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Piers Morgan Live

Interview With the Kardashian Sisters

Aired January 27, 2011 - 21:00   ET


PIERS MORGAN, HOST: There will be some people tuning in right now wondering why on earth I'm interviewing the Kardashian sisters for CNN.


MORGAN: Welcome.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Love the double kiss.


MORGAN: You might think there's not much more to them than what you see here -- a couple of cardboard airheads. Well, think again, because these two have a master fortune of an estimated $100 million, by creating a brand based entirely on a lack of any discernible talent other than self promotion, marketing and brand development.


KIM KARDASHIAN: I think being an entrepreneur is definitely a skill.


MORGAN: And that makes them a fascinating subject to interview.


MORGAN: Perfect.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I want a new house.



MORGAN: Ladies, welcome.


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Thank you for having us.

MORGAN: I've never seen my male production crew quite as excited. So, look. Here is a list which I find fascinating. People say to me, why are you having the Kardashians on? What have they done to deserve the honor of being on your show, Piers, around the world on CNN?

Well, this is what you've done. Because in the top 100 list of people being followed on Twitter in the world, number six, Kim Kardashian with nearly 6 million.


MORGAN: You're in just behind the president of the United States.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Wait. Really? He's -- I -- I thought he was, like, one right behind me.

MORGAN: Really?


MORGAN: You've overtaken him?


MORGAN: Do you feel uncomfortable about that?

KIM KARDASHIAN: A little bit. A little bit.

MORGAN: You are being followed by more people than President Obama on Twitter.

KIM KARDASHIAN: And Oprah. That's, like, shocking.

MORGAN: Is it?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I mean, it's -

MORGAN: This is the thing that celebrities always pretend they don't care about how many followers they've got. It's all that matters.

KIM KARDASHIAN: It's all I care about.

MORGAN: See, I started six weeks ago. And I've got about 205,000. And at the end of this show, I need a bit of help from you two.


MORGAN: I need to embrace your brand very firmly.

KIM KARDASHIAN: We need to double it.

MORGAN: Correct.


KIM KARDASHIAN: Let's see how many followers we can bring by one tweet.

MORGAN: Now we're talking.


MORGAN: I like this.


MORGAN: Now, talk to me about the brand, the Kardashian brand. Because -- be brutally honest with me. Do either of you actually have -- I mean, I'm a judge on "America's Got Talent," obviously. If you were to come on and I was to ask you, honestly, what is your talent, would you -- would you have any?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I would absolutely say that marketing is a skill. And I think that, you know, fashion as well. I mean, we -- we each -- each sister has been stylists at some point in our lives. We own, you know, three successful clothing stores.

So I think that we are smart enough to understand that having a TV show and a successful reality show is just a platform to where people can kind of, you know, get to know us on a personal level, see us. But for us, we've always been about the business. So, we've always known that a fragrance and a shoe line and a clothing line at Sears and everything that we're doing now is always what we wanted to do, fashion-based.

MORGAN: So, when people call you talentless, how do you react? Does it hurt you? Or do you think, you know, what --


MORGAN: -- we're laughing all the way to the bank?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: It doesn't hurt me. But I think people that know us, that watch our show, see that we work, see that we're hard workers. I usually find the comments come from people that don't watch our show or know anything about us. They might just see us in magazines or, you know, see our pictures on blogs or something and think that, oh, we're just spoiled kids that don't do anything and we just, you know, run around Hollywood and go to parties.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I think being an entrepreneur is definitely a skill. And if you ask me, like, what my job title is --

MORGAN: Yes, what do you put on your passport?

KIM KARDASHIAN: It changes. Sometimes I just write really random and say teacher.

MORGAN: Teacher?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Something that I don't do. But --

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I'll put, like, retail. Or I could put fashion designer or --

MORGAN: Here's the thing that I think is interesting about the Kardashian brand, if you like, what I'm told by a lot of young women. They're saying -- sort of, you know, early teens onwards, is that they find you very relatable. And they, you know, relate to that. And your clothing isn't overly priced. And it's kind of -- you're one of them in -- in a way. You're just lucky that you've managed to be such a success. But you are still one of them at heart.

Do you think that? Do you think you are normal underneath all this gloss?


KIM KARDASHIAN: Absolutely. I think that they see we girls in Hollywood, in Beverly Hills, there's this glitz and glam factor that they, kind of, like, want to vicariously live through. But when they get there, they see we are so normal. We've all had -- you know, it's like our dad used to make us -- as an attorney, he used to make us sign contracts for everything.

MORGAN: I heard about it.

KIM KARDASHIAN: So when we were 16 --

MORGAN: So when you were, like, 16 and wanted to buy a car --


MORGAN: -- he would actually make you sign a contract saying, right, you're liable for any accidents.


MORGAN: You're liable for the petrol and the gas and the insurance, everything, right?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Everything. And so, when I --

MORGAN: And you get to sign this contract.

KIM KARDASHIAN: And we -- yes. I signed a contract for everything. So when that did happen, he was a very strict parent to where we had to really, you know, take responsibilities for what we've signed. And I got a job, you know, at 16 working in a clothing store. And I think we've always worked.

At 18, we were told we were cut off. So we saw this lifestyle that we grew up in. And if we wanted to maintain that, we would have to work to get there. And, you know, our parents --

MORGAN: If you were to sum up your brand in one word, what would it be? KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: That's a good question.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Fashionable. I mean, I -- I like to think we're very determined and hard-working. And I think our brand is a brand for the fans, for sure.

MORGAN: Brand for the fans?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Everything they ask us -- because I think I'm -- I know -- and my sisters were heavily involved in our blogs and our Twitter and our Facebooks. And every time they ask us for something, whether it's a lip gloss to a pair of shoes or a skin care product or a weight loss product, I try and give them that, what they're asking us.

MORGAN: I've read that, I think, your lip gloss debate. You couldn't decide whether to go red or pink. And so, you just put it out there on Twitter. And, of course, you got 5 million, 6 million people to act as an immediate focus group. And back they came, we want the light pink.

KIM KARDASHIAN: It is the best brief focus group.


MORGAN: It's amazing.

KIM KARDASHIAN: And it's honest.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: It's the best decision-maker. Like, if you can't decide even what to eat for dinner or what movie to watch, like, you just Twitter.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Or what outfit to wear.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: And you -- yes. And you --

MORGAN: Your lives are now controlled by these facts.

KIM KARDASHIAN: But I also use it, you know, for, like, business, like, my fragrance. I couldn't decide what color pink to use on the bottle. So I Twittered two pictures, and I said I want my fans to design my bottle. You choose the two colors. Pick one.

MORGAN: It was that I was talking about that show, actually.


MORGAN: And they went for the light pink.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes. And so, that was the color of my fragrance bottle.

MORGAN: But you knew without spending a dollar on any testing --

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes. MORGAN: -- what the correct one would be.



MORGAN: Saving yourselves a fortune.


MORGAN: You're not stupid, are you?


MORGAN: How much of your brand is based around body image?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I think a lot of it is. I think that -- however, I think we definitely promote a healthy body image. We're not your stick-skinny typical, you know, girls that I would see growing up in all the magazines.

MORGAN: You know, I'm allergic to size zero.


MORGAN: I'm actually allergic to it. If I see any women who are size zero, I come out in strange wheels (ph) and have to go and lie down.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Well, Kourtney is -- either she's a zero.


KIM KARDASHIAN: She's a zero.

MORGAN: No, you're not a zero.


MORGAN: Are you?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I am, but I'm five feet tall. So I'm just a petite --

MORGAN: You're a kind of curvy zero.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Yes, I am. I'm definitely a curvy -- but I'm, like, a petite person. So --

KIM KARDASHIAN: And I'm, like, a four, six. And Khloe's -- you know, it's like we're all such different body types. She's -- Khloe's super tall. I'm kind of in the middle. She's really tiny.

So, we -- I think we promote a really healthy body image. We don't -- we're sisters. We look alike, but we don't all have to be -- we're not trying to fit in the same mold. The products, whether it's a weight loss product, it's something that's all natural, the -- you know, that we know that we feel our best when we look our best.

MORGAN: But, look. I've got these two charming cardboard cutouts of the pair of you. And so, I thought it'd be quite fun if we --


MORGAN: -- get you to go stand by your respective cutout. And I want you to talk yourselves through your own bodies, good and bad.


MORGAN: What you like and don't like.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Are these life-sized?


MORGAN: I don't know. We're going to find out, aren't we?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes. Let's see --

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I want to see if mine's taller than me.


MORGAN: Wow, it's just like getting it in 3-D.


MORGAN: Actually, you're -- yes, your one's taller than you. I think Kim's is pretty accurate, actually.


MORGAN: So let's start with you, Kourtney. When you look at that picture, what are you thinking --

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Like, what do I like and don't like?

MORGAN: What do you like and don't like about your own --

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: OK, well, the first thing I see when I see this is how annoying it is that, like, this boob is, like, bulging against and this one isn't. And I remember --

KIM KARDASHIAN: That's a breastfeeding mom for you.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Yes. It is. It is. I remember -- I go, guys, I didn't pull both boobs up. Like, in the car I forgot. And they were, like, just don't worry about it. It looked fine.

MORGAN: Well, you're both -- if you don't mind me saying -- you're both quite blessed in that particular department. I mean, is that -- do you see that as a plus?


MORGAN: Kim, when you were young, you hated that, right?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I hated it, yes. There was -- I think -- it's so funny because, I think, a lot of the time there's a lot of plastic surgery rumors that swirl. And I'm the first one to be super-honest. And so, everyone was talking about -- ads saying that they must be, you know, fake. And so --

MORGAN: Well, let's just get to the queer. Are they real?

KIM KARDASHIAN: They are real.

MORGAN: Completely, 100 percent real?

KIM KARDASHIAN: They're completely, 100 percent real.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: These babies are not real.

MORGAN: They're fake?


KIM KARDASHIAN: We're very honest. So --

MORGAN: You've had -- you've had surgery?


MORGAN: And you haven't?

KIM KARDASHIAN: No. I've tried botox before.

MORGAN: You just look like you must have.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Well, there's -- you know, I use Spanx and masking tape before.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I used to -- I used to make fun of her when we were little. And then I went and got surgery.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I Twittered a picture of myself at -- when I was 13 or 14 years old in a bikini. And I think everyone got the picture.


MORGAN: Well, what -- Kim, when you look at your one, what don't you like about your -- your own body?

KIM KARDASHIAN: You know what? I must say that I am pretty content. You know, I -- I definitely wear, you know, body shapers and stuff underneath clothes to, you know, make me feel more confident when I go out on a red carpet, for sure. And I think a lot of girls would be lying if they, you know, said they didn't.

But I'm pretty confident. I love this dress. I loved the hair and makeup this day. You know, there's days where you feel -- a lot of it is so much hair and makeup. You know?

MORGAN: You have like I have an ugly day, when you look in the mirror and you're, like, oh, my God.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes. You have those all the time.

MORGAN: What is the part of you that you sometimes say, I wish that was better?

KIM KARDASHIAN: When I -- when I'm a little heavier because my body is petite, I see -- go to, you know, my thighs or something. And that makes me feel uncomfortable.

So, I know when I feel not like myself. I hit the gym. You know, I might start my Quick Trim program. There's certain things that I'll do to make me feel happier about myself and just more secure and confident. And it could be different for everyone else.

And that's, I think, the image that we promote. Whatever it is for you -- as stylists, we know, OK, well, my waist is small, so I love belts. And, you know, my mom -- she doesn't like her arms, so we dress her -- you know, we help her get dressed and put on things that cover her arms.

If you know your body type, then you can dress to feel -- it's like fake it until you make is what we always say.

MORGAN: I like that.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Fake it until you feel --

MORGAN: Hey, Kourtney, when you look at your picture, is there anything there that -- that troubles you? I can't imagine there's much.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Not really. I think you just have to, like, feel confident. I -- I don't know. I just feel -- I don't know. It is what it is. What am I going to do if I don't like it? So just own it, love it.

MORGAN: Well, I would imagine with you two, if you don't like something, you fix it, don't you? You seem very, like, driven girls to me where any kind of problem, you just go and fight it head-on. It's part of your appeal.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I think that when anything that kind of arises that you're not happy with, you know, whether you gain some weight, you hit the gym harder, or whether you aren't at a, you know, goal that you feel, you know, comfortable at at work, you try and work harder and get there. That's just, kind of, how we are. So, if there was something -- I think physically, we're pretty confident girls. And we do what we can to make ourselves feel the best inside, which, you know, could be on the outside as well for us. We're glamour girls. We love the hair. We love the makeup. That's who we are.

But we're definitely the same and just as comfortable without all of it as well.

MORGAN: OK. Well, when we come back -- I want you to stay there for the moment. We're going to talk about your new reality show and your evil Svengali boss, Ryan Seacrest.


KIM KARDASHIAN: He is pretty evil.


MORGAN: Ladies, I want to play a little tape. Because your new show on E! is called, "Kim and Kourtney Take New York."

OK. Let's watch this.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, I get excited being here in New York. This is my city. I really think I can improve myself a ton here and hopefully Kourtney, when you get back to where we used to be together.

You are making me even hornier.

KIM KARDASHIAN: What are you guys doing?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Obviously in the counterclockwise bed swirl, Kim. That's a New York thing.



MORGAN: So what is the idea here? I mean, you're -- what is taking New York mean?


MORGAN: Where are you taking it?

KIM KARDASHIAN: We are taking it to a Kardashian level, which basically means that --

MORGAN: Wow. What's that?

KIM KARDASHIAN: We're just opening up a clothing store, which is our store, Dash, that we -- we started one in L.A. And Kourtney and Khloe took Miami to open one up there. And now, we did New York, just to kind of expand our brand.

MORGAN: (INAUDIBLE), why are you first on the title?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Because I'm the oldest and the best.

KIM KARDASHIAN: And I let her think that, and I'm just very, like, passive. So, whatever.

MORGAN: But she's got more followers than you.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Whatever she wants.


MORGAN: Doesn't that make her the biggest star?


MORGAN: Does that annoy you?


MORGAN: God, if one of my younger brothers was bigger than me, I'd be furious.


KIM KARDASHIAN: Kourtney could care -- I always say to everyone, Kourtney could care less about fame, about anything.

MORGAN: Yes, but, she -- she's done you over. She's managed to sneak one in with it's "Kourtney and Kim Take New York."

KIM KARDASHIAN: That's fine. I'll -- I'll give it to her.

MORGAN: It wasn't even alphabetical.


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Alphabetical would be fair. But they -- they know it's oldest goes first.

MORGAN: What's extraordinary about you, Kourtney, is that you managed to film yourself giving birth on -- on your own show.


MORGAN: I mean, I find that kind of an almost unfathomable thing to have done.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: We actually filmed it with our own cameras, too, just, like, a home video. And then we watched it because you have no idea what the experience is going to be like. And I said absolutely no cameras. I don't want lighting guys. I don't want a mike on. I just -- this is my, like --

MORGAN: Well, let's see a little bit of it.


MORGAN: This is not for the squeamish.


MORGAN: I mean, that is absolutely extraordinary.


KIM KARDASHIAN: That she pulled the baby out herself?

MORGAN: No, the whole thing is extraordinary. But that's partly -- if I'm playing devil's advocate, I mean, if you do that kind of thing and show the world you giving birth --


MORGAN: -- is anything private anymore? I mean, do you have any privacy? Do you expect any privacy?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Well, that -- well, that's why I didn't want the cameras there. And then once -- it was such a beautiful experience. And I think everything you see on TV, every -- I was so terrified to give birth. Everything I've seen on movies, everything I've seen on TV of birth --


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: -- has been such negative, like, screaming --


MORGAN: -- all there. Where was all the screaming and the yelling?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Right. And so, that's what I wanted to show, that it can be -- if you knew how scared I was, like, when I first got pregnant, just of the birthing process --

MORGAN: Let me ask you this. Do you ever feel, you know, that you have any right to complain about paparazzi or intrusion into your private life once you've done that?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I don't know if I've a right. But I do complain. Like, I have my moments.


MORGAN: See, that's an honest answer. I get that.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Yes. And I do complain here and then. But then I also get it, like, we bring it. And that is, kind of, the nature of our business.

MORGAN: Well, what do you think, Kim? Is anything off limits in your life, given you've put it all out there?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Absolutely. I mean, I've been really private on -- on the show -- relationships. I only show very little bits and pieces.

MORGAN: I'm assuming you've saved that to tell me all about it, haven't you?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Exactly. Well, I think on the New York season, you'll definitely see a whole different side of me.

MORGAN: You know I'm -- I'm a New Jersey Nets fan?


MORGAN: Did you know that?


MORGAN: This could get really uncomfortable.


MORGAN: We'll move on.


MORGAN: I know you are, a big fan, right?

KIM KARDASHIAN: A little. And I just --


MORGAN: What do -- now, we have got a little message for you from your boss, the executive producer from E!, Mr. Ryan Seacrest, which I now want to play you before I talk to -- talk to you about him.



RYAN SEACREST, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, E!: Kourtney and Kim, it's Ryan here. Very happy for all of your success. Congratulations. As well as your families, too. It's a pleasure to work with all of you.

And I'm glad you're getting a chance to meet Piers. He will really ask you some tough questions, but don't be fooled by his cheeky British ways. He's only after your Twitter followers. Trust me.

Hi, Piers.

(END VIDEO CLIP) MORGAN: There's Ryan, being all lovely and cuddly and sweet and really trying to take all the credit for your success as well. What -- what's he like? I mean, is he as evil to work with as I would hope he would be?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Ryan is so easy to talk to. He just gets it. Like, he completely trusts us and our vision and we, you know, him the same. So, he's really hands-on. And he --

MORGAN: Any downsides? Any bad points?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: No. And I think he's really from the beginning got us. Like, the second he met my mom, he really got our family, especially in the beginning when people didn't really and were, like, kind of, judgmental. He --

MORGAN: To me, you're kind of like the new Brady Bunch.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes. We get that a lot.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: We're a wild Brady Bunch.

MORGAN: You know what I mean? Yes.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: We're a modern day Brady Bunch.


MORGAN: -- version of the Brady Bunch. Yes

Is there anything you wouldn't do for the cameras?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Absolutely. There's a lot that we wouldn't do.

MORGAN: Well, we've seen you giving birth. I mean, would you -- would you record your own death?


MORGAN: Would you?


KIM KARDASHIAN: How would you know when you're --

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Yes, how would you know? Are you getting killed?

MORGAN: Well, really, who's going to care? You're going to die anyway.


MORGAN: Why not?

KIM KARDASHIAN: There's a lot that we wouldn't show. I mean, I'm really particular on what I show about, you know, any relationship that I may have. Or there are so many personal things. And what's so cool is our relationship with the show is from the start, they've always said we have, you know, the right to edit and to approve all the footage. And so far, there hasn't been anything that we've taken out.

MORGAN: Really?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Like, I know in our New York season, I didn't feel comfortable having my son on the show. And I said -- and I don't know why. Like -- like you said, it's like I show giving birth. It's just, like, a personal thing. And I --

MORGAN: Because that poor little mate, when he grows up, he may want to be private.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Right. That's what I said. He doesn't have the option.

MORGAN: Mummy -- Mummy stuck him on national TV --


MORGAN: -- from the -- from the second he's alive.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Exactly. And so, that's what -- how I felt. For the New York show, I said, he doesn't have the decision to -- you know, he can't make the decision if he wants to be on it or not.

KIM KARDASHIAN: It was a very, you know, different atmosphere than what he -- you know, it wasn't his home.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: New York was crazy, a lot of paparazzi, a lot of madness. So, I'm glad we made that decision. I think it was better for him.

KIM KARDASHIAN: And you never know. If you change your mind or, you know, on the Kardashian Show, it might be better in his home family environment.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Like, when we're at home filming --

KIM KARDASHIAN: She picks and chooses.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: -- we're in our house, and it's a safe, comfortable environment. So, in the past, I've been OK with it. But now, sometimes, when I even see old episodes, it kind of weirds me out.


MORGAN: OK, look. We're going to -- we're going to come back after the break. We're going to talk to you both about love, romance and sex.


MORGAN: So, Kim, let me cut to the quick here. There are reports that you have now moved in with Chris Humphries, who is the Jersey Nets player. Is that true?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I would never move in with anyone unless I was engaged or married. I think Kourtney and I --

MORGAN: Have I stumbled upon a bigger scoop?


MORGAN: You're not engaged?


MORGAN: So, you're not moving in with him?

KIM KARDASHIAN: No. Kourtney and I are definitely looking around. Kourtney's boyfriend is from New York, so he's here and they split time. So, we think it would be a good decision for our store and everything to look for a more permanent residence here in New York City and split the time between the two.

MORGAN: You, just together?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Well, Scott has his -- our place here, so --

KIM KARDASHIAN: Kourtney's here more than I am and I think it would be better, probably, to help out with the store more and, hopefully, start filming again -- to possibly have a place here in New York.

MORGAN: So, what do you want to say about this chap, Chris? This lucky boy.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I'm having a good time and he's a really good person. And I think this time around, you know, I've learned to be a little bit more low key and private.

MORGAN: Can you trust men, given what's happened to you?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I think that the way that I am -- I'm such a hopeless romantic --

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I was just going to say that.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I like to believe and trust in anybody. And sometimes I think that's been my downfall. And that has been my issue, but yes. I think that I can still trust men.

MORGAN: I mean, you were -- I know you don't want to talk about this and I'm not going to labor the point, but the only interesting parts of it is -- obviously a very intimate part of your life was splattered all over the Internet. I mean, 20 years ago, that wouldn't have happened.


MORGAN: So you were the victim of this modern kind of curse of the Internet, which can be very useful, and a terrible enemy when it wants to be, like it was with you. And I sort of think, if I had been in that position that you found yourself in, apart from being appallingly invasive, also very hard to then go out on the dating scene.


MORGAN: Partly thinking, "Has this guy watched it? Has that guy watched it?" I mean, not a place I'd want to find myself.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Absolutely. No, absolutely. I mean, there's this, you know, embarrassment and shame and so much that comes along with it. And I think that I was so lucky to find a boyfriend at that time in Reggie -- that we were together for four years -- and that was something that he really helped me through. He picked me up when I couldn't pick myself up. And he, you know, and that's what my family was for as well.

So, I feel like I've dealt with it and now, I move on from it, and I don't really go there.

MORGAN: If I was to create two cardboard cutouts based on your dream man, what would the key components be? What would they have to have? Forget your current partners.

KIM KARDASHIAN: A good heart.

MORGAN: A good heart.



KIM KARDASHIAN: Someone that, you know, family is an important value to them. Religion or faith is really important to me.

MORGAN: They'd have to believe in God?


MORGAN: Tall? Dark?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I like tall, even though I'm five feet tall.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I like tall. I like good teeth. Teeth and hygiene are important.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Clean, smells good. Just someone that looks at you --

MORGAN: They've got to be, like, quite, hunky guys -- in your case, they always seem to be these athletes.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes, and it just kind of happens that way. It's always like a -- I just don't know --


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: He was like, I could never see Kim with, like a skinny, like, scrawny guy.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes, neither can I.

MORGAN: They're all these beefcakes, aren't they?


MORGAN: So how tall is your current guy?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Six-foot-nine.

MORGAN: Is he really?


MORGAN: Wow. And how tall are you?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Five-foot-three.

MORGAN: That's almost ridiculous.

KIM KARDASHIAN: It's so fun, though. It 's like walking down the street and he, like, picks up my hand, and I feel like a little kid that used swings, you know?

MORGAN: Be like a little Chihuahua if he takes you for a walk, isn't it?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Oh, it's the best way to feel skinny.

MORGAN: Really?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Tiny and skinny.

MORGAN: So the trick for any woman watching: if you want to feel skinny, find a --

KIM KARDASHIAN: Find a big, tall man.

MORGAN: -- find a 6'9" basketball player. Suddenly, you'd feel absolutely minute. It's a good strategy.


MORGAN: Are you happy that Kim is now happy?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I'm happy. Whatever makes Kim happy, I'm happy. MORGAN: Do you feel protective, like a little big sister?


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I'm so annoying. Like, no one is good enough for Kim in my eyes. So, like Chris and I, we say we're going to get in a room together and just cuss each other out, make each other cry, like --

KIM KARDASHIAN: They're both really sarcastic people and they love to battle and say really rude, crazy things.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: We always like to, like, yell at each other on the phone.


MORGAN: I mean, with Scott as well, because he's been a bit of a naughty boy, hasn't he? But he seems to have pulled himself around.

KARDASHIAN: Naughty, naughty.

MORGAN: Is he behaving himself now?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Yes. He's stopped drinking and he --

KIM KARDASHIAN: That changed everything.

MORGAN: Back on the straight and narrow.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I mean, and he's still the same fun, sarcastic, you know, crazy Scott, where I have no idea what's going to come out of his mouth, which I like. But he's a toned-down version, because he's not crazy and drinking. I still don't know --

MORGAN: You two talk as sisters about famous guys and who you quite fancy. Who would be the top two or three? Who do you think are the real hunks out there?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Love Johnny Depp.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I love like Leonardo DiCaprio.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes, I was going to say, Leo's pretty cute.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: We have the same taste, probably. But then our personal life is totally different.


MORGAN: So, if Leo is watching this and suddenly goes "wow, really? I'd no idea" and then calls you up and says "come on".

KIM KARDASHIAN: I think I'd be lying if I said "no". You know, like, yeah, I'm going to reject him.

MORGAN: I may have created a wonderful moment here.


KIM KARDASHIAN: Oh, I don't think so. Isn't he married or engaged or something? Or has a serious girlfriend.

MORGAN: I could check for you.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I'm fine, though.

MORGAN: He's not 6'9", though.

MORGAN: So are you going to get married?

KIM KARDASHIAN: One day, I hope to get married, yes.

MORGAN: Sooner rather than later, do you think?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I don't know. You know, I --

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Why in Hollywood life, like, the second someone starts dating they say "are you going to get married?"

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes, it's like, we just started dating.

MORGAN: Because exactly the same reason you girls used to love reading all this gossip about other people. Now you're the gossip.


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: It's like, we just started dating, we've probably been seen out once or twice together --

MORGAN: That's half the point of you, is we like gossiping about you.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Chris and I have only been seen out, I think, two times together. And all of the sudden, we're on this full-on whirlwind romance.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: They're moving in, they're getting married --

KIM KARDASHIAN: We're moving in, getting married --

MORGAN: I'm not really a natural gossip, but the moment I saw those pictures I -- I just wondered if she's getting married. It occupied my thought all day. And now I've got the chance to ask you.

KIM KARDASHIAN: No, no, no marriage in the works.

MORGAN: OK. What about for you?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: No. I'm happy right now.

MORGAN: No? So you want to give your little one a happily married setup?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I do, but I just think --

KIM KARDASHIAN: Kourtney is the most practical. I think that she, you know, -- I've always kind of just gone for it and made the wrong decisions. Kourtney, like, really takes her time and, you know, -- Scott has stopped drinking for about a year.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I do, but, yes, it's been, like, about almost a year since Scott's been -- cleaned himself up and I just -- I don't know, I'm just kind of taking my time.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Maybe you just need to go for it.

MORGAN: If he went down on bended knee tonight, watching this --

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes, what would you do?

MORGAN: -- and proposed, would you say "yes"?


MORGAN: Yes, you do.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I would say, "let's chill for a second".

MORGAN: You know the answer, but OK.

KIM KARDASHIAN: She would, no. She's really weird. She'll be like -- it's so funny, because Scott, you know, he'll pull up in, like, a new Lamborghini. And I'll be like "oh my God, that's the coolest car ever, let's go on a ride". Kourtney will be like "This is so embarrassing. I'm never riding in that."

And Scott's like, I want to get, you know -- what about, like, a 10 carat ring? And Kourtney was like "Don't you dare. Kim would want that, not me. That's embarrassing."

MORGAN: Well, look, ladies. We'll have a little break now. When we come back, a little twist for you. I want to talk about President Obama and Sarah Palin


KARDASHIAN: Amazing. Can't wait.


MORGAN: Now, ladies, something about your influence is fascinating to me, because you have this vast following on Twitter -- millions and millions of people who want to know your opinion. So, rather than talk to you about the normal stuff, you know, fashion and beauty and all the rest of it. I thought I'd just throw at you a few issues just to get your gut reaction. If your followers asked you for what you thought about these things, what would you say?

What would you say if I said "Sarah Palin"?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I was on "Dancing with the Stars", and my partner was Mark Ballas, who was Bristol's partner. And he had, like, the most amazing things to say about her daughter. You know --

MORGAN: Are you a fan of Sarah Palin? Do you think that she's a good thing for America as a politician?

KIM KARDASHIAN: You know, I know she gets a lot of flack, so I -- I don't know, I just tend to -- I don't typically like to say anything if I don't really have an opinion either way, to be honest.

MORGAN: What about President Obama? Is he doing a good job?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I think he's doing a good job.

MORGAN: One of the most important relationships in both your lives is -- was with your father, Robert, who tragically died. I've been reading your book before you came on and I think both of you said that the worst thing that's ever happened to you was when your dad died.

Tell me about him. What kind of man was he?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: He was definitely the strict parent when it was, you know, him and my mom. And he, I think, is why we are so driven to work and create all the companies that we do. He was an entrepreneur, so I worked in his office for years, about five or six years. And I learned everything I know from him.

KIM KARDASHIAN: But he was also very fun. Like, he had the good balance. He wasn't the strict parent that was -- that you were afraid of. He was, you know, very family oriented.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: He was fun and our friend and did, like, the perfect balance. And when I'm raising Mason now, like, I look to how he was with us as how I want to be. He was very honest, calm, peaceful.

MORGAN: Your parents split up. What kind of impact did that have on you two, do you think, looking back?


KIM KARDASHIAN: Not so much me --

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I'm sure it did, in some way.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes, but I understood. I don't agree in therapy. I don't know why.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I mean, it definitely had an impact on me. I think it was, like, one of the -- at that time, I was 11. It was definitely the hardest thing I went through at the time. And then, my mom met Bruce, you know, right when they were getting a divorce, got married six months later. So, it was hard on me. And Bruce is such a nice guy, but I gave him such a hard time.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Bruce has scars on his hands from Kourtney digging her nails into him.

MORGAN: Bruce is the guy I feel most sorry for in this whole unholy mess, to be honest with you.


MORGAN: He's the poor guy inherited there.


KIM KARDASHIAN: But they became really close, you know, later on, my dad and Bruce. And we would have fathers' days all together, eating breakfast at my mom's house. Then all the guys would go golfing and so --

MORGAN: What would your dad have made, do you think, of the success you've made of yourselves?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I think he would have been extremely proud of us. And his, you know, brother and sister and, you know, dad and everyone lets us know that all the time.


MORGAN: Do you feel like he's up there? Still looking after you?


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Like you can sense him. And I feel like so many things happen for us, so many great things, that I think he has to do with a lot of it.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I mean, it's all, you know, everything that we do now, it's all bitter-sweet. We all wish our dad was there to watch it, whether it's, you know, her giving birth to Mason, or, you know, whether we buy our first home. And he always taught us so much about, like, credit. And just so many things that he taught us, you know, it's all kind of paid off.

MORGAN: If you got the chance to talk to him again, what would you say that, perhaps, you never got to say when he was alive?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I think we did a really good job at telling him exactly how we felt, especially right before he passed away. So, I think that we have no regrets. I think if anyone were to have regrets on what they would say to him, it would probably be Khloe, because she had a hard time --

KIM KARDASHIAN: She had a really hard time talking to him at that time.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: When he was sick -- and kind of distanced herself. And I wish -- I think that she wished that she would have been there and said a few more things. But I'm proud that we said we're going to go in and we're going to tell him everything how we feel, and we're going to have that alone time, each of us, however long it takes, before he passes away. And we're going to have our moment with him. And we all did. We told him how -- you know, what we felt.

MORGAN: When we come back, I want to talk to you both about money and business.



MORGAN: So, I'm told that you are worth $100 million, you Kardashian girls. Guilty?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Who says that?

MORGAN: I just did. Yes, or no?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I don't know. How --

MORGAN: You don't know how much you're worth?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Combined? I would say -- I mean, I never talk dollars, so, I would definitely say --

MORGAN: What, do you want to talk yen or pounds or Chilean pesos?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Combined, I would say, I don't talk dollars.

MORGAN: I don't mind which way you say it.

KIM KARDASHIAN: No, I was just thinking about it and then I was like, you know what, I never talk money. How much I have or anything. I think it's --

MORGAN: Well, who's the richest? Presumably, you're the richest. Are you?


MORGAN: Must be.


MORGAN: You're the richest. So come on, give me a ballpark. Where are we going, here, 10, 30, 60, 80?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I don't think it's ever appropriate to talk money. I don't know why. I've never been comfortable about it. I never think it's, like, good to boast, or --

MORGAN: But I bet you know exactly how much you're worth. I'll bet your dad instilled that in you.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Whatever it is, I give 10 percent away to the church. And that's what I was taught.

MORGAN: Do you really?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Every year. Absolutely.

MORGAN: Ten percent of all your money?


MORGAN: Wow. Do you do that?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I'm going to now.


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Because I was taught that, too, but I forgot about it.

MORGAN: That's an easy thing to forget. I'd probably be quite tempted to forget.


MORGAN: So you've given away millions, then?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes. I mean, I think, last year was probably --

MORGAN: Which church do you give it to?

KIM KARDASHIAN: There's a charity that I work with a lot that I donate money all the time.

MORGAN: Do you want to name it?

KIM KARDASHIAN: The Dream Foundation.

MORGAN: Right. So you've given them millions?

KIM KARDASHIAN: And we have -- my mom has helped create a church. So we help fund that. And it's in Calabasas.

MORGAN: Wow. I mean, do you like being really rich?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I think that it definitely -- when people say -- I mean, I get the statement when they say "more money, more problems" -- I definitely get that. But I think that we have a great team of people that help us manage everything and, as long as we just give back and try and help out any organization that's close to our hearts --

And it's not just about giving away. It's finding something that you really connect with. And so many people ask us to, like donate money here and there, and some things just don't make sense to me, and I don't feel connected or passionate to that certain thing. So when I find something like the Dream Foundation, which, you know, it just makes it just so much more meaningful.

MORGAN: When you all go out for dinner, who pays, normally? Who's the most generous?

KIM KARDASHIAN: We all try and make --

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Yes, we all kind of split it up. You've been really short on cash --

MORGAN: Because there's always one meanie in the family.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I have no cash --

KIM KARDASHIAN: Kourtney is -- OK, Kourtney is the cheapest. I'll spend the most.

MORGAN: Who's the one who always says "oh no, I've left my purse behind"?


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: But I really did leave it behind, like, all the time.

MORGAN: It goes with the non-donation to charity stuff, as well. Kourtney is becoming a bit of a problem here financially, I think, isn't she?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes, she is.

MORGAN: You like to keep it, don't you, Kourtney? You do?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: No, it's fun, but I love to also --

MORGAN: Keep it.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: No, I love to buy everyone great gifts. Like, I think --

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes, I think we all go all out on holidays and get each other really nice gifts.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: We're all really generous.

MORGAN: What's the most extravagant thing either of you has ever bought for yourselves?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Kim does it daily for herself.

MORGAN: That I can imagine.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I mean, my home.

MORGAN: Outside of homes and cars, what would be the one thing? KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: A watch for yourself?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes. A watch that was, like --

MORGAN: How much would that be?


MORGAN: 115?


MORGAN: Dollars?


MORGAN: One hundred fifteen thousand dollars for a watch?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes, but I got a really good deal on it. I traded two in for it. So, technically I was out of pocket about 50 or 60.

MORGAN: Oh, that's OK, then.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I mean, it's all about -- I don't think I could ever just go and spend that, you know?

MORGAN: Did you ever imagine you'd be in a position to spend 115 thousand dollars on a watch?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I don't do that stuff for myself.

MORGAN: Why, because it's vulgar or --

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: No, I just think, like, well, until I have --

MORGAN: Or you haven't got as much money as Kim?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Well, I don't have as much money as Kim. And it's vulgar. And I have a baby that I'm, like, college and expenses and I -- for me to even --

KIM KARDASHIAN: I don't just go out and buy it. I will definitely have a goal list and I have, like, a personal goal list.

MORGAN: I heard this. You do this with your mum, right?


MORGAN: You sit down every year, and you do your little lists of goals for the year. And then you tick them off as you achieve them.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Absolutely. And we always -- we put one that's like a crazy wish goal that we don't -- we know we will get there one day, but we don't think it'll be in the year, and we always get to it. MORGAN: When we come back, I want to talk to you both about ambition, about who you idolize, and about Twitter again.


MORGAN: Ladies, do you ever fear over-exposure?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Sometimes. And I think we don't take on every project because of that.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Like, we only take on projects that we love and are passionate about.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Which is a lot. We're all work-a-holics. So, we definitely -- it looks like we have our hands kind of --

MORGAN: You do work hard. And I think, even if I was being really critical of you, -- which I'll never, certainly, want to be because I think you're actually very nice ladies -- but, if I was, it would be a hard push to find where to criticize you. It's not a lack of work ethic. You put everything in to it. Your values are pretty solid American values. You know, and in your own way, you're living the American dream, aren't you?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I would say so. And I think that we feel very blessed, but, at the end of the day, we know that if it were all to go away, we're just as happy being the same family that we are. It hasn't changed us. If anything, it's brought us close. What typically you see when people really put their lives out there -- their relationships, their family life -- it doesn't go so well.

MORGAN: Who do you idolize?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I love women like Elizabeth Taylor and Sofia Loren and Ava Gardner. I mean, those are the kinds of women that I --

MORGAN: Elizabeth Taylor was married, well, so far, eight times.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes, I think I'm about seven husbands and lots of jewels behind, but you never know.

MORGAN: I used to idolize Larry King, who did this show. He's one of my heroes. He also got married eight times. And I always thought it would be easier --



MORGAN: -- if he just married Liz Taylor. It would have made life so much easier, wouldn't it?

KOURTNEY: Absolutely.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I really look up to our grandmother. She owns a clothing store. She works there every single day. She's 76- years-old.


KIM KARDASHIAN: She's so amazing.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: She's so smart. Like, she text messages me all the time, but she's like such a smart woman and she is why --

KIM KARDASHIAN: She text messages me, like, she'll write a guy's name with a question mark. Is this true?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: She wrote me last night -- "Is Khloe pregnant? I'm your grandma, I need to know," at like midnight here. But she is a really smart woman and I started our stores because of her. And she's -- I want to be her when I'm older.

MORGAN: What would you say has been the greatest moment of your lives? The moment, if you got the chance, you'd relive again?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I would say, having my son.

MORGAN: Which could also be all our greatest moment. What about you?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I would say, it was probably something that I didn't realize at the time, like a family ski trip with my dad and my mom. A moment that involved my dad. But it's crazy how you probably don't realize it at the time, but it could be one of your best moments of your life. But something more simple, like that.

MORGAN: Just a simple family moment with a man that you loved so much and who was clearly so influential to you.


MORGAN: That would be a special thing, wouldn't it?


MORGAN: Now look, we talked about Twitter in the start here and about the phenomena of the Kardashians on Twitter, particularly you, young lady. But what I really need you to do now is to look straight into this camera, and I want you to both order every one of your followers to follow me @PiersMorgan. Because, in that one moment, I could literally -- I could probably get in the top 60.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Let's try. Everyone, let's try and get Piers Morgan into the top 50 most followed people on Twitter.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Let's see how influential Twitter can be and you need to follow @PiersMorgan.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: So this isn't just a testament to follow Piers, this is just to see how influential we are.

MORGAN: Correct. KIM KARDASHIAN: On Twitter.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: We want your help.

MORGAN: It's not about me, this. It's all about the Kardashian brand.


MORGAN: And how powerful you are. So, really, every one of your followers should feel a massive sense of duty here to do it for Kim, to do it for Kourtney. It's not about me. I'm just the fortunate beneficiary of, hopefully, the millions of people who will now be following me, turning me instantly into a brand.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes, absolutely. So now, all you need is shoes, fragrance --

MORGAN: Now hang on, I've got the shoes.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Do you design them?

MORGAN: They are some of the most finest Italian designs in the world.

KIM KARDASHIAN: But to have your own brand, you need your own --

MORGAN: Could I do a fashion line, do you think? Have I got it in me?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I've seen one outfit, and it looks pretty snazzy.

MORGAN: Thank you.


MORGAN: Do you think the whole British thing might work?


MORGAN: What do you think?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Do you have a stylist?

MORGAN: I'm beginning to think you may be the perfect person. You want to style me?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Absolutely. I'll put back on my styling hat.

MORGAN: Maybe it could be, like, an adjunct to the Kardashian brand. It could be Kardashian-Morgan.


MORGAN: Or even, taking your yardstick -- KIM KARDASHIAN: Piers-Kardashian.


KIM KARDASHIAN: It would have to be Kiers.


MORGAN: I like it.

Ladies, thank you. It's been great fun.

BOTH: Thank you.

MORGAN: Tomorrow night, Oscar nominated Colin Firth in his role as a stammering King George VI in "The King's Speech."


MORGAN: When you're in a supermarket and you're trying to order something, do you lapse into verse? Do you start stammering because you got so used to that voice?

COLIN FIRTH, ACTOR: We all stammer, actually, It's bizarre how contagious a stammer is. You can notice how even if I start to talk about, the words can get completely backwards. What's happened in the supermarket most of the time is people are saying, Piers Morgan, can I have your autograph?


MORGAN: That's all for us now. Now over to our friends at "AC 360" with Soledad O'Brien.