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Hollywood on the Potomac; What Should Michelle Obama Wear?; Beyonce`s Big Obama Oops

Aired January 19, 2009 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Hollywood on the Potomac. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is in Washington with the unbelievable star power for Barack Obama`s presidential inauguration.

ALICIA QUARLES, ASSOCIATED PRESS: Hollywood must be totally empty right now, because all the A-list celebrities are in Washington, D.C.


HAMMER: Tonight, Oprah`s amazing tribute to Obama this afternoon seen around the world. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s VIP pass to the biggest star-studded inauguration parties. Plus, the fired-up debate over what Michelle Obama should wear to the inaugural ball.

And Beyonce`s big Obama oops. Beyonce, you weren`t supposed to say anything.

It`s a once in a lifetime event, and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is right there with Hollywood on the Potomac. This very special edition of TVs most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


HAMMER: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you from Hollywood. And tonight, Hollywood is on the Potomac.

HAMMER: It sure is, Brooke. I`ve got to tell you, from Oprah to Beyonce to Tom Hanks to Bruce Springsteen, and I could go on and on. There may be more stars in our nation`s capital tonight than ever before. And they`re all there for one thing - the inauguration of Barack Obama as the first black president in U.S. history.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT right there at the inauguration. I`m talking the parties, the tributes, the mind-boggling performances. We have got every inch of this historic event covered and it`s making big news right now.


(voice over): The stars are rocking on the mall, celebrating at the parties, and they`ll definitely be sitting and shivering at the inauguration.

JAMIE FOXX, ACTOR: I`ve got my long johns ready.

HAMMER: Hollywood is pretty much a ghost town this week, because all the big stars are in Washington, D.C. for the inauguration of Barack Obama. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is right there with them.

QUARLES: Hollywood has come to Washington.

HAMMER: There are so many stars at this inauguration it could come with its own credit roll of A-listers, some of whom are so swept up in Obama- mania they`re actually starting to talk like the new president.

FOXX: If there is any doubt that - now, look, America is not the most incredible country in the world.

HAMMER: After entertaining us with his new Obama impression at the Zeta Phi Beta inauguration event, Jamie Foxx told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT he already has his spot for the inaugural parade all picked out.

FOXX: What I did, I checked the whole parade route and what hotels was on the parade route. So I got me a little jammy(ph) right there on the parade route. If he yawns, he`s going to hit me in the nose. That`s how close I`m going to be.

HAMMER: At the Green Inaugural Ball, musician Jackson Browne told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT he is going, too.

JACKSON BROWNE, MUSICIAN: I think it is the most exciting thing that`s ever happened, you know, socially, in my life.

HAMMER: But Terrence Howard told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT the inauguration festivities might be too cold for him.

TERRENCE HOWARD, ACTOR: It might be warmer in the hotel room in front of the television.


HAMMER: Oprah Winfrey kicked up the star power to another level late this afternoon with an inauguration eve special at the Kennedy center. There was a surprise appearance by the soon-to-be second couple Joe and Jill Biden.

Oprah`s show was another star-studded inauguration TV special. A day after Sunday`s celebrity-heavy "We Are One" concert on the National Mall where stars like Bruce Springsteen -

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, ROCK STAR (singing): Come on up -


BONO, SINGER (singing): In the name of love -

HAMMER: Plus, Stevie Wonder and friends.

STEVIE WONDER, MUSICIAN (singing): Oh, yes -

HAMMER: All Ba-rocked the house as the Obamas and Bidens looked on. Later in the night at the BET Honors inaugural party, other stars could barely contain their excitement about the festivities.

NE-YO, SINGER: This is history. We`ve made history in my lifetime, and Barack Obama is a rock star.

STAR JONES, TV PERSONALITY: It is electric. I can tell you.

HAMMER: But at an inaugural event sponsored by the National Council of La Raza and other Hispanic groups, star couple Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT there is only one true star in Washington this week.

MARC ANTHONY, SINGER: Washington hasn`t had a bigger rock star at the helm, you know, and I think -

JENNIFER LOPEZ, SINGER AND ACTRESS: Barack is definitely it. He is the biggest star here.

QUARLES: Usually, I go to L.A. and I cover the Academy Awards. That is the biggest celebrity event of the year. I think the inauguration has that topped.

HAMMER: Alicia Quarles of the Associated Press tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she is not surprised there are so many celebrities in town to witness Barack Obama`s inauguration.

QUARLES: By and large, Hollywood is Democratic. A lot of these people feel invested in this process. They campaigned for him. They did songs for him. They`re here to celebrate.

HAMMER: Celebrate is what these celebrities plan to do.

FOXX: Mr. Obama has that inspiration that makes everybody want to give or want to be a part.


HAMMER: So while everyone knew there would be a lot of stars at the inauguration, it really is unbelievable how many stars actually showed up for this thing.

And joining me tonight right there in Washington, D.C., Les Trent, senior correspondent for "Inside Edition." Also in Washington, Kim Serafin who is a senior editor with "In Touch Weekly." That "We Are One" concert right there on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial - I`ve got to tell you, guys, it was truly something to behold.

And you saw all of the stars who came out for that. You see all the stars at the dozens of inaugural parties around town, in and out of the nation`s capital. Les, it`s true, this inauguration is bigger than the Oscars, isn`t it?

LES TRENT, SENIOR CORRESPONDENT, "INSIDE EDITION": I think it is, A.J., and I`ll tell you why. At the Oscars, the biggest stars - they are the ones who obviously are nominated. Here, you have the wider berth. You have a more diverse crowd of stars. I`m not talking about racial diversity. I`m talking about stars from Samuel L. Jackson to Lindsay Lohan. So I think it could possibly be bigger.

HAMMER: And everybody wants to be there, of course - the stars and everyday people. And that makes things a little complicated in terms of the crowd, right, Les? I mean, it`s kind of leveled the playing field, not really easy for the stars to get around D.C., these guys used to limo rides and helicopters.

TRENT: You`re absolutely right. I think Beyonce came actually on the train, and she`s used to traveling in a private jet. You know, she`s always on a yacht somewhere.

I spoke to Spike Lee and his wife, and they actually said that they had to beg, borrow and steal to get tickets to the inauguration. So just because you are a star doesn`t mean you`re going to have a great seat. Most of them will be out there in the cold just like the rest of us.

HAMMER: Just like the rest of us. I actually even heard Susan Sarandon who lives here in New York City taking the train to D.C. just to keep things simple.

Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has been right there, hanging out at all the big parties in D.C. And one of the things that really struck us in talking with the stars is how giddy they all seem to be about what is happening.

I want to take another look at Jamie Foxx and what he said about where he`s going to be for the inauguration. Watch Jamie.


FOXX: I`ve got my long johns ready. But this is what I did. I checked the whole parade route and what hotels was on the parade route. So I got me a little jammy(ph) right there on the parade route. So you know what I`m saying? If he yawns, he`ll hit me in the nose. That`s how close I`m going to be.


HAMMER: Yes. He got him a little jammy(ph), Kim Serafin. So there you have even Jamie Foxx star-struck by Barack Obama in this case. Is that kind of what you are hearing from the other stars that you are running into there?

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": Oh, sure. I mean, this is really bigger than anyone. It`s bigger than, you know, whose movie opened big at the box office this weekend. Nobody is asking, you know, what they think of the Brad-Angelina-Jen love triangle.

I was at a Declare Yourself party last night that Jamie Foxx was at, Ben Affleck was at, Jessica Alba - and it just seems like the stars are kind of talking to everyone. They`re kind of feeling like this is so much bigger than they are.

And like you said, it`s sort of democratic in a way because no one can get around. It doesn`t matter if you are an A-list celebrity. It doesn`t matter who you are. The streets are still closed off to you. So you`ve got to kind of deal with it like everyone else.

But there seems to be the sense of like, coming together. I know it sounds corny, but you really do feel that here among the celebrities.

HAMMER: Yes. And it`s cool to hear from you that the stars are really talking about the main event and the press that are there are just asking them about the main event because it seems appropriate. It must be very refreshing for everybody all the way around.

And it`s not just Jamie Foxx. We`ve got Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony right there as well. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT caught up with them. They were at the Latino inaugural gala and very excited about the inauguration as well. Watch them.


ANTHONY: Washington hasn`t had a bigger rock star at the helm. And, you know, I think -

LOPEZ: Barack is definitely it. He is the biggest star here even though it`s chockfull of a lot of celebrities and we have seen them. But, I mean, we`re just glad to be here.


HAMMER: See, I go back to that word "giddy." It seems to apply. Les, truly amazing. You have even the likes of J-Lo humbled by Obama. This is pretty remarkable, isn`t it?

TRENT: It really is. And Marc Anthony, her husband, says he`s a rock star. And I think you have to look at it this way as well, not just - they`re not just impressed by his message. But there`s a certain coolness about Obama when you see him walking down the stairs, when you see him right there or with his sunglasses or on his blackberry. Whatever he is doing, there`s a certain coolness about him that I think is attractive to the stars, attractive to a lot of people.

HAMMER: Yes. What a nice role model for some of those stars, too, right?

TRENT: It`s true.

HAMMER: Kim, do you get the impression that moving forward, this is kind of setting the tone for what we`re going to see over the next four years, that celebrity sightings in D.C. will actually become the norm?

SERAFIN: Oh, I think so. You know, I think we saw that during the Clinton administration. And we would see it either way with Barack Obama because he is so inspirational and because so many stars really did get involved in the campaign.

But also they have had eight years of kind of waiting and waiting for this because obviously, Hollywood does mostly support Democrats. And they have just really been getting their gears up to go.

I think, though, we are going to hear good things about celebrities in Washington getting involved in causes because that`s what Obama does. We`re not going to hear like the salacious stories about stars in D.C.

HAMMER: It`s going to be interesting to see if the paparazzi, though, start setting up camp in D.C. at a more permanent basis. Les Trent and Kim Serafin, thanks for being here, guys. I appreciate it.

And now, let me turn it over to you. This is what we want to know in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "Obama and Hollywood: Will all of the star power actually it help his presidency?"

What do you think? You can vote at You can also E-mail us at

ANDERSON: You know, A.J., the Obamas have become pretty big stars themselves.

HAMMER: And Brooke, some even think Barack and Michelle are just the biggest stars out there.

HAMMER: Which is why, A.J., that everybody is trying to guess what Michelle is going to wear to the inaugural ball. Will the first lady to-be play it safe? Will she be risky? Cheap chic or high-priced glamour all the way? You have got to stick around for this fired-up debate.

And we`ve also got this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (singing): Solid, solid as Barack. The future looks hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. Solid -


HAMMER: Wow. You know, when that first hit the airwaves, the first version of the song, "Solid as a Rock," Ronald Reagan was our president. Tonight, I`ve got a brand-new version of the Ashford and Simpson classic reworked for Barack Obama, as you heard, "Solid as Barack."

ANDERSON: And tonight, stars make brand-new personal promises to help Barack Obama out during his presidency. And this is all caught on tape.

HAMMER: And now, here`s a look at just one of the many stars who are part of that amazing inaugural concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, kicking things off with "The Rising."



ROSARIO DAWSON: The eyes of history are on us. We have done something very significant by electing this man. Now, it`s time to really do something really significant and show that we`re all in it together.



CHRIS ROCK, ACTOR: I`m happy that there`s a new president. And you know, this new country is going to take a new direction.


ANDERSON: That was Chris Rock at the Sundance Film Festival talking about President-elect Barack Obama and his history-making presidency.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Now, SHOWBIZ at Sundance. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is once again at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah with all the stars.

And this year, the biggest buzz is all about Obama. CNN`s Ted Rowlands is there covering all of the excitement for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Ted, good to see you.

And hey, I`m hearing the biggest buzz building in Park City is the inauguration festivities all the way in Washington, D.C.

TED ROWLANDS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes. Well, as you know, Brooke, obviously, the place to be usually here is Sundance. But the place to be for the big-time celebrities is Washington, D.C. this year. So they are stopping at Sundance, but many of them are moving on to the nation`s capital to celebrate Barack Obama`s inauguration.


(voice over): Susan Sarandon is premiering her movie, "The Greatest," at Sundance. Then, along with many other Hollywood stars, she is heading to D.C. for the inauguration.

SUSAN SARANDON, ACTRESS: I`m going back to New York and I will take the train. Yes, I`m really excited.

ROWLANDS: Sundance is normally about movies. This year, it`s a lot of Obama.

PIERCE BROSNAN, ACTOR: It will be up to the young people to get behind this man, this government to bring about change. And that will come again from hard work.

ROWLANDS: Actor Ashton Kutcher and MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe launched presidential pledges asking people to follow the lead of more than 50 celebrities by pledging to do something positive for the country.

ASHTON KUTCHER, ACTOR: Barack Obama is not going to come in and put his hand on the Bible. And suddenly, all the problems in the world are going to change. I think people are recognizing that he doesn`t have the magic wand. We do.

ROWLANDS: Sundance founder, Robert Redford, says he doesn`t mind the timing.

ROBERT REDFORD, SUNDANCE FESTIVAL FOUNDER: Coming in the middle of our festival doesn`t bother me at all. I think - because it`s a good thing that`s happened.

AMY POEHLER, ACTRESS (as Hillary Clinton): Hello, I am Hillary Clinton.

ROWLANDS: Amy Poehler, famous for her "Saturday Night Live" imitation of Hillary Clinton has a film at the festival.

POEHLER: I`m excited about all the new (UNINTELLIGIBLE) all of his cabinet members and how they`ll be portrayed by people in "Saturday Night Live."

ROWLANDS: Even party-hopper, Paris Hilton, has something to say about Obama.

PARIS HILTON, ACTRESS: Congratulations, Obama. You rock.


ROWLANDS: A great Paris moment here at Sundance. Brooke, tomorrow during the inauguration, the festival is basically shutting down. No premieres for about a four-hour block so people can watch Barack Obama take the oath of office. They`re going to watch CNN. They`re broadcasting CNN on a number of large screens throughout Park City here on Main Street. Brooke?

ANDERSON: Oh, I`m sure it will be quite a festive occasion. Ted Rowlands in Park City, Utah for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. We appreciate it. Thanks so much. Have a good time.

HAMMER: All right. Brooke, so the "Showbiz On Call" phone lines will not stop ringing. And a lot of people are calling in about Barack Obama`s inauguration.

ANDERSON: That`s right, A.J. We got a call into "Showbiz On Call" from Leah. Listen to this.


LEAH, CALLER: I just want to say that Barack Obama and his wife both got where they`re at because of their integrity, hard work and their character. He got elected and his wife - everyone loves her too - simply on their own merits. And I`m really proud of them.


ANDERSON: Thank you for that, Leah.

HAMMER: And we also heard from Patricia in Arkansas calling in to "Showbiz On Call." Listen to this.


PATRICIA, CALLER FROM ARKANSAS: I am extremely proud to be an American, and a black American, because Obama has cleared up a lot of doubt for the people of the world as to what black people can do and that they have no ceiling.


HAMMER: Thank you, Patricia. And we would look you to call us at "Showbiz On Call" as well so you can let us know what you think about this or anything else that`s on your mind.

ANDERSON: Yes, please do. The "Showbiz On Call" phone lines are always open. Give us a ring, 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; that`s 1-888-728-2899. Simply leave a voicemail. We will play some of your calls right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And your calls to "Showbiz On Call" are also now online that`s on our homepage. Check them out -

HAMMER: Well, Brooke, you know, Beyonce was at that inaugural concert yesterday. She sang "America, the Beautiful." And I`ve got to tell you, it was truly amazing.

ANDERSON: It was, A.J. And you know, when Obama won the election, Beyonce was one of the first stars who came out and said she wanted to perform at the inauguration.

HAMMER: That is right. And you know, she got her wish. But tonight, I can tell you, Beyonce made a big oops. She shouldn`t have put a ring on it, and should have put a lid on it. Wait until you hear what Beyonce spilled. We`ll let you know, coming up.

ANDERSON: And A.J., everybody is wondering what Michelle Obama is going to wear to the ball. Will it be simple? Will it be risky? It`s one of the biggest questions out there. A fired up debate, coming up. And also this -


CHARLIE BROTMAN, INAUGURATION PARADE ANNOUNCER: I`ve got to be able to have my mind concentrate on the script and not on going to the restroom.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So what do you do? You just hold it for five hours?

BROTMAN: I do. I do.


HAMMER: Five hours? Talk about a sacrifice for your country. You get ready to meet the mysterious man behind the voice of 50 years of presidential parades and 50 years of holding it.

And now, I`ve got more from that awesome inaugural concert right there on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Here is black eyed peas star, Will.I.Am along with Sheryl Crow and Herbie Hancock. They`re singing Bob Marley`s "One Love."



GINNIFER GOODWIN, ACTRESS: Change, optimism. I think he`s completely capable. We`ve needed him for so long. And I`m very proud that our country is really, you know (UNINTELLIGIBLE).


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson. And it really is remarkable that today is Martin Luther King Day, and tomorrow, Barack Obama will become the nation`s first black president.

Tonight, we`ve got a very special look at an exclusive short film called "From MLK to Today."

HAMMER: Yes. This was created by a director Antoine Fuqua for CNN. This is the guy behind huge movies like "Training Day" and "Shooter."

ANDERSON: Yes, it`s about America`s civil rights journey from the days of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. to the inauguration of Barack Obama. Take a look.


BARACK OBAMA, UNITED STATES PRESIDENT-ELECT: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was but 26 years old when he led a bus boycott in Montgomery to mobilize the movement.

It`s a powerful reminder of the debt that we all owe to those who marched for us and fought for us and stood up on our behalf. The sacrifices that were made for us by those we never knew, the giants whose shoulders I stand on here today.

OBAMA: It is that American spirit, that American promise that pushes us forward even when the past is uncertain, that binds us together in spite of our differences that makes us fix our eye, not on what is seen, but what is unseen, that better place around the bend, a promise that has led immigrants to cross oceans and pioneers to travel west, a promise that led workers to picket lines and women to reach for the ballot.


HAMMER: What a piece of filmmaking, Brooke.

ANDERSON: Absolutely. Very powerful, A.J. And you know, so many stars are inspired by that story, which is one reason that I think they got behind President-elect Barack Obama.

HAMMER: That is absolutely right, Brooke. And while there is hard work ahead, tonight is the night to party big time. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT right there as tons of stars party around Washington, D.C. You do not want to miss what these stars told us about being right in the middle of this inaugural celebration. Hollywood on the Potomac, coming up next.

ANDERSON: A.J., I can tell you that the stars and pretty much everybody else has one big question on their mind, what will Michelle Obama wear to the inaugural ball? Will she play it safe? Will she shock everybody? It`s the fired-up debate. We`ve got it, coming up. And also this -


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (singing): Solid, solid as Barack. The future looks hot, hot, hot, hot, hot.


HAMMER: You know, when that song first topped the charts, Ronald Reagan was president of the United States. Well, tonight, wait until you see this - your very first listen to Ashford and Simpson`s "Solid" as redone for this president - "Solid as Barack." That is coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Now, on a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Hollywood on the Potomac. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is at Barack Obama`s inauguration with all the big stars and stories. The fired-up debate over what Michelle Obama will wear to the inaugural ball. Will she take a risk? Will she keep it low- key?

Beyonce`s inaugural oops. The big secret Beyonce revealed that she wasn`t supposed to. The stars come to Washington for Obama`s inauguration. It is "Hollywood on the Potomac."

TV`s most provocative entertainment news shows continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you tonight from Hollywood.

HAMMER: Well, tonight, it`s "Hollywood on the Potomac." Right now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s continuing coverage of Barack Obama`s historic inauguration. And you will not believe how many celebrities are there.

Can we just talk about the parties - dozens of celebrity-filled bashes all around D.C. The town is hopping, and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is right there talking to all the stars.

Plus, Hollywood is making a pledge of service to Barack Obama. Ashton Kutcher heads a remarkable movement in Hollywood and we have got your first look at this great video.

And Oprah in D.C. You know Oprah is excited about this - what she did to celebrate today as the whole world watched. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is in Washington tonight.

Joining me is Lola Ogunnaike who is the entertainment correspondent for CNN`s "American Morning." Also in D.C., Les Trent, who is a senior correspondent for "Inside Edition." And in Hollywood tonight is Carlos Diaz who is correspondent for "Extra."

We`ve got to begin with these parties. Lola Ogunnaike, that means I`m starting with you because I know you were right there in the thick of it at the parties last night. Tell us all about it. Take us there.

OGUNNAIKE: A.J., it really was star-studded. People are euphoric. They were dancing. They were singing. I went to the Latino inaugural ball last night, and they were drinking Latinis. And let me tell you, those were some strong drinks.

People were having the time of their lives. I have never seen D.C. like this. I`m from northern Virginia. I`ve never seen D.C. like this at all. Even people were giddy on the Metro Train. It was interesting, fascinating and I can`t tell you what the energy is like here. But you have to be here.


WILMER VALDERRAMA, ACTOR: The best of New York is here. The best of L.A. is here. And you know, the elite of D.C. is out. It is a really different type of vibe.

ANTHONY: Washington hasn`t had a bigger rock star at the helm, you know. And I think -

LOPEZ: Barack is definitely it. He is the biggest star here even though it`s chockfull of a lot of celebrities and we have seen them. But I mean, we are glad to be here. We are excited for the future.

OGUNNAIKE: How are you feeling this evening?

CHRIS TUCKER, ACTOR: I feel good. It`s exciting. It`s history. I brought my son, my mother, my father, and we are going to experience this history. I`m excited.

OGUNNAIKE: SO is Chris Tucker going to be chilling out from the Lincoln bedroom?

TUCKER: Well, I think he wants me to be secretary of comedy.


HAMMER: Yes. Look at you, Lola, hanging out with all the stars. It looks like it was an incredible evening. And to me, this seems truly unprecedented. Has there ever been this kind of star turnout for any presidential inauguration?

OGUNNAIKE: No one has seen anything like this especially in D.C. This town is usually known as staid, reserved. People are letting loose. And I think the celebrities are also really enjoying themselves. They`re really behind Barack Obama, and they want to see him succeed. And they`re throwing their full weight of their celebrity power behind him.

HAMMER: Lola, you are clearly getting your party on last night. I can tell that is not Lola Ogunnaike`s true and regular voice. And -

OGUNNAIKE: I know I`m sounding a little husky. I was out late last night.

HAMMER: Well, pop a lozenge. We have some more tape to play because SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was doing a lot of party hopping. We had a chance to speak with Terrence Howard and he told us what it is like to be right there in the thick of it as well. Watch Terrence.


HOWARD: You can see the pride and feel the encouragement inside the room. You know, this is an entire people`s - it`s an entire world`s dream. Because now, with America becoming balanced and even and closer to the scale, now it seems like the rest of the world has a template also.


HAMMER: Well, Terrence Howard, obviously downright giddy. All right. Les Trent, off to you, because you`re right there in the thick of it. Are you feeling at these parties what Terrence Howard is feeling that, you know, everybody - all the stars have an overwhelming sense of pride right now?

TRENT: Absolutely. I mean, you know, people often said that Bill Clinton was our first star president. I think you can say that Barack Obama is our first superstar president. You heard Jennifer Lopez say that he is a bigger star than any of the stars there.

And I think there is a significant reason for why he is viewed that way. You have to go back to the very beginning of this campaign and realize that Barack Obama is our first Internet president, if you will. He was someone who used the Internet to his full advantage. And when you think about the people who are on the Internet, when you think about the people who are the fans of the superstars, maybe you understand now why the superstars want to be a part of this whole movement. Because, really, Barack Obama speaks to their fan base.

HAMMER: Also new right now, Ashton Kutcher`s presidential pledge. This is pretty cool. He teamed up with MySpace, and he`s asking celebrities to make a video pledge to honor Barack Obama that he has already got a long list on board to help him out. This is remarkable. Watch this.





UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: To help end hunger in America.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: By supporting feeding America and our local food bank.



MOORE: To smile more.




GERSHON: To volunteer more of my time to help children battling serious illnesses -



UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: To be a great mother.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: To be a great father.

LUCY LIU, ACTRESS: To continue working with UNICEF to make this world a better place for all of our children.


HAMMER: It`s nice to have friends in Hollywood. OK. Given that Obama, in his inaugural address, is expected to call on all Americans to make a difference. Carlos, what do you think? Will all the star power help Obama`s presidency?

CARLOS DIAZ, CORRESPONDENT, "EXTRA": I do think they`re going to have a big impact. I do think they`re going to help. I mean, you know, during the campaign, there was a bit of knock on celebrities. And you know, the fact that some celebrities were trying to come out and didn`t know they were talking and this and that.

But I think now that Barack Obama has been elected, I think the celebrity support that he has is nothing but a positive. It kind of reminds me of Ronald Reagan being elected back in 1980. I mean, you know, he had a lot of celebrities, of course, because he was a Hollywood guy himself - supporting him. And that turned out pretty good. I think the only negative can be that Lola`s voice will never recover.


HAMMER: I think that may be the case. All right. We have to talk about Oprah Winfrey. Because of course, Oprah - one of Obama`s most high-profile supporters and she broadcast her show today from the Kennedy Center right there in Washington.

This was inspiring. It was packed with celebrities, just like the rest of D.C. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore actually showed up to talk a bit about this great MySpace project. Watch.


MOORE: We wanted to, to, one, find people that were inspiring. And also, have connections. Because a lot of people don`t know where they can be of service. They want to be, but they don`t know how.

WINFREY: You are right. You`re absolutely right. Everybody is saying, "I want to do something, but where do I start?"


HAMMER: And a surprise guest also showed up - Joe Biden. The day before the inauguration, very quickly, Les Trent, the fact that you have the VP to be showing up the day before he is getting sworn in, is that a testament to Oprah`s power or really to how media savvy Obama`s administration is?

TRENT: Both. I think that the Obama folks certainly recognize that without that early support from Oprah Winfrey, he may not have made it past Hillary Clinton.


TRENT: So I really believe that they owe a debt of gratitude to her. Now, she is quite humble about the whole thing. I spoke to her election night in Chicago. And she was the first one to say, "Listen, I am not taking credit for his victory. You know, I supported him 1,000 percent, but this is all Barack.

HAMMER: Yes, and this whole thing is just something to behold. I appreciate it, Les Trent, Lola Ogunnaike, Carlos Diaz. Feel better, Lola.


ANDERSON: All right. There is a big guessing game going on tonight about what Michelle Obama is going to wear to the inaugural ball tomorrow night.

HAMMER: Yes, Brooke, not only what will she wear, but what should she wear? And when we come back, you have got to be a part of the great debate over what Michelle should do. Should she be over-the-top elegant with, you know, maybe a dress from a hot designer? Or maybe, as some have suggested, she should be a little more subtle, something perhaps even from J. Crew.

ANDERSON: Also, I can tell you that Beyonce is going to be right there for the Obama`s first dance, inauguration night. But Beyonce let something slip that she was to keep secret. Beyonce, how could you?

And we`ll have this -


BROTMAN: I`ve got to be able to have my mind concentrate on the script and not on going to the restroom.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So what do you do? You just hold it for five hours or what?

BROTMAN: I do. I do.


ANDERSON: That guy had better not get up to go to the bathroom during the inaugural parade, because if he does there could be big trouble. Get ready to meet the voice of history.

HAMMER: Now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with more of the voices who made the inauguration concert at the Lincoln Memorial so memorable. Right now, Bono, U2 with "Pride."

BONO, SINGER: From this spot, where we`re standing, 43 years ago, 46 years ago, Dr. King had a dream. On Tuesday. that dream comes to pass.



MARISA TOMEI, ACTRESS: I hope he is going to get our economy back on its feet. And I think that, you know, sometimes, when you face the biggest challenges that it really brings people together and maybe there will be - the country will have a spirit of unitedness (sic).




TOM HANKS, ACTOR: I`ve got to say in my lifetime that we have got to the point now where not only a guy named Barack Obama can be president of the United States, but he can win handily in the election that gets him there. That means we are in a bold and brave new territory.


ANDERSON: That was Tom Hanks telling SHOWBIZ TONIGHT his hopes for Barack Obama as president.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Tonight, what will Michelle wear? There is wild speculation about what Michelle Obama is going to put on for the inaugural ball.

The first dance with Barack Obama as president will happen tomorrow evening. Michelle Obama has been called a fashion icon. So everybody is wondering how she will lead the way.

When the Obamas hit the floor for that first dance it will be to the singing of Beyonce. Now, Beyonce was supposed to keep the song a secret, but oops, she spilled the beans.

Joining me in Washington tonight, Alicia Quarles, who is an entertainment editor for the Associated Press. And in New York, Carolina Bermudez who is a senior editor for "In Touch Weekly."

Carolina, Alicia, great to see you both. And for the couple`s first dance, Beyonce has let slip that she will be singing the classic song, "At Last," by Etta James which Beyonce sang playing Etta James in her recent movie, "Cadillac Records."

Carolina, do you think that Beyonce is embarrassed that she let the cat out of the bag? Or is she beaming with pride that hey, she is the one singing this song for them?

CAROLINA BERMUDEZ, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": I would say both, Brooke. It`s surprising because Beyonce was mum about her relationship with Jay-Z for years, but couldn`t keep this secret.

You know, I think she is very proud that she`s going to be the one to sing for the president and his wife on their first dance. I mean, anybody would be so excited about it. So I can`t blame her for letting the cat out of the bag.

ANDERSON: Yes, she is elated. She wants to spread news - excited understandably. And you know, she has been gunning for this opportunity since she starred in "Cadillac Records" and even told me that she would love the opportunity to sing at the inauguration.

Alicia, is this the perfect song and the perfect singer to do it?

QUARLES: Absolutely. And you know what? I think Associated Press deserves some credit. We interviewed Beyonce the day after Barack Obama was elected president and she told us, "I will do anything to be part of inaugural day. If he wants me to campaign for him for his reforms, anything, I will do it."

So "At Last" is a beautiful song. It`s been a long journey for the Obamas. It`s very fitting - the right person, the right song.

ANDERSON: You know, the song, the lyrics are so appropriate. And I do believe that Beyonce will deliver an outstanding rendition. I can`t wait.

And you know, as the president and his wife dance their first dance, after the inauguration, all eyes will be on the first lady and her dress.

Carolina, do you think Michelle Obama will wear maybe another statement dress like the Narciso Rodriguez number on election night? Or do you think she might play it more conservative this time?

BERMUDEZ: Gosh, you know, this is a big decision for Michelle Obama. I would put this up like where her wedding gown was. You know, I mean, this is a huge decision. The world is watching. I think she`s going to go for more of a classic look this time. I mean, even in "In Touch Weekly," we did a poll. People said that, you know, they didn`t really like her dress. I think that was the general consensus.

But looking at her, I think she can pull anything off. So, I mean, either way she goes, she is going to look beautiful.

ANDERSON: Absolutely. She is so stunning. I really hope she glams it up for this. Alicia, you are right there in D.C.


ANDERSON: What are you hearing that she might wear?

QUARLES: My spidey senses tell me that she`s going to wear Maria Pinto. This is what I`m thinking because, listen, Maria is from Chicago. She`s the hometown girl. Michelle Obama wore her throughout the campaign. And then she goes haute couture. She wears Narciso Rodriguez. And most people said, "Huh? What is that outfit? It is horrible." So I think that she`s going to take it back to the basics and go for the hometown girl.

ANDERSON: Interesting. Well, you know what? No matter what she wears, I`m sure it will be elegant and she will look just beautiful. Can`t wait. Alicia Quarles, Carolina Bermudez, thank you both. Good to see you.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s coverage of the Obama inauguration continues right now with the voice of the inaugural parade. This is very cool. Tomorrow, 81-year-old Charlie Brotman will emcee his 14th consecutive inaugural parade. That`s 52 years in the same gig. But if you think it is an easy gig, well, you`d be wrong.

Here is CNN`s Ed Henry for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


ED HENRY, CNN CORRESPONDENT (on camera): Every four years, every eight years, you are the man?

BROTMAN: That`s right.

HENRY (voice over): After serving for the emcee for 13 inaugural parades, 81-year-old Charlie Brotman has a routine. Take care of the vocal chords, lots of long underwear. And -

BROTMAN: I`ve got to be able to have my mind concentrate on the script and not on going to the restroom.

HENRY (on camera): So what do you do? You just hold it for five hours or what?

BROTMAN: I do. I do.

HENRY (voice over): He is the voice of the inaugural parade.

BROTMAN: President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush -

HENRY: After president Eisenhower noticed his work as an announcer for the Washington Senators, Brotman got the gig in 1957, when the country was still segregated. Now, he will have the front row seat for the elevation of the first African-American president.

BROTMAN: I never think about being even a small part of political history. I am an ordinary guy in just an extraordinary situation.

HENRY: But not every parade has gone smoothly. His love of baseball got him into hot water four years ago when he posed a question to President Bush.

BROTMAN: Baseball fans throughout the greater Washington, D.C. area are looking forward to you throwing out the first ball at the Washington Nationals opening day games on April 14th. Will you be there?

HENRY: A burly Secret Service agent gave the announcer a talking to.

BROTMAN: "Don`t make any more direct announcements to the president and don`t ask the president any personal questions, do you understand?" "Yes, sir."

HENRY: Brotman says charismatic presidents like Kennedy and Reagan brought showbiz to their parades, and he expects the same from Mr. Obama.

BROTMAN: This time, everybody in the country wants to pay homage, wants to be a part of this historic moment.


HAMMER: Can`t say that any better. That was CNN`s Ed Henry for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

ANDERSON: OK. Are you ready for an inauguration song that is definitely going stick in your head? Listen to this?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (singing): Solid, solid as Barack. The future looks hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. Solid.


ANDERSON: No, no your ears do not deceive you. That really is Ashford and Simpson covering their 1984 hit "Solid as a Rock" with a new version called "Solid as Barack." I love this, and so will you.

HAMMER: I cannot wait. And now, we`ve got one more look at that amazing star-studded inaugural concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. This time, Usher, Shakira and Stevie Wonder all together doing Stevie`s "Higher Ground."




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (singing): Solid, solid as Barack. The future looks hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. Solid.


ANDERSON: Solid indeed. That is Ashford and Simpson on CNN`s "LARRY KING LIVE" performing "Solid as Barack," their remake of their 1980s hit, "Solid."

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. You know, it has been 25 years since Ashford and Simpson topped the charts with their number one hit single, "Solid." The year was 1984 and America had just experienced its first-ever female vice presidential candidate, Geraldine Ferraro.

The thought of a black man being president seemed inconceivable at that time. But here we are in 2009 and Ashford and Simpson are paying tribute to the once-inconceivable.

Here`s more of their performance of "Solid as Barack" on CNN`s "LARRY KING LIVE."



ANDERSON: What a terrific cover. And A.J., here`s one more six degrees of separation between Ashfrod and Simpson and the inauguration of Barack Obama. Among the many artists who have recorded their songs is the legendary Aretha Franklin who has actually been chosen to sing at the actual inauguration of Obama on Tuesday.

HAMMER: That is pretty cool. We want you to know SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is going to be right there. SHOWBIZ in Washington for the inauguration. Expect it to be the most star-studded one ever. It`s SHOWBIZ at the Inauguration on Tuesday here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. You can catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11:00s - 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, and in the morning, 11:00 a.m. Eastern on HLN.