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Disturbing New Details Surrounding Heath Ledger`s Death; Britney`s Contribution to the U.S. Economy; Dr. Phil Grilled by TV Hosts

Aired January 30, 2008 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Dog the Bounty Hunter finds out if he`ll be extradited to Mexico. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.
BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: And the economy got you down? Wait until you hear how Britney Spears is helping out. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.

HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Heath Ledger, the untold story. Tonight, startling and disturbing new details about Ledger`s life, including shocking reports about drug use and his state of mind before he died. Plus, Jake Gyllenhaal`s grief. For the first time, we are now hearing how his "Brokeback Mountain" co-star and godfather of his baby is dealing with his death. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the brand-new breaking information inside Heath`s secret life and Jake`s private pain.

Tonight, Dr. Phil grilled. Big-time. Dr. Phil`s extraordinary appearances on "Good Morning America" and the "Today" show on the same day. Hit hard over claims he tried to cash in on Britney Spears` meltdown.


MATT LAUER, HOST, THE "TODAY" SHOW: A portion of this had to also be about promotion.


HAMMER: Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the stunning interrogation as Dr. Phil gets grilled. Plus, is Drew Peterson going on the blockbuster new game show "Moment of Truth" to prove he had nothing to do with his wife`s disappearance. Are you kidding me?


Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: Hi there, everyone, I`m Brooke Anderson coming to you from Hollywood. And as strange as this may sound, Britney Spears is igniting a mini-economic boom. We`ve got the Britney bottom line coming up.

HAMMER: But first, Heath Ledger, the untold story. Tonight, more than a week after his still mysterious death, we`re now learning unsettling new details about his life, including a possible disturbing battle with drug use. There are explosive new reports about how troubled Heath really was before he died.

And for the very first time, we`re learning the terrible toll his death may be taking on his "Brokeback Mountain" co-star Jake Gyllenhaal. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the Heath stories you haven`t heard.


(voice over): In addition to being a heartbreaking tragedy, the death of Heath Ledger is still a baffling mystery.

MIKE FLEEMAN, WEST COAST EDITOR, "PEOPLE.COM": It is still all these days later a mystery exactly why he died. We just don`t know.

HAMMER: Was it natural causes? Did the pills found in the apartment where Ledger died play a role? We`ll have to wait for an upcoming toxicology report to find out for sure. But now, "People" magazine has explosive and disturbing new revelations about Ledger`s alleged drug use. And how it may have killed the happy life he had built with actress Michelle Williams.

FLEEMAN: He had a cocaine problem and that this drug problem contributed and probably was the main cause of his split from Michelle Williams.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has the shocking new story of Heath Ledger`s reported downward spiral and the inside story of how his loved ones are reeling from this sad, sad loss. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams fell in love while filming "Brokeback Mountain" in 2005. Their daughter, Matilda, was born soon after the movie opened. Ledger told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT what fatherhood was like.

HEATH LEDGER, ACTOR: Very humbling. Yes. Yes. I`m very comfortable in the daddy position.

HAMMER: The new family settled into this low-key house in Brooklyn.

FLEEMAN: By outward appearances before the split, everything seemed to be fine.

HAMMER: But "People" magazine`s Mike Fleeman tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Ledger`s alleged cocaine use and partying may have become too much for Michelle.

FLEEMAN: She always considered him a very good father, but the drugs got in the way. She didn`t want Matilda to be around this and she couldn`t rely on Heath.

HAMMER: The couple split late last year. Williams stayed in Brooklyn with their daughter. Ledger moved to this loft apartment building in Manhattan.

FLEEMAN: After Heath broke up with Michelle, he plunged even deeper into the party scene. You know, he was hanging out with Lindsay Lohan at the peak of her partying and of course, Mary-Kate Olsen. Ledger also stepped up his work schedule.

LEDGER (AS THE JOKER): Why so serious?

HAMMER: After an emotionally draining shoot as The Joker in the Batman epic "The Dark Night," Ledger almost immediately began working on another movie.

FLEEMAN: In the final weeks of Heath Ledger`s life, he was full of depression about not being able to see his daughter over the holidays. He complained about not being able to sleep and was telling a co-star that he was taking medication for that.

HAMMER: Sometime on January 21st, or January 22nd, Ledger went to sleep in this Manhattan apartment, and never woke up. By all accounts, his ex is wracked with grief.

FLEEMAN: Not only does she lose somebody who she still obviously cared very much about, but her daughter now is going to grow up without knowing her father.

HAMMER: And now for the first time, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you how Ledger`s death is affecting another one of his "Brokeback Mountain" co- stars, Jake Gyllenhaal.

FLEEMAN: Jake Gyllenhaal is devastated by Heath Ledger`s death.

HAMMER: Gyllenhaal and Ledger shared a close friendship off screen. When little Matilda was born, Ledger asked Gyllenhaal to be her godfather. And now, "People`s" Mike Fleeman tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Gyllenhaal is privately agonizing.

FLEEMAN: He was so upset he had to run away basically from his film set, have some time to himself, came back and he still couldn`t work. He`s taking this harder than most people.

HAMMER: So it seems that Heath Ledger`s struggles in the final months of his life have given way to terrible pain for those he left behind.


(on camera): And the toxicology report on Heath Ledger`s body is expected in just a few days.

ANDERSON: I have to say so much of this new information is really unsettling and here to talk about it with us tonight in Hollywood entertainment journalist, Ken Baker. Also in Hollywood tonight, investigative journalist Pat Lalama.

Pat, Ken, in the upcoming new "People" magazine article, unnamed friends of Heath describe his final months as, quote, "a nomadic life of insomnia, casual affairs and serious drug use." But on the other hand, others say in Heath`s final hours, he was making plans for the future. Ken, this all just adds really to the growing mystery surrounding his death, doesn`t it?

KEN BAKER, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: Well, I think the day that he died I remember saying on this show that I was shocked because any time a 28-year- old dies, you know, there is shock and you didn`t know of any illness he had. But I wasn`t surprised, and the reason why I wasn`t surprised is that whispers and rumors of him partying too much, being too excessive, had been out there. And people had seen out on the scene a lot and there were concerns for him.

And I think this is really disturbing, what has come out and, you know, the accusations of drug use and addiction, and it really would explain a lot. Now, of course, the toxicology reports don`t come out until next week at the earliest, but it`s really starting to look like it`s moving in that direction as cause of death.

ANDERSON: Well, we do know that Heath`s final 48 hours according to "People" magazine are described as pretty normal. Getting coffee, making plans with friends, like model Helena Christensen, spiritual guru Deepak Chopra. Now while Chopra said that Heath told him he was a little depressed and missed his daughter, Pat, it really doesn`t sound like the behavior of a person burdened by demons and close to the edge, does it?

PAT LALAMA, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST: I disagree. I think it`s critical for people to understand that some of the most functioning people suffer the demons of alcohol and drug abuse, and have moments of clarity and moments of being lucid. I can name you people but I won`t. Very high profile people in Hollywood who go to work every day, who run big businesses, who are famous people, who are renowned and honored and known around haven`t gotten into trouble yet because their demons are very, very secret, in a closet so to speak and they`re able to hide them thus far.

I think that Heath Ledger was one of those people. I think there probably was a level of shame if you believe the "People" magazine article. Because he did seem to have so much integrity, because he was a smart guy who had a lovely life with a lovely woman and a beautiful baby and he was able to hide it. But don`t - mark my words, these people suffer but they have great moments of clarity where they`re able to function. I`m thinking he probably was one of those people.


ANDERSON: Go ahead, Ken.

BAKER: Let`s not forget, he was a great actor. So this is an Academy Award nominated actor. And of course, he can put on a face to people and make it look like he was OK. But obviously he was not.

ANDERSON: Well, I want to talk about this for a second. Mary-Kate Olsen, we know that she was the first person Heath`s masseuse called when she found the body - when the masseuse found the body. "People" magazine is reporting that Mary-Kate and Heath really bonded in the party scene. Ken, is there anything that you can see that would have the New York Police Department reconsider their decision not to interview Mary-Kate Olsen as part of the investigation?

BAKER: Not knowing all the facts around the case and the investigation, but what`s been reported, it would be hard for me to say go interview her. You need to interrogate her. But here`s what we do know. Mary-Kate Olsen, a few years ago, checked into the Cirque Lodge - it`s a rehab facility in Utah. And now, she may have been a positive influence for him. Maybe she`s sober, maybe she was helping him through a hard time or maybe she wasn`t.

The "People" magazine article seems to suggest that they bonded over the party scene and I guess you`ve got to read between the lines there. So I think that this is very intriguing. I think it brings up a lot of issues about what he was doing with his life. Whether or not the police should be knocking on her door, I really can`t answer that question.

ANDERSON: Yes. None of us really can at this point. I`m sure this has been understandably tough for Michelle Williams to deal with all of it. Her movie she`s been working on has been put on hold. Pat, this has to be incredibly painful given all these new details that are coming to light, these alleged details. I imagine it would be unimaginably hard for her.

LALAMA: I think especially hard for her. Because what I`m reading into this, Brooke, is that she was still in love with him. My impression - and I have no inside information, but my impression was that she inflicted tough love on him. She said, "Look, I can`t allow our relationship to continue like this."

If you believe the article, she tried to drive him to rehab and he didn`t want to go. And she did what she was supposed to do. She was not going to be an enabler. She had to protect herself and her child. And I think she was still in love with him and was hoping he`d get cleaned up, if in fact he had a drug problem. And they would get back together. That`s the insight I have.

ANDERSON: I do have to step in there. Good point, he was the father of her daughter. Ken Baker, Pat Lalama, we`ll leave it there. Thank you. The new issue of "People" magazine on newsstands, Friday.

LALAMA: Thanks.

HAMMER: Dr. Phil is in the hotseat. He went on, not one, but two TV shows to fight back against claims that he tried to cash in on Britney Spears` meltdown. I`ve got to tell you, he got grilled pretty hard. We have this extraordinary story with his statements coming up. We`ll also have this -


JULIA ALLISON, "STAR" MAGAZINE: Britney might be a train wreck, a disaster, but the fact of the matter is, she sells newsstand copies.


ANDERSON: She does sell newsstand copies, that`s for sure, but can Britney Spears single-handedly save the economy? We did some digging and you are not going to believe how much money Britney generates. That`s coming up.

HAMMER: You know Drew Peterson, the prime suspect of the disappearance of his wife, Stacy? He has this bright idea to go on a game show, "Moment of Truth" to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence. What is this guy thinking? That is on the way.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Tonight, the Britney economic boom. Yes, I`m not kidding. Say what you want about Britney Spears, but SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can now reveal that Britney is just the thing our troubled economy needs right now.

And almost unbelievable, but we have to say very credible study just released, shows that Britney`s wild behavior is fueling an economic boom. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the Britney bottom line.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I know my retirement fund is completely deteriorating.

HAMMER (voice over): The stock market tanking. An economy hovering near crisis.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We know that we are in a slowdown.

HAMMER: It`s easy to despair with all the bad economic news we`ve been seeing lately. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking, could the secret to America`s economic future be Britney Spears? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you enough people are getting a piece of the fascinating and sometimes musical train wreck known as Britney Spears. She`s now actually worth an awful lot to the economy, which can use all the help it can get these days.

ALLISON: In her song, "Piece of Me," she says, I`m an exceptional earner. She is now. She earns a lot of money for a lot of people.

HAMMER: In fact, the latest issue of the business magazine, "Conde Nest Portfolio" shows the beefy economic effect of Ms. Spears.

DUFF MCDONALD, "CONDE NEST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE": We decided to take a look and see just what constituted the Britney Spears` economy, who made money off her and how.

HAMMER: So turn away from the stock market. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is breaking down for you the Britney economy. Even though Britney Spears isn`t the gazillion-selling star she once was, "Portfolio`s Duff McDonald tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she`s still pulling in a lot for what he calls Britney`s packagers.

MCDONALD: These are the things that she`s actually selling on purpose.

HAMMER: Things like her $400 million in career CD sales, her successful perfume line, and even nightclubs, who reportedly pay her up to $400,000 just to show up. So they can charge others to come in and be near Britney.

MCDONALD: A nightclub in Las Vegas sold a table next to her for $50,000, I believe.

ALLISON: A table next to Britney goes for $50,000. But that`s probably that you know that your odds of having a kid with Britney exponentially increase if you get drunk with her.

HAMMER: So, how does it all add up?

MCDONALD: The people that package Britney in one way or another, they`re still pulling in about $30 million to $40 million a year off of her.

ALLISON: That`s a lot of paintings you can buy with that.

HAMMER: But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you the biggest Britney business stems from her, uh, misdeeds.

ALLISON: If Britney cleaned up her act, would L.A. turn into a third world country?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Britney, come here.

HAMMER: The tons of paparazzi that follow Britney`s every move don`t do it for their health.

ALLISON: Hundreds of paparazzi basically live off of Britney. On their income forms, do the paparazzi write "Britney" as their profession?

HAMMER: A photo of Britney goes anywhere from $250 to $100,000. And "Portfolio" estimates that right now, Britney makes up 20 percent of the entire paparazzi business.

MCDONALD: They make about $4 million off her a year selling photos they`ve taken of her.

HAMMER: And those paparazzi photos are bought by celebrity news magazines, which also make a mint off of Britney.

ALLISON: Britney might be a train wreck, a pop wreck, a disaster. But the fact of the matter is, she sells newsstand copies. If your magazine has Britney on the cover, you`re going to sell 33 percent more copies.

HAMMER: And that adds up.

MCDONALD: We figured that Britney is probably worth about $75 million to the media every year.

HAMMER: And no discussion of Britney`s economic impact is complete without her support of the fed. No, not the Federal Reserve, but K-Fed, her ex- husband.

ALLISON: K-Fed was not as good as without Britney.

HAMMER: Yes. Kevin Federline is definitely rolling VIP for the notoriety he`s gotten from being with his famous ex-wife, from commercials like this one, to the $30,000 he reportedly gets for showing up at clubs.

MCDONALD: We figured he`s probably making about $1 million a year just from having come into Britney`s orbit.

HAMMER: So all together, exactly how much does Britney pump into the economy?

MCDONALD: She`s probably worth $110 million to $120 million a year to other people.

HAMMER: Wow! Even CNN business correspondent Jennifer Westhoven is impressed.

JENNIFER WESTHOVEN, CNN BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: It`s surprising, I think, to see just how many different industries get affected just by her image.

MCDONALD: She may be the strongest part of the economy we have going right now.

HAMMER: Does that mean we should invest in Britney with Britney bonds or maybe even Britney stock?

WESTHOVEN: Britney stock? Would you risk (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

HAMMER: OK, maybe not.

WESTHOVEN: We could be in a recession in the U.S.

HAMMER: But with the economy going like it is, it`s good to see Britney Spears is doing her part. And maybe her example will inspire us to get this country`s economic engine back on track.


(on camera): Wouldn`t that be something? Well, a new "" study just released today of the richest women in music lists Britney as number 14 on the list, making an estimated $8 million a year. Number one, Madonna, who made $72 million from June 2006 to June 2007.

ANDERSON: The countdown is on to Super Tuesday and the presidential primaries next week. But also get ready for the other Super Tuesday, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s "Superstar Tuesday." We will be asking you to vote online with a different question about Hollywood`s biggest stars every day and reveal and debate the results on a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT next Tuesday, February 5th, our "Superstar Tuesday."

OK. Here`s what we`re asking you to vote on right now. The question is this, "Who will make a bigger contribution to society, A, Paris Hilton or B, Nicole Richie? To vote, go to The polls are open right now and the results will be revealed on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s "Superstar Tuesday" next Tuesday, February 5th.

HAMMER: Well, tonight, there are startling new revelations about Heath Ledger`s last days. These are stunning reports about drug use, the inside story of why he and Michelle Williams broke up. I`m talking some really, really heartbreaking stuff here. Coming up, we`re getting into the secret life of Heath Ledger.

ANDERSON: Also, Dr. Phil grilled. Dr. Phil`s extraordinary appearance on two shows to fight back against claims that he tried to cash in on Britney Spears` meltdown. I`ve got to say he got grilled pretty hard. What he had to say in his defense, straight ahead.

ANDERSON: And I just can`t wrap my brain around this. Drew Peterson wants to go on a new game show, "Moment of Truth," to prove he didn`t have anything to do with his wife`s disappearance. Are you kidding me? That is coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. All right, three big headlines in Hollywood right now. First up, the inquest into the death of Anna Nicole Smith`s 20-year-old son Daniel. Yes, the inquest is still going on more than a year after his death.

A family friend who has just testified that Daniel was a gifted but anguished young man who desperately wanted to be out of his mother`s shadow. An autopsy found the likely cause of the death was a mix of drugs including methadone. A family friend said he could not have been a drug addict because he was afraid of his own shadow and couldn`t even hold his liquor.

Duane "Dog" Chapman is off the hook in Mexico. A court has ruled that the bounty hunter will not be extradited to face criminal charges for capturing Andrew Luster there. Bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico. But the court`s ruling ends all legal problems in the country for Chapman.

And Marie Osmond is coming back to TV. Her daytime talk show called "Marie" is set to debut in 2009. Osmond says it will be a feel-good show that will focus on real women.

HAMMER: All right. You`re definitely going to want to stick around for this. There are startling new revelations about Heath Ledger`s last days. Stunning reports about drug use and why he and Michelle Williams broke up. Really, really heartbreaking stuff. The secret life of Heath Ledger, coming up next.

ANDERSON: Also, Dr. Phil grilled. Dr. Phil`s extraordinary appearance on two shows to fight back against claims that he tried to cash in on Britney Spears` meltdown. I`ve got to say, he got hit with some tough questions. What he had to say in his defense, straight ahead.

HAMMER: And I got to say, this is absolutely mind-blowing. Get this, you know Drew Peterson. He`s a prime suspect in the disappearance of his wife, Stacy. Well, he reportedly has a bright idea about how to prove he wasn`t involved by going on the new game show "Moment of Truth" so he can take a lie detector test. Are you kidding me? We`re coming right back with that.

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HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, shocking new Heath Ledger revelations. Tonight, startling and disturbing details, reports about Heath Ledger`s alleged drug use and just what state of mind he was in before he died. Plus, what really destroyed his relationship with Michelle Williams? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates these new twists in the tragic death of Heath Ledger.

Dr. Phil grilled. Tonight, the tables are turned on this big-time TV shrink. He goes on both "GMA" and "Today" and he gets hit with hard questions about his controversial hospital visit with Britney Spears after she had her meltdown. Was he really trying to cash in on Britney`s breakdown?


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you tonight from Hollywood. This is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

HAMMER: Well tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has late breaking developments on two big stories that are new right now, shocking new details about Heath Ledger`s final days. "People" magazine reports Heath struggled with demons and drugs in the last weeks of his life. "People" also revealed surprising insight into Heath`s relationship with Michelle Williams and how drugs ultimately destroyed him.

And in other big news, Dr. Phil goes on two - yes, two morning shows defending himself for his controversial visit with Britney Spears in the hospital after her meltdown and then blabbing about it.

ANDERSON: Joining me again tonight in Hollywood, entertainment journalist Ken Baker and investigative journalist Pat Lalama. And in New York tonight, psychology expert and author of "The Cult of Perfection," Cooper Lawrence.

Guys, I want to start with the shocking new details we`ve been telling you about in the upcoming new issue of "People" magazine which reports that Heath used cocaine and also reports that drug use led to the ultimate destruction of his relationship with Michelle Williams. Pat, does this new information make you think any differently about the circumstances surrounding his death?

LALAMA: It makes them clearer. If we are to believe the article, it makes perfect sense, Brooke. Here was a guy who lived a solid life of integrity with a wonderful woman and his little baby and he`s raking leaves in Brooklyn with the neighbors. And then he suddenly shifts to the party lifestyle with some people that I think are - I`d say lesser than full of integrity.

I think that often happens when you want to get loaded. You want to be around people who want to get loaded and you shuck your fabulous lifestyle. It makes sense to me. I don`t think any less of him because I think he was a decent person who was obviously struggling.

ANDERSON: Yes. I think the same thing, Pat. And "People" magazine also really shed some light into Heath`s relationship with Mary-Kate Olsen who, as we now know, was the first person called when his body was found. "People" reports that they had a bond based on partying and that basically they both just liked going to the same kinds of clubs. Ken, how is it possible that these two went to all of these public hot spots and yet kept this relationship so secret, so low key?

BAKER: You know, it really is the most intriguing part of this story right now. The most tragic part of the story is the two-year-old daughter that now is fatherless. But the most intriguing part of the story is definitely if they were able to keep their relationship secret and we didn`t know about it, what other secrets did they keep?

And I think that is a big reason why a lot of people are saying, hey, why aren`t the police questioning Mary-Kate Olsen? I think it`s because of the fact they could keep the relationship secret, these two high-profile people, what else was going on? I think it raises so many questions and that "People" magazine article really raises more questions than it provides answers.

ANDERSON: Yes. It`s not easy for two celebrities, you know, to keep a relationship low profile like that. "People" magazine also says the big reason his relationship ended with Williams is that she didn`t want their daughter, two-year-old Matilda, around drugs. But the unnamed source in "People" says, quote, "She was very clear that Heath loved his daughter and was a good father but she couldn`t always rely on him." Talking about Michelle. Cooper, what do you read into that?

COOPER LAWRENCE, PSYCHOLOGY EXPERT: Well, two things. I mean he says in the article, he describes himself as being - feeling like a ghost when he`s around his family. And there`s something to that. The idea - If you think about Brad Renfro, just a few weeks ago, we found out about his passing. That`s the difference between male celebrities and female celebrities. Some of them are very reticent to come out and party publicly.

What`s going on privately is usually more dangerous, and we don`t find out. And I think that`s a good difference between males and females. And that`s a cautionary tale. But also, I think, you know, he`s somebody that might have been in great pain who didn`t really share. But Michelle Williams obviously picked up on it because, you know, they also imply in the article that perhaps she was trying some tough love with him.

ANDERSON: So incredibly disturbing and upsetting. But now, I want to move on to Dr. Phil. He made extraordinary appearances this morning on "Good Morning America" and the "Today" show to, again, insist he was not trying to exploit Britney Spears by releasing a statement after visiting her in the hospital following her meltdown. Take a look what happened when Matt Lauer on the "Today" show grilled him about his true intentions in helping Britney.


LAUER: This had to also be about promotion. You`re not only a psychologist, you`re a TV host and I`m in the same business. If I had gotten that call from the Spears` family, it would have to cross my mind that if handled right, this is good for our show, could be compelling TV and good for ratings. Can you tell me it didn`t cross your mind?

DR. PHIL MCGRAW, TV PSYCHOLOGIST: I can tell you it didn`t cross my mind because we never intended to do a show with Britney at all. And I was followed into the hospital, I was followed out of the hospital. I didn`t need to draw attention to the fact that I had been there.


ANDERSON: Ken, do you buy that?

BAKER: Uh, no. You know, it`s interesting when you think about it. Bill Clinton used to get beat up by his opponents, they used to call him slick Willie. Well guess what? We have slick Philly. And I didn`t believe anything he was saying. He might have been saying a lot of the right things but it just didn`t sell. I didn`t believe him.

LALAMA: Ken, I was just like that.

ANDERSON: Do you agree with Ken that Dr. Phil is self-promoting here?

LALAMA: Are you kidding? That was just like saying I did not have sex with that woman. Are you kidding me? Read the manual. I`m trying to repair my image, OK?

ANDERSON: Cooper, what are your thoughts? Do you believe Dr. Phil that it never crossed his mind that he could gain a lot of publicity by helping Britney?

LAWRENCE: Of course it crossed his mind. He`s no longer just a psychologist. He`s now somebody. Look, if he`s only a psychologist, he would still have his shingle hanging out and he`d be taking patients. But he`s got his own show. His best friend is Oprah. He`s moved from psychologist to celebrity. He`s just a celebrity like any one of them. So if you`re going to tell me it didn`t cross his mind, then he has not been paying attention to himself.

ANDERSON: What I found pretty entertaining this morning in both interviews on the "Today" show and on "Good Morning America" is that Dr. Phil basically stuck to the same script. Listen to what he said, for example, when he was talking about his statement on Britney Spears.


MCGRAW: It`s in that statement. I said not one word, not one syllable about anything that took place while I was there. In that statement, I did not disclose one word, not one syllable about what took place in that room.


ANDERSON: Not one syllable. He really stuck to the same script for both. Pat, he didn`t say anything new. Why even go on TV and talk about this?

LALAMA: Because it`s February sweeps coming up and he`s got some damage. He`s got a crisis team around him going, "OK, Doc, here`s what you say. Don`t digress. Don`t go off the page. Read this and then shut up." Right, Ken? Am I right?

BAKER: Well, I think what it is, at that point the reason why that was so rehearsed obviously was because that gets to the point of this California Board of Psychology is supposed to be investigating him for some ethical breaches or alleged ethical breaches. And I think the point to - that he`s making is that well, I did talk to her but I didn`t reveal anything that we talked about so I didn`t breach any ethical bounds or anything like that. So I think that`s why he was very focused.

LALAMA: But we shouldn`t know he ever spoke to her. That`s the whole idea. Yes. And he keeps saying, "Well, I spoke to the family a year ago." Right, you spoke to the family a year ago but you just spoke to Britney and the first thing you did was get on "Entertainment Tonight" and tell us about it.


ANDERSON: He did say if he had it all to do over again, he would not release that statement. And we will leave it there. Ken Baker, Pat Lalama, Cooper Lawrence, thank you all. And the new issue of "People" magazine on newsstands Friday.

HAMMER: All right, Brooke. You`ve got to listen to this. So you know Drew Peterson - he`s the guy that`s the suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife - the third one died mysteriously. I cannot believe what this guy wants to do. He wants to go on a new hit TV show "Moment of Truth" and take a lie detector to prove that he has nothing to do with his wife being missing. Are you kidding me?

ANDERSON: That`s pretty messed up, A.J. All right. Something totally different but has me saying, are you kidding me? "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest picked as having the sexiest smile. I mean, I love you, Ryan, but what about George Clooney and so many others? The outrageous stories that have all of us here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT saying, "Are you kidding me?" Next.

And a Hannah Montana shocker. You will not believe what`s happening with Miley Cyrus that`s got parents everywhere worried. This is really wild. Straight ahead.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE HOST: While at your current job, have you ever touched a female co-worker inappropriately?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE GUEST: That`s why you sleep on the couch.


HAMMER: That was just one part of TV`s new reality hit "Moment of Truth." This is a shocking show that asks people to answer questions while they are hooked up to a lie detector test.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. And you are not going to believe who reportedly wants to go on this new show. Just one of many stories that have us saying, "Are you kidding me?"

Now, get this, Drew Peterson, who is suspected in the sensational disappearance of his wife Stacy reportedly wants to go on "Moment of Truth" to prove he had nothing to do with it. Are you kidding me?

And Victoria`s Secret just released their sexy list. And when you hear who`s on it, you are going to be saying right along with us, "Are you kidding me?"

All right. Get this, it is truly unbelievable. Drew Peterson, suspected in the sensational disappearance of his wife Stacy wants to go on "Moment of truth" to prove he had nothing to do with it. Are you kidding me?

And Victoria`s Secret just released their sexy list and when you hear who is on this thing, you are going to be saying right along with us, are you kidding me?

Our panel is all fired up and ready to go tonight. Joining us in New York, the founder of Fifteen Minutes Public Relations, Howard Hragman. And in Hollywood tonight, "In Touch Weekly" senior editor, Kim Serafin. Kim, Howard, let`s get right down to it.

This is truly amazing. We`ve got to start off with the Drew Peterson story. His own reps actually reached out to the producers of the "Moment of Truth" show so they can hook him up to a lie detector test on national television. Howard Bragman, you happen to be a PR guru, a Hollywood veteran. Have you ever heard of a worse idea than this one?

HOWARD BRAGMAN, FOUNDER, FIFTEEN MINUTES PUBLIC RELATIONS: You know, I have heard of worse ideas but not many worse than this. You know, the hardest thing that when somebody is in trouble is they want to get out there, and they want to defend themselves. And they want to clear their reputations. And they really just need to shut the hell up.

And the hardest thing for me is to tell people to shut up. This guy is starting to get a little bit of the Britney, starting to like the publicity too much. It scares me, A.J.

HAMMER: It is scary. And it`s certainly one thing if we`re talking about a celebrity who maybe got caught with another woman or something like that. This is a whole different thing. I want to show you what this show is all about again with another clip, just a little taste of what kind of questions these contestants actually get to answer normally. Roll this, Brett(ph).


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: HOST: While working as an underwear model, did you ever stuff your underwear?


FEMALE VOICE OVER: That answer is -


HAMMER: All right. Gives you a little sense there. Yes, stuffing your underwear, that`s one thing. Questioning Drew Peterson, Kim, are you kidding me?

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": Well, apparently I`ve read now that his lawyer is saying well no we didn`t really approach the show. But you are right, I think there are not many things that could be this inappropriate. Although he has reached out to local radio stations apparently doing like "Win a Date With Drew."

So I guess it could have been more appropriate if he had reached out to say "The Bachelor" wanting to be the next bachelor or the biggest loser because he wanted to get in shape for his "Win a Date With Drew" on the radio show. So I guess we should be happy it wasn`t that inappropriate.

HAMMER: Yes. I can`t confirm what the lawyers may or may not be saying. But I do want to point out that the show`s network isn`t commenting on the whole thing. I am sure this guy wants to clear his name, Howard, as you said earlier. He`s already done a number of strange things since Stacy Peterson`s disappearance, but Howard, come on, this does take the cake.

BRAGMAN: It does take the cake. You know you have to deal with the court of law I often talk about, and you have to deal with the court of public opinion. But make up your mind. This is like Judge Judy in hell, OK? This is the worst, OK? And, you know, what does he think is going to happen? He`s going to get on there. The lie detector is going to say you didn`t kill your wife and the judge is going to go, "You`re on `Moment of Truth` so you`re free, young man. Get out of here."

HAMMER: You just gave me a great idea, Howard. Coming next fall to TV, "Judge Judy in Hell."

BRAGMAN: I like that.

HAMMER: Yes. Let`s move on to the next story -

SERAFIN: Can you imagine an audience member watching that? I mean the questions leading up to it, just very uncomfortable.


HAMMER: I`m getting the impression this may or may not happen. Let`s move on to the next story that had us saying, "Are you kidding me?" Got to include the sound effect. Now, if I ever use the word "doozy," it`s got to be a "doozy" because it`s not a word, you know, I toss around lightly.

Everybody comes out with their list of sexy celebrities. No surprise, Victoria`s Secret has its own. It was just released. They`ve crowned Ryan Seacrest as the celebrity with the sexiest smile. Now, Kim, I like Ryan. No disrespect to Mr. Seacrest whatsoever, but, you know, all the women were buzzing here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT earlier today, a sexier smile than George Clooney or Matthew McConaughey, are you onboard with this?

SERAFIN: You know, I love Ryan Seacrest. So I`m going to say I totally agree with it. I think he does have a sexy smile and certainly he`s the guy that makes everyone feel good on "American Idol" when they`re getting beaten down by Simon. And so I certainly think it was a good thing. And you know, apparently he`s like producing this show. Although I would have to say if I was producing a show about, you know, this "Victoria`s Secret Sexiest People," like I wouldn`t just want the sexiest smile. I`d want, you know, sexiest hair, sexiest body, sexiest smile, sexiest legs. You know, he should be a little upset if they didn`t crown him sexy everything.

HAMMER: Well, that is an interesting point that you make. Ryan`s production company is helping to produce what`s going to be this whole one- hour special. And we should also point out Victoria`s Secret says that it picked him for the sexiest smile before the E! Network which is airing the show got involved. I don`t know. Howard Bragman, a little too much of a coincidence, what do you think?

BRAGMAN: You know, I actually did talk to Ryan about it today and he was laughing about it. And he promised me as a friend that he was picked before they produced the show. But let me tell you, why does Victoria`s Secret come out with this list? To get publicity. To get attention.

HAMMER: And here we are talking about it.

BRAGMAN: Exactly.

HAMMER: Now Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham who has three sons with her husband David Beckham, on this list, as the sexiest mom. We`re talking scary skinny here, over the top. Am I missing something, Kim? Or has she redefined sexy? You`ve got about 20 seconds.

SERAFIN: Well, remember, it`s Victoria`s Secret. They`re not doing the most realistic mom; they`re doing the sexiest mom. You know, if it was "Good Housekeeping," it may be a different list. But for Victoria`s Secret, it makes sense. She wears those short skirts and looks great in them.

HAMMER: And here we are, still talking it. Howard Bragman, Kim Serafin, thank you for joining us tonight for "Are You Kidding Me?"

ANDERSON: OK, here`s something that`s got me saying, are you kidding me? You`ve got to see this. A star totally out of control during a big awards show. `80s era actress Sean Young heckled "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" director Julian Schnabel in the middle of a speech during the Directors` Guild Awards on Saturday. Listen to this.


SCHNABEL: Have another cocktail. And why don`t you finish my speech, darling.


ANDERSON: Young reportedly kept yelling out, "Hurry up with the speech." She was thrown out of the awards and has since checked in to an alcohol rehab center. Her publicist says she`s battled alcoholism for many years.

And in case you`re wondering, and who in the world is Sean Young? She was in "Blade Runner" and "Wall Street," and "No Way Out."

HAMMER: Well, as you know, the countdown is on to Super Tuesday, the biggest day of the presidential primary season next week. But we also want you to get ready for the other Super Tuesday. It`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s "Superstar Tuesday." Seriously, Paul, crank up our political music just a little bit for me. Thank you, it`s very official.

We`re going to be asking you to vote online with a different question about Hollywood`s biggest stars every day. We will reveal and debate the results on a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT next Tuesday, February 5th, our "Superstar Tuesday."

And here now, what we`re asking you to vote on right now. Who is going to make a bigger contribution to society, will it be Paris Hilton? Will it be Nicole Richie? Cast your vote by going to Pull the lever, because the polls are open right now. And remember, the results revealed on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s "Superstar Tuesday," next Tuesday, February 5th.

ANDERSON: A.J. I thought that "Hannah Montana" star Miley Cyrus will make a bigger contribution to society than Paris and Nicole combined. You know, I think she already has been such a good young role model.

But tonight, a "Hannah Montana" shocker. you will not believe what`s happening with Miley that`s got parents everywhere extremely worried. This is really wild. It`s coming up.


ANDERSON: Tonight, Miley mania. All right. So if you weren`t able to get your hands on those Miley Cyrus "Hannah Montana" concert tickets, you`ve got a second chance. But there is a big but. This Friday, the film, "Hannah Montana" and Miley Cyrus` "Best Of Both Worlds" is out, but thousands of screenings have already sold out. "Fandango" the online ticket seller says it`s the best-selling concert movie in its history.

A.J. I did some research, though, the theater of the block from SHOWBIZ TONIGHT in New York still has some seats left. So if you are someone else, wanting to check it out, you can. But just be warned, A.J., it will set you back $15.

HAMMER: $15 for a movie? Momma mia! Hey, what a perfect segue into tonight`s SHOWBIZ first look, "Momma Mia." The smash Broadway musical is heading to the big screen based on the songs, of course, from `70s husband- wife quartet Abba. So I`d like you to now put on your platforms and your sequins. You know you want to sing along.



UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: We`re here for the wedding.

BROSNAN: You are expecting us.

SEYFRIED: Oh, my god, yes. Yes.


BROSNAN: Is your father here?

SEYFRIEND: You tell me.

MERYL STREEP, ACTRESS: You sound like you are having fun already.


HAMMER: And yes, you can take a chance on "Mama Mia" when it dances into the theaters this summer and Brooke Anderson, Abba spelled backwards is?


HAMMER: Very good. That is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for tonight. Thanks a lot for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. The latest from "CNN HEADLINE NEWS," next.