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Madonna and Guy Ritchie`s Divorce: What Will Happen to the Money?; Hollywood on the Rocks; Peter Cook Sex Tape?; David Duchovny and Tea Leoni Split; Angelina and Brad Want More Children; Who is Joe the Plumber?

Aired October 16, 2008 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Madonna`s mess. Madonna and Guy Ritchie, the divorce heard around of the world. So hat happens next? Reports of no prenup. Should Guy get half of her millions? Plus, what`s going to happen to the kids? Tonight SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has the story of what could be a massive divorce settlement.
Plus, inside life with Brad and Angelina. Angelina Jolie`s revealing interview about their world, the kids, what it`s really like and whether there`s another baby on the way.

Plus, my one on one with the one and only Ed McMahon. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


ED MCMAHON, TV PERSONALITY: Ladies and gentlemen, here`s A.J.!


HAMMER: Thank you, Ed. Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you tonight from Hollywood. And tonight, Hollywood on the rocks. A truly shocking new turn in the Christie Brinkley-Peter Cook divorce. New reports claim that Brinkley`s ex made a sex tape with his former teenage mistress.

Plus David Duchovny`s real life x-files. How did he go from rehab for sex addiction to (UNINTELLIGIBLE) splitsville. Tonight, tough times for celebrity couples.

And of course, Madonna`s mess tops them all. Tonight, the dramatic fallout from her split from husband Guy Ritchie is just beginning.

ANDERSON: Questions linger over whether or not they had a prenup. Now, people are starting to wonder what will happen to Madonna`s $500 million fortune. Tonight, is Madonna`s money up for grabs? That`s making news right now.


(voice over): Breakups are a sad thing, and people handle them differently. Look at Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Their announcement that they`re divorcing after a nearly eight-year marriage made international news.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE REPORTER: Madonna and Guy Ritchie are officially divorcing.

ANDERSON: The day of the announcement, we saw a grim-looking Guy Ritchie being driven home in London, and what about his soon-to-be ex? She spent the evening singing, dancing and voguing in front of a packed house, full of adoring fans in Boston. Doesn`t seem fair, does it?

LIZZY GOODMAN, "BLENDER" MAGAZINE: There is always a winner and a loser in a breakup. But when you`re in a relationship with Madonna, you`re almost certain to be the loser in that breakup.

ANDERSON: But as Ritchie sports a frown and Madonna strikes a pose, the two are gearing up for what could be a bitter, big-money divorce that everyone will be watching.

GOODMAN: Is Madonna going to make Guy grovel for table scraps from her fortune?

ANDERSON: The first big issue to watch in the Guy-Madonna divorce - money. The ex-couple`s divorce announcement said they have not yet reached a settlement. And since reports suggest the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement, things could get interesting.

ALICIA QUARLES, ASSOCIATED PRESS: If they don`t settle this out of court, it could get ugly.

ANDERSON: At stake, the couple`s estimated fortune of $525 million; most of it, of course, belongs to Madonna. But Guy himself is no slouch either. He brings a reported $35 million to the table.

GOODMAN: Guy Ritchie has $35 million?

ANDERSON: Yes, $35 million, which is roughly equal to the combined grosses of all his movies. "Blender`s" Lizzy Goodman was surprised.

GOODMAN: What is like - I don`t know - making music video under a pseudonym on the side? Is he renting out the country estate? What is he doing to make money?

ANDERSON: Seriously, now that he and Madonna are splitsville, Guy`s bottom line may add a few more digits.

GOODMAN: Guy Ritchie is in a position to really come away from this with a lot more money than he went into it.

ANDERSON: And that brings us to another thing to watch in the Madonna-Guy divorce, the Paul-Heather factor. Guy and Madonna`s divorce is drawing comparisons to another high-profile, England-based couple who recently split, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills.

GOODMAN: The stage is set. Madonna rumored not to have a prenup with Guy Ritchie. Paul McCartney definitely didn`t have a prenup with Heather Mills. Paul has all the money; Madonna has all the money. So, you know, the comparison is there for the making. But it`s really up to Guy Ritchie whether he wants to be that girl.

ANDERSON: Recent reports suggest that Madonna has even consulted with McCartney`s divorce attorney, Fiona Shackleton, who did such a job, keeping most of McCartney`s vast fortune from his ex. Heather mills dumped some water on her in the divorce hearing.

GOODMAN: If Madonna has hired Fiona, she`s bringing out the big guns. She`s saying, you know, "I would like this to be civil, but I`m preparing for it to get really bad."

ANDERSON: But beyond money, there`s perhaps the biggest issue in this and many divorces, the kids.

JO PIAZZA, "NEW YORK DAILY NEWS": Madonna had a daughter, Lourdes, before she and Guy got together. And then she and Guy had their adorable son, Rocco. And just last year, Madonna adopted a baby from Malawi. It appears to be seen who`s going to get custody of all three of these children in the divorce.

ANDERSON: So while no one agrees on how this divorce will go -

GOODMAN: I think we`re in store for a pretty protracted battle.

QUARLES: I highly doubt this is going to get nasty.

ANDERSON: Everyone can agree that we`re going to hear a lot about this split.


HAMMER: So what is next for Madonna and Guy Ritchie? And how are they possibly going to split that $500 million fortune? Oh, my goodness.

With me tonight from Hollywood, Darren Kavinoky, who`s an attorney for the Kavinoky Law Firm. And in New York Dawn Yanek, who is the editor-at-large for "Life & Style Weekly."

So obviously, everybody is talking about all that Madonna money. And of course the topic came up on "The View" today. You`ve got to listen to what Whoopi Goldberg had to say about it.


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": As we said yesterday, Madonna and Guy Ritchie seem to be splitting up and it`s interesting because people are talking about money as they often do when big superstars split up. And in England, apparently, there may also be a 50/50 law. So he may be entitled -


There was no prenup. But then, even when there`s no prenup, it automatically goes to -


HAMMER: Wow. Now, it`s not confirmed that Madonna and Guy didn`t have a prenup. Darren Kavinoky, I`ll start with you. From a legal perspective here, we are talking about $500 million. Should Madonna be worried?

DARREN KAVINOKY, ATTORNEY, KAVINOKY LAW FIRM: Well, there`s certainly cause for concern, and we`ve learned two valuable lessons so far here, A.J. First of all, if you`ve got those kinds of assets and you get married without a prenup, it`s the equivalent of putting two scoops of crazy in your breakfast cereal.

And of course, secondly, we`ve learned that if A.J. - if any professional baseball players like A-Rod come scratching around your lady and you`re not the hitting coach for the New York Yankees, then you`d better call a lawyer right away, because that doesn`t look good either.

HAMMER: Let me go on record right now. This A.J. did not have anything to do with Madonna ...


HAMMER: ... just to be clear. All right. Now, you know, we`ve known Madonna as having this great business acumen, really tough as nails, very savvy for the years and years that we`ve known her. But we also - always hearing that she really is a romantic at heart.

So Dawn, let me throw this to you. Do you think it would be surprising to find out that Madonna did not have a prenup, if that is, in fact, the case?

DAWN YANEK, EDITOR-AT-LARGE, "LIFE & STYLE" MAGAZINE: I think it would be absolutely shocking just because she does have such a business acumen. And it`s kind of on the same order as the Paul McCartney divorce. Everybody was completely shocked that he did not want a prenuptial agreement.

Let`s not forget, Madonna is not a young, naive girl who didn`t have anything at the start of this marriage. She had a couple hundred million dollars. She had a divorce under her belt. She also had a slew of failed relationships.

So I think what was shocking about Madonna`s behavior is that she was being really traditional and she went into it with the best intentions. And like you said, she was a true romantic about this. She didn`t think it was going to end.

HAMMER: Yes. And I have to say I`m taking no pleasure in this. I don`t like to see when any relationship splits up. I think it`s a real bummer for these guys. And we have heard that Madonna and Guy Ritchie do want to settle this quickly, keep it quiet.

But Darren, with so much at stake here, is that even possible? Perhaps, if you were advising Guy Ritchie, I mean, would you tell the guy, take your time and weigh your options?

KAVINOKY: Well, the role of the lawyer is obviously to make sure it gets done right, not necessarily that it gets done quickly no matter how much either or both of them want out of there. But from what I gather, Guy`s sort of a guy`s guy, if you will, and he`d rather run around in public wearing one of Madonna`s cone bras than be feeding off of her. So I think he`s certainly going to want to get out of this gracefully and quickly.

HAMMER: Now, when we talk about this fortune, let`s not forget in addition to all the money, Madonna and Guy Ritchie will obviously need to decide what happens to all of their luxury homes around the world - you know, L.A., New York. They have the country estate in England. They have their home in London.

What`s you take, Dawn? Madonna is known to be unpredictable. Do you see this divorce going away quietly, or do you picture a drama ala Madonna?

YANEK: It really could go either way at this point. And I don`t think that the main source of contention is going to be the money or the estate. I think that it would get really ugly if either of them attacked each other publicly or there was a huge issue about custody of the children. Then I think all bets are going to be off.

HAMMER: Yes. And let`s remember also as far as the money is concerned, when Paul McCartney and Heather Mills first announced their split, nobody thought things were going to get ugly. Yes, we know what happened there. So Darren, there`s a lot of money involved, the kids are involved. But with that massive amount of money, $500 million, does it make it more likely the claws may come out?

KAVINOKY: Well, I`d like to apply what I call the "Dancing With The Stars" test, A.J. And that`s if either party to the divorce has any prayer of ever appearing on "Dancing With The Stars," it`s guaranteed to get ugly. So we`ll have to see anybody wants to get aligned with Gary Coleman someday or Mr. Belvedere(ph) and go on with "Dancing With The Stars" someday.


KAVINOKY: At this point, we hope not.

HAMMER: Do you see Madonna doing that? I hope not. Darren Kavinoky, Dawn Yanek, thank you both.

And now, let me turn it over to you. Here`s our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day, "Madonna and Guy Ritchie Split: Should he get half of her fortune?" You can vote at Or you can E-mail us - the address is

And you know, Brooke, Madonna and Guy are not the only famous couple who are having tough times right now.

ANDERSON: Yes. That`s right. What is in the water lately? David Duchovny and his wife, Tea Leoni are separated, and this word coming not long after he got out of rehab for sex addiction.

Then, we`ve got Christie Brinkley`s ex, Peter Cook. It turns out there may be a sex tape of him with the teenager he had an affair with. It`s Hollywood on the rocks, straight ahead.

HAMMER: Well, one couple that seems to be doing just fine - Brad and Angelina. And Angelina is speaking out about what life with Brad and the kids is really like. I`ve always wanted to know this.

Plus, are they really ready for another baby? Angelina getting personal, coming up.

We will also have this -


MCMAHON: And now, ladies and gentlemen, here`s A.J.!

HAMMER: How can you not love the guy? Here`s Ed McMahon. Yes, I sat down with Ed. We talked about everything. We talked about his house foreclosure, his new gig as a rapper and all of that is just ahead in the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



MCMAHON: Shout out to my people. This is Ed McMahon. Rolling slow to the suburbs and in an unmarked van.


HAMMER: That is the great Ed McMahon rapping in a new commercial for ""

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Now, when you hear the name Ed McMahon, you probably think about his decades on "The Tonight Show" sitting next to Johnny Carson. And of course, of all those Publisher`s Clearinghouse commercials when McMahon gave away millions of dollars.

Well, sadly, Ed not only lost his own millions, but fell into massive debt owing more than $4.5 million. He faced foreclosure on his house and even with all that, he also broke his neck.

Thankfully, McMahon is on the comeback trail, thanks to some of his celebrity friends and with his hilarious new commercial. And when I sat down with Ed, I asked him how in the world he went from millionaire to broke.


MCMAHON: You seem to have everything going great, but a lot of people do different things.

HAMMER: In terms of managing your money?

MCMAHON: Yes, that`s what I meant. You know, whatever it is, I`ve had a manager for a long time. He died many years ago, but I never signed a check. I mean, I just entrusted to other people - this is what I want to do. I love this. This, I love, and this I hope I`m good at.

But anyway, I thought this is going to be wonderful. I`ll just keep going. And all of a sudden - all of a sudden, the shingles started falling off the roof. And I was under the roof and it was bad. So that`s where I got to be here. And I`m coming out. The best thing I can tell you is that I`m coming out.

And that`s my attitude about life. I just feel that, you know, you make it work. Somehow, you make it work. And that`s what I`m doing. I`m working again. My neck is back. I can function and I`m doing fine.

HAMMER: Well, the premise of the "" commercials are hilarious.

MCMAHON: Yes. I think of it -

HAMMER: I mean, I have to say they`re terrific. You`re driving around ...


HAMMER: All over the place dressed as a rapper. You`re rapping and you`re tracking down these people who you used to hand those giant checks ...

MCMAHON: Oh, I had to - big checks.

HAMMER: ... in the Publisher`s Clearinghouse -

MCMAHON: I saw Howie Mandel the other night. He got out of the car. He`s got a big check and he says, "I look like Ed McMahon." You know, here he is, doing the same thing I was doing. He`s got a version of, you know, the new "Deal or No Deal" where he`s bringing money to houses. That`s what I did and I gave away $130 million doing that.

HAMMER: So in a way, it made sense. You`re going around in this commercial looking for people to perhaps help you out, now that you ran into some financial difficulties. When this idea was first pitched to you, what was your reaction? Because it`s immediately making sort of fun of your own situation.

MCMAHON: Oh, sure it is. It`s taking, you know - it`s taking a bad situation, turning it into something good. The resolve of this, you do see me dressed - I`ve got the hat on, a little tilt, and I`ve got the suit and I look like I`m together.

HAMMER: When the news first broke that you were having financial difficulties, we heard that Donald Trump, among others, reached out to you to help. Who else did you hear from in terms of celebrities?

MCMAHON: I really - I have heard from a lot of people. But a lot of people - you know, they want to help but they don`t know what to do at that moment.

But the fellow who came through the most was Jimmy Kimmel. Now, Jimmy and I - when Jimmy started, when he began his show, I went in and did a thing. I was his announcer as a joke. You know, here I am, known as an announcer and so forth. So I went in, and we did all the stuff we used to do with Johnny. And I did that the first period of his time on the air.

Now, he remembered that. All of a sudden, he was one of the first calls I received. And he said, "We`ve got to do something." And so I went in and did a few commercials with him.

I just spoke with him last week. They`re on hiatus - I think they just finished hiatus, but they`re back on the air. When I get back, we`re going to do some more things. Well, that`s great that he`s there. You know, it`s wonderful in life, you know, the whole idea that you do something for someone.

HAMMER: So Ed, I imagine I know the answer to this question. Do you love being back at work, or were you kind of hoping at this time in your life you could chill out in retirement?

MCMAHON: Oh no, I never even thought of it. I never have a dream about that. I`m going to do this, God willing, to the last second.


HAMMER: One of the nicest guys in show business right there - Ed McMahon. You can catch Ed in his new ads online at ""

ANDERSON: Hey, A.J., the "Showbiz On Call" lines are ringing off the hook. And we are getting a ton of response to our pick for the celebrity cabinet.

HAMMER: Yes. We had a lot fun with this, Brooke, at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. We thought what if the presidential cabinet was actually filled with stars.

ANDERSON: Yes. We picked Angelina Jolie as secretary of state, Oprah Winfrey as secretary of education and Leo DiCaprio in charge of the environment.

Greg in Missouri phoned into "Showbiz On Call" and he`s totally on board with that idea.


GREG, CALLER FROM MISSOURI: I loved your celebrity cabinets. I really think you should E-mail that to the White House, to the candidates. Why not have a better cabinet than the general public? And in reality, they are the general public. Most people listen to celebrities more than they listen to politicians.


HAMMER: And maybe we`ve started a movement. You can call us at "Showbiz On Call" and let us know what you think about this or anything else that`s on your mind.

ANDERSON: That`s right. The "Showbiz On Call" phone lines, always open. Give us a ring, 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; 1-888-728-2899. Leave us a voicemail and we will play some of your calls right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And now, your calls to "Showbiz On Call" are also online on our homepage,

A.J., everybody is still talking about Madonna and Guy Ritchie`s divorce.

HAMMER: Yes. Lots to talk about, too, Brooke. Millions of dollars at stake, not to mention kids involved. And they`re not the only famous couple with problems right now.

David Duchovny and his wife Tea Leoni - they`re separated, and this word coming just after he got out of rehab for sex addiction.

And you have Christie Brinkley`s ex, Peter Cook. Wow. There maybe a sex tape of him with the teenager he had an affair with. It`s Hollywood on the rocks, coming up.

ANDERSON: Thank goodness Brad and Angelina are still together. And Angelina is speaking about what life with Brad and the kids is really like. Plus, are they really ready for another baby? Angelina gets personal, coming up.

Also this -



SEN. BARACK OBAMA (D-IL), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: And I`m happy to talk to you, Joe, too, if you`re out there.

MCCAIN: I want Joe - you to do the job.



HAMMER: Joe the Plumber. The man of the hour. But who is this guy, anyway? Well, we are plumbing the depths of the debate, coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson with some more stories that are making news right now.

Ryan O`Neal and his son Redmond have been charged with felony drug possession. The two were arrested in September after police allegedly found methamphetamine at Ryan`s house in Malibu. Ryan`s attorney says he`s extremely upset to be charged because he`s not a drug user. His son, Redmond, admitted in court last week that he had relapsed and was sent to a two-week treatment program. Both Ryan and his son are scheduled to be arraigned next month.

HAMMER: Well, Janet Jackson is returning to her tour and finally revealing the mystery illness that made her postpone a bunch of shows. It turns out Jackson is suffering from vertigo associated with migraine headaches and she is being treated for that.

ANDERSON: Josh Brolin may play George W. Bush on "Saturday Night Live " this weekend. Brolin, who plays the president in Oliver Stone`s new film, "W," is hosting "SNL" and he`s says you can expect a lot of fun and some surprising moments. Brolin told "People" magazine that there is a good chance that "W" himself may appear in skits.

A.J., everyone is, of course, still talking about Madonna and Guy Ritchie`s divorce.

HAMMER: Yes. I mean, think about it, Brooke. A lot of money at stake here. And they`re not the only famous couple with big problems. You have David Duchovny, just out of rehab for sex addiction. And now, we`re hearing he and Tea Leoni are separated.

And then you have Christie Brinkley`s ex. There may be a sex tape of him with the teenager he had an affair with. That`s all coming up.

ANDERSON: One couple that seems to be doing just fine - Brad and Angelina. Angelina speaking out about life with Brad and the kids. Plus, are they really ready for another baby? Angelina gets personal, coming up.

And also this.


MCCAIN: Joe, Sen. Obama`s plan.

OBAMA: And I`m happy to talk to you, Joe, too, if you`re out there.

MCCAIN: I want Joe - you to do the job.

MOOS: Who is Joe?


HAMMER: He`s Joe the Plumber. He`s the man of the hour. But who is this guy, anyway? Well, we are plumbing the depths of the debate, coming up.

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HAMMER: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Hollywood on the rocks. Madonna`s divorce. Will there be a battle over her fortune? Christie Brinkley`s ex might have a he sex tape. And David Duchovny gets out of sex addiction rehab. And now, we hear he and Tea Leoni are through. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the brand-new details of star couples who have come undone.

Angelina Jolie speaks. Tonight, for the first time since having her twins, Jolie is speaking out on camera. The secrets of her family life with Brad Pitt, and are they really going to have another baby?

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you tonight from Hollywood.

HAMMER: Tonight, Hollywood on the rocks. Three big stories making news right now. Madonna and Guy Ritchie call it quits, but reportedly don`t have a prenup. Will there be a bitter battle over her millions?

Also tonight Peter Cook makes a sex tape? Yes, there are reports that Christie Brinkley`s ex made a sex tape with his former teenage assistant without her consent.

And Tea Leoni and David Duchovny split. Duchovny just got out of sex addiction rehab. But he and his wife say they`ve been separated for months.

Joining me tonight in Hollywood, Darren Kavinoky, lawyer with the Kavinoky Law Firm. In New York, relationship expert Cooper Lawrence. And Ben Widdicombe who is an editor-at-large for "Star" magazine.

Gang, we`ve got to start off with Madonna. The big shocker from yesterday`s divorce announcement is that there is reportedly no prenup. That, in my mind, is just crazy. They are said to be worth - Madonna and Guy Ritchie - $525 million. Of course, mostly that`s Madonna`s money.

But Darren, should he automatically expect to get half the fortune here?

KAVINOKY: Automatically? No, no, no, no. There`s going to be quite a bit of accounting and legal wrangling that goes on before there`s any payday for Guy Ritchie. And if you asked me yesterday, I would have told you there was a 50/50 shot that this thing was going to go down with a great measure of civility versus a total all-out war. And given the comments that have flown back and forth since then with his criticisms of the Kaballah, and some of her remarks about him and his desire for the family, it looks like it`s going to be an all-out war.

HAMMER: Oh, boy. Just what we need. And despite what you would expect to be a tumultuous time in her life, it didn`t seem like Madonna was treating it that way. You know, she didn`t miss a beat yesterday. The announcement of the divorce came, and the very same night, she`s on stage in Boston doing her show, I`m told - one heck of a performance there. And she`s not stopping. She hasn`t canceled any of her dates so far in the "Sticky and Sweet" tour.

Cooper Lawrence, you know, Madonna keeps on going, but do you think maybe she should be focusing less on work right now and more on her three kids which could wind up in the middle of this.

COOPER LAWRENCE, RELATIONSHIP EXPERT: Yes, the timing is horrible. She needs to spend time with those kids because divorce is tough on kids. So she needs to make sure they don`t get the message that dad is leaving and mom is too busy as well because the kids are the ones that start to blame themselves, and think, "What did I do?"

So this is a horrible timing for her, although she`s somebody who is very dedicated to her fans. So if she calls off her tour, while we`d understand, I think it would drive her crazy.

HAMMER: Yes. Kind of a no-win situation, although you want to think the kids automatically become the priority. And as we`ve been talking about, the rumors about this divorce have been floating around for months. Back in June, you remember Madonna denied that there was a divorce between she and Guy Ritchie, and she denied having an affair with New York Yankees star, Alex Rodriguez as it has been reported.

Alex Rodriguez, of course, was in the middle of a divorce at the time. And A-Rod`s wife was putting some of the blame squarely on Madonna. Well, after the denial of that affair between Madonna and A-Rod, it kind of died down. You know, Madge and A-Rod went away for all of us.

But now, everybody is talking about it again. Ben, do you think Madonna should come out and issue another denial or perhaps just leave it alone and let people think what they`re going to think?

BEN WIDDICOMBE, EDITOR-AT-LARGE "STAR MAGAZINE": Well, the thing about Madonna`s denials is that they`re often not true. Her publicist, on her behalf, denied the fact that she was adopting a child from Malawi. She denied the fact that the marriage was in trouble. And she flat out denied that the two had a - A-Rod and Madonna had a date, which many witnesses saw in New York just last week.

So even if she does deny it, I`m not sure we should believe it. What Madonna should do, I think, is just be grateful that this woman who has built her career on publication and reinvention still has people talking about her sex life when she`s 50 years old.

HAMMER: Yes. And now, obviously, people are going to be talking ad nauseum about Madonna and A-Rod and what`s the real deal there.

Let`s move on now, because also new tonight, also on the rocks, shocking information about a sex tape of Peter Cook with his then 18-year-old former lover, Diana Bianchi. And Bianchi`s attorney says this tape does exist and, in fact, may have been recorded without Diana`s consent.

Now, all Peter Cook`s attorney had to say about it was that they haven`t spoken with Peter about it yet. And I`m thinking, at least yesterday, this mess couldn`t get uglier. Cooper, after all that we`ve seen, though, from Peter Cook, should we even be surprised about a possible sex tape?

LAWRENCE: Oh, come on, A.J. Nothing Peter Cook does surprises us anymore. He`s a huge narcissist. He`s only interested in his own needs. We also know - I mean, of all the people to have a sex addiction, it`s really him, not that David Duchovny doesn`t. But I just think he really has an issue.

And people that look at porn as much as he does are more likely to make sex tapes because they don`t view women as valuable. So I`m not surprised at all.

HAMMER: Well, Diana Bianchi`s lawyers are speaking out. Let me read to you what they`re saying, quote, "We are weighing on legal options. If he surreptitiously made this tapes, there will be serious consequences. You can put a tie on a wolf, sit him next to Barbara Walters and call him a lamb, but he`s still a wolf."

Darren, they say right there, they`re weighing their options. How bad could this get for Peter?

He`s in 20 kinds of legal trouble, both civil and criminal, if he videotaped her without her knowledge. It`s not kosher to do that, period.

HAMMER: And everybody, of course, still wondering what the heck he was doing, trying to speak out about this on national television. Of course, Peter Cook first spilled these intimate details of his relationship with Diana Bianchi to Barbara Walters on "20/20."

I want to show you what Barbara had to say today on "The View" about the sex tape. Roll that.


BARBARA WALTERS, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER AND CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": I don`t know what the legal aspects of it are and what the results. But I could never understand why it is that people want to take in this day and age where we know that everything leaks. Why would he take the risk?

JOY BEHAR, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": Well, supposedly, according to what I read, you know ...

WALTERS: And he didn`t tell me.

BEHAR: ... in a local paper, Diana Bianchi, the girl that he was sleeping with is suing him because she didn`t know he was doing the video.


HAMMER: Yes. And again, it`s still unconfirmed whether or not Diana consented to this video being made which the lawyers confirmed this tape does exist. So it remains to be seen whether she will sue.

But Barbara`s got a point here. I`ve made this point before. I mean, here you have a well-known married man. He`s married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, has an affair with an 18-year-old and decides to film it. Ben, it is just the height of carelessness when this happens, isn`t it?

WIDDICOMBE: Oh, it`s absolutely the height of sleaziness when it happens. And it`s important to remember that even though the affair was consensual, there was not equal blame on both parties. The girl was only 18 years old, for heaven`s sake. She was working for Peter Cook. He was the married man. He was the one with the kids, not her. So really, I think he has to shoulder the blame.

Reportedly, he has paid Diana $300,000 in lieu of a sexual harassment case against him. It will be interesting to see whether her lawyers go back to it and try to get more out of him if there`s a tape.

HAMMER: Ugly, ugly, ugly.

All right. Also on the rocks tonight, Tea Leoni and husband David Duchovny who confirmed today they have split, saying through a rep, quote, "In light of continuous speculation over the lives and marriage of Tea Leoni and David Duchovny, the couple has confirmed that they have in fact been separated for several months. The couple had hoped to keep the separation private for the sake of their children."

Now, Duchovny finished up his treatment for sex addiction. Separation, of course, does not mean divorce. Cooper Lawrence, is it possible at all for a high-profile marriage like theirs, having been through what they`ve been through, to survive all of it?

LAWRENCE: Well, a lot of people that have sex addiction - it starts with emotional abuse as children. So I think if he gets to the root of his issues are and they work it out - I mean, look, if you love somebody, you love them through any addiction.

The problem is people that are sex addicts tend to have other addictions as well and other problems as well, everything from eating disorders to chemical dependency. So we`re scratching the surface here.

HAMMER: Darren, very quickly, do you see this coming back together? I was surprised they even stayed together through his whole rehabilitation.

KAVINOKY: Yes. Nothing says, "I`ve been caught with hookers," like going to rehab for sex addiction. It doesn`t look good from where I sit, but I hope they do it with class and civility because, of course, there are kids involved.

HAMMER: Cooper Lawrence, Darren Kavinoky, Ben Widdicombe, I thank you all for being here tonight.

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HAMMER: Brooke, think about it. No matter what is going on, people cannot stop talking about Angelina Jolie.

ANDERSON: Yes, that`s true, A.J. And tonight, she is giving them something big to talk about. Tonight, Angelina gets personal. For the first time since giving birth to twins, Jolie is speaking out on camera. She`s revealing very intimate details about her home life with Brad and whether they`re going to have another baby.

And also this -


MCCAIN: Joe, Sen. Obama`s plan.

OBAMA: And I`m happy to talk to you, Joe, too, if you`re out there.

MCCAIN: I want Joe - you to do the job.

MOOS: Who is Joe?


HAMMER: Yes, who is this Joe guy? And I`m not talking about Joe Biden. I`m talking about Joe the Plumber. I think he may have become the biggest celebrity of the presidential debate. I`ll be flushing this out, next.

ANDERSON: And Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are in a heated battle. I`m talking each is pulling out all the stops here. Your first look at their new film, "Bride Wars," coming up.



MATT LAUER, THE "TODAY" SHOW: Would you consider adopting again? Yes? Do you have anything in mind?


LAUER: Come on.


ANDERSON: It`s only been three and a half months since Angelina Jolie had her twins, but wait. She tells Matt Lauer that she`s already ready for more kids.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Tonight, Angelina Jolie gets very personal in a brand-new TV interview. For the first time since her and Brad Pitt`s twins, Vivienne and Knox, were born, Jolie is speaking out.

Jolie reveals everything from how her four other kids have adapted to the twins and how she and Brad handle moving the family around the world.

With me tonight in Hollywood is Laura Saltman who is a correspondent for "" And in New York, Dawn Yanek, who is the "Life & Style Weekly" editor-at-large.

Laura, Dawn, good to see you. And we just heard Angelina hint that yes, they want more kids. You know, they both joked in the past that they want a soccer team, but wow. Laura, do you think that Angelina is trying to maybe redefine super mom?


ANDERSON: Who doesn`t?

SALTMAN: I`m impressed by her. But you know what`s interesting is - OK, she`s got three-and-a-half month old twins. They`ve got four other kids. She`s got her movie career and she`s a humanitarian. I feel like they`re rival John and Kate plus eight. It`s going to be Brad and Angie plus 12, 13, 14. Who knows how many they`re going to go for?

ANDERSON: Yes. Complete chaos. And in the "Today" show interview, Angelina went into some fascinating detail about her home life including how she prepared her four children Maddox, Pax, Shiloh and Zahara for the twins. Watch this.


JOLIE: We prepared them. We talked to them about it. They knew it was coming, and they`re all just at that great age they aren`t threatened, that they are independent enough to not need mommy and daddy all the time, and to be able to enjoy the kids. They play with them. They change their diapers. They call them their babies and they dress them up. And you know, they have fun with them.


ANDERSON: That`s so cute. And you know, everybody wants to know about what really happens with Angelina and Brad behind closed doors. And she is getting really personal here. Dawn, are you surprised that she`s being so open?

YANEK: I`m not surprised she`s being so open. I`m surprised she`s being so G-rated. She`s known to be very provocative and very shocking in interviews, even as recent as last week when she revealed in "W" magazine that she has taken her eldest son Maddox, who is seven, knife shopping. So she was right. She can`t help being happy, and I think that`s the Angelina we`re seeing.

She`s thrilled. She loves to gush about her children. I think Brad has been a wonderful influence on her. And let`s not forget she has a movie to promote and she knows how to let out these juicy little tidbits that everybody wants to hear.

ANDERSON: Yes, you know, some celebrities fiercely guard those private details, but she is so proud. She is just very forthcoming. And we know that Angelina and Brad have moved numerous times over the years from Malibu to France to Germany to New Orleans and New York.

And you`ve got to wonder how they keep all the kids grounded, especially when some of them have really gone from extreme poverty and unfortunate circumstances to major wealth and celebrity. Watch what she said.


JOLIE: We wake up as a mommy and daddy who want to make sure we`re raising our kids with the right values, who want them to see all different sides of the world, and want them to be responsible, but also be able to enjoy their life and the privileges they have and not to feel ashamed of them, but embrace them. And if they can have, you know, better schooling, you know, then give them everything we can possibly give them. Never spoil them, and never let them forget how fortunate they are.


ANDERSON: Yes. Great approach. And some would say though that it`s kind of hard to imagine if your parents are the biggest movie stars in the world, that you wouldn`t be somewhat spoiled or feel entitled.

Laura, Angelina actually makes it sound possible to keep them grounded. Do you think that`s why people remain so intrigued by her?

SALTMAN: Well, it`s interesting in that interview with Matt Lauer how she said that her kids don`t really understand who she is. They don`t know that she`s Angelina Jolie. They don`t know that dad is Brad Pitt. And she actually was saying how she gets a little concerned when she`s going to - they`re going to see it. They`re going to know and they`re going to realize who she is.

I think they never, ever will have kids that are going to be spoiled because of how she is with these humanitarian efforts, how they`re moving them around. They`re trying to give them such an interesting life. I don`t think we`re ever going to see them not be who they are.

ANDERSON: You know, and Angelina also has the luxury of being able to take off a year at a time when she wants to from work and be with the kids, and she takes advantage of that.

So, you know, Dawn, very quickly, is that part of them being really attentive, devoted parents even if they are caught up in the celebrity world at the same time?

YANEK: Oh, absolutely. I think that`s a big part of it. I mean, often, when you have two celebrity parents and one is in one part of the world filming a movie, and another is in another part of the world filming a movie and you don`t have a lot of family time together.

But Brad and Angelina have really made a point of being with each other really whenever they can and making sure those children are grounded, happy, and in school and doing really well.

ANDERSON: Focus on those kids. Laura Saltman, Dawn Yanek, we will leave it there for now. Thank you, both.

HAMMER: Well, you know, Angelina Jolie could be the biggest star out there. But you know, she better watch her back. Because tonight, there`s a guy that may just plunge her from that number one spot.

I`m talking about Joe the Plumber. He was such a huge part of Wednesday night`s presidential debate. So here`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on how Joe the Plumber cracked his way into the Hollywood spotlight.


MOOS (voice over): Somebody get some drain-o and unclog this debate.

MCCAIN: I want Joe the Plumber to spread that wealth around. Of course, I`d talk to people like Joe the Plumber.

MOOS: John McCain never met Joe the Plumber, but an hour into the debate, they were best friends.

MCCAIN: Now, my old buddy Joe - Joe the Plumber is out there.

MOOS: Eventually -

OBAMA: To Joe the Plumber -

MOOS: Both candidates were speaking directly to Joe.

MCCAIN: Joe, Sen. Obama`s plan -

OBAMA: And I`m happy to talk to you, Joe, too, if you`re out there.

MCCAIN: I want Joe - you to do the job.

MOOS: Who is Joe?

JOE WURZELBACHER, PLUMBER: I`m a plumber. I work, you know, 10, 12 hours a day.

MOOS: Joe Wurzelbacher had a very agreeable disagreement the other day with Barack Obama over taxes.

WURZELBACHER: Your new tax plan is going to tax me more, isn`t it?

MOOS: The answer is yes, a bit more. But that chance encounter while Obama was going door to door in Ohio ended up overtaxing those watching the debate.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I hear one more time, the phrase, Joe the Plumber, I`m not going to vote for either one of them and I`m going to write Joe the Plumber in - on my ballot as a vote.

MOOS: He`s already being joked about as a possible VP for Sarah Palin in 2012.

MCCAIN: Joe, you are rich. Congratulations.

MOOS: Within hours of the debate.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My name is Joe. I`m a plumber.

MOOS: Impostors were popping up on YouTube.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Shut up. Stop talking about me.

MCCAIN: We`re talking about Joe the Plumber.

MOOS: He may be laughing but others weren`t.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Leave Joe the Plumber alone right now.

MOOS: The real Joe told "Huffington Post" that hearing his name during the debate was pretty surreal. On the issue of taxes, he said McCain has got it right. But it wasn`t just the candidates talking about him -

KEITH OLBERMANN, HOST, "COUNTDOWN": Joe the plumber has gone to sleep.

MOOS: Joe should have been charging by the hour for this.

MCCAIN: I don`t think that Joe right now wants to pay a fine.

OBAMA: What Joe - if you want to do the right thing.

MOOS: Hearing Joe the Plumber is like hearing, drip, drip, drip.



ANDERSON: Hey, A.J. I think Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson might need to call Joe the Plumber, their wedding plans getting seriously plugged up. Your first look at "Bride Wars," next.


ANDERSON: Hey, welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson. Tonight, a long time ago, in a place not that far, far away, two brides dreamed of having their wedding at the same famous hotel. And then someone threw a big wrench into their plans. Here is your SHOWBIZ first look at "Bride Wars."


CANDICE BERGEN, ACTRESS: Every wedding has a story. The one I`m thinking about isn`t about a bride and the groom; it`s about the bride and the bride. And it starts at the Plaza Hotel 20 years ago.

ANNE HATHAWAY, ACTRESS: My wedding will be the happiest day of my life. It`s beautiful.

KATE HUDSON, ACTRESS: It isn`t June and it isn`t The Plaza.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: Are you ready to catch this bouquet?


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Will you marry me?


HUDSON: Yes. It`s 1:00, and we`re each other`s maid of honor.

BERGEN: I have three openings at The Plaza. Two will be 6th. One, the 27th.

HUDSON: My parents` anniversary is the 6th. It`s all meant to be.

BERGEN: You want to discuss this with the grooms?

HATHAWAY: No. Isn`t that gorgeous.

HUDSON: Oh, my god.

HATHAWAY: It`s stunning. Maybe I should keep looking. Get the dress.

HUDSON: Marion.

BERGEN: Your wedding dates have been booked on the same day. Which one of you wants to choose another venue?


HUDSON: One of us will have to get married on a different day.

HATHAWAY: One of us will have to be flexible.

HUDSON: One of us can look at different venues.

HATHAWAY: Yes, one of us could.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: It`s crazy. They haven`t spoken for a week. It`s like a century in girls` years.

HUDSON: You send out (UNINTELLIGIBLE) the dates.

HATHAWAY: Surprised?

HUDSON: Your wedding better watch it.

HATHAWAY: Your wedding?

HUDSON: I`ll be sleeping with one eye open.

HATHAWAY: You`re right. Your wedding will be huge just like your (EXPLETIVE DELETED) at prom.

HUDSON: Your wedding can suck it.

HUDSON: Just a pre-wedding glow.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: What the hell happened to you?

HATHAWAY: Little spray tan surprise.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: You can`t ignore this. That way, the terrorists win.

HUDSON: Make sure it is not so ashy.

HUDSON: My hair is blue! It`s blue!


UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: Your claws are going to have to come off.

HATHAWAY: I don`t know, is it that bad? I didn`t think it was that bad.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: Oh, honey. He is your fiance. He probably thought your hair looked nice too.


ANDERSON: Bride wars in theaters January 9th.

HAMMER: And that`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. The latest from "HEADLINE NEWS" is next.