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Happily Unmarried; Marriage Mess; Too Young for Hollywood?

Aired August 16, 2006 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Will Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears be changing diapers together? Imagine that.
I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: And Jon Bon Jovi sets the record straight about the ugly Richie Sambora-Heather Locklear-Denise Richards mess.

I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


HAMMER (voice over): On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT...

FRANK SINATRA, SINGER (SINGING): Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage...

HAMMER: Or, maybe not.

Tonight, happily unmarried in Hollywood. A surprising new study reveals how people all across America are following in the footsteps of the biggest stars and not getting hitched. So, why are we walking away from walking down the aisle?

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the question: Is it better not to tie the knot?

Also, the sexiest of the sexy.

Tonight, your very first look at the celebrity list that`s the talk of Hollywood. The biggest names, the biggest surprises, and it`s even got someone we see right here in our office.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT heats things up with the sexiest stars of 2006.


ANDERSON: Hi there. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

HAMMER: I`m A.J. Hammer in New York, with something startling to tell you tonight.

For the very first time in history, there are more unmarried households in the United States than married ones. And being happily unmarried in Hollywood seems to be something that much of America is imitating.

ANDERSON: Yes, A.J. The news comes from a shocking new survey just out. And Hollywood is leading the way in couples who are just fine living together without taking their vows.


ANNOUNCER: "Leave it to Beaver."

ANDERSON (voice over): Is America looking less like "Leave it to Beaver" and more like "Leave it to Brangelina"? It is, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, which tells us that for the first time, unmarried adults represent more American households than families headed by a married couple. That means less of this...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I give you this ring...

ANDERSON: ... and more of this...

GENE SIMMONS, SINGER: I`ve had a real avowed fear of marriage.

ANDERSON: Rocker Gene Simmons and actress Shannon Tweed have been together 23 years and have two kids. But Simmons refuses to get married. And when the Simmons and Tweed clan stopped by SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Simmons made no apologies for their arrangement.

SIMMONS: While everybody is pointing fingers at us, all the rest of you have been divorced a few times.

ANDERSON: It seems that all of America is mirroring the Hollywood trend. Confirmed bachelors like George Clooney, who seems to be sticking to what he told us in 1997...

GEORGE CLOONEY, ACTOR: I`m not getting married. I`m not going to do it. Done it, been there, don`t feel like doing it again.

ANDERSON: Long-time unmarried couples such as Oprah Winfrey and her boyfriend of 20 years, Stedman Graham, and unmarried with children couples such as Tim Robinson and Susan Sarandon, now in their 18th year together. And Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn now in their 23rd.

And don`t forget Tom and Katie and Brad and Angelina, who, despite having some very famous babies, have yet to announce wedding dates.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking, is marriage in Hollywood or marriage in America on the way out?

COOPER LAWRENCE, DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGIST: I think what you`re seeing in Hollywood is a reflection of what`s going on in the country.

ANDERSON: Developmental psychologist Cooper Lawrence tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that Hollywood stars are among the many Americans who seek to avoid divorce by avoiding marriage.

LAWRENCE: They don`t want to be like everybody else. They don`t want to get divorced like everybody else. So how -- how do you not do that? You don`t get married in the first place.

ANDERSON: That`s definitely the case for Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Goldie Hawn, whose daughter, Kate Hudson, is now enduring the collapse of her marriage to rocker Chris Robinson, recently told CNN`s Larry King why marriage just isn`t for her and Kurt.

GOLDIE HAWN, ACTRESS: We`ve both been married. I`ve been married twice. It didn`t work. He was married once. That didn`t work either.

I like being his girlfriend. I like that notion. I think it`s sexy.

And I do think that it`s a way of saying, "You know what? I don`t own you. And there is no paper that says that. My union with you is in my heart."

ANDERSON: But such talk doesn`t sit well with some conservative groups.

DR. JANICE CROUSE, CONCERNED WOMEN FOR AMERICA: It`s one thing for someone who is very wealthy, who is a high-profile celebrity to do that. But for the average American young woman and children it is a disaster. It`s an absolute disaster. It`s a recipe for poverty, it`s a recipe for very poor outcomes in terms of children`s behavior and well-being, and in terms of women`s well-being.

ANDERSON: Of course, no one is declaring marriage dead in Hollywood or anywhere else. There are plenty of happily married celebrity couples who have families. It`s just that, along with traditional families like the Cleavers, America is full of other kinds of families that could make for more interesting family sitcoms along the lines of "Full House".

BOB SAGET, ACTOR, "FULL HOUSE": You can go, but I want you back at 11:00 on the dot.

ANDERSON: We can only hope.


ANDERSON: For the record, the percentage of U.S. households headed by married couples is 49.7 percent. Other types of households number 50.2 percent. So it`s pretty close.

HAMMER: Well, let`s look into this some more.

Joining me now, two of our favorite psychologists, Ian Kerner, author of the book "She Comes First," and Robi Ludwig, host of the TLC program "One Week to Save Your Marriage."

Doctors, I welcome you both.



HAMMER: All right. So we just saw Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, happily not married, making it work for more than 20 years now. Of course, it`s Goldie Hawn`s daughter, Kate Hudson, and her news of separation from her husband, Chris Robinson, making the headlines this week.

A lot of people probably saying, "You should have paid attention to mom and taken a cue from her."

LUDWIG: But in a way, her daughter did, because Goldie Hawn got married young two times, and then came to the decision later on that maybe marriage was not for her, and the way to be happy with someone was to choose to be in a relationship not married. So it`s very possible that her daughter will ultimately end up making the same decision.

KERNER: You know, with one out of -- with one out of two marriages ending in divorce, two out of three remarriages ending in divorce, Kate Hudson still has some time ahead of her to get it right or get it wrong again. You know?

LUDWIG: I think there was a study in California that said, you know, the third marriage the charm. It`s the happiest yet.

KERNER: There you go.

HAMMER: But then -- then we see the couples that can make it work.



HAMMER: You know, the big celebrity couples like Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, they always come to mind. Oprah Winfrey and Stedman, the names we`re always hearing tossed around.

Now, we all love to imitate what goes on in Hollywood. So would you say that, you know, we should be following their example?

KERNER: Well, I think for a lot of people today, marriage is sort of a jaded institution. I mean, just look at the divorce rates. I think a lot of people feel like, hey what we have is great together, let`s not get married and, you know, screw it all up. So -- and I think you can turn to Hollywood and see some of these couples who are cohabitating and really doing well together, and it`s easy to follow in their example.

LUDWIG: But what I can tell you in terms of my own private practice, when I see single people, and if they want to get married, it doesn`t matter what`s going on in Hollywood. They want to be in a relationship in a traditional kind of way.

HAMMER: But it does make it more acceptable in some ways, doesn`t it?

LUDWIG: Well, I think it gives...

HAMMER: When we see this going on and we`re reading about it in the newspapers.

LUDWIG: Well, it does influence, I suppose, culture and cultural norms. But I think basically people are going to make their own decisions. And Hollywood gives us other options, but I don`t think anybody is turning to Oprah and saying, "Well, Oprah is not married, I`m not going to be married either."


KERNER: But I think we do look at these people and we see, wow, they are very powerful individuals, they have a real sense of identity. And, you know, they don`t need a piece of paper to tell them that they are a couple. In fact, they don`t want to lose their identities potentially in a marriage. They want to be together and still be strong individuals.

LUDWIG: I think what`s important to realize is that marriage doesn`t mean something positive to everybody. In some cases, marriage is something very negative and hurtful.


LUDWIG: And so people make the decision to not be married as a way to feel intimate with somebody and not be in a situation where they are vulnerable.

HAMMER: Or perhaps to have sort of a way out. I mean, sitting right there on that couch where you are recently telling me he doesn`t need to be married...


HAMMER: ... Gene Simmons, the front man of KISS. He and Shannon Tweed, his model wife, have been unmarried, as they like to call it, for over 23 years.


HAMMER: And he says he likes having that little escape pod. That doesn`t seem like a good thing to me, though.

KERNER: No, it actually is, because it`s a way of breathing inside the relationship, especially if you have fears of commitment, if you`ve had bad experiences. It`s also a way of sort of staying on your toes and saying, "Hey, there is no taking each other for granted `till death do us part."

LUDWIG: That`s true.

KERNER: Like, "We`ve got to, like, be great together all the time or I`m out of here."

LUDWIG: And I also think probably Gene Simmons is a little bit rebellious in that he might be more traditional than he would like to admit. And the reality is, in some ways, everybody gives themselves a way out if they are unhappy, whether they`re married or not married. Nobody wants to be in a relationship where they`re going to be miserable.

HAMMER: And very quickly now, we just saw Brad and Angelina have a baby. That can certainly change the dynamic of a relationship. But so can getting...

LUDWIG: It certainly will.

HAMMER: ... so can getting into a marriage.

KERNER: Yes, absolutely.

LUDWIG: There you go.

KERNER: And I just think for Brad and Angelina, whether they stay married -- whether they get married or stay cohabitating, they should just really create a model of love for their children, because that`s what matters most.

HAMMER: Dr. Ian Kerner, thank you very much for joining us, the author of "She Comes First."

And Dr. Robi Ludwig, the host of "One Week to Save Your Marriage," which airs Monday nights on TLC.

Thanks for joing us.

LUDWIG: Thank you.

HAMMER: Thanks.

ANDERSON: And now we want to hear from you. It`s our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Question of the Day." Unmarried in Hollywood: Is it better not to tie the knot?

Vote at, and send us an e-mail, We appreciate your thoughts.

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Jon Bon Jovi sets the record straight about the ugly Richie Sambora- Heather Locklear-Denise Richards mess. We`ll get into that next.

Plus, we`ve got this...


ANNA NICOLE SMITH, ACTRESS: I think you`re totally cool. And I think we`re about to have our babies around the same time. And, I don`t know, I`d just love to meet you. I think that would be great (ph).


ANDERSON: Will Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears be changing diapers together? Tonight, why these mommies to be could become best baby buddies. Imagine that.

HAMMER: And the sexiest of the sexy. Tonight, we`ve got your very first look at the celebrity list that`s the talk of Hollywood.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT steams things up with the sizzling stars of 2006.

ANDERSON: First, tonight`s "Entertainment Weekly" "Great American Pop Culture Quiz." What was the name of the U.S. president played by Harrison Ford in the 1997 movie "Air Force One"? Richard Kimble, James Marshall, Jack Ryan, or John Book?

Think about it. We`ll be right back.


ANDERSON: So again, tonight`s "Entertainment Weekly" "Great American Pop Culture Quiz." What was the name of the U.S. president played by Harrison Ford in the 1997 movie "Air Force One"? Was it Richard Kimble, James Marshall, Jack Ryan or John Book?

The answer is B, James Marshall.

HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

It`s time now for a story that made us say "That`s ridiculous!"

Well, the guy who walked through the Great Wall of China and made the Statue of Liberty disappear says he has found something truly amazing. He found something this time. Yes, David Copperfield claims to have located the legendary Fountain of Youth in the southern Bahamas.

Now, Copperfield says he has brought back dead leaves and bugs to life just by putting them into the water. Just like magic.

Copperfield recently spent $50 million for the island chain. He`s hired biologists to check all of this out, but if you believe all of this, I`ve got a little bridge I want to sell you.

Brooke, it could be the new botox right there in the Bahamas.

ANDERSON: Oh, it could be, but, you know, he`s not inviting visitors to swim in it or take a drink from it until these biologists and geologists examine it to find out the potential effects on human beings. But, you know, he is the master of deception, of illusion. So I don`t kind of buy it, A.J.

HAMMER: Yes, but we`ve still got to say, David Copperfield`s fountain of youth, "That`s Ridiculous!"

Of course, if it turns out to be true, we`ll be drinking from it.

ANDERSON: Yes, we will.

HAMMER: Well, Jon Bon Jovi is now speaking out about the nasty Richie Sambora-Heather Locklear-Denise Richards marriage mess. It`s kind of complicated, but the rocker sat down for an interview with CNN`s own Larry King to set the record straight about Sambora, a Bon Jovi guitarist, and Locklear`s marriage ended, and if all this is affecting the band.


LARRY KING, HOST, "LARRY KING LIVE": Your band mate, Richie Sambora, made a lot of headlines with the breakup of his marriage to Heather Locklear.

How did that affect the band?

JON BON JOVI, SINGER: It`s been a hard year for Richie. He celebrated a birthday this week and we -- you know, as I talked to the guys on the way out to the stage last night, I said, "You know, let`s just start the year fresh. Happy birthday, pal. Last year is behind you."

He didn`t look for this to happen. He didn`t want it to happen. He`s a doting dad who adores his daughter, and it`s heartbreaking not only for him and his parents and his daughter, but for Heather, too.

That all said, it didn`t do anything else to affect us, you know. He`s the pillar of, you know, greatness.

KING: Who left who? She left him?

BON JOVI: You know the tabloids will say one thing, but honestly it was a long time coming. They were both -- it was time, yes.

KING: Yes.

How`s it going with him and Denise Richards?

BON JOVI: I think it`s actually going rather well, you know, and...

KING: Have you seen them together?

BON JOVI: Sure. She`s on the road with us occasionally. She seems like a very nice girl. And, you know, I hope he finds peace.


HAMMER: Now, there have been whispers that Denise Richards stole Richie from Heather, her best friend. But Denise says no way, she and Heather had a falling out before she started dating him.

Follow all that?

ANDERSON: Twelve-year-old Dakota Fanning will appear in a shockingly explicit scene for an upcoming movie. And the news has raised a lot of eyebrows. In fact, it has drawn so much attention, it has put a new focus on child actors in Hollywood and the challenges they face in the adult world of show business.

With me tonight here in Hollywood, 8-year-old Ryan Newman who is starring with Tim Allen, Chevy Chase and Courteney Cox in the new film "Zoom". And Ryan is here with her parents, Jody and Rick.

Welcome to you all.



ANDERSON: Thanks for being here.

RICK NEWMAN: Thank you.

ANDERSON: Hey, Ryan, you must be pretty excited about this film. Congratulations. How are you feeling?

RYAN NEWMAN, STARS IN "ZOOM": I`m feeling very great. And thank you.

I am so excited. I hope all my friends are seeing it right now. And they probably have already when it came out because they know about it.

And I`m very excited. It`s been so exciting. This is my lead role.

ANDERSON: That`s right. Well, we are very excited for you. And so well spoken. I`m quite impressed.

Now, Rick, "Zoom" is, of course, a harmless film. No controversy here. It is rated PG. But I`m sure you do get some scripts that have scenes that you wouldn`t be comfortable with Ryan participating in.


ANDERSON: How do you gauge what she should do and what she shouldn`t do?

RICK NEWMAN: It`s really dependent upon what she is exposed to from her dialogue. One thing people usually don`t realize is that, when there is adult content when a kid`s involved, they usually try not to expose the child even though they may be situated in the same scene.

So what we do is, we try to look at what it is that she is actually saying, the dialogue that might be to her, and if we have to explain certain things that we don`t feel comfortable with, we pass.

ANDERSON: And there is the magic of editing.

JODI ANDERSON: Absolutely.

ANDERSON: Explain that, Jody. A lot of people may not realize.

J. NEWMAN: They may not realize. They see a child, you know, sitting on a couch in a scene where something is going on that they would never want their child to be exposed to, when in reality the child is not on the couch at the same time as that scene was even shot. You know, they split, you know, the screen, they edit whatever they do. It`s movie magic.

ANDERSON: You`re right. Hollywood can create...

J. NEWMAN: Exactly.

ANDERSON: It`s an interesting point to make.

And Ryan, you knew when you were, what, 2 years old you wanted to be an actress?

RYAN NEWMAN: Yes, I knew at 2 years old.

ANDERSON: How did you know? What do you love about acting?

RYAN NEWMAN: I don`t know. I like the challenge of it, and get to be in another person`s body and be in a fairytale, basically. Like, "Zoom," I get to be a superhero that I could never be and get locked (ph) in a box.

ANDERSON: So it`s make believe.


ANDERSON: Fun for you.

Well, Jody, was there ever any trepidation on your part? Because you do hear the horror stories about what child actors are subjected to on the sets of television shows and movies.

J. NEWMAN: Absolutely. I mean, the industry in general, it`s -- it`s not what you want to expose your child to at any age. And you would hope that they wouldn`t want to do it -- for me anyway. But, you know, she was relentless.

At 2 years old she started on us. And at 3 and a half my husband finally said, "Just go get some head shots taken of her already." You know, it`s not going away. And so...

RYAN NEWMAN: And I was pointing to this TV screen and magazines and say, "I do that! I do that!"

ANDERSON: Well, how do you keep her grounded?

RICK NEWMAN: We ground her.


ANDERSON: Have you been grounded, Ryan?

RYAN NEWMAN: Yes. A lot of times. From acting, basically. Auditions and stuff.


Well, clearly, she is doing it because she wants to do it, not because you`re a showbiz mom or dad. But there are many cases in Hollywood where you see parents living through their children.

What do you see? Where do you see that happening?

J. NEWMAN: Oh, I see a lot of that. In particular at auditions, and on the sets, you know. It was one thing Ryan never understood at a young age...

ANDERSON: You`re laughing, Ryan.

RYAN NEWMAN: The kids would be crying and sobbing before they go in auditions or go on the set. And then their parents would just push them in because they wanted them to do it. And they would be crying in the audition.

ANDERSON: And you didn`t understand, because...

RYAN NEWMAN: I didn`t understand. I was like...

ANDERSON: A clear difference between someone who wants to do it than others who don`t.


J. NEWMAN: "Why are they crying? Why are they crying?" And then she never understood why they got out they got candy and they`d go to the toy store.


ANDERSON: Well, clearly, I know you are faced with some difficult decisions, and it seemed like you worked really hard to make the right ones.

Ryan, Jody, Rick, thank you both -- thank you all so much for being here. We appreciate it.

J. NEWMAN: Thanks for having us.

ANDERSON: And "Zoom," Ryan`s new film, is playing in theaters right now.

HAMMER: A reminder that SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is now on seven nights a week. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show has arrived on your weekends. So you can join us on Saturday and Sunday, as well as Monday through Friday, at 11:00 p.m. Eastern, 8:00 Pacific.

ANDERSON: "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria is gorgeous, but she actually used to get taesd for her looks. Her revealing interview next.

HAMMER: Also, will Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears be changing diapers together? Oh, my goodness.

Tonight, why these mommies to be could become best baby buddies. Imagine that.


HAMMER: Snakes on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, it`s happening.


ANDERSON: I`m sure glad I didn`t get this one. You probably heard of the new movie "Snakes on a Plane," but how about snakes on an A.J.?

More of our chat with "Snakes" star Samuel L. Jackson. It`s the interview you will see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


ANDERSON: Eva Longoria is one hot star on one of the hottest TV shows on TV, "Desperate Housewives." But get this, growing up she felt like an ugly duckling next to her three sisters. That`s one of the many surprising things she revealed in the new issue of "Jane" magazine.

Eva says, "People would walk up to my mom and go, `Your daughters are so beautiful,` and then say, `What`s that?` I`d be like, `Hey!` But it makes you develop humor."

We think she turned out just fine. Longoria also gets into the nonstop scrutiny of the cast of the hit ABC show. "Nobody wants to read how wonderful these women are and how we all get along. If it were a show with all men, it wouldn`t be an issue."

Read more in the September issue of "Jane" on newsstands August 22nd.

HAMMER: Coming up, how Samuel L. Jackson fought to get the rating of "Snakes on a Plane" changed. It is the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

We`ve also got this...


SMITH: I think you`re totally cool, and I think we`re about to have our babies around the same time. And, I don`t know, I just would love to meet you. I think that would be great (ph).


ANDERSON: Also, will Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears be changing diapers together? Tonight, why these mommies to be could be best baby buddies.

Could you imagine?

HAMMER: We can only hope. We can only hope.

We`re also going to get into the sexiest of the sexy. Tonight, we have your very first look at the sexy celebrity list that`s all the talk in Hollywood.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is going to steam things up. That is still to come.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for Wednesday night is coming right back.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. This is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

Say A.J., we are steaming things up here tonight. We`ve got your first look at the sexiest of the sexy. It`s a new celebrity list. It`s out, and it`s got everybody talking. Somebody we work with even made the cut. We`re going to have that coming up.

HAMMER: Wait til you see who it is. Although you can probably guess.

ANDERSON: That`s right.

HAMMER: Also tonight, Part 2 with of my sitdown with Samuel L. Jackson. Now last night, we saw him tell me exactly how he reacted when he found out that studio executives wanted to change the name of his film "Snakes on a Plane" to something else. He wasn`t happy out about that.

Well, when he found they wanted to slap a "PG-13" rating on it instead of an "R" rating, also not happy. He`s going to tell me exactly what he think was missing from the original script.

ANDERSON: And what Sam wanted, Sam got, right?

HAMMER: You know that. It`s the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

But first, something that always sends shivers of guilty pleasure up the collective spine of the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom: Anna Nicole Smith has a brand new video on her Web site. And in this one, she`s asking Britney Spears to be her friend.

Do not stray from this video clip.


ANNA NICOLE SMITH, ENTERTAINER: I wanted to say to Britney Spears: if you see this for some oddball reason - because I look at your stuff, too - and you want to be friends, I would so much love to hang out with you. I think you`re totally cool, and I think we`re about to have our babies around the same time. And I don`t know, I would just love to meet you. (INAUDIBLE)

So if you want to get in touch, you can call me lawyer, my best friend, my confidant Howard Stern. I think everyone has his number. He`ll give it out to you, Britney.

Take cares (ph), and I hope that you do great on your second pregnancy. I`m sure you won`t even see this, but if you do, I`d really love to talk to you. Bye.


ANDERSON: Oh, that would be an interesting pair of pregnant buddies, to say the least.

So what`s it like to be Britney Spears, the mom with baby number two on the way? "People" magazine has just gotten the exclusive for their new issue coming out Friday, and we`ve got your first look.

With me tonight in Hollywood, deputy bureau chief for "People" magazine Brian Alexander.

Brian, good to see you.


ANDERSON: Good evening.

So you guys have gotten a lot of information about - out of Britney, things that we haven`t heard before. And you know, Bryan, a lot of people were really surprised that Britney got pregnant so soon after her having her first child, Sean Preston. There was talk of her making a comeback with her career. Then she announced, she`s expecting again.

In fact, she confesses to you guys that it was an accident. What does she say?

ALEXANDER: It`s a big surprise for everyone, but a happy surprise. And Britney`s all about family. So this was going to happen sooner or later. I guess it happened sooner.

ANDERSON: Big surprise. But as you say, a happy surprise.


ANDERSON: We do wish them well.

Now let`s get to Kevin Federline. You know, Bryan, the tabloids, the gossip blogs have been extremely hard on this guy. All the speculation that Britney`s just done with him, that she`s kicked him out of the house.

But Britney sets the record straight on K-Fed.

ALEXANDER: She does. She does.

ANDERSON: What does she say?

ALEXANDER: He`s very supportive, actually. And he`s there to give her help in every way. Most importantly, he rubs her feet. And that`s a very key (INAUDIBLE).

She has - gets sore feet, and he takes care of it.

ANDERSON: All that dancing she does, you can`t have too many feet rubs, I guess.

ALEXANDER: Absolutely.

ANDERSON: Too many foot rubs.

Now Britney has come under a lot of criticism for her driving mishap with Sean Preston, to how she appeared in the "Dateline" interview with Matt Lauer.

What does she say? Is she hurt by all the criticism? Does it bother her?

ALEXANDER: I think anyone would be hurt by that. But I think Britney`s just trying to push that past her and look ahead. And right now, she`s looking ahead to - to motherhood. And that`s a key thing for her.

I mean, she`s got an 11-month-old already who keeps her very busy, and she`s got another one on the way. So she`s kind of put that aside and just kind of moving on.

ANDERSON: With the first pregnancy, she says that she gained about 50 to 60 pounds, with Sean Preston.


ANDERSON: With this child - go ahead.

ALEXANDER: She was shocked by that. I think she was a little flabbergasted that it happened.

ANDERSON: It happens. You get pregnant, you gain weight.

ALEXANDER: Absolutely.

ANDERSON: With this one, she has gained around 40 pounds.

ALEXANDER: Yes. Well, she.

ANDERSON: Does she seem concerned about getting back in shape, Bryan? About getting back to her fighting weight?

ALEXANDER: Well, I think first and foremost she wants to have a healthy child, like anybody else. But once that`s done, and once the doctor gives her the OK, she can bet she`s going to be in the gym and she`s going to be working out and she`s going to be cutting down on the carbs and she`s going to be in great shape, and she`s going to be the same Britney, but even better.

ANDERSON: So do you get the sense from the interview that as soon as she`s had this baby, she`s going to get right back to focusing on her career? Is she itching to get back in the game?

ALEXANDER: I think she`s definitely itching. But I think she`s very much in a family place right now. She`s thinking about her kids, and the kids are the most important thing for her.

But, I mean, everything careerwise has just been rescheduled a little further in the distance. So once she starts focusing back on the career, she will put her intensity on it, and it`s - and then she`s going to rock.

ANDERSON: All right. Bryan Alexander, thanks so much for sharing this exclusive interview with us. Bryan Alexander.

ALEXANDER: Thank you.

ANDERSON: .from "People" magazine.

And you can read the exclusive interview with Britney Spears in "People" magazine, which hits newsstands on Friday.

HAMMER: In tonight`s "SHOWBIZ Showcase," "All the King`s Men," starring Sean Penn and Jude Law. It is based on the 1946 Pulitzer Prize- winning novel by Robert Penn Warren. It`s the story of a man with a passion for power who becomes corrupted by his own success.

Here`s your first look at the trailer.



SEAN PENN, ACTOR: Listen to me - listen here. If you don`t vote, you don`t matter. And then you`re just as ignorant as them in the city say you are. Why they still have acted (INAUDIBLE)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jack (ph), (INAUDIBLE) this fellow who thinks he Jesus Christ come down off the cross.

PENN: It`s up to you to nail up any bastard gets between you and the roads and the bridges and the schools and the food you need. You give me the hammer, and I`ll do it! Nail em up! Nail em up! Nail em up! (ph)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (INAUDIBLE). I seen a man crushed with what the powers can be (ph). I see Willie Stark and he`s come now to the great state of Louisiana.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: These are some powerful people that you`re talking about taking money from.

PENN: They ain`t the power. The power`s in the hands of the powerless. And those hands are handing it to me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Certain features of your (INAUDIBLE) service came to my attention.

PENN: Somebody done something (INAUDIBLE), Pa. In the dirt.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Jack, what are you doing for that man?

JUDE LAW, ACTOR: That man?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Whatever it is, don`t.

PENN: I need Judge Irwin (INAUDIBLE)


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There is a line between what is acceptable and what is not. Now the governor has stepped over that line using means that are inappropriate.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There is a price to pay for everything you do.

PENN: Bastards are hounding (ph) at my gate. Am I alone in this?

LAW: I don`t know why I work for you, but it ain`t for love or money.

PENN: You work for me because I`m the way I am, and you`re the way you are. And that system has (INAUDIBLE)


PENN: Your will is my strength. Your need is my justice. Now they want to ruin me because they want to ruin you. And I won`t let them!


HAMMER: I bet Sean Penn`s going to get lots of attention for this role.

"All the King`s Men" comes to theaters on September 22.

ANDERSON: Well, you don`t have to wait until then to find SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on seven nights a week. That`s right; we are bringing TV`s most provocative entertainment news show to your weekends. Be sure to check us out: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Saturday and Sunday, 11 p.m. Eastern. That`s 8 Pacific.

Paris Hilton has made "The Guinness Book of World Records"? We`ll tell you how next in a story that made us say "That`s Ridiculous!"

Plus, the sexiest stars in Hollywood. The style - "InStyle" magazine out with its annual list. We`re going to tell you who made the cute. That is coming up.

We`ll also have this:


HAMMER: Snakes on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s happening.


ANDERSON: Woo! By now, you`ve probably heard of "Snakes on a Plane." But what about snakes on an A.J.? A.J. sits down with Samuel L. Jackson and another special guest coming up in the interview you will see only right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: It`s time now for a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Birthday Shoutout," the portion of the program where we give the fans a chance to wish their favorite stars a happy birthday.

Tonight, we`re sending one out to Madonna. Hard to believe she`s celebrating her 48th birthday today.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hi, Madonna. I`m Orville (ph). Happy birthday.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hi, I`m Rashay (ph). Happy nice day (ph).



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We think you`re a great performer, and we want to wish you all the best.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: On your very special birthday.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Dissolve. Stand by your break.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Music, make your music, effect. Ready A.J.`s mike. A.J.`s mike, dissolve Q. Make your move.

HAMMER: Thank you, Ellie Lazar (ph).

And welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

It`s time now for another story that made us say, "That`s Ridiculous!" And yet again, this is one coming from the Paris Hilton files.

It turns out, Ms. Hilton has actually made it into "The Guinness Book of World Records." Would you like to know why? Well, let me tell you. In the 2007 edition, Paris will be listed as the most overrated celebrity - I think an appropriate title, ladies and gentlemen.

The Guinness people say it`s because a bunch of magazine polls showed that she was people`s least favorite and most overrated star. So I guess ridiculous that she`s in the book, but kind of appropriate.

ANDERSON: Kind of appropriate. She knows she`s famous for being famous, and she makes no apologies. She does what she does.

But Paris Hilton in "The Guinness Book of World Records" -- now, "That`s Ridiculous!"

And A.J., you might not believe it, but there is one list Paris Hilton didn`t top. It`s "InStyle"`s "Sexy Poll." Readers voted online for their favorite sexy celebrities. Some are attractive, desirable, provocative, even comedic. But they all have that certain something that just makes you want more.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Jack! Jack! Jack! You`re not giving it to me!

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re not giving it to me!

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t have it to give!

ANDERSON (voice-over): Debra Messing`s character on "Will and Grace" had to work at the sex factor. But "InStyle"`s readers think it comes easy for Miss Messing, and have picked as the "Sexiest Sitcom Actress" for the second year in a row.

HONOR BRODIE, FEATURES EDITOR, "INSTYLE": We had a lot repeats from last year, who were sexy last year, is again sexy this year.



ANDERSON: Dr. McDreamy, better known as "Grey Anatomy"`s Patrick Dempsey is the "InStyle" for "Sexiest Male TV Drama Star."

BRODIE: I have to agree with our readers. I love Patrick Dempsey. He`s the perfect example of someone becoming sexier with age.

ANDERSON: Another perfect example: "Desperate Housewives" star 41- year-old Teri Hatcher, one of "InStyle"`s favorites for pulling off sexy in Hollywood over 40.

BRODIE: Like, Teri Hatcher, she has the advantage of having a real comeback and a - being on a show that our readers love. And she also takes great care of herself.

ANDERSON: And then there`s George Clooney, not only named for pulling off sexy over 40, but also picked as "InStyle"`s "Sexiest Leading Man."

BRODIE: George Clooney, our readers cannot get enough of him.

ANDERSON: Nor can they get enough of the epitome of sexy, mother of now three, "InStyle"`s "Sexiest Leading Lady," Angelina Jolie.

And wouldn`t you know it? She and boyfriend Brad Pitt are "InStyle"`s single favorite "Sexiest Couple."

Then there is the "Who`s sexier?" question. The winners: Nicole Kidman and her new hubby Keith Urban are sexier than Nicole`s ex, Tom Cruise and fianc'e Katie Holmes.

And Lindsay Lohan, who beats out archrival Paris Hilton in the battle of "Who`s Sexy Now?"

And get this:

BRODIE: Our readers like Nick and Jessica as single people on their own rather than a couple.

ANDERSON: Yes, that`s right: "InStyle" readers believe the newlyweds each became sexier once they were separated.

Going now from couples to crooners.


ANDERSON: "American Idol"`s runner-up Clay Aiken is no runner-up in the "Sexiest Crooner" category. He is "InStyle"`s readers` No. 1 choice.


ANDERSON: Beyonce was the "Sexiest Songbird" for `04 and `05, but got the bump in 2006 for none other than.


ANDERSON: .country`s golden girl, Faith Hill.

And keeping it all in the family, let`s give a hand to the No. 1 news personality with style: CNN`s own Anderson Cooper is sexy 360.

BRODIE: He`s sexy and he`s smart. Plus, he`s gotten some great scoops, from his amazing reporting during Katrina to snagging the interview with Angelina. We could not get enough.


ANDERSON: You can find "InStyle"`s 9th annual "Sexy Poll" in the issue featuring Drew Barrymore on the cover. It`s on newsstands Friday.

HAMMER: "Snakes on a Plane": the movie finally hitting theaters this weekend with an "R" rating. And that is something about which Samuel L. Jackson couldn`t be happier. Usually the stars are afraid of "R" ratings. But you heard right: Jackson actually pushed producers to add language, nudity and a whole lot of snakes to the film. And when I sat down with Sam to talk about, he really let loose.


HAMMER: So this thing originally had a "PG-13" rating.


HAMMER: Come on.

JACKSON: Yes, that`s what we kept saying, the whole time we were shooting. It was like, It needs to be a little stronger. We got to - we got to find a way, you know, to make sure the people see the snakeheads. And it`s hard for me to go through a whole movie without saying my trademark phrase, especially in the snake full of - plane full of snakes. You don`t run around with a plane full of snakes, going, Gosh golly, you know.

Gee whiz!

HAMMER: I guess - I guess that wouldn`t work.

JACKSON: Gee whiz!

HAMMER: All right. So let`s talk about that - what has become the trademark phrase, because it is - I actually can`t remember a time where there was an iconic line from a movie before the movie ever came out.


HAMMER: And, would you indulge me with the line?

JACKSON: I`ve had enough of these (BLEEP) snakes on this (BLEEP) plane!

HAMMER: See, I can understand why you would need a line like that in a movie like this.


HAMMER: But now that line came from the fans, correct?


HAMMER: Or has that been overplayed a little bit?

JACKSON: I don`t know that it`s been overplayed. I know that they know that that`s what needed to be said, and I said it before I actually read it. But you only get so many (BLEEP) in so many (BLEEP) in a "PG" movie. And it`s kind of, like, OK, Sam, we`ve used up, and we can`t - we definitely can`t use (BLEEP). So you can`t say it. So, it`s like, Well, this is crazy.

Well, can I say it anyway and you shoot it and we keep - (INAUDIBLE), no, just don`t. But I did it.

HAMMER: They didn`t even want it on film.

JACKSON: No. No. They - it`s, like, don`t even waste your time doing it, because we`re just going to have it throw it away.

But, you know, audiences understand that it`s - it`s kind of cool that - I think I`m an audience member a lot of times because I watch a lot of films and I watch specific kinds of films, or I enjoy specific kinds of films more than I enjoy other (INAUDIBLE).

And while - and they do, too. And we kind of had the same (INAUDIBLE). It`s kind of - there`s no way is going to fly without that. There`s no way this movie is going to fly without you seeing, you know, some naked people in a bathroom, you know, having sex.

Because, you know, there are certain things that have to happen in certain genres of film. You know, when kids go camping, and the killer`s out there in the woods, you know, a couple of get killed making love naked. Somebody`s naked, in a shower or in a bed. And that`s how they die. And on a plane, how do you get people naked? Put in the bathroom trying to join the mile-high club. Got to have that. So you got to have some nudity. You got to have - you know, got to have some people getting bit really good in some really strange places.

That`s what happens. That`s what sells. And they know it, I know it. And they finally convinced the suits that be that those things were needed.

HAMMER: And an "R" rating it is.

JACKSON: "R" rating is perfect.

HAMMER: Right on.

JACKSON: So even the kids that can`t get in are going to make their big brothers taken them.

HAMMER: Exactly.

JACKSON: You know, so, there you have it.

HAMMER: And - and finally, once the movie is out and people will actually get to see what they`ve talking about all this time - but they`ve been talking. And they`ve been talking.


HAMMER: And it is unprecedented the - the amount of - the snowball effect of publicity that has happened, and having influence perhaps on a line making it into the movie.

JACKSON: Oh, that`s great.

HAMMER: So what do you make - what do you make of that? What do you make of the fans actually having input into your character? Because obviously, they think they know Sam Jackson and what is right for Sam Jackson, despite the variety of films you`ve done.

JACKSON: Well, they know that there is a certain iconographic type of character that I can play, that I`ve done in specific kinds of films, especially films that have a - quote - unquote - "hero" in them.

HAMMER: Right.

JACKSON: And he reacts in a tough way, the badass. He talks a certain way. And there are certain things that have to happen that satisfy that criteria. And they know what they are. And thankfully, they wrote them, they said it out loud. And enough people did it that all of a sudden, it was OK for the studio to say, OK, let the fans have it.


JACKSON: We`re going to do what they want and see if we can, you know, make this movie better we thought we had it, which is what most of us they should have done from the beginning.

And I applaud them for doing it, you know? Because they made my job easier. Because I`d still be fussing, you know? Saying, you know, you`re - you`re losing those $15 million by not having the (BLEEP) in this movie, OK? And a snake on it.

HAMMER: And that`s what it takes.

JACKSON: That`s what it takes. That`s what it takes, you know? Let me say (BLEEP), please. Always works for me.



HAMMER: I`d kind of like to tell you a couple of those words that he - he said there that he - he said there that we had to bleep out. Sorry.

ANDERSON: Right, the expletives that he wanted included in the movie.

But, you know, A.J., it`s not just about snakes on a plane. It`s also about snakes on you, A.J. Hammer.

HAMMER: Yes. Yes.


HAMMER: Snakes on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s happening.


ANDERSON: A.J, did Sam just have the snake in his backpocket? I mean, what happened? What were you thinking here?

HAMMER: No, it wasn`t in his backpocket.

No, actually, Brooke - I actually had an opportunity to hang out with the snake trainer, the guy who had a - a dream job by bringing all these snakes into this particular movie. Would - would you not have handled the snake?

ANDERSON: I`m sure it wasn`t poisonous, right?

HAMMER: Not at all.

ANDERSON: As long as it wasn`t poisonous.

HAMMER: It plays - but it plays a poisonous snake in the movie, believe it or not.

ANDERSON: Right. I probably would have done it. I`m a bit of a daredevil at times.

HAMMER: All right. It was a lot of fun though. And the movie`s finally opening this weekend. We`ll see what it all does.

ANDERSON: Yes, we will.

HAMMER: Moving on now, Denis Leary plays a fireman on TV, of course. But you may not know that he also helps them out in real life. The "Rescue Me" star has a foundation. It`s called The Leary Firefighter Foundation. And the actor was on hand to donate a $250,000 fireboat to the Boston Fire Department. Leary`s cousin was a firefighter; he was killed while he was fighting a warehouse fire back in 1999. And in the six years the foundation has been in existence, it has raised $7 million for firefighting equipment and training.


DENIS LEARY, ACTOR: For me, wouldn`t you want them to have the best equipment and the best training, so that when they got there, they knew exactly what to do and how to do it in the best possible way? That`s what I think.


HAMMER: Leary`s foundation has also donated equipment to the New Orleans fire stations. Leary said he couldn`t believe that in a city completely surrounded with water, not one fire station had one rescue boat.

ANDERSON: Last night, we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Question of the Day": "Hollywood Breakups: Is it harder for stars to stay together?" Seventy-six percent of you say "yes"; 24 percent of you say "no."

Stay with us. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is coming right back.


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And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

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