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Paris Treated Unfairly?; Jolie And Pitt Premier Powerful New Film; Updating The Antics Of The Britpack, Paris, Lindsay And Britney. Scarlett Pomers, Though, An Example Of One Hollywood Gal Doing Good

Aired June 14, 2007 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT ANCHOR: The stunning connection between Paris, Britney, Lindsay and Tom Cruise. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.
BROOKE ANDERSON, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT ANCHOR: I go one on one with Barbara Walters. Her controversial phone call with Paris Hilton and what "The View" has really been like since Rosie O`Donnell left. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.

HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Paris Hilton gets hauled away. Tonight, Paris makes a big move behind bars.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She was moved last night at 10:55 p.m. to the Century Regional Detention facility.


HAMMER: Also, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT uncovers the shocking evidence that Paris might actually be the one who`s being treated unfairly.

Plus, startling new information about Paris` medical condition. Is she really sick? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the latest on the Paris Hilton lockdown.

Also tonight, more mayhem surrounding young Hollywood`s meltdown, the Paris jail mess, Lindsay Lohan`s post-rehab birthday bash, still on. And now, get this, is Britney Spears using Lindsay`s problems to promote her new album? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s gotta ask, why can`t these stars just get a clue?

Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: Hi there everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood, where today Barbara Walters spoke with me about her headline-making interview with Paris Hilton. That`s coming up in just a few minutes.

HAMMER: Can`t wait to hear what Babs had to say. But first tonight, Paris Hilton on the move. I bet she wished it was out of jail, but this move happened in jail. Yes, it was moving day for Paris. Although she didn`t really have much to pack, maybe a toothbrush and a couple of other things. But the big surprise? New hard evidence today that Paris might really might be getting a raw deal.


HAMMER (voice-over): Paris Hilton is known for getting around, going from party to party and hot spot to hot spot. And now she`s getting moved from jail to jail.

MIKE FLEEMAN, "PEOPLE MAGAZINE": Paris Hilton has been moved from the medical center at the downtown jail to a medical clinic at the jail that she used to be at.

HAMMER: Yes, the Paris ping-pong continues. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you the latest on Paris Hilton`s new lockup, her fragile mental state and possible new evidence that maybe, just maybe, she really is being treated worse because she`s a celebrity.

STEVE WHITMORE, L.A. COUNTY SHERIFF`S SPOKESMAN: She was moved last night at 10:55 p.m. to the Century Regional Detention Facility.

HAMMER: This morning, the L.A. County Sheriff`s Department revealed that Paris was moved from the medical ward at the Twin Towers Jail back to the Century Regional Jail, where she had spent the first few days of her sentence, before her much publicized jailhouse freak out.

FLEEMAN: They are describing Paris Hilton as stabilized. She`s not only 100 percent, but she is well enough to leave the sort of critical medical center for a clinic. She is on her way to re-entering a regular jail cell.

HAMMER: Mike Fleeman of "People Magazine" tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that Paris had been getting treatment for psychological disorders she suffered when she was first sent to jail for driving under a suspended license.

FLEEMAN: Paris Hilton, we are told, suffers attention deficit disorder and severe claustrophobia. She has had a near nervous breakdown in her jail cell.

HAMMER: It was those medical issues that led the L.A. County sheriff to send Paris home to mansion arrest to serve out the rest of her sentence, prompting an angry judge to order her back to jail, a scene that became a national spectacle.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you get a look at the picture? If not, check it out. Paris Hilton in handcuffs.

HAMMER: So for those of you keeping score at home, let`s go to the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT scoreboard. Paris has now gone from one jail to a brief but controversial one-day detour home, over to the medical ward of another jail, and now she`s back at the original jail. Sure, it looks like a game of ping-pong to us.

And it split the nation, with one side claiming Paris is being coddled because she`s a celebrity and the other side saying she`s being punished for being famous.

FLEEMAN: Day in, day out, regular people are arrested and sent to jail. They aren`t bounced all over Los Angeles County from facility to facility.

HAMMER: Now SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that we have the numbers that show Paris Hilton may be serving more time than most. The "Los Angeles Times" studied 1,500 inmates with cases similar to Paris Hilton. It found that 80 percent of them served less time in jail than the 23 days Paris is expected to serve, less time, new ammunition for those who told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that Paris is getting the shaft.

PAUL MOONEY, COMEDIAN: She`s rich and she`s famous and they cannot stand her for this. It has a double edge. Black, white, man or woman, my friends, everyone, they want to crucify her.

HAMMER: But guess how many inmates the "Los Angeles Times" says were released for jail last year on medical grounds, like Paris briefly was? The number was three. Celebrity journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that definitely spells special treatment.

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, AUTHOR, "SECRETS CAN BE MURDER": If you ever wanted a stat that says special treatment, that is it. Nobody gets sent home because they are feeling claustrophobic. If you are not depressed and claustrophobic in jail, then you are crazy and you do need to be sent home.

HAMMER: But no matter how you slice it, medical ward or jail cell, special treatment or anti-celebrity discrimination, Paris Hilton is still locked up.


HAMMER: And there, potentially, she shall remain there for at least 11 more days. While Paris was on the move in jail today, her mother and sister were seen on nationwide TV. There they are, Kathy and Nicky Hilton. They showed up at the Hollywood walk of fame, where Barbara Walters got her star today. They`re friends of Barbara`s. Barbara, of course, the only journalist so far who has talked to Paris in jail.

And Brooke Anderson, you were right there today.

ANDERSON: I sure was, A.J. And my interview with Barbara about Paris is coming up in just a few minutes. But first, we are asking the controversial question, is Paris getting a raw deal in jail? As A.J. just reported, the "L.A. Times" today released a startling study showing Paris is getting special treatment, but not the kind you might be thinking of.

With me tonight from New York, Susan Moss, attorney with the firm Chemtob, Moss, Forman and Talbert. And also in New York, entertainment attorney and BET TV host Ryan Smith. Susan, Ryan, welcome.

All right. We just heard it, Susan, 15 00 cases similar to Paris. And Paris, it seems, is serving more time than 80 percent of those inmates. Do you think she`s getting a raw deal?

SUSAN MOSS, ATTORNEY, CHEMTOB, MOSS FORMAN & TALBERT: Absolutely not. That study looked at 1,500 people arrested for DUI and then sentenced to jail after a parole violation. Paris received two parole violations. Remember, after her first time that she was caught driving without a license, the only thing she got allegedly was the telephone number of the cop wanting a date.

ANDERSON: You`re right about that. Ryan, what do you think? You`re laughing. Do you think she is getting treated unfairly?

RYAN SMITH, BET HOST: I agree. I agree wholeheartedly. This isn`t unfair. She was arrested twice on those violations, and the claim is she didn`t know anything about whether or not her license was suspended. What kind of defense is that? The bottom line here is the judge can impose this sentence and he`s doing what he should be doing. And he`s doing what he has the right to be doing.

ANDERSON: Yes, the judge can make the decision. He doesn`t have to give an explanation. Susan, I also have to point out that this study found that most female offenders who have been sentenced to less than 90 days, just like Paris, don`t even serve any time behind bars. But that still doesn`t convince you, does it?

MOSS: Absolutely not. You need to look at the entire case. When she was first arrested for a DUI, she had the opportunity to do community service. She refused. Then, when she was convicted, she was required to take a alcohol awareness program. Before her first parole violation, she hadn`t even signed up.

She then shows up late for court after her second parole violation, and when she was at court and testifying, she said under oath that the reason she drove is that she received legal advice from her PR agent. Now, that`s just absolutely ridiculous. And many people thought she was guilty of perjury. When you look at it all together, Paris fought the law and the law won. And she`s getting what she deserves.

ANDERSON: And you make a great point. She had several chances to make this right, with the community service, with the alcohol education classes. Ryan, what are your thoughts? Jump in.

SMITH: I agree completely. The fact of the matter is she can`t just expect that the law is going to bend to what she wants to do. I find it kind of funny here that the sheriff let her go. The judge then says no, no, no, no, no. It was my determination that she is not to do home arrest and she feels that`s unfair.

Since when do we, as private citizens, get to tell judges what to do? That`s not why they are there performing their function. That is just what the judge ordered. She has to go back to jail. That`s just the way it is.

ANDERSON: You`re right. It`s the judge`s job. I want to mention another part of the study that really stunned me. If Paris serves the 23 days in jail, she will have done the same amount of time as 4,000 inmates charged with assaults, 1,800 charged with burglary, 2,800 with domestic violence -- 2,600, rather -- 11,000 with drug violations.

Susan, a lot of people do say the punishment doesn`t fit the crime.

MOSS: Yes, but when you look at all the circumstances, I think she`s getting exactly what she deserves. Perhaps this will change her life. Perhaps this will convince her to never drive again while under the influence and she can save a life that might otherwise have been lost.

SMITH: Let`s not forget the offense, by the way. Let`s not forget the offense. The reason why these penalties are in place is so that people don`t go out and drink. So people don`t hurt other people on the street with their vehicles. This is an important sentence. And I think the key here is to remember that the judge can impose this sentence because of these dangers it presents to the public. What he`s really doing is protecting the community.

ANDERSON: Yes, he is. And you`re right, it is very serious. Someone could have been hurt. Hopefully Paris will change from this experience. And Ryan, you know, everybody has been pointing a lot of fingers at each other, the judge, the sheriff. What do you think? Is it possible that Paris is being used as a pawn here?

SMITH: I don`t think so at all. I don`t think so at all. I think the bottom line here is the judge, when he sentenced her, he made an order. He said you cannot do home detention with an electronic bracelet. You have to serve your time in jail. The sheriff chose to take a different direction there. And he can`t do that. So the judge, angrily, said, no, you`ve got to go back to prison. You know what, that`s his right.

She might see this as, hey, I`m in the middle of a political battle. I`m just a football in the middle between these two players passing back and forth. But the bottom line is the judge made his determination. Just because the sheriff said something else, it doesn`t mean that that`s what`s imposed.

ANDERSON: The judge did not like it. We are going to have to end it there. Sorry we are out of time guys. Susan Moss, Ryan Smith, thank you both for your insight. We appreciate it.

MOSS: Thank you.

SMITH: Thank you.

ANDERSON: All right. So, what does Barbara Walters think about this? Does she feel Paris is getting a raw deal? Up next, my revealing one on one interview with Barbara. Does she also believe jail has and will change Paris. Remember Paris called Barbara collect from the slammer. Also this.




HAMMER: You have got to see this. Don`t go anywhere because I have got the first pictures of Paris Hilton behind bars. All right, sort of. A very hysterical Paris parody. You remember stars are blind, that kind of hit song of hers? It`s coming up. Don`t go anywhere.

Plus, the stunning connection between Paris, Britney, Lindsay and Tom Cruise. Yes, and this is not good news for any of them. That is coming up next.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Well, remember Barbara Walters getting a cell phone call from a supposedly spiritual Paris Hilton from jail earlier this week? Well, just this afternoon, I caught up with Barbara right down the street as she got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

And despite a lot of nay-sayers, Barbara tells me, she really does think Paris has and will change.


BARBARA WALTERS, "THE VIEW": I was very pleased when Paris called me. She called collect, which is what prisoners have to do. She talked about being a changed person. I`m sure what she`s going through has changed her. She seemed very mature. And I was happy to talk with her.

I have no plans to visit her in jail while I`m out here. And I think that she will get through this ordeal and, as she hopes, comes out the better and the stronger for it.


ANDERSON: All right, and you just have to stick around for more of my interview with Barbara Walters. Another controversial question, I ask her if she thinks Paris is being treated unfairly. That`s straight ahead.

HAMMER: Well, of course, this whole jail thing is just the beginning for Paris. Her agent dumped her. Now Paris has also been punched off a very important and prestigious list. "Forbes Magazine" has just released its annual list of the hundred most powerful celebrities. Not only didn`t Paris make it, her fellow bad girls, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears also nowhere to be found on the list.

So what happened? Who actually made the cut this year? It`s going to shock you. Joining me in New York tonight, "Forbes`" associate editor Lea Goldman. Good to see you Lea. And let`s get right to it with the woman who tops the list this year. No huge surprise, Oprah Winfrey. She`s number one. I` think she`s going to be on this list for the rest of her life. How does she continue to do it?

LEA GOLDMAN, ASSOCIATE EDITOR FORBES: She is unbelievable. Oprah made, far and away, more money than anyone in Hollywood, like by twice. Not even close. Just when you thought the queen of all media had done everything she could do, she does it again and moves to prime time. Oprah`s got her own reality show coming out in mid season fall for ABC. So it`s really a remarkable story. Basically, it`s Oprah`s world and we just live in it.

HAMMER: Exactly. That`s why I`m saying, not really surprising that she`s at number one. But she bumped somebody out of the number one spot from last year, which is Mr. Tom Cruise, of course. He fall down to number eight. Why is he slipping away, Lea?

GOLDMAN: First of all, don`t feel too badly for Tom Cruise. Coming in the top ten in the Celebrity 100 is pretty good. You know, he had a so- so year financially speaking. He didn`t make nearly as much as he did last year on the heels of "Mission Impossible 3." Right now he`s collecting money from DVD sales.

But you`ve got to hand it to the guy, he got bruised and battered by Paramount, dumped last summer. He comes out on the other side running a studio. So there`s no other actor or actress in Hollywood that can be poised for the comeback that he`s poised for. The guy has his own studio. It`s remarkable.

HAMMER: I don`t think we should be sad for Tom Cruise at all. Maybe if we want to have a little sympathy for Paris Hilton, we should, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan. As I mentioned, they didn`t make the cut. But we do have a few of Hollywood`s good girls on the list, Jessica Alba, Hillary Duff, Dakota Fanning, they are all on the list. Maybe talent does matter. I don`t know. What happened here, Lea?

GOLDMAN: You know, we are starting to see the fallout from the hard parting ways. These girls are suffering a career hangover. Britney Spears hasn`t seen a hit in three years. For Lindsay Lohan, she is not working as much. She`s not collecting as much per film. And her films, by and large, don`t do nearly as well as her other counterparts, like a Jessica Alba, like a Scarlet Johanson.

For Paris and Nicole Richie, I think you are really starting to see the brand erosion. "The Simple Life," fine, doing OK. But it`s not on a major network. You know, we heard Paris dropped an album. It only did so so. Nicole Richie was supposed to drop an album. Where did that go. So really, I think you are starting to see the career hangover for the bad girls.

HAMMER: Yes, I think that`s in full affect, for certain. I want to talk about one of my favorite actors, Johnny Depp, on your list this year. This is amazing. Talk about wow. He made an incredible 92 million dollars for playing Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates. That`s just amazing.

GOLDMAN: Amazing. You know, he enjoys a piece of the profits from the second sequel, which was the third highest grossing film in history. Johnny Depp made more money this year from a starring role in a film than any film actor in history.

HAMMER: Got a few seconds for you to tell me exactly how it is -- and I find this fascinating -- that Johnny Depp at number six, Brad Pitt at number five. So he`s higher on the list. But Pitt made a lot less money, only 35 million dollars. So what is it about Brad that makes him more powerful than Johnny Depp?

GOLDMAN: Brad was ubiquitous feature in the media. You couldn`t pass a news stand, you couldn`t turn on the television without hearing about Brad Pitt. When it comes to Brad Pitt, the men want to be him. The women want to be with him. And Johnny Depp can`t say the same thing.

HAMMER: And, of course, "A Mighty Heart" is under his production shingle, so he has something to look forward to in terms of more Hollywood power, because it is a good movie. Thank you very much. I appreciate you joining us, Lea Goldman.

Newcomers that made the list include George Clooney. Jon Bon Jovi is on there, Justin Timberlake and the cast of "Grey`s Anatomy." Read more of the 2007 list of the 100 most powerful celebrities in Forbes on newsstands Friday.

Well, power couples who play together make movies together. I mentioned there about Brad Pitt. He and Angelina premiered their new movie "A Mighty Heart" last night. I was right there. And she really opened up about how important the movie is. She plays the widow of murdered reporter Daniel Pearl.

On a lighter note tonight, we`ve also got this --




ANDERSON: Guess what? we`ve got your very first pictures of Paris Hilton behind bars. Well, OK, it`s a Paris poser. But she doesn`t sing any worse than the real one, right? A totally funny Paris parody, coming up. You don`t want to miss that.

HAMMER: And the Paris jail mess. Also, Lindsay Lohan`s post-rehab birthday bash still on. That`s pretty amazing to me. And now Britney Spears, could it be, is she using Lindsay`s problems to promote her new album? You will be fascinated to hear what she`s got going on. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s gotta ask with all of this, why is it that young Hollywood stars just can`t seem to get their act together? We`ll be getting into that at 31 past the hour.

ANDERSON: First, we do want to hear from you about this. It`s our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day; Lindsay Lohan turning 21 -- should she cancel her Vegas birthday bash? I personally can`t believe it`s still scheduled. Vote at Send us e-mail at We`re coming right back.


HAMMER: Well, I was right there in New York last night as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt walked the red carpet for their new movie, "A Mighty Heart." Brad Pitt is a producer of the film. The company he originally co-founded with ex Jennifer Aniston, called Plan B, and they`re backing the film. Angelina stars as Mariane Pearl, the pregnant wife of "Wall Street Journal" reporter Daniel Pearl.

Daniel, of course, was kidnapped and killed, decapitated, by radical Islamic terrorists while he was researching the so-called shoe bomber, Richard Reid, back in 2002. Angelina says that despite his horrific and shocking death, there is a glimmer of hope. While making the movie, people from all backgrounds started talking.


ANGELINA JOLIE, "A MIGHTY HEART": In making the film and reenacting it, we ended up bringing together actors from different parts of the world. We spent a lot of time off set talking about each other`s religions and how we feel about that in the world, our perceptions about each other`s countries. We taught each other different languages, different words.

And that, again, is just so much what we need to be reminded of, to know what is impossible.


HAMMER: It is certainly one of the most powerful films of the year and her performances was unbelievable. I`ll be going one-on-one with Angelina Jolie tomorrow. And "A Mighty Heart" opens across the U.S. on June 22nd.

ANDERSON: Well, A.J., I know Angelina Jolie was once a Hollywood bad girl. But she did get her act together. So that`s why I don`t get it. Can`t Britney, Paris, Lindsay do the same? Paris in jail, Lindsay`s post- rehab birthday party proceeding as planned, and is Britney using Lindsay`s problem to promote her new album? Up next, more young Hollywood mayhem.

Also this --




HAMMER: Stop the presses. Hang on just a second. I`ve got your first pictures of Paris Hilton in jail. Well, not exactly. But it is a really, really funny Paris parody. You won`t want to miss this. It`s coming up.

ANDERSON: And startling comments from John Travolta. Remember the outrage when Tom Cruise called psychiatry a pseudo-science, the Brook Shields fight? Well, tonight, Travolta agrees with Cruise. We`ve got his shocking words straight ahead. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for Thursday night coming right back.



HAMMER: The Britpack is at it again. Tonight, major news about three of Hollywood`s most notorious bad girls. First, Paris Hilton, back to her original jail. Plus, is Lindsay Lohan really planning on going right from rehab, to a blowout 21st birthday party, in Vegas of all places? And what did Britney Spears write about Lindsay on her website that made us say, huh.?

Buckle your seatbelts, because tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT takes you on a long, strange trip, with the Britpack.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for Thursday night. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. You`re watching TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

I was right there today, A.J., as Barbara Walters got a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Also right there -- listen to this -- Paris Hilton`s mother, Kathy and sister, Nicky Hilton. As you may remember, Paris actually called Barbara from jail. And I asked her if she thought Paris was being treated unfairly.


BARBARA WALTERS, "THE VIEW": I have no idea whether she`s been treated unfairly. There`s been a lot of conversation back and forth. She`s serving out her sentence.

ANDERSON: Do you have any personal opinions?

WALTERS: You know, one of the reasons that you are an acceptable journalist is that you keep your personal opinions to yourself.

I was very pleased when Paris called me. She called collect which is what prisoners have to do. She talked about being a changed person. I`m sure what she`s going through has changed her. She seemed very mature and I was happy to talk with her. I have no plans to visit her in jail while I`m out here. And I think that she will get through this ordeal and she hopes to come out the better and the stronger for it.

ANDERSON: Are you surprised her mother and sister came in support of you while Paris is in jail?

WALTERS: Well, I think her mother and her sister have to have life as well. I didn`t see them here, but I understand they`re coming to a luncheon for me. And I think that`s very nice and thoughtful of them.


ANDERSON: I also asked Barbara about what`s up at "The View" and she told me that they will probably announce a replacement for Rosie O`Donnell, next month, in July.

HAMMER: The Britpack, talking about Paris, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan. They are all making big headlines tonight and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has got`em. Paris Hilton back behind bars, transferred out of the medical center at L.A.`s Twin Towers Correctional Facility. Her medical condition now described as "stable."

And while Paris is in the slammer, Lindsay Lohan is still in rehab. But get this -- her plans for her 21st birthday party at a Vegas club are still on. That is amazing. An invitation, complete with a picture of Lindsay smoking, has been sent to thousands of people.

And Lindsay seems to be the butt of a joke by Britney Spears. On Britney`s website, Brit is asking fans to vote on a name for her new album. One of Brit`s suggestions -- "OMG, is like Lindsay Lohan, like OK, like" -- all I have to say is --

With me tonight to talk about all this, in Hollywood, Ken Baker, West Coast executive editor of "US", the weekly magazine, Britney on the cover in the new issue. Also in Hollywood as well, tonight, Anna David, author of the new book "Party Girl."

Anna, Ken, it is good to see you both.

Paris Hilton`s mental condition, as I have now reported, back to "stable". We can all rest easy. Of course, the drama continues. As we all know, she started out in a celebrity cell at the L.A. County jail, she went to the medical ward, now she`s back behind bars.

Ken, tell me, is this whole spectacle over with the back and forth and now we just kind of wait until she`s released on June 25th?

KEN BAKER, "US" MAGAZINE: A lot of people thought it was going to die down after Friday when they were going to put her back into jail and then we just kind of talk about it 18 days from then. But what`s happened is last night, in the dark of night -- it just always seems to happen in the dark of night. They transport Paris Hilton back to the original jail she was at, and she`s going to spend 11 more days there.

They also said she`s in the medical clinic there. Well, the sources tell "US" weekly that she`s suffering from major acute anxiety and depression. And it`s been a really difficult time for her. She got the medication she needed in the Twin Towers facility, so they put her back into the more hardcore jail, Lynnwood, and that`s where she is now.

HAMMER: As it has been said before, show me somebody behind bars who is not feeling all those things. You know, I think that`s part of the deal with being in jail. As you said, 11 more days behind bars. But as we`ve heard, she`s already a changed woman, as she told Barbara Walters. Also the fact that`s she`s going to be losing the dumb girl act. She says it`s just not cute any longer. Not sure if it was ever cute.

Anna, do you think she can actually survive once out of jail without the whole ditz thing?

ANNA DAVID, AUTHOR, "PARTY GIRL": First of all, let`s talk about the spiritual transformation that took place in -- 48 hours?


DAVID: In my experience, spiritual transformations take a little bit longer. And you can tell when they are happening because the person isn`t proclaiming that they had a spiritual transformation.

As for that dumb act, I don`t think -- I don`t buy it when it`s about Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton that this dumb girl thing is a put on. I mean, we all want to be perceived as intelligent and if you`re going to not be perceived as intelligent, and instead try to act dumb to possibly further your career, I think you`re even crazier than Paris Hilton seems.

HAMMER: And then talk about her love of the spotlight. If you want to know why she loves it so much, look no further than her mom, Kathy Hilton. Our jaws truly dropped today when we had our camera feed on here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT watching the arrival of sister Nicky, and mother Kathy, showing up to grab a little bit of the spotlight as Barbara Walters got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Ken, tell me why these people can`t just stay at home?

BAKER: Well, I think, in all fairness, Kathy Hilton and Nicky Hilton aren`t the ones in jail. They do have a life.

HAMMER: Yeah, but Ken, they should be laying low right now because all the press attention is not good little daughter and sister!

BAKER: Well, they say the apple doesn`t fall far from the tree. So, maybe Paris has learned a thing or two from her family members. But that being said, Paris and the entire family are very close to Barbara Walters. I`m told they would spend time in the Hamptons together. And this is a long-standing relationship. So I think there`s something more to it than just the media spectacle.

HAMMER: OK. Let`s move on then to Lindsay Lohan. She is still working towards her recovery. Still at the Promises rehab, in Malibu.

Anna, I know you have been through this. You have been through rehab. You`ve cleaned up your act. But when you hear that Lindsay is planning to go ahead with this big 21st birthday bash blowout in Vegas, can you believe it?

DAVID: Well, it doesn`t bode well for her future recovery. I do think with Lindsay. You know, she went into rehab. She came out sort of derided the experience. This is her second chance. We don`t know that she sent the invite out herself, but the fact that that invite is going around, it doesn`t really suggest that her focus is on her recovery.

I mean, getting sober requires the kind of desperation that celebrities don`t often have because when you are always going to be surrounded by people who will always want to be around you because you are famous and you`re not going to run out of money, you don`t get as desperate as a normal person, who doesn`t have that cushion.

HAMMER: We cannot talk about the Britpack without talking about Britney Spears. This comes from the "I just don`t get it category". She`s been keeping a pretty low profile save those little undie shots that came out the other night. But on her web site she`s asking fans to help her name her new album. My favorite one, No. 1 on the list, "OMG, is like Lindsay Lohan, like, OK, like?"

Ken, for somebody, herself, just out of rehab, Britney Spears, does she need a little sensitivity check right now?

BAKER: Like totally.


BAKER: Seriously, though. I think Britney Spears is a great performer actually and she`s actually a very effective celebrity when she`s sober, and acting someone sane. And this stuff where she`s just kind of doing a publicity stunt on her website, and then we come on SHOWBIZ and we talk about it. I think she`s actually -- the joke is on us in a way, because she needs attention. Her album isn`t out for another six or seven months and she needs us talking about her.

HAMMER: Yeah, but I still don`t think any publicity is good publicity. I don`t believe it.

Ken Baker, Anna David, thank you both tonight.

ANDERSON: We`ve been asking you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Lindsay Lohan, turning 21, should she cancel her Vegas birthday bash? Keep voting, Write to us. The address is We will read some of your thoughts tomorrow. And listen to this. You can also vote on the question of the day by sending a cell phone text message to 45688. To vote yes write showbiz yes; to vote no write showbiz no. Once again, send that text to 45688.

HAMMER: You know Lindsay could really take a lesson from the guest we have coming up here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. The lovely Scarlett Pomers. Of course, we all know her from the sitcom "Reba". She has stayed out of bars. She stayed away from being behind bars. And she actually started a charity at a very young age. We give her a lot of credit here.

Scarlett Palmer is here with some lessons for Hollywood bad girls, coming up next. Also this:


FEMALE SINGER: I don`t mind being confined to L.A.`s prison --


ANDERSON: OK. I totally laughed out loud when I first saw this. A hilarious parody of Paris Hilton "Stars Are Blind" video that is burning up the Internet. We are going to show it to you coming up.

HAMMER: You don`t want to miss hearing what John Travolta is saying, speaking out about Scientology. I mean he is truly sounding off about the very same topic that got Tom Cruise in so much trouble. What John is saying still ahead.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Well, this whole Paris Hilton jail saga has certainly provided for plenty of material for comedians. And the guys behind the website are jumping on the bandwagon with their music video parody of Paris` song "Stars Are Blind." It`s pretty funny. It has already gotten about 4 million hits on YouTube. You don`t have to go there, just take a look.


FEMALE SINGER: I don`t mind being confined to L.A. prison. I was tried with DUI, I caused (ph) some commission (ph). They tell me now that my appeal has been denied and that the sentence is now bona fide.

How about a jail (ph) that won`t insult my civic pride, like somewhere on the Upper West Side, with a waterslide. Oh, no!

Even though they say I`m shady, I really so refined, I need a cleaning lady. I can`t do time!

Robert Blake and O.J. Simpson, they both got off Scott free, I drive without a license, they threw the book right at me. It sucks to the highest degree. Aah, aah.



HAMMER: Tomorrow we will have the creators of this parody video right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Well, yesterday, we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Here`s what we were asking: Paris Hilton, do you think she is getting special treatment? Ah, look at how one-sided it was, last night, 93 percent of you say yes. And 7 percent said no.

Among the e-mails we got, we heard from Gabby in Texas. She writes, "This just shows us what being rich and famous can do for some people."

Also heard from Janet from New York, who writes: "The whole family is getting special treatment. When is the system going to start working the way it`s supposed to?"

ANDERSON: Paris Hilton and the other bad girls of Hollywood could learn a thing or two from a good girl, like Scarlett Pomers. While playing Reba McIntyre`s daughter on the hit sitcom "Reba", Pomers, at just 16, entered treatment for anorexia.

Now in recovery, Scarlett has developed her own charity to raise money to fight eating disorders called "Arch Angels" and plays concerts across the country to raise money for other causes.

Paris, Britney, Lindsay, did you hear that? Scarlett has some advice for the bad girls of Hollywood and she`s with me tonight in Hollywood.

Scarlet, great to see you again.

SCARLETT POMERS, ACTRESS: Hi. It`s nice to be back.

ANDERSON: All right. These girls have one main thing in common. They are out of control. You are 18 years old. But I`m sure you too have faced the same temptations, similar temptations, at least. How do you avoid it?

POMERS: Again, I think it`s something where you know, it`s -- I come from a family who`s always been really supportive of me, especially with my mom. I`m really, really close to my mom. And I feel completely comfortable talking to her about anything, if I ever did feel, you know, any sort of peer pressure or anything like that to just kind of give in and just do things because other people say to do that.

ANDERSON: And is she a mother before she`s a friend?

POMERS: Definitely. Definitely.

ANDERSON: That makes a big difference.

POMERS: Yeah. I think so. She`s not worried about telling me the honest truth about it, and her opinion. I know that I can trust her. And that`s really an important thing. And you know, especially when it comes to going through treatment for whether it`s an eating disorder, or going to rehab for substance abuse, you really need a strong support system around you when you come out of treatment.

And you need people around you who aren`t going to, you know, kind of put in you front of that temptation again. You need to really look at it and look at your environment, whether is this good for me? Is it going to help me stay on track with my recovery or is this just going back to what I had before?

ANDERSON: People who want to protect you, too, maybe not make money off of you so much.

POMERS: Exactly.

ANDERSON: And you`ve been very open about your struggle with anorexia. You went to treatment for it. A form of rehab, right?

POMERS: Yeah, you could call it that.

ANDERSON: And of course, Lindsay Lohan currently in rehab for substance abuse. You came out after your treatment for the eating disorder much, much stronger. What would you tell her? What advice would you give her so that she turns it into a positive experience month experience and improves herself?

POMERS: You know, I definitely would say to use the time that she has. This goes for anybody who is going through eating disorder treatment or, you know, drug abuse, or alcohol, anything. I would say use the time that you have there to really think about the people that you`re around all the time, and whether they are a good influence on you. And what`s really important to you?

Is it more important to you to kind of just get your kicks at the moment or are you worried about the long term and being a healthy and happy person? Definitely, I would rather be a healthy, happy person in the long term.

ANDERSON: From Lindsay Lohan, we also have Britney Spears who we have mentioned, has had a meltdown recently. Very publicly. You know, shaved her head, went to rehab. But someone, from someone who has experienced fame in Hollywood, can you kind of see why she did that? Why she experienced that?

POMERS: You know, I can see why because.

ANDERSON: Lot of pressures.

POMERS: Yeah. I definitely think that there probably is a lot of pressure on somebody who is in front of the camera all the time, and especially somebody like her who has been in this business for a really long time. And like myself, I have been doing this since I was three years old. I have been acting for that long.

ANDERSON: A child star who is doing all right!

POMERS: I`m OK. I`m kind of OK, I guess. Yeah.

But I think definitely there is that added pressure of you know everybody is seeing me. And, you know, a lot of definitely eating disorders, I know for a fact we kind of put that pressure on ourselves. We have to be perfect. We have to be perfect. But really there is no such thing as perfection.

But I think that whether it is substance abuse or an eating disorder, I think that people are built genetically when that happens. And that kind of plays a part of it, they are just predisposed to that compulsion, whatever it is. And I think that probably even if she wasn`t in the spotlight, it probably would happen anyway just like I do believe that if I wasn`t an actress, I probably would have developed anorexia anyway.

ANDERSON: Hopefully Britney is on the road to recovery as you have been on the road as well, a positive road.

And very quickly Paris Hilton spoke to Barbara Walters said she wants to turn her life around, she wants to get involved with charity, breast cancer awareness, among other things. You do charity, as we`ve mentioned. Quickly, do you think it will do her some good?

POMERS: Definitely. I know for a fact that anything that I do or even if it`s just making a decision about, you know, some little thing to do with the charity or involvement or, you know, saying yes, I will go do this event on this date. It really does make you feel good.

ANDERSON: It helps others.

POMERS: Yes, exactly. And it kind of helps to get some stability.

ANDERSON: You should be very, very proud of all that you have accomplished. A terrific role model, right here. Scarlett Pomers, thank you so much.

POMERS: Thank you.

HAMMER: Well, John Travolta is talking about his belief in scientology. And he`s sticking up for one of its other very famous followers, Tom Cruise. As you probably remember, Cruise went off on the "Today" show about psychiatry being, in his words, "a pseudo-science". And in the new issue of "W" magazine, Travolta says he doesn`t disagree with anything Cruise says.

Travolta says he may have presented the argument a bit differently than Cruise did, but, quote, "I still think that if you analyze most of the school shootings, it is not gun control, it is psychiatric drugs at the bottom of it. I don`t want to create controversy. I just have an opinion on things. And there is nothing wrong with stating your opinion if you are asked." For more with John Travolta, pick up a copy of "W" magazine, on newsstands everywhere June 22nd.

ANDERSON: Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig are starring in a new movie called "The Golden Compass." They share screen time with, among other things, a polar bear and a futuristic looking blimp. Your first look at this trippy looking movie, coming up next.


ANDERSON: In tonight`s SHOWBIZ "First Look", "The Golden Compass," starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. It`s a fantasy adventure set in a parallel universe that centers around a young girl`s quest to rescue her best friend, and save the world. Here`s your first look.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s an alysiometer (ph). It`s tells the truth. You are meant to have it. You keep the alysiometer (ph) to yourself. It`s of the utmost importance to yourself, to all of us, and perhaps to all creation.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I propose to discover a world much like our own in a parallel universe.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That is heresy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That is the truth.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you familiar with the prophesies of the witches?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You think she is that child? She must be found.

War is coming, Myra.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Her loyalty will be put to a proper test.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I need to go north, to fight.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We protected her as long as we could.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You have no idea what`s at stake.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you going to join in this turkey shoot?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. I have a contract with a child.


ANNOUNCER: "The Golden Compass".


ANDERSON: "The Golden Compass" hits theaters December 7th.

HAMMER: That`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching, I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Have a great night, everyone. "Glenn Beck" coming up next. Right after the latest headlines from CNN "Headline News". Take care.