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Britney Baby Photo Will Not Lead to Charges; John Legend Dishes on Grammy Chances; Music Mogul Clive Davis Throws Star Packed Party; Are Celebs Spoiling Fashion Week?; Emmy Nominees Announced

Aired February 09, 2006 - 19:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: I`m A.J. Hammer. TV`s only live entertainment news show starts right now.

HAMMER (voice-over): On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, new developments in the Britney baby controversy. Tonight, will this shocking photo get Britney Spears in big trouble? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates the startling story that`s causing coast-to-coast outrage.

Plus, Grammy gold. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is live on the red carpet for music`s biggest night, the Grammy Awards.

Will Kanye West win out West? Will it be a big night for Mariah Carey? Or for new kid on the block, John Legend? We`re they`re live with the stars, and the surprises.

And a death wish come true.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was wonderful. Oh, my God. I got goose bumps.

HAMMER: Tonight, the guy who was dying to break into Hollywood, literally gets his chance to play a dead body. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT takes you to the set where a working stiff gets to be a stiff.

JOHN LEGEND, MUSICIAN: This is John Legend. And if it happened today, it`s on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer, live in New York City.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: And I`m Brooke Anderson, and I am live at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, where SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is the only live entertainment news television show bringing you live coverage of the 48th annual Grammy Awards, where Mariah Carey is already a big winner.

We found out just moments ago, she has won three Grammy awards at the pre-telecast awards show, including best R&B song, best contemporary R&B album and best R&B performance. Also R&B vocal performance, rather.

Also, Kanye West and Keith Urban have each picked up one Grammy apiece.

I will be back throughout the show. In just a moment, in fact, with all the action here. As you can see, there is a whole lot of action. But A.J., I know there is another big story out there tonight.

HAMMER: Absolutely. Right, Brooke, we do have some big updates on the story that all of America is still talking about, the Britney Spears baby in the car controversy.

This is the shocking photo beamed around the world. Britney Spears driving with her baby son on her lab in her SUV. Well, now SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has late-breaking information. We learned about what legal fallout, if any, Britney is facing.


HAMMER (voice-over): This photo of Britney Spears driving with her 4- month-old baby on her lap is causing a Britney baby brouhaha that`s making the pop star the topic of ridicule from late night comedians.

JIMMY KIMMEL, HOST, "JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE": It`s still early in 2006, but already she has been eliminated from mother of the year competition.

DAVID LETTERMAN, HOST, CBS`S "LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN": What happened to the old days when celebrities would just dangle kids off balconies?

JAY LENO, HOST, NBC`S "THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO": In her defense, the baby had to sit on her lap, because her husband, Kevin, was asleep in the child seat. So apparently.

HAMMER: And she`s getting scorned from another famous mom, Kelly Ripa.

KELLY RIPA, CO-HOST, ABC`S "LIVE WITH REGIS & KELLY": It`s very dangerous. First of all, it`s very dangerous

HAMMER: But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has learned the photo will probably not lead to any legal fallout. In California, it is illegal for a child under 6 years old or 60 pounds to ride without a car seat. Critics point to video like this to show why an unrestrained child is in danger in even the smallest of crashes.

SALLY LEE, "PARENTS" MAGAZINE: No parent that I know would ever think about driving with a baby in their lap.

HAMMER: But the L.A. County sheriff`s department, which reportedly sent a deputy to Britney`s home, tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that it is not investigating the matter.`s Harvey Levin tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT he`s not surprised.

HARVEY LEVIN, TMZ.COM: The sheriffs really can`t do anything unless there`s a citizen complaint, unless somebody saw it, because the sheriffs weren`t there when it happened. We`re talking about a minor infraction.

HAMMER: As for wire reports that L.A.`s Department of Children and Family Services is now looking into the matter, the DCFS tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, quote, "Everything that comes into the department is a confidential matter."

Legal experts say Britney probably doesn`t have a lot to worry about in this area either.

LEVIN: I`ve done many stories about L.A. children`s services, and I can tell you, nothing is going to happen to her this time. She`s not going to have the child taken away from her. But it`s now on record that she did something reckless. And if she repeats that kind of conduct, then it could get serious.

HAMMER: Still, despite Britney Spears` claims that she was only trying to get herself and her baby away from a, quote, "horrifying frightful encounter with the paparazzi," this whole thing has been nothing less than a P.R. nightmare for her. As this editorial cartoon in the "New York Post" shows, Spears is getting all kinds of criticism from those who say she endangered her child.

LEE: I understand the pressure from the paparazzi, but it`s not a valid explanation, or explication or justification. There is no justification for driving with your baby on your lap. None at all.

LEVIN: This is the kind of thing that can turn into a buzz kill for a celebrity, hen they do something really reckless where people turn on them. And this could be that kind of event, unless it`s managed properly.

HAMMER: But in the meantime fairly, or unfairly, Britney Spears will have to deal with criticism of her skills as a mother instead of her skills as a singer.


HAMMER: By the way, X-17, the agency that took the Britney photos, says that, despite Britney Spears` claims, pictures were actually taken in a, quote, "peaceful context" in which photographers exhibited no aggressive behavior.

Well, music`s biggest night is going on right now. Just a short time from now the 48th annual Grammy awards is going to be getting under way. Let`s get back to our own Brooke Anderson. She`s live in Los Angeles, on the red, which is really the green carpet at the Staples Center with an eight-time Grammy nominee.

ANDERSON: A.J., I am here with the man everybody is talking about, John Legend.

Good to see you.

LEGEND: Good to see you, too.

ANDERSON: And congratulations. Eight nominations. One of three leading nominees here.


ANDERSON: How are you feeling?

LEGEND: I`m feeling great. I`m very excited right now. We already won one in the pre-televised awards.

ANDERSON: Congratulations.

LEGEND: So I`m feeling good. Feeling good.

ANDERSON: All right. This is for your debut solo album, "Get Lifted."


ANDERSON: That is pretty darn incredible.


ANDERSON: Mariah has been in this business forever. Kanye, you know, this is his sophomore album.


ANDERSON: But you, this must feel like such validation.

LEGEND: This is great. I feel like it`s even early in my career to be in this position. But I`m enjoying every minute of it. Who knows if it will ever happen like this again? So I`m just going to just enjoy it.

ANDERSON: And what do you think about Kanye West? You really have given him a lot of credit for your success.


ANDERSON: How has he helped you along the way?

LEGEND: Well, he helped me get signed. He helped me get featured on a lot of records where people didn`t even know who I was yet. And he included me in that process. And so I appreciate everything he`s done for me. He produced a couple songs on my album, too.

And I`m just proud of the work he`s creating as an artist, as well, because he`s creating good albums and giving me something good to listen to. So that`s good.

ANDERSON: What do Grammy nominations, Grammy wins mean for something like you?

LEGEND: For me, it means I get more attention and more press. I get to talk to you more.

ANDERSON: Which I love chatting with you.

LEGEND: And you know, that helps me sell records and get some more people. And you know, as an artist, you want people to hear your music. And this is a great way to let people know about my music.

ANDERSON: Performing tonight as well.


ANDERSON: We`re looking forward to it.

LEGEND: I am, too.

ANDERSON: John Legend, great to see you again.

LEGEND: Great to see you, too.

ANDERSON: Best of luck.

LEGEND: Thank you. Thank you very much.

ANDERSON: Up for best new artist as well, including, that is one of his eight nominations.

All right. But did you know that some of the biggest parties happen before the Grammy night, before tonight. And one of them was last night. It was Clive Davis, uber producer, uber music mogul. He threw his legendary pre-Grammy party. It was the ticket that all the celebrities wanted to get.

And we`re going to take you inside that party right now. Take a look.


ANDERSON (voice-over): It was the biggest night in music before the biggest night in music. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there.


ANDERSON: Rod Stewart was one of many big name stars to perform at last night`s pre-Grammy party thrown by industry legend Clive Davis.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everybody knows to come to this party now. The biggest parties happen before the Grammys, you know, not after.

ANDERSON: Clive Davis` party has gained a reputation as one of the hottest tickets in town for any musician. And this year was no exception.

BO BICE, "AMERICAN IDOL" RUNNER UP: I`m sorry. I don`t want to bump into Miss Diana Ross.

ANDERSON: The event was a celebrity extravaganza.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Kind of like Hollywood Squares.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Like "People" magazine came to life.

ANDERSON: Kelly Clarkson got the crowd going inside with her smash hit "Since You`ve Been Gone."

Clarkson performs later tonight at the Grammys, where she`s up for two awards. She was humbled when we caught up with her on the red carpet, telling SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she hasn`t written a speech yet.

KELLY CLARKSON, SINGER: Oh, no. Everybody`s like 15 years my senior in the business. I realize I have no chance.

ANDERSON: We`re not so sure of that, Kelly.

CLIVE DAVIS, RECORD PRODUCER: A major milestone. It`s our 30th anniversary of this party.

ANDERSON: And what a party it was: from Jamie Foxx to Mary J. Blige. Where else do you have a red carpet traffic jam with stars as bright as this?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I mean, I go in that room, I -- wow.

ANDERSON: Rob Thomas is up for two Grammys for his solo album. He teamed up with Santana to perform "Smooth," the single most successful song to come out of Clive Davis` J Records label.


ANDERSON: Barry Manilow was the very first artist that Clive Davis signed back in the mid-1960s. And as we found out, he was a big draw last night for some of the younger artists, including "American Idol" winner Carrie Underwood.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD, "AMERICAN IDOL" WINNER: Barry Manilow, yes, I`m really excited.

ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was there as he sang his classic, "Mandy."


ANDERSON: And Clive Davis has been throwing that pre-Grammy, that legendary party for 30 years. He has discovered and cultivated some of the most amazing talent out there, including the man we just saw, Barry Manilow, also Alicia Keys and also Whitney Houston.

And Clive also used the party last night as a platform to announce the big news, Pearl Jam, he has signed Pearl Jam to J Records. So a very eventful night last night and today.

A.J., back to you.

HAMMER: Big news about Pearl Jam, who have been away from the mainstream for some time.

Now, Brooke, I want a sense of what people are talking about there out on the red carpet, which is actually green. Mariah Carey and Kanye West already multiple Grammy winners. A lot of people saying this is the big Mariah-Kanye smack down tonight. Are people talking about that competition?

ANDERSON: People cannot stop talking about that competition, in fact, because they are both up for eight nominations apiece. Everyone is asking who will win more.

And what`s really interesting about this competition is that the album of the year category, Kanye actually is a producer on Mariah Carey`s album, "The Emancipation of Mimi." So he`s kind of competing against himself. So it`s rather interesting.

HAMMER: Well, Kanye has made no secret about the fact that he made that album open for winning in that category. We`ll be back with you in just a few moments, Brooke.

And remember that SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is going to be here all night. We`re going to be back live at 11 p.m. with breaking Grammy news. We`ll have all the big winners, the backstage interviews, a whole lot more, right here on CNN Headline Prime at 11 p.m. Eastern.

Well, Paris Hilton is in the news again. Get this. Tonight, one man says the hotel heiress threatened to kill him. What he did to protect himself is coming up.

Plus, celebrities are showing up to the runway in droves, but tonight some want the stars to sashay away. Are celebs hurting Fashion Week? Our weeklong coverage of fall Fashion Week continues.

And we`ve got this. Coming up, a death wish come true. Tonight the guy who`s been dying to play a corpse gets his chance. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is there on the set.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. This is TV`s only live entertainment news show.

Well, tonight, startling statements from one of the chief prosecutors in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Back in 1995, Christopher Darden was part of the Los Angeles district attorney`s team trying to convict the former football star for allegedly killing his ex-wife, Nicole, and Ron Goldman.

Now in a shocking admission, Darden tells Oprah that he should have listened to O.J.`s attorney, the late Johnny Cochran, and not the LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman on the stand. Fuhrman was the controversial cop who found the infamous bloody glove at the scene of the crime.


CHRISTOPHER DARDEN, FORMER PROSECUTOR: Johnny warned to me not to put Fuhrman on the stand. He said, "Brother, don`t put that white boy on the stand."


DARDEN: He told me. To see Fuhrman with this success, to see some of the relationships and friendships that he`s developed with people in the media, and celebrities and the like, it just makes me want to vomit.


HAMMER: You may remember at the trial Fuhrman was accused of planting evidence and being a racist. Darden left the L.A. district attorney`s office. He has written a couple of books since then. And you can catch more of Oprah`s interview with Chris tomorrow.

Well, once again, it is time for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s "Fashion Frenzy." We are smack dab in the middle of New York`s Fashion Week, where designers and celebrities from all around the globe converging in one place to get a little glimpse of the red carpet trends for fall 2006.

But word is some people in the fashion industry are growing a bit tired of all the celebrities that are coming to hang out there.

Our very own Sibila Vargas is live at the tent in New York City`s Bryant Park. That`s where Fashion Week is happening right now.

And you are still looking very fashionable yourself, Sibila.

SIBILA VARGAS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Thank you very much. I`m picking up some serious tips over here.

But people are just making their way into the Anna Sui fashion show. And you can bet there`s going to be a celebrity or two there. But the celebrities, you know, they`re suffering some type of backlash. A lot of people think that celebrities are actually taking away from what the true focus of a Fashion Week should really be all about, and that`s about the designers.


VARGAS (voice-over): They`re everywhere: celebrities sitting front row and center at Fashion Week.

UNDERWOOD: Fashion Week is about coming up here and having fun and seeing all of the beautiful clothes by all these wonderful designers.

VARGAS: Celebrities may love Fashion Week, but some in the industry say enough is enough.

LAUREN DAVID PEDEN, "FASHION WIRE DAILY": I think celebrity backlash has been building for a while.

VARGAS: A big reason for that backlash is this, the incredible media frenzy every time a celebrity comes to a fashion show.

PEDEN: It sort of reached a crescendo last season when Suzy Menkes got clomped on the head by Beyonce`s bodyguard at an Oscar De La Renta show.

VARGAS: Suzy Menke is a well-respected fashion writer for the "International Herald Tribune." And she`s not the only fashionista to be snubbed because of a celebrity.

PEDEN: Last February, at the Baby Phat show, Andre Leon Talley, who again is a "Vogue" editor at large, very well respected, somebody that you want at your show, was denied admittance because Usher had come in right before him with an entourage of 14 or 15 people. And the fire marshal said it was too full and you couldn`t go in. So to have somebody like, you know, Andre Leon Talley turned away from a show is not so good.

VARGAS: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT caught up with Talley backstage at a Carolina Herrara show, and he said in spite of everything, celebrities do need to be a part of Fashion Week.

ANDRE LEON TALLEY, EDITOR AT LARGE, "VOGUE": I think celebrities are very important to the world of fashion. I think that Renee Zellweger, who is a chronic, customary (ph) customer, is not here this morning. But when she steps on the red carpet in March 5 in one of those great dresses and readjusted for her in a special color, it`s going to be extraordinary.

VARGAS: And that`s why many celebrities tell SHOWBIZ TONIGHT their sole purpose of Fashion Week is clothes, clothes, clothes.

AMERIE, SINGER: I think celebrities kind of really influence what`s going on in fashion. And then they`re also influenced by what`s on the runway. So it`s kind of hand in hand. It`s not really fair, a fair comment.

LEANNE RIMES, SINGER: I think it`s obviously the designers` day. Their time to shine. But I think celebrities, it`s great that, you know, we`re able to go to their shows. We`re the ones who wear a lot of their clothes to different events.

JAMIE-LYNN SIGLER, ACTRESS: I think the clothes are well appreciated, and that`s why coming, I guess, from the celebrity standpoint, that`s why we`re here is to enjoy the show and support the designers. So I`d hate to say that there is backlash.

VARGAS: And one fashionista tells us celebrities can be annoying, but having them in the front row actually helps the industry.

MARY ALICE STEPHENSON, FASHION STYLIST: Yes, it is a pain when you`re a fashion editor sitting front row, and Nicole Richie and her bodyguards come in and push you around. But that`s about it. Really, celebrities help us get fashion messages to the public, and that`s what`s most important.

VARGAS: Bullying bodyguards and paparazzi aside, there`s one other element to celebrity backlash that`s unforgivable, and that`s the rude celebrity.

PEDEN: During the Betsy show in particular, I was sitting across from Paris Hilton. She was on her cell phone with Kelly Osbourne, her new best friend, for most of the show.

VARGAS: Many designers tell me there`s a time and place for everything. And that celebrities do need to keep that in mind.

CAROLINA HERRERA, FASHION DESIGNER: Fashion is not entertainment. Fashion is a very serious thing. In a way that is a very serious business.

LUCA CASINI, DESIGNER, LUCA LUCA: There`s no denying the fact that they distract a little bit. And we have to remember that these kind of shows are done for professionals of the -- of the business.

VARGAS: And one of them, designer Kenneth Cole, perhaps a celebrity in his own right, says showbiz and the fashion biz go hand in hand.

KENNETH COLE, FASHION DESIGNER: I think fashion wins when celebrities pay attention, when celebrity participates. And is there a sense of distraction? Yes, I would imagine there is. But the level of attention is so much more significant.


VARGAS: And A.J., a lot of fashionistas and designers have told me that the industry is evolving in a good way, and it has a lot to do with the celebrities. There`s a lot more celebrities in top magazines, a lot more than models. It`s not just about the models anymore.

Back to you.

HAMMER: I`m curious about your perspective on this, Sibila. Because you`re there to speak with the fashionistas, the designers. You`re also there to speak with the celebrities. So has it been bearable?

VARGAS: it has been bearable. And you know, in fact, I spoke to stylist Philip Bloch yesterday. He styles a lot of the stars. And he told me that this year, compared to last year, there`s a lot less celebrities, and the focus is a lot more on the clothes. So it is bearable. And I`ve seen a few celebrities, but not that they`re taking away from anything that the designers are doing.

HAMMER: But you sure can get bounced around quite a bit. Thanks so much, Sibila.

VARGAS: Sure thing.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Sibila Vargas, joining us from Fashion Week.

Well, it`s been a big day for "The Young and the Restless," and a grouch has something to smile about as the daytime Emmy Award nominations are announced. We`re going to tell you who got the nods.

And more of our Grammy gold coverage. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Brooke Anderson has a very special interview with nominee Bonnie Raitt, who has been around the Grammy block a few times before. She`s going to tell us how the city of New Orleans will play a big role in tonight`s Grammy show.

Plus, did Paris threaten to kill someone? Is it possible? Tonight the shocking story of a guy who claims Paris Hilton threatened his life. That`s coming up in just a bit.


HAMMER: And the nominee is, "The Young and the Restless." The CBS soap opera received an incredible 18 daytime Emmy nominations today. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there on the set of "The View" when the nominations were announced live on the talk show.

"The Ellen Degeneres Show" leads the pack with 11 nods in the talk show rounds. But the ladies of "The View" also got 10 nominations, including best host and show.

Meredith Vieira, co-host of "The View" could also win as host of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"


MEREDITH VIEIRA, CO-HOST, ABC`s "THE VIEW": It`s funny, because every year I pretend that this doesn`t matter at all, and the day before I`m with my kids, who cares. It`s just an award. And then I find myself late at night sort of looking at the few Emmys that I have, and it`s like, I would kind of like another one. Great.


HAMMER: And Carroll Spinney Oscar will get a lifetime achievement award for his work on "Sesame Street" as Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird. Listen to what Oscar had to say about his handler.


CARROLL SPINNEY, VOICE OF OSCAR THE GROUCH: Well, I tried to make sure he didn`t get it. Yes, I wanted Regis to get it. He`s such a grouch.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You think Regis could handle this job?

SPINNEY: Oh, yes, yes. I`m going to try to get him to move into a trash can next to mine. See you, Regis.


HAMMER: The daytime Emmy Awards air on April 28 on ABC.

Now coming up, we have new developments in the Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora split. Tonight, what Locklear found that may have caused her to file for divorce.

And we`ve got a live one here.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Nailed it. It was wonderful. Oh, my God. I got goosebumps.


HAMMER: But this guy actually wants to play dead. Tonight, the story of a working stiff who gets to play his stiff. His death wish come true, coming up.

Plus, more Grammy gold coverage, live from the green carpet in Los Angeles, where the stars are coming out for music`s big night.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 31 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. And you`re watching TV`s only live entertainment news show.

Well, tonight we`re going to get into what is a touchy subject for some couples. You may have heard Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora splitting up after 11 years of marriage. Apparently the straw that broke the camel`s back in the relationship, the fact that Heather came across an e-mail that was written to Richie by a mutual female friend of theirs with some provocative pictures. Should she have been looking at that e-mail? We`re going to talk to an expert in just a couple of moments.

Also, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT broke the story, Meredith Vieira not ruling out the possibility of going to "The Today Show" should Katie Couric leave "The Today Show" for CBS. It`s a wild little web. We`re going to talk to a couple of TV experts from the industry to find out if they think it would be a good move.

But first, let`s get into tonight`s "Hot Headlines."

Oprah Winfrey is heading to outer space. She is coming to satellite radio. The talk show host signed a three-year, $55 million deal with XM today. She`s going to launch the new channel in September called "Oprah and Friends." It`s going to feature fitness, health and self-improvement programming.

A Grammy night scare for a Grammy award-winning singer. We`re talking about Wanda Vaughn. She`s from the group the Emotions, and she had to be rescued from her Glendale, California, home last night after a mudslide crashed through her kitchen and living room. Officials say Vaughn`s daughter hurt her knee while trying to work her way out of the mud. The Emotions, you may remember, won a Grammy for their 1977 hit, "Best of My Love," which was sampled in a Mariah Carey song, as a matter of fact.

And a Florida high school springs a surprise on Jerry Springer. The Sarasota High School cheerleading squad invited Springer to headline its "Hollywood Nights" dance this Saturday. But then school officials didn`t like the idea. They say the TV talk show host, who`s known for having rowdy guests, not the right role model for students, and uninvited him. Pretty tough one for Jerry, Jerry.

And those are tonight`s "Hot Headlines."

Well, tonight we`re getting into a very provocative and rather touchy subject that actually could test the trust of your wife, your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever it happens to be. It is ever OK to snoop through your significant other`s e-mail?

Now, here`s the celebrity connection to all of this. Heather Locklear recently filed for divorce after 11 years of marriage to Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. Now, according to "People" magazine, she decided to split up with him in part because she found, quote, "provocative pictures of a mutual female friend" in his inbox.

So we want to know: Is it OK for you to check your spouse`s e-mail?

Joining me live is Ian Kerner. He is a couples counselor with a doctorate in clinical sex therapy and the author of a series of relationship books.


HAMMER: Thank you for being here, Ian.

KERNER: My pleasure.

HAMMER: Let`s get right into it. This is a real big trust issue for a lot of people with the new technology.

KERNER: Absolutely.

HAMMER: Is it OK to be snooping around? And the word snoop should probably raise a red flag.

KERNER: Well, listen, I`m a big advocate of trust, respecting boundaries, privacy, but the truth is the Internet is really changing the rules of the game. Over one-third of all divorces involve online affairs. Online pornography, it`s a billion, potentially multibillion-dollar industry, so in many, many cases spouses have every right to be suspicious.

HAMMER: Well, and then therefore snoop around a little bit.

KERNER: Listen, I think if you`re completely comfortable, you know, then you have nothing to hide and it shouldn`t be an issue. If you have something to hide, that`s when you start engaging in suspicious behavior.

HAMMER: And it also comes down to security issues for whoever`s doing the snooping. Let`s take a look at what some real people said about this very issue when we hit the streets today. Take a look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, I don`t, because if you have trust in somebody, especially if you`re married, there`s no reason to check their mail.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If they know that you have access to their account, maybe occasionally, but not behind their back, because it`s not fair. It`s sneaky.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, if you feel uncomfortable, you should be able to check anything you want on your spouse.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, I don`t think that`s OK. I think I would feel tempted to do it, but I don`t think I could get myself to do that. I think it`s still an invasion of privacy.


HAMMER: Of course, asking the question, is it OK? And it is an invasion of privacy.

KERNER: Yes, and I really respect these people for really valuing -- I really respect them for valuing privacy. But the truth is, very often, somebody really is engaging in behavior that might be leading them to have an affair, that you might construe as infidelity.

And then I think you have a right. I mean, I don`t think you can protect the absolute of privacy over the fact that people may be cheating and that the Internet is a prime enabler of infidelity.

HAMMER: I am guessing that there`s probably a difference between the male approach to this and the female approach to this...

KERNER: Oh, yes.

HAMMER: ... in terms of who thinks it`s right and who doesn`t.

KERNER: Well, absolutely. I mean, any guy or a lot of guys will tell you having sexy conversations, downloading pornography, flirting, engaging in all sorts of online activity hour after hour is not technically "infidelity," because it doesn`t involve the physical act of sex.

But I counsel couples who have cheated every day. And I can tell you that infidelity is more than just the act of sex; it`s the emotion, it`s the intensity, it`s the excitement, it`s the fantasy, it`s the investment of resources in that relationship that you are not applying towards your partner, who`s in your real life.

HAMMER: That`s a good point right here. It`s not necessarily actual contact, but it`s where you`re putting your energy.

KERNER: Absolutely. And I think men are very good at saying, "OK, it`s not physical so it`s not infidelity." And I think for women, in the emotions of it and the actual act, are often integrated. And I personally believe that that`s the right way of seeing it. I don`t think that you can extract the emotion from the action itself.

HAMMER: All right. Well, that`s some interesting information and certainly some good advice to take home and use as we choose. Ian Kerner, thanks very much for joining us tonight.

And you can catch Ian`s love show. It`s called "Love on the Rocks" -- love that title, old Neil Diamond classic. It`s Tuesday nights on the Discovery Health Network.

Well, tonight some Valentine`s Day secrets from Victoria`s Secret angels. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT caught up with Heidi Klum, Karolina Kurkova, and Isabella Gular (ph) in New York today. They showed us some of the sexy gifts that they would like to get for Valentine`s Day, but we also found out something that may be surprising to you. The way to a supermodel`s heart could actually be through her stomach.


KAROLINA KURKOVA, SUPERMODEL: I think that`s the sexiest thing men can do when he cooks for his lady. I think it`s so adorable and so sexy. I think, for me, that would be the best Valentine`s gift. If a man cooks an amazing meal, a dish for me, something, maybe stuffed turkey and a chocolate cake...


HAMMER: I`m sorry. I was captivated for a moment. Heidi Klum is a fan of chocolate, too, but while Kurkova likes to eat it, Klum, new mom and wife to singer Seal, indulges shall we say a little bit differently?


HEIDI KLUM, SUPERMODEL: What do you do with it? Well, just go crazy with it. Smear it all over, and hopefully you have someone to help you clean it off your body afterwards.


HAMMER: A little Heidi Klum eye candy.

Tomorrow, as part of our week-long coverage of New York Fashion Week, we`re going to be at Heidi`s "Project Runway" fashion show where three finalists battle it out and will put their clothing designs to the test on the runway.

And remember, for more on Fashion Week, you can check out There you can see photos from the daily fashion shows, also take a little quiz. You can actually test your fashion knowledge. You`ll find that and more at

Coming up, shocking new details about the O.J. Simpson murder trial. What one of the prosecutors now says about the defense team, that`s coming up next.

And it`s the news that SHOWBIZ TONIGHT broke and everyone is talking about it. Tonight more on the exclusive story that Meredith Vieira could actually head over to "The Today Show" if Katie Couric jumps to CBS. TV insiders weigh in with their opinions, coming up next live.

Plus, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT goes backstage with the Grammy winners.


KELLY CLARKSON, SINGER: I bawled on national television, again. Yes. So that`s OK, but I lost it.


HAMMER: What Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, U2 and others told us just after winning their Grammy gold. Those very special, emotional moments coming next.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. This is TV`s only live entertainment news show.

Tonight startling new admissions from a prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Christopher Darden was one of the Los Angeles district attorneys trying to convict the former football player of killing his ex- wife, Nicole, and her friend, Ron Goldman, back in 1994. Well now, in a shocking admission, Darden told Oprah today that he thinks that the defense legal team led by the late Johnnie Cochran knew O.J. did it.


OPRAH WINFREY, TALK SHOW HOST: You say you know the truth. You believe in your heart that O.J. Simpson is a murderer. Do you think Johnnie Cochran knew?

CHRIS DARDEN, FORMER O.J. SIMPSON PROSECUTOR: I`m sure he knew. I`m sure he knew. But you know, is he supposed to care? And as a defense lawyer, the answer is no, he`s not supposed to care.

I think black folks know, like I know, like O.J. knows, like Johnnie knew, and everybody. I mean, you just have to look at the facts. It`s clear that he did it. O.J. knows he did.


HAMMER: Darden, who left the L.A.`s D.A. office, says he still finds it hard to deal with the trial more than 10 years later, and he still hasn`t told his young son about it.

Well, tonight more on our exclusive SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive. That`s what makes it an exclusive. Would "The View" co-host Meredith Vieira make the jump to "Today," replacing Katie Couric, as speculation of Couric moving to CBS grows more and more with each passing day. We asked Vieira if she would ever consider replacing her over at "Today," and this is what she told us.


MEREDITH VIEIRA, HOST, "THE VIEW": You know, our contracts are up here in August. So I don`t know what`s going to happen...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is it something you`d consider?

VIEIRA: Well, what I`ve always said -- and, see, because I love doing this and I love doing "Millionaire" -- but I like that you have a contract in many ways, if you can hold on until the end, because it`s a good time to reflect and to sort of, you know, size up where you are in your career and your life, and where you want to be. And I think that`s an important exercise to go through, whether you love what you`re doing or you don`t.


HAMMER: So it`s kind of a big maybe. So there are a lot of questions floating around. Will Katie jump ship and go over to CBS? Would Meredith Vieira be her perfect replacement?

Well, joining us live from New York, Bart Feder, who is president and CEO of the Feedroom, a broadband video communications company. And live from Hollywood, Alan Frutkin, senior editor of "MediaWeek."

Gentlemen, thank you both for being here.

And, Bart, let me ask you the question. You know, is the idea that she`s keeping it out there, "Yes, maybe I would go over to `The Today Show,`" with her contract almost up at "The View," is this a real thing or is this possibly just a big negotiating tactic that Meredith is holding on to?

BART FEDER, CEO, THE FEEDROOM: Well, let`s look at this way. If you`re Meredith Vieira, life is very good right now. The drumbeats are getting louder for the CBS-Katie deal. Meredith`s contract expires after Katie`s. She is an ideal candidate for that job. And if ABC wants to keep her, they`re going to have to step up very big, very quickly if they want to keep her there.

HAMMER: What do you think, Alan? How realistic is this consideration by Meredith, because she did leave CBS years ago because she wanted to reduce her workload? She didn`t want that level of work that she had back in the day. So do you think, you know, maybe she`s just keeping her options open to see what can come out of it in the end?

ALAN FRUTKIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "MEDIAWEEK": Well, I mean I do think it would be a good move for her. It certainly makes sense. And just even given what she had said, just to play both sides of the coin, whether or not she is negotiating for "The Today Show" or she wants to strengthen her position in terms of "The View," I think it`s wise. I think it`s wise to take it out there.

HAMMER: You mentioned you think it`s a good move. Bart, you said you think she`s a great candidate. Let`s talk about that for a second, because today -- you know, we broke this story a couple of days ago.

And I was thinking about it. It really does make sense, because she is such a likeable personality. She`s a great conversationalist, and she does have the news credibility. So, you know, let`s talk about her as a replacement.

FEDER: There`s really no downside for NBC. Also, keep in mind that, if you think about who watches "The View" and who watches "The Today Show," that female audience that watches "Today" between 8:00 and 10:00 is the same audience that watches "The View."

So those folks already know her. They already like her. They watch her a lot. She`s somebody who could adapt to "The Today Show" format very quickly. And they need -- if Katie leaves, they need a star in that job. And Meredith Vieira is a star.

HAMMER: Yes, they definitely will need a strong person to come in there right away.

And of course, today the plot thickens a little bit. There are a lot of people floating around there out in the Internet and on the blogs saying this is already a done deal. There`s a foregone conclusion that Katie is going over to CBS.

But NBC releases a press release saying that Katie is not going to be a part of the Winter Olympics opening ceremony tomorrow because her "Today Show" workload won`t allow it. What`s going on here? Are they just trying to lower her profile, Alan, you know, with the fact that, you know, maybe she will be jumping ship? She`s done the opening ceremonies three times since she`s been at "Today."

FRUTKIN: I don`t know if it`s as much lowering her profile, but I also think they have an obligation to raise Brian Williams` profile. I mean, he`s an emerging star, but he`s not all that well-known still among all viewers, so they have an obligation to push him as much as they can.

HAMMER: Bart, 10 seconds. What do you think about that?

FEDER: Oh, yes, I mean, the dots are lining up. The fact that Katie is not doing that, I think, is a sure sign that NBC is looking at their future and not at their past.

HAMMER: The story will continue to unfold. We will continue to follow it. Bart Feder from the Feedroom, Alan Frutkin from "MediaWeek," thanks for joining us on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

FEDER: Thank you.

FRUTKIN: Thank you.

HAMMER: This all leads us to our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Question of the Day." What we`re asking is: The "Today" show: Should Meredith Vieira replace Katie Couric? You can continue to vote by going to You can also write to us if you`ve got more to say. Our e-mail address is Your e-mails are on the way at 55 past the hour.

Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there backstage with the winners just moments after they received their trophies at the 48th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles last night. U2 led everyone. The Irish rockers took home five awards, including album of the year for "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb."

Other multiple Grammy winners: Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, John Legend, Kanye West, as well. And here are some very special Grammy gold moments, what the winners had to say about the night and their performances in their own words.


STEVIE WONDER, MUSICIAN: And the Grammy goes to Kelly Clarkson, "Since U Been Gone."

CLARKSON: Thank you so much.

I bawled on national television again.

Thank you for everyone that worked on my record.

Yes, it took hold of me pretty badly.

I wrote that song when I was 16, "Because of You," and it was just -- to be able to sing that song in front of -- you know, be my first time performing on the Grammys.

There`s no other feeling like it.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: "Sometimes You Can`t Make It on Your Own."

BONO, U2 LEAD SINGER: Well, if you think this is going to go to our heads, it`s too late.

You have to fight to be relevant. I mean, being successful is easier in a funny way than being relevant. We`ve been blessed and we`re good- fortuned to live very well, so there`s no reason for us to be in a band now other than, you know, to try to and make some extraordinary music.

KANYE WEST, MUSICIAN: Man, I don`t know where I get these ideas from, God. I wanted something that was lights, camera, action. We`re at the Grammys. I didn`t want to just sit up there and, you know, do the performance. I need to take it to another level.

JOHN LEGEND, MUSICIAN: I just felt at home tonight. I don`t know why. I was nervous for like five minutes before I went on. And once I sat down, I just felt good.

I felt, like, at ease and comfortable, like I was supposed to be here. I got to meet Paul McCartney, and he told me that my song was beautiful and that he really appreciated what I was doing, which was pretty much one of the best compliments you could get from somebody.

MARIAH CAREY, MUSICIAN: I`m very excited to be walking away with three, because it`s like this is the Grammys. It`s voted upon by a very prestigious group of people. It really does mean a lot.

I felt really nice up there. I have to say, it was a blessing to be able to perform on the Grammy stage again. This was a very special moment to feel that warmth emanating from that crowd, was very validating and very sweet.


HAMMER: These three Grammy awards that Mariah won last night included best R&B song for "We Belong Together," the first time in 16 years that she has taken home a Grammy. She was named best new artist back in 1990. I distinctly remember back then people saying she`s the real deal and will be around for sometime to come. She definitely proved them right last night.

Well, there`s still time for you to sound off in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Question of the Day." "The Today Show": Should Meredith Vieira replace Katie Couric?

You can vote at Still time to e-mail us at We`re going to read some of what you have to say, coming up next live.


HAMMER: Throughout the show, we`ve been asking you to vote online on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Question of the Day." "The Today Show": Should Meredith Vieira replace Katie Couric?

I`m a little surprised by how the vote`s been going so far tonight. Look at this: 41 percent of you say yes; 59 percent of you say, no, she should not replace Katie.

Among the e-mails we received, we heard from Susan in New Mexico: "Meredith Vieira would be awful to replace Katie Couric. They should get a new face, have tryouts, and have the public vote."

We also heard from Mitch. He`s in New Jersey and thinks a little differently, saying, "Meredith Vieira would shine, no doubt. Meredith Vieira is hot. I would love to see her replace Katie."

You can continue to vote online by going to

Well, tomorrow is Friday. And it is time now to find out what`s playing on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for Friday. Let`s take a look at the "Showbiz Marquee." Here comes your Marquee Guy.

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That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Stay tuned for the latest from CNN Headline News.

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