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Explosive Debates at "The View"; David Duchovny`s Sex Files; Female Stars on Sarah Palin; The Big Hollywood Debate; Jennifer Lopez` Startling Confessions; Republicans in Hollywood

Aired October 07, 2008 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Hollywood`s biggest female stars divided over Sarah Palin. Tonight, an extraordinary event with the most famous women in Hollywood, and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is right there.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Palin, is she ready for the job?

CHELSEA HANDLER, "E!" TALK SHOW HOST: No. She`s not ready to run Legoland.


HAMMER: Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the no-holds-barred explosive views from the most famous women in the world divided over Sarah Palin.

Tonight, the stars we`d like to see debate. Britney Spears versus Lindsay Lohan: Who cleaned up better? Lindsay`s mom Dina versus Paris Hilton: Who has the most ridiculous reality show? Alec Baldwin versus Charlie Sheen: Who had messiest divorce? And more. Tonight SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the knock-down, drag-out Hollywood debate wars.

Plus, Jennifer Lopez` startling confession about having a nervous breakdown and whether she`d send her kids to Scientology school. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you from Hollywood. And the heat from the presidential debate tonight may seem like nothing compared to the brand-new eruption today on the volatile volcano known as "The View."


ELISABETH HASSELBECK, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": The Democrats were pushing these subprime loans. Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, think about it.


JOY BEHAR, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": Elisabeth, you`re listening to Sean Hannity too much.



ANDERSON: Just when we thought we had seen it all, the ladies of "The View" went at each other so fiercely today. For a moment, you wondered if they were going to have to call in security guards. And again, the trigger point - the presidential election. More on that in just a few minutes.

HAMMER: Wow. But first, women in Hollywood and the Sarah Palin factor. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there at a truly extraordinary event in Hollywood, Monday night. Some of the biggest, most famous, most powerful women stars in the world, all in one place, all at one time, and all of them giving us a piece of their minds about this explosive presidential race. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that what they said is making big news right now.


(voice over): She`s arguably the most polarizing figure in American politics right now.



HAMMER: Sarah Palin, who is battling to become America`s first woman vice president and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that when the biggest women stars in Hollywood gathered at "Elle" magazine`s "15th Annual Women in Hollywood" tribute including Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Sigourney Weaver, Anne Hathaway and Kate Beckinsale Sarah Palin -

PALIN: The time for choosing is near.

HAMMER: Was the talk of the night.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Is she ready to be vice president.

SIGOURNEY WEAVER, ACTRESS AND OBAMA SUPPORTER: Not unless we want Bush in a skirt.

KERRY WASHINGTON, ACTRESS: I think we`re ready to have a woman vice president. I`m not sure the one who is running is the best person to have.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Palin, is she ready for the job?

HANDLER: No. She`s not ready to run Legoland.

HAMMER: Well, Legoland will have to wait for Palin. She already has a job in Alaska. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you in this A-list Hollywood event, Palin fans were in short supply. Even "Curb Your Enthusiasm`s" Cheryl Hines was less than enthusiastic about John McCain`s running mate.

CHERYL HINES, ACTRESS: Do I think she`s ready for the job?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Would you like to use a lifeline?

HINES: Yes. May I phone a friend?

PERREY REEVES, "ENTOURAGE": People who are pretty and have nice glasses get a lot of attention. If she wasn`t attractive, who knows? This is the era of "American Idol" and we`re talking about the president of the United States and his vice president.

HAMMER: What was striking is that it was hard to find any star in the event who said they supported Palin but that doesn`t mean they don`t admire her accomplishments.

KATE BECKINSALE, ACTRESS: I`m always supportive of women entering politics.

HAMMER: Kate Beckinsale tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that even though she may disagree with Palin, you can`t ignore what she`s done.

BECKINSALE: It seems kind of similar (UNINTELLIGIBLE) like Margaret Thatcher, not necessarily the woman I would choose, but I`m glad women are more involved.

REEVES: She`s not my choice of vice presidential candidate but you do have to acknowledge that she`s accomplished a lot for someone from a small town. And, you know, I don`t want to take that away from her.

HAMMER: Which is something we heard throughout the night at the "Elle" event to honor the accomplishments of these women in Hollywood. While many there may not agree with Palin`s politics, that should come as no surprise in largely-liberal Hollywood. So while Palin may not have many fans there, she does have them elsewhere.

CROWD: Sarah, Sarah.


HAMMER: But while they were not at Monday night`s "Women in Hollywood" event, there are plenty of stars speaking out for Sarah Palin and John McCain. We`ve got a revealing look at that a little later in the show. As for the "Elle" event, well, here are some of the women who were honored. They included Jane Fonda, who received a Legend Award; Anne Hathaway, Nicole Kidman, Sigourney Weaver and Halle Berry - each one won Icon Awards.

Tonight, one of the most volatile explosions I have ever seen on "The View." Now, we know that the ladies have no problem expressing their political views. But today, their political debate was so loud. It was so explosive, it kind of made us wonder, is it all getting just a bit too personal?

Joining me tonight in Hollywood, Carlos Diaz, who`s a correspondent for "Extra." Also in Hollywood tonight, Jane Velez-Mitchell; she`s an investigative journalist and author of "Secrets Can Be Murder."

All right, Carlos and Jane. We know there is no love lost between the conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her more liberal co-hosts on "The View." And today, they were talking about John McCain divorcing his first wife years ago and then later marrying his current wife, Cindy McCain. I want you to watch what happened.


SHERRI SHEPHERD, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": What about the woman that McCain - No. Excuse me. What about the woman that McCain left that didn`t even want him to know she had been in a horrible, horrible accident. And then, he came back, met another woman named Cindy McCain, left the woman that -



HAMMER: All right. Jane Velez-Mitchell, let me fire this up with you. Is Elisabeth right there? Are all the disagreements that we`re seeing between these ladies on "The View" may be getting just a little too personal?

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST: Well, it`s personal because it`s real and that`s the brilliance of "The View," A.J. The kind of emotional arguments where you`re afraid somebody`s going to burst into tears or jump up and walk off the set at any moment.

Those are the same kinds of arguments that are happening in living rooms and coffee shops and at water coolers around the country. We are in the midst of a culture war and an economic meltdown at the same time. We have to talk about these important issues, but it`s very personal.

But the political is personal, so it`s very hard to have a rational discussion. And, again, that`s why "The View" is so brilliant. It is real and it`s exactly what`s happening across America.

HAMMER: What do you think, Carlos? Do you agree with Jane that it`s sort of reflecting what is happening in our country and, you know, all the better for "The View?"

CARLOS DIAZ, CORRESPONDENT, "EXTRA": Well, I disagree with Jane because it wasn`t political today, it was - what they were talking about was personal talking about John McCain and his wife and the woman he left behind. It got personal in that aspect and that`s why it got personal on "The View".

As far as them getting along on "The View" but let`s have an analogy. I know Jane Velez-Mitchell. I don`t agree with anything she ever says, ever. But I respect her as a person, OK?


DIAZ: Seriously - exactly. So we could have a back-and-forth and at the end of the day, I respect her. I wonder if these women still respect each other.

HAMMER: Oh, I`m glad you`re not shouting on top of each other. At least, I can understand what the heck you`re saying. Barbara Walters, of course, always the voice of reason on the program, tried to rein the ladies in a bit. Watch what Barbara said.


BARBARA WALTERS, CO-HOST AND EXECUTIVE PRODUCER OF "THE VIEW": Can we not - can we stop slinging mud around? We are intelligent women. There are enormous issues in this campaign. The country is terrified. The world is terrified and worried about the economy. And these things I think are so irrelevant. Let us try to address this program for the future and not slinging garbage around (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

HAMMER: All right. I`ll say right off the top here, I agree with everything Barbara is saying. But, Jane, let me ask you this, if the ladies of "The View" did stop slinging so much mud, it might not be as much fun to watch, huh?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Of course not. Polite conversation is boring. This is exciting. You know, it`s what reality TV always aims for and never gets because it`s so staged and contrived. These are real emotions. These women aren`t acting.

And I had one thing to say - Barbara Walters for president, because she`s the reasonable middle ground while the other people there on the show are very polarized and very emotional.

And, Carlos, the personal is political. That`s my point. It`s that they`re not talking just personal, they`re talking politics but it`s so emotion-driven that they can`t have a rational political discussion.

HAMMER: Yes, that`s a good point there.

DIAZ: And Jane -

HAMMER: And you know how - go ahead, Carlos.

DIAZ: I disagree. Go ahead. I`m sorry.

HAMMER: OK. You just wanted to slide that in, didn`t you? You know, we`re always telling people about "Showbiz On Call." We want you to call at any time for whatever`s on your mind. Well, after "The View" today, our phones were ringing nonstop about what happened on that show.

We got one particular call from Claire in South Carolina that I want to play for you. She was so enraged she called "Showbiz On Call" to say she is sick of hearing liberal mudslinging on "The View." Listen to Claire.


CLARE, CALLER FROM SOUTH CAROLINA: Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Barbara Walters, I started off watching "The View" because it was very interesting. But now, it`s really getting on my nerves the way they bash Sarah Palin all the time. Sickening.


HAMMER: All right. Carlos, this political season has been a real boon for "The View" and its ratings. But are the ladies of "The View" perhaps a bit in danger of turning off a big piece of their audience if they have at it so viciously every day?

DIAZ: Well, Jane just said Barbara Walters for president. I disagree with that, although I respect Barbara Walters. I think she made a huge mistake here. She should have actually recruited somebody who was as conservative as Elisabeth Hasselbeck so then you would have two conservatives and two liberals with Barbara in the middle.

Right now, you`ve got a bunch of liberals and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. And the caller is right. They`re bashing Sarah Palin because of the fact that they are a bunch of liberals going off against Elisabeth Hasselbeck. It needs to be more even ground on the show.

HAMMER: Yes. You don`t have a lot of balance and that is not necessarily so reflective of their audience - I don`t think. Carlos Diaz, Jane Velez- Mitchell, thank you for being here tonight.


HAMMER: All right, Brooke. So the presidential debate - big night tonight. It`s over, but of course, the fun is just beginning.

ANDERSON: That`s right, A.J. And we got to thinking there are some stars that we`d like to see face off at the podium as well. Britney Spears versus Lindsay Lohan: Who cleaned up better? Dina Lohan versus Paris Hilton: Who has the most ridiculous reality show? Alec Baldwin versus Charlie Sheen: Who had the messier divorce? They are the debates we`d like to see, straight ahead.

HAMMER: Well, I can`t wait for that. Plus, David Duchovny out of rehab. He went in to get treated for sex addiction. But what happens now that he`s out? And oh, yes, did I mention - well, I didn`t mention this. His job is playing a sex-obsessed character on TV. We`re updating the sex files, coming up.

ANDERSON: And Jennifer Lopez`s confession. J. Lo opens up about whether she really had a nervous breakdown and whether she would consider sending her kids to Scientology school. You don`t want to miss this, still to come on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: Remember, you can watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT video any time, new stuff being posted at all the time. And among the videos now playing, "The Tina Fey Factor." Will Faye`s impersonations of Sarah Palin influence voters?


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Tonight, David Duchovny is out of sex rehab. In August, "X- Files" star announced the bombshell news that he was going into rehab for sex addiction. But what does that mean and now that Duchovny is out of rehab, what does he face next?

With me tonight in New York is clinical psychologist and author of "An Idiot`s Guide to a Healthy Relationship," Dr. Judy Kuriansky, looking lovely as always. Dr. Judy, great to see you.

And you know, David Duchovny has never said what his sex addiction was and we don`t want to and we certainly will not speculate about his specific problem. But, Dr. Judy, what would drive somebody like Duchovny to go to sex rehab? Is it a feeling that their problem is out of control much like an alcoholic?

DR. JUDY KURIANSKY, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: Absolutely. You hit the nail on the head with that, really, Brooke. Because it`s the word "out of control," because sex addicts are ending up reading so much pornography. They`re going on the Internet to read about sex. They may play with themselves a little bit too much or they`re having too many affairs. These are the behaviors that out of control.

And two other criteria - that is, you get in trouble with your work - but he`s playing a sex addict so that`s another story. And the second is with getting in trouble with your partner. I get Tea Leoni had something to do with the fact that he decided to go into treatment by himself because partners are not happy about that. Or getting into trouble with the law like Hugh Grant who got caught in the car with a prostitute.

ANDERSON: Yes. You hit on a couple of points I want to discuss. The character he`s playing currently on television and also his wife Tea Leoni. Because we know they`ve been married for over 10 years and they have two children. So Dr. Judy, I would have to imagine that it is critical for him to get strong support from Tea here.

KURIANSKY: Tea has to really do a lot inside herself to not constantly be saying to him, Brooke, "Well, I saw you flirting with that girl. Where is that going to lead to?" Because if she`s always critical, that could end up making the whole situation worse. So she`s going to be the one who really needs to also get a lot of support and help here so that she`s not constantly asking him and nagging him about this. But he also has to tell Tea that he`s doing OK so that she can trust him because that`s the major issue.

ANDERSON: Yes, I`m sure it`s not easy for her, whatsoever. And Duchovny`s attorney today told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that Duchovny, quote, "has successfully completed his rehabilitation. He is out of rehab and will be starting a movie soon."

So, Dr. Judy, what does that mean to you - "successfully completed rehabilitation?" Explain that. Does he have meetings down the line? Will he have to have follow-up treatment?

KURIANSKY: I think so. I mean, it`s very difficult to just go in for a bit of a time and think you`ve cured a sex addiction. You know why? Sex is all over the place. He`s going to have to have good sex with Tea Leoni, I would suspect, in order for their relationship to survive.

So that requires, day by day, just like an addiction to alcohol, to drugs, to eating, you have to take it one day at a time. And so he`s going to have to watch himself constantly and say, "What am I doing here?" Every time he has a reaction, every time he has an erection, every time he has some kind of excitement ...

ANDERSON: Oh, boy.

KURIANSKY: ... he`s going to have to say, "What am I going to do now?"

ANDERSON: Well, I want to get back to that character he plays on television in "Californication." He plays a writer obsessed with sex.


ANDERSON: So, Dr. Judy, very quickly, could that be dangerous for him and potentially cause a relapse? Or maybe therapeutic? Ten seconds.

KURIANSKY: Well, it`s going to really take a lot of effort because most actors separate themselves and they also get into the character. So he`s going to have to really step outside and say, "This is my character and this is not me," over and over again, in order for him to not fall into doing what his character does.

ANDERSON: Yes. Well, we wish him the best. And Dr. Judy Kuriansky, we thank you so much. We got lots of information.

HAMMER: Well, Brooke, shifting gears here, "Showbiz On Call" phone lines have been ringing nonstop with people that are really fired up about all the stars who are speaking out about politics during this campaign season.

ANDERSON: Yes. We have gotten so many voicemails at "Showbiz On Call." In fact, we heard from Laurie in Massachusetts who says that stars should keep their opinions about politics to themselves.


LAURIE, MASSACHUSETTS: Just voicing my opinions on whether celebrities should be involved in politicizing. I don`t believe they should. I think you can change the image we have of celebrities and musicians especially when Oprah got in the fray. Myself and many of my friends and colleagues have not watched her show since or bought her magazines.


ANDERSON: And we also heard from Avalyn in New Jersey who says stars have just as much of a right as anybody else to speak their mind about politics.


AVALYN, CALLER FROM NEW JERSEY: I think celebrities do the right to voice their opinions on politics. Do I think that people should follow what they think? No, I do not. But they do have free opinion to say what they feel and who they want to vote for.


HAMMER: Why don`t you call us on "Showbiz On Call?" Let us know what you think about this or anything that`s on your mind.

ANDERSON: "Showbiz On Call" phone lines always open 24/7. Give us a ring, 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; 1-888-728-2899. Leave a voicemail. We will play some of your calls right here on the show.

A.J., there is some startling news tonight about Jennifer Lopez.

HAMMER: Yes, that`s right, Brooke. Did Jennifer really have a nervous breakdown? And is it true that she`d send her kids to Scientology school? Wait until you hear J. Lo`s brand-new confession.

ANDERSON: Plus, move over, McCain and Obama. These are the star debates we`d like to see. Britney Spears versus Lindsay Lohan: Who cleaned up better? Dina Lohan versus Paris Hilton: Who has the more ridiculous reality show? Alec Baldwin versus Charlie Sheen: Who had the messier divorce? We`ve got star debate wars, coming up.

And also this -


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you are a person who thinks that Wal-Mart isn`t bad, that thinks that George Bush isn`t the devil, you`re going to have a hard time getting a job in this town.

HAMMER: Yes, no secret that Hollywood is a very liberal town. But there are stars who are supporting John McCain and Sarah Palin. So who are they? And why aren`t more of them speaking up? We`ve got the revealing answers to this mystery, coming up.

ANDERSON: And be sure to check out the free, ever-changing SHOWBIZ TONIGHT podcast. You can find it at Or download it on iTunes by typing "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" in the search box. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is back after this. Keep it here.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Halle Berry has been named the "sexiest woman alive" by "Esquire" magazine. Halle is, of course, simply stunning. She is an Oscar-winning actress and at 42 years old, is a new mom. Halle gave birth to her daughter in Nahla in March. And when SHOWBIZ TONIGHT caught up with her at "Elle" magazine`s "Women in Hollywood" tribute, we had to ask how she balances motherhood with Hollywood.


HALLE BERRY, ACTRESS: Actually I`m learning that. I`m only seven months into learning how to balance all of those things. What I know for sure is many women have done it before me so it`s doable. And so I`m not too panicked about it but I`m learning as I`m going.


ANDERSON: One more thing, Halle says she shares her "sexiest woman alive" title with every woman because every woman is a nominee for it at any moment.

HAMMER: All right, Brooke. So the second presidential debate - it`s over but you know the fun is just beginning.

ANDERSON: Yes. There are some stars that we would like to see face off at the podium. Britney versus Lindsay: Who cleaned up better? Dina versus Paris: Who has the more ridiculous reality show? Alec versus Charlie: Who had the messier divorce? Star debates we`d like to see, straight ahead.

HAMMER: Plus, Jennifer Lopez`s confessions. Did J. Lo really have a nervous breakdown and is she planning to send her kids to a Scientology school? That`s coming up.

Also this -


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you are a person that thinks that Wal-Mart isn`t bad, that thinks that George Bush isn`t the devil, you`re going to have a hard time getting a job in this town.


ANDERSON: Hollywood secrets. Republican stars - yes, they`re out there. Straight ahead, I`m taking a look at the politics of being conservative in Hollywood. You don`t want to miss that.



HAMMER: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the great Hollywood debate. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the stars we`d like to see go at it. Britney Spears versus Lindsay Lohan: Who cleaned up their act better? Lindsay`s mom Dina versus Paris Hilton: Whose reality show is more ridiculous? And Alec Baldwin versus Charlie Sheen: Who had the messiest divorce? It`s a Hollywood debate battle that we`d love see.

Jennifer Lopez`s startling confession. Did she really have a nervous breakdown? And does she want to send her kids to a Scientology school?

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you tonight from Hollywood.

HAMMER: Well, tonight we all know now the second presidential debate is over. But hang on just a second because SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you the knock-down, drag-out, Hollywood debate war has only just begun. Tonight, the gloves - they`re coming off. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is revealing the celebrity debates that we would love to se and so would you.

Like Lindsay Lohan versus Britney Spears. Can you imagine? I mean they both have moved on from their partying pasts, but who cleaned up better?

Then there`s Lindsay`s mom Dina versus Paris Hilton. The big debate here - who has the most ridiculous reality show? Was it Dina`s attempt to get daughter Ali a record deal on hers, or Paris who still searching for her new best friend on her reality show?

And then, there`s Alec Baldwin versus Charlie Sheen. The big debate here - who had the messiest divorce?

Finally, we are hitting Heather Mills. You know her - "I`ve had worse press than a pedophile" against the YouTube divorce lady to debate who really did get the worse press.

Joining me tonight in Hollywood, Jane Velez-Mitchell who is an investigative journalist and author. And also in Hollywood tonight is Carlos Diaz who is a correspondent for "Extra."

All right. Let`s get into this. This is going to be fun. The first debate were into seeing - Britney Spears versus Lindsay Lohan. Here`s why we want to see these two up on stage. Britney has really done a 180 since her meltdown days and her head-shaving days. Lindsay has also managed to stay out of jail and stay out of rehab.

Carlos Diaz, I`m going to begin with you as moderator tonight of the two of them. When face to face, who do you think would make the better case that they cleaned up better?

DIAZ: Well, A.J., as in any great debate, you`ve got to go to the polls, OK? So Britney Spears was on the pole in her video "Give Me More." And she looked great when she was on that stripper pole. Now, if you`re going to talk stripper polls, you`ve got to look at Lindsay Lohan and her craptastic movie "I Know Who Killed Me." Now, that movie was terrible, OK? So I`m saying right there, based on the polls, I`m going to have to go with Britney Spears.

HAMMER: Leaning towards Britney Spears, and Carlos doing his own exit polling in the debates tonight.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, over to you. Imagine Britney and Lindsay each standing at their podium. Who do you think would make the better case they cleaned up better?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, of course, I love but disagree entirely with Carlos Diaz. Lindsay Lohan has transformed much more. I give both of them kudos. They were both acting like total nut-jobs not too long ago, headed for total disaster if not tragedy. Though both cleaned up their acts and are acting very sober.

But Lindsay Lohan has truly transformed because she`s living her life with integrity. She`s living her life as a woman honestly and no longer needs to stuff and escape her emotions.

HAMMER: I can tell this is fight is just going to get more and more heated as we move on through to our next debate right now. Lindsay`s mom Dina - we`d love to see her debate Paris Hilton over this question - which one of them has the most ridiculous reality show?

I`ve got to show what Dina told me when I asked her why she chose the reality show route to help launch her 14-year-old daughter Ali`s music career in their show called "Living Lohan." Roll that, Charles.


DINA LOHAN, LINDSAY LOHAN`S MOTHER: We have no other choice but to let you into our homes. And it is scary and it could be dangerous, you know. But we`ll let you judge. You be the judge of us and we can just move on.


HAMMER: Somebody go grab me a Tylenol, please. Carlos, if Dina debated Paris would Paris have a good argument that Dina`s show was more ridiculous than hers, in which Paris, of course, is searching for her new best friend forever?

DIAZ: You`ve got to go with experience here. As in any good candidate, you`ve got to go for the experience with the reality TV shows, OK? Paris Hilton has the experience. Lindsay Lohan`s mom, Dina, has no experience when it comes to reality TV. That`s why Paris wins this. I mean going up against Paris Hilton in reality TV is like going up against Paris Hilton in a sex tape competition.

HAMMER: Well, this is just presuming that they`re both ridiculous because that is our premise of our argument here in this particular debate.

DIAZ: Sure.

HAMMER: OK. I want to compare Dina`s - thank you for that consummate answer. All right. Dina`s reality show, up against Paris` show. It`s the MTV 1 and again, she`s searching for her new best friend. And you`ve got to take a look as Paris explains what qualities she would like in a new best friend. Can we see that, please?


PARIS HILTON, REALITY TV STAR: My new BFF will need to prove they can party, show me they have taste, class and business savvy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m not the biggest rocket surgeon.

HILTON: Show me that they`re real -

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She has talked about me behind my back.


HAMMER: All right. Right there, Jane, is a little piece of video that perhaps Paris could throw in Dina`s face in a debate. Would that be score one for Paris if she used that as evidence?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, A.J., first of all, she doesn`t want a friend. She wants another housekeeper, basically. But, you know, Paris has never really pretended to be anything but a superficial, attention-seeker, except for the one minute she got out of jail and told Larry King about all this charity work she was going to do and never proceeded to do any of it.

Dina Lohan, on the other hand, is a mother and mother have certain responsibilities. And responsibility number one, don`t exploit your kids by putting them on a reality show. So I think Dina is the winner by being the biggest loser.

HAMMER: Look at you, Jane Velez-Mitchell - I believe swaying some independent voters tonight.

All right. We need to move on to Alec Baldwin and Charlie Sheen. These two, as we know, have been involved in very messy public divorce battles. Baldwin has been battling his ex, Kim Basinger, for custody of their daughter Ireland for years now. And he recently opened up to ABC`s Diane Sawyer about that phone message we all remember, the very vile one he left his daughter, Ireland, calling her a rude, thoughtless little pig. Watch this.


ALEC BALDWIN, ACTOR: I pray to God every night. I would get in bed and I`d say, "Please don`t let me wake up in the morning." I thought I just can`t do it anymore. I can`t. I completely lost interest in my own life truly as a result of all this.


HAMMER: All right. Carlos, I mean, seriously, Alec pulls that out in a debate saying he wants to kill himself. Charlie could never top that, could he?

DIAZ: This is a very tough one because you have Alec Baldwin nominated for an Emmy in his show "30 Rock." You have Charlie Sheen with "2 1/2 Men" nominated for an Emmy. So their careers are going great. You know, they both seem to be doing decent as far as the divorce goes. It`s tough to decide who wins in this.

As a true lobbyist, I`ll have to go with who can provide me with the better gifts. Let`s see, Alec Baldwin can give me a free book. Charlie Sheen can give me free underwear for life. I`m going with the Hanes guy, Charlie Sheen.

HAMMER: Can your vote be bought, Jane Velez-Mitchell.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Of course not. Listen, somebody has to give this Alec Baldwin a break already. I mean, how many of us have had blowups in our lives and who would want it broadcast to the entire world? Let`s all be honest. We`ve all done something in that category. We`ve got to give this guy a break.

And he cannot compete with Charlie Sheen and the sperm wars. Remember the whole E-mail ...


VELEZ-MITCHELL: ... where he claims his ex wants his sperm. And she says, "Well, I don`t." That`s a clear-cut winner by a landslide.

HAMMER: All right. Quickly, we have to move through this next and final debate of the evening. If Paul McCartney`s ex, Heather Mills, debated the YouTube divorce lady over who got worst press, how would that go? Charles, I want to see it.


HEATHER MILLS, PAUL MCCARTNEY`S EX-WIFE: I`ve had worst press than a pedophile or a murder.


HAMMER: Yes. Just can`t get enough of that. All right. So much for Heather. Then you have the YouTube divorce lady who brought all of us into her messy divorce. Watch her.


TRICIA WALSH-SMITH, YOUTUBE DIVORCE LADY: The only cruel behavior I`ve ever done to that man is make him have skim milk in his cappuccino and I did sneak wheat grass once into his freshly-made vegetable juice.


HAMMER: OK. Carlos, we have 30 seconds. Heather versus the YouTube divorce lady - who would win this debate over who got worse press?

DIAZ: A lot of times you don`t vote for the person that you want. You vote for the person that you don`t want. I hate the YouTube woman. I don`t like her. So I`d have to go with Heather Mills simply on the basis of process of elimination here. I`m going with Heather Mills.

HAMMER: Your vote has been cast, checked off, marked down and I appreciate you joining us and moderating these debates, tonight, both Carlos Diaz and Jane Velez-Mitchell. Thank you so much for participating.

ANDERSON: I want to tell you that we are still getting a ton of your calls in our "Showbiz On Call" voicemail box about Sarah Palin. Shelley from Illinois is totally fed up with Tina Fey`s "Saturday Night Live" impersonation of Palin.


SHELLEY, CALLER FROM ILLINOIS: I`m getting a little sick and tired of seeing the "Saturday Night Live" clip of Sarah Palin. She comes across as a simpleton. I think she has a whole lot more going for her than what they put across. The comments of the nice legs and the winks - I think there`s a lot more to her than that.


ANDERSON: Remember, we want you to give us a call and let us know what is on your mind. Just dial 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; that`s 1-888-728-2899. Leave a voicemail. We will play some of your calls right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: All right. Brooke, let`s move on now. Jennifer Lopez has obviously been around for awhile. But tonight, J. Lo is revealing what I think are some pretty shocking things that we have never heard before.

ANDERSON: She is, A.J. And among those revelations, did Jennifer Lopez really have a nervous breakdown? And how about this - is she really thinking of possibly sending her kids to a Scientology school? We`ve got that next.

And also this -


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you are a person who thinks that Wal-Mart isn`t bad, that thinks that George Bush isn`t the devil, you`re going to have a hard time getting a job in this town.


ANDERSON: It`s almost like a secret Hollywood society. Stars coming out in support of John McCain. There are some big names who have spoken out, but there are also plenty of others who are reluctant to admit they`re conservative. Why? That`s next.

HAMMER: And it is an all-out Jewish civil war. Tonight, Jackie Mason taking on Sarah Silverman over Sarah`s push to get young Jews to get their grandparents to vote for Barack Obama. I cannot believe this is going on. You`ve got to stay tuned for this bitter battle. It`s bitter, bumpy battle and it`s coming up.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Jennifer Lopez`s startling confession, the explosive interview she didn`t want anybody to know about is now out and it`s pretty unbelievable.

In a brand-new interview posted on "," Jennifer is telling all about her suffering, what she calls a nervous breakdown, also why she would consider sending her twins to a Scientology school, and the real reason she sold pictures of the twins for a reported $6 million.

With me here in Hollywood, Michael Yo, he`s the host of "Yo on E!" It can be heard on XM and Sirius Satellite Radio. And in New York tonight, Lizzy Goodman. She`s a music critic for "Blender" magazine.

Michael, Lizzy, this interview, I want to mention, was originally supposed to be published in a major fashion magazine. That magazine killed the piece and today the interview surfaced on Tina Brown`s new Web site, ""

Now, in this interview, Jennifer that reveals she had a nervous breakdown in 2002 while shooting the movie "Enough." Listen to this, quote, "There was a time when I was very overworked and I was doing music and movies and so many things. I was suffering from a lack of sleep and I did have a kind of nervous breakdown. I was like, I don`t want to move. I don`t want to talk. I don`t want to do anything. It was on that movie `Enough.` Yes, I did. I had a nervous breakdown."

Michael, what do you think about this? A lot may be shocked to hear it.

MICHAEL YO, HOST, "YO ON E!": Well, I think if I was on that movie "Enough," too, I would have had a nervous breakdown. It didn`t do anything at the box office. No, but seriously, Jennifer Lopez - normal people go through nervous breakdowns.

Jennifer Lopez, at that time, was recording albums. She was shooting movies, and she was dating different guys as well. One guy, P. Diddy, at the time. You know, on and off, on and off. I mean, she had a lot of drama in her life. So for her to have a nervous breakdown - I think anybody would have had a nervous at that time.

ANDERSON: Yes. To be honest, it doesn`t surprise me either that this happened. She wears so many different hats in the industry. She was overworked, overtired. It happens.

And also in the interview on "," Jennifer is also, for the very first time, setting the record straight about getting a reported $6 million - imagine that - $6 million for pictures of her newborn twins that appeared in "People" magazine. Pictures.

Listen to this, "I think one of the reasons that the price went so high is that we didn`t want to do it for so long. But then it got to the point that you go, well, now you`re being stupid with these offers. I thought I can set them up. I can put this away just for them."

Lizzy, Kevin Sessums, who did the interview said after that, "Well, don`t their parents make enough money?" He pointed out to J. Lo that according to "Forbes," she`s the ninth richest female working in show business. And then Jennifer replied to him, "I wouldn`t believe everything I read."

So Lizzy, she basically admitted in what she said that she did it for the money, right? Is there anything wrong with that? Because she does say she`s putting away the money for the babies.

LIZZY GOODMAN, MUSIC CRITIC, "BLENDER" MAGAZINE: Look, I mean, Jennifer Lopez is one of the richest women in entertainment and I guess now we know why. She`s smart about her money, right? You know, I mean, she makes a good point and kind of give her credit for not backing away from this. It`s so trendy in Hollywood to just claim that every paycheck you`ve ever received is going to the charity of choice.

And, you know, this woman is a multi-multimillionaire and now we know why. She saved her money. She stocked it away. She sees a good business opportunity when it presents itself and she makes it happen.

ANDERSON: Yes. It was refreshing, to be honest, how open she was. She was really uninhibited in what she was saying. And speaking about it, she was also asked whether she would consider sending her kids to a Scientology school - her dad, a longtime member of the Church of Scientology.

She says, quote, "I wouldn`t mind because I know that the technologies that they have are very helpful. I do know so many great people who do it, who choose it as a lifestyle and really follow it and it is their religion. I just wish that people wouldn`t judge it without knowing what it is."

Michael, as we mentioned, J. Lo didn`t want this interview published. Do you think that maybe this is one of the topics she could regret talking about?

YO: You know what? If her father studied it for 20 years, I don`t think so. I don`t think this one is the issue. I mean, people are going to believe in what they believe in. You just need to move on.

And I think her take on it is move on. If you`re not into Scientology, so what? I don`t think this was the statement. I think it was the, you know, basically pimping out your babies for $6 million. I think that`s the statement she wanted to stay away from.

And I love Jennifer Lopez. I met her several times. She`s a very, very nice person. But I think the baby statement is the statement.

ANDERSON: Yes. Maybe she had second thoughts about that. Well, I do want to say her spokesperson told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she is very disappointed the interview was released. It was not done for ""

Michael Yo, Lizzy Goodman, thank you both.

OK. So, remember comedian George Carlin`s seven dirty words that you couldn`t say on TV? Tonight, some say "Republican" is a dirty word floating around Hollywood. Now, we all know Hollywood is a pretty Democratic town. Tons of stars have come out in support of Barack Obama.

Tonight, I can tell you there are a surprising amount of big names who have publicly come out in support of John McCain. But there are some celebrities still reluctant to admit they`re conservative.


(voice over): In terms of politics Hollywood is bluer than blue, but there are a few streaks of red.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you do identify as a Republican, you whisper it.

ANDERSON: High-profile John McCain supporters like filmmaker David Zucker, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and actors Robert Duvall, Jon Voight, Sylvester Stallone and Kelsey Grammer are so established they`re standing in the entertainment industry won`t change with this admission.


CHUCK NORRIS, ACTOR: And I believe John McCain is the better man for the job.

ANDERSON: Other conservative stars choose to keep their politics underground, perhaps fearing a backlash.

ANDREW BREITBART, HELPED DEVELOPED "THE DRUDGE REPORT" AND "THE HUFFINGTON POST": I highly recommend they don`t come out until they fully understand the ramifications.

ANDERSON: Andrew Breitbart who helped develop "The Drudge Report" and "The Huffington Post" is now creating a Web site for conservative voices in Hollywood.

BREITBART: If you are a person who thinks that Wal-Mart isn`t bad, that thinks that George Bush isn`t the devil, you`re going to have a hard time getting a job in this town.

ANDERSON: But the executive director of the Creative Coalition, a citizen activist group that boasts a long list of A-list members rejects that claim telling CNN, quote, "Great actors are great actors and they`re going to work."

Actress Holly Robinson Peete and outspoken Obama backer John Legend feel industry conservatives are hesitant to speak out.

JOHN LEGEND, MUSICIAN: It probably is a little bit of (UNINTELLIGIBLE) those few conservative entertainers out there.

HOLLY ROBINSON PEETE, ACTRESS: I know a lot of John McCain supporters who are in the business who are very hush-hush.

ANDERSON: Adam Sandler gave money to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani during his presidential run. And Gary Sinese, donated to McCain and narrated the video played at the Republican National Convention but neither regularly advertises his politics, unlike a wealth of Hollywood Democrats. But Breitbart he feels the tide is turning for celebrity conservatives.

BREITBART: They`re starting to realize that there is strength in numbers and they`re figuring out how to find each other.

ANDERSON: A possible sign that change is coming not just in the White House.


For now, Obama has been the main beneficiary of Hollywood dollars. The entertainment industry has donated $23 million to Democrats, $8 million to Republicans during this election.

HAMMER: All right. Brooke, it is an Obama-McCain battle. And the generals are Sarah Silverman and comedian Jackie Mason. Sarah did this very funny video trying to push young Jews to get their grandparents to vote for Barack. Well, now, Jackie has his fired-up response. Oy, it`s next.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. She is Brooke Anderson. Well, tonight, Brooke, Jackie Mason is Hebrew-hammering Sarah Silverman.

ANDERSON: That`s right, A.J. It is all-out Jewish civil war. Here`s what we`re talking about. Sarah Silverman did this funny video called, "The Great Schlep." In it, she pushes young Jews to pack up their bags and head to Florida to convince their grandparents to vote for Barack Obama.


SARAH SILVERMAN, COMEDIENNE: I`m making this video to urge you, all of you, to schlep over to Florida and convince your grandparents to vote Obama. It can make the difference. Explain to them that we`re all the same inside.

You know, you could compare an elderly Jewish woman like Nana, to a young black man. They may seem totally different, but on paper, they`re the same. I mean think about it. Track suits. Let`s start there. They both love track suits. They can`t get enough of them.

What else? Car of choice, the Cadillac. They`re both crazy about their grandkids. What else? They like things and bling and money and jewelry and stuff. They, they both say "yo" all the time. Or Jews go right to left, "oy."


HAMMER: I love Sarah Silverman. So, Florida, yes, it`s going to be pretty close this time around once again. Well, tonight, comedian Jackie Mason is firing back against Sarah. Watch this.


JACKIE MASON, COMEDIAN: Vote for what your conscience tells you about the guy who`s going to be the best for America. America is what makes the difference and who is going to do best for this country. You`re not a bigot and don`t let that woman convince that you are. She is a sick yenta for mentioning it, and don`t listen to her. Listen to find out only one thing. What will he do for America compared to McCain?

So far he`s accomplished nothing. McCain has accomplished a lot. He is for change. Nobody knows about what. So it`s up to you to decide. Maybe I don`t know what I`m talking about. God bless you. If you know better, vote for the man that you think is best for this country.


HAMMER: Just what we need, more people fighting. What I hope, Brooke, is that they can settle this over a nice gnosh or something.

ANDERSON: Yes. Certainly, disagreements - I`m sure it`s worse at some dinner tables.

HAMMER: That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. The latest from "CNN HEADLINE NEWS" is next.