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Breakthrough in the Mysterious Disappearance of Olivia Newton John`s Boyfriend; Who is Getting the First Photos of the Brangelina Baby?; Gina Davis was Canned as "Commander in Chief" and a Pregnant Elizabeth Vargas is out of the ABC News Anchor Chair, is there a conspiracy on ABC?; Anna Nicole Smith is now a Web Blogger; The "Oman" Opens Tomorrow; "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" Reality Show

Aired June 05, 2006 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: What could be a huge breakthrough in the mysterious disappearance of Olivia Newton John`s boyfriend. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.
BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: And a moment everybody`s been waiting for. We know who is getting the first photos of the Brangelina baby. You know you`ve been waiting on it, I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood, TV`s provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


HAMMER (voice-over): An SHOWBIZ TONIGHT feminists fury. Are women getting a raw deal on TV? A pregnant Elizabeth Vargas, out of the ABC News anchor chair. Gina Davis, canned as "Commander in Chief". The anger, the outrage, and, wait a second, what`s really going on here? Tonight a controversial showbiz showdown over whether women are paying the price for being women.

And the secrets of the stars before they hit the big time. Tonight, the fascinating and sometimes cheesy way these A-listers did some pretty B-list movies to pay the bills.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sound body, sound mind. I do this everyday to keep in shape, sir.

HAMMER: Dustin Hoffman, Robert de Niro, Samuel Jackson, Marisa Tomei and more. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT digs up the clips that will make you say, I can`t believe they did that. Hey, it`s a living, right?


ANDERSON: Hi there, I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

HAMMER: I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. And Brooke, you may want to get out of the way because tonight there are some big-time feminists on fire with anger.

ANDERSON: They certainly are, A.J. and here are the ABC`s of the story and it`s all about ABC, the TV network, and whether women are getting, not only one slap in the face, but two.


ELIZABETH VARGAS, ABC NEWS ANCHOR: As of Monday, Charles Gibson will be taking the helm of this broadcast as I focus on anchoring 20-20 and on the arrival of my new child.

ANDERSON: She seemed at the height of her career, but after just five months on the job, a pregnant Elizabeth Vargas announced she is stepping aside from ABC`s "World News Tonight."

VARGAS: It`s been an honor and a privilege bringing you the news every night.

ANDERSON: At the time, Vargas said she wanted to focus on her family. But, now, three feminists groups, including the National Organization For Women And The National Counsel Of Women`s Organization, are crying foul, calling her departure suspicious and simply a step in the wrong directs. They sent an angry letter to a ABC, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has the details and the letter say in part:

"This clear demotion signals a dispiriting return to the days of discrimination against women that we thought were behind us."

Strong words. So SHOWBIZ TONIGHT went right to "Washington Post" media critic, Howard Kurtz.

HOWARD KURTZ, CNN "RELIABLE SOURCES": This knee-jerk reaction by some women`s groups about ABC being unfair to pregnant women by replacing Elizabeth Vargas as anchor, it`s a little more complicated than that. The ratings of "World News Tonight" have been no going south and that contributed pressure on ABC management to get somebody in that chair who could compete with Katie Couric and Brian Williams.

ANDERSON: Vargas has insisted over and over again that the decision to leave was all hers, one she made for her growing family, not to make her bosses at the network happy. And, she points out, she is staying with the ABC family, hosting "20/20" after her baby is born. Howard Kurtz tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, pay attention to that.

KURTZ: The idea that Elizabeth Vargas will continue to be paid a very large salary as a co-anchor of "20/20," is being horribly discriminated against is a little hard for me to swallow. I mean, this woman had a fabulous job before they gave here the "World News Tonight" job, she will continue to have a very high profile and important job.

ANDERSON: The letter, written by the women`s rights groups, also complains about the cancellation of the primetime drama "Commander in Chief."

GINA DAVIS, ACTOR: I`m going to go out there and I`m going to take the oath of office.

ANDERSON: Gina Davis played the first female U.S. female president. ABC canned it after a dramatic drop in the ratings.

KURTZ: The only connection between Elizabeth Vargas and Gina Davis is that they were both were not boffo at the box office. And if those ratings had stayed as strong as we were in the beginning, I have no doubt that Gina Davis would be -- win reelection have a second term.

ANDERSON: Still, the move disappoints the women behind the letter who say, "you have now managed to eliminate two of the country`s most visible women role models and high achievers from your television lineup."

KURTZ: To say that somehow this show`s hostility toward women or insensitivity toward woman at a time when Katie Couric`s about to take over the "CBS Evening News," strikes me as not understanding the way the television business works.


ANDERSON: We did reach out to ABC News, a spokesperson defended the network, saying it has accommodated several mothers of young children, including anchor Cynthia McFadden of "Nightline" and Kate Snow of the weekend edition of "Good Morning America." And, watch out, right now we`ve got both sides of this and a "Showbiz Sit-down -- Showdown," excuse me, joining us tonight from Washington, D.C. are Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women and Christina Hoff Sommers of the American Enterprise Institute.

Christina and Kim, thank you both for being here. We appreciate it. I`m going to start with you, Kim. This general issue, something a lot of women think about, myself included. Can women have it all? Can they juggle it all? Elizabeth Vargas has clearly stated she`s stepping aside because of her pregnancy, because she wants to focus on her family. But you`ve said, that`s not the real reason. You`re suspicious. Why is that? What do you think is going on here?

KIM GANDY, NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN: Well, obviously here`s a woman that took what`s really the top job in television just five months ago, she already had a toddler at home, and it really doesn`t make sense to me, as someone who has two daughters myself, two years apart, that, if you can survive and thrive with a two-year-old, the idea that you would give all of that up in anticipation of a new baby who hasn`t even arrived yet just doesn`t pass the sniff test. It just doesn`t make sense.

If she`d had the baby and then said, you know, it`s not working, I`m going to step aside and do something else, then people might have had a different attitude. But, she hasn`t even had the baby yet. It doesn`t make sense to give up the top job in TV voluntarily for a problem or situation that hasn`t even occurred yet and you don`t know whether it will. Logically, she was asked to step aside and she did so very graciously in order to keep her "20/20" job.

ANDERSON: OK, well, Christina, you not only disagree with Kim, but you`ve used some pretty powerful words. You said it`s all a betrayal of feminism. Explain that to me.

CHRISTINA HOFF SOMMERS, AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE: Oh, well, mot that this particular case is a betrayal of feminism, I think it`s the way ta the National Organization for Women and Kim Gandy is approaching it. It is very disrespectful of Elizabeth Vargas and of women and the decisions they make. Elizabeth Vargas is a woman who has -- how is pregnant. She has a three-year-old. Last year her husband was in a very serious accident, her co-anchor is now suffering from serious injuries. She`s had a very traumatic time. And it`s underable that she might not want to take on the anchor, the fulltime, it`s not what she bargained for, initially, she was going to be co-anchor. And we have to be respectful of her decision. She has said that a woman has a right to make a decision on how she balances home life and her work life. And, as I said, I think that it`s somewhat condescending and matronizing (SIC) of the National Organization for Women to be so critical and judgmental.

ANDERSON: OK, you two obviously disagree on that. And Kim, I also want to talk about Gina Davis as "Commander in Chief." You guys have been critical of the fact that ABC has dropped that show. But we all know that television is a business, the show dropped dramatically in the ratings. Kim, do you think they should keep it on for charity just to make a statement?

GANDY: No, I think there is a parallel between these two. "Commander in Chief," I think, was never really given a fair chance in a stable time slot. They kept moving it around, changing its night. They brought it back again for a few weeks on yet a different night. I don`t think it had a fair chance to develop in a reasonable time slot. We all know shows that the networks have given a better chance to than they did to "Commander in Chief." And the same thing is true with Elizabeth Vargas. She came on in January with the new format as a co-anchor. Her co-anchor, Bob woodruff, was injured just a few weeks later, and she hasn`t had a fair shot. They didn`t name her the sole anchor, they didn`t give her a coo- anchor, they left her in limbo all of these months.

ANDERSON: Christina, what are your thoughts on that?

SOMMERS: I just feel sort of sorry for what`s happened to the women`s movement it -- Miss Gandy is well intentioned, but what she says it just seems to me to be a bit desperate to find these as pressing feminist issues, the cancellation of a TV drama? That drama, "Commander in Chief," had a very serious problem, no one was watching it. It wasn`t sexism, it wasn`t a patriarchal conspiracy, it was simply the forces of the market place.

And in American society now, we`re sort of a post-feminist society in the sense that, men and women -- its not that we`re completely equal, there are still areas where we need improve; but there are many areas in men`s life where we need improvementment and I think that this whole language of victimology and constantly looking for bad news where there`s so much good news to be seen is, frankly, just -- I just find it rather silly and sad.

ANDERSON: And you know, this is an interesting discussion and one that I know will continue for a long time for a long time to come. We`re going to have to leave it though, tonight. Kim Gandy of the National Organization for Women, Christina Hoff Sommers of the American Enterprise Institute. Both in Washington, D.C., tonight. Thank you both for joining us.

HAMMER: Well, now to a story that has everybody talking. Olivia Newton John`s missing boyfriend and what may have really happened to this guy. His name is Patrick McDermott, he was last seen a year ago and was thought to have fallen overboard during a fishing trip. But now, you might not believe this. There`s an Australian newspaper called the "Daily Telegraph" which says three different people in Mexico have seen McDermott as recently as 10 days ago. Now the newspaper says McDermott is now suspected of faking his death possibly because of financial problems, including reports about unpaid child support to his ex-wife which could have landed him in jail. There is no word from Newton John yet about these reports that McDermott could actually be alive. McDermott was a cameraman. He and Newton John met 10 years ago while they were filming a commercial.

ANDERSON: OK, she was one of the very first supermodels. Now she is going from the run way to the corner office, running her own model agency. The very outspoken Janice Dickinson is next in the interview you will only see on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT

HAMMER: Plus, they could be the most anticipated baby photos ever. Of course I`m talking about, oh, I`m going to say it, the Brangelina baby pictures. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has the details of the unbelievable deal that went down for them. Plus, we`ve got this:


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Psychosomatic. It`s psychosomatic, sir. If you will permit me.


ANDERSON: Big names like Hoffman, de Niro and Costner, the movies, well, not so big. Tonight`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT digs up the clips of your favorite stars doing kind of cheesy flicks before they became stars.


HAMMER: Welcome back to TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. It`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for a Monday night. Hope you had a nice weekend. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. It`s time now for a story that mad us say "That`s Ridiculous," and little warning here, this story is a little cheesy.

Now, do you remember there was this woman who claimed she saw the image of the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich? Well, then she auctioned it of on eBay, and then the on-line betting site Golden Palace snatched it up for $28,000. Well, now, that woman, Diana Duyser, has actually tattooed the image of the grilled cheese sandwich with the image of the Virgin Mary on her chest. Diana says it`s an act of faith. Sorry, Diana, we think you`re out to lunch. And "That`s Ridiculous."

ANDERSON: OK. Tonight we think Anna Nicole Smith found an occupation that might work for her or at least get her a lot of attention: Web blogger. OK, now last week we showed you here very rough around the edges homemade video that she posted on her website,, confirming her pregnancy. Here`s a look again if you missed it.


ANNA NICOLE SMITH, FMR. PLAYMATE: Yes, I am pregnant. I`m happy. I`m very, very happy about it. Things are going really, really good.


ANDERSON: Now, we all know she`s not going to winny awards for that one, right? But she is sticking with the web stuff in a brand new posting she talks about who the daddy may be and she confronts rumors from, quote, "unidentified sources saying her lawyer is jealous about her carrying another man`s baby and, therefore, controlling what she says about her pregnancy."

"It`s totally false. I have my own mind. All you`re doing is hurting me and my unborn baby. I haven`t said who the real father is yet. I will when I`m ready. But one of the guys who claims to be might be in for a big surprise."

HAMMER: Well, Anna Nicole known for her not-so model behavior and model Janice Dickinson will probably be the first to tell you, neither is she. Dickinson is back on TV and this time she is the boss. It`s her own new reality show called "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency," the woman many say was America`s first supermodel takes on her own business, motherhood, and the industry that she helped start.

Janice Dickinson, lovely to have you back on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, here in New York.

JANICE DICKINSON, "THE JANICE DICKINSON MODELING AGENCY": Are you putting me on the same par as Anna Nicole Smith?

HAMMER: I`m not putting you on the same par, at all. It`s a behavioral thing that people say she doesn`t have model-like behavior, and well, you have said in the past, you just kind of -- you always did your own thing. What do you make of Anna Nicole? And what do you make of this video talking about her pregnancy?

DICKINSON: I think we should leave her alone.

HAMMER: Really.

DICKINSON: You know, yeah. I think actually looking at the clips there, I think that was the first time she actually looked pretty without the makeup and looking natural.

HAMMER: So, so is she somebody you would actually hire for the "Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency?"

DICKINSON: No! No! No, no, no. When you see the girls that I have, first of all, they are svelte, 18 to 24, true model want-to-bes that is I`m grooming to be the next big thing.

HAMMER: Now, for your show and for your agency, because it is not just a reality television show.


HAMMER: This is a real business that you got going on here. You`re auditioning 500 to slim it down to hire five, is that the deal? Five models?


HAMMER: Five will basically get gigs out of this thing?

DICKINSON: Initially, we -- during the pilot, we auditioned 500 people and narrowed it down to five. Through the duration of the episodes, which are 10, on Oxygen, premirrors tomorrow night at 10 p.m., yay! I mean, thousands, I mean thousands of men and women, model want-to-bes showed up to make the cut.

HAMMER: Well, what are you looking for? Because, it`s clearly not the Anna Nicole type. Is it still sort of the height, and the face, and that (UNINTELLIGIBLE)?

DICKINSON: Hang on. You`ve got that thing about poor Anna Nicole. Anna Nicole when she did the Guess jeans spots, she was glorious in that sexy kind of Ellen van (UNINTELLIGIBLE) shot that made her the Guess jeans girl, when she put on the weight, clearly not. But Anna Nicole was a supermodel in those photographs. She just blew out of epic proportions. What I`m looking for (UNINTELLIGIBLE) are men and women from 18 to 24 that have tha that.

HAMMER: The thing.

DICKINSON: I don`t know in French.

HAMMER: Indefinable thing.

DICKINSON: I don`t know. It means I don`t know in French. I`ll know it when I see it. And that`s why I take photographs, I look at the models through the lendses, I shape them, I put them through model boot camp, groom them, teach them how to walk, talk, and educate them about the art of the photograph.

HAMMER: And how about the art of behaving and, you know, being a professional? Because that all comes along with the territory as well.

DICKINSON: Behaving in the capacity where it`s necessary. Look, I have a guy, his name is Marcus Foray (ph), who aspires to be a rap star. It`s better to get a guy like Marcus Foray (ph) and tone him down, or a Janice Dickinson and tone them down rather than a beautiful stump who just sits there and.

HAMMER: Right. Because part of the deal is packing personality, which you do. Another thing, not only are you running a modeling agency, and you have your reality show, you got this book. And I have to ask you about it, because this is now making your relationship expert as your guide to "Dating, Mating and Extricating." I love that. It`s called "Check, Please!" And I would love to get your take on a couple of big Hollywood relationships that seem to be getting a lot of attention right now.

DICKINSON: Well, the big one is Brittney spears and that horrible husband of hers. I`m sorry Britney, you got to dump the husband. You know, I`ve been saying this to everyone. You know, lose the weight after you have the baby. You know, sheik yourself up, and get rid of K-Fed. It`s just not working for her.

HAMMER: You just don`t think that`s going to work out.

DICKINSON: She is clearly unhappy.

HAMMER: What about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Which, obviously, you know, they`re selling their pictures for millions of dollars. We`re going to be talking about that.

DICKINSON: They have millions of dollars. They don`t need the money, they`re giving it away.

HAMMER: But they are giving the money to charity. Which is terrific, but do you think it`s the real deal?

DICKINSON: I do. I really do. I have photographed Angelina. I`ve seen her. I know who she is in person. And I think she is a real lady. I think she sticks to her guns and I think that that`s the real deal. It`s what society -- it`s what you and what I do when I buy the magazines and read about it, which, I embellish. I love picking up a good tabloid and I love turning on your show which embellishes relationships like this.

HAMMER: Well, we don`t embellish, we try to get to the bottom of things and speaking of which, very quickly, do I have to get your take on Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, the reported romance there. And Vince is a real down to earth guy. I have like 10 seconds, but what do you think?

DICKINSON: Do you really think he is? I`ve seen him out in public before the "The Break-Up." I used to se him in clubs. You know, just being a real get-down guy. I don`t think he`s capable of a real relationship.

HAMMER: Interesting.

DICKINSON: My take. Because I used to see him on the make and I`d see girls hitting on him. I think he produced a movie with Jennifer Aniston and he hired her.

HAMMER: And it`s all for publicity?

DICKINSON: Got real close to Jen and she him. Why not? Who am I to.

HAMMER: I got to wrap it up there, Jan. It`s lovely to have you back here. And best of luck with your show.

DICKINSON: Make sure you tune in.

HAMMER: "Janice Dickinson`s Modeling Agency" will air Tuesday nights on Oxygen.

ANDERSON: Who`s getting those very first Brangelina baby pictures? Tonight we are one step closer to finding out. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT knows the details next. Plus we`ve also got this:


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The lies, the disbelief, I didn`t want to believing of it. I didn`t want to believe any of it.


HAMMER: If you`re a liar, if you`re a cheater, beware. Tonight we`re going to show you the unique way one woman scorned is using her fury to catch unfaithful men and women who are having affairs.

ANDERSON: And shooting films while fighting. The amazing way U.S. troops pass the time while battling it out in Iraq. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has that laugh out loud internet films made by the brave men and women on the frontlines.


HAMMER: All right, so the big question floating around here tonight is, will we be here tomorrow? It is 6-6-06. That has a lot of people out there worrying because of course 666, the biblical number, traditionally associated with Satan. So, will the world end tomorrow as people are saying? I spoke with Mia Farrow who`s starring in the remake of the "Oman" tomorrow, about a boy, Damien, who may be the son of the devil. So, what does she think about all this superstition stuff?


HAMMER: You know, me a, it`s supposed to be the end of days?

MIA FARROW, ACTOR: It that it?

HAMMER: It`s suppose to be Armageddon

FARROW: You know, I asked the producers what it means and they just said nothing good. So it`s the end of the world, is it?

HAMMER: Yeah. Are you at all superstitious, yourself?

FARROW: No. Yeah, I am, because you know, I`m Irish, and my mom had a whole bunch of things. You know, hat on the bed, help you to salt, tons of them, black cat, nuns before noon. There were a million of them. But I didn`t feel that making this movie or anything.

HAMMER: Is there any one superstition that you had from growing up that you still hold?

FARROW: All of them.

HAMMER: Something that you won`t do, step on a crack in the sidewalk?

FARROW: I try not to.

HAMMER: Breaking mirrors is out of the question.

FARROW: Out of the question.

HAMMER: Out of the question. Umbrellas inside.

FARROW: Right, all of it. All of it, hat on the bed, as I said. To this day, my mother said, help you to salt, help you to sorrow. So, if someone passes me, I`ll just wait until they put it down and then I`ll take it. Just in case.

HAMMER: Now I know what to expect if we go out to dinner.



HAMMER: All of this leads to our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Question of the Day," 6-6-06, are you really superstious? Go to or e-mail us at By the way, we will have more with Mia Farrow tomorrow, if there is a tomorrow.

ANDERSON: Let`s hope so, A.J. OK, how Vince Vaughn`s "The Wedding Crasher," shares a new special bond with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie`s "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." You`re not going to believe this one. That`s next.

HAMMER: Also, they could very well be the most anticipated baby photos ever. The Brangelia baby pics. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has the details of the deal that went down for them.

ANDERSON: And big names like Hoffman, de Niro and Costner, the movies, well, they`re not so big. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT digs up the clips of your favorite stars doing kind of cheesy flicks before they became huge stars. Stay with us. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT will be right back.


A.J. HAMMER, CNN ANCHOR: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for Monday night. It`s 30 minutes past the hour, I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CNN ANCHOR: I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. This is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. A.J. tonight the story of a woman who was deceived by a man who told her a number of lies, including that he wasn`t married and that he was a U.S. marshal. Well, now this woman is exposing married liars and cheaters on the internet. She is posting pictures, testimonials, you name it.

HAMMER: Be careful what you do.

ANDERSON: That`s right, be careful. Revenge in cyberspace, exactly.

HAMMER: Alright, let me toss a couple names out at you. Kevin Costner, Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman, Samuel L. Jackson, all huge stars, but of course before they were the big time multi-millionaire stars they are now, they had to start out somewhere. We`re going to take a look at some terrific clips from some of their first "favorite movies." And we`re going to speak with the guy who put them in some of their first jobs coming up in just a few minutes.

ANDERSON: Everybody has to start somewhere, right A.J.?

HAMMER: And the footage is fascinating Brooke. But first tonight, drum roll please. A SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can now tell you, right here, right now, who is getting those very first photos of the Brangelina baby? Well sort of. Now we heard that celebrity magazines have been offering right arms, left legs, couple of interns, maybe even a firstborn for them. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has learned that an exclusive unknown buyer has come forward to purchase the pictures from Ghetty Images. That`s the company that`s handling the sale. Now, the profits are going to go to a charity to be named later.

And here`s what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had to say about donating the proceeds. Quote, "While we celebrate the joy of the birth of our daughter, we recognize that two million babies born every year in the developing world die on their first day of their lives. These children can be saved but only if governments around the world make it priority." As for how much the pictures are actually going to go for, we don`t have a number for you yet. But if we had to guess, we`d say somewhere between what good old Sears`s studios would charge and the Gross Domestic Product of a mid-sized developing country -- probably closer to the latter, like millions of dollars.

ANDERSON: I`m going to bet $6 million. Okay we just had to say it`s good to be Vince Vaughn and there are a few other reasons besides the fact that he`s reportedly romantically linked to Jennifer Aniston. First, he and Aniston have the number one movie in the country. "The Break-Up" pushed the "X-Men" out of the number one spot at the weekend box office, pulling in more than $38 million. And his hit movie from last summer "Wedding Crashers" was the big winner at the MTV movie awards, winning best movie and best on screen team for Vince and Owen Wilson. Wilson was there accepting the award. Let`s take a look.


VINCE VAUGHN: My old pal couldn`t be here but I think we`re going to hear from him right now.

I want to say thank you to all the fans that voted for me and Owen. The "Wedding Crashers" and I feel a little guilty about winning the award because it`s not that hard of a thing to do. When you work with someone like Owen Wilson, I kind of feel like a jockey on the back of a great horse like (INAUDIBLE). My job was just to hold on. Owen, thank you, brother, and congratulations to you.


ANDERSON: How sweet. Another big award of the night went to Aniston`s ex, Brad Bit and Angelina Jolie won best fight for "Mr. and Mrs. Smith."

HAMMER: Now of course, Jolie and Pitts` romantic link may have helped to get more people in to see "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," and judging by the success of "The Break-Up," the same could be said for Vaughn and Aniston. So we decided to look into a long standing Hollywood tradition of love on the set. Here is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S Sibila Vargas.


SIBILA VARGAS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: From Taylor and Burton in "Cleopatra," to Robbins and Sarandon in "Bull Durham." To Pitt and Jolie in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". To Jennifer Aniston and her reported new beau Vince Vaughn, in "The Break-Up." It`s as old as Hollywood itself. Stars taking the cue from their scripts and bringing the love home. Actresses Virginia Madsen who admits she`s also fallen in love on set, but won`t say to who, says it`s only natural.

VIRGINIA MADSEN, ACTRESS: You live together, you party together, you wake up horrible hours together. So you kind of -- you have a relationship. And people get naughty when they`re away from home.

VARGAS: Long hours away from home, steamy love scenes, and exotic locations can understandably create a sure fire recipe for love or something like it.

DR. ROBERT HOFFMAN, PSYCHIATRIST: It`s hard to imagine an environment that would be more conducive to falling in love because it is in the interest of the actors to get in touch with their feelings of chemistry and their passion.

VARGAS: Psychiatrist Dr. Robert Hoffman, whose patients include many in the entertainment industry, says looks are a key component making the temptation even greater.

HOFFMAN: I think when they choose people who tend to be very attractive, which is why they get chosen, they have a higher likelihood of choosing people who may in fact feel chemistry for each other.

VARGAS: For some stars, it`s simply a matter of shared life experiences.

MIKE FLEEMAN, PEOPLE MAGAZINE: Who can relate to what Jennifer Aniston goes through. Somebody at the grocery store? Somebody at the insurance office? No, they have no idea what the world of Jennifer Aniston is like. The closest you could come to is somebody like Vince Vaughn.

VARGAS: "People" magazine`s Mike Fleeman says this decades old Hollywood phenomenon can also be good for business.

FLEEMAN: Most producers basically like any sort of free advertising. The problem is if the relationship is more interesting than the movie. And that`s what happened with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (INAUDIBLE).

VARGAS: That wasn`t the case with Brad and Angelina`s "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" which made a killing at the box office. And while magic felt on a movie set mike spark a Hollywood relationship, like in real life, there are no guarantees the love will last.

MADSEN: When you go back to your real life, you`re never going to be in that relationship. So it`s incredibly difficult to continue a romantic relationship, which was totally solely romantic.


HAMMER: That was SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S Sibila Vargas. Now, on Friday we asked you to vote online on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Question of the Day," asking about on set romances, saying, "Is it hooking up with a co-worker a bad idea?" Well, here`s how the voting went. Pretty one sided on the issue, 81 percent of you said, yes, bad idea. 19 percent of you said, no, not such a bad idea. Among the emails we got, we heard from Raquel -- that`s Rachelle, sorry Rachelle. She lives in West Virginia and writes, relationships with a co-worker are bad news. My suggestion is steer clear. We also heard from Connie in Arizona who writes, "My husband of eight years and I met at work, we have the best marriage ever."

ANDERSON: Okay. It seems an unlikely place to get funny video, but, believe it or not, some troops in Iraq are taking cameras and making comedy. We`re going to show you one of those videos coming up. We`ll also have this.


The lies, disbelief. I didn`t want to believe it. I didn`t want to believe any of it.


HAMMER: A woman who made her personal nightmare an online crusade. How the internet is helping her get revenge against a man who lied to her. That`s coming up.

ANDERSON: And before they were stars, we`re going to take a look at the early roles that Robert DeNiro, Kevin Costner and Dustin Hoffman all have in common, coming up.

HAMMER: First, let`s gets to a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT birthday shot out where we give the fans a chance to wish their favorite stars a happy birthday. Tonight we are sending one out to singer Brian McKnight, he`s celebrating birthday 37 today.


Hi, this is Eva from Amsterdam the Netherlands, wishing Brian McKnight a happy birthday. I love your music. Keep up the good work.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. It`s time now for another story that made us say that`s ridiculous. He may write the songs that make the whole world sing, but in Australia they are actually using Barry Manilow as hooligan repellent.

Now, does that make you want to get out of town? Because officials in Sidney have decided to pipe in some Barry Manilow tunes over loud speakers in a bad part of town to try and get rid of the street thugs there who are annoying all the locals. It might sound crazy but believe it or not it actually worked a few years ago when Bing Crosby music was enough to drive teenage loiterers out of an Australian shopping center. We have to say that`s ridiculous! Brooke, we love Barry Manilow around here

ANDERSON: And Bing Crosby. Can`t believe that.

HAMMER: But you know it does have a certain affect, I can`t explain it. I remember here in New York City they were piping classical music into the port authority and people were leaving.

ANDERSON: You know teenagers might not appreciate good Barry Manilow music. Creative strategy, ridiculous, but creative, right?

HAMMER: Correct. Moving on. We all get them in our email box, you know those wild and whacky viral videos that are making the rounds on the internet. Well, tonight, we`ve got some very special viral videos from the front lines in Iraq and around the world where our U.S. soldiers are actually grabbing video cameras and they`re making their own. Now, our friends over at, the site where you can actually watch these viral videos, are sharing them with us. So, let`s get started. This first one is one we can definitely all relate to around here. You know if you have a computer problem, you call up that customer service number, spend a lot of time on hold, and, well, there is not much service to be found. Watch how these troops get even.


This is the HP 5510 all in one office printer. It prints, it faxes, it scans, and it copies. It also does not work. Let`s see how well it deals with my little friend here.

I`ve got a printer over here I`ve been using to help do my job, to protect your freedom.. I called you up the other day because my printer is broke, and you want me to pay you to tell me how to fix it. I got something for you. Hi, HP. I appreciate your support of Uncle Sam and all the soldiers over here in Iraq. Thank you very much.


HAMMER: Our tax dollars hard at work there. And HP if you happen to be one of our advertisers, I hope you have a good sense of humor. More Iraq viral videos Wednesday night on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

ANDERSON: Now just one more example of how the internet can change lives. A woman who was duped by a married man who said he was a U.S. marshal is turning her personal nightmare into a public crusade. She`s getting revenge and getting the word out online. Here`s CNN`s Fredricka Whitfield for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


FREDRICKA WHITFIELD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: These men are real U.S. marshals with government issued jackets and badges. This man, Richard Kudlick(PH), is not. He was arrested by U.S. marshals for being a fraud, possibly identifying himself as a U.S. marshal and being in possession of a phony U.S. marshals badge. He was arraigned, pled not guilty, and was released on $5,000 bail. But that`s just the beginning of the story. Pam Brown says she`s known Kudlick(PH) for years, even dated him for eight months, all along thinking he was a U.S. marshal. Then she found out his real identity through an anonymous email. Later confirmed, she said, by a woman she believes is his Kudlick`s wife of 17 years.

PAMELA BROWN, WEB DESIGNER, WWW.OFF2HUNT.COM Not only did she tell me he was married, but when I said -- I had asked her if he`s a U.S. marshal and he works in an office out on Plumb Island, she says, no. She says he works out on Plumb Island, but he`s not a U.S. marshal.

WHITFIELD: The U.S. Marshal`s Office confirms Kudlick was working on Plumb Island, but as a maintenance worker. Brown says she was in shock.

BROWN: The lies, the disbelief. I didn`t want to believe it. I didn`t want to believe any of it.

WHITFIELD: Frustrated and furious, Brown, a web designer, created the website, named after Kudlick`s license plate number. Her mission? Exposing married liars and cheaters. Brown posted pictures of Kudlick on her site. She claims the pictures caught the attention of other women allegedly duped by him too. She says they told her that he had been using the same sexy U.S. marshal story going back as many as 10 years ago. Shortly after arresting Kudlick, the U.S. Marshal`s office issued a statement saying, quote, "The possession and misuse of counterfeit government identification will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." For now Brown uses her website to cope with what she says has been a devastating ordeal.

BROWN: It`s therapeutic because maybe other guys who are out there lying and deceiving women, are going to see this and know that some of us aren`t going to stand for it.

WHITFIELD: Call it revenge internet style.


ANDERSON: That was CNN`s Fredricka Whitfield for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: When you`re an actor you certainly have to start somewhere, right? It is a long road from the "B" list to the "A" list. And sometimes you simply got to do what you got to do. Kevin Costner, Robert De Niro, Marisa Tomei and Dustin Hoffman, before they were stars, they were actors in "B" move filmmaker Lloyd Kauffman`s films. And Lloyd Kaufman is here with me on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT giving us some of the inside on Hollywood`s biggest stars before they were stars. Can I call you Uncle Lloydie?


HAMMER: That`s what people call you isn`t it?

KAUFMAN: Oh, you said it.

HAMMER: So I mentioned some pretty huge names. And it`s always fascinating to see actors in action before they hit the big time. And I want to play a clip right off the bat here from a guy who starred in one of your films, "Sizzle Beach USA" back in the early 80s. Let`s take a look at Kevin Costner hard at work for Uncle Lloydie.


All right. Now, can you possibly have imagined --


HAMMER: Alright. So, can you possible have imagined.

KAUFMAN: That`s (INAUDIBLE) "Sizzle Beach USA" and it`s Kevin Costner`s best performance.

HAMMER: Do you think that`s his best performance ever?

KAUFMAN: He loved it. "Sizzle Beach USA" takes place in the water and it wasn`t long after that that he spent $200 million to do a water --

HAMMER: That`s right. But he, for some reason, doesn`t credit that as his first performance as quickly as he`ll say, well, being the dead guy in "Big Chill", he was the dead body in the casket.

KAUFMAN: Yeah, well --

HAMMER: But did you possibly know when you had him your film that he was going to be this Oscar winner, making tens of millions of dollars in the pictures that he was filming?

KAUFMAN: You could see "Sizzle Beach USA" with Kevin Costner from Troma Entertainment, you could see it, that it was -- he had hit written all over him.

HAMMER: Alright.

KAUFMAN: You mentioned cheesy movies, and this is the secret ingredient that -- Trom has been 33 years.

HAMMER: Trom has basically responsible for the cheese in the films.

KAUFMAN: Indeed. And the first, Tre Parker Matt Stone, "Canibal the Musical."

HAMMER: Well let me ask you again --

KAUFMAN: I cannot take credit for directing those movies.

HAMMER: Right. You were the producer, you were the guy who --

KAUFMAN: Toxic Avenger, Toxi`s a big star. Toxic Avenger, he`s, because we don`t have to pay him too much.

HAMMER: You mentioned Tre Parker and Matt Stone, Samuel L. Jackson, two of the stars you worked with. Very early on, among people like Dustin Hoffman and Oliver Stone, but these three individuals really stuck out to you, why is that?

KAUFMAN: Well, Samuel L. Jackson was in "Death by Temptation," Troma money is what made him in his first movie. That`s where he began. That`s very conceivable, if there were no Troma, there would be no snakes on a crap or whatever that thing is, right? What thanks do we get. But Tre Parker and Matt Stone, those guys have stayed with us. They`re in (INAUDIBLE) and they`ve been very loyal to Troma and they wrote the introduction to my second book, which this is not -- this is Toxic Avenger, the novel.

HAMMER: And you have been proudly a purveyor of these "B" list films.

KAUFMAN: Not the "B" list. They are Troma movies.

HAMMER: You don`t like the term "B" list?

KAUFMAN: "B" list is like Shakespeare using watches. It doesn`t work. The "B" film was a second feature on a double bill in the John Wayne days. Troma is a genre, 33 years of Troma movies.

HAMMER: Okay, so when some actors who, maybe they didn`t start out in your films, but when they went on to success, not having been with you, did they want to be in a Troma movie once they made it to the big time?

KAUFMAN: Well, who wouldn`t want to be in a Troma movie once they`ve made it in the big time. The problem is that many of them joined the Screen Actors Guild. And since our budgets are very small, we cannot shoot them on the Screen Actors Guild. But you know damn well Robert De Niro would love to be in "Poltergeist" the movie we just shot. I`m sure he`s very upset about not being able to be in it.

HAMMER: Let`s talk about the Toxic Avenger because certainly this was 1983 when the film came out it was visually spectacular. Why do you think this could make a great novel?

KAUFMAN: Well the brilliant thing about the Toxic Avenger novel is that we wrote it 21 years after the movie. Most people when they`re promoting a movie they put the novel out with the movie. But we brilliantly waited 21 years to put it out. And unlike the other movie novels that are basically dialogue, they just take the dialogue and put it in paragraph form, we actually spent two years writing this novel. And there are some guest chapters by J.D. Salinger and Oliver Stone and -- it is a genuine novel. The good news is you won`t be able to find it anywhere --

HAMMER: Except for stores.

KAUFMAN: No, you will be able to get it at Borders and Barnes and Noble.

HAMMER: Well thanks for coming on. Lloyd Kaufman, Uncle Lloydie we appreciate it and as you mentioned, "The Toxic Avenger" is out in book stores on June 12th. We can expect Uncle Lloyd`s latest project as you heard, "Poltergeist" later this summer. That`s "Poltergeist."

ANDERSON: Well it is time now for tonight`s hot headlines. The woman who was Collin Farrell`s personal dresser for the upcoming "Miami Vice" movie is suing for damages because of an injury she received on the set. The woman says she was riding on a speedboat when a bumper broke off and hit her in the face. Her attorney says she had to have surgery on her jaw and that she`s still in a lot of pain. Chris Daughtry from "American Idol" has turned down an offer to be the lead singer of the band Fuel. Daughtry told a Charlotte, North Carolina newspaper that he plans to do his own thing and that he will announce his next move in a few months, after the "American Idol" tour this summer.

Well, when you`re Oprah Winfrey, flying coach just won`t cut it. Can you imagine Oprah on coach? Well Winfrey is about to have a new way to fly, a $42 million dollar custom built executive jet. You heard right, $42 million. Now the plane will have leather interior and designer bathroom fixtures and seating for about 10 people. Pretty fancy. Those are tonight`s hot headlines, stay with us. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT will be right back.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Okay we just want to make a moment right now to congratulate our CNN colleague. CNN has won one of the most prestigious honors in broadcasting, The Peabody Award, that for its coverage of hurricane Katrina. At the 65th annual Peabody Awards, the judging board cited CNN for giving viewers essential, up to the minute information and being a go-to channel for the most current news about Katrina and its effects. So congratulations to everyone at CNN. Quite an honor.

HAMMER: It is time now to see what is coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT tomorrow. For that we fire up our SHOWBIZ marquee. Tomorrow, critical mass, and what it means for the movie going masses. Now, when a movie gets really bad reviews, sometimes people flock to the theaters anyway. So where`s the disconnect here? We wanted to find out. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT asks, do movie critics matter? We`ll get into that tomorrow. Also tomorrow, Mia Farrow returning to scary thriller movies in a remake of "The Omen." A SHOWBIZ sit down with Mia Farrow tomorrow on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. The date of course happens to be 6-6-06, so provided the world doesn`t end, we will see you then.

ANDERSON: Yes, we will. And that leaves us again for the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. 6-6-06, are you superstitious? Keep voting, Write to us at We`re going to read some of your emails tomorrow.

HAMMER: That`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Have a great night, stay tuned for more from "CNN HEADLINE NEWS."