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FBI Reviewing New Emails in Clinton Probe; Sources: Emails Found During Anthony Weiner Probe; Trump: Don't Let Clinton in the Oval Office; Clinton: Anything Can Happen in an Election; Plane Fire at Chicago O'Hare, Passengers Taken Off; Dow Dropped More Than 100 Points on FBI Probe; U.S. Economy Grew at Fastest Pace in Two Years; Uber Loses U.K. Employment Case; Presidential Politics Center Stage at Fantasy Fest. Aired 4-5p ET

Aired October 28, 2016 - 16:00   ET


[16:00:00] RICHARD QUEST, CNN ANCHOR: It's Party City New York at the New York Stock Exchange ringing the closing bell. How appropriate. We are in

the true party city in the United States tonight, we're in Key West. And on the markets -- look at that gavel. That is what you call a robust

gavel. The markets have been reeling after a proper true October surprise in the election on Friday, October the 28th. I am Richard Quest live in

the conch republic of Key West where I mean business.

Good evening tonight, breaking news and stunning news, with just 11 days to go before the U.S. election, Hillary Clinton is plunged back right into the

center of the email investigation that has, on so many occasions, threatened to derail her campaign. The FBI said today that the

investigation into her emails is back on. After discovering new emails that may be pertinent in their words. The emails that have prompted the

new probe were on a device being examined as part of a separate investigation into Anthony Weiner.

Now, Anthony Weiner, let me remind you, he is the former U.S. congressman accused of sexting to a minor. All of these details about where the device

and whose device, it is all according to law enforcement sources. Anthony Weiner was recently separated from the top Hilary Clinton aid Huma Abedin,

in a letter sent to eight Congressional Committee Chairman, the FBI director James Comey wrote -- and this is the quote -- "I agreed that the

FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain

classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation."

I thought I had seen just about every bizarre event since I have been in Key West for Fantasy Fest, but this has been a bizarre development that

nobody could have forecast. CNN's Justice correspondent, Evan Perez, joins me from Washington. Evan, OK, where are these emails from, and do we know

what is believe to be on them? Whose emails, were they?

EVAN PEREZ, CNN JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT: Well, Richard, right now we don't know exactly who's these emails were. We do know who they're not from, and

they're not from Hillary Clinton. We know as part of this investigation that lasted for over a year that they took a look at all of her aids, the

people closest to her, including Huma Abedin, who's married to Anthony Weiner, as you just mentioned. And so, that is where we now are. We don't

know what consequences of these emails are, according to this letter, that Comey sent to these members of Congress today. He said that they're still

trying to assess whether or not it contains classified information. But you can bet that if it did not contain anything of concern that they would

have probably discarded them and just found them to be irrelevant. So, this tells us that they at least believe that is relevant to this

investigation. We don't know how many emails there are. But we do know that they found them as part of this examination, this part of this

investigation into Anthony Weiner.

Now for people who don't remember this, about a month ago we learned that the FBI had begun taking a look at Anthony Weiner because of allegations

that he was engaging in an sexually explicit conversations, sexting, with a teenage girl. With somebody is believed to be a teenage girl. That

investigation is still ongoing. And as part of that investigation were told that the FBI uncovered these new emails, Richard.

QUEST: Now, Evan, help me understand if these emails are not from Hillary Clinton, but they do relate to the overarching question of the server and

her emails, what is the fundamental potential allegation here in the political sense, is it one of bad judgment about who she employs? Is id

her potentially, allegedly employees and aids being careless with classified information? What's the thrust here of how this works back to

Hillary Clinton?

PEREZ: That's a big question. That's a very important question.

[16:05:00] If you member what the FBI director said when he announced that there was not enough evidence to bring charges in this case. He said that

they didn't find any intent to violate the laws that protect classified information in the country. That there was no intent to obstruct or to

deceive the FBI or to obstruct justice in this case. So, we have to think about those terms as we think about these new emails and whatever

information that they have now uncovered.

They would still have to go through that entire process and first of all, determining whether or not this is classified, and if it changes in any way

the FBI's finding from July that there should not be any charges in this case. Is going to be a very, very high bar to reach. Simply because the

FBI has already looked at thousands of emails and made that decision. It's not clear how many new emails they found here. But it's going to be a very

high bar to be able to overturn that decision, Richard.

QUEST: Right, now I suppose if one is looking for a silver linings in all of this, at least from the FBI's point of view it does put paid to

criticism that they have been infiltrated and acting with a political motive. Because clearly the decision to do this so soon before the

election would really scotch any suggestion that the FBI director was trying to get Hillary Clinton elected.

PEREZ: Yes, that's exactly right. And I think one of the criticisms that most stung Jim Comey, the FBI director, was this allegation that the FBI

was certainly being corrupt in the way it carried out this investigation. They believe that they everything they could, and in fact, he believes that

if they had brought charges against Hillary Clinton she would be treated unfairly and unlike anyone else.

So, the question here is, obviously, 11 days before the election, this is not what Comey wanted. This is not what the FBI wanted. They didn't want

to play a role in this investigation. That's the reason why they wrapped it up after about a year in July. And so, this was extraordinary. He felt

that he could not -- I'm told by sources that he felt he could not hold onto this information until after the election. He had to let the members

of Congress know. Simply because he's already testified multiple times before them and he needed to provide the updated information now that he

had it.

QUEST: All right, Evan Perez joining us from Washington. The news broke as Hillary Clinton was flying to Iowa. She's in Iowa now and she is

keeping a focus on one state that is of course of crucial importance. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is covering a lot more ground today. He's

in Maine. He's in New Hampshire. And he's in Iowa as well. For the very simple reason, he needs to take all three of those battleground states if

he's going to get to 270 electoral delegates. Mr. Trump went on stage in New Hampshire shortly after the FBI announcement. He said it was so

significant he wondered if he should even deliver the rest of his speech. We need to hear what Mr. Trump said.


DONALD TRUMP, U.S. REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Hillary Clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen before. We must not let her

take her criminal scheme into the oval office. I have great respect for the fact that the FBI and the Department of Justice are now willing to have

the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made.


QUEST: There has been no official reaction from the Clinton administration, either officially or from Hillary Clinton herself, about

the FBI inquiry. She did not mention the email at the first of the two campaign events that she holding in Iowa today. She did admit -- I mean,

perhaps stating the obvious, anything could happen in this race.


HILLARY CLINTON, U.S. DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Donald Trump says which he still win, and you know, he's right. Anything can happen in an

election. And here's his campaign strategy. He hasn't made it a big secret. He is strategy is to get women to stay home. Get young people to

stay home. Get people of color to stay home. It is all part of his scorched earth campaign. The last refuge of a bankrupt candidate.


QUEST: Our senior political analyst is David Gergen, former presidential advisor to four U.S. administrations. David Gergen is just the man we need

for this true October surprise.

[16:10:01] David, there is only one question to be answered at this moment so far. Do you believe this is potentially a game changer?

DAVID GERGEN, CNN SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: I think it is a bomb shell that we often talk in this country about October surprises. Something that

comes up at the last minute and a campaign and does change some votes. I don't think we know, Richard, the full impact of this. But obviously, it

is threatening to Hillary Clinton. It puts a cloud over her campaign. It's the last thing she wants right now.

I personally believe that the FBI director, James Comey, is one of the last honest people in Washington and he has a reputation for being direct, and

not holding back and telling it like it is. And that's what he did in the original investigation of her. He took a lot of heat from Donald Trump and

others for his conclusions that he should not press charges. But here again, I think when he discovered, when his people discovered these new

emails, he did the right thing so far. And that is he told the public quickly and he told the Congress quickly, so we all know.

But I must add right away, that the chairman of the Clinton campaign has issued a statement, John Podesta, highly respected chairman of the

campaign, said basely -- OK, the FBI director now must tell us what he has. He can't just leave it out there for the next 11 days without knowing how

many emails you're talking about? What in fact is in there? How soon are you going to wrap this up? It seems to me the FBI, it's incumbent on them

to wrap this up well before the election. I think John Podesta is right about that. Whatever you want to say about it, we should not be left in

the dark now that we know the investigation is underway. What are we really talking about here?

QUEST: So, it was -- how does the administration -- the Clinton campaign, how do they handle this? Because clearly Hillary Clinton has to address

it. And yet, I could imagine, a sort of a bromide of a statement that says she looks forward to cooperating with whatever investigation there is. But

the drip, drip effect of this could be caustic and absolutely devastating to her campaign in this last 11 days.

GERGEN: Absolutely, and I think they'll be many Democrats will think it was sprung on them. They held it back. They didn't investigate it. And

so, there's be -- originally it was the Republicans who distrusted the FBI and what Comey came out with. Donald Trump has been excoriating towards

James Comey, the FBI director. And now the shoe was on the other foot with the Democrats saying, wow, this is really unfair, 11 days before to just

pop this thing out here. Especially when there is so much mystery surrounding it.

So, from my point of view, the fair thing to do is get as much of this out as quickly as possible. Let the public decide whether they think it's

wrong or right. I think the problem the FBI is going to have is determining whether the information in these emails, we don't know how many

there are, presumably they come from Mrs. Weiner, and determining whether they should be classified or not. They have declassified amongst other

things. But the FBI needs to deal with it immediately, urgently. Because the voters need to know, has Hillary done something really wrong here or is

it one more rabbit hole?

QUEST: And by association in that sense, it's a question of who has she employed? Who has she took into her confidence? Since we don't believe

the emails where hers. And therefore, it becomes guilt by association.

GERGEN: Right, but here is the other thing. What is happening now is the FBI is selectively leaking information that's not in the James Comey

letter. They have selectively leaked that these emails where not from Hillary Clinton. They have to fill in a picture now so in fairness to both

sides. I think the question of whether Hillary Clinton as good judgment in hiring people, to me is not the central question. The question is whether

she has good judgment in using her emails. This thing keeps on going and going, I don't understand why the Clinton people didn't tie this thing up a

long time ago. But here we are and the voters deserve knowing everything possible.

QUEST: Final question to you, David. You have been at the very highest levels of government both in campaigns and in administrations. Give me a

feel for what it will be like in Washington, in the campaigns, right at this moment.

GERGEN: It will be very, very tense on the side of the Democrats who thought they were on the verge of wrapping this thing up.

[16:15:00] they thought the prospects for winning this were done. Whereas the Republicans, this is going to breathe new life into Republicans.

They're going to feel, hey, we really have a chance to reverse this thing at the last moment. So, this is high drama. High drama in Washington with

a lot of people paying close attention.

QUEST: I need to pause you there.

GERGEN: And to think that the presidency of the United States, I don't think --

QUEST: Forgive me, David. I do need to pause you there. Because you're talking about high drama. Thank you for joining us. I have some more high

drama to show. This time completely different.

Pictures just arrived from Chicago O'Hare. It is a Boeing 767. It is from Orlando to Miami. It blew a tire -- from O'Hare to Miami -- it blew a tire

at 2:35 central time and aborted the takeoff. As it did so the passengers have since disembarked from the aircraft. The FAA is investigating. I'm

trying to actually look in closely to see the pictures in a bit more detail myself. Obviously, the blowing of the tire, whether the undercarriage

collapsed. Whether an engine then touching the ground. Those are the issues that the FAA will be looking at and will have more pictures and

discussions on that as we move on.

The shock in Washington -- what a busy day it has been -- has been echoed on Wall Street. This is a market moving event. We'll have the markets and

how they closed, and some analysis on that in just a moment. QUEST MEANS BUSINESS here in Key West.


QUEST: More now on the breaking news. And there's lots of braking news to bring you. There's been an incident that took place with an American

Airline's 767 at Chicago O'Hare, which apparently busted a tire on takeoff. Aborted takeoff, and then there was some flames and smoke. The FAA now

says -- the Federal Aviation Administration -- says there is a ground stop in effect for flights arriving into Chicago O'Hare, because the disabled

aircraft is located on runway 28 right. So, obviously, there is going to be some serious air traffic delay going into Chicago O'Hare, which is the,

depending on your definition, the second busiest airport in the United States and the third or fourth busiest airport in the world.

We turn our attention to more breaking news this evening. The FBI having reopening its investigation into Hillary Clinton's email scandal. And if

you needed any more convincing of how serious all this could be. The markets say it all. Paula Newton is in New York with the dramatic effect

on the markets?

[16:20:00] PAULA NEWTON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, Richard, and as you pointed out, the market priced in, so far, a Hillary Clinton victory. In

fact, it had. And that's why this happened today. Take a look. The FBI announcement making an immediate impact on Wall Street. The Dow turning

negative just before 1 PM, dropping more than 100 points. Now, the market regained its composure to close at just eight points lower.

We often look at the foreign exchange market though as well. The dollar strengthened about 1 percent against that Mexican peso on this news.

Hitting almost 19 pesos to the dollar. The peso is seen as a measure of Donald Trump's prospects in this election. All of this as Clinton was

supposed to be getting a boost from the fantastic GDP numbers.

The U.S. economy cranked into another gear in the third quarter. Expanding at an annual rate of 2.9 percent. Yes, it wasn't three, but it was still

pretty good. That's the strongest growth for two years. Today's report is the last reading, I have to remind you, of economic growth before election

day on November 8th. And we want to put all of this into perspective with Anthony Chan. He's the chief economist at Chase in New York and he joins

us now. I'm sorry Anthony, you have to do the heavy lifting today. I mean, that was quite a shocker for the markets. They panicked for a very,

very little time there. They didn't panic for long. What do you take for this in terms of what the market is thinking and remember, the volatility

index was off of the charts as well when this happen?

ANTHONY CHAN, CHIEF ECONOMIST, CHASE: Well, you've got to remember that markets don't like uncertainty. So, a situation like this, they've

increase the level of uncertainty quite a bit. So, this October surprise was not welcome news. But as time went on and we got more indication that

this was not necessarily a guaranteed smoking gun, the market calm down. But obviously, this is a very fluid situation.

NEWTON: And of course, underscoring all this, the market's already priced in a Hillary Clinton victory not a Donald Trump one. It remains to be seen

if the right about that. Anthony, going back to that GDP number. I mean, you have said this. You said, we're going to have a good number. When you

take a deeper dive into those numbers, what strikes you?

CHAN: When I look at this number, you really see that there is good momentum going into the second half of the year. Obviously, when you get a

number twice as strong as you got in the second quarter, it has to be positive. We knew the inventor contribution, which was negative in the

second quarter was not sustainable. It had to reverse and it actually did. But if you really dig down into these numbers, the thing that encourages me

is that net exports were a strong positive contributor. Suggesting that the global economy is not all that weak. And maybe the International

Monetary Fund is right when they say that global economic growth is going to be stronger in 2017 compared to this year. And the consumers were not

at all a no-show. They were still strong. Not as strong as a second quarter, but fairly strong.

NEWTON: But still there. And of course, that follows up on the good U.K. numbers we had earlier in the week. Anthony, when you mix all of this up,

it is in pretty though, is it? We've got an election, that as you said, volatility. And then how much could the Fed further destabilize all of

this in the coming days. I mean, right now majority opinion is that she will -- Janet Yellen will move in December. Right?

CHAN: That's right. I mean, the market is pricing in more than a 70 percent probability of some sort of a Fed action by the end of the year, 25

basis points. And a quarter percentage point when the economy is starting to pick up, employment conditions are strong, inflationary pressures

picking up. You have seen wages in the Employment Cost Index showing signs of life. This tells us that a quarter percentage point is not at all going

to damage the overall economy.

QUEST: I know you will not like this question, but Donald Trump continues to say he will have a Brexit moment. For the markets, if Donald Trump does

win, do you think it will be a Brexit moment for markets?

CHAN: I think in the beginning the initial reaction to the uncertainty may be somewhat negative. But I think that we checks and balances in our

government and so, we're not likely to see the level of uncertainty that market participants are fearing after the election. So, my suspicion is,

maybe a little rough sledding along the way, but sixth months from now or a year from now, the economic momentum stays on and the economy will go on.

And markets will recover. We saw that in Brexit. In the first two days, the U.S. equity market dropped 5.3 percent. A month later the market was

up 9.5 percent. And of course, the market is up on a year to day basis. These things basically give you a little volatility, maybe even a little

negative reaction in the short run, but they work themselves out.

NEWTON: Good, I will just put the covers over my head until November 8th. Thanks, Anthony, appreciate it. Now to Richard in Palm Beach, and Richard,

as you said the markets do not like volatility, but Anthony says, look, the economy as you can see here is in good, strong shape to absorb any kind of

a shock.

QUEST: Paula, I assure you what I have been saying seeing here in Key West will give you more than a few market shocks.

I want to get reaction to the breaking news from the FBI the mayor of Key West, Craig Cates is with me. Mr. Mayor, thank you. First of all, we'll

talk about what is happening behind me in just a moment.

[16:25:00] I need to ask you when you hear another revelation about Hillary Clinton and an email scandal, what do you think?

CRAIG CATES, KEY WEST MAYOR: Well, obviously, we're watching this election very close and we're looking at all of these issues that come up. So, I

think all American citizens are watching this very closely.

QUEST: Do you believe that most people care about this email scandal? Or have you just about heard enough of it do you think?

CATES: I wouldn't say that most people are worried about it. A lot of people have their mind made up and they're not going to change it, but

there is a percentage that is very concerned about it. So, I think that may affect the election.

QUEST: When you hear a development 11 days before an election, what do you think?

CATES: I wonder why they brought it out 11 days before the election. I have been in politics for several years now and I always have concerns when

something comes out just were an election.

QUEST: It's quite extraordinary, isn't it?

CATES: Absolutely, this whole election is quite extraordinary.

QUEST: Now, coming from the mayor of Key West, and I need to tell you, we're here at the Saint Hotel overlooking Duvall Street. I can't show you

any of the street. You're running debauchery down there. Sodom and Gomorrah.

CATES: I wouldn't call it that. But it is good times down there, obviously. And I wish you could show some of the pictures, but can't you

all like block out little sections?

QUEST: We're going to do that later. Blacked out a large section. How important for Key West is an event like Fantasy Fest? Which is what's

taking place at the moment.

CATES: This is a huge event for Key West. It's a whole week long, almost 10 days, actually. And it's our largest event of the year. It brings in

millions of dollars to our community. All the small businesses, the workers, all wait for this every year. So, it's huge for the city of Key

West and is known all over the world.

QUEST: Mr. Mayor, you've been very kind. Thank you very much indeed.

CATES: Thank you for having me.

QUEST: Thank you. I can assure you of one thing. Having been in the election, and having seen the bizarre events that are taking place. If I

look over the balcony. Oh, my word, madam. Good lord, sir. Are you sure you should be revealing that much? We'll have more after the break. Put

it away.


[16:30:00] Hello, I am Richard Quest live from Key West, in Florida. There's more QUEST MEANS BUSINESS in just a moment.

Before that, I'm Paula Newton in New York and these are the top news headlines we're following this hour.

Hillary Clinton's campaign is demanding more information from the FBI about its decision to review newly discovered emails. The FBI says the emails

could be in its words, pertinent to its investigation of Clinton's use of private email server when she was secretary of state. Sources say the

emails though were not from Clinton herself.

New pictures of an American airline's plane catching fire in Chicago O'Hare Airport. Now these pictures that we're showing you right now, show a large

plume of black smoke. The Miami bound flight was forced to abort at takeoff. Passengers and crew though were safely evacuated from that

airplane. And that's a story we continue to follow for you.

As Iraqi and Kurdish forces advance toward the ISIS held city of Mosul, the UN is accusing ISIS of murdering more than 230 civilians in the city, who

it deems uncooperative. The UN also says ISIS is taking tens of thousands of civilians hostage to use them as humans shields.

Rebels fire towards government positions in the Syrian city of Aleppo. Rebels there have launched a new offensive to try to break the siege of

neighborhoods they control. Now, it comes as Syria and Russia observe a unilateral cease-fire in the city. Russian President, Vladimir Putin is

refusing his military's request to resume those airstrikes.

Philippines president, Rodrigo Duterte, is vowing to stop cursing. He says a voice from God told him to stop swearing during a flight back to the

Philippines from Japan. You'll remember, the Philippine leader has previously used offensive, colorful language about Pope Francis in the U.S.


Attorneys for Bill Cosby have filed a motion declaring that he is legally blind. And arguing that his disability won't allow Cosby to properly

defend himself in court. The American comedian is facing three indecent assault felony charges in Pennsylvania. His legal team is attempting to

get those charges dismissed.

It is quite extraordinary that anything can happen during an election campaign and we're certainly seeing that at the moment. Returning to the

stop story, a surprise development 11 days before Americans go to the polls on official election day.

The FBI director James Comey has told U.S. lawmakers on Friday that the bureau is reviewing new emails in the investigation into the Hillary

Clinton personal email scandal. CNN's Jim Acosta is in New Hampshire where Donald Trump spoke earlier today. Jim, you know, the sudden poetic justice

for Donald Trump. He has been critical of the FBI. And now here is the FBI handing him an extraordinary weapon to use against Hillary Clinton.

JIM ACOSTA, CNN SENIOR WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: That's right, Richard. He latched on to this news the way a kid would latch on to the stash of

Halloween candy that he found in his parents closet. Yes, so Donald Trump was very happy when he learned this news. He broke the news to this crowd

in Manchester, New Hampshire earlier this afternoon.

And the way that the crowd here erupted into cheers, you would think, Richard, it was election night and that they had just won the election.

That's how excited people were about this. They were chanting "Lock her up. Lock her up," that frequent chant we hear at Trump rallies about

Hillary Clinton.

The one thing we should say to sort of put the brakes a little on all of this is that we're hearing from some of our colleagues, Richard, that the

emails that are at issue here, apparently may pertain to the Anthony Weiner investigation. Anthony Weiner was married to Huma Abedin, who was a top

aide to Hillary Clinton. So, it's not altogether clear whether or not this involves this key issue of Hillary Clinton and whether she was emailing

classified information and that sort of thing. So, we do want to caution our viewers on that.

However, we should point out it does resurrect this whole issue of Hillary Clinton's email practices. Is resurrects potentially an FBI investigation

into all of this. After the FBI said the matter was essentially close and that they didn't find any criminal wrongdoing on the part of the former

Secretary of State. So, all of that is very good news for the Donald Trump campaign. And that's why the Trump campaign is essentially saying that

they agree with the Clinton campaign at this point. The Clinton campaign put out a statement, Richard, saying that they want more information from

the FBI director. And the Trump campaign is saying we agree with that. So, for once they're on the same side of the issue.

[16:35:00] QUEST: What this really also shows though, Jim, is now how the Trump campaign uses this. Because on numerous occasions during this

election campaign, they have be handed almost gifts with which to hit the Clinton camp, but somehow Donald Trump has always managed to derails his

own advantages.

ACOSTA: That is right, and as a matter of fact during this rally here in New Hampshire, Trump said, rather candidly, that his aides were suggesting

to him that maybe he should cancel or scrap this rally here in Manchester today so they can just bask in the news on this emails saga that unfolded

today with the announcement from the FBI. He said, no he's not going to do that. He's not a scrapper rally. But it just goes to show you, they

understand full well inside the Trump campaign that he has his ability to step on his own message. And the day is not over yet. The day is young

when it comes to the campaign, Richard.

He's going to be in Maine any moment now. And then later on this evening he'll be speaking in Iowa and has a full schedule of events all weekend

long. But no question about it, Kellyanne Conway, the campaign manager for Donald Trump, says this is a great day. You know, typically, these October

surprises have worked to Donald Trump's disadvantage. They worked against him. The "Access Hollywood" tape, the tax returns that were disclosed in

the New York Times and so on, for once he's getting an October surprise that helps his campaign. We haven't seen that yet. And as this race is

tightening, I think this is just a very unpredictable moment in this campaign as to how much this benefits Donald Trump at a very critical time.

QUEST: Jim Acosta who's with Donald Trump and we'll be following those events. And we're still waiting to get more reaction from the Hillary

Clinton camp, other than that initial reaction. That is basically calling on the FBI to release the details of what they have found, so they can in

their view, rebut them. At the moment, believing that what's out there is just rumors, speculation, which of course can only harm them further.

President Obama is due to speak in Florida in just a few minutes from now, he is stumping for Mrs. Clinton in Orlando. Hillary Clinton's running

mate, Tim Kaine, was in Tallahassee in the northern part of the state.

So, to Philip Levine, the mayor of Miami Beach where we were yesterday. And he has been campaigning across the country for Hillary Clinton. He

joins me now from Miami. Mr. Mayor, good to see you. Sorry we weren't able to meet up person to person yesterday. But we do get a chance to ask

you how serious are these allegations against Hillary Clinton now that the email scandal is once again on the burner?

PHILIP LEVINE, MIAMI BEACH MAYOR: Well, Richard, first of all I don't think there is any allegations. And I think what the FBI director said

very clearly is these are not Hillary Clinton's emails. They're from another device. But of course, somehow they maybe they're related. I

think most importantly a few things I would like to say. Number one, I think the FBI is unbiased. I think there a professional organization. And

of course, what Donald Trump always says is that when things are against him the FBI is rigged. When things are going for him, he loves the FBI.

I think what you find from secretary Clinton, is that she has the utmost respect for the FBI as do all of us. And I don't care if it's five days

before, 11 days before, the FBI has to do with the FBI has to do. And that's what they're doing. And I think most importantly, I think we're at

that time in the campaign where the people of Florida -- I could tell you because I've been all over the state of Florida with the souls and poll bus

tour -- there are no longer interested in what the candidates want to hear. They're interested in what they want to hear. And the people of Florida

are interested in climate change, and sea level rise, and jobs, and infrastructure, and getting education affordability, and rising wages. I

think at this point it's more just noise than anything else.

QUEST: OK, you say it is more about noise and I can well understand why you would put it in that sense, but, I mean, clearly it is unwelcome. I

think we can both agree that from the Clinton campaign point of view it is most unwelcome to have this 11 days before the polls. But also, it does go

to the question, even if it is related to Anthony Wiener's emails, it goes to the question of her judgment about who she employs.

LEVINE: But once again, secretary Clinton said it a thousand times, she believes she made a mistake using a private email server and I think she

apologized. The FBI did a very thorough investigation and they said there's no criminal intent. She didn't do any wrong. Maybe she was a

little messy with her emails. But they saw no reason at all to file charges. They're going to find the same thing again, Richard. But I

think, once again, the FBI is doing their job. They do a great job at what they do, and we should all respect the FBI.

[16:40:00] QUEST: Let's turn to your state, your city, your state, and as you know in the last 24 hours, CNN has moved Florida back into battleground

status from leaning Democrat. What message do you think from your side has to be put out that moves it back to your side of the equation.

LEVINE: Richard, I can tell you that the early voting numbers are coming in incredibly positive and way above expectations for secretary Clinton.

We're outperforming 2012 with president Obama. That's a very, very good sign. I have been all around the state and the enthusiasm is tremendous.

It is all about turnout. Florida will always be close. I don't care who is running, it will be a close state and we expect it to be a close state.

QUEST: Thank you, sir, thank you for letting us be in your city yesterday. We had a great time for our week in Florida. Coming up, Uber versus Uber

drivers. The case some are calling the employment lawsuit of the year. The verdict and the reaction is next. It is QUEST MEANS BUSINESS in

Florida, in Key West.


NEWTON: Defeat for Uber, victory for its drivers, well, we will see. In a landmark case in London a tribunal ruled that Uber drivers are in fact

workers not self-employed contractors. It is important. Meaning that they are entitled to minimum wage and holiday pay. Uber will appeal the ruling,

saying tens of thousands of people in London drive with Uber precisely because they want to be self-employed and their own boss.

Now the overwhelming majority of drivers who use the Uber app want to keep the freedom and flexibility of being able to drive when and where they

want. Here is what a few drivers in London had to say about the verdict.


UNIDENTIFIED UBER DRIVER: That's great news for the drivers because before it seemed like we were self-employed and we were not getting any benefits

like holiday or nothing. I think yes, that is great news that will benefit more drivers and we will be able to provide for our families.

UNIDENTIFIED UBER DRIVER: I don't know if it is good thing or a bad thing. I suppose if we get holiday pay and comforts of being employed then it

would be a good thing. If it reduces pay it would be a bad thing.


NEWTON: Now to get more on this we want to speak to a former Uber driver but Steve Garelick now represents the professional drivers at the GMB

union. And he joins me now live from London. I'm sure guys you must have be celebrating the decisions. But what we found on the streets with your

drivers they want some of the benefits but they're afraid of what it will do to the Uber business model.

STEVE GARLICK, GMB PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS BRANCH: Good evening, Paula, I think there is some misconceptions, workers' rights, rather than full

employment rights. Some of the horror stories being put out are potentially a little misleading.

[16:45:00] And sent out to potentially get the heart racing. The reality of the matter is a little different. I don't think you are going to

actually see a reduction, but what it will mean is that there will be a baseline for drivers to earn a reasonable living at. And I want you to

just bear in mind that the case doesn't just relate to Uber, but people in the

so-called gig or smart economy out there, and it affects a lot of workers and how they're considered by the existing companies and how they're

treated by the existing companies.

NEWTON: But for that precise reason, many people that work in the industry are afraid of what it will do to the business model. The Uber drivers are

clear. They like it because it gives them flexibility. Even if they are on the record as saying that, yes, sometimes we don't make a living wage,

and that upsets us.

GARELICK: Nobody is removing that flexibility. This case was about workers' rights --

NEWTON: That's where I have to stop you, if they're treated in the way they are going to be treated, yes, they can have flexibility removed from

them, of course they can.

GARELICK: Some of the flexibility is not there now, in fairness --

NEWTON: But that's a completely different issue.

GARELICK: No, no. You're talking about flexibility.

NEWTON: When you talk about the gig economy and the platform as a whole, what the drivers are upset about is that they will lose that flexibility

and so will everyone, whether you're a passenger or driver, they're afraid this will drive up the Uber rates and drive customers away.

GARELICK: In fairness, the rates have been depressed down by oversupply anyway and people are paying far less than they should for quality journeys

as it is. Let's get away from the consumer aspect. I'm here to represent drivers. My ultimate concern here is making sure they have a quality of

life. If they're working for peanuts at 70 or 80 hours a week, they're not going to see that in fairness.

I have to address the issue of flexibility. Nobody will be stopping the driver from coming and going as they please, but if a driver is told they

have to accept doing shared rides whether or not they like it or not, and they feel unsafe, that is inequitable contract. That is not fair. And

some of these things have to be looked at.

NEWTON: OK. And there are familiar refrains all over the world. We'll continue to follow this fascinating case that started in London and we'll

see where it reverberates. Thank you for your time.

QUEST: Political animals are out in force at Fantasy Fest in Florida. This is a live picture we're showing you as the crowds are building up and

at the moment -- look, the reality is that we can't show you much more than that. If we showed you what is happening on the street, your education

might be complete and we would be off air. The race for the White House takes center stage at a Key West event. Fantasy Fest after the break.


[16:50:00] QUEST: OK. So, American Quest has finally made it to the southernmost point in the continental U.S. This is a virgin Pina Colada.

I suspect it is the only virgin on that we might find on Duvall Street today anyway. Judging by the scantily clad men and women. And let me tell

you, they are all of a certain age.

Well, look it cost $15, this, by the way, last night when we arrived we needed to put into perspective the politics and the Fantasy Fest, and the

question of the Florida election. Good grief.


UNIDENTIFIED FANTASY FEST PARTICIPANT: It is a fantasy and a festival, so it's fantasy fest. You go crazy.

QUEST: When it comes to the outlandish, Fantasy Fest is in a league of i's own. A ten-day decent into decadence and debauchery featuring exposed

flesh in all shapes and sizes.

UNIDENTIFIED FANTASY FEST PARTICIPANT: Fantasy Fest is liking risking it all for fun.

QUEST: The naked truth is that we can barely show you what goes on here on a family network without a heavy dose of censorship.

UNIDENTIFIED FANTASY FEST PARTICIPANT: The essence of Fantasy Fest is art. Now it is now exposure.

QUEST: The more exposure the better, Fantasy Fest is where normal people who spend their time going grocery shopping and doing the laundry are

suddenly letting it all hang out. Let me ask you a question, when did you last walk down a public street with everything hanging out?


QUEST: That took a long time to do.


QUEST: Did you have to think long and hard about this ensemble tonight?


QUEST: Are you enjoying yourself tonight?


QUEST: In this fantasy world of Key West, it is easy to forget, if only for a night, the reality of the presidential campaign. A good way to

escape from Donald and Hillary.

UNIDENTIFIED FANTASY FEST PARTICIPANT: That is a hard one to do, but come to Key West and you'll do it.

UNIDENTIFIED FANTASY FEST PARTICIPANT: Hillary and Donald -- they just need to kiss and make up already.


QUEST: Who is we?

UNIDENTIFIED FANTASY FEST PARTICIPANT: We are, the Vikings. The Vikings are going to win, we're taking over.

QUEST: After all of this exposure, I need to lie down.


QUEST: I think my education is complete. Five days, five locations, and plenty of throaty roars from the engine of our trusty Mustang. We have

taken you through the sunshine state all week. We took you through the sunshine state of Florida from Tallahassee in the north across the i-4

corridor, down to Miami and the liberals and ending in the bizarre southernmost tip of the continental U.S. Throaty roars all of the way, and

we're glad you came away for the Mustang ride.


QUEST: A bit different to pinstripes, but I suppose when in Miami -- If may be very late in October, but it is "stonkingly" hot here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Democrat is for democracy, and did you just say stonkingly?

QUEST: Stonkingly, it's a local expression.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Quest it up, man, quest it up.

QUEST: Believe me, I got more O.J., more grapefruit juice, and more lemon water than I can imagine, but what I haven't got is a bathroom anywhere


The cake is excellent, I might be tempted for another slice, if I may.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If you got it, you flaunt it. That is my style.

QUEST: What do you make of the election?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have to vote for Hillary Clinton, I like her, she's good girl.

QUEST: Does that mean for example, you're leaning more towards Donald Trump?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm leaning against Hillary Clinton.

QUEST: We won't even get on to who will pay for the drinks.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's on me, of course, he's a Democrat.

[16:55:00] QUEST: From the mayor and the commissioner of Miami Beach, I would like to present to you the centennial coin for Miami Beach.

QUEST: I will try to get quickly into the car to see if I can actually start this thing so we can have a real throaty roar. There we go, it's a

lot harder than it looks. I think I will stick to the Dow Jones industrials.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Come on, Richard, give it a go, man. Quest it up.


QUEST: Quest it up. We'll have a Profitable Moment, what a week it has been, after the break.


QUEST: Tonight's Profitable Moment. We have travelled through Florida. We have seen it firsthand the way in which this state is thinking. I

cannot tell you in any shape or form how I think Florida will vote. It's not only up to the electorate, but it also seems to be uncertain.

What I can tell you with some authority now is that people are voting for one candidate or the other without enthusiasm and largely as a reaction

against their competitor. That's the message we have seen again and again across the state. They are voting anti-Clinton or anti-Trump.

When it's over, I can honestly say they do believe they will be able to put it all together and manage to at least remember they're Americans on

November the 9th.

[17:00:00] That is American quest and QUEST MEANS BUSINESS for tonight. I'm Richard Quest in Key West. Whatever you're up to in the hours ahead, I

hope it is profitable. I'll see you back in New York on Monday. Thanks to all.