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Missing Baby Elaina; Was Missing Elaina Injured?

Aired June 18, 2013 - 20:00   ET



NANCY GRACE, HOST: Oh, look, she`s kissing the baby. The baby appears well, well nourished. It looked clean. Look at her rocking the baby. She`s loving on the baby. She loved this baby. This is just before baby Elaina is abducted.

TERRY STEINFURTH, JR., ELAINA`S FATHER: Me and my wife separated due to -- for several reasons, one of which being the way she treated my children. She yelled at them, cursed at them. She would snatch my oldest daughter by her arm and drag her around, smack her in the mouth.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One of those people knows what happened.

TERRY STEINFURTH, JR.: "We don`t know." That`s the only answers I keep getting.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Nobody knows who took this baby. Nobody can tell us when the baby left the house.

RICHARD SCHIEWE, ANGELA STEINFURTH`S FATHER: And there was people in the house that took the baby out of the house. And people said, If you say anything to the police, you`re next.


NANCY GRACE, HOST: Good evening. I`m Nancy Grace. I want to thank you for being with us. Bombshell tonight, live, Toledo, a parent`s worst nightmare, 18-month-old baby Elaina last seen taking a nap, but just minutes later, she`s gone, baby Elaina vanishing, broad daylight.

The story developing by the minute. How does an 18-month-old baby girl disappear from the family`s own bedroom in the middle of the day and nobody sees a thing? We obtain crystal-clear surveillance video of Mommy with baby Elaina just hours before the baby vanishes, seemingly into thin air. But what clues does the video reveal?

And tonight, primetime exclusive. The man who captures Mommy and baby Elaina on this video with us live and taking your calls. As dive teams scour that Maumee River, tonight, where is baby Elaina?

As I said, the case developing by the minute. Straight out to Fred Lefebvre, WSPD, joining me from Toledo. Fred, what`s the latest?

FRED LEFEBVRE, WSPD RADIO, TOLEDO (via telephone): The latest, after the dredging of the river today, is they didn`t find anything yet. And even more important is this mystery man who you`re about to have on as a guest, who claims that Angela told him about a bruise, about blood around the nostril and other injuries, which he says Angela told him about and also told other people in the home about, and then did nothing in the way of medical care.

GRACE: You know, I`ve been wondering because I`ve got with me right here the affidavit for arrest for Mommy, Mommy only arrested for endangering a child. But this doesn`t have to lay out the specific facts. But what we are hearing tonight, sources telling us that the child, according to the mother, was injured.

But every time I put a witness on the stand, I would think, What interest do they have in telling this story? Do they have a dog in the fight? Do they have any skin in the game? Now, remember, Mommy is behind bars. What is she willing to say to get out from behind bars, or is she telling the truth?

With me right now, Frank. We are withholding his last name. He took the secret surveillance of Angela Steinfurth, Mommy and baby Elaina. Frank, thank you for being with us.


GRACE: Frank, here`s my question. I know that you put surveillance cameras on your porch because you were concerned about a spike in crime in the area. I understand the video. But what I want to hear about is what, if anything, did Mommy tell you about the baby? What did Angela Steinfurth say?

FRANK: Well, also, I got surveillance around the whole house.

GRACE: Right.

FRANK: We was sitting on the porch talking, while the FBI was questioning my girlfriend, and then they did a search of our home with our consent. And she just basically told me that the baby had a bruised eye, a little bit of dried blood around one of the nostrils and a bump on the head.

GRACE: Whoa! Whoa! Wait! Wa-wa-wait! Bruised eye, bump on the head, nostril blood, blood around one nostril, correct?

FRANK: Correct, light blood.

GRACE: What do you mean by that, light blood?

FRANK: They said it was light around the outer edge of the nostril, is what she told me.

GRACE: Bump on the head, blood around the nostril, bruised eye. Was it a black eye?

FRANK: She said it was a black eye, correct.

GRACE: Did she say black or did she say bruised?

FRANK: Black.

GRACE: All right. Hold on. Let me correct my notes. Black eye, bump on the head, nostril with light blood. The bump on the head -- did she say where it was? Was it bruised? Was it a goose egg? What did she say?

FRANK: She didn`t specify.

GRACE: OK. Frank, this is all new to us tonight. We`re hearing all this for the first time. Where was she when she told you that?

FRANK: Sitting on my front porch.

GRACE: And when?

FRANK: Right where the crayon marks are, or the chalk marks are.

GRACE: Got it. And when was this?

FRANK: The day that the FBI was questioning, the day the baby went -- two days after the baby went missing.

GRACE: Two days after the baby went missing?


GRACE: And sir, how did it come up?

FRANK: Well, the FBI asked if they could talk to us. We went to my home, where we was away from the media. They asked if they could search the home. We gave them permission. Again, they was questioning my girlfriend.

While I`m waiting outside, I was talking to Angela. She made it clear that, you know, the baby had a black eye, dried blood and a bump on the head. I asked her straight up, How did this happen? She said when she woke up, the baby was already like that. She asked the boyfriend...

GRACE: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Wait! Frank, this sounds like one of those movies where the person just wakes up and there`s a dead body beside them, and they have no idea how it happened. But you know what? That`s in the movies, OK?

FRANK: Correct.

GRACE: So she`s saying she wakes up and she doesn`t know how any of this happened, and her baby is laying beside her with blood on the nose, bump on the head and a black eye. Is that what I`m hearing? Did I just hear that?

FRANK: Correct.

GRACE: All right, what did you say? You had to say something because I`d do a black flip if I heard that.

FRANK: Right. I questioned her, Why didn`t you call an ambulance, you know, call the police? Be me, I`d be flipping out. She said she asked the boyfriend to check the baby and make sure the baby was OK.

GRACE: What is he, a medical doctor?

FRANK: No, not that I`m aware of.

GRACE: I mean, when my husband says to me, Oh, they`re fine, that`s exactly when I get in the car or the minivan, I go to emergency room!

FRANK: Absolutely.

GRACE: So she asked the ex-boyfriend what does he think?

FRANK: Uh-huh.

GRACE: And what did he say, may I ask?

FRANK: Her statement was that the baby would be OK.

GRACE: OK. Then what happened?

FRANK: Well, basically, we stopped talking about it and...

GRACE: Wait! Wa-wa-wa-wa-wait! Wa-wait! The baby`s missing! The whole town is upside down, and you stop talking about it?

FRANK: Well, I talked...

GRACE: You didn`t say, Where is the baby?

FRANK: I was talking to the police officer...


FRANK: ... who was getting the video surveillance off my cameras at the time.

GRACE: OK. All right. So did she ever indicate to you where`s the baby?


GRACE: Did you ever ask her?

FRANK: Multiple times. She said she did not know.

GRACE: Well, OK. What happened in the -- wait, wait, wait. So she wakes up, the baby`s there, the baby`s obviously injured. She asks the boyfriend, Look at the baby. He goes, Oh, she`s fine. Then what happens? How do we go from that point to the baby`s missing and we`re dredging the river?

FRANK: Well, after they got -- the FBI got done questioning my girlfriend, I went in and I spoke to the FBI. And I told the FBI everything I knew. I told them about the bump and all that. They acted surprised, like that was new to them. They asked me where did I hear it. I said, I was just told this by Angela on my front porch.

After the interview with the FBI, they brought Angela in, questioned her again for about an hour-and-a-half, and then took her back downtown for more additional questioning. Then they released her. And then she wound up going back downtown, like, a week later for more questioning, and that`s when she was arrested.

GRACE: And so during -- at no point kid she -- when you would say, Where`s the baby, what would she say, Frank?

FRANK: She said she didn`t know. And I said...

GRACE: Does she know who took the baby?

FRANK: ... How can you not know? There`s too many people in that house, OK? The baby is laying down. Why didn`t you check on the baby? You know, I can understand once or twice, you know, you have a little faith in your spouse or your partner. But if that baby had injuries, why didn`t you check on your child? That`s my question to her.

GRACE: Well, also, when you have a blow to the head, you know, you lay the baby down. If the baby has some sort of a concussion, there could be bleeding on the brain. And those minutes turn into hours, and all of a sudden, it`s irreversible brain damage. (INAUDIBLE) what happened there.

FRANK: I personally would have called the police.

GRACE: OK, so you never could get a straight answer from her on who took the baby?

FRANK: No. I never got a straight answer. She said -- her statement was she did not know where the child was.

GRACE: OK. Frank, you obviously are a smart guy and a stand-up guy because you told the FBI everything you know. A lot of people just wouldn`t even get involved. You see the big problem here. You don`t go from, The baby is laying beside me with a bump on its head and a black eye to, the baby`s gone and I don`t know what happened. Something had to happen in between that A and B, right?

FRANK: Correct.

GRACE: OK, joining me right now, a special guest, Captain Brad Weis of the Toledo Police Department. Also with us tonight, baby Elaina`s father. Also with us, Angela Steinfurth`s father, Richard Schiewe, is with us. Also with us, the grandfather, all together in the same room for the first time since, basically, there`s no good way to put it, all hell broke loose.

To Captain Brad Weis, Toledo Police Department captain. Captain, were you aware of everything Frank`s just told us?

CAPT. BRAD WEIS, TOLEDO POLICE DEPARTMENT (via telephone): Yes, everything came out during the initial investigation. We were aware, and that`s why we continued to have interviews with Angela.

GRACE: Is she speaking to you from behind bars?

WEIS: We`ve had conversations, yes.

GRACE: Good to know.

I want to go straight to Richard Schiewe joining us again tonight, willing to take your questions. That says a lot. He`s not afraid to take questions. None of these three men are -- the biological father, his father and Angela, the mommy`s, father.

I want to go to Richard Schiewe. Richard, did you hear what Frank just said?


GRACE: What do you make of it?

SCHIEWE: It`s all true and everything that Frank said is true, and I didn`t like it. And I told her when she was released, If there`s anything else that you`re hiding, you better come out because you`re going to jail. (INAUDIBLE)

GRACE: Well, hold on. Richard, you`re saying -- I couldn`t make out what you said. Did you just say you told her if there`s anything else, you better tell us?


GRACE: Now, Richard, you raised her. You raised her whole life until she grew up into a grown woman. Did Angela reveal to you what happened between the time she wakes up and the baby`s just laying beside her with a black eye and the baby goes missing?

SCHIEWE: Yes, she did. But like I said last night, there`s things that I can talk about and there`s things that I can`t because it`ll mess up the investigation.

GRACE: Let`s go to Terry Steinfurth, Sr., the paternal grandfather. You and your son have been out. You`ve been giving out T-shirts with baby Elaina`s picture on it, saying, "Bring home baby Elaina." You are searching for the child.

Tell me what you`ve been doing to find the baby.

TERRY STEINFURTH, SR., ELAINA`S PATERNAL GRANDFATHER: We have been working with Justice for Naveah search party, friends of our family, neighbors in the neighborhoods. They`re meeting us at what we have set up as a more or less command post, and we`re designating different areas around town, around the outskirts of town. And they`re searching fields, woods, around ponds, railroad tracks, wherever we can find where they may hide a baby...

GRACE: You know, just...

TERRY STEINFURTH, SR.: ... to try to find baby Elaina.

GRACE: ... the way you were just saying that...

TERRY STEINFURTH, SR.: ... and talking to whoever we can talk to.

GRACE: ... Terry, to think that your child is out there and they`re looking around railroad tracks and fields for your baby just made me almost sick to my stomach, to think of one of my children out in some field, people looking around railroad tracks for them. I don`t know how the three of you are even taking the next step at this point.

Back to Richard Schiewe. Mr. Schiewe, I promise you I am not trying to give you or your daughter a hard time. It`s just that with my training, there is a big, glaring hole in that story. You wake up, your baby has a black eye and blood around the nose, you don`t take it to the hospital, and then the baby goes missing. I don`t get that. It`s not adding up to me, Mr. Schiewe.

SCHIEWE: Like I said, there`s things in this story that did come out with the police and the FBI that I cannot talk about. And that is true, what you`re saying. It is true. I wish I could tell you so that everybody else (INAUDIBLE) that these two guys and everything else could understand. But I can`t do it because the FBI said it`ll mess up their investigation. I wish everybody could understand.

GRACE: But you do not think that your daughter -- you don`t think your daughter did away with the baby. Are you telling me you have faith in your daughter?

SCHIEWE: Yes. She did not do it.


GRACE: Welcome back. Tonight, we are on the trail of a little child, baby Elaina, just 18 months old, who goes missing from the family home.

Back to Captain Brad Weis. Captain, how many people were in that home? Liz, let me see the video from yesterday of the home, the front of the home. That`s what I want to see, not the diagram.

Captain, how many people were in that home?

WEIS: Besides the adults, there were I think two or three children, but I think it`s three or four adults were in the house at the time.

GRACE: OK. So three or four adults, three or four children. So we`re getting around six to eight people in the home.

And Captain, why did the mommy, Angela Steinfurth, say she had to leave the home? Didn`t she say she had to leave the home to go to the store, comes back, the baby`s still napping, she doesn`t open the door, and she only goes back there when the husband comes to get the baby for visitation, and miraculously, the baby is gone.

Why did she leave to go to the store? What was it, a Family Dollar?

WEIS: According to what she says, she went to the Family Dollar to make a purchase. Anything else is part of the investigation (INAUDIBLE)

GRACE: A purchase of what? Why did she have to leave the baby to go to the Family Dollar? What did she need to badly she had to leave her baby?

WEIS: That would be part of her statement to us, and I can`t disclose that.

GRACE: Was it cigarettes? That`s what our sources are saying, cigarettes.

WEIS: Again, I can`t answer that.

GRACE: I`m going take that as a yes.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Steinfurth is charged with felony child endangerment of 18-month-old Elaina.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Angela admitted to knowing baby Elaina suffered a serious physical injury.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The baby was injured at some point. She was aware of it and did not seek medical attention for the baby.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She`s guilty of not taking care of that baby like she should have. She should have taken the baby to the hospital.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The arrest of baby`s mother is one step in many that need to be made.


GRACE: Welcome back. We are on the trail of missing baby Elaina, just 18 months old when she goes missing during a nap in a home where there are at least six to eight people.

And it`s in the middle of the day. All right, why is everybody at home? Didn`t this go down around 1:00 o`clock, Captain Weis?

WEIS: Yes, it did. That`s the time (INAUDIBLE)

GRACE: Was it on a weekend? Was it on a weekend?

WEIS: Yes, it was on a Sunday.

GRACE: OK. So everybody should have been at home. All right.

I want to go out to the father, Terry Steinfurth, Jr.. The father was married to the mom. They`re estranged. He`s the biological dad of baby Elaina.

Terry, I want to go back over something that you and I have already talked about once. I want to go back over the moment that Mommy tells you your baby`s gone. Tell me what happened.

TERRY STEINFURTH, JR.: Angela came out of the home. She told me that Elaina was missing. I darted into the home...

GRACE: Terry, hold on. Terry...

TERRY STEINFURTH, JR.: ... and checked the bedroom where she was supposed to be...

GRACE: Terry, what exactly were her words? Did she say, The baby is missing? Did he say, Elaina`s gone? Did she fall down on the floor and start screaming and crying? What exactly did she say? What were her words and what was her demeanor?

TERRY STEINFURTH, JR.: She said, The baby`s gone, the baby`s gone. And to me, she was showing no emotion. She wasn`t crying. Nothing.

GRACE: Did she scream it?

TERRY STEINFURTH, JR.: I wouldn`t call it a scream.

GRACE: Honey, I find that wrong because...

TERRY STEINFURTH, JR.: I mean, she was a little bit louder...

GRACE: ... the other day, I couldn`t find John David in the Target and I screamed bloody murder. So when she just said, The baby`s gone, the baby`s gone, she wasn`t yelling. It was a normal tone of voice? Is that correct?

TERRY STEINFURTH, JR.: I`d say a little bit louder than normal, but it wasn`t a scream or a yell.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Elaina`s grandfather was asked if he believes the toddler is alive.

SCHIEWE: No. I just have a gut feeling she`s not alive. I don`t know why I got that feeling. I hope she`s alive. I really do.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Dive crews searched the river.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In the Maumee River in that search for that 18- month-old little Elaina.

ANGELA STEINFURTH, ELAINA`S MOTHER: It`s very hard not having her around. My other daughter`s going insane without her sister.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: (INAUDIBLE) felony child endangering and behind bars right now.

TERRY STEINFURTH, JR.: Angela actually gave me the girls to live with me because she said that she couldn`t care for them because she was getting thrown out of her boyfriend`s house.

SCHIEWE: She doesn`t know where the baby is, is what she told me. But she does know what happened to the baby and who took the baby out of the house.


GRACE: Welcome back. We are on the trail of a missing baby. Eighteen-month-old baby Elaina seemingly vanishes into thin air. According to mommy, she`s asleep taking a nap then all of the sudden, boom, she`s gone. This is on a Sunday afternoon, six to eight people in the home.

Mommy leaves to go to Family Dollar to buy a pack of cigarettes, comes back, baby gone. That`s the story.

I want to go back to Terry Steinfurth, Jr. This is baby Elaina`s father. He was married to the mom. They were estranged.

Terry, thank you for being with us. Why are they searching the river?

STEINFURTH: I personally do not know. The police are withholding a lot of information from me. I know very minimal information. I`ve actually been kind of frustrated at the fact they haven`t shared more with me.

GRACE: Let`s pick it up where you left off. Mommy comes out and says the baby is gone, the baby is gone, and then what happens?

STEINFURTH: I ran into the house directly into the bedroom where she said she was sleeping at. I didn`t see Elaina anywhere. I turned around, I seen that the backdoor was wide open. So I asked where a couple of the other people who were in the home, I`m not going to say names, asked where they were at. She had told me they had ran out the backdoor.

GRACE: They ran out the back door?

STEINFURTH: And at that point I jumped in my vehicle --

GRACE: Who ran out the back door?

STEINFURTH: Yes. That`s what --


STEINFURTH: The boyfriend -- the boyfriend and a friend of his.

GRACE: OK. Back to you. Richard Schiewe, you`re the dad of the mom. Why -- when people show up at my home, I don`t take off out the back door, OK. Much less if police are on the way, I don`t take off running. It`s like when I see a cop on the interstate I don`t floor it to 150 MPH and take off. Why did -- why did all these people run out of the house?

SCHIEWE: That`s what I`d like to know. It`s what I want to know, why my daughter has been tried and convicted and hung and these other people that were in that house have not even been -- nothing. They`re out walking the streets. It`s not fair.

GRACE: You know what, that`s a good question.

SCHIEWE: Everybody that was in that house knows. Everybody in that house knows.

GRACE: That`s a good question. Let`s put it out to Captain Brad Weis.

SCHIEWE: Where that baby is at.

GRACE: Captain, that`s not normal for everybody to run out the back door never to be seen again. I understand the boyfriend is in hiding. Why? I don`t understand that.

CAPT. BRAD WEIS, TOLEDO POLICE DEPARTMENT: I think that`s a misconception. Everything we`ve had, any need to contact the boyfriend, he`s been available to us.

GRACE: OK. I`m glad to hear that. So just because the media doesn`t know doesn`t mean he is in hiding. OK. That`s good to know. I`m glad he`s cooperating.

I`m going to go out to Clark Goldband. The mom, has she been put in GP, general population?

CLARK GOLDBAND, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER, COVERING STORY: She has, Nancy, and she started at the country jail and at the time when she was booked into the jail, the "Toledo Blade" is reporting that she was in solitary, in a single cell. However, according to reports, she has since moved into the general population and the "Blade" also reporting at this hour, Nancy, at least three inmates have been taken down, down to speak with law enforcement.

GRACE: Whoa. OK. Captain Weis, is that true? Three inmates, after she goes in general population, apparently starts yakking, three inmates go downtown for interviews?

WEIS: Basically we`re investigating the case and I`m not going to go into details on who we`re talking to.

GRACE: OK. Very wise. Very wise. You know, another question I want to ask you, Captain, if it doesn`t compromise your investigation -- with me is the Toledo Police captain, Captain Brad Weis. The baby clothes. Is it true baby Elaina was last seen wearing orange shorts with flowers on them but that those same shorts were found in the home?

WEIS: There`s a discrepancy on what she was wearing. That was the initial -- what they did think she was wearing. Whether those clothing is still in the house or not I can`t confirm.

GRACE: Look, there she is with her little Easter basket this past Easter.

Back to you, Junior. This is the biological father. What do you know about the baby`s clothes that she was supposed to be wearing at the time she went missing?

STEINFURTH: I was told the same thing, orange shorts with flowers. I haven`t -- I haven`t personally seen her since the Friday when I dropped her off to her mother that she was supposed to be staying with her father, which she obviously didn`t. I`m not sure exactly what she was wearing. All I can go by is what Angela told me.

GRACE: Unleash the lawyers, Alex Sanchez, New York, Parag Shah, defense attorney and author, Atlanta.

All right, Sanchez, what`s your defense? Right now mommy is behind bars.

ALEX SANCHEZ, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Yes, and right now I think it`s absolutely reprehensible if not criminal that she`s being held by the authorities based upon the poultry amount of information that has been presented to the police. And I know why they`re holding her. They`re holding her because they`re using that as an investigative tool to squeeze her, to get her to come forward and admit who else may have been involved in the disappearance of this child. That`s all this is about. They should immediately --

GRACE: But we already know everybody in the home, Alex Sanchez.


GRACE: And yes, I agree with you tonight that typically police, and there`s no reason under the Constitution they can`t do this.

SANCHEZ: No, I think --

GRACE: There`s a reason to arrest someone who may be a person of interest on another ground, of course they can do it.

SANCHEZ: No, wait a minute.

GRACE: And they can sit in jail and sweat it out until they tell the truth.

SANCHEZ: Wait a minute. They`re not arresting her for kidnapping the kid or murdering the kid or something.

GRACE: No, they`re not.

SANCHEZ: They`re arresting her for some endangering charge based upon a hearsay allegation. If this woman is subject to arrest --

GRACE: It`s not a hearsay allegation. No. No. This is what the mother herself said.

SANCHEZ: Right. And so what? A child is hurt.

GRACE: That`s not --

SANCHEZ: You are allowed --

GRACE: That`s not hearsay

SANCHEZ: No. But you are allowed --

GRACE: Whoa. That`s not hearsay.

SANCHEZ: That may not be hearsay but if your child is hurt --

GRACE: Well, you just said it was.

SANCHEZ: All right. You know what? I withdraw that. If your --

GRACE: Don`t even try to twist the law around on me, Sanchez. All right?

SANCHEZ: If your child is hurt you`re allowed to treat that child. You don`t have to run to the hospital every time your child is hurt. And if you don`t be subjected to arrest.

GRACE: Well, what about when your child is hurt and then it disappears, Parag Shah? What about that?

SANCHEZ: Well, then charge her with that.

GRACE: Listening, Shah.

PARAG SHAH, DEFENSE ATTORNEY, AUTHOR OF "THE CODE": There`s no evidence that she participated in any way in the kidnapping or the fact that --

GRACE: Do you have children?

SHAH: No, I do not have children.

GRACE: Put him up. Well then -- I don`t even know why I asked you a question. If you have a child and it`s your duty to take care of the child, you see it`s got a black eye, a bruise on its head and blood around the nostrils, then it goes missing, oh, yes, sir, that is a crime. That is endangering a child. Why do I even go to you, people?

Let`s talk about the law that really exists, not the fantasy law you have going on in your head. Number one, Sanchez tries to tell me what`s hearsay. That`s not hearsay. All right? I called you on it.

Now let`s talk about reality for one moment. I`m not saying the mom did away with the baby or has taken the baby away or hidden the baby. But what they put in this affidavit gentlemen is absolutely grounds for arrest. Now can we talk about the truth?

SANCHEZ: Well, I don`t see the grounds for the arrest because the mother said that the child was injured. Doesn`t she have a right to try to treat her own child? And if she did not treat her --

GRACE: But then the child goes missing, Sanchez.

SANCHEZ: Right. But you`re linking the charge with missing -- with kidnapping the child. They`re not charging her with that. They`re only charging her with endangering the child. You`re trying to link the two events together. And they have not presented enough evidence yet.

GRACE: I`m not trying to do anything. All I said was, Alex Sanchez, and now you`re like all over me. OK. Wait.

To Greg Cason, psychologist in L.A. Greg, the mom is behind bars. Don`t you believe that if she thought she knew who was involved she would tell police?

GREG CASON, PH.D., PSYCHOLOGIST: I would hope that she would tell everything that she knows to police. But if she`s under some kind of threat as it`s been reported by her father and half sister, maybe she`s too afraid that something will happen to her that she`s not going to hold it out.



STEINFURTH: Everybody speculating.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Investigators believe the child may have been hurt.

STEINFURTH: Making their own opinions.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Family members say the mother`s story just doesn`t add up.

STEINFURTH: Pointing fingers.

ANGELA STEINFURTH, MOTHER OF MISSING 18-MO-OLD BABY ELAINA: People are pointing fingers at me when they don`t even know what`s going on.

STEINFURTH: They have been threatened.

SCHIEWE: We want peace. Threatening me, threatening my daughters.

STEINFURTH: Rumors have flown.

SCHIEWE: It was a false report, like a lot of them are. It`s got to stop.


GRACE: Welcome back. We are on the trail of a missing 18-month-old baby girl, baby Elaina goes missing from her own home.

To Dr. Michael Arnall, board certified forensic pathologist, joining me tonight out of Denver.

Dr. Arnall, it`s good to hear your voice. What do you make of a black eye, bleeding around the nose, and a big goose egg on the head?

DR. MICHAEL ARNALL, BOARD CERTIFIED FORENSIC PATHOLOGIST: Well, a child that`s had blunt trauma to the head. And as you`ve already said, the big risk is bleeding on the surface of the brain.

GRACE: What do you make -- could this have happened if someone just innocently dropped the child, Dr. Arnall?

ARNALL: There`s a shortfall literature indicating that when a kid falls the kid could get a subdural hematoma as you`ve outlined and a skull fracture. The doctors there will look for evidence of multidirectional trauma, evidence that there`s more than one surface on which the child has trauma.

GRACE: Wait. Are you saying that they`d look for more blows to the head that just the one fall?

ARNALL: That`s right, if you fall on the ground you should have injuries on surface not multiple --

GRACE: What did you call it? Multidirectional --

ARNALL: Trauma. Multidirectional trauma.

GRACE: To show it wasn`t a fall, that is was multiple blows to the head. Because when you fall, unless you fall downstairs, and even that would be a stretch, you`re going to have one hit to the head.

ARNALL: That`s --

GRACE: When you fall. And then if you`ve got several hits to the head, that almost completely rules out the possibility of a simple fall.

ARNALL: That`s what I`d say.

GRACE: To Steinfurth, Jr., let`s take -- see the video of when he proposed to Angela Steinfurth, his wife. Steinfurth, Jr., let`s see it, Liz.


STEINFURTH: Hey, it`s not part of it. Will you marry me?




A. STEINFURTH: Shut up. You`re ruining the moment, you (EXPLETIVE DELETED).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You got to put it on her finger.


STEINFURTH: Well, it`s not small enough.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you put it on?

STEINFURTH: Well, it does it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is it recording?



GRACE: What the hay went wrong? You guys were so happy. How did it get to this point where you`re basically having a thrown down on a front porch, the baby is missing? I mean, can you even remember back to that time when you were happy together?

STEINFURTH: No, not really.

GRACE: Will she talk to you? Will she tell you anything?

STEINFURTH: I don`t know. I haven`t tried contacting her since she`s been incarcerated.

GRACE: So that tells me your gut feeling is no, she won`t tell you anything.

STEINFURTH: Pretty much.

GRACE: Everybody, we`re trying to find this baby. The tip line is 800- CALL-FBI. There`s a $10,000 reward. Her father is with us, her two grandfathers on both sides of the fence are with us. We`re no closer now than we were last night and we need your help. They`re dredging the rivers. The Toledo police captain is with us trying to help us help them find the baby.

As we go to a quick break before we come back with baby Elaina news, "Drop Dead Diva," season four, DVDs is store right now, season five premiers Lifetime June 23.


GRACE: Right to privacy truly exist in today`s celebrity culture. Let`s unleash the lawyers. To my right, the man who took on big tobacco, big oil, big insurance, the Lawrence Brand.

DYLAN WALSH, ACTOR, "DROP DEAD DIVA": Always nice to be here, Nancy.

GRACE: And also with us, a guest that`s new to the program, Joan Bingum.


GRACE: Jane, Joan, whatever.




A. STEINFURTH: My other daughter is going insane without her sister. They need to be together.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Elaina`s mom says her daughter has had to go through therapy so she`d be able to walk.

A. STEINFURTH: She has problems. (INAUDIBLE).

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: She desperately needs her mother.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Hundreds of people gathered to say a prayer for 1- year-old Elaina Steinfurth.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Plenty of chances for that little girl would be alive and well.


GRACE: Welcome back. Where is baby Elaina? To Captain Brad Weis, Toledo Police Department, what leads you to searching the Maumee River?

WEIS: The investigation and the location of the residents where the baby is missing, it`s an ideal location.

GRACE: To Brett Larson, investigative reporter who`s also on the story.

Brett, what do you know?

BRETT LARSON, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER: Well, Nancy, what`s interesting is I had heard they had found a fresh diaper by the river. That is what had led the FBI and the police on that -- on that direction of dredging the river as well. But just a horrible story. You know, and I haven`t been in a bar fight. I know we talked a lot about the bruises on the baby.

I haven`t been in a bar fight in my life, but it sounds like someone almost hit in the face. The description of these injuries that this baby has and that it suddenly went missing.

GRACE: Yes. Especially the black eye. How do you get a goose egg on your head and a black eye from the fall, Brett Larson? And that`s what I was thinking about when I was questioning Dr. Michael Arnall who talked about what he calls multidirectional trauma.

LARSON: Right.

GRACE: A black eye and a goose egg means two hits. That`s not from a fall. Exactly my point, Brett Larson.

LARSON: Thank you. I agree with you. It sounds to me like the baby was hit in the face and hit on the head. Maybe dropped and hit again. It just -- I know that the -- that her father is saying that she said things to him that he can`t say. But there`s a lot of questions here.


GRACE: We remember American hero Army Corporal Andrew Hutchins, 20, New Portland, Maine. National Defense Service medal, Global War on Terrorism medal. Service medal, Army Service ribbon. Parents Jeffrey and Robin. Stepparents Dwayne and Betsy. Brothers Adam and Benjamin. Widow Heather. Daughter Elisa.

Andrew Hutchins, American hero.

And now back to the search for baby Elaina. Out to the lines. Christie in Ohio. Hi, Christie. What`s your question?

CHRISTIE, CALLER FROM OHIO: I have a question for the father. Yesterday it was brought up that she didn`t attend her training at her job. I currently work where she was at and she was there on the 5th and the 11th. I`m just curious as to what would be more important than your child and you`re not out looking for your child and you`d rather be at work.

GRACE: Hold on. Christie in Ohio works at the Taco Bell where Angela Steinfurth worked. Are you telling me she was at work on the 5th and the 11th?

CHRISTIE: Yes, she was.

GRACE: How do you know?

CHRISTIE: I was there.

GRACE: You saw her?

CHRISTIE: Yes, I did.

GRACE: What, if anything, did she say about the baby?

CHRISTIE: What did she say about the baby?


CHRISTIE: She didn`t directly say anything to me about it, but I can tell you that she talked about it freely.

GRACE: What did she say?

CHRISTIE: She just asked my -- another employee that was there, she was pregnant, she asked her how far along she was and what she was having. She said, my daughter has been missing and put her head down and left it at that. There was no tears. No nothing.

GRACE: And that was -- she worked a full day the 5th as in five. And the 11th, one-one. Correct?

CHRISTIE: She didn`t work full days. But she was there on the 5th and the 11th for over -- a little over an hour.

GRACE: To Richard Schiewe, this is Angela`s father. Did you know that? I mean, the baby goes missing on Sunday June 2, and she`s at work on June 5.

SCHIEWE: I don`t know the days that she did go to work. I don`t know if it was the 5th, 11th or what. She did go for job interviews. She was supposed to go back for training. I took her there. Something with the training computer or something was broke. I -- brought her right back home.

GRACE: With me is Angela`s father, Richard Schiewe. Terry Steinfurth Jr., Elaina`s father, and Terry Steinfurth Sr., the grandfather. All joining together tonight to find the baby.

Tonight a special good night from friends of the show, Julie and David. Aren`t they a beautiful couple? Thanks for being with us.

Everybody, Dr. Drew is up next. I`ll see you tomorrow night. 8:00 sharp Eastern. Tonight our prayers with baby Elaina. Until tomorrow night, good night, friend.