluttiness. You`re a prototype. You made me freaking fly. And then, most of all, oh, I loved it, how much (EXPLETIVE DELETED) you have (INAUDIBLE)

ARIAS: Really? (INAUDIBLE) because I always am self-conscious about those things, and you make me feel like...

ALEXANDER: It makes you, like, a superwoman.

ARIAS: Like, when you`re (EXPLETIVE DELETED) me, but I`m looking with my head tilted back, so all you can really see is, like, the outline of my chin and some of my cheek and jawbone, and, like, my ears and hairs, but you can`t really see the rest of my face because it`s (EXPLETIVE DELETED) between two (EXPLETIVE DELETED), like, in focus with the neck and everything sort of a little bit blurry, but they aren`t kind of like (INAUDIBLE)

ALEXANDER: Oh, it`s great.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why were you still acting as his bootie call?

ARIAS: I was making a string of bad choices during that time in my life.


GRACE: When we come back, Jodi Arias talks about wanting to be busted.


GRACE: On a 40-minute phone sex recording made by murder one suspect Jodi Arias, she fantasizes with victim Travis Alexander about wanting to be busted for public nudity. Just weeks later, she`s busted all right, for murder one.


ARIAS: I really, really, really want to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) right now so bad!

ALEXANDER: (INAUDIBLE) crush your forehead.

ARIAS: I think since I`m going to do the porn star thing, I`m going to put on a little extra makeup (INAUDIBLE)

ALEXANDER: Well, whatever you want, baby.

ARIAS: Oh, my gosh! Wow! That would be hot! Like, you bust me for being, like, nude in public or something and I say I wanted to go out and be, like, one with nature, and you`re, like, All right, you can redeem yourself in a one-way!





UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. Alexander talks about how he wants to zip tie you to a tree and put it in your ass deep, right? Remember that?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There`s no mistake in what we`re talking about here, are right?

ARIAS: Yes. No, there`s no mistake.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What was that a reference to?

ARIAS: That was a reference to a photo shoot that he wanted to do out in the woods somewhere, and he had a fantasy that he`d had for quite some time, since before I met him, where he wanted...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He wanted to do a photo shoot of what?

ARIAS: He wanted me to dress up like Little Red Riding Hood.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And you said this was to take place in the woods. Where?

ARIAS: Well, he wanted me to find a spot because he was coming up to Yreka. There is a lot of forest up there, so there are trails and things near a park called Green Horn. It`s toward the southern end of town, and it goes into the woods quite a ways. And I figured if we went early in the morning or late at night, we could find a spot there and we wouldn`t have to worry about any hikers or anybody coming upon us because that would have been mortifying.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Were you tentative about having sex in public?

ARIAS: Very much, yes.


GRACE: Next, more of the Jodi Arias/Travis Alexander phone sex tapes. But what does it really prove? Certainly not self-defense.


GRACE: Tonight, raw and uncensored, the Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander phone sex tapes. Less than a month, just weeks before he is killed, brutally stabbed to death, listen to Jodi Arias and victim Travis Alexander in their own words. Now, listen as Arias certainly sounds like a willing participant in these sex conversations, discussing with Travis everything from his anatomy to the merits of KY jelly. Viewer discretion advised.


ALEXANDER: KY, did you know that?

ARIAS: I introduced you to KY?

ALEXANDER: I`d never -- I`ve heard of it, obviously, but I never used it.


ARIAS: You know, I had never used it until -- and I`d always heard of it until one day, I just thought -- because it`s so cliched and people make fun of it and -- you know? But it`s great stuff.

ALEXANDER: No, it`s awesome. There`s nothing else -


ALEXANDER: No, it`s freaking Vaseline.

ARIAS: Oh, does that thing work? It seems so thick.


ARIAS: You mean the lotion?

ALEXANDER: (INAUDIBLE). It works well but it doesn`t work as well as KY.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The comment was also made about braids. Braids were hot was something that was said on the tape. You alluded to a schoolgirl outfit, and early in your testimony you talked about Mr. Alexander having an interest in younger women. Was the braids a part of this interest or what was your understanding about the braids or describe that for us?

ARIAS: Yes, the braids were -- at that time I still had blond hair and he called me Pollyanna with the braids, that kind of thing. So, yes, I believe it was to make me a little bit younger.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He liked you to look a little younger?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did he ever ask you act a little younger?

ARIAS: Yes, one time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tell us about that time.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Objection. Foundation.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Your honor, she hasn`t even began to describe the incident. There`s no proper objection.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Make sure she describes the place and the time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tell us about this incident. Where did it take place?

ARIAS: In his bedroom.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you remember when?

ARIAS: It would have been some time in -- I remember it was the fall in 2008 but it was prior to when I walked in on him, I are remember that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Prior to when you walked in on him? In January of 2008, right?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. What did he want you to do?

ARIAS: Well, I knew I was going over there to hang out with him which probably would lead to sex, and I came into his bedroom and he had a few -- he had some toys out on the floor. We didn`t, like, do anything with them, but I think he had ideas for it. I don`t really know. I looked at him kind of funny, and he dropped it.


ARIAS: He dropped it.


ARIAS: Whatever ideas he had about it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But you said he wanted you to act younger. There must have been something in that regard.

ARIAS: It was a little, like, train car. It wasn`t a hole train or anything. It is just a little red caboose or something.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did he want to you play with it?

ARIAS: I mean, I thought he was going to do something with it. He we had already incorporated candy and massage oil and all kinds of things like that, so I assumed -- I wondered what he had in mind with that, and I don`t think I was came with that rainbow that he just gave it to me and he was running it over my body and he was wanting me to do it over his body and kind of like, almost like a massage but --


ARIAS: Yes. I was there and he wanted me to be in the braids that time. And it -- I don`t know.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do you mean, you don`t know? Is this embarrassing to talk about?

ARIAS: Yes, extremely.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When you say you don`t know, what else happened? You know what happened.

ARIAS: We ended up having sex, anal sex.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Were you wearing the boys` underwear?

ARIAS: Yes. That time I was.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And you were playing with these toys?

ARIAS: I don`t know that I could really say playing but kind of like, yes, kind of like adult play, I guess you could say.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When you told us earlier that he got the words of the understanding that Mr. Alexander liked younger women, you mentioned the braids and the schoolgirl outfit. Is there anything else he requested of you that made you believe that?

ARIAS: There were things I learned about him that made me believe that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, how about things he requested of you. Did he request you do anything else to make yourself look younger?

ARIAS: Braids, school girl outfit and the spideys. I don`t remember.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There was a lot of talk on this tape about photo shoots and pornography and the porn star thing and pictures of you with semen on your face making, quote/unquote, "legitimate porn." Based on those, it brings up the question, did you and Travis ever videotape yourselves while having sex?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And at whose desire was for that to take place?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And these videos, how were they -- how were they made?

ARIAS: On a digital camera. There was only one video. It wasn`t plural.


ARIAS: There was only one video.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One video. And when was that video made?

ARIAS: On June 4, 2008.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But it sounds to me like, so all this talk beforehand in May, you`re say that go before June of 2008, there was no recording or pictures or things of that nature? Is that what you`re telling us?

ARIAS: No, I`m only telling you there was no video.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. So we saw the pictures that were taken of you on June 4, 2008. Did he take other pictures of you?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And when did he do this? Was this a consistent thing that happened on a lot of sexual encounters?

ARIAS: No, it`s something I had to, I guess, build up the courage to do. I hadn`t done that with previous boyfriends except one photo that Darryl snapped one time with my phone, and it was deleted. And I was -- ironically, the thing I was afraid of is that it would get out. I didn`t want to do it. And so --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do you mean get out?

ARIAS: He wanted me to e-mail him some pictures or maybe phone pictures to send him, and he began requesting this very early in our friendship/relationship in 2006.


NANCY GRACE, HLN ANCHOR: Coming up, Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander get musical.


GRACE: The star spangled banner, not exactly something you think would come up on a phone sex tape. Well, it does, as well as a critique of the black-eyed peas. Do you feel Arias is being manipulated by Alexander, or do you believe she is a willing participant and how? Well, this audio tape played for the jury.


ALEXANDER: By the dawn`s early light (INAUDIBLE) at the twilight`s last gleaming and the rockets` red glare the bombs bursting (INAUDIBLE) gave proof through the night the flag made of hair o, say, does that star Spanglish banner --


ARIAS: What are you doing? She`s original which is good. I always like funky, fresh originality. I always think --

ALEXANDER: I like better black eyed peas, honestly.

ARIAS: Yes, yes. I mean, I`m not even I don`t know a lot of her music too much as a single artist. Personally, I don`t know the black eyed peas music. I just know I like them.

Let`s get it started. That`s them. Let`s get it started let`s get it started in here

ALEXANDER: She`s the one - (INAUDIBLE)

ARIAS: I didn`t like the hump song.

ALEXANDER: I hate that song. My hump, my hump.

ARIAS: I thought it was hilarious the way Alanis Morissette made fun of her.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This begs the question, Jodi, why at this point in time, in May of 2008, you moved back, why were you still craving or so desirous of positive attention from Mr. Alexander?

ARIAS: I just -- he -- when he was nice to me, it felt -- it reminded me - - he made me feel better. I liked the way I felt when he was nice to me. It made me feel good, so I sought those things. And when he was mean, it didn`t make me feel good. So that`s why I referred one over the other.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, why any contact at all?

ARIAS: I`m sorry?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why any contact at all? Why talk to him?

ARIAS: Well, he pawned his car can off on me so I had to pay him for that. There was still that connection that we had.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`ll get to that in a little bit because obviously you weren`t discussing the car on this phone call we just heard.

ARIAS: That`s true.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And you also mentioned earlier that night you were having chats with him over the internet, right?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. And you remember the day you moved back?

ARIAS: I don`t recall the specific day, but it was in the first half of April.


ARIAS: 2008.


GRACE: Next, more of the sex tape recorded by Jodi Arias.


GRACE: Keep in mind when listening to this audio it was recorded by Jodi Arias, she claims Travis wanted her to record it. But that is taking Arias at her word. Questions swirling why would she record a 40 minute phone sex conversation with the man that just three weeks later she stabs to death?


ARIAS: I know. I like it. It`s just it is fun. I want you to do that more.

ALEXANDER: I want you to do that more.

ARIAS: All right.

ALEXANDER: I want you to ride my freaking face, horse.



ARIAS: 69 picks?


ARIAS: How will we do that?


ARIAS: Oh, yes. You`re smart.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jody, the conversation we just heard before the break. When did that take place?

ARIAS: May 10th, 2008.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Where were you when that conversation took place?

ARIAS: I was at my grandparents` home in Yreka, California.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And the recording of the conversation, do you know how that came to exist?

ARIAS: Yes. In the, when I got, I got my Helios phone the day I moved to Arizona. The phone that I had was a Motorola Razor, and I put it in the drink cup holder in the truck, I want to sleep in the truck. And when I woke up, I realized that send in the bottom of the drink holder with whole bunch of hot chocolate that spilled the day before. And it basically soaked in hot chocolate all night. So, my phone didn`t work anymore.

I met up with Gus Steve (ph) in southern California. He had a free phone deal. And he let me have the Helios. I agreed to pay him for it. But, I don`t remember how that worked out. And so, as I had this phone, figuring out the features, and then I realized we can record on it and I told Travis, and, we joked about, recording it, and then -- we tried that.

And a few times, it failed at it. Because you have to hit a record button on the phone. And then if-up ha you hang up the phone at end of the conversation before hitting save it doesn`t save the conversation. So he like, when we recorded things like that, he liked to play it back.

And so -- the first few times I forgot to save it. Because it went all one long recording. And then I would hang up not thinking. And lost the recording. And he would get upset. So -- throughout the conversation I begin to hit, save, save, save, so I didn`t forget. At least even if I forgot the last one, at last a portion of it previously was saved.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So you recorded it at his request?



GRACE: The arias sex tape continues next.


GRACE: We remember American hero army staff sergeant Sean Mittler, 32, Austin, Texas. Bronze star, Purple Heart, two Iraq campaign medals. Parents, Joyce and Terry, Sister Misty, Brother Alex, widow, Marisol, daughter, Christine, son, John. Sean Mittler, American hero.

As the arias sex tapes are played, Jodi Arias wipes her nose throughout, hiding her face with her hand, often looking down. What will jurors take away from her body language?


ARIAS: (Bleep) -- think about having sex with you every day. (Bleep) (Indiscernible) (Bleep).



ARIAS: If it`s wrong, I don`t want to be right. Like, seriously.

ALEXANDER: Like, OK - Jodi, Jodi, Jodi --

ARIAS: Like, I -- look, I don`t know. What was wrong we were doing it before, because that was good.


ARIAS: Yes, I know what you mean.

ALEXANDER: I want to give you (bleep).

ARIAS: What`s that.


GRACE: Everyone, thank you for being with to us tonight. I will see you tomorrow night, 8:00 sharp eastern.

And until then, good night, friend.