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Hurricane Victims Not to be Forgotten at Emmys; Hollywood Breakups: Is it Harder for Stars to Stay Together?; Dolphins Rescued from Gulf of Mexico

Aired September 16, 2005 - 19:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: I`m A.J. Hammer.
KARYN BRYANT, CO-HOST: And I`m Karyn Bryant. TV`s only live entertainment news show starts right now.


BRYANT (voice-over): On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the Emmys, Ellen and Katrina. Tonight, the plans behind how the Emmys will honor the hurricane victims and what Ellen DeGeneres said today about hosting. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT takes you behind the scenes.

HAMMER (voice-over): The right place at the wrong time. Tonight, he went to New Orleans to film his documentary, "What If a Monster Hurricane Hit," and then "what if" became what happened. It`s an unbelievable story with unbelievable pictures to match. Tonight, he joins us live.

BRYANT: From "you had me at hello" to "good-bye." Tonight, brand-new details about Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney`s quick marriage, quicker breakup. Renee used the word "fraud." We`ll tell you what she meant.

CARLY SIMON, SINGER: Hi, it`s Carly Simon here. If it happened today it`s on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer.

BRYANT: I`m Karyn Bryant.

HAMMER: Well, tonight, Hollywood is getting ready for one of its biggest nights of the year. With the Emmy awards just two days away, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT goes live to the Shrine Auditorium.

BRYANT: But some are wondering is it too early to celebrate in the wake of Hurricane Katrina`s devastation? Is the country, in fact, ready for red carpet walks, fashion dos and don`ts? Well, we`re going to tell you how this year`s Emmys will be different.

Let`s go straight to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Sibila Vargas, who is live outside the Shrine Auditorium in Hollywood right now.

Hi, Sibila.


We definitely have the lowdown on the Emmys and, you know, today, we spoke to -- well, we`ve spoken to the executive producer, but today Ellen spoke about hosting the show herself. This will definitely have a different mood because of Katrina, but a lot of people are saying that now more than ever, people need to laugh.


VARGAS (voice-over): Don`t be fooled by the black banners: the Emmys are not in mourning. Despite the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina, television`s biggest celebration is going forward pretty much as planned.

KEN EHRLICH, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, EMMY TELECAST: I don`t think there was ever a moment where we basically said it`s going to -- we`re going to go away.

VARGAS: Inside the Shrine Auditorium, the preparations are much like last year. The red carpet has been rolled out. The dress code remains unchanged.

TOM O`NEIL, GOLDDERBY.COM: It`s important that it doesn`t look like Hollywood`s fiddling while New Orleans burns.

VARGAS: But there are some subtle changes designed to show support for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

MELISSA GREGO, "TV WEEK": You have to walk that line of what`s appropriate? You know? Do we have a frivolous, glamorous night when there are so many people who have lost their lives, their livelihoods? It is going to be business as usual, but I do expect there to be at least some acknowledgement of what`s going on

VARGAS: Part of that acknowledgement will come in floral form.

EHRLICH: The magnolia is the state flower of both Louisiana and Mississippi. So we`ve got one, and we`ve got 144 of them, which we`re going to give to presenters and performers on the show.

VARGAS: During the telecast viewers will be invited to donate money for hurricane relief.

Host Ellen DeGeneres, a New Orleans native, is expected to refer to the disaster in her opening monologue. Just this morning on her talk show, Ellen joked about the big night.

ELLEN DEGENERES, TALK SHOW HOST: People keep asking me if I feel pressure hosting the Emmys, and I don`t. I honestly don`t. Because it`s not about me. The people who feel the pressure are the people in the audience.

These people have been starving themselves so they can fit into their dresses. They`re hungry and most of them are a little drunk, you know. Not all of them, but keep your eye on Tyne Daly.

EHRLICH: Ellen won praise for the way she hosted the Emmys four years ago, the show that was twice delayed following the 9/11 attacks and the invasion of Afghanistan.

GREGO: She proved that she could do it back in 2001. It`s a very lucky thing for both the industry and the audiences that she`s going to be hosting this year.

VARGAS: Ellen said on Emmy night, she`ll make people laugh, not forget, and audiences can count on that from Ellen.

DEGENERES: This is my fake smile. This is my real smile. See the difference? I think there should be a category for best fake smiling. But then, I`d feel sorry for all the actresses who would have to fake smile when they lost best fake smile.


VARGAS: And you can bet Ellen will use that that trademark humor on Sunday. We, of course, will bring you all the highlights. We`ll have the winners. We`ll also be keeping track on how Hurricane Katrina factors into the night.

Back to you, A.J.

HAMMER: Thanks a lot, Sibila. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Sibila Vargas, live in Los Angeles.

And we have more Emmy coverage coming your way. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT sat down with three-time nominee Blythe Danner. That`s right, Gwyneth`s mom. We`ll bring you that as part of our "And the Nominee Is" series, coming up a bit later in the show.

BRYANT: Tonight, an incredible story about a filmmaker and Hurricane Katrina. Earlier this year, New Orleans native Glen Pitre shot a what-if IMAX movie called "Hurricane Warning." He shot it in Louisiana.

Though he spent months filming reenactments of flooding and Coast Guard rescues after an imaginary hurricane slams into the Louisiana coastline. And then, the unthinkable -- it really happened. The worst storm in the country`s history hit, and he was there when it did.

Glen Pitre is joining us live now from Los Angeles to talk about his experience.

Thank you for joining us. And I know you got back from New Orleans last night. Describe what you saw down there versus what we`ve seen on the news.

GLEN PITRE, FILMMAKER: It`s hard to put into words. What I saw -- the pictures you see on the news on that little box from the safety of your living room don`t compare with being on those streets, on those flooded streets, going by boat, landing with the helicopter in places where what used to be neighborhoods are now just toothpicks, knocked down by the wind.

Places where -- and again, I`m a native, I`m from there, so houses where I had dinner not two months ago and they`re in nine feet of water. The family pets roaming around starving, just escape holes in the roofs of houses here, there and everywhere. The remains of refugee villages on the -- evacuee villages on the interstate.

It`s -- I saw things I`d never seen before and never hope to see and hope I never see again.

BRYANT: Well, take us through what happened. You were in the process of editing your "what if" movie in Los Angeles. Then, you heard that the real Category 5 was going to hit and then what happened next?

PITRE: We were editing in Los Angeles and my wife, who was artist in residence at the University of New Orleans, calls and says, "Honey, you`ve got to come home. We`ve got to board up the house. There`s a hurricane coming."

And I put her off for a day because it looked like it was going to Florida, and then the tracks changed to New Orleans and I flew home. We boarded up our house in the city and went down to the little bayou town where I`m from and were boarding up the house there. And by the time we were ready to evacuate, the roads were closed. It was too late to leave. So we spent the storm down there.

And once the magnitude of what happened became clear, I called producer/director Greg McGillibray (ph), and we said, you know, we have to cover this. So it was a scramble to bring in the helicopter to shoot from and the space cam and assemble the crew. And, of course, this is IMAX. This is huge cameras which aren`t available everywhere. We had to truck those in and, somehow, we got it all together and spent nine days filming in the city.

BRYANT: Yes, and like you said, the IMAX equipment is very difficult. What are the things that you used to shoot this, because I know there`s kind of an incredible story about the "Miami Vice" helicopter?

PITRE: Well, you need certain -- the camera, this huge heavier than I am camera, has to be mounted so it`s rock steady because for that big IMAX screen, and it takes a special helicopter.

And the folks at the company were looking around the country for a suitable helicopter and found one in the -- that they were using to shoot the "Miami Vice" movie.

So I was expecting, you know, a regular helicopter. I didn`t realize when it -- until it came in that it was one that was actually being used in the movie, so it was painted Miami-Dade Police Department, which just added to the -- there were so many moments in this whole thing that were just surreal, hard to believe.

It`s hard to imagine driving down the interstate in the wrong direction and you`re meeting police cars, and they don`t even take notice.

BRYANT: Yes, I mean, we`ve certainly heard this kind of Darwinian struggle going down there with lawlessness. Is that the case?

PITRE: You know, I`m sure some of that happened. Everybody I ran into were -- were -- I mean, we were all in the boat together. Folks were helping each other. People from all walks of life, people from every strata of society.

I had a friend who had to walk out of the city because, you know, three days after the flooding, there was still -- help had still not arrived. And they used bicycles to load water jugs on and he said, "I got mugged. All they wanted was water."


PITRE: People were not -- I`m sure things happened.

BRYANT: Sure, but...

PITRE: But it`s been blown out of proportion.

BRYANT: All right. Well, Glen, we thank you for joining and good luck with the films. Thank you, Glen Pitre.

PITRE: Thank you.

HAMMER: Well, Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger are calling it quits after less than a year of marriage. They`re the latest but certainly not the last. Is it something about Hollywood that makes it hard to stay together? We`re going to take a look at that, coming up that next.

BRYANT: Plus, we`ll tell you why you probably won`t see Arnold Schwarzenegger on the big screen again, at least not any time soon.

HAMMER: And you`ve heard about the cats and dogs rescued in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Now here come the dolphins. It`s a survival story that you won`t want to miss coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer.

Another Hollywood couple goes bust. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT confirmed today that actress Tori Spelling has separated from her husband Charlie after just more than a year of marriage. Now of course, this comes just a day after we learned that Oscar-winning actress Renee Zellweger has split from country superstar Kenny Chesney after just four months of marriage.

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT takes you inside the Hollywood heartaches. Let`s get right to our Brooke Anderson, who is live in Los Angeles -- Brooke.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: A.J., well, it seems these days breaking up in Hollywood is not hard to do and, yes, while some celebrity couples like Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are working towards a reunion, there are plenty of other couples who are calling it quits. So it begs the question: what`s going on in Hollywood?


ANDERSON (voice-over): Another Hollywood heartache. Yesterday it was Renee and Kenny, and tonight it`s Tori and Charlie. Why can`t Hollywood marriages work?

For Kenny and Renee, their marriage certain looked like a fairytale. They even managed to keep it under wraps, but SHOWBIZ TONIGHT got a hold of the annulment papers they filed yesterday in L.A. court, and we scratched our heads when this box, "Fraud," was checked.

Renee and Kenny are already fending off the rumors as to why they chose fraud as the reason for breaking up.

Earlier today, Zellweger said she had to clarify, saying, "The term fraud is simply legal language and not a reflection of Kenny`s character."

Minutes later, Chesney also released his own statement saying, quote, "This is an incredibly sad time. I just hope everyone can respect the privacy that I know Renee has already asked for."

So, why did Renee cite fraud as the reason?

PAT LALAMA, CELEBRITY JOURNALIST: In the simplest of terms, it means that somehow he was dishonest to her about whatever certain intentions may be. I mean, I think it`s too unspecific at this point to know what we`re talking about, whether it`s money or a promise of love or whether he cheated. I just think we don`t know but that somehow, he was deceptive.

ANDERSON: So, let`s delve into the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT archives. Zellweger and Chesney are not the first Hollywood couple to rush into and out of their "I dos" so quickly.

For Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd, it lasted only eight months. Nic Cage and Lisa Marie Presley split just shy of four months of marriage. Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra called it quits after nine days. And sailing past all records for the speediest marriage in Hollywood history, Britney Spears and Jason Alexander clocked in at 55 hours.

Charlie Sheen gave a clue why his marriage fell apart. Appearing on last night`s "Late Night with David Letterman," he says he was at fault.

DAVID LETTERMAN, HOST, "LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN": How long had you been -- how long have you been married now?


LETTERMAN: Three years.


LETTERMAN: And one of the two of you had to actually file for a divorce? Is that right?

SHEEN: Yes, yes. It`s the first time I got dumped in my life.


SHEEN: Yes, yes.

LETTERMAN: Now we`re getting somewhere.

SHEEN: Yes, we are.

LETTERMAN: You -- did -- did it come altogether as a surprise? Probably not.

SHEEN: In the moment, at the time, yes. When I review sort of what was leading up to that, no. No.

I think the one thing I would point to as a primary reason, basically, is that I was a gigantic ass.


ANDERSON: And Jenny McCarthy broke some grim news on Jay Leno.

JAY LENO, HOST, "THE TONIGHT SHOW": And how is your husband? I know you got married.

JENNY MCCARTHY, COMEDIAN: I filed for divorce, Jay.

LENO: You did?

ANDERSON: It baffled Jay, and then the Donald stepped in to get to the bottom of it.


ANDERSON: Jenny reacts and pushes him.

LENO: Look who`s talking. Look at -- why? Mr. "Who Would Possibly Get Divorced?"

TRUMP: Got to be a wise guy.

MCCARTHY: Yes, really.

TRUMP: OK. So, why? What happened?

MCCARTHY: I don`t know! It`s a secret!

ANDERSON: So, what`s wrong with Hollywood marriages? Why can`t some couples stick together?

DR. JUDY KURIANSKY, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: We`ve seen many examples in Hollywood before of really quick romances. Lisa Marie Presley had hers with Nic Cage and certainly Britney Spears had hers with her old flame.

And this is all part of impulsivity. "Oh, let`s get married. What a cool thing to do." Just like the snap of a finger. It doesn`t take marriage seriously.

This is something that real people should not copy or really think is something that they should do because the Hollywood stars do it.

ANDERSON: As for Renee and Kenny and what really happened, we`ll just wait for the details to unfold.

LALAMA: I`d love to know what it is. I`m just, you know, dying to know. Aren`t you?


ANDERSON: And I want to add that Charlie Sheen also told David Letterman that he and Denise Richards are trying to get back together. They`re trying to reconcile.

And also, the details of Kenny and Renee, those details are unfolding up to the minute. This just in to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, a joint statement from both Kenny and Renee doing their best to explain the term fraud. It`s the third one we`ve received today.

Listen to this. It reads, quote, "The miscommunication of the objective of their marriage at the start is the only reason for this annulment. Renee and Kenny value and respect each other and are saddened that their different objectives prevent the success of this marriage. They are disappointed that the legal term `annulment-fraud` has been publicly misunderstood and exaggerated."

And, of course, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT will be the first to keep you updated with any new developments.

A.J., back to you.

HAMMER: All right. Brooke, obviously, you are joining us live from the red carpet just outside the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, where the Emmys happen this weekend. And if you hang around, Brooke, we`ll come back in a few minutes for your interview with three-time Emmy nominee Blythe Danner. Thanks.

ANDERSON: Sounds good. Thanks, A.J.

HAMMER: Karyn. Oh, it`s my turn to read this. Now we want to hear from you. Our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. We`ve got to ask about the Hollywood break-ups. Do you think it`s harder for stars to stay together? You want to vote? is the address. If a simple yes or no box is just not enough, you have more to share on this important subject, you can e-mail us. our address. Your thoughts coming up later in the show -- Karyn.

BRYANT: Thank you, A.J.

Well, tonight, we`ve got another remarkable story of survival following Katrina. It`s a story of precious dolphins who found themselves surrounded by water in a most unfamiliar place.

CNN`s Gary Tuchman reports for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


GARY TUCHMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): From this destroyed aquarium in Gulfport, Mississippi, eight dolphins were swept to sea in the middle of Hurricane Katrina. They have all been spotted alive and together.

Five minutes after motoring out into the Gulf of Mexico...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Dolphins are right there!

TUCHMAN: We see the six female and two male bottlenose dolphins that only know how to survive in captivity, not being used to the wild.

Now, after a few days of getting food and medicine, the hard part: rescuing them. A mat attached to a buoy is in shallow enough water to pull the dolphins on top, and it works.


TUCHMAN: Twenty-five-year-old Jackie is rescued, the sickest of the dolphins, skinny with lacerations and abrasions from the hurricane but now in the care of people she knows. She`s put on a stretcher and loaded on the boat.

Next, another dolphin brought to safety.


TUCHMAN: This is Jackie`s offspring, Tony. She`s 15. Like her mother, might have only lived for a few more days in the sea.

(on camera) How do you feel?

DR. MOBY SOLANGI, DIRECTOR, MARINE LIFE OCEANARIUM: Speechless. It`s unbelievable. Keep our fingers crossed for the rest of them.

TUCHMAN (voice-over): The 350-pound dolphins are put in a specially equipped dolphin-mobile. And then, a police escort through the streets of Gulfport to bring them to their temporary home, a swimming pool at the Holiday Inn, where they`ll stay for now as plans are put into place to send them to other aquariums around the country.

The dolphins` trainers are also their rescuers.

(on camera) Are these like your children?

SHANNON HEYSER, DOLPHIN TRAINER: Oh, yes, yes. Yes. They`re our babies.

TUCHMAN (voice-over): These two dolphins have been diagnosed as anemic.

(on camera) What`s their prognosis?

DR. CONNIE CHEBIS, DOLPHINS` VETERINARIAN: To get food in them and keep them stable for the next seven to 10 days. I think we`ll do pretty good. So it`s kind of critical for these next few days.

TUCHMAN (voice-over): The experts and the trainers are amazed all eight dolphins, who were not even together in the aquarium, have stayed together in the Gulf. They hope they`ll all be together again very soon.

(on camera) It`s late at night and these dolphins are still quite active. We asked the trainer -- nice toss, I`m all soaking wet -- we asked the trainer if these dolphins, Jackie and Tony, nice throw, might want to catch a few winks tonight. They tell us something very interesting, that the experts -- nice throw -- aren`t even sure if dolphins do sleep.

So these dolphins will continue to do their thing while the rescuers continue to do their thing -- one more throw -- this is really amazing -- the hope is they get all eight of the dolphins by Monday at the latest.


BRYANT: That was CNN`s Gary Tuchman reporting for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Well, Courtney Love back in court today, and she finds out if she has to go back to jail.

HAMMER: Plus, Nicolas Cage speaks out for the first time about the 9/11 movie that some say is happening too soon and what he has done to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. My interview with Nic Cage is coming up.


It is time for the "SHOWBIZ Guide," where throughout the week we help you decide where to best spend your money on movies, music, DVDs and more.

Tonight, it`s "People" magazine`s "Picks and Pans," and we`re talking about new movies. Nicolas Cage, Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon all have new movies that are opening today. Here to give us the scoop, Leah Rozen, the film critic for "People" magazine.

Good to see you, as always.


HAMMER: "Just Like Heaven" first one on our docket today. Reese Witherspoon, Mark Ruffalo. Karyn Bryant, my co-host, says looks like a cute movie.

ROZEN: It is a cute movie. You know, someone once wrote to me, some reader, and they said, "Why can`t you just sit back with a Coke and a smile?" And this is one of those movies you can do that. I mean, if you`re looking to be amused, it will amuse you.

Romantic comedy. She`s essentially a ghost haunting the apartment he has moved into. She says it`s hers. He`s living like a pig. She won`t have it. And I mean, most viewers are going to know where this is going, but these are two terrific performers. They work together well. They have some nice chemistry. I think people will enjoy it.

HAMMER: It`s nice to know you can sit back with a smile.

All right. Let`s talk about a movie that wouldn`t necessarily put a smile on your face, "Lord of War." We had Nic Cage on the program, and he basically plays an arms dealer who has decided somewhere in his little head that it`s OK to be doing what he`s doing.

ROZEN: Yes. He`s an illegal global arms dealer, smuggling guns all over the world, doesn`t really care which side he sells to as long as he`s making money on it. And he has, of course, has some pangs of conscience about this.

I like this movie because it is smart. It is political. And it`s angry. I mean, they`re sort of pretending this is an action film and there`s plenty of action in it, but there`s really a political agenda.

HAMMER: There`s a real message there.

ROZEN: From Andrew Nichol, the director who wrote the screenplay for "Truman Show," did "Gattica." And this is a guy who makes movies about something. And it`s so rare that a movie is actually about something and mad as hell and this one qualifies on both counts.

HAMMER: And your critic`s pick. We have less than 30 seconds to talk about "Proof." Great cast in this: Gwyneth Paltrow and Anthony Hopkins.

ROZEN: This is based on a Broadway play, and somehow the magic going from the stage to the movies gets a little lost. It`s just a little less mysterious, a little less magical. That said, Gwyneth Paltrow is terrific.

HAMMER: And when does Hopkins ever turn in a bad performance?

ROZEN: He is a little over the top with the mad genius here. So I would say it`s really Paltrow`s movie and Hope Davis, who plays her sister.

HAMMER: Thanks for your insight, as always, Leah Rozen.

And of course, for more "Picks and Pans," you can grab your copy of "People" magazine which you`ll find on newsstands now.

BRYANT: Still ahead, your first look at new scenes from the upcoming "Harry Potter" movie.

HAMMER: Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals whether he is going back to the big screen or sticking with politics, coming up.

BRYANT: And Gwyneth Paltrow`s mom, Blythe Danner. Tonight, how she`s juggling three Emmy nominations and a very famous daughter and son-in-law.



BRYANT: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 31 minutes past the hour. I`m Karyn Bryant.

HAMMER: I`m A.J. Hammer. You`re watching TV`s only live entertainment news show.

Still to come this Friday night, Nicolas Cage with the brand new movie, "Lord of War," opening this weekend, but he`s about to go into production on a new Oliver Stone movie, the first major feature film about 9/11, after 9/11. Some people still say, too soon for a movie like that. What does Nic think? He`s going to tell us. It`s coming up in just a few minutes.

BRYANT: I`m a big Nic Cage fan. Also still to come, the "Legal Lowdown." We`re going to find out some details about Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger`s annulment. The word "fraud" has been used in the papers that were filed, and we`re going to get the real information on that, what that really means. So that`s coming up.

HAMMER: All that and more still to come, but first, let`s get to tonight`s "Hot Headlines" from David Haffenreffer, who is live in the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom -- David.


Tonight, we`re heading into the final countdown for television`s biggest celebration of the year. The Emmys are just two days away. But this year there`s an extra challenge. With the country still mourning victims of Hurricane Katrina, Emmy planners are working on ways to show support without losing the night`s energy.

Emmy host Ellen DeGeneres will talk about the disaster in her opening monologue, we understand. They`ll also have an appeal for donations. And you`ll see lots of magnolias. It`s the state flower of both Louisiana and Mississippi.

And this network will be up close throughout the long struggle ahead in New Orleans. Today, CNN announcing plans to open a Gulf Coast bureau, showing a long-term commitment to the story. NBC News also announcing a new bureau in the area.

And we have word tonight of yet another Hollywood breakup. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has confirmed Tori Spelling and her husband Charlie Shanian have separated. A spokesperson for Spelling says the couple has been living apart since last month. They were married just over a year ago in a huge, lavish and overly publicized wedding.

Those are your "Hot Headlines."

Karyn, back to you.

BRYANT: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s David Haffenreffer. Thanks very much.

Well, Arnold Schwarzenegger is terminating his movie career for a little while longer. The California governor announced today that he`s sticking with politics, running for a second term in next year`s election. He made the announcement during a town hall meeting in San Diego and said it`s just like sports.


GOV. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER (R), CALIFORNIA: I`m a follow-through guy. I`ve learned it from sports. In every sport you learn, you learn about following through, right? In golf, about swinging through, in tennis you follow through, in skiing we finish the turn. All is -- it`s all about follow through. I learned most of my lessons from sports.

So, of course, I`m going to follow through with this here. I`m not in there for three years. I originally got into this because to finish the job, I`m in there for seven years. Yes, I will run for governor next year.


BRYANT: That is one fired up man. Arnold Schwarzenegger took over the governor`s office two years ago during a recall election. The Republican could face a tough challenge from some of his old Hollywood colleagues. Word on the street is that Warren Beatty and director Rob Reiner might join in the race.

HAMMER: Well, tonight, Nicolas Cage is the latest big Hollywood star to open up about the aftermath of Katrina. And as usual, Cage is not shy.

Nic Cage, whose new movie, "Lord of War," opens up today, had plenty to say about everything from Katrina to speaking out for the very first time about the 9/11 movie he`s doing with director Oliver Stone. Cage was very frank when I spoke with him, and it`s an interview you`ll only see here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


NICOLAS CAGE, ACTOR: The fact that I am an actor here doing this is no different than if I was anonymous doing it. I`m still speaking truthfully from my own -- my own beliefs as a person.

HAMMER: Hollywood heavyweight Nicolas Cage, coming forward and speaking out, on helping the helpless, the thousands of victims of Hurricane Katrina.

CAGE: I was dialed in quite a bit while I was shooting the movie and saw the damage that was done, and it was pretty heavy.

HAMMER: Cage told me it`s not just the responsibility of the Hollywood community to lend support in times of need. He said he`d be involved even if he were out of the spotlight,

CAGE: Just as a human being would I want to do something to help? Do I have opinions? Do I want to -- do I have beliefs that I want to facilitate? And the answer is yes.

HAMMER: Cage immediately donated $1 million to the Red Cross following the hurricane.

This gesture of humanity is a far cry from the character he plays in his new film, "Lord of War." Cage plays a ruthless arms dealer. We`ll have more on that in a minute, but first, Cage also spoke out for the very first time about his starring role in an upcoming movie about the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Oliver Stone will direct the first feature film about the attacks.

(on camera) What do you say to people who may contend, not just yet?

CAGE: I think they have a point and I understand their concern, but I am going to alleviate some of that concern by saying that this is not an exploitive movie. This is not in any way an action film.

This is a story with -- about a handful of cops who went into the World Trade Center. It`s a true story based on fact. These are real, living people. And it is very positive about the human condition, and that is what drew Oliver to it and it`s the kind of movie he does the best.

This is a very carefully tailored script that doesn`t -- I don`t even think you`re going to see the buildings in the movie actually.

They`re treating it as responsibly and ethically as possible.

HAMMER: Got to admit, it`s an interesting juxtaposition that you`re going to begin shooting this movie about 9/11, yet you are, just on Friday, releasing "Lord of War," where you`re playing an arms dealer who`s dealing weapons to terrorist nations. Do you see a little of the irony here?

CAGE: Totally. I love it. I like irony. I`m an actor. And my job is to create as many different types of characters as I can.

HAMMER (voice-over): Now to his movie. In "Lord of War," Cage stars as international arms dealer Yuri Orlov.

CAGE: All right, forget it. I`ll reroute the shipment to the Balkans. When they say they`re going to have a war, they keep their word.

HAMMER: He starts his business small in the U.S., selling to street thugs, and then graduates to just about anyone who will buy his weapons.

CAGE: By the mid-`80s, my weapons were represented in eight of the world`s top 10 war zones.

HAMMER: The movie, a thriller, asks some tough questions about the United States` responsibility for the world`s supply of firearms.

(on camera) A lot of people probably don`t realize this: the United States, one of the major arms dealers in the world.

CAGE: Well, people don`t know that. And that -- that`s sort of the big finale, which I won`t get into. But it`s also one of the reasons why we had a lot of trouble getting the studios to make the movie. You know, people know who butters their bread. So a lot of the money that went into this film was from foreign investors.


HAMMER: "Lord of War" is in theaters today. And Cage starts working on the September 11 film project next month.

BRYANT: We`ve been asking you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. For Friday night, we are asking, Hollywood breakups: is it harder for stars to stay together?

HAMMER: Is it?

BRYANT: Is it? You can keep voting at You can write us at We`ll put your e-mails on the air at 54 past the hour.

HAMMER: Coming up next, will Courtney Love be going back to jail? She just found out.

Plus, cutting through all that legal mumbo jumbo surrounding the sudden end of the Renee Zellweger/Kenny Chesney marriage. "Legal Lowdown`s" coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

BRYANT: Also, the legendary Blythe Danner. We`ve got her very personal reaction to finding out about her three Emmy nominations. And she opens up to showbiz tonight about being grandma to Gwyneth Paltrow`s baby daughter.

HAMMER: And we have your first look at new scenes from the next Harry Potter movie. That`s right. All kinds of intrigue and this time there`s romance, too. You`ll see it in the "SHOWBIZ Showcase," next.


BRYANT: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Karyn Bryant.

TV fans, get ready. The 57th annual primetime Emmy Awards are just about 48 hours away. And all this week, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has been the place to get up close and personal with the biggest nominees in our "And the Nominee Is" series.

Well, tonight, Blythe Danner. She is a Tony Award winner, and you also know her from big-screen roles in "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers." But this year, she`s scored three Emmy nods for her work on the small screen. And she`s got a very famous daughter, actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Brooke Anderson is live again outside the Shrine Auditorium in Hollywood where all the Emmy action is going down.

What`s up, Brooke?

ANDERSON: Well, Karyn, Blythe Danner has made television fans as a supporting actress in Showtime`s "Huff," as a lead actress in the TV movie, "Back When We Were Grownups," and for her work on "Will & Grace." She played Will`s mom, and the academy noticed.



ANDERSON: She`s a famous actress, mother and grandma. Now at 62, Blythe Danner has earned another enviable title, three-time Emmy nominee, three in one year.

DANNER: My son called me and he was in New York at 6 in the morning and I said, who`s bothering me at 6 in the morning. He said, "Mom, three!"

I said, "What are you talking about?"

He said, "Three."

I said, "No".

ANDERSON: It`s a feat Danner credits to her late husband, director Bruce Paltrow.

DANNER: If my husband were here, who`s, I think, up there stirring all this up, I really have to thank Bruce for all of this. I`m sure he`s not happy about being away. I`m sure this is his contribution.

I`m going to get my lemonade. You boys keep flirting.

ANDERSON: Danner is nominated for her guest role as Will Truman`s mother on NBC`s hit comedy, "Will & Grace," as lead actress in the CBS TV movie, "Back When We Were Grown-ups," and as a supporting actress in Showtime`s drama, "Huff."


DANNER: When your father was alive...

HANK AZARIA, ACTOR: Dad isn`t dead, mother.

DANNER: Well, he is to me.

ANDERSON: Irreverent and uncensored, Danner`s role on "Huff" marks a stark contrast to her real-life persona.

AZARIA: She`s got such a sweetness naturally. That`s who she really is. And I think this is probably one of the toughest characters she`s ever played.

ANDERSON: While Danner`s tough side may be saved for the script, off the page, her new role as grandma shows her soft side.

DANNER: What time is it, I got to get home. I`ve got to be there for when she wakes up from her nap.

ANDERSON: Her Oscar winning daughter, Gwyneth Paltrow, and her son- in-law Chris Martin from the band Coldplay gave birth to Apple Blythe Alison Martin in May 2004.

DANNER: She has a really goofy sense of humor like mine, I`m afraid.

ANDERSON: Soon, Blythe Danner will know if her Emmy story ends in statues, but for the esteemed actress whose career spans five decades, it would just be icing on the cake.

DANNER: I`ve been around a long time, so just to sort of, "Hey, Blythe, you did a good job." Three good jobs in, you know, that, to me, is fabulous.


ANDERSON: Now, last weekend, at the creative Emmy Awards, Blythe Danner actually didn`t snag that best guest actress Emmy for her role on "Will & Grace." She lost out to Katherine Houston of the "Desperate Housewives." But three nominations in one year. Karyn, I`d say that`s earned her some bragging rights. Don`t you think?

BRYANT: Absolutely. She`s a terrific actress. Thanks very much for that report. Brooke Anderson in Los Angeles.

And of course, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT will be front and center at the Emmys this Sunday. We are on the carpet and backstage with the winners, and we`ll be bringing you all the inside news on Monday`s show.

HAMMER: Front and center in the "Legal Lowdown" tonight, Renee Zellweger says people are getting the wrong idea about the word "fraud" in the documents requesting an annulment in her marriage to Kenny Chesney.

And another day in court for singer Courtney Love.

Joining us live from Las Vegas, investigative journalist Pat Lalama.

All right, Pat, they`ve split up. Renee and Kenny Chesney no more. The reason listed in the annulment is fraud. Now that`s opened up the doors to a lot of confusion and a lot of speculation. A bunch of statements came out today, and I want to read the one that was issued, the last one that came out.

It`s a joint statement that Kenny issued through his publicist saying, "The miscommunication of the objective of their marriage at the start is the only reason for this annulment. Renee and Kenny value and respect each other. They`re saddened that their different objectives prevent the success of their marriage. They`re disappointed that the legal term `annulment-fraud` has been publicly misunderstood and exaggerated."

All right. So what the heck do they mean by "annulment-fraud"? Why was that box checked off?

LALAMA: It`s the "f" word and you can imagine that the publicist went crazy today, because you imagine Chesney perhaps forging her name and stealing money from her checking account or something.

But to be honest and to be fair, if you look up the divorce code, essentially, if you want to prove annulment -- annulment essentially means, "We don`t want any record of this marriage. It never happened." Those are pretty high standards. You`ve got to prove something kind of nasty went on.

You could prove that perhaps someone concealed important information, that maybe someone miscommunicated something that was important, but they used the word "fraud." And in this particular context, what it means is that someone deliberately withheld information that could cause injury, in this case, emotional injury.

Now, what is it? We don`t know. Could it be -- let me give you some examples of what some people might use as examples.


LALAMA: OK. "Sorry, I forgot to tell you I`m still married to another guy." OK, that`s fraud.

Another, "Oh, I`m only 17. Sorry. I forgot to tell you I was underage."

Or, "I know you wanted babies, we talked about it. I forgot to tell you, I had a vasectomy."

HAMMER: Even more simply, it could simply mean they had different ideas about what marriage was supposed to be when it started off.

LALAMA: Then you don`t call it fraud, baby. Let me tell you. I mean, I realize that the lawyers -- and believe me, covering the law, I do see how these words are taken out of context. Sometimes I cringe when I hear what reporters do to, you know, basic legal terms, because they don`t really understand exactly what they mean.

I think that people did go crazy over the term "fraud."

HAMMER: Right.

LALAMA: Everybody`s talking about perhaps him doing something criminal. I don`t think it`s necessarily that. I`d love to know what it was that happened.


LALAMA: But you have to deliberately withhold information that let`s say if you knew it beforehand, you might not have gotten married. That`s how it boils down.

HAMMER: It does have heavy connotations. Pat, I`ve got to move on to Courtney Love before we run out of time.

LALAMA: Yes, yes, yes.

HAMMER: She was back in court today, given six months in a new rehab facility.


HAMMER: She`s not going to be able to leave. Now, last time she was before a judge, the judge says, "We`re giving you rehab, not jail." Could she wind up behind bars?

LALAMA: Yes, she could. I mean, for all intents and purposes she should be there now. She`s been given -- look, believe it or not, Courtney Love without the drugs is one of the smartest people I`ve ever talked to. She`s a great woman. The drugs ruined her.

She`s gotten chance after chance. But California is very lenient about people who aren`t walking around high schools selling crack cocaine, OK? And she`s not doing that.

She`s doing drugs and she`s harming herself and she`s ruining her career and she`s ruining her relationship with her daughter. What they`re going to do this time is give her lockdown, say, "This is it or you are in trouble." Lockdown could be the key for her. I hope it works.

Courtney, if you`re listening, more power to you. Go get strong, come on.

HAMMER: Lockdown meaning, of course, she`s not going to be able to leave.

LALAMA: Can`t leave.

HAMMER: And you mentioned her daughter, Frances Bean...


HAMMER: ... the daughter that she had with the late Kurt Cobain. She`s already lost custody.

LALAMA: Right.

HAMMER: Is that going to be it? I mean, does she even stand a chance of getting Frances Bean back in her life?

LALAMA: Yes, you always do. I mean, you know, she hasn`t beaten the child. She has done some things that you might call bad judgment. She lost Frances Bean once before and Frances Bean stayed with one of Courtney`s stepfathers, a person she happened to stay very close to over the course of her years.

I imagine the judge will do the same thing, give the guardianship to the stepfather that I know of. And he`s a really good guy, loves Frances Bean, loves Courtney. And let`s just hope for the best.

This woman has got to get clean. She`s ruining -- I mean, this woman`s got acting talent. She`s a good woman. She`s very well read, very smart, very clever, and she`s blowing it with the drugs.

HAMMER: All right. Well, investigative journalist, Pat Lalama, always appreciate your insight on these matters.

LALAMA: My pleasure.

HAMMER: Thanks for joining us tonight.

LALAMA: Bye-bye.

BRYANT: Time for tonight`s "SHOWBIZ Showcase." We`ve got your first look at "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." Harry Potter once again hits the big screen for the fourth installment in this movie series. This time Harry is faced with his nemesis Lord Voldemort, and also the dilemma of finding a date to the Hogwarts Yule ball. Take a look.


MICHAEL GAMBON, ACTOR: I`d like to make an announcement. Hogwarts Castle will not only be your home this year, but home to some very special guests, as well. Please welcome or friends from the north, the proud sons of Durmstrang and now, the lovely ladies of Beauxbatons.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE, ACTOR: I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to go to the ball with me.

MAGGIE SMITH, ACTRESS: Mr. Weasley, place your right hand on my waist.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is that Hermione Granger with Viktor Krum?

GRINT: You`re fraternizing with the enemy.


GAMBON: Hogwarts has been chosen to host a legendary event, the Triwizard tournament. And now, the champion selection. Viktor Crumb! Cedric Diggory! Harry Potter!

GRINT: How did you do it?

RADCLIFFE: I didn`t put my name in that cup. I don`t want eternal glory.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The killing curse. There`s only one person is known to have survived it and he`s sitting in this room.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: People die in this tournament. The devils are inside the walls.

RADCLIFFE: Someone`s coming closer. I can feel it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The dark lord shall rise again.

RADCLIFFE: Is it Voldemort?


BRYANT: Mark your calendars. "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" makes its worldwide debut November 18.

HAMMER: Can`t wait. Love the Harry Potter movies.

There`s still time for you to sound off on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s question of the day. If you haven`t done so already, get to your computer and tell us Hollywood break-ups, is it harder for stars to stay together? is the address. Or you can write to us at Some of your e-mails coming up live next.


BRYANT: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Karyn Bryant.

Throughout the show we`ve been asking you to vote online on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Hollywood break-ups: is it harder for stars to stay together?

Let`s take a look at how the vote is going so far: 78 percent say yes, it is harder for stars to stay together. That means 22 percent of you say it`s not.

These are some of your e-mails. Rahul from New York doesn`t think it should be difficult, saying, "Many couples endure challenges. If both individuals are sincere, the fate of their love would never be in question."

Cynthia, though, thinks that she knows why there are so many Hollywood breakups. "Stars have a harder time staying together because they`re just too pretty to stand each other and that is that." That`s an interesting theory.

You can keep voting at

HAMMER: All right. Just going over my Emmy predictions here.

BRYANT: Emmy notes, yes.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, in the best female drama category...


HAMMER: ... Frances Conroy nominated for "Six Feet Under," I would like to see her walk away.

BRYANT: Going to be a tough category.

HAMMER: The male category is a little tough, too. A lot of people saying Kiefer Sutherland here. Hugh Laurie from "House" on our program earlier this week. It would be nice to see him walk away with it.

BRYANT: It`s going to be close.

HAMMER: Have a good weekend. That it is for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer.

BRYANT: I`m Karyn Bryant. Stay tuned for the latest from CNN Headline News.