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Death Toll Is Rising In A Series Of Coordinated Southernmost Dagestan Province Shootings; Save The Children Estimates 21,000 Children Are Missing In Gaza; Abortion, Reproductive Rights Viewed As A Health Issue; Man Gets Stuck Under Hot California Sun For 10 Days; Pro-Israeli And Pro-Palestinian Protesters Clash Violently Outside A Los Angeles Synagogue, Sunday; Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Now Instagram-Official; Sha'Carri Richardson Wins 10-Meter Sprint At U.S. Track And Field Trials. Aired 12-1p ET

Aired June 24, 2024 - 12:00   ET



BIANNA GOLODRYGA, CNN INTERNATIONAL HOST: A coordinated attack. Terrorists stormed places of worship in Russia's Dagestan region. "ONE WORLD" starts

right now. No one has claimed responsibility for the terror attacks that killed civilians, police and a priest. But one ISIS group is praising the

shootings. Also ahead, it's official. Debate week is upon us and candidates are already trading barbs. And later, the video that everyone has been

talking about. Travis Kelce guest stars on Taylor Swift's Eras tour.

Hello everyone, live from New York. I'm Bianna Golodryga. Zain is off today. You are watching "ONE WORLD". Nearly three months to the day after

Russia's worst terror attack in decades. The death toll is rising in a series of coordinated shootings over the weekend that has already killed at

least 20 people.


GOLODRYGA (voice-over): It happened in the country's southernmost Dagestan province, a predominantly Muslim region with a history of separatist and

militant violence. Churches, synagogues and police posts were all targeted. Authorities say 15 police officers and a priest were among those killed. At

least 46 other people were wounded when the governor of Dagestan is now appealing for calm.


SERGEI MELIKOV (through translator): Subsequent operational search and investigative measures will be carried out until all participants in the

sleeper cells are identified. And of course, they have been preparing for this, including from abroad. I would like to ask all of you, dear

Dagestanis, dear guests of the Republic to remain calm. The situation is now under the control of the government authorities and law enforcement


GOLODRYGA (voice-over): No group has claimed responsibility yet, but an ISIS-backed affiliate praised the shootings on Telegram. That same group,

Isis K, was behind the terror attack in March on a Moscow concert hall that killed more than 140 people.

CNN's Clare Sebastian joins me now live in London. And Claire, as we're learning more details about this horrific incident, a reminder to viewers

that Dagestan is also where late last year we saw another attack targeting Jewish passengers at an airport there. Tell us more about what you're


CLARE SEBASTIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yeah, that is -- that is important context, Bianna. I think the big question now is, of course, who could have

been behind this? And we don't know for sure. As you say, there's been no official claim of responsibility, unlike what we saw with the attack on the

Crocus City Hall in Moscow in March. Now, the head of the region of Dagestan, Sergei Melikov, is blaming foreign forces but giving no detail or


And he has also said that there is evidence that some of the attackers, at least, could have been local. The head of a region, a municipality that

lies in between the two cities, Mahachkala and Derbent, that were attacked, has now been dismissed from his post and essentially ejected from United

Russia, which is Putin's party, over concerns or perhaps even evidence that we haven't seen yet, but that his two sons were involved in the attack.

That is what Russian state media is reporting. So, that would look, would hint to a sort of local element in this. But meanwhile, if you look at the

targets, it's also a little bit muddled, right? The fact that two synagogues were among the targets, it speaks to those concerns raised last

year by that terrifying mob on the tarmac at Mahachkala airport around a plane that had arrived from Tel Aviv, that anti-Semitism might be rising as

a result of the war in Gaza.

This is a region that, while predominantly Muslim, also has an ancient, albeit dwindling, Jewish population. But then we had Orthodox churches also

attacked and perhaps police also directly targeted. So, it's not clear from those targets exactly what kind of motive we're talking about. Russia is

treating this as a terrorism case, but of course they will be facing questions over why, in the space of three months, we've now seen two

significant terror attacks, even if the sources of those terror attacks turn out to be different.

GOLODRYGA: Yeah, there are concerns that perhaps intelligence that would otherwise be focused on these types of attacks are focused elsewhere,

specifically the war in Ukraine. Clare Sebastian, thank you so much.

An Israeli opposition leader is now questioning Benjamin Netanyahu's most recent remarks about the war in Gaza and the ceasefire and hostage deal on

the table. In his first one-on-one interview with Israeli media since October 7th, Israel's Prime Minister said the intense phase of the fighting

in Gaza is, quote, "about to end".


He also made it clear this does not mean the war against Hamas is over. Netanyahu said he's ready to make a partial deal with Hamas to return some

hostages. Meantime, the opposition's Gadi Eisenkot says this goes against what was decided by the war cabinet. Prime Minister Netanyahu later walked

back some of his comments.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu may also-- also says the military will begin shifting its focus to the northern border with Lebanon, where

Hezbollah has been launching cross-border attacks.


BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER (voice-over): After the intense phase is finished, we will have the possibility to move part of the forces

north, and we will do this first and foremost for defensive purposes and secondly, to bring our evacuated residents home. If we can, we will do this

diplomatically. If not, we will do it another way.


GOLODRYGA: CNN's Ben Wedeman is in Beirut, Lebanon and joins us now. Ben, we should note that Defense Minister Yoav Gallant is in Washington D. C.

Meeting with counterparts this week in the Biden administration. The real focus is shifting towards the rising tension there in the north, where

thousands, tens of thousands from both sides, the Lebanese and the Israeli side, have been displaced now for months.

BEN WEDEMAN, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (on-camera): Yes, and the worry is, of course, that, you know, the Israelis have been saying for

months that they're going to act against Hezbollah. But certainly all the signs now seem to be pointing that it's going beyond talk, and they are

preparing for action. And we also, CNN was reporting that the United States has told Israeli officials that they will fully support Israel in the event

of a war with Hezbollah.

Now, that particular piece of news has shaken people here, fearing that yet again, Lebanon is going to be sucked into another war with Israel. Now, we

were in south Lebanon, very near the border over the last few days, and what we saw there was a mixture of fear, resignation and defiance.


WEDEMAN (voice-over): It's a day of joy and celebration here in south Lebanon. Israeli forces are just about five miles away from here. But

nonetheless, here in the town of Hasbaya, there's a wedding going on. It didn't seem right to spoil this special day for newlyweds Taimur and Fatim

with questions about the dark clouds hovering over Lebanon.

But one guest told us off camera, we're celebrating here while war is around the corner. Hasbaya has been spared the worst of the barrages and

counter barrages between Israel and Hezbollah. Here, they stop anyone from firing towards Israel. Parliament member Elias Gerardi was elected to

represent Christians in this area.

ELIAS JARADE, MEMBER OF LEBANESE PARLIAMENT: Majority of the southern people, majority of the Lebanese people from all sects, all religions, all

parties, they are in one way or another, they are committed with the Palestinian.

WEDEMAN (voice-over): Everyone we spoke with had a completely contrary opinion. Few people wanted to speak on camera about the looming danger of

war for fear of repercussions. Off camera, we got an earful. There is zero appetite for escalation, little support for Hezbollah. Eighty-five-year-old

Abu Nabil has seen it all. War and civil war, invasions and occupation. "War is a ruination," he says. "In war, everyone loses, even the winner."

Abu Nabil knows of what he speaks.

WEDEMAN: Since October, Israel and Hezbollah and its allies have been engaged in low-intensity warfare, largely limited to the border. If full-

scale war breaks out, that war will spread well beyond the frontier on both sides. Last week, Israeli generals approved a plan to attack Lebanon, while

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah recently warned if it comes to war, the group will fight Israel on land, sea and air, and also inside Israel


The Iranian-backed group's sophisticated attacks have surprised Israeli officials, including precision strikes on surveillance posts on the border,

shooting down high-flying Israeli drones and knocking out anti-missile and anti-drone defenses, and posting online more than nine minutes of what it

claimed was drone footage of sensitive military and civilian infrastructure in and around the city of Haifa.


The bell summons the faithful to mass in the predominantly Christian town of Marjayoun. More than 90,000 people have already left the south for safer

ground. Amal says she's determined to stay, but adds, "If things escalate to war and it reaches here like it did before with some shelling, of

course, like others, we'll have to leave." For now, they can only pray for peace and hope those who prayers are heard.


WEDEMAN (on-camera): And here in Beirut, we're also feeling the jitters. Many people who were planning to come here for the summer have canceled

their reservations. Normally, the summer is a time when many of the Lebanese in the diaspora come home and spend lots of hard cash, and in

addition to that, for instance, Sweden, Kuwait and North Macedonia have warned their nationals in Lebanon to leave immediately, and those who are

planning to come to cancel their plans. Bianna.

GOLODRYGA: All right, Ben Wedeman reporting live from Beirut, Lebanon for us. Thank you. Well, more now on the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza and the

sobering statistics from Save the Children. The humanitarian group says it's estimated that as many as 21,000 children are missing in Gaza.

It says at least 17,000 children are believed to be unaccompanied and separated from their families, and 4000 more are likely missing under

rubble or buried in mass graves. It also says an unknown number of children have been detained and transferred out of Gaza, their whereabouts unknown.

All right, turning back to the U.S., we are counting down to the most significant event thus far in the U.S. presidential race -- the first

presidential debate. Joe Biden and Donald Trump face off Thursday night in Atlanta, Georgia, in a showdown moderated by CNN. It will be the first

debate for both men since they faced off during the 2020 campaign.

We're told Trump has largely avoided formal debate practice, spending the weekend on the campaign trail, while Biden has taken the opposite tact,

hunker down at Camp David for intense debate preparations. One of Trump's top V.P. contenders appeared on CNN this weekend, and he touted what a

strong and experienced debater Joe Biden is.


GOV. DOUG BURGUM (R-ND): I have to look at the guy's run for office more than a dozen times. He's run for President four times. He's been

campaigning since President Nixon was in office. This guy has got the ability, and we've seen it. We've seen him in debate four years ago. We've

seen him in the state of the State of the Union this year that when he needs to, he can step up.


GOLODRYGA: But Donald Trump and some conservative commentators paint a very different picture of Joe Biden, the debater at rallies and when appearing

on talk shows. In those appearances, some have seemed to suggest that Biden might use drugs to enhance his performance.


KELLYANNE CONWAY, FOX NEW CONTRIBUTOR: They're going to need to goose him and juice him for him to even be able to stand there for 90 minutes.

VIVEK RAMASWAMY, FORMER REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: -- the drug test is fair game. The American people deserve transparency. There was cocaine

found in the White House earlier this year, after all.

DONALD TRUMP, REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Right now, crooked Joe's gone to a log cabin to study, prepare. No, he didn't. He's sleeping now

because they want to get him good and strong. So, a little before debate time, he gets a shot in the (BEEP). I say he'll come out all jacked up,

right? All jacked up.


GOLODRYGA: Well, tune in to see the CNN Presidential Debate right here on CNN coming up on June 27th. That's Thursday at 9 P.M. Eastern. And we'll

replay the debate in its entirety a few different times. You can watch it at 7 A.M. London time, that's 2 P.M. in Hong Kong or 12 hours later -- 7

P.M. in London or 10 P.M. in Abu Dhabi.

Well, you can bet that one of the major issues in the debate and the election campaign will be abortion. Today marks exactly two years since the

U. S. Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe versus Wade, which guaranteed women right -- American women the right to an abortion. In the

next few days, we expect the Supreme Court to again weigh in on abortion rights in a case about whether women can be denied emergency room

abortions. And Joe Biden's campaign is making sure to remind voters that these abortion decisions are being made by Trump's Supreme Court



UNKNOWN: The pain that I was feeling was excruciating. I was turned away from two emergency rooms. That was a direct result of Donald Trump

overturning Roe v. Wade. He's now convicted felon. Trump thinks he should not be held accountable for his own criminal actions, but he will let women

and doctors be punished.


GOLODRYGA: The Biden campaign is putting Vice President Kamala Harris front and center in the abortion fight, and she says women must recognize that

their rights are on the ballot in November.


KAMALA HARRIS, U.S. VICE PRESIDENT: Everything is at stake and fundamentally on this issue. It's about freedom and every person of

whatever gender should understand that if such a fundamental freedom, such as the right to make decisions about your own body can be taken, be aware

of what other freedoms may be at stake.

GOLODRYGA: Joining us now is Brittany Fonteno, who is a lawyer and a president and CEO of the National Abortion Federation. Brittany, welcome to

the program. Thanks so much for joining us. So, quite a milestone, two years now since the overturning of Roe v. Wade with the Dobbs decision by

the Supreme Court, and we've seen quite an impact on the country subsequently.

And as a result, new polling suggests that there's a record high number of Americans who are now single issue voters on this specific issue. Whereas

before, perhaps people isolated abortion to that itself. Now, abortion reproductive rights are being viewed largely as a health issue.

BRITTANY FONTENO, PRESIDENT AND CEO, NATIONAL ABORTION FEDERATION: Absolutely. Thank you so much for having me. And yes, today we are

acknowledging that it has been two devastating years since the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade. And I think you're absolutely right.

Abortion rights have always been incredibly important to many voters, but we've really seen it emerge as a deciding factor for many people as they

head into the ballot box this November.

And so, what we have seen since the Supreme Court egregiously overturned Roe is that the impact cannot be overstated. About 21 states have banned or

restricted abortion since that day, and that leaves about 21 million American women of reproductive age living under bands.

And these women are smart. These women are furious and they're devastated, and they want to make sure that their voices are heard and that abortion

access is reinstated and really expanded when it comes to who they're thinking about voting for in November.

GOLODRYGA: And you look at those states where abortion is banned. Texas is one of them. And just today, a new study in JAMA Pediatrics has drawn a

possible link between rising infant mortality in the state and the state's strict abortion law, which took effect in 2021. The study cited

investigation done by CNN on this very issue. So, you're seeing real life ramifications and life and death in this issue specifically as a result of

some of these very draconian laws.

FONTENO: Absolutely. Unfortunately, as sad as this is, it's completely unsurprising. We know that when you ban abortion, that it leads to health

inequities. We have seen that many states that have banned abortion have actually had a brain drain of sorts with OBGYNs and other doctors wanting

to leave the state and students not even wanting to conduct their studies or their residencies in states with these really drastic abortion bans.

And what we see is that they want to be able to practice medicine in places that are supportive and that follow the evidence. We know that abortion is

safe. It is effective and that it is a critical and essential part of reproductive health care. And so, when abortion is banned, we do see a

cascading impact, whether it's on other areas of maternal mortality, infant mortality and reproductive health care at large.

GOLODRYGA: In terms of what we're expecting to hear from the Supreme Court with regards to this Idaho case, and that's really a case of state versus

federal law, where the strict restrictions in Idaho with the question is whether or not they can trump the federal law, suggesting that stating that

women that mandating that women who are undergoing life or death scenarios must be delivered and given an abortion in that state. How pivotal is this

decision going to be? What will you be watching for?

FONTENO: This decision is incredibly pivotal. It is essentially the Supreme Court inserting politics into emergency health care. We know that abortion

is critical health care, and in some cases it can be life-saving health care.

There is no reason why a Supreme Court justice or an anti-abortion politician should make these fundamental decisions. This should be left

between a patient and their provider, providers that are following the evidence and making compassionate decisions about when abortion care is


GOLODRYGA: What are you hoping to hear from President Biden this Thursday night as it relates to this specific issue at the debate and what are you

expecting to hear as a rebuttal or perhaps his own statement concerning this issue from Donald Trump?


FONTENO: At the National Abortion Federation, we are really hoping that President Biden will come out strong in support of abortion rights and

access. We know that the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe, which was a direct effect of President -- former President Trump's nominations to

the Supreme Court, that there has been a man-made health emergency -- public health emergency.

We are in an abortion crisis. And so, I really want to see President Biden lift that up, lift up the many, many Americans who support abortion rights

and access, and really shine a spotlight on this devastating crisis that we're forced to live in right now.

Last year, over 171,000 people were forced to travel to leave their homes and communities to access abortion care. This is not something that anyone

should feel okay with. And so, we really need a spotlight to be given to this health crisis that we're in and for President Biden to lift up that we

need elected officials to step up, to step in, and be able to protect and expand abortion access across the country.

In terms of a rebuttal, we expect that Donald Trump will likely try to shy away from the mess that he has created in terms of abortion rights and

reproductive health care. What we've seen unleashed cannot be overstated.

In addition to the cruel and egregious bans that we've seen at the state level, we've also seen the same anti-abortion politicians trying to ban

birth control, trying to ban IVF. We know that abortion was just the beginning and that under a Donald Trump presidency, that we will see our

freedoms, whether it's for reproductive health care or other freedoms, be attacked even further.

GOLODRYGA: Yeah, it really has opened Pandora's box with regards to reproductive health care in general. And what we've heard from the former

President, mixed messaging on the one hand, taking credit for appointing the Supreme Court justices that ultimately overturned Roe, but at the same

time stating that it should be left up to states.

And I think I'm just going to not directly quote him, but he said something along the lines of some states, you know, may get it right and some may get

it wrong and they may go too far. But ultimately it's left up to the states. How do you respond to that type of summary over how the former

President feels this issue should be mandated?

FONTENO: Right. I think that you hit the nail on the head. The former President has really flipped flop on this issue. At first, he was saying

that he was taking credit for being the most, quote unquote, pro life anti- abortion President in our country's history and for being the architect of contributing to overturning Roe versus Wade.

Now, he has seen the political backlash. He has seen the vast majority of Americans on both sides of the aisle do support access to abortion rights.

And so, we can probably continue to see that he will shy away from this issue going with wherever the wind blows him.

But what we know to be true is that a majority of people support abortion rights and access and that this is going to be a defining issue in the 2024

presidential election. And we expect that people will come out in droves to make their voices heard on this issue.

GOLODRYGA: All right, Brittany Fonteno from the National Abortion Federation. Thanks so much for the time.

FONTENO: Thank you.

GOLODRYGA: Well, coming up, I'll speak to the mother of one woman still being held hostage in Gaza, just as the families of three other hostages

authorized the release of shocking and graphic new video of their loved ones being kidnapped on October 7th.

Why they want you to see it and what they expect authorities to do now. We're showing you that video. And a hike is usually good for your body, but

not if you get stuck in the woods for 10 days. You'll hear how one man survived that ordeal.


LUKAS MCCLISH, RESCUED HIKER: I want a burrito and a taco bowl. That's what I thought about every day.




GOLODRYGA: All right, Saudi officials say the families of all 1301 people who died during the Hajj have been notified. The annual Muslim pilgrimage

to Mecca last week was during one of the hottest times of the year. The Saudis say many of those who died were not authorized to perform the Hajj

and walked long distances in direct sunlight, while others were elderly or had chronic illnesses. The Hajj will be held in May or June until 2029 when

it shifts then to April.

And speaking of heat, imagine being stuck under the hot California sun for 10 days. That's exactly what happened to Lucas McClish, who initially went

out on a three-hour hike on June 11th. He says he got lost because many of the landmarks were destroyed by recent wildfires. Lucas explained how he

survived those 10 days.


MCCLISH: So, I kind of just hike. Each day I go up a canyon, down a canyon, to the next waterfall, and sit down by the waterfall and drink water out of

my boot. I felt comfortable the whole time I was out there. I wasn't worried about it. I had a mountain lion that was following me. But it was

cool. He kept his distance. I think it was just somebody watching over me.


GOLODRYGA: Wow. Veronica Miracle joins us now with the details. No doubt Lucas is lucky to be alive, but we see the injuries that he's sustained.

He's going to have quite a lengthy recovery, it appears.

VERONICA MIRACLE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yeah, you know, it's pretty incredible. He actually said he was very sore and he was a little bit

injured, but no major injuries, which is just amazing after being lost in the wilderness for 10 days and being stalked by a mountain lion. Can you

imagine keeping your cool while there's a mountain lion basically waiting for you to essentially drop dead?

Now, probably the biggest mistake that Lucas made, he didn't tell anybody where he was going or that he was going on a hike that day. He just thought

he was going to go for a nice little three-hour hike. That turned into getting lost, so his family hadn't heard from him for a few days. But then

by the fifth day, when he didn't show up for a Father's Day dinner, that's when they knew something was wrong and they filed a missing person's


Meanwhile, Lukas, he didn't bring anything with him on this hike, so he had no food. He was, as he said, drinking water out of his boot from rivers and

streams a gallon a day to really fill himself up. He was subsisting on wild berries, and he said as the days kept progressing, all he could think about

was naturally his next meal.

MCCLISH: I want a burrito and a taco bowl. That's what I thought about every day after the first five days, when I started to kind of realize that

I might be over my head.


MIRACLE: Bianna, he didn't want just a burrito or a taco bowl. He wanted both. He had to have both, of course. I can imagine that's what would keep

you going if you are trying to survive. But he said he was screaming for help, and there were actually reports of people who had heard screams, but

the redwoods there, the Santa Cruz Mountains, they're so dense.


They're full of towering redwoods, so people couldn't pinpoint exactly where those screams were coming from. It wasn't until search and rescue

they brought in a drone. They were able to find him, and then a canine was able to track and pinpoint him. They got him out safely. He's just a little

bit sore. He said the experience was awesome and humbling. I don't know if I'd use those two words, but he is definitely lucky to be alive. Bianna.

GOLODRYGA: No doubt and hopefully he got a burrito or two since he's been rescued. Veronica Miracle, thank you so much. Well, still to come for us --

a look at demonstrations in Los Angeles where pro-Palestinian groups were confronted by pro-Israeli counter-protesters.


GOLODRYGA: Welcome back to "ONE WORLD". I'm Bianna Golodryga. Pro-Israeli and Pro-Palestinian Protesters clashed violently outside a Los Angeles

synagogue on Sunday. It happened in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. Social media video showed police pushing pro-Palestinian demonstrators

after they were apparently blocking the entrance to the synagogue.

Video also showed counter protesters with Israeli flags confronting the pro-Palestinian demonstrators. At one point, the protesters blocked

traffic. California Governor Gavin Newsom condemned the actions of the demonstrators calling it appalling, while Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass

stated that Los Angeles Will not be a harbor for anti-Semitism and violence.


CNN's Camila Bernal joins me now live from Los Angeles. Camila, tell us more about what went down yesterday and -- that's led even the President to

respond and condemn these actions.

CAMILA BERNAL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yeah, Bianna, even the President saying this is not acceptable. This is another violent clash here in Los Angeles

And condemn these actions Yeah, B on I even the president saying this is not acceptable This is another violent clash here in Los Angeles between

pro-Palestinian protesters and counter protesters.

And this time, you know, unfortunately it was at a synagogue and authorities essentially pushing in and trying to stop these protesters from

getting to the synagogue. You see that video there, that's one of the incidents that happened where you see protesters and it appears two people

are on the ground, essentially wrestling and everybody around them, kicking them and screaming and shoving and pushing. You saw a lot of those

confrontations throughout the day yesterday.

There were people on social media videos that you could see throwing eggs at each other. You could see people punching and chasing each other. And

so, what happened was that after they were pushed away from the temple, these protesters then continued into some of the neighborhood streets.

So, this happened in the Pico Robertson neighborhood, which is historically a Jewish neighborhood here in Los Angeles, and I spoke to the volunteer

security director of the temple just moments ago who told me that protesters had been coming to try to escalate things, to look for a fight.

And he told me, they got one. You know, there were protesters and people who were violent on both sides. You saw people who were pushing and shoving

and yelling and screaming and again getting violent.

Once again here in Los Angeles, we know at least one person was arrested for carrying a spiked flagpole. It's unclear exactly how many people were

injured or the severity of the injuries. The director of security at the temple did say there were some people that had to go to the hospital. But

overall, they are just heartbroken and really upset about what has happened here in Los Angeles.

You've heard the mayor, the governor and even the President calling this out. And of course, the Jewish community here in L.A. is doing so, as well.

The mayor in Los Angeles saying that she was going to add additional patrols, not just in that neighborhood but in houses of worship.

So again, just a huge concern for what happened here specifically because it happened at a temple and again a lot of the politicians and leaders here

in Los Angeles and everywhere else just calling for this to stop saying there is no place for this here in L.A. Bianna.

GOLODRYGA: -- place for anti-Semitism. It goes without saying that a synagogue has nothing to do with the war in Gaza.


GOLODRYGA: Camila Bernal, thank you. Well, the families of three hostages taken on October 7th have authorized the release of new video of their

loved ones kidnapping. Hersch Goldberg Polin or Levy and Eliya Cohen were taken hostage at the Nova Music Festival. And we warn you, these images are



GOLODRYGA (voice-over): This video was taken by Hamas. Some of it has already been seen by the public but now, the hostages' families are

allowing the release of more footage to press for an agreement that brings their loved ones home The three are seen in the back of a pickup truck

being driven into southern Israel. Israeli -American Hersch Goldberg Polin can be seen with his face bloodied and his arm apparently blown off.


GOLODRYGA: It has been nearly nine months since they were kidnapped and no deal to get all of the hostages home is in sight. Well, Israelis have been

protesting for months now to press the government to bring home the hostages and finally agreed to a deal. Thousands took to the streets again

in Tel Aviv Saturday to protest and commemorate a birthday


GOLODRYGA (voice-over): They were marking Naama Levy's 20th birthday She and some 120 others have been held captive for more than 260 days. Her

parents addressed the crowd. Levy was 19 years old when she was kidnapped by terrorists on October 7th. Her violent capture was caught on camera by

her attackers and her family, along with the other female IDF soldiers' families also agreed to release longer and more disturbing video of their

abduction last month.


GOLODRYGA: Well, time now for The Exchange and we want to bring in the mother of Naama Levy, Dr. Ayelet Levy Shachar, joins us now live from

Israel. Ayelet, thank you so much for joining us. Welcome back to the program.

First, I want to ask you about this newly released video from the families of Hersch Goldberg Polin or Levy and Eliya Cohen because no one else can

identify with how excruciating that decision must be for families to release this video for the world to see what happened to their children so

many months ago now with still no deal in sight.

Tell us about your process and what led you to finally agree to release that video of Naama to really put the pressure on all of the parties

involved here.


AYELET LEVY SHACHAR, MOTHER OF ISRAELI HOSTAGE NAAMA LEVY: Yes, well we did agonize over this decision for weeks. I think we -- we saw this footage

almost, I think, two months before. We had it published and shown to the public and we didn't plan on having it shown to the public at any point

until we realized that we once again need to raise the awareness and to put these facts in front of the public eye.

These facts -- these truths that that -- what happened on October 7th -- the brutal attack, the violence that is shown there and this is our

reality. This is my child's reality ever since. So, at a certain point we realized we needed to release this and in order to put the pressure for an

agreement to be met, it is very hard that these days, we are still not there and here another video of videos of other families -- of other

families have released again in order to -- for the same purpose. It pains me that we need to do this.


LEVY SHACHAR: -- and to put our children in their most horrible moments in the public eye.

GOLODRYGA: Well, first and foremost, it goes without saying the blame lies with Hamas. They are the ones who are holding the hostages. They are the

ones who can end this nightmare by releasing them all. But as you mentioned, as you expressed in the past and as tens of thousands of

Israelis continue to do every week, they are putting more pressure on the Israeli government to take a deal seriously and to do everything in their

power to agree to a deal.

There had been some frustration and pushback even from former members of the war cabinet about recent comments that Prime Minister Netanyahu made

about how much he's prioritizing the deal that they initially agreed to that proposal.

And we just are getting news from our own Barak Ravid who said Netanyahu walks back his comments from yesterday and says, "We are committed to the

Israeli proposal for a hostage deal that President Biden welcome our position has not changed." Is that reassuring for you to hear?

LEVY SHACHAR: Well, I don't even know what it's reassuring anymore. This is a roller coaster for us and all the things you just said, of course, are

correct and true. And I do talk to you today and say that I think drastic measures of pressure should be taken at this point by, you know, all

countries involved and the most influential of course, the U.S. and Qatar in order to pressure Hamas.

And of course, our government has a responsibility towards the citizens of its country but definitely, all pressure should be put at this point

because we have to mobilize these negotiations and regretfully, we need to negotiate.

Of course, these innocent people should be released unconditionally. But since we do need to negotiate with this terror group, all pressure should

be put on at this point by all, you know, actors involved in order to make this happen, in order to bring my daughter back home. She just so, you

know, had her 20th birthday. I cannot say celebrate, of course.

GOLODRYGA: She turned 20 and an occasion that should have been marked by celebrating with family and friends and loved ones, instead, is being

marked held hostage in Gaza. But so many, so many, Ayelet, turned out in support of your daughter and celebrating who she is and not forgetting her

name, her life, her story over the weekend.

And I know you were there with your family. I can only imagine how difficult that was. But when you see such a strong turnout, such a reminder

of people around you in the country, strangers that are thinking of Naama holding up her photos on her birthday, what was that experience like?

LEVY SHACHAR: There were thousands -- there were around 5,000 people there and it was very heartwarming. And you know, I can't even explain what I was

feeling. It was just so many emotions.


And you know, and I was grateful for all those who showed up and for all the support. And I was you know, in pain for my daughter at those moments

of her 20th birthday being held hostage in those horrible conditions And you know, not knowing -- not even knowing maybe that it's her birthday.

GOLODRYGA: You took the time to write her a letter. I know you try to communicate her in every medium possible. If you would, could you share a

bit of that letter with us?

LEVY SHACHAR: Yes, I will read it. And you know, I am hopeful that maybe she can hear me. So, I will read this to her. To my dear Naama, this is a

letter I wish I was not writing to you. No mother should ever have to write this type of letter to her daughter on her birthday. Ever since your

abduction, we have been working relentlessly and in every way possible to bring you home.

Every day without you is a day without air. The uncertainty and dread I experience is suffocating and each passing day that you are not with us

feels like an eternity. We will not stop fighting for you until you are home. Naama, on your birthday, my deepest wish is that the pain of these

past months becomes just one chapter in a much bigger story -- a story filled with so many bright moments that they outshine this period of


My wish is for your freedom to arrive as soon as possible so that your healing can begin. My wish is to hold you just as I did for the first time

on this day, 20 years ago. And to promise you that everything will be all right. I Love you. Now, I'm on it saying stay strong, Ima. Mom. Thank you.

GOLODRYGA: Really powerful words, Ayelet Levy Shachar. And we will continue to focus on your daughter and all of the hostages that remain held. Thank

you so much for taking the time.

LEVY SHACHAR: Thank you, Bianna. Thank you.

GOLODRYGA: We'll be right back.



GOLODRYGA: All right, welcome back. A fire at a lithium battery factory in South Korea has killed at least 22 people. It happened just southwest of

Seoul Monday morning. You can see here the huge clouds of smoke billowing in the air. Most of the victims were migrant workers from China. It's still

unclear what caused the explosion that sparked the fire. Authorities say it's one of the deadliest blazes in South Korea in years.

And earlier today, the crippled cargo ship, Dolly, began its journey from the port of Baltimore, Maryland to Virginia for extensive repairs. Only a

handful of crew remain on board since the ship slammed into the Francis Scott Key bridge causing the bridge to collapse back in March. Six

construction workers were killed in the incident. The ship is being accompanied to Virginia by the U.S Coast Guard.

Well, Taylor Swift often has special guests on stage with her. But this weekend in London, her special guest sent the crowd into a frenzy. Find out

who she shared the stage with, after the break.


GOLODRYGA: There are many milestones in a relationship, but appearing with your girlfriend in front of thousands of screaming fans is a pretty

unlikely one for most of us.


GOLODRYGA: Most of us are not Taylor Swift or Travis Kelce, of course. The NFL player carried Taylor out and his arms wearing a top hat and tails at

her concert at London's Wembley Stadium on Sunday. The two have been romantically linked since September. I think it's pretty official they're


However, until now, Taylor hasn't put Travis on her main Instagram, so now they are Instagram-official. It's a big milestone. Also in attendance the

night before, Prince William and his children celebrate who were celebrating the Prince of Wales 42nd birthday.

Well, four years later one of the best sprinters in the world will finally run in the Olympics. Sha'Carri Richardson won the 100 meter sprint at the

U.S. track and field trials over the weekend, earning her a spot on the U.S. Team. Richardson has been expected to be a major figure at last summer

Olympics but was banned from competing after a positive drug test for marijuana?




I feel everything -- every chapter I've been doing in my life designed to prepare me for this moment to stand next to these amazing women that I'm

standing here with, that I have the pleasure of training with, and it's a force like a moment bound, very appreciative and I cannot wait to go to

Paris to represent.


GOLODRYGA: And we cannot wait to cheer her on. Richardson will be one of the favorites in Paris. Her winning time at the U.S. trials was the fastest

100 meter race run by a woman this year. That is incredible. And that does it for this hour of "ONE WORLD". Thanks so much for watching. I'm Bianna

Golodryga."AMANPOUR" is up next.