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Are Stars Getting Married Too Young?; Celeb Spouses We Love to Hate; Plastic Surgeon Shares Secrets; Counting Down to the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Wedding; Writer Immortalizes Infamous Celebrity Mishaps In Book; Actor Jack Palance Has Died; Ed Bradley Has Died

Aired November 23, 2006 - 19:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is the only entertainment news show in Italy, snooping around to find out exactly where Tom and Katie are getting hitched.
I`m A.J. Hammer. We`re in New York.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: And your very first look at "Spiderman III", and it looks really fantastic.

I`m Brooke Anderson. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


HAMMER (voice-over): On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, getting married too young. Tonight, does the Britney Spears divorce shocker prove that you should wait before walking down the aisle, because you might end up fighting in court?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT asks the controversial question: does getting hitched in your 20s lead to divorce disaster?

A SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special report. Tonight, plastic surgery secrets with on of Hollywood`s hottest plastic surgeons, "Dr. 90210`s" Robert Rey.

ROBERT REY, PLASTIC SURGEON: We`re going to talk about breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction.

HAMMER: Tonight, it`s Rey`s anatomy as SHOWBIZ TONIGHT nips and tucks its way through the startling plastic surgery stories you haven`t heard before.


HAMMER: Friday night is on. I`m A.J. Hammer. We`re coming at you from New York City.

ANDERSON: Welcome to the weekend. I`m Brooke Anderson.

And we begin tonight with a special report you`ll see only here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Tonight, we have some advice for young stars in Hollywood who are even thinking about getting married.

Take a good hard look at Britney Spears. After Britney`s shocking divorce filing this week from hubby Kevin Federline, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT did some digging, and what we found is that getting married too young in Hollywood can be a walk right down the aisle to divorce court.


ANDERSON (voice-over): Britney and Kevin, Reese and Ryan, Kate and Chris, young, rich, and on their way to divorce court.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re looking great. You`re looking great.

ANDERSON: At just 24 years old, pop princess Britney Spears is reported to be worth as much as $300 million. She`s also failed at marriage, twice.

ROBI LUDWIG, TLC`S "ONE WEEK TO SAVE A MARRIAGE": When people get married younger, they`re more inclined to get divorced, because maybe they marry for the wrong reasons. Maybe they marry just because the chemistry`s right.

BRITNEY SPEARS, SINGER: Our sex is so good.

ANDERSON: Britney wasn`t shy about the chemistry she had with Kevin Federline. The two dated for six months before becoming Mr. and Mrs. Spears in 2004.

Two years, two kids and many tabloid stories later, she`s decided to go solo. Her marriage, the latest on the growing heap of divorces in Hollywood.

DR. GAIL SALTZ, PSYCHIATRIST: I think celebrity couples are under extraordinary scrutiny and that that makes having a marriage, which already has about a 50/50 chance of surviving, if you look at overall national statistics, that many more times harder.

ANDERSON: With their all-American good looks and two adorable children, Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon and her handsome husband, Ryan Phillippe, were once seen as a Hollywood marriage that worked. When they first met at Reese`s birthday party, she was just 21. He was not even 23. They married two years later.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that may have been a mistake.

SALTZ: Reese Witherspoon becomes this major actress, is very successful. And even though she tried to help her husband feel comfortable with it, ultimately it was something he couldn`t tolerate.

ANDERSON: And then there`s Kate Hudson, a spitting image of her mom, Goldie Hawn, who won our hearts when she played a rock band groupie in the movie, "Almost Famous".

KATE HUDSON, ACTRESS: Groupies sleep with rock stars because they want to be near someone famous.

ANDERSON: That same year when she was just 21 years old, she married Chris Robinson, the front man for the popular band, the Black Crowes.

HUDSON: Married life is more than I ever thought it would be.

ANDERSON: Kate Hudson, a bride at 21, a mom four years later, and separated last summer.

SALTZ: Under 25 is potentially a risk factor for a marriage. You have left self-confidence going into a marriage.

ANDERSON: The experts SHOWBIZ TONIGHT talked with tell us that all couples, not just the rich and famous, can dramatically cut the likelihood of divorce by waiting until 25 to marry. That`s partially because during the early 20s, the brain literally is not equipped to make such life altering decisions.

LUDWIG: There`s the part of our brain that`s in charge of making, you know, sound decisions that really isn`t fully developed until -- until we`re older.

It`s almost like buying your favorite shoe that`s really expensive when you`re a 10-year-old. Well, you might enjoy it for a year, but it`s not going to do you a lot of practical good when you`re 30.

ANDERSON: Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson can probably attest to that. We all got a glimpse into their reality as newlyweds on their MTV show.

JESSICA SIMPSON, SINGER: Nicholas Scott, you know that is true.

ANDERSON: But the stress of the spotlight and demands of a public life caught up with them. Jessica Simpson, she was 22 when she said, "I do." She was 25 when she said, "I don`t anymore" and split with Nick.

LUDWIG: When you`re young and you`re romantic and you`re successful and you have money and you see this cute guy, you think, why can`t I make it last forever?

ANDERSON: Nicole Kidman was 22 when she tied the knot with Tom Cruise. Sparks flew on the set of their movie, "Days of Thunder". Their marriage lasted 10 years.

LUDWIG: They`re making movies about happily ever after and probably fool themselves to thinking this could be me. At least that`s the hope.

ANDERSON: So what`s a young star to do? From what SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has discovered, here`s some advice.

Maybe take a page out of Lindsay Lohan`s book: date around, sow you oats, have a good time. But you might want to wait a few birthdays before you take the plunge.


ANDERSON: So what do you think? Is getting married in your early 20s a recipe for divorce disaster? Married at 22: was Britney Spears too young? Keep voting at Write us to at that address: We`re going to read some of your e-mails Monday.

HAMMER: Now, the shocking news of the Britney/Kevin split was greeted by plenty of cheers from lots of people, including right here at the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff, and that`s because basically so many people were thinking that K-Fed wasn`t good enough for one of America`s sweethearts.

That set us here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT thinking who are the celebrity spouses that we have all loved to hate over the years? Let`s get right now to a lady we love having with us on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, celebrity journalist Pat Lalama, joining us from Hollywood.

And I mean from in the bottom of my heart, Pat.


HAMMER: I don`t know what the deal is with this Kevin Federline. Everybody has just loved to hate this guy. Actually, I do know what the deal is. He probably was one of the most joked about celebrity spouse in history.

LALAMA: Yes, yes.

HAMMER: A lot of people didn`t like him, as I mentioned, because he kind of stole away our Britney from us. And really, that`s just the tip of the iceberg with this guy.

LALAMA: Well, come on. First of all, by the time I get done with this segment I`m going to need the witness protection program, because I`ve got two words for Kevin Federline: bow-wow, except I`m insulting my dog. OK?

So I mean, this guy, you know, do I know him? Have I ever had a conversation with him? No. So to be fair, you know.

But come on. Anyone with any smidgen of an instinct could tell you this man is not prepared for commitment, has other things on his mind.

Now I do have to say one thing, as much as we all love Britney, she did know that he was with someone else when she decided she wanted him in her life.


LALAMA: And she thought that when he left a pregnant girlfriend and also the mother of his other child, that he was suddenly going to come over to her side and change the color of his stripes. Well, I`m telling you, it`s just -- and plus, everything he`s done since then. He hasn`t even tried to be a good spouse. So as far as I`m concerned, ugh!

HAMMER: Well said, Pat. Well said. The interesting thing here that I just need to point out is before he started doing all the press for his album, which was dead on arrival, nobody liked him. And then he started doing press.

LALAMA: Right.

HAMMER: Even Brooke Anderson said, actually, you know, not such a bad guy. But we need to move on from K-Fed right now because in just a couple of weeks...

LALAMA: Seventy people showed up at his New York show, 70. I just had to get that in there.

HAMMER: Not a good sign.

Now, of course, as we know before Britney and Kevin split up, we got the news about Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

LALAMA: Right.

HAMMER: And you have to acknowledge the similarity here. Because Whitney basically, also America`s sweetheart. Bobby Brown came around and stole her away from us, and then her life basically became a train wreck.

LALAMA: Remember when she was in that movie with Kevin Costner "The Bodyguard", I think it was called. Don`t try to steal my act. I`m the singer around here. Seriously.

She was -- she was stunningly gorgeous, nice, elegant, comes from this great family, gospel people. And talk about going from here to here. I mean, I`m just going to go out on a limb and say it. He was nothing but toxicity for her, and we all know it.

And I wish -- I am so happy that she seems to be trying to get back on track. She was at Barbara Davis` big charity event last week. Apparently, she looks stunning. She was together. And I pray -- she is the one I want to make the most. I think she deserves it.

And why -- you know, what do people -- you know what, somebody once said to me, A.J., you know you just can`t help who you love. Because you know, you look at couples and go, "What does he see in her?" Sometimes you just can`t help who you love. And who knows what drew her to him, but thank the lord that she`s getting out of it.

HAMMER: It was her prerogative, and she was his candy girl. But let`s move on now. We`ve got to get to Paul McCartney. Because of course, when he married Heather Mills, even Paul`s own daughter, Stella, couldn`t stand her.

LALAMA: Right, right.

HAMMER: She was basically doomed from the start.

LALAMA: OK. I don`t like this one. I don`t like her. There`s something really smelly about her. I don`t mean physically. I don`t know. I`ve never smelled her but just something yucko (ph) about her.

But let me tell you this. Now I`m sure you can relate to this. Somewhere if your life there had to have been a girlfriend that, you know, you knew the truth about what she was like but all your friends when you said, "Man, she`s so awful," they all said, "Oh, no way. She is just so wonderful." You know there are a lot of people who can put on a good face.

Now I love Paul McCartney and I have a feeling the whole world does not want to believe he could do nothing wrong. But we don`t know the whole story here. And the more I read, maybe he didn`t always have such a happy little, you know, face with the bedroom eyes all the time.

However, I don`t think anything he`s done could compare to her lack of integrity. I mean, oh, my God, I really -- I just...

HAMMER: Pat...

LALAMA: I`m out of words, can you imagine?

HAMMER: When you used the word "smelly" I think that was enough. And we`ve got to wrap it up there. Pat Lalama, thanks for joining us from Hollywood.

LALAMA: OK. Thank you.

ANDERSON: Do you want to do some more singing while we`re at it?

Last night we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Britney`s divorce battle: Should K-Fed get the kids? And oh, boy, did we get a whole ton of e-mails.

Sorry, K-Fed, our viewers don`t really think you were daddy dearest. Only 6 percent of you say yes, K-Fed should get the kids. Ninety-four percent of you say no, he shouldn`t.

David from Hawaii is really fired up about this: "Now K-Fed can go back to being the lazy, sperm donating, white trash nobody. However, he will need to get a job."

Jill from Oklahoma thinks Brit should get the boys, but it`s not exactly a ringing endorsement. "Britney Spears is the lesser of two evils, where her poor children are concerned."

We`re going read some more of your e-mails a little later.

HAMMER: I get a little caught up in the excitement of the weekend, Brooke.

On the way, plastic surgery secrets with one of Hollywood`s hottest plastic surgeons, "Dr. 90210`s" Robert Rey. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s going to nip and tuck our way to the startling plastic surgery stories people haven`t heard before.

ANDERSON: And the TomKat wedding is just days away. Can you believe it? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is the only entertainment news show in Italy snooping -- I messed it up, too, A.J. Snooping around to find out where Tom and Katie are getting hitched.

Plus, we`ve got this.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: And remember when Hugh Grant got busted in a car with a lady of the night? Now you have it in 3-D.


HAMMER: Hugh Grant, Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson, your favorite, most outrageous celebrity meltdowns and tantrums ever, nothing like your elementary school pop-up books. That`s coming up.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

It`s time now for a story that made us say, "That`s ridiculous."

Does your life seem a little unexciting, a little dull, perhaps? Well, there`s actually men who take pride in their dull lives. They`ve even created a club called the Dull Men`s Club. They`re online at, where else,

Allow me now to share with you a few of the activities these dull men enjoy. They enjoy things like filling a bucket with wood and watching it slowly warp. Things like watching water freeze. Things like taking a visit to Jerusalem but going to their tax museum and a comb museum in China.

I am not kidding about this. That`s why we have to say a club for men so dull they needed to form a club to be dull. Now, that`s ridiculous.

ANDERSON: They call that dull fun safe excitement.

Now to the "Showbiz Weight Watch", SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s ongoing coverage of Hollywood`s obsession with body image. We cover this stuff like no other entertainment news show.

Tonight one of the most famous designers out there says he doesn`t see a problem with super skinny models. We caught up with Valentino at the Keep a Child Alive benefit in New York to raise money for AIDS victim in Africa.

He doesn`t really support the recent ban of super skinny models by Madrid, Spain`s Fashion Week, a move that spent shock waves through the fashion industry.


VALENTINO, FASHION DESIGNER: It`s very difficult for a designer to take model when they are not skinny. I`m sorry. Skinny, I don`t know what you mean about skinny.

But girl, when you present your clothes, your garment for the first time in your own way, you need to have somebody with a very elongated body. So they have been always like this, the models. I don`t know why we have to change it because Madrid came out with a fat girl.


ANDERSON: Not holding back, are you, Valentino?

So that was actress Anne Hathaway working the red carpet with him. She, of course, was wearing a Valentino dress to the event and thinks we should be looking at the bigger picture when it comes to weight.


ANNE HATHAWAY, ACTRESS: But I think -- I think more so than blaming the models or blaming the designers for having -- for having skinny girls, we should be focused on a society that tells girls that they should look like models as opposed to being beautiful human beings.


ANDERSON: Dr. Robert Rey has worked on plenty of beautiful human beings. And tonight he`s here with startling Hollywood plastic surgeon stories. You`ve seen him on the E! channel`s "Dr. 90210". And he`s got a new DVD set out called "Rey`s Anatomy: The Sensual Body". Got to love that play on phrase.

In Hollywood tonight is Dr. 90210 himself, Robert Rey.

Hi, Dr. Rey.

DR. ROBERT REY, "DR. 90210": How are you? Thank you very much.

ANDERSON: All right. Now, I`m doing well, thanks. And I want to say you`re a plastic surgeon to the stars. And you`ve actually seen -- this is really interesting to me -- you`ve actually seen some of your celebrity patients who you`ve performed surgery on deny having had plastic surgery in public.

Why do you think there is such a stigma surrounding plastic surgery in Hollywood?

REY: Well, you know, we hold these individuals, celebs and actors, at a very high standard. So when they have plastic surgery and basically take a shortcut to beauty, we feel like they`ve cheated on us.

And the other reason is that we hold them at this deity level and, you know, we don`t want to come home and watch common people do common things on TV. We sit down in front of the TV to see magical things, fantastic things. So we hold these actors at the level of deity.

So when we find out that they`re human and they`re fighting aging, in our minds it knocks them down a little bit. I think it even could jeopardize their ability to get the big salaries if people know that they`ve had lots and lots of plastic surgeries.

So it`s not a big deal. It`s a very big deal here in Hollywood.

ANDERSON: But they`re not born perfect, if people realize that.

Well, I`ve got to tell you, though, we see all these stars on the red carpet, and they just look so flawless a lot of times. And it`s really frustrating, because they set an impossible standard of perfection. Do you think in a way that`s dangerous?

REY: You know, that`s kind of our fault a little bit. The media and plastic surgery, we`ve kind of created a standard that cannot really be achieved. It`s funny, I see these people in my office, and they`re not as perfect looking as you -- as when you see them in the magazine cover. You know, there`s digital manipulation, so on and for forth.

ANDERSON: Lots of air brush.

REY: The message they`re sending -- the message we`re sending to young women in the Midwest is that this is how women should look like. And it`s just not achievable. And the reality is they actually don`t look like that.

But when I do the red carpet sometimes for E! and I see the celebrities walking down the red carpet, they look virtually perfect. But it`s the very expensive hair cuts, the makeup and these non -- many times non-evasive surgical procedures you can do a few weeks before the Oscars, for example, which can leave them looking very, very good.

ANDERSON: Absolutely. They`ve had a lot of help before these events, and a lot of people don`t realize that.

Now I want to know, do people come into your office with pictures of their favorite stars, asking to look like celebrities?

REY: Yes. Absolutely.

ANDERSON: Who do they request? Who are some of the most popular?

REY: It`s amazing. They always come picture in hand. And, you know, breasts is one of the most common things we do. And Carmen Electra steals it. But also some of the models on Victoria`s Secret are very, very -- such as Ms. Lima and so on and so forth, Adriana Lima. But Carmen Electra takes the cake as the most common picture that comes -- brought into me.

ANDERSON: You think J. Lo, breasts, hips.

REY: J. Lo for the buttock and for the high cheek bones. We get Cindy Crawford and, you know, Brad Pitt for everything. Men bring in Brad Pitt for everything. So Angelina Jolie, you know, for the nose and the cheeks and the breasts and so on and so forth.

ANDERSON: But do you turn people away if they want it for the wrong reasons?

REY: You know, I think it`s unethical for a doctor to operate on everyone that walks in. As a matter of fact, we have one of highest rejection rates probably in America.


REY: We probably operate on about 10 to 30 percent of the people that walk in. We get about 120 phone calls an hour. Probably 10 e-mails every 60 minutes. And you know, it turns out that we turn most of those people down.

And why? One disturbing trend here in Hollywood is that patients are coming in more and more perfect. Their breasts are perfect, their bodies are perfect. I`ll give you an example...

ANDERSON: They don`t need any more work.

REY: I had a model who is 5`7", 117 pounds, and she came in and asked me for liposuction. "Liposuction of what?" I asked.

ANDERSON: Yes, yes. Well, it`s good to know that you don`t operate on everybody and you do have some standards.

REY: Absolutely.

ANDERSON: Dr. Robert Rey, thanks so much for shedding some light...

REY: Thank you so much for having me. Thank you.

ANDERSON: ... on this. Of course.

And his new three-disk set, "Rey`s Anatomy: The Sensual Body", is available on

HAMMER: So Tom and Katie`s wedding is just days away now. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the only entertainment news show right there in Italy, snooping around to find out exactly where the power couple are getting hitched.

ANDERSON: Then we swing back to the states with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has your very first look at "Spider-Man III" in the "Showbiz Showcase".

We`ve also got this.


MOOS: The super model the London tabloids dubbed cocaine Kate is depicted with eyes that roll and a line of coke that disappears when you pull on a tab.


HAMMER: Well, you won`t find Spider-Man in this comic book, but you will find stars doing some really outrageous stuff. It`s the pop-up book of the most shocking celebrity meltdowns, coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, where it`s time now for the SHOWBIZ staff picks. These are five things we are loving this week. We think you will, too.

We are totally loving "Infernal Affairs". This is a 2002 movie from Hong Kong, on which Martin Scorsese based his big hit, "The Departed".

We`re also loving the TV series "M.A.S.H." It`s finally out on DVD. The show definitely still resonates because it always seems to ask, so why are we in this war anyway?

Something else we`re loving, Bob Schneider`s excellent new album, "The Californian". Someone described his music as something called frunk. It`s funk and rock and blues and country.

We`re also loving "Marie Claire" under a new editor. The magazine is much more focused on women who changed the world. We love the investigative articles, as well.

And finally, we`re just loving the comeback of the belt: black belts, gold belts, small belts. Here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT we love all belts.

ANDERSON: I know you do, A.J.

OK. The TomKat wedding just days away. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is the only entertainment news show in Italy snooping around to find out where Tom and Katie are getting hitched. Still to come.

HAMMER: Well, Tom Cruise certainly has a lot of celebrating to do, and now you can make Tom jump up and down on Oprah`s couch over and over. Big fun. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has the most outrageous celebrity meltdowns ever.

ANDERSON: And your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man doesn`t swing into theaters for a few months, but SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has your very first look at "Spider-Man III". Hang tight.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for Friday night, it is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, we are in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson, this is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. Hollywood paid tribute last night to Tony Bennett for his birthday, he`s 80 years old, still going strong, still performing. George Clooney, Bruce Willis, J. Lo were among the stars there. We`re going to have what the stars said about Tony Bennett coming up.

HAMMER: A very cool cat.

And also coming up, my spidey sense tells me "Spider-Man 3", certainly one of the most anticipated films of next year won`t be out until the summertime. We`ve got your first look coming up in just moments here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

But first, we are counting down to the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wedding which is next weekend in Italy. And tonight we can tell you that SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is the only entertainment news show that is right there. Now the wedding may happen in a place fit for a king in a castle. The exact location has been one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood.

But tonight we do have some clues because CNN`s Alessio Vinci is right there for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


ALESSIO VINCI, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Could this be the castle where top gun will soon become top groom?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Tom Cruise, who is he?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t know who is this.

VINCI: The word is spreading fast in Bracciano, a medieval town outside of Rome overlooking a volcanic lake. Reports in a Roman newspaper sent off a rush of journalists and the castle usually open to the public has been closed until the end of the month. No filming or question allowed as to why, says this woman at the ticket office. In town, locals notice unusual police activity outside the mayor`s office.

And the aristocratic owners of the castle asked that the piazza below the main entrance be closed off to traffic on November 18th, the date Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are believed to have said to tie the knot. The mayor insists it`s not the first time the piazza has been cleared of traffic. Then she acknowledges Tom Cruise is every Italian woman`s dream, herself included. So the town cannot be caught off guard.

MAYOR PATRIZIA RICCIONI, BRACCIANO, ITALY: So many women lust after an international star like Tom Cruise. And it`s also an opportunity for the world to get to know our town.

VINCI: But this could all be a publicity stunt. True or not, locals are bracing for what could be the largest party they`ve ever seen. I`ll be staking out the castle from the night before, she says. Her mother even gave her permission to skip school for a day. The rumor mill suggests the wedding will be a three-day affair.

A rehearsal dinner on the 16th, a catholic wedding the next day and the final ceremony on November 19th. But wait a catholic wedding? Not so says the local priest. Although Katie Holmes is catholic, Tom Cruise is divorced and of course a prominent member of scientology, a sect the Vatican disapproves of, but which many speculate will play a main role in the wedding.

(on camera): But despite all the buzz the owners of the castle say they know nothing about the wedding but even if they did they wouldn`t be able to say much anyway. Local media here report that anyone involved with the preparations of the wedding had to swear secrecy or pay a penalty of up to $1 million.


HAMMER: That was CNN`s Alessio Vinci right there in Italy for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

ANDERSON: Reese Witherspoon has filed for divorce from Ryan Phillippe and of course between this and Britney Spears` divorce, tabloids are going nuts. "In Touch Weekly" has Ryan on the cover saying they got an exclusive interview with Ryan telling his side of the story.

The magazine quotes Ryan as saying it`s the hardest time of his life. He misses his family and so on and so on and so on. Well, the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT truth squad got on the case today and guess what, the whole story is a fake. Phillippe`s people say he never gave "In Touch" an interview.

HAMMER: In tonight`s SHOWBIZ showcase "Spider-Man 3" starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. This time around, Peter Parker is bonded by a mysterious black substance making it even more difficult for him to cope with his long list of enemies. Here`s your first look.


TOBEY MAGUIRE, ACTOR: I`m going to ask M.J. to marry me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Man has to put his wife before himself. Can you do that, Peter?

MAGUIRE: Yes, I think I can.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have some new information. This is your uncle`s actual killer. We lost his trail two days ago.

MAGUIRE: This man killed my uncle, and he`s still out there.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Everybody needs help sometimes, Peter. Even Spider-Man.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Revenge is like a poison. It can take us over. Before you know it, it can turn you into something ugly.

MAGUIRE: The suit, where did this come from? The power, it feels good. You can lose yourself to it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Whoa, Spidey, love the new outfit.

MAGUIRE: Remember Ben Parker?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What does it matter to you anyway?

MAGUIRE: Everything.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you want to push me away?

MAGUIRE: Why would I want to push you away? I love you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You knew this was coming, Pete.

MAGUIRE: I didn`t kill your father!

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What`s happened to you? We`ve all done terrible things to each other but we have to forgive each other or everything we have ever were will mean nothing

MAGUIRE: I need your help. I have to stop it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This could be the end of Spider-Man.


HAMMER: "Spider-Man 3" looks intense. It comes to theatres in May of 2007.

ANDERSON: It was a star-studded tribute to Tony Bennett as the singer celebrated his 80th birthday at The Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. Bennett said it made him feel like he had flown to the moon and back, referring to his hit song "Fly Me to the Moon." SHOWBIZ TONIGHT caught up with all the big stars to find out what makes Bennett`s music so special.


BRUCE WILLIS, ATTENDED TONY BENNETT TRIBUTE: He`s still swinging. You know, he`s still doing it. He sings -- it sounds like he`s singing the song for the first time, which is a really difficult thing to do. He`s just -- he`s so cool.

GEORGE CLOONEY, ATTENDED TONY BENNETT TRIBUTE: My aunt Rose Mary was a successful singer and they were really close friends. In fact, they competed in a talent show against each other in like 1951 or something like that.

MARC ANTHONY: What`s not to love about Tony Bennett and what he represents and what he`s been able to accomplish and how he did it all with such class and such taste and --

JENNIFER LOPEZ: For so many years.

ANTHONY: For so many years.

LOPEZ: 80.

ANTHONY: This is a celebration of not only Tony Bennett but what he represents.

STEVIE WONDER, ATTENDED TONY BENNETT TRIBUTE: I`m very happy that he appreciates my music and my singing and songs. As I was influenced growing up by his music.


ANDERSON: Guests also got a preview of footage from Bennett`s new TV special which airs later this fall on NBC.

HAMMER: Truly a grounded guy, so down to earth despite the huge success that he had in life. Same can certainly be said about Ed Bradley. And we have a tribute to Ed Bradley coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. We`re going to get reaction from the stars to the stunning news of Bradley`s death. And an emotional tribute in song from his good friend Aaron Neville. We`ll also have this.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The super model the London tabloids dubbed cocaine Kate is depicted with eyes that roll and a line of coke that disappears when you pull on a tab.


ANDERSON: It`s a book everybody is bound to love. Well, maybe everyone but Kate Moss. We`ll show you the pop-up book of celebrity disasters coming up.

HAMMER: And you know the game of rock, paper scissors, right, all right. Well if you think it`s just for kids, think again. We`re going to tell you how that game is going to win somebody 10,000 bucks. That`s coming up next.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. Time now for another story that made us say "that`s ridiculous." That was weak, guys. All right. This weekend Toronto is really going to rock in paper and scissors. Five hundred contestants from all over the world are gathering for the rock, paper, scissors world championship.

Get this, the winner wins $10,000. You know, paper covers rocks, scissors cut paper, rock break scissors. It turns out there is an international club for this game that was founded in England in 1842. What`s next, any Minnie miney mo convention?


ANDERSON: Possibly, the rock paper scissors world championship, now that`s ridiculous.

HAMMER: Just in time for the holiday season, a gift that the star obsessed fan on your list will absolutely love. A writer has actually taken the time to immortalize some of the most infamous celebrity mishaps in a book. But it is not your garden variety celebrity tell-all.

Oh, no, here`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


MOOS (voice-over): If you just can`t get enough of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah`s couch, now you can make him jump.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is how I like to make him go, just shorter and quicker.

MOOS: If a million replays of Janet Jackson`s wardrobe malfunction aren`t satisfying enough, here`s one you can enjoy forever.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What better for a pop up book than a pop-out?

MOOS: It`s the pop-up book of celebrity meltdowns, bet Russell Crow is thrilled to have the moment when he hurled a phone at a hotel clerk immortalized in 3-D. This is a book so eye popping, here we go, ready?


MOOS: It makes you go --


MOOS: See Mike Tyson chomp down on Evander Holyfield`s ear.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The idea here is we wanted to feel like jaws.

MOOS: Take a page out of O.J.`s playbook, only now you control the white bronco slow speed chase using a pull tab.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It says pull slowly, do not exceed 30 miles per hour. Everything about the book was to play off of our love of tabloid journalism.

MOOS: Celebs like baby dangler Michael Jackson may be embarrassed by their meltdowns, but the pop-ups are engineered with pride.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Wouldn`t it be great if as you opened the page the baby really dangled.

MOOS: And dangle it does, thanks to -- there really is someone called a paper engineer?

CHARLIE MELCHER: Oh, yes, paper engineer. I think it`s an art form.

MOOS: Charlie Melcher is known for publishing pop-ups including the classic pop-up book of phobias. Fear of the dentist, fear of flying.

MELCHER: The horizon tilts and the wing flies by.

MOOS: Fear of public speaking.

MELCHER: And you`ve got a whole group of people who are just not interested.

MOOS: Fear of heights.


MOOS: Melcher also created "The Pop-up Book of Sex." Pops up a little too much to show on TV.

She`s whipping him with a duster?

MELCHER: Duster.

MOOS: A few of the popup celeb meltdowns are too risque. And this I can`t show either. I think. Paris Hilton sex tape. The lighting is better on the pop-up than in the actual video. And remember when Hugh Grant got busted in a car with a lady of the night?

HUGH GRANT: I did a bad thing and there you have it.

MOOS: Now you have it in 3-D.

MELCHER: This is Kate Moss in one of her less well thought through moments.

MOOS: The super model the London tabloids dubbed cocaine Kate is depicted with eyes that roll and a line of cocaine that disappears when you pull on the tab. All that`s missing are sound effects.


HAMMER: That`s pretty comprehensive. That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

ANDERSON: Last night we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Britney`s divorce battle, should K-Fed get the kids? Only 6 percent of you said yes, 94 percent of you say no. Here are some of the e-mails we received. Ron from Michigan says, "He did not do right by his other children. Kevin is just using his younger children as a means to receive more money." Sam from Ontario writes, "You keep talking about poor innocent Britney. Just because she is a celebrity doesn`t make her a saint."

HAMMER: Some sad news tonight. Actor Jack Palance has died. A spokesman says that he died of natural causes at his home in California surrounded by his family. Palance won an Oscar for playing a tough cowboy in the 1991 comedy "City Slickers." Who could possibly forget his acceptance speech for that award which included him performing one armed push ups on stage?

Now, before entering show business, Palance fought as a heavyweight professional boxer in the 1940`s. He joined the military during World War II and he graduated from Stanford University with a degree in drama in 1949. He appeared in more than 100 movies including famous roles and films like "Shane" and "Sudden Fear." Jack Palance was 87 years old.

"60 Minutes" will seem a little emptier this weekend. Ed Bradley, a 26-year veteran of the news magazine died Thursday of leukemia. His friend singer Aaron Neville who talked to me about Bradley sang a touching musical tribute to him on CNN`s "LARRY KING LIVE." SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you that stirring performance as we hear from a shocked and saddened community of fans, colleagues and friends who talked to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about the legend we`ve lost.


AARON NEVILLE: I know he`s in heaven because he was a cool guy.

BRADLEY: Ed Bradley, CBS News, the White House.

ELIJAH WOOD, PAYING TRIBUTE TO ED BRADLEY: People like that, you sort of --you enter -- they enter into your home and into your life. So it`s almost like losing a family member.

BRADLEY: People were moved from Viet Cong areas into towns controlled by the government.

Only a few fishermen helped the boat people ashore. We joined in.

RUSSELL SIMMONS, PAYING TRIBUTE TO ED BRADLEY: He`s a wonderful person. He was a humanitarian and a very sweet man and so we`re sorry we lost him.

BRADLEY: I think people realize that what we do every week is tell a good story.

STEVE KROFT, "60 MINUTES" CORRESPONDENT: He could talk to people and you could get that sense of fairness and justice whether you were talking to incivility, whether he was talking to a crook or a redneck or a guerrilla leader.

BRADLEY: You realize that most people in this country think you`re responsible for the bombing, correct?


BRADLEY: So if you -- your perception is that you didn`t get a fair trial, they`re saying so what?

General, how long would it take for this missile to reach the United States?

TRANSLATOR: 30, 35 minutes.

TYSON BECKFORD, MODEL: He paved the way for a lot of African- Americans to be on television today to do, you know the anchor, the broadcasting, whatever it may be. So he`s a real trailblazer.

DON HEWITT, CBS NEWS: I never had -- never worked with anyone I admired more, loved more. His dignity.

BOB SCHIEFFER, CBS NEWS: What I remember about Ed Bradley, he was the single coolest guy I ever knew.

Go ahead. Sing in harmony.

ALICIA KEYS: It`s always sad when we lose somebody, but I definitely feel that when someone leaves behind such strength and such a legacy that we can hold on to that as inspiration.

MIKE WALLACE, CBS NEWS: He was -- I tell you, he was strong, direct, but he was gentle. He had immense dignity.

BRADLEY: If I arrived at the Pearly Gates and St. Peter said what have you done to deserve entry, I would just say, did you see my Lena Horne story.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ed Bradley was a man, he was a fine man.


HAMMER: It was a terrible lost. Sunday "60 Minutes" will devote the entire hour to Ed Bradley`s life and his work.

ANDERSON: Tonight, Hollywood`s most renowned writers, epic crime novelist James Ellroy, author of "L.A. Confidential" and "The Black Dahlia" is sharing his own real life horrific experience with crime. Ellroy`s mother was murdered when he was just 10 years old. And now his story is featured in "Court TV`s" "Murder by the Book." Ellroy stopped by SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and spoke honestly and openly about the terrible death of his mother and how it affected him.


ANDERSON: In the show "Murder by the Book" you get into a really sensitive topic. I`m sure that just hits home and is difficult at times. Your mother`s horrific death. It`s been more than 45 years now.


ANDERSON: Does it still haunt you?

ELLROY: My mother mediates my passionate and wildly powerful relationships with women in that sense, yes, she`s a mediating force. By and large, I don`t wake up every morning my mom got whacked 48 years ago. I can`t go on. You know what I`ve done? I`ve exploited my mother`s death.

ANDERSON: I wanted to ask you about that. You say that.

ELLROY: Yes, I do.

ANDERSON: You`re very clear about that. You say I`ve exploited her death.

ELLROY: Exploitation is not all bad. My mother`s death mandated my overweening obsession with crime. Many years later I became a crime writer and I`m nothing but grateful for that. I can`t go back. I can`t rescind her murder. I can turn it into something and I have.

ANDERSON: So you say by exploiting you`ve raised your media profile, you`ve sold books. Exploited is a strong word.

ELLROY: It is.

ANDERSON: You should feel about that or guilty?

ELLROY: No, I don`t. No, no. It is a very powerful and ambiguously defined verb and I`ll take it. And I`ve given my mother Geneva Hiliker Ellroy, the alcoholic tormented registered nurse from Tunnel City, Wisconsin to the world in the process.

ANDERSON: You have?


ANDERSON: And how did her murder, how did it influence you to become a writer?

ELLROY: Crime. She hot wired me to sex and crime and all its social corollaries. Abhor behavior of all stripes, police work, forensics, detection, L.A. social history, America`s social history. I got something to write about. I get to rewrite history to my own specifications in all its grandeur and horror and nobody gets hurt.

ANDERSON: Has it impacted what you`ve chosen to write about? Because I know recently the movie "The Black Dahlia" was released based on your book, it, to, is an unsolved crime.

ELLROY: I first heard about the murder of Elizabeth Short, the black dahlia, seven months after my mother`s death and the two women, Elizabeth Short, my mother, inextricably as one ever since.

ANDERSON: As an epic crime writer you have a unique perspective on this. A lot of the really popular television shows today, James, are about crime and about death, "CSI", "Law and Order." And they`re morbid at times. Why do we love that?

ELLROY: We will all die and very, very few of us will be murdered. We want to touch the --

ANDERSON: Thankfully.

ELLROY: -- darkest aspects of the human condition and retain immunity and we want to inoculate ourselves against the random nature of life. The tidy resolutions offered in most crime stories give us that. What my memoir "My Dark Places" and what my Court TV show tell us is this, there is no closure.

ANDERSON: No closure. I`m sure it`s been hard for you. I can`t even imagine.

ELLROY: It`s been good. What a wild ride. And I`m only 58 years old.

ANDERSON: James Ellroy, thanks for sharing your story with us.

ELLROY: My pleasure Brooke.


ANDERSON: The episode of "Murder by the Book" featuring James Ellroy premiers Monday on Court TV. Don`t go anywhere, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is coming right back.


HAMMER: Next week on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, week long coverage leading up to Tom and Katie`s big wedding. On Monday, what are the odds they could actually make it work? We`ll find out.

That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Have a great weekend. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson. Join us this weekend for more SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Goodnight.