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Disturbing Details Emerge About Celebrity Father/Son Feud; What`s Wrong With Paris Hilton

Aired February 06, 2007 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT ANCHOR: A Michael Jackson thriller. Is he about to turn up on "American Idol?" The SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Truth Squad is checking that out. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.
BROOKE ANDERSON, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT ANCHOR: And a Hollywood movie star on the run from the law? I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now!



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m in a lot of pain! I need an ambulance please.


HAMMER: Tonight the dramatic, frantic 911 call from actor Ryan O`Neal`s house. A pregnant woman`s startling cries just moments before Ryan O`Neal allegedly fired his gun. What really happened? Who might be lying? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the frightening family fight between Ryan O`Neal and his son.

Seriously, what`s wrong with Paris Hilton? The raunchy sex tapes, the racial and anti-gay slurs. Tonight, what makes Paris tick? And why does she let herself get into all these outrageous situations? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the revealing look at what really makes Paris -- well, Paris.

Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: Hi there everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Tonight, there is absolute outrage over a Super Bowl ad for a candy bar that critics are calling homophobic. The not so sweet raging controversy straight ahead.

HAMMER: But first tonight we have the dramatic call to the cops that led to the arrest of actor Ryan O`Neal. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has obtained the chilling tape of the call made to 911 by the reported pregnant girlfriend of Ryan`s son.

ANDERSON: Yes A.J., the very same son who Ryan says tried to attack him soon after he got home from a birthday dinner with Farrah Fawcett. And what happened next has the long-time Hollywood star facing jail time in a frightening case of family feud.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: 911 emergency, what are you reporting?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I need an ambulance please.

ANDERSON (voice-over): This frantic 911 call, that SHOWBIZ TONIGHT obtained, gives us a dramatic glimpse into the night actor Ryan O`Neal was arrested at home, this after allegedly pulling a gun on his son. And a pregnant woman apparently is hurt in this celebrity father-son feud.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I got hit by something. I can`t see. Help me! Help me!

ANDERSON: It`s the latest drama in the O`Neal clan, where fireplace pokers are allegedly met with firearms. And family gatherings are less than of a love story and more like an episode of Cops.

HARVEY LEVIN, TMZ.COM: This makes Lindsay Lohan`s family look like Donna Reed (ph).

ANDERSON: It all went down here, at Ryan O`Neal`s beach front Malibu home. O`Neal says he had just been out with former girlfriend Farrah Fawcett, celebrating her 60th birthday and her recent victory over cancer. Then, without Farrah, he returned home and encountered his 42-year-old son, Griffin, who was there with a female friend.

LEVIN: That`s when al hell broke loose.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I got hit by something!

ANDERSON: That female friend of Griffin is the one who called 911.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m in a lot of pain! I`m pregnant.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: : When deputies arrived they determined that Mr. Griffin O`Neal, Ryan O`Neal`s son, had been assaulted by his father. Also, a female friend of Griffin`s was also inadvertently injured during the incident.

ANDERSON: The incident, whatever it was, ended with Ryan O`Neal being arrested for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon and negligent discharge of a firearm. Now, here`s where it gets weird.

LEVIN: This is one giant he said-he said.

ANDERSON: Harvey Levin of tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT father and son are now blaming each other for the incident.

LEVIN: Ryan is saying Griffin was wildly swinging this poker, fireplace poker, at him, and that he fired a shot in the air to try and calm things down, not necessarily the swiftest move in the world, but he`s saying he was reacting to Griffin.

ANDERSON: Griffin reportedly has clashed with his dad before.

LEVIN: He has had a terrible relationship with Ryan over the years. At one point Ryan allegedly knocked his teeth out. So these two have been at each other and Griffin has had his own problems for years.

ANDERSON: Ryan and three of his children certainly form one troubled family tree. Ryan is reportedly, once again, estranged from his oldest daughter, Tatum (ph), who won an Oscar at 10-years-old, co-staring with her dad in the 1973 movie, "Paper Moon." Even though she wasn`t at the Ryan versus Griffin incident, she is telling the media she is siding with brother Griffin in his latest fight with dad.

As for Griffin, his dad isn`t the only trouble he`s had. Griffin O`Neal has had numerous scrapes with the law over the years, including a scandalous 1986 boating accident that killed the son of film director Frances Ford Copola. Griffin got community service, but later got an 18- day jail service for not performing it.

And Ryan`s younger son Redmond has had his own battles with the law and drug addiction.

LEVIN: This is a troubled family.

ANDERSON: Ryan O`Neal is now out on bond and hasn`t been charged in the fireplace poker incident. His manager tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that O`Neal, quote, certainly believes he will be completely vindicated after a thorough investigation.

LEVIN: This is going to be a hard case.

ANDERSON: TMZ`s Harvey Levin tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT he is not expecting much action in this case.

LEVIN: It remains uncertain whether charges will ever be filed. I mean, this seems to be a stand-off where each claims the other is the aggressor.

ANDERSON: No matter the legal results of this case, it is clear this latest incident won`t help the O`Neal`s reputation as a troubled family.

LEVIN: When you at Redmond, when you look at Griffin, when you look at Tatum, when you look at Ryan, they are birds of a feather, and they have all had lots and lots of trouble in their lives.


ANDERSON: That really was a frantic 911 call that came from O`Neal`s house. And you just heard only a small part of it. So coming up at 31 past the hour, we`re going to let you hear the entire dramatic 911 call made by the pregnant woman who reportedly is Griffin O`Neal`s girlfriend.

HAMMER: Well now SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to explore one of the world`s greatest mysteries, something that would confound even our top scientists and thinkers: what makes Paris Hilton tick. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT first brought you her latest jaw-dropping video. It`s a very disturbing tape from In it, the hotel heiress is begging for the camera`s attention and throwing out some rather unlady-like language.




HAMMER: Wow, not hot Paris. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has to ask, what is this girl thinking? Joining me tonight in New York, somebody who might have a pretty good idea, Jamie Johnson, heir to the Johnson and Johnson health care product fortune, and the director of the HBO documentary "Born Rich," which was a terrific piece of work and it`s great to have you here Jamie.

Maybe you can help us out in our quest, because I need to know. I mean, you were raised in a family where money was clearly not an issue. In "Born Rich," your documentary, you interviewed your friends and family members, who didn`t have the limitations of finance, whether growing up or in life in general. You look at Paris` behavior, and not just in the video we just look at, but in the sex tape that got out there, in her DUI arrest, and the way she seems to treat people publicly, there really seems to be this sense of entitlement that goes on, almost as if, with the money that she has, she feels like she can do whatever she wants. Is that a pretty accurate depiction of what`s happening here?

JAMIE JOHNSON, "BORN RICH": Well, I think, you know, when I was working on that documentary, and interviewing a lot of kids from vastly wealthy families, they would tell these stories over and over again, where they were at school at a young age and teachers were impressed by their wealth, their friends were impressed by their wealth. They would get favorable treatment. And when you see that happening in the first and second grade, we`re talking about six and seven years old, and that just keeps on continuing and it escalates, and I really think it can lead to a sense of serious entitlement, and maybe we`re seeing more and more of that.

HAMMER: I mean, that`s the thing, it really does start that young, doesn`t it. When this is the kind of family you`re coming from, which was the case with Paris Hilton, again, money never an issue, it`s something that`s probably been with her for a very long time.

JOHNSON: Yes, I think that`s probably true. And it`s something I`ve certainly observed. When things start young like that, they really have a tendency to have deeper roots and they stay with you throughout life sometimes, and it`s unfortunate to see.

HAMMER: And then it seems like the need for attention comes along with it. I mean, just in that video we were watching, she is begging the camera man to please focus on her. She went off and she got her television show. Why is there always that urge to be at the center of attention? Is there something to it, coming from the money?

JOHNSON: Well, I think as far as my experience goes and my observations, there are really two ways that wealthy people approach the media. One way is they love the notoriety. They are always trying to get themselves in front of the camera. And then you have a slightly different way of approaching it, where people are the opposite and they`re going in the other direction. They want to stay out of the limelight. And I think, more than anything, it is really a conscious decision.

You know, some people make the argument, well, I`m wealthy and it`s not my fault that I have this attention around me, and there is that level of interest. I personally don`t buy that argument. I think you have a choice to make. You surround yourself with celebrities and in places where there are always photographers trying to take your picture, then, of course, you`re going to get the attention of the media. But no one has to do that, by any means.

HAMMER: It almost seems like she feels she deserves to be famous because she has the money. And the one thing that`s always confounded me, and maybe you can help me out -- you come from an important family name, Johnson & Johnson. She comes from the Hilton family name. Her parents have not intervened and said, this is not good for our family name. It would seem to me, for no other reason than to protect the reputation of the family name, they should get involved. What do you think? Would your parents have jumped in if this was the way you were carrying about?

JOHNSON: Well, my parents were pretty hands on. I know sometimes in wealthy families you have a scenario where the parents are deeply involved in running a business or they have a very extensive social life, because they can afford that kind of leisure time, and they leave their children with nannies and, you know, hired help to take care of them. And they are not as present. And I think it leads to problems.

And I think, you know -- I interviewed Ivanka Trump for my documentary and she was very level headed in the film. And now, if you look at where she is in life today, she is on a television show working at her family`s company with her father. And you see it`s in opposition to some of the other things you see out there with notable kids from wealthy families. And she is very rigorous about it and serious. And other professionals take her seriously. I think you see that working out very well for her in life. And there again is a situation where her family is in her life.

HAMMER: Yes, maybe that`s the case with Paris`s parents indeed. Well, Jamie Johnson, I appreciate your unique perspective. You certainly brought another side to this story and I thank you for joining us for that.

JOHNSON: Thanks for having me.

HAMMER: Well Brooke, you certainly know about Anna Nicole Smith`s nasty paternity fight over her baby girl, but did you hear about her shocking new legal problem?

ANDERSON: Yes, something about her drastic weight loss, right?

HAMMER: Yes, and coming up, we`re going to tell you why Anna Nicole could be hauled into court because of her weight. We`ll also have this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think we just accidentally kissed.


ANDERSON: You know, a lot of people were snickering at this Snickers Super Bowl ad, but get this, some are actually outraged, calling it homophobic. That not so sweet controversy straight ahead.

HAMMER: And here`s a thriller, will Michael Jackson really be Moon- Walking his way on to "American Idol?" Well, don`t beat it. The SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Truth Squad is checking that out. Won`t that be a Thriller?


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. It`s time now for a story that made us say, that`s ridiculous! Well, if you think watching paint dry is exciting, you will definitely have to check out CheddarVision.TV. Just type that into your computer and you will get to see real live cheese age.

Yes, an English cheese maker, West Country Farm House, has put up web cams so you can actually watch the painfully slow process mold growth. See the cheddar, get better, but you really got to be bored to get excited about this stuff. We hope this cheesy idea just melts away. Cheddar Vision TV, that`s ridiculous!

ANDERSON: Well, it seems that a Snickers apparently doesn`t always satisfy. Tonight there is absolute outrage over a new ad for the candy bar that aired during the Super Bowl. The reason? Many are complaining the commercial and its online campaign are homophobic. We`re going to let you watch it for yourself.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think we just accidentally kissed.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Quick, do something manly. Ow!


ANDERSON: With us tonight, in New York, Linda Kaplan Thaler who runs the ad agency Kaplan Thaler Group. Her clients include Aflac, Proctor & Gamble and Revlon. Linda, thanks for being with us tonight.


ANDERSON: All right, the people at Mars had to be living under a rock, Linda, to not realize that the public is extremely sensitive when it comes to issues. You had Isaiah Washington very publicly bashed for his F word comment recently, Paris Hilton used the F word, lots of negative feedback there, stupid move by Mars? What do you think?

THALER: Yes, I think Mars was not living on Earth when they aired that commercial. I think they should have really took (sic) the time to examine whether they were going to offend somebody. In fact, they offended a lot of people, and I don`t know if they ended up selling any more candy bars.

ANDERSON: Well, they offended so many people, there had been such an uproar, that Mars has now pulled the advertisement from television and form the web. Here`s what the company told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, here`s their statement, "we know that humor is highly subjective and understand that some people may have found the ad offensive. Clearly that was not our intent."

OK Linda, it seems to me, you know, ever since Janet Jackson`s wardrobe malfunction -- we all remember that one -- we have seen a lot of companies play it really safe. But Mars didn`t. Why not?

THALER: Well, I think they just want to stand out. It`s so hard to get noticed. There is like 5,000 bits of information and commercials being thrown at us all the time, so it was their attempt to try to be disruptive, but they were disruptive in a universe that found it very offensive. I think they should have done some focus groups beforehand.

ANDERSON: Well, speaking of focus groups, speaking of getting someone else`s perspective, I learned from GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, that Mars actually went to GLAAD in early January to view the ads, discuss any possible red flags, get their perspective, but GLAAD says that Mars canceled at the last minute, saying their input wouldn`t be required.

Linda, if you were in charge of this, would you have kept that meeting?

THALER: Well, maybe they were afraid that if they kept the meeting they would have heard something that they didn`t want to hear and maybe they felt that they just wanted to take the risk. But yes, I would have, because this is family programming. You`ve got millions of people watching. Luckily, in our society now, we`re more sensitive to everybody being very different, and wonderful that we`re doing that. We`re becoming kind of a nicer country because of it. But yes, I would have definitely have checked this out. And I think, had they done that, they probably wouldn`t have run the ad, or the website, which had all these different endings that you could create, some of which were quite violent, and I`m glad they took that site down.

ANDERSON: Yes, there were three different alternate endings and they were asking people to vote, and then the winning commercial would air during the Daytona 500, but that has all been removed from the website. Linda, you know, Take Out the gay aspect, and I`ve got to tell you, you see men ripping the hair out of their chest in this commercial, does anything about this ad make you want to go, hey, I think I want to eat a Snickers bar right now?

THALER: They seemed in such pain when they ripped their hair out. I mean, I get my legs waxed every weekend and I have no problem with that. So, maybe men really are the weaker sex.

ANDERSON: I think you`re a lot tougher, aren`t you Linda.

THALER: I think so, but I think all women are. You know, but I think even the way they were eating the Snickers did not really want to make me have it. It probably made me want to go out and have a Hershey Kiss instead.

ANDERSON: Me neither. Maybe the Hershey, you`re right. OK, Linda Kaplan Thaler, as always, thanks for your insight.

THALER: Thank you.

HAMMER: More big legal troubles today for Anna Nicole Smith. You probably know about the nasty ongoing court battle to determine who the father of her five-month-old baby girl Danni-Lynn is. Well now she is being named in a class action lawsuit against TrimSpa, the diet pill she has hocked.

The suit was filed in California. A woman claims that the product doesn`t work, and TrimSpa`s claims of, quote, rapid and substantial weight loss are lies. Anna Nicole was spokesperson for the company and claimed she lost 70 pounds on the stuff. The people suing want unspecified damages and they want TrimSpa to stop claiming they do what they say it doesn`t. TrimSpa tells us the suit has no merit. Now last month TrimSpa was fined more than a million bucks by the U.S. government to settle similar claims.

ANDERSON: A Hollywood movie star, is he on the run from the law? We`re on top of this developing story, and we`ve got this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I got hit by something! I can`t see. Help me! Help me! I`m in a lot of pain.


HAMMER: More of the dramatic, frantic 911 call from actor Ryan O`Neal`s house. A pregnant woman`s startling cries just before gunshots were allegedly fired. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has the frightening family fight between Ryan O`Neal and his son.

ANDERSON: And I`ll take you inside the secret star filled award show that happens just before the Oscars, next.


ANDERSON: Now we`ve got your inside look at a secret Hollywood world. According to "Newsweek Magazine," for decades African American actors would hold the so-called Black Oscars on the night before the actual Academy Awards. They felt that since they weren`t getting the recognition they deserved, they would honor themselves. This year a record-breaking five black actors have been nominated for Oscars. When I was at the annual luncheon for Oscar nominees, the stars pointed out that things are looking up in terms of diversity and reminded people that the Black Oscars are a celebration and not a protest.


FOREST WHITAKER, ACTOR: It`s about a celebration of community, allowing people, like, you know, telling people that they love them and that they care about them. It`s not -- it`s that particular thing that you`re talking about. It`s very clearly not a protest or a negative reflection on the Oscar. I know, through the people who are dealing with it, it was a statement of exaltation.

WILL SMITH, ACTOR: I think it is a great time in America right now and we just need a white woman or black man as a president and we`ll be straight. We`ll be perfect.


ANDERSON: "Newsweek" says this year the Black Oscars have been canceled and a member of the secretive board says, quote, this year the Black Oscars will be held at the Kodak. Now you know the Kodak Theater is where the Academy Awards are, so it looks like perhaps, A.J., things have changed for the better.

HAMMER: Well let`s certainly hope so. And Brooke, we`ve all heard horrible stories about people suffering from eating disorders, but can you imagine someone in your own family battling bulimia and you had no clue?

ANDERSON: It would be terrible, not to be able to help, not to be aware. It would be terrible.

HAMMER: Well coming up, the startling story of someone who actually designs clothes for stars, but didn`t know his own daughter was struggling with an eating disorder. We`ve also got this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I got hit by something. I can`t see. Help me! Help me! I`m in a lot of pain!


ANDERSON: More of the dramatic, frantic 911 call from actor Ryan O`Neal`s house just before gunshots were allegedly fired.

HAMMER: And here`s a thriller. Will Michael Jackson Moon-Walk his way on to "American Idol?" That`s coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for a Tuesday night. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. You are watching TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

HAMMER: Well, "American Idol," the current season, is fully under way now, Brooke. We`ve seen a lot of big stars appear on that program over the past few years, right? We`ve had - who? - Stevie Wonder? We`ve had big Barry Manilow. Even the great Kenny Rogers.

A lot of rumors floating around right now that Michael Jackson.


HAMMER: .may be making an appearance on "American Idol." Wouldn`t that be something? I`m not sure quite what.

But is he really going to do? The SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Truth Squad" is on that case, coming up.

ANDERSON: I`d love to see Michael and Simon sitting together, actually, A.J.

Also, a well-known designer known for making fashions for curvy celebrities for a long time, many years, A.J., didn`t know that his own daughter was struggling with an eating disorder. And they are going to join us coming up with very compelling and heartbreaking story.

But first, a frantic call for help from the home from actor Ryan O`Neal. We`re hearing the emotional 911 call made right after a fight between the actor and his son Griffin. That fight led to Ryan`s arrest at his Malibu home over the weekend.

On the call, you can hear an emotional woman, the pregnant girlfriend of Ryan`s son Griffin, calling for an ambulance.

Here`s the entire, riveting conversation. Listen.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: 911 Emergency. What are you reporting?

JOANNE BERRY, CALLED 911 FROM RYAN O`NEAL`S HOME: I need an ambulance, please.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: OK. What is your location?

BERRY: 21368PCH.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Where are the keys?

BERRY: It`s in my bag.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Where is your bag?

BERRY: It`s up there.


BERRY: I got hit by something. I can`t see. Help me. Help me. Help me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: OK. Stay on the line. I`m going to transfer you to the fire department. What is your name?

BERRY: Joanna Berry.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: OK, Joanna. Stay on the line. I`m going to transfer you.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I need to transfer to 21368 Pacific Coast Highway.

BERRY: Hurry!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What is your log, please?


BERRY: 213 PCH - yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK, ma`am, you need to calm down so I can get the information.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: .for the location we need to come to.

BERRY: 21368 Pacific Coast Highway. I`m in a lot of pain. (INAUDIBLE)


BERRY: It`s Malibu, California. I see - I see the lights.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. It looks like we`re already on the way out there. Somebody assaulted you?



BERRY: I see light. Help. 21368 PCH.


ANDERSON: Hmm. Twenty-two-year-old Joanne Berry was hurt during the fight. She was treated and released that same day.

Ryan O`Neal is accused of assault with a deadly weapon and negligent discharge of a firearm. He was released on $50,000 bond. His reps say Ryan was just defending himself and his youngest son Redmond. Now Redmond`s mother is Ryan`s ex-wife Farrah Fawcett.

HAMMER: Another day, another Hollywood star in trouble with the law.

Let`s take a look at this: Daniel Baldwin`s mug shot right there. Looks like Stephen Baldwin; kind of looks like Alec Baldwin. Looks like William Baldwin. But a California judge issues an arrest warrant for brother Daniel because he failed to appear before the judge on charges that he illegally took a friend`s car.

Now back in November, he told cops that he had permission to use the friend`s car, which was reported stolen. So where is he? Well, we asked his publicist, and he said, "no comment."

ANDERSON: Now on to "The SHOWBIZ Weight Watch," SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s continuing coverage of Hollywood`s obsession with weight and body image.

Tonight, a powerful story you will not forget about the very real effects of the pressure to be thin. A famed designer known for celebrating Hollywood` most curvaceous stars found out a scary secret: his own daughter quietly battling an eating disorder.

Bradley Bayou skyrocketed to fashion`s A-list dressing stars like Oprah Winfrey and Queen Latifah. He`s even published a new book, "The Science of Sexy," to help women of all shapes and sizes find fabulous clothes.

But his example wasn`t enough to keep his daughter Alexis from falling into a six-year battle with bulimia.

Bradley and Alexis Bayou join us to share their emotional story.

Thanks for being here.

ALEXIS BAYOU, BATTLED BULIMIA: Thanks for having us.

ANDERSON: All right.

First of all, Bradley, here you were a successful designer, dressing celebrities and women of shapes and sizes, from the very curvaceous to the super skinny - recognizable, people wanted to wear your things.

But little did you know, your own daughter was struggling with body- image issues, with an eating disorder. You must have been shocked.

BRADLEY BAYOU, FASHION DESIGNER: Yes - yes - yes, I was, actually, because I live in a world that, you know, is consumed by eating disorders, obviously. Especially since models have gotten skinnier and skinnier. And I was completely taken off guard when, you know, my youngest daughter called me and told me that Alexis basically collapsed.

And it was a major shock to me. Because of all people in the world, you don`t think it`s right in your backyard.

I mean, I think there had been indications from her. But I just thought, you know, she was dieting and - like she said she was.

ANDERSON: It was harmless.

B. BAYOU: Harmless, and I thought even over-the-counter diet. Because you just think - you know, all kids go through this. You just don`t think it had - it just didn`t know it had gotten that bad.

ANDERSON: And you thought it was OK (ph).

Well - well, you`ve mentioned in interviews and in articles that seeing those sample sizes, Size 0, because your dad is a designer, increased the pressure, so to speak. Did - did seeing those tiny.


A.BAYOU: In certain - in certain ways, definitely. I mean, I - I do think that bulimia and eating disorders are a disease, to be fair to the fashion (ph) industry and, you know, to designers.

But I - I always thought to fit in to the fashion world, to fit into my dad`s, you know, kind of glamorous world, I needed to lose 20 pounds, be able to fit in these tiny clothes, which just was not realistic for my body.

ANDERSON: Yes, you did lose a lot of weight.

A.BAYOU: I did lose a lot. Honestly, I - I was overweight when I was younger. And I always had a very, very bad relationship with food. But it wasn`t until I went to college that I started, you know, diet pills and, you know, throwing up and all of that that goes along with the disease.


ANDERSON: And when you returned home for Christmas break - right? - from college, your dad told you, `You look beautiful.`


A.BAYOU: But the thing is bulimia is - you can look like a normal person. It`s not like anorexia. I wasn`t emaciated; I wasn`t a bone. I was completely healthy looking. It`s kind of double life; wanting to appear perfect on the outside, but, you know, having this torturous inner - inner life, so.

ANDERSON: She kept this a secret from you for - what? - six years?

A.BAYOU: From everyone.

B. BAYOU: From everybody.


B. BAYOU: None of us - none of us knew.

A.BAYOU: No one knew. So.

B. BAYOU: I don`t even think my youngest daughter knew until that day. And then finally, she gave up - she couldn`t take it anymore. It was like, this is killing me. So.

ANDERSON: But did it make you rethink what you do for a living? Because the pressures and the images that are put out there, these unattainable body types?

B. BAYOU: Yes, it has.

Well, I`ve been very fortunate to dress some bigger girls.


B. BAYOU: And all shapes and sizes, from Eva Longoria to Queen Latifah. And I`ve sort of dealt with all their issues. And I have an idea of what it - they - these women go through. There`s a lot of pressure on Hollywood that size has become - anorexic basically. It`s an impossible size. It`s not a healthy size. And I think people are aspiring to be that thin, and basically they`re giving up.

There`s a direct proportion to - to the weight loss of models, and the increased size of women in this country.

ANDERSON: Well, what do you think about the efforts to ban skinny models from the runway?

B. BAYOU: I think that it should be - skinny is an interesting concept, because some girls are naturally skinny. And you really can`t penalize them; they`re perfectly healthy.

But I think we need, in this country, to have - these girls need to have a doctor`s certificate of health before they model every season.

ANDERSON: That`s a good idea.

B. BAYOU: It has to be a month or week or - so if they`re naturally skinny, they`re going to be healthy.


B. BAYOU: But a doctor can spot immediately if they`re anorexic. I mean, there`s obvious signs, health signs. They (INAUDIBLE) and find out. I mean, it`s very unhealthy.

I think that we can have to change the (INAUDIBLE). Because to me, sexy is not skinny.


B. BAYOU: It could be (INAUDIBLE). Skinny is from - from within. It`s a balance of the body. That`s what my book talks about. But it`s also that I think that these women don`t feel sexy anymore because these magazines have set a standard that truly is impossible to meet.

ANDERSON: Hurts your self-confidence.

A.BAYOU: Definitely. And honestly, the - the - you know, the symbol is - Marilyn Monroe is a Size 12. It`s just, you know, what has happened in today`s society?

ANDERSON: How are you doing now? It`s been - what? - two years since (INAUDIBLE)

A.BAYOU: I - I`ve been doing - I`m doing great. You know, it just - I just have to come to terms with it and be honest about it, which you can`t really force anyone. It`s kind of - girls have to make their own.


A.BAYOU: .decisions to come forward and ask for help.

ANDERSON: Well, congratulations.

A.BAYOU: Thank you so much.

ANDERSON: We`re glad to see you`re doing well now.

And the name of the book, again, is "The Science of Sexy."

Bradley and Alexis Bayou, thank you both so much.

B. BAYOU: Thank you.

A.BAYOU: Thank you for having us.

HAMMER: Talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres is getting ready for her big date with Oscar, and she may be planning for another role - mom. Yes, Ellen and longtime girlfriend actress Portia de Rossi sat down with "W" magazine, and they said they`re considering having children.

Now de Rossi told "W" that Ellen would carry a baby. Ellen quickly squashed that idea, saying - quote - "That will never happen."

Ellen stepped out of her comfort zone for the photo shoot, posing for some very sexy shots. She told "W" that she had a lot of fun dressing up, but it`s definitely not something she wants to do everyday.

Now about fashion, Ellen said - quote - "Whenever Portia and I are on the red carpet, they`re yelling out for her to tell them what she`s wearing. But nobody cares about what I`m wearing because I have a suit on. Even if it`s a Gucci suit. That to me is frustrating because I put effort into getting ready, too."

You can read the entire interview in "W" magazine, which hits newsstands nationwide February 23.

ANDERSON: Well, you`ve seen all the craziest things on "American Idol." Well, what`s this? Could it be the craziest thing of all? Could Michael Jackson be trying to get on "American Idol"? Hmm. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Truth Squad" has something to report on that, next.

Plus we`ll have this:




HAMMER: That`s nice, Paris. Classy. What the heck made this girl so famous anyway? Well coming up, between this racist tape and the sex tapes, what the ladies of "The View" say is needed to stop Paris Hilton once and for all.

ANDERSON: And while we`re talking sex tapes, the undisputed king of porn Ron Jeremy tells us why Hollywood stars are going straight to him. It`s the interview you will see only right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

First, tonight`s "`Entertainment Weekly` Great American Pop Culture Quiz": "On `Melrose Place,` Michael Mancini was not married to?" Jane, Sydney, Amanda or Kimberly?

Think about it. We`re coming right back.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A.J. to the couch with Ron Jeremy for the next block. Master, roll your break and effect black.


ANDERSON: Here we again with tonight`s "`Entertainment Weekly` Great American Pop Culture Quiz": "On `Melrose Place,` Michael Mancini was not married to?" Was it Jane, Sydney, Amanda or Kimberly?

The answer is C, Amanda, who was played by Heather Locklear.

Time now to call in the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Truth Squad." Now this is where our crack team of celebrity investigators sets the record straight on Hollywood`s rumor mill. Tonight, is Michael Jackson in talks with "American Idol" producers? Rumors have been circulating that Jackson may appear on America`s No. 1 show.

So, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT went straight to Jackson`s reps to find out the real deal. Jackson`s spokesperson told us - quote - "There is no truth to rumors that MJ is working with Simon Fuller, nor are there plans for him to appear on `American Idol.`" Darn.

Another Hollywood mystery solved.

HAMMER: Well, if you were a fan of Ron Jeremy`s work, you might not admit to it. Sure, he was a lot of fun to watch on VH-1`s "The Surreal Life." But Jeremy, of course, is much better known as a legend in the pornography business. He says he`s made around 2,000 adult films, and shared steamy on-screen trysts with around 4,000 women, which makes him the hardest-working man in showbiz.

The, by the way, the name of this, his new tell-all biography - autobiography.

With me tonight in New York, Ron Jeremy.

It`s good to have you here, Ron.

RON JEREMY, PORN STAR: Nice to be here. Thank you.

HAMMER: Time - times have changed, Ron, and - and thank goodness for that. But still, when it comes to porn and the word porn, people can still be pretty conservative. People can react to that word, or the idea of a porn star with disgust or disdain.


JEREMY: They`re entitled, of course.

HAMMER: Yet the industry is a multibillion-dollar industry, and one of the biggest in the entertainment world.

Are we just kind of a nation of hypocrites, do you think?

JEREMY: In that aspect, probably yes. It`s bigger than the sports industry; it`s bigger than the record industry.

You know, porn is obviously - people like seeing their adult entertainment.

HAMMER: And people don`t like owning up to it, is - is what we - we still hear.

JEREMY: That`s correct. They won`t defend it. They won`t stand behind it and defend it, no. It`s one of those thing s-it`s not like save the whales, or save the dolphins. They`re not going to go, "Save our porn." They`re not going to do that. They should. But they don`t.

HAMMER: Well, and particularly now that it`s become so much more mainstream through technology, through the Internet.


HAMMER: .and - and through the fact that it seems like anybody can become a quote-unquote porn star by releasing a tape that gets leaked out onto the Internet, like your .

JEREMY: The celebrities, yes.

HAMMER: .your Paris Hilton, your Kid Rock, your - your Pam Anderson.

JEREMY: And before then, I did a John Bobbitt movie, way before that. And I did the Divine Brown film. We called that a doc-Hugh-drama - get it?

HAMMER: That`s pretty good.

JEREMY: And we used - and we had an NFL football player. We had E.D. Williams (ph). We had - a lot of interesting people.

HAMMER: Yet people will still say, `Oh, that`s not for me.` Yet you see the sales of these things.


HAMMER: And everybody is curious about it.

JEREMY: Yes. Well, because people are basically voyeuristic. And it can actually - you know, this might be sound a little corny - enhance your - your marital life. I mean, you - you and your wife or you and your girlfriend are looking a video - we call that a standing ovation. You stand up, you leave the room, you practice in the bedroom. So you get inspiration from us doing different things, and go, `Let`s try that.` And they get up and they leave and they go to the bedroom.

HAMMER: I like that. I guess that is (INAUDIBLE)

JEREMY: The audience walks out on us. No - no problem.

HAMMER: Well - well, to that - to that end, are - are you the kind of the guy, with the experiences that you`ve had - and - and as I mentioned, you know, 4,000-some-odd women, do - do - do people come up to you, guys in particular, for, shall we say, technical advice?

JEREMY: Once in awhile. And I`ve been on some of the shows - I`ve actually given lectures and given, you know, debates and I`ve - I`ve given advice alongside Dr. Ruth Westheimer, alongside Dr. Tony Graham. I`ve been on Loveline giving advice alongside Dr. Drew.

So often they do ask me to. Because I actually have six years of college and a master`s degree. And, you know, so I used to be a teacher, which is also in the book.

HAMMER: See, these are the things that people wouldn`t know about you, which - which is also in the book.

And I was - I was thinking about it, when - when we saw that you were coming in, and I`m - I`m flipping through the book, thinking, you know, 15, 20, 22 years ago - and you were starting out, you know.


JEREMY: Twenty-nine years ago.

HAMMER: In - in the late 70s. Yes, it`s already 1978 when you were starting..

JEREMY: Isn`t it depressing? Yes.

HAMMER: When you were starting out - but back then, if you had written a book about your experiences and pitched it to some mainstream TV shows, what kind of reaction would you have gotten?

JEREMY: Who cares? There`s the door.


JEREMY: Although I have a lot of - a lot of mainstream stories in there. Only a third of the book is really about adult films. There`s a lot of scandalous stories about celebrities. You know, and even though it`s salacious and it`s sexy, nobody gets ratted on or outed. Because I specifically say, these celebrities were single at the time.

So I can just - fun, sexual, goofy, crazy stories.

HAMMER: And what`s interesting - what`s interesting though is - is the fact that back then, nobody would have even watched to have touched that.

And speaking of celebrities, among those you mention, a lot of the people who love to come up and meet you. You mentioned Brad Pitt - there are pictures of you and Brad Pitt. There`s Paris Hilton in there, Dustin Hoffman. So many - so many.


JEREMY: One is from a movie, "Confidence." Brad Pitt was at a screening of the film (INAUDIBLE)


HAMMER: But they all want to come up to you and meet you, because you`re (INAUDIBLE)

JEREMY: Well, I wanted to meet them, let`s just say, in all fairness.


JEREMY: `Ron, I got to say hi."

HAMMER: More - more often than not, what is the first thing to say to you?

JEREMY: They actually really - they actually do the real deal? Is it actually the real thing that you guys are doing in the movies? You know - you know, they - they say, `Is it for real? Will you guys ever - how do you stay safe?` Or - just good questions, you know?

HAMMER: Well, it is for real.

JEREMY: Always got a kick out of you. Wanted to say hello.

HAMMER: A kick out of some - some - quite a body of work, Ron. I appreciate you being with us and - and sharing it with us.

JEREMY: Thank you.

HAMMER: A lot of great pictures and great fun in this book, called "The Hardest-Working Man in Showbiz." It`ll be in bookstores tomorrow.

ANDERSON: Paris Hilton certainly well-known for her sex tape. But a video of hers making the rounds something to talk about.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has the video showing the heiress using racist and homophobic words. This latest scandal makes us ask, `What makes this girl famous and influential?` In just a minute, you`ll hear what SHOWBIZ TONIGHT viewers have to say.

But first, let`s hear from the ladies of ABC`s "The View," who ask another question some of you have asked us: how do we stop Paris?


BARBARA WALTERS, "THE VIEW": More videos have emerged.


WALTERS: What is she doing with all these videos?

O`DONNELL: I don`t know. And somebody should take away all cameras from that woman. There should be a ban.

WALTERS: They should press "delete."

O`DONNELL: Yes. I don`t understand. And I don`t even really understand how she got famous.



O`DONNELL: I mean, she honestly got famous for doing a porno, movie?

JOY BEHAR, "THE VIEW": What does it not work for me? I don`t understand.


O`DONNELL: I`ve seen your porno work. It`s very good, Joy.


BEHAR: That`s my idea of oral sex. I just yak, yak, yak.


ANDERSON: Hilton is suing the Web site that released the video. You will remember a storage unit full of her personal belongings went up for auction after the storage facility said the bills weren`t paid.

Hilton`s reps say either way, it was an invasion of privacy.

HAMMER: Well, you have absolutely flooded our e-mail inbox with responses to our "Question of the Day." We were asking, "Paris Hilton: Does she have too much influence on America`s young girls?"

So far, it`s pretty one-sided. Nearly 80 percent of you think she does; 20 percent of you think she doesn`t have too much influence.

Among the e-mails, we heard from Robyn in South Dakota who wrote - who wrote, "My 13-year-old niece and all of her friends idolize Paris Hilton. What they see is super skinny, rich and doesn`t have to work. What scared me is that my niece would try to dress like Paris, which isn`t appropriate, not for a 13-year-old."

And Kate from British Columbia writes, "I do not agree with Paris Hilton having negative effects on young girls. I think life is all about the choices you make. Ninety-nine percent know that what those girls do in their own time is wrong. Publicizing how they live their lives only puts more of a spotlight on it. The media is not to blame for their behavior. They only make subjects like this famous."

ANDERSON: We appreciate your - your e-mails.

And you know, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT viewers - right? - they`re raising some hell. Now, A.J., I`m going to raise some shell. Yes, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has your first look at "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" movie. That`s next.


ANDERSON: In tonight`s "SHOWBIZ Showcase," we have your first look at the new action film "TMNT: Raising Shell in 2007." The stars, your favorite heroes in a half-shell, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Check it out.


ANNOUNCER: There`s a legendary group of warriors that travels under the cover of darkness and fights for all those in need. But they have never been needed more than right now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you see that up there?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`ve got a bad feeling.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Every 3,000 years, the stars are lined (INAUDIBLE).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That can`t be good.

ANNOUNCER: .beyond our universe.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Within hours, we`ll lose the city. Within weeks, the world.



ANNOUNCER: That cannot be broken.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Aren`t you cute? Do you want a butt-kicking little fellow?






UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did anyone get the license plate of that thing that hit us last night?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It looked like your mom, dude.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, that would make her your mom, too, doofus.


ANDERSON: What do they say, A.J.? Cowabunga, dude?

HAMMER: Yes. Yes. You got to shake it back and forth like that.

Let`s find out what`s coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, shall we?

Tomorrow, Kate and Sawyer, Cali (ph) and George, Jim and Pam. These TV couples are sizzling on the screen. But who is the hottest couple in primetime? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT gets to the heart of the best TV love stories.

Also coming up tomorrow, Britney Spears versus her ex, K-Fed. This pair has been at the center of scandal after scandal. But who`s really winning this public-relations war? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates, and we will do that tomorrow.

And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks a lot for watching. I`m A.J.. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: Have a great night, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

"GLENN BECK" is coming up next, right after the latest headlines from CNN Headline News. Keep it right here, and take care.