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Britney`s Dad Paid to Be Britney`s Dad; Ali Lohan`s Reality Show; Kelly Rowland`s Breast Intentions; Celebrities` Lame Excuses

Aired March 07, 2008 - 23:00   ET


BROOKE ANDERSON, HOST: Why is Britney Spears` dad getting paid to take care of his daughter? And, Dina Lohan says she had no choice but to put Lindsay`s little sister in a reality show. Are you kidding me? I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.
On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, breast intentions. The unbelievable reason Kelly Roland of Destiny`s Child says she got breast implants, so she could fit into a really cool shirt. What? Kelly, welcome to Hollywood`s growing fake boob club. But is there anything wrong with that?


JULIA ALLISON, "STAR" MAGAZINE: It`s easier to ask which stars don`t have implants now rather than to say which starts do.


ANDERSON: Tonight, the fireworks fly as SHOWBIZ TONIGHT asks, when stars get implants do they send a terrible message?

The worst celebrity excuses ever. Ashlee Simpson`s lip sync disaster because of acid reflux? Nicole Richie`s DUI blamed on menstrual cramps? What were they thinking? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT presents the most outrageous, the lamest, the worst celebrity excuses ever.

And Anna Nicole Smith the movie. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with your very first look at the new Anna Nicole movie you have to see to believe.


ANDERSON: Hi there. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. A.J. is off, and tonight, we can now reveal the bottom line for Britney Spears` father. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can now tell you there`s a big decision about how much money Britney`s dad is going to get for managing her fate and fortune, and we can only hope for finally helping her turn her life around for good. It is new right now and the dollar details are coming up.

But first, a huge singing star has just revealed why she decided to get breast implants. And I have to tell you when we first heard the reason, our jaws dropped but it turns out there`s more to her breast intentions than meets the eye so to speak. And tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking whether star that is do this kind of thing are sending a terrible message.


(voice over): With Destiny`s Child, she sang "Bootylicious." Now Kelly Rowland is singing a new tune.

ALLISON: "Bootylicious wasn`t enough for Kelly Rowland. She needed boobiliscious as well.

Rowland is speaking out about her brand spanking new breast implants. And this independent woman is raving about her two new additions. Roland tells "People" magazine she got breast implants last year because, quote, "I was sick of not fitting into my tops. There was this one really hot House of Dereon top - I just wanted to fill that out!"

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, the days are over when female starlets kept word of their implants, um, close to the chest.

JO PIAZZA, "NEW YORK DAILY NEWS": There`s totally this new willingness, this new openness for female celebrities to come out and talk about their breast implants.

ALLISON: It`s like one implant, two implants, fine. A couple - three, implants, sure. Totally normal now.

ANDERSON: But with more stars like Kelly Rowland coming clean about their breast implants, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking - what kind of message is this giving to young girls, many of whom have body image issues of their own?

Roland tells "People" magazine she wanted implants since she was 17 and after she got them, she put on that top as you see here and said, quote, "I put it on and I looked so good! I`m so happy. I feel complete."

Kelly didn`t go too crazy. As you see here with the implants, she went from an A cup to a B cup and some are applauding her decision.

PIAZZA: I say more power to Kelly Rowland. She was like, what, "Look, I`m going to go out. I`m going to do something about this and it`s going to make me feel better about me." So, why not?

ANDERSON: But some say having surgery just to fit in to a top may send girls the wrong message.

ALLISON: There are girls out there, teenage girls thinking, "God, I have this hot halter, too. Maybe I should go get breast implants," except they don`t have the money or the resources to fix things if they go wrong.

ANDERSON: On average, 1,000 women a day get breast implants. Like Kelly Rowland, Tori Spelling also says she got implants back in the 1990s to look good in fashionable tops.

PIAZZA: I don`t think it had to do with the halter tops. I think that she was just having boob envy on the set of "90210."

Heidi Montag of MTV`s "The Hill" told "Us Weekly" she was so desperate to have her implants she gave little thought to how serious it was. She said, quote, "Right before I went in, I was like, `What if I don`t wake up?` Then I thought, `I don`t care. If I don`t wake up, it`s worth it.` I just wanted it so badly."

ALLISON: Oh my god.

ANDERSON: Julia Allison of "Star" magazine tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she can`t believe anyone could be so cavalier about surgery.

ALLISON: Heidi is the quintessential example of what not to say about your breast implants. It is like, "At least I`ll fit in to the outfit that they put me in, in my casket."

ANDERSON: But some older stars say they had the surgery and not for reasons having to do with shirts and bikinis. Jane Seymour says she had implants to restore the effect that breast feeding twin boys had on her physique.

COOPER LAWRENCE, PSYCHOLOGY EXPERT: She`s an adult. If she it makes her feel good, she should it.

ANDERSON: Psychology expert Cooper Lawrence, author of "The Cult of Perfection," tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she`s OK with Kelly Rowland`s implants but there`s an even more important message for girls who may look up to her and other stars who go this route.

LAWRENCE: The message is that girls don`t make the distinction between who Kelly is and who they are, that, "She`s my role model. She`s done it. She`s a cool chick, so it must be OK." But it`s not OK because most of us don`t need to define ourselves through our looks. I think it`s really important for us to find something else we love about ourselves.


ANDERSON: So, is there anything wrong with Kelly Rowland`s breast intentions or is just exercising her power as a woman to do whatever she wants?

Joining me now from Hollywood, Ashlan Gorse, host of "E! News Now." And also in Hollywood, Jessica Weiner, self-esteem expert and author of this book, "Do I Look Fat in This?" Ladies, welcome.

And, I went to begin with what Kelly Rowland said was a driving reason for getting those breast implants. She told "People" magazine, quote, "I was sick of not fitting into my tops. There was this one really hot House of Dereon top. I just wanted to fill that out!"

Jessica Weiner, can you understand why people would hear that and say, "Come on. That`s ridiculous!"

JESSICA WEINER, SELF ESTEEM EXPERT: I do. I`m really hoping there`s a lot more to that quote that got left out because I think that we can`t connect the dots like that. You can`t look at a shirt and say, "I wish I could fill it up, therefore I`m going to go and get surgery."

I think Kelly Rowland plays the game in Hollywood. She`s probably struggled with her self esteem around her breasts for a while, made this decision, and as I heard, somebody else in the piece say, "It`s OK. Listen, she`s an adult and she can make that decision."

There are a lot of women out there who don`t like their bodies and specifically don`t like their breasts. But we cannot always turn to surgery as a quick fix. And a message like that, a statement like that, as surface as it seems, it`s something does, Brooke, send the message to girls out there, that what you don`t like, you can fix through surgery. And as we have seen this here, surgeries can be incredibly deadly. It is still a very important medical procedure.

ANDERSON: Very dangerous. Ashlan, what do you think? What type of influence is Kelly being here with this reasoning?

ASHLAN GORSE, HOST, "E! NEWS NOW": Well, one thing you have to keep in mind, she said in the article she was thinking about changing her breast size and she was 17. She`s now 27. That`s been ten years in the making. So I`m sure it wasn`t just over that one top she wanted to fill out.

But you know, Kelly Rowland is 27. She is a woman. She`s allowed to make decisions and one thing, not like the other celebrities that skirt around the issue. She came out and said, "Look, I didn`t like my body. I changed it."

She is a role model but you also have to remember, it is those kids who are going with their parents to the plastic surgeons` office and signing the release when they`re underaged. They`re the ones to blame for having all these young girls get breast implants. Not celebrities. I mean if somebody wants to make an educated decision about their body, that`s fine, but it`s the young ones we have to worry about.

WEINER: But you know, it would be really great, though, if she did say, as she`s speaking publicly about her decision, if she went that one step further and said, "Listen, this is an individual choice. There are risks and rewards to it. You have to value it for yourself." It is just that celebrities stop short of actually being role models that they really are to people.

ANDERSON: Well, let me finish that quote, Jessica. You said you hoped there was more to the quote. To be fair, she also said, "It is a decision I made for myself. I like it, and that`s all that counts. For young people: think about it before you just jump off and do something you may regret later." Jessica, that`s pretty good advice, right?

WEINER: It`s good advice and I think what even goes further, Brooke, and we always talk about this on this show which is why I love it, OK? When we all focus on having one perfect kind of boob out there, we kind of normalize a view of beauty that isn`t OK for everybody.

You know, we have to really - I mean breasts are such a personal, feminine part of a women`s body. We can all know that. I`ve had mine since I was like 10 years old and we have relationships to it. And I think it`s important that we not look to one type of boob job in Hollywood to be beautiful. That, I think, is another thing to be concerned about.

ANDERSON: All right. And these unattainable images - it just seems like such unhealthy perspectives. And I have to tell you, this really struck a chord this morning at our daily SHOWBIZ TONIGHT editorial staff meeting which was made up mostly of women. One side saying, "Let her do what she wants." The other side saying, "This sends a horrible message to young girls who idolize Kelly."

` Ashlan, young, impressionable girls could see this and say, "I don`t look good in the top," and run to mommy and daddy for money for implants. So you say maybe parents should be to blame.


ANDERSON: But to me it`s not just about the physical aspect of this but the mental, as well.

GORSE: It is. And a lot of these young women - they haven`t realized their bodies haven`t even finished growing. When you look at some of these young celebrities that go out and change their face or change the size of their chest and they`re 16 and 17, it`s like, "Come on. You`re not even finished with puberty yet." Wait. Nature might take the course. Wait a second. Be calm. But, you know, the thing is, you really do have to look at these young girls. All young girls are impressionable. And of course, they`re going to see all of this and wonder if they should change their body. But also, it shows that celebrities aren`t perfect and they all have body issues too, just like the rest of us.

ANDERSON: You know, Tara Reid is a celebrity who spoke with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about having breast implants that went terribly wrong. And Jessica, she talked about how it`s not just a body game but it`s also a mind game.

WEINER: It is. You know what? Like I said before, we have specific relationships to our bodies and our bodies tell stories. And what I would love to see happen is we live if a world where we actually identify various forms of beauty. Not every woman has large breasts and not every woman should, by the way, turn to surgery to alter or fix her body.

We can make that independent decision. I do believe in the free choice to do that. I`m not against plastic surgery by any stripe. But I am against plastic surgery in the notion where we talk about it as a quick fix. I think that gets dangerous because we are all addicted to the quick fix here.

ANDERSON: And individuality is very, very important. I`m going to have to leave it there for now. Jessica Weiner, Ashlan Gorse, thank you both for joining us.

GORSE: Thanks.


ANDERSON: All right. Anna Nicole Smith, no stranger to implants to say the least. Once she got them, she kept upgrading to bigger sizes and had some problems. I`m not sure if any of that is covered in the new Anna Nicole Smith movie. But I do know this, it looks like a doozy. You are not going to want to miss this. We have your first look, coming up. Also this -


SHELTON: When the rest of us mess up, we are just like, "I messed up."

CALLIER: Yes. I`m like, "You know what? My bad." The celebrities are like, "No, no. I have an excuse."


ANDERSON: Excuses, excuses. From Ashley Simpson`s acid reflux to Nicole Richie`s cramps, I cannot believe some of the excuses stars come up with for their mess-ups. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT presents the worst celebrity excuses ever, still ahead.

And the stories that made me say, are you kidding me? What comes to mind when you think about Matthew McConaughey? How about beach wear. I`m not joking. He`s coming out with a line of swimsuits and frisbees.

And Dina Lohan says she had no choice but to put her young daughter, Ali, in a reality show. Are you kidding me? Stay with us. That`s coming up.



WILLA FORD, ACTRESS: I want to be the next Marilyn Monroe. If you don`t dream big, you`ll never be big.


ANDERSON: That is Willa Ford playing the late Anna Nicole Smith in a new bio pic. Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. In just a minute, we will bring you the very first look at the new Anna Nicole Smith movie, just one of two stories new right now that I`ve got to tell you about.

Also new right now, it pays to be Britney Spears` father. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that a judge has ruled that Jamie Spears should get $2,500 a week for being in control of Britney.

With me tonight in Hollywood, Carlos Diaz, correspondent for "Extra." Also in Hollywood tonight, CNN entertainment correspondent, Kareen Wynter. Kareen, Carlos, great to see you both.

I want to start with Britney. As we know, Jamie was named the conservator of Britney`s estate managing her money and her life. Not only will he be getting $2,500 a week but he can also lease a car. Britney`s dad has put his life on hold to move to L.A. to take care of his daughter. Carlos Diaz, it all sounds about right then, doesn`t it?

CARLOS DIAZ, CORRESPONDENT, "EXTRA": Oh, it`s here finally. Britney Spears is actually paying her dad to be her dad. That`s awesome. You know? That`s $130,000 a year. So when he goes to lease that car, does he actually put under occupation, Britney`s dad? Is that what goes there? That`s what I`m wondering about.

ANDERSON: Carlos, caring for and controlling Britney is a full-time job.

DIAZ: I know. I know.

ANDERSON: He`s put everything on hold for this. She is an adult. He shouldn`t have to be fathering in this way.

DIAZ: He`s doing a great job, and Britney`s life has turned around. And actually, he deserves more money than what he`s getting considering she`s supposedly worth, you know - she makes $700,000 a month. I mean, come on. The guy`s only making $130,000 a year. You know, pay him a little bit more. But no. He`s doing a great job and I applaud him. He deserves the cash.

ANDERSON: Absolutely. It`s good to see some positivity in her life and that she`s kind of turning things around now. And you know, there is other big money news involving Britney. TMZ reporting that the lawyers for her ex, Kevin Federline, want Britney to pay them $500,000 for their work over the last five months. Kareen, why should Britney have to pay K-Fed`s lawyers?

KAREEN WYNTER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: You know, Brooke, that`s a great question. Why should, you know, she be paying him here? This is just absolutely ridiculous. Kevin Federline - he`s a big boy, right? He has no problem dragging his wife to court, engaging in this bitter, this nasty battle that has been a big story for the last several months. And this just is another example of when you have money, you`re rich and you`re famous, everyone goes after you, right? You`re seen as a big cash cow and it`s just ridiculous. Kevin, pay for your own counsel.

ANDERSON: Yes. It may be common practice but that is a tough pill to swallow, I think.

All right. Another new story right now, the Anna Nicole Smith movie that stars Willa Ford as Anna Nicole. It`s set to come out this summer, late this summer. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has a first look.



VOICE OVER: Nasser Entertainment is proud to present the most anticipated motion picture of the year. "Anna Nicole." A small town girl who dared to make her dreams come true.

FORD: I want to be the next Marilyn Monroe. If you don`t dream big, you`ll never be big.

VOICE OVER: Willa Ford is Anna Nicole.


ANDERSON: Oh. So Carlos, what do you think? From what you have just seen, is this going to be the most anticipated motion picture of the year, or will it the biggest stinker of the year?

DIAZ: Oh, no. Definitely the most anticipated. I mean looking forward to it more than "Batman" or the new "Indiana Jones" movie of "Speed Racer." I mean this is at the top of my list.

I didn`t catch that. That was that entertainment company putting it out? Nasser Entertainment? What? Listen. Come on, people. And how would you like to be Willa Ford cast in this role? We need a woman to play someone who looks like she`s, you know, kind of drugged up and out of it. Willa, it`s the role you were born to play, you know. That`s not good. You know?

ANDERSON: Yes. I don`t think Willa is expecting any sort of awards, recognition from this role or for this film.

DIAZ: No. No Oscar watch.

ANDERSON: Yes. Kareen, you know, ten seconds. Is this the first of what may be a long line of people trying to capitalize on Anna Nicole Smith`s death?

WYNTER: Now, unfortunately, I think so. This is just as bad as it gets, Brooke. It really, really has my head spinning here. And again, it`s what we see in Hollywood. People cashing in even in death and I wouldn`t be surprised if we saw more productions like this when it comes to Anna Nicole Smith. But disgusting.

ANDERSON: All right. Kareen Wynter, Carlos Diaz, thank you both. Good to see you. Have a great weekend.

You can watch the latest Britney Spears video report, by the way. For the latest breaking Britney news and latest video, just go to the Britney Drama section of our Web site any time. You`ll find it at

OK. What comes to mind when you think about Matthew McConaughey? How about beach wear? I`m not joking. He is coming out with a line of swimsuits and frisbees. Are you kidding me?

And Dina Lohan said she had no choice but to put her young daughter Ali in a reality show. Are you kidding me? That is coming up.

Also this -


ANGELA SHELTON, "FRANGELA": When Ashlee Simpson got caught lip syncing on "Saturday Night Live," what I hear is she went through a series of excuses. Do you remember? I`m sure it`s the band`s fault.

FRANCES CALLIER, "FRANGELA": Right, right, right.

SHELTON: Then it was acid reflux.

CALLIER: Yes, yes.


ANDERSON: I remember that one. Ashlee Simpson blamed her "SNL" disaster on acid reflux. Or how about when Nicole Richie blamed the DUI on cramps? I cannot believe some of the excuses stars come up with when they mess up. We`ve got the absolute worst celebrity excuses ever still to come.

And Rihanna is being called a lifesaver. This is such a great story. I`m going to tell you how Rihanna may have saved the life of someone she hasn`t even met. That`s next on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And now you can watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT any time by downloading our podcast. Won`t cost you a red cent. You can find the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT podcast on our Web site,, or download it on iTunes. Type "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" in the search box. We`re coming right back.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson and here are some more stories that are new right now. I love this one. Grammy awarding winning singer Rihanna is being called a lifesaver. A New York City woman with leukemia has found a bone marrow donor, thanks to Rihanna publicizing her case. After Rihanna started campaigning to find a donor for the woman, more than 5,000 readers of "People" magazine contacted the donor center to become potential donors. Commendable work by Rihanna.

Lisa Marie Presley is pregnant with her third child. Her rep confirms the good news to "People" magazine. On her blog, Lisa Marie says she was forced to come out with the news because the tabloids were hounding her about her weight gain. She says the harassment by the media was irresponsible and disgusting.

And Paris Hilton`s little brother has officially joined the DUI club. Eighteen-year-old Barron Hilton has been charged with four misdemeanor counts for his arrest on suspicion of drunk driving back in February. He is out on bond and is scheduled for arraignment, April 14th.

OK. What comes to mind when you think about Matthew McConaughey? How about fashion? I`m not joking. The often shirtless Matthew is coming out with his own beach wear line. Are you kidding me?

And Dina Lohan says she had no choice but to put Lindsay`s little sister in a reality show. Are you kidding me? That`s coming up.

Also this -


SHELTON: When the rest of us mess up, we are just like, "I messed up."

CALLIER: Yes. I`m like, "You know what? My bad." The celebrities are like, "No, no. I have an excuse."


ANDERSON: Excuses, excuses. From Simpson`s acid reflux to Nicole Richie`s cramps, I cannot get over some of the excuses stars come up with for their mess-ups. The worst celebrity excuses ever, still ahead.

And here`s something I am really looking forward to. Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman in a big summer pop corn film. It`s called, "Wanted." Trust me, you are not going to want to miss this. We`ve got your first look, still to come on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



ANDERSON: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, are you kidding me? Stud muffin Matthew McConaughey launches his own clothing line. Now, that`s the same guy who spends most of his time prancing around on the beach in next to nothing. Not that we`re complaining. So how do you buy clothes from a guy that doesn`t wear any? That`s just one of several jaw-dropping stories that made us say, are you kidding me?

Plus -


SHELTON: When Ashlee Simpson got caught lip syncing on "Saturday Night Live," what I hear is she went through a series of excuses. Do you remember? I`m sure it`s the band`s fault.

CALLIER: Right, right, right.

SHELTON: Then it was acid reflux.

CALLIER: Yes, yes.


ANDERSON: From Ashlee Simpson`s acid reflux to Nicole Richie`s cramps, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has a special report on the lamest, the stupidest, the absolute worst celebrity excuses ever.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m Brooke Anderson coming to you tonight from New York. A.J. Hammer is off.

Tonight, three outrageous stories that are making us say, are you kidding me? First, Lindsay Lohan`s mom Dina is now claiming she has absolutely no choice but to do a new reality show that will focus on her daughter which is Lindsay Lohan`s kid sister. No choice? Really, Dina? Are you kidding me?

Then, there`s Kelly Rowland, formerly a Destiny`s Child who says she got breast implants to fit in to a top she liked. Are you kidding me?

And speaking of tops, the often shirtless and one-time sexiest man alive, Matthew McConaughey, is launching a clothing line. Would you really buy clothes from a man who doesn`t wear any? You might. Are you kidding me?

Our panel, just chomping at the bit for this lineup. Joining me tonight in New York, "Village Voice" entertainment columnist, Michael Musto. In Hollywood tonight, "Extra" correspondent Carlos Diaz. And senior editor of "In Touch Weekly," Kim Serafin.

All right, gang. First, let`s begin with Dina Lohan. You know, she`s been getting a lot of heat for planning to do a reality show featuring her daughter, Lindsay`s kid sister. Dina is now saying she`s got no choice because, and I`m quoting here, "Tabloids and reality shows are not going away. If they know who Ali is as a person, it`s better." Ali, of course, Lindsay`s 14-year-old sister. She wants to be a big star like big sis Lindsay, and we know how well that`s working out, right? Michael, do you buy Dina`s reasoning?

MICHAEL MUSTO, COLUMNIST, "VILLAGE VOICE": No. It is really sick. This is like Son of Sam, the murderer blaming the dog for telling him to do something. Look, I`m here doing the show because I want to. I`m not blaming the media`s lust for me.

I think Dina`s is really off base. Nothing is learned from the lesson of Lindsay who is a very good movie star or at least used to be, when she had movies coming out. But she`s always been kind of teetering on the brink of oblivion with every move she makes. Now, we`re going to have a new Lindsay in every way. Or maybe even worse, a new Jamie Lynn Spears, the younger sister who`s going to fall into all kinds of traps.

ANDERSON: Yes. It`s just questionable justification. Carlos, is this show, what do you think, a train wreck waiting to happen?

DIAZ: I cannot wait to see this train wreck. It is a train wreck. You can`t be the popular kid in school by telling people, "Hey, look at me. I want to be the popular kid in school." You just have to be cool, you know.

And here`s the thing. When you look at a reality show, this is not a reality TV show. This is a person who`s saying, "I want to do a reality TV show to become a star."

That`s not how reality TV works. It`s either someone that`s normal and you get interested in them watching them on TV or someone who`s a star and see what their real life is like. Ali is neither one of those.

ANDERSON: Yes. And "Access Hollywood "caught up with the family Lohan in a Hollywood premiere the other night. And here`s what Ali had to say about what you will see on the show.


ALI LOHAN, LINDSAY LOHAN`S YOUNGER SISTER: You are going to see me singing, recording my album. I want that feeling of singing on that stage, being in that concert. It`s just something I`ve seen my sister do and I love.


ANDERSON: Ali seems obsessed with fame and with fame comes gossip. Kim Serafin, can you explain to me how this reality show is going to get the Lohans off the gossip pages? I don`t get the logic here.

SERAFIN: Yes. It is not going to get them off the gossip pages. But the fact is with the Lohan family, they are going to be on the gossip pages no matter what. So, I guess this is their attempt, at least, of staying ahead of the curve of being one step ahead to try to manipulate the story in their favor. But, you know, for better or for worse, she is going to be compared to Lindsay so, you know.


ANDERSON: It may be a preemptive strike, like you`re saying.


ANDERSON: But just 14. Let her grow up a little bit before she is exposed to all of this. My goodness.

All right. I want to move now to another story that also has us saying, are you kidding me? Kelly Rowland of Destiny`s Child is now coming clean about getting breast implants, telling "People" magazine - and I cannot make this stuff up - quote, "I was sick of not fitting into my tops. There was this one really hot House of Dereon top. I just wanted to fill that out!"

OK. Michael, she could have said, it was to boost her self esteem, but a top? Are you kidding me?

MUSTO: It is to boost her chest. Let`s face it. But look, this is like saying I had a nose job because my eyeglasses didn`t fit. Get different eye glasses. You know, stick with the smaller blouse, Kelly. They must make pretty blouses in an A-cup size.

You know, at least she is being honest, though, I have to admit. She is admitting to having surgery. This is refreshing after all that Michael Jackson said, "I just had a little tweaking, you know."

ANDERSON: Yes. You know, I admire her honesty. I do. But Carlos, what do you think? A woman needs a good top, needs to fill it out. Get a breast implant?

DIAZ: I don`t admire her honesty because her honesty is coming several months after the fact. It sounds to me like no one noticed her new boobs and she said, "Maybe I should talk to `People` magazine."

Here`s the thing. She says she went from an A to a B. I`ve seen the pictures - more like an A to a C. And then she said she didn`t want to become a double D with a size 2 inch waist because that would be nuts. Really? Would it be nuts? I don`t think so. And - but last but not least, you know, I mean, for a top? Come on. I mean, you know? It beats, "to boost your career."

SERAFIN: Well, I just want to interrupt. Carlos, you know, as the woman on the panel, you may think my clothes fit well because I buy the right size, not entirely true. I usually, you know, buy something and then think, "What can I do? What sort of plastic surgery can I get to make it fit better?" So, you know -

ANDERSON: Are you serious, Kim?

SERAFIN: No. I do kind of admire the honesty, too, I have to say. At least she`s on it. So many celebrities get plastic surgery and then try to deny it when it`s clear that they had plastic surgery. She is at least honest.

DIAZ: Kim, let me say to Kim real quickly. The jacket is fitting nicely because I had my breasts done about three weeks ago and they feel great.

ANDERSON: Well, you look super nice, Carlos. And you know? I don`t have the easiest time filling out tops, but for some reason, I just don`t care. All right?

Another story that has us saying, are you kidding me? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has confirmed that Matthew McConaughey is launching a line of swimwear and beach accessories called, "Just Keep Livin`," which is Matt`s personal line, by the way. Michael, the man is barely seen with a shirt on. What makes him think he can sell clothes?

MUSTO: I actually don`t - Brooke, think that this is much of a stretch. This is not like Amy Winehouse selling vitamins or Pamela Lee doing a book of Shakespeare sonnets. I mean when he does wear something, it`s beach wear, OK? He doesn`t always wear a top or even a bottom.

In fact, maybe he should be selling bongs and bongos. But look, he does wear beachwear. He`s also going to be selling Frisbees. He does use Frisbees. He throws one at Luke Wilson. That is as intellectual as Matthew gets. And look, after "Fool`s Gold," I`m glad he stopped doing movies. He`s just doing clothing.

ANDERSON: Yes. And he`s got a great perspective about, "Just Keep Livin`." But Kim, what do you think? Would he be better suited for maybe a tanning lotion line?

SERAFIN: Yes. I mean here`s a guy that`s not known exactly for wearing shirts, just like I`m not going to get my hair cut with someone who has really bad hair. I`m not probably going to buy a t-shirt from someone who never wear shirts.

But I would buy suntan lotion or a frisbee or flip flops from him. Volleyball. Any of those kind of things, anything, you know, below the waist. Swim trunks, but no t-shirts.

ANDERSON: No, t-shirts. Carlos, 10 seconds - would you buy anything?

DIAZ: I`m trying to think who has better breasts, Kelly Rowland or Matthew McConaughey.

ANDERSON: As long as you can fill out those Matthew McConaughey t-shirts, you`d get them, huh? All right. Michael Musto, Carlos Diaz, Kim Serafin, thanks so much. It was a lot of fun.

MUSTO: Thank you.

ANDERSON: And you know what, guys? We hear Ashlee Simpson really messed up on a recent radio show. And Ashlee forgot the lyrics to her latest song. Some listeners thought she was drunk but wait until you hear her excuse. Whether you believe her or whether you think lame-o, that will be for you to decide. And that is coming up.

And remember, this isn`t Ashlee`s first time dishing out excuses. Remember when she was caught red handed lip syncing on "SNL?"


SHELTON: When Ashlee Simpson got caught lip syncing on "Saturday Night Live," what I hear is she went through a series of excuses. Do you remember? I`m sure it`s the band`s fault.

CALLIER: Right, right, right.

SHELTON: Then it was acid reflux.

CALLIER: Yes, yes.


ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has a treat for you. The lamest, the stupidest, the absolute worst celebrity excuses ever.

Plus, we`ve got your very first look at Angelina Jolie`s newest thriller, action movie. You don`t want to miss this. Stay with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York, and you are watching TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. Time now for another top headline that is news right now.

Ashlee Simpson says all those rumors that was she was drunk for a radio interview are just not true. I guess listeners got the wrong idea when Simpson spent the better part of a radio interview with Washington D.C.`s "Kane in the Morning," giggling and avoiding questions.

At one point, she seems to have even forgotten the lyrics to her new song "Little Miss Obsessive." But since then, wrote on her, "MySpace" blog that she was not drunk. Her excuse? It was really just nerves and bad vibes from the staff.

She wrote, quote, "When I walked into the radio station, I was thrown into the interview. They didn`t even introduce themselves to me before starting it, and just put me on the air. I felt bad energy and like I was about to be attacked as soon as I sat down."

Can`t be a good feeling. Ashlee, we`ll believe you this time and, you know, let`s look on the bright side. At least, this time, she didn`t use the acid reflux excuse. Remember her "Saturday Night Live" performance when she was caught red handed lip syncing? She blamed the whole thing on a mean case of acid reflux.

Well, that wasn`t the first lame-o, ridiculous celebrity excuse we have heard. Take our dear ex-con Paris Hilton. When Paris got pulled over and charged with DUI, she whined, "I just had one drink and nothing to eat, honest." Then when she was charged with violating her probation, she sniffed, "I didn`t know I couldn`t drive." Talk about lame.

So right here, right now, a SHOWBIZ special report, the worst celebrity excuses of all time.


(voice over): It was the lip syncing Milli Vanilli moment Ashlee Simpson will never forget on "Saturday Night Live." And she is just one of many celebrities whose excuses we are dissecting, cutting, slicing, dicing and picking apart.

A recording of Simpson`s vocals came on while her band they broke in to a completely different song. She did a crazy jig and left stage. Ashlee all full of excuse for what happened, and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT goes to comedy duo, Frangela, for the worst excuse play by play.

SHELTON: When Ashlee Simpson got caught lip syncing on "Saturday Night Live," what I hear is she went through a series of excuses. Do you remember? I`m sure it`s the band`s fault.

CALLIER: Right, right, right.

SHELTON: Then it was acid reflux.

CALLIER: Yes, yes.

ANDERSON: But why the excuses? Why didn`t Ashlee just fess up that she messed up?

SHELTON: When the rest of us mess up, we are just like, "I messed up."

CALLIER: Yes. I`m like, "You know what? My bad." The celebrities are like, "No, no. I have an excuse."

SHELTON: Oh, no. This is not my fault.

CALLIER: Yes. No, no, no. That wasn`t me. It was the booze.

SHELTON: Conditions around me.

CALLIER: Yes, yes.

ANDERSON: And conditions for Ashlee`s older sister, Jessica, proved to be just too nerve-wracking when she blundered her way through a prestigious tribute to country music legend Dolly Parton, mumbling that her nerves got the best of her as she exited the stage.

SHELTON: This is what I don`t understand. Jessica Simpson can actually sing.

CALLIER: Yes. Now, we expect Ashlee to mess up. Not Jessica. She had a meltdown. I mean, she lost it. She sang the song and then she was like -

SHELTON: I`m sorry. I was nervous.

CALLIER: Yes. I`ve seen better on, like, you know -

SHELTON: Like children.


SHELTON: Child pageants.

CALLIER: Yes. And "American Idol."

ANDERSON: What`s with America`s idols giving the media these lame, ridiculous excuse when they screw up? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT went right to PR expert, Howard Bragman.

HOWARD BRAGMAN, FOUNDER, FIFTEEN MINUTES PUBLIC RELATIONS: I think we have to be really clear that we live in the age of spin, and we`re not in an era of personal responsibilities. And celebrities have jumped on this bandwagon. And instead of saying here`s what happened and then I apologize, they come up with the outrageous explanations that really don`t have any credence and make them look even more ridiculous.

ANDERSON: And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that even more ridiculous is when Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe offered one of the worst excuses ever when he hurled a phone at a hotel employee in New York City. The star from down under claimed he lost his cool when he couldn`t phone home to his wife from his cell phone.

CALLIER: I mean, how much pressure is Russell Crowe`s wife putting on him when he throws a phone at somebody because he can`t get a line home?

SHELTON: Also, that`s Naomi Campbell`s weapon of choice.

CALLIER: Really. Get yourself another thing, Russell.

SHELTON: Use a PDA; use something different.


SHELTON: Be creative.

ANDERSON: And known for her creativity on and off the screen, Oscar- nominated actress Winona Ryder told police she was doing research for a role when they arrested her for shoplifting. Yes, right. She was later convicted.

SHELTON: I`m doing a role called, "crazy stealer."


SHELTON: I`m the lead. About character work.

CALLIER: Right, right.

SHELTON: I`m going to try to use that. Really.

CALLIER: See how far we get.

ANDERSON: So do these excuses go very far? Is it better sometimes to just shut up?

BRAGMAN: If it`s something really egregious, maybe she should just shut up and not offer an explanation because maybe the explanation is the most obvious one and you don`t want to go there.

ANDERSON: But still, there are celebrities who did go there when they were arrested for driving while under the influence. We are, of course, talking about Paris Hilton whose excuse was she was exhausted and besides, she only had one drink. And then, there was her simple life co-star, Nicole Richie, who told police she was taking Vicodin for stomach cramps and when she was pulled over for driving erratically.

SHELTON: I think we cannot continually be using menstrual cramps as an excuse. And when you use it for that, it makes it hard to use it for smaller things.

CALLIER: Yes. Like murder.


ANDERSON: While never arrested for DUI, Britney Spears did get in trouble when she was caught driving with her baby son, Sean Preston, perched precariously on her lap instead of in a car seat. Her excuse - she was being chased by the paparazzi.

SHELTON: I don`t know how it helps to have your child in your lap. I can`t have my purse on the lap and drive. You will put a baby on you lap?

CALLIER: Yes. What if he slides down between the pedals, Britney?

SHELTON: That`s why they made that safety seat and they call it that - a child safety seat.

ANDERSON: And hasn`t Britney learned by now that taking a backseat and passing on a poor excuse is best for your career?

BRAGMAN: Very often, a poor excuse is worse than no excuse. I mean, it really becomes laughable. And in this era of blogs and this era of YouTube, the bad excuses get played again and again and again, and actually are a lot more amusing than what happened in the first place.

ANDERSON: And to this day, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is still waiting for Britney to give us an excuse, any excuse, for her now infamous shot video sot by her soon to be ex, Kevin Federline. Britney, when you burp, you are supposed to say excuse me.


(on camera): Excuse you, Britney. And, you know, now, we want bring you a true lady, Catherine Zeta-Jones. She and husband, Michael Douglas, are one of the best known, best looking and most watched couples out there. And they`re SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s latest example in our continuing look at star couples making their relationships work at Hollywood and beyond. They`ve been married about eight years, which might as well be 50 in Hollywood, and they`ve got a couple kids. I just had to ask, what is the secret to a successful relationship?


CATHERINE ZETA-JONES: Well, we like each other a lot, obviously. That`s always a start, right? But I mean, we`re kind to each other, especially in this business. You spend so much time being nice to strangers. You know? We meet so many people, whether it be fans or on the street or, you know, you go to a set. There`s a whole bunch of people you`ve never met before. And me personally, I was brought up to be nice and gracious and kind to people.

And then sometimes we forget that the people that we love and the closest to us, we sometimes just take that for granted. So we never take each other for granted and we`re kind and nice and respectful to each other and we have fun.


ANDERSON: Zeta-Jones says her relationship with Douglas the most important in her life. So sweet.

All right. Have you heard? Angelina Jolie`s giving tips on how to kill people. All right, not really but it is the plot of the new movie "Wanted." I`ve seen the trailer and, wow, it looks pretty incredible. I know what you`re thinking. You want to see it now, too, don`t you? Well, sure. We`ll give it to you. Coming up, a sneak peek at Jolie`s latest action thriller, "Wanted," in our SHOWBIZ first look. You do not want to miss this.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. You are watching TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. Tonight, your SHOWBIZ first look. Angelina Jolie plays an assassin again. No, it`s not "Mr. and Mrs. Smith Part 2." It`s actually her new action thriller flick with Morgan Freeman, and James McAvoy "Wanted." And tonight, it is your SHOWBIZ first look.


ANGELINA JOLIE, ACTRESS: I knew your father.

JAMES MCAVOY, ACTOR: My father died the week I was born.

JOLIE: Your father died yesterday on the roof top of the Metropolitan building. He was one of the greatest assassins who ever lived, and the other is behind you.

MORGAN FREEMAN, ACTOR: Welcome to the fraternity. This gun you`re holding belonged to your father. He could conduct a symphony orchestra with it.

JOLIE: All right. Shoot the target.

MCAVOY: how am I supposed to do that?

FREEMAN: If no one ever told you that bullets fly straight, what would you do? It is a choice, Wesley. That each of us must face. To remain ordinary, pathetic, beat down, coasting through a miserable existence, like sheep herded by fate. Or you can take control of your own destiny and join us, releasing the caged wolf you have inside.

Our purpose is to maintain stability in an unstable world. Kill one, save a thousand. Within the fabric of this world, every life hangs by a thread. We are that thread. A fraternity of assassins, weapons of fate. This is the decision that lies before you now. The sheep or the wolf? The choice is yours.

ANDERSON: Angelina, one tough gal. It`s in theaters June 27th. That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you so much for watching. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. Remember, you can always catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the elevens: 11:00 p.m. Eastern, 11:00 p.m. Pacific, and in the morning at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. The latest from "CNN HEADLINE NEWS" news is coming up next. Take care.