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Sandra Bullock Versus the Porn Star; Josh and Fergie Versus the Stripper; Is Nicolas Cage Broke?; Mariah Carey Baby News?

Aired November 04, 2009 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Right now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Sandra versus the porn star. Tonight, America`s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, in a nasty dramatic fight with a porn star who used to be married to her husband over a 5-year-old child.


JANINE LINDEMULDER, FORMER PORN STAR: What would give her the right to take away my daughter? This is my daughter! I`m the best mother I can be.


HAMMER: Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the explosive battle and the hot debate. Sandra versus the porn star. Who is right? Who is wrong?

Josh and Fergie versus the stripper. Tonight, the startling claims that Josh Duhamel cheated on Fergie with a stripper. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals Josh and Fergie`s dramatic new move to shut up the stripper.

Is mega-movie star Nicolas Cage broke? Tonight, the shocking, almost unbelievable story of how Cage may have lost his entire multimillion dollar fortune.

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson coming to you from Hollywood. And tonight, Sandra Bullock versus the porn star.

HAMMER: Yes, Brooke. This is truly a remarkable story. It is so bizarre it almost seems made up. Sandra Bullock, the superstar actress who`s been called American sweetheart, is now in the middle of a nasty fight with a porn star over a 5-year-old child, a porn star who used to be married to Sandra`s husband, Jesse James, a porn star who just got out of jail and now says she wants her child back. A porn star, along with Sandra Bullock, who made for big news breaking today.


(voice-over): This is one Hollywood battle with a very odd cast of characters.



HAMMER: There`s the world famous girl next door movie star, Sandra Bullock.

JESSE JAMES, HUSBAND OF SANDRA BULLOCK: We are putting a giant motor in a humvee.

HAMMER: Her husband, tattooed biker and reality show star, Jesse James -


And Jesse`s ex, Janine Lindemulder and ex-rock video vixen, ex-porn star and ex-con.

Now, Bullock is supporting her husband as he battles his ex for custody of his 5-year-old daughter. And this morning, the ex-went on "Good Morning America" to tell Sandra Bullock to back off.

LINDEMULDER: What are would give her the right to take away my daughter? You know, this is my daughter. I`m the best mother I can be. I have absolutely made horrific choices in the past.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can you it`s a bitter Hollywood triangle with a little girl at stake.

AMANDA SIDMAN, "NEW YORK DAILY NEWS": James doesn`t feel that Janine is a fit parent anymore and either does Sandra.

HAMMER: Amanda Sidman of the "New York Daily News" tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Bullock has been helping James care for little Sunny since January when the girl`s mother, Janine, began six-month sentence for tax evasion.

SIDMAN: Sandra is also saying that she has reduced her workload. She has reduced the number of films that she is doing and made herself available to Sunny. And Sandra has said she has felt like more than a stepmom. She feels like Sunny`s mom at this point. And they feel that Sunny is more safe and happier in their home.

HAMMER: Bullock and James have a problem with Janine`s current husband who, like Janine, is also an ex-convict. But their bigger concern is Janine`s history of drug use.

In a letter to the court obtained by ABC News, Bullock writes, quote, "While in Janine`s care, sometimes Sunny is left alone during the day while her mother is asleep from drug use."

LINDEMULDER: I had my share of drugs. But then, there is a huge portion of my life, 10-year span, where there is nothing. I didn`t need it.

HAMMER: In an interview this morning on "Good Morning America," Janine Lindemulder admitted her troubled past, but she insists she is clean now.

LINDEMULDER: Sandy doesn`t know what goes on in my house. I would love for her to. Please come over. You know, I will make dinner. You know, let`s sit down.

HAMMER: The battle between the porn star mother and the comedy star stepmother has gotten very personal. In her letter to the court, Bullock wrote, "I am aware that Janine has claimed many times that my desire to have Sunny was because I could not have children of my own. It couldn`t be further from the truth."

Janine Lindemulder denied saying that during her interview this morning on "Good Morning America."

LINDEMULDER: I do believe the reason Sandra is so interested in Sunny - she is saving Sunny from me, from her own mother.

HAMMER: Lindemulder says she is having financial trouble in part because the courts have barred her from doing any more adult films. She is asking Bullock and James for financial help. In the end, it looks like it will be settled by the courts.

SIDMAN: On the one side, you have a very, very powerful Hollywood couple. There`s this B-list adult entertainment star. And I think a lot of people will think that Sandra and Jesse`s money and fame and influence can help them win this battle.


HAMMER: Now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT did try to contact the parties in this difficult custody fight. They didn`t respond in time for our show. But there is much to talk about in the case.

Coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, we - of course, we`ll do just that. It`s Sandra versus the porn star. Should Sandra Bullock get custody of her husband`s daughter? An explosive debate is coming up at the bottom of the hour.

ANDERSON: Tonight, Mariah Carey`s shocking claim of abuse. That claim and Rihanna`s domestic abuse case also made for big news breaking today. In a brand-new and dramatic interview seen tonight just hours ago on CNN`s "LARRY KING LIVE," Mariah Carey opens up for the very first time about being emotionally abused when she was married the first time around.

Also breaking tonight, the startling reaction today to Rihanna`s brand-new revelations about the night Chris Brown beat her up. Rihanna now says she would like to be a role model. But has that ship already sailed?

Joining me tonight from New York, Midwin Charles who is an attorney for Midwin Charles and Associates. Also from New York, Cooper Lawrence who is a psychologist and author of "The Cult of Celebrity."

Ladies, I want to begin with Mariah Carey`s brand-new bombshell revelation in an interview seen tonight on CNN`s "LARRY KING LIVE". Mariah and Larry were talking about the Rihanna and Chris Brown case. And when Larry asked her if she had ever been abused, she revealed a bombshell. Watch this.


MARIAH CAREY, SINGER: Abuse has several categories.

LARRY KING, HOST, "LARRY KING LIVE": You have been emotionally abused?

CAREY: Emotionally, mentally -

KING: Why is it hard to get out of it?

CAREY: Well, it`s scary. You know, I just think you get into a situation and you feel locked in. If your situation is similar to one of the situations I have been in, which I won`t -

KING: No, you don`t have to. But it is hard to get out?

CAREY: For me, to really get out it was difficult because there was a connection that was not only a marriage but, you know, a business thing where the person was in control of my life.


ANDERSON: OK, although she doesn`t mention his name, Mariah clearly talking about her ex-husband, music mogul Tommy Mottola here. Tommy Mottola did not respond to our calls for comment.

Cooper, they have been divorced for 11 years. How hard do you think it`s been for Mariah to keep this in for so long?

COOPER LAWRENCE, PSYCHOLOGIST AND AUTHOR: we don`t know if it`s true or not. And why is she saying it now? I mean, I actually - I know people who worked with Tommy Mottola for years and I called them when I heard we were doing the story.

And I asked, "Tell me about him. What do you know?" And they called him a god in the industry. Now, it doesn`t mean that he is not abusive. We don`t know. You know, a lot of times you get people who, you know, on the outside seem very on the up and up. And you find out really horrific things about them.

Why is she coming out with this now? Who knows? I`ll never understand why Mariah Carey does anything that she does.

ANDERSON: Well, if it is true, I`m sure it has been very difficult to keep it inside for that long. I do want to move now, though, to Rihanna. She is speaking out for the very first time about the night that she was brutally attacked by Chris Brown.

In an interview with "Glamour" magazine, Rihanna says women who are abused often hide it because it`s embarrassing. Listen to what she said as read by SHOWBIZ TONIGHT producer Sandra Lee.


SANDRA LEE, PRODUCER (reading Rihanna`s statement): My story was broadcast all over the world for people to see and they followed every step of my recovery. The positive thing that has come out of my situation is that people can learn from that. I want to give as much insight as I can to young women because I feel like I represent a voice that really isn`t heard. Now, I can help speak for those women.


ANDERSON: Rihanna here sounds like she wants to be a voice for those women who are abused. Midwin, do you think it`s too late for her to do that? Has that ship sailed or is any time the right time for Rihanna to speak out?

MIDWIN CHARLES, ATTORNEY, MIDWIN CHARLES AND ASSOCIATES: It`s never too late. Remember, she has been through a traumatic experience. And like I had always said, she is a celebrity, but she never chose to be a victim. So she can handle this in the manner in which she thinks is best for her and in a time frame that is best for her.

But I think people are going to embrace this. There are a lot of young girls who are probably going through the same thing. And knowing that Rihanna will speak about it I think will help them. I actually commend her for coming out and talking about this. But she doesn`t have to.

ANDERSON: Exactly. I applaud Rihanna for doing this. And I want to you look at this, because SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there at the Soul Train Music Awards last night in Atlanta.

Actress Keisha Knight Pulliam told us that she is on the fence though about whether Rihanna is obligated to do something. But she also told us that she thinks Rihanna could have an enormous impact. Watch.


KEISHA KNIGHT PULLIAM, ACTRESS: I do know that by her speaking out, she can do a tremendous amount of good. And I think that very much outweighs any of the negative that it could do. If she can help one life, one girl not experience what she did, I think that that`s worth it.


ANDERSON: Cooper, very quickly. Does it matter that she`s waited this long?

LAWRENCE: This is one of the most underreported crimes that goes on. So if this one woman steps up and says, "I am being abused," it doesn`t matter how long she waits. I think the sooner she gets out there and starts talking and gives women courage, the better.

ANDERSON: Me, too. And she says she feels super-fearless now. I`m sure it took her a while to get to that point. Midwin Charles, Cooper Lawrence, thank you both.

Now, we want to hear from you. It is our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "Rihanna Speaks Out: Do you think she is a good role model for young women?" Vote at E-mail us,

HAMMER: Tonight, it`s Josh and Fergie versus the stripper. There are startling brand-new explosive claims that Josh Duhamel, who has been married to Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas for less than a year, cheated on her with a stripper.

Well, I can tell you Josh and Fergie - they are fighting back against the allegations. You`ve got to hear what they are doing to shut this stripper up.

And this is so shocking. So unbelievable. Is Nicolas Cage broke? Yes, really. This guy is one of the highest paid actors in the business. But tonight, I can tell you he may have lost his entire multimillion-dollar fortune. You`ve got to hear this incredible story.

Also this -


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: We have seen him in rain, in sun, in cold, in heat. Now, meet the forecaster in chief.


HAMMER: President Obama, weatherman? Here`s your SHOWBIZ TONIGHT forecast for tonight. Clear skies with a whole lot of laughs. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with HLN.

It is time now to roll out the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin to co-host the next Oscars on March 7th. Brad Pitt looking to buy a new motorcycle after minor accident last month.


HAMMER: Sarah Palin is making the rounds big time. Now, we already know that she`s doing Oprah. But tonight, I can tell you, she will sit down with ABC`s Barbara Walters for a - count them - five-part interview. The five-parter will air beginning on November 17th. All this, of course, is timed to the release of Palin`s new book called "Going Rogue."

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson. Hey, A.J., did you see this? Obama the weather man?

HAMMER: I did, Brooke. As if he didn`t have enough to do being leader of the free world.

ANDERSON: That`s right.

HAMMER: And now, President Obama apparently is predicting the weather.

ANDERSON: Here is CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with Obama, the weather man.


MOOS (voice-over): We have seen him in rain, in sun, in cold, in heat. Now meet the forecaster-in-chief. Who needs meteorologists.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And then, tonight, chilly.

MOOS (on camera): Are you tired of rooting around your closet trying to figure out how to dress and whether or not you need to bring an umbrella? Don`t stick your handout a window. Go to, type in your location, watch the five-day forecast pop up with the president demonstrating what to wear based on actual weather data from ""

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Our meteorologist said for a fact that was a national forecast.

MOOS (voice-over): Yes. Well, he`s Barack Obama, forecasting temperatures in the 80`s, in Miami, wearing flip flops, shorts and tank tops; dressed in a parka in Antarctica; stripped down in India, carrying an umbrella when rain is predicted; wearing an Obama T-shirt in L.A.

(on camera): Now, what did do you? Did you do anything here? What did you do?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I picked clothes and -

MOOS: Oh, you picked some of the outfits?


MOOS (voice-over): Natalia Tolmachova lives in New York. Her brother and a friend living in the former Soviet Republic of Belarus created the Web site because they thought having a charismatic world leader who`d give the weather would be fun. They are computer programmers.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it`s absolutely genius.

MOOS: If you don`t like getting weather from the president, you can choose to have it delivered by Angelina Jolie or the character Bender from "Futurama." But why have a weatherman tell you how to dress -

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So I would take the bigger, heavier coat -

MOOS: When can have the president show you. Most politicians are braving the elements.


MOOS: He is predicting them. It`s the next best thing to Accuweather - Obama weather, even if he is a little foggy at times.


ANDERSON: That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos. And if you are a fan of the Fox medical drama, "House," you can go to "" and have Dr. Gregory House give you a daily forecast, too.

HAMMER: Pretty wild. I just went to the Web site. Very cool.

I think, Brooke, that the forecast, however, for Jon and Kate is looking pretty stormy right now.

ANDERSON: Yes, A.J. I do not think these two are going to get back together because it`s gotten so ugly between them.

But it is pretty darn sunny for our "Showbiz on Call" call operators right now. The phones are still lighting up about Jon and Kate Gosselin.

Here`s a call from Anne in Texas. She definitely thinks it is time for Jon to move on.


CALLER: I want to say that Jon Gosselin may be acting like an idiot, but he was treated like dog poop for so long on the show by Kate. I watched her just degrade him and give him the most condescending looks and talking him down in front of the children. I hope he goes for someone better.


ANDERSON: Thank you for your call, Anne.

HAMMER: We also heard from Carden in Oklahoma who thinks that Jon and Kate need to say sorry to each other.


CALLER: Of course, Jon and Kate should forgive each other. It`s the only healthy option left. It doesn`t mean, however, they should ask (INAUDIBLE) their marriage back together. They have two very different personalities. Coupling Jon and Kate back together is kind of like putting steak with ketchup. And Kate is obviously is the steak here.


HAMMER: Thank you, Carden. You can call us at "Showbiz on Call" and let us know what you think about this or anything else at all.

ANDERSON: The "Showbiz on Call" phone lines are always open. The number - 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; that`s 1-888-728-2899.

Sandra Bullock versus the porn star. Now, I know it sounds absolutely made up, but it`s not. Tonight America`s sweetheart is caught up in a nasty custody battle with her husband`s ex-over her hubby`s 5-year-old daughter. This is a bizarre and disturbing fight. And tonight, we`ve got the hot debate, should Sandra get custody?

In another big time Hollywood battle, Josh and his wife Fergie take on a stripper. The stripper is making brand-new startling claims that Josh cheated on Fergie with her. But tonight, Josh and Fergie are fighting back. Wait until you hear what they`re doing.

Also this, breaking Mariah Carey baby news.

KING: Are you with child?

CAREY: Right now?

KING: You can tell me.

CAREY: I`ll have a swig of my scotch and let you know.

KING: Take a swig and I`ll wait.


ANDERSON: Just tonight, Larry King asked Mariah point blank, is she pregnant? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

HAMMER: And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: "Twilight`s" Robert Pattinson to star with Nicole Kidman in erotic- themed movie. Parents TV Council asks stations to boycott threesome-themed "Gossip Girl."


HAMMER: This looks pretty darn scary. This wave - bigger than a mountain. Yikes! Tonight, there is brand-new controversy over this film. It`s the film that shows what may happen when the world ends.

This movie is "2012." It is based on the end of the Mayan calendar, which occurs on December 21st, 2012. Now, some say that date signals the end of the world when all heck will break loose.

Now, I don`t want to scare anyone here. Scientists do think the idea of the world going bye-bye is complete nonsense. But when SHOWBIZ TONIGHT caught up with the stars of the movie at the premier, we have to ask, does Hollywood have a responsibility to not freak people out?


BEATRICE ROSEN, ACTRESS: I don`t think it`s a movie that intends to scare people at all. It`s pure Hollywood entertainment.

THANDIE NEWTON, ACTRESS: I think, in many ways, you watch a movie like this and you come out thinking, "Oh, I`m alive, great. So what`s for dinner?" It stops you from actually being concerned because you kind of deal with it while you`re watching the movie. It makes you almost feel, you know, immortal because it hasn`t happened.


HAMMER: Well, "2012" is directed by Roland Emmerich who has a lot of experience blowing things up. He did "Independence Day" and "Day After Tomorrow." "2012" opens November 13th.

ANDERSON: Well, let me tell you, a lot of the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook fans think it will be a sign of the end of the world if Jon and Kate get back together. So many of you writing on our Facebook right now about these two people.

Martin D. thinks all of this Jon and Kate apologizing stuff is fake, "All of this is just a publicity stunt as was their so-called `divorce.` This is just another way to stay in the media. Who cares if they get back together?"

Lisa S. wants Jon and Kate to go far, far away, "I think they should get back together and be put on an island with their kids and no cameras and live happily ever after. Because I`m tired of looking at them."

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HAMMER: It is time now for the SHOWBIZ lineup. Here`s what we have coming up at the bottom of the hour right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

It`s Sandra Bullock versus the porn star. Yes, you heard me correctly. Sandra taking on her husband`s ex for custody of his 5-year-old daughter. The hot debate tonight - should Sandra get custody?

Josh and Fergie versus the stripper. Yes, you heard me right. The stripper said Josh had an affair with her. But watch out because Josh and Fergie are fighting back.

And also, is there a vision of baby in Mariah Carey`s future? In an interview tonight, Mariah Carey reveals if she is pregnant. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

It`s time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - these are more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Former "Cheers" star George Wendt is out with a book about beer. "Bruno" DVD will include deleted scene featuring La Toya Jackson.


HAMMER: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, America`s sweetheart versus the porn star. Tonight, the explosive details of Sandra Bullock`s fight with a porn star for custody of a 5-year-old girl.

Josh and Fergie versus the stripper. The gloves are not the only thing coming off after claims that Josh cheated on Fergie a stripper.

Plus, Nicolas Cage`s money woes.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Nicolas Cage earned $40 million in just one year. So why is he crying poor?


HAMMER: So how is it that Cage may have lost his entire multimillion- dollar fortune? I have that unbelievable story.

Plus, more stories breaking from the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker."

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: I`m Brooke Anderson coming to you tonight from Hollywood. And tonight the great debate over Sandra versus the porn star. Sandra Bullock and her famous biker husband Jesse James are battling Jesse`s porn star ex- wife for custody of his 5-year-old daughter.

HAMMER: And Brooke, it is an explosive story. Tonight, we`re going to show the angry letter that Sandra Bullock wrote to a judge fighting for custody. Sandra and Jesse say they want sole custody of the girl. They have been taking care of her while her porn star mother served a six-month jail sentence for tax evasion. And they`re making some heavy-duty claims against her.

But now that Jesse`s ex, Janine Lindemulder, is out of jail, she is striking back big time. So who is right? Who is wrong? It`s the SHOWBIZ great debate.

And ready tonight in New York Midwin Charles, who is an attorney for Midwin Charles and Associates. Also in New York tonight, Cooper Lawrence who is a psychologist and author of this fine book, "The Cult of Celebrity."

I`ve got to tell you, I am seriously looking at Sandra Bullock in a whole new light now. She is really digging in, in this battle, claiming that Jesse`s porn star ex is not only an unfit mother, but has battled with a drug problem and is married to a convicted felon. She is putting all that out there.

Midwin, what do you think? Do Sandra and Jesse actually have a shot of getting sole custody here?

CHARLES: They have a shot if the facts that they are alleging are true. Remember, a judge is going to look into this and determine whether or not it`s in the best interest of the child. That`s the standard as to whether she should go with her mother or with Jesse and Sandra.

And those kinds of allegations can easily be proven. I mean, either she is on drugs or not, either she`s with this convicted felon or not. Either way, the judge is going to look at this situation and assess whether or not it`s in the best interest of this little girl to be in that type of environment.

HAMMER: And Sandra is taking this very seriously. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT actually has the letter that Sandra wrote to a judge explaining why she and Jesse want custody of Jesse`s daughter.

She describes what she calls Janine`s poor parenting, the girl`s supposed isolation from other kids and even claiming that the girl was left alone all day while her mother was asleep after using drugs.

I want you to listen to what Sandra wrote as read by SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s production assistant, Anisa Husain.


ANISA HUSAIN, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT PRODUCTION ASSISTANT (reading Sandra Bullock`s statement): I myself have stopped working like I used to in order to be here with Jesse and the kids because we are on constant high alert, never knowing what condition Janine will be in and even more concerning the condition will girl will be in."


HAMMER: Sandra does acknowledge that, all that said, Jesse`s daughter and her mother do have a very strong bond. Cooper, let me ask you. Do you think it will just be a bad idea to take this girl away from her mom permanently?

LAWRENCE: No. I mean, permanently take her away in terms of her living with Sandra Bullock and Jesse - I think that`s a different argument. I think she should have her mother in her life.

But the latest research on child development is showing that the child`s environment is equally as influential in who she becomes as the people around that environment.

So is she going to be around porn stars? Is she going to be around a mom who is a drug addict? What is the physical environment going to be? It`s really, really - it really has a strong impact on child development.

HAMMER: Yes. And as a matter of fact, we do know that some of that may have changed as a judge`s order that she no longer do adult films. In fact, that has been the source of some financial difficulties for the mother of this young girl.

Brooke Anderson, come on back in here, because, obviously, you are now a new mom yourself. So you are really getting to understand that special connection a mom has to their child. So from what you heard, Brooke, do you think it would be wrong to take the daughter away from the mother here?

ANDERSON: No, I don`t, A.J. But it does have to be proven that that child is in a situation that is dangerous or detrimental. Listen, the sad fact is and this makes me so angry, but it is not uncommon for a mother to mistreat or neglect her child.

It happens every day and it is shameful. But we do know there two sides to every story. Bottom line - the child needs to be in the most responsible, caring, loving hands. Bottom line.

HAMMER: Well, let`s hear a little bit of the other side of this story. Jesse`s ex, Janine, was seen in an explosive interview. It was on this morning on "Good Morning America." And she does admit she cops to the fact she`s had problems in the past. But really, all she wants is for Sandra Bullock to meet her halfway and communicate. Take a look.


LINDEMULDER: I`ve had my share of drugs, but then, there is a huge portion of my life, a 10-year span, where there was nothing. I didn`t need it. Sandy doesn`t know what goes on in my house. Doesn`t know how - I would love for her to. Please come over, you know. I will make dinner. You know, let`s sit down. Two women.


HAMMER: All right. Midwin, let me ask you this. It seems that all she wants to do is sit down, talk this out, work something out. But it seems to me from the very strong language in that letter that Sandra Bullock wrote to the judge that Sandra and Jesse really are not in a talking mood here.

CHARLES: It doesn`t look like it`s going to happen. You know, they are not going to get along and it`s not going to be all in the family. I think that Sandra and Jesse are probably coming from a place where they might have some evidence to substantiate their claims.

And so if they don`t think highly of her or of her parenting skills, rather, they`re probably not going to sit down at the table. However, a court may order mediation depending on what the additional circumstances are. So she may have to come to the table if a court says so.

HAMMER: Well, Jesse was married to his ex-wife for about a year before he divorced her. And he left when she was seven months pregnant with their daughter, Sunny - that`s the young girl that we are talking about here. And basically, he didn`t see Sunny for the first two years of her life.

Cooper, do you think that that could possibly be used against Jesse in his custody battle? I mean, there big items on both sides here, it would seem.

LAWRENCE: When you get into these situations, people use everything they possibly could. But you can`t look at that. You have to look at what`s happening right now.


LAWRENCE: And the fact that Sandra Bullock is even coming forward and doing this really shows her commitment, not just to the little girl, but to this marriage. So it seems like this would really be the better environment.

I mean, they should really call in a psychologist to assess both environments and see which would be better for this little because five years old is a very pivotal age. She is about to go into a very important part of identity development.

HAMMER: Yes. And it`s really so interesting to see how Sandra has embraced this relationship. And apparently, she has a very strong bond with Sunny. And Sandra has been quite candid throughout her career that she always put career first - wasn`t so much interested in kids.

Midwin, what do you think? Is the idea that Jesse was not involved in Sunny`s life from those early years - is that something that, you know, from a legal standpoint a lawyer can point out to the judge and try to use it against Jesse?

CHARLES: Oh, they can point it out. They can try to use it, operative word being "try." But whether it would be successful, I don`t thinks so, just like Cooper said. You really have to assess the situation now.

What are the living conditions? Who is being brought into the house? How was she being spoken to? Is she eating three meals a day? I mean, there is an entire assessment that has to be made. I mean, I`m not saying it`s going to be a slam dunk.


CHARLES: But you look into the circumstances and see what`s going on in the household.

HAMMER: Whatever is best for this 5-year-old. Man, let`s hope that that is what, in fact, comes into play here. Midwin Charles, Cooper Lawrence, thanks, guys. I do appreciate it.

ANDERSON: Tonight, Josh and Fergie versus the stripper. Brand-new claims that Josh cheated on his wife, Fergie, with a stripper. They are not taking this lying down. I`ll tell you how they are fighting back.

Also breaking Mariah Carey baby news. Larry King got right to the point.


KING: Are you with child?

CAREY: Right now?

KING: You can tell me.

CAREY: I`ll have a swig of my scotch and let you know.

KING: Take a swig and I`ll wait.


ANDERSON: I have to be honest, I don`t think that`s really scotch in that mug. But could it be true? Is Mariah Carey having a baby?

And Nicolas Cage`s money woes. He is a mega-movie star. And you`re not going to believe how he may have lost his entire multimillion-dollar fortune. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - these are more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Janet Jackson to discuss brother Michael`s death on ABC primetime special. Carrie Prejean settles lawsuit with Miss California USA pageant.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

HAMMER: Tonight, cashless Nicolas Cage? Could it possibly be the man that Forbes named the fifth highest paid actor in Hollywood is broke as a joke?

Brand-new reports today say that Nick Cage owes over $6 million in back taxes. And now, Cage is pointing a finger at his manager, slapping him with a lawsuit. But is the star of "National Treasure" ultimately to blame for his money ending up gone in 60 seconds? Here`s CNN`s Randi Kaye for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


RANDI KAYE, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Nicolas Cage earned $40 million in just one year. So why is he crying poor? Cage blames his long- time business manager for allegedly mismanaging his money.

A lawsuit filed by Cage last month against Samuel Levin claims Levin, quote, "lined his pockets with several million dollars in business management fees while sending Cage down a path toward financial ruin." And that Cage is now, quote, "forced to sell major assets and investments at a significant loss because of Levin`s incompetence, misrepresentations and recklessness."

The actor owes Uncle Sam more than $6 million in back taxes because, he says, Levin never filed his taxes.

(on camera): Here`s what Cage claims Levin did, or should I say, didn`t do. According to the lawsuit, Levin was supposed to provide accurate accounting statements, prepare and file income taxes, and analyze the risk of potential investments in exchange for five percent of Cage`s gross earnings.

Instead, the actor is accusing Levin of, quote, "gross mismanagement of his affairs" which resulted in significant monetary loss.

(voice-over): The 45-year-old Cage, who won an Oscar for his role in "Leaving Las Vegas," is suing Levin for at least $20 million, claiming professional negligence and breach of fiduciary duty. Levin did not return our calls for comment.

To free up cash, Cage, who is married to a former waitress and has a son with her, is unloading a handful of his homes around the country. On the market - this home in Bel Air for about $10 million; this one in Las Vegas for the same price; his home in New Orleans for about $3.5 million; and this in Rhode Island, a 24,000-square-foot mansion with ocean views on 26 acres - list price, $12 million.

He already sold this Bavarian castle in Germany for $2.5 million.

Does Cage have a case? Or should he have kept a closer eye on his own money?

LISA BLOOM, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: We`re always all individually responsible for our own taxes. That`s an obligation that can`t be delegated to an accountant or to a business manager. When you sign your 1040 on the dotted line, you are responsible. And so Nick Cage is going to be responsible for his tax liability.

KAYE: The lawsuit says Cage hired Levin in 2001 but that he first learned he was in dire straits after he replaced him in September 2008.

With more than 50 films in the last two decades and half a dozen more slated to be released in the next two years, Cage is a tireless actor. Good thing. It pays the bills.


HAMMER: That was Randi Kaye for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. So is Nick Cage ultimately to blame for his own financial meltdown?

Joining me tonight in New York, Midwin Charles who is an attorney with Midwin Charles and Associates.

So Midwin, I`m thinking here a lot of people are probably looking at Nicolas Cage, a guy who earned $40 million last year alone and they`re saying, "You know what? I don`t really have any sympathy for the guy. How can he not keep track of his own money?" But does he have any recourse here?

CHARLES: He does have recourse. I mean, look, on the one hand with his federal taxes, he`s entirely responsible. You can`t blame it on someone else if you weren`t watching that person.

However, if that professional was not paying attention, breached their fiduciary duty and did not hold themselves to a professional standard and was stealing from him, oh, absolutely, he has recourse.

HAMMER: Now, even if he could recoup his money through a legal fight with this guy, given how complicated this seems to be, I have to imagine this is the kind of thing that will take years and years and years of legal battles, won`t it?

CHARLES: It will take a lot of work, that`s for sure. I mean, you`re going to have to go through discovery. You`re going to have to pay people to look through records, financial statements, filings, fees that this guy might have collected. But it`s not impossible. He can clearly hire the best team possible to do this for him.

HAMMER: So Midwin, if you were a betting woman, I`m guessing you would bet Nick Cage would never see this money again.

CHARLES: Well, A, I don`t bet. But B - you know, it`s hard to say. You know, who knows how wealthy this Levin person is. Usually, if you want to sue someone, you want to make sure they have deep pockets, you know, that you can actually get an award if you are awarded one from the court or what have you. But he might see it. It depends

HAMMER: Wow. I mean, it`s such an unbelievable story. And as if the story of Nicolas Cage losing his fortune is not unbelievable enough - Brooke Anderson, come on back in here. How about that Josh and Fergie and the Atlanta stripper story that just surfaced today? That is wild.

ANDERSON: It is astounding, A.J. And take a look, it`s right there on the cover of the new issue of "People" magazine that`s about to come out. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT got an advanced copy today. Josh Duhamel and Fergie rocked by scandal.

I want to bring in David Caplan now. He`s a senior editor with "People" magazine. Now, the stripper, Nicole Forrester said the other on a radio show that she and Josh Duhamel, quote, "had lots of sex after meeting in a strip club in Atlanta." Forrester actually spoke to "People" magazine about this.

David, what does she claim happened during this tryst?

DAVID CAPLAN, SENIOR EDITOR, "PEOPLE" MAGAZINE: Yes. She says, quote, "they had a lot of sex." She says that she met Josh at the stripper club. She says that Josh initially actually introduced himself as J.D. He said he was a porn star.

And now, you know, initially, they met. She just did a dance. They had some cocktails and that it wasn`t until a few days later, actually, that he approached her again. And then, that`s when they arranged to meet at an Atlanta hotel for their sexual tryst.

ANDERSON: Oh, it is all just so unseemly. Well, Josh`s rep issued a statement today saying, quote, "This is not the first nor will it be the last time that a stripper was paid a large amount of money to sell a false story about a celebrity." And Fergie`s rep also stated today, "These allegations are nonsense."

These two certainly are showing a united front. Midwin, though, the stripper claims she has proof including text messages from Josh. If she is lying, though, do Josh and Fergie have any legal recourse here?

CHARLES: It`s possible. I mean, they can always sue her for defamation or what have you, depending on whether it`s timely or what have you. The statute of limitations has run. But if she can prove it with text messages or at least provide evidence that makes it likely that what she is saying is true, they`re going to have a hard time.

ANDERSON: David, she mentions that she has children and this has affected her employment in a way and that she is not receiving income. So what did she say and could she be out for some money?

CAPLAN: Yes. I mean, she does say - listen, she is a single mother. She does have these children. And because of the story that came out, even though she was really a willing participant in the initial tabloid story about the affair, it is affecting her income.

You know, people - they sort of view her a bit - sort of, you know, tainted. It`s not necessarily someone you want to employ. You know, definitely, she does cop up that she did sign a contract with "The National Enquirer," which is implying there were funds exchanged. So she is definitely making some money out of this.

ANDERSON: We`ve heard both sides here. What does the new issue of "People" report about who is really telling the truth here?

CAPLAN: You know, we are really hearing mainly from actually her side as well. It still seems murky, to be honest with you, what the definitive is. Because right now, it`s a he said, she said case.


CAPLAN: So it seems to be that people are really just deciding and taking, you know, their own sides. Some people are saying, "Josh has been a dog for years." Other people say, oh, they`ll never believe the person who comes in a tabloid.

ANDERSON: Well, I certainly hope the claims aren`t true. They haven`t even been married a year and they seem so happy. David Caplan, Midwin Charles, thank you both for your insight.

And for more on Josh and Fergie, you can pick up the brand-new issue of "People" magazine on newsstands Friday.

HAMMER: Tonight, breaking Mariah Carey baby news, just tonight, on CNN`s "LARRY KING LIVE." And if you can say one thing about my buddy Larry King, he gets right to the point.


KING: Are you with child?

CAREY: Right now?

KING: You can tell me.

CAREY: I`ll have a swig of my scotch and let you know.

KING: Take a swig and I`ll wait.


HAMMER: Going out on a little limb here. I don`t really think that is scotch in her mug. But could it be true - is Mariah Carey having a baby? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

It`s time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Nicole Kidman burned the diaries she kept while married to Tom Cruise. Paul Newman and Brad and Angelina named most generous stars of 2008.


ANDERSON: Did you see this? It is not quite "101 Dalmatians" but an American bulldog named Daisy Mae in Illinois got pretty close. She delivered a litter of 21 - that`s right - 21 puppies. Sadly, four of them died during the 20-hour delivery. But 17 still quite a handful. Their sixth week birthday is today, so the puppies are up for adoption.

HAMMER: And speaking of babies, tonight, Mariah Carey baby news and the news broke just tonight on CNN`s "LARRY KING LIVE." So ever since Mariah and Nick Cannon tied the knot a year and a half ago, after only dating for a couple of months, there have been all sorts of rumors, wild speculation flying around about whether or not there is a baby on the way.

They both said that they wanted to have a family when the time is right. So is the time now? In an interview with Mariah that just aired tonight on CNN`s "LARRY KING LIVE," Larry got right to it. Take a look.


KING: Are you with child?

CAREY: Right now?

KING: You can tell me.

CAREY: I`ll have a swig of my scotch and let you know.

KING: Take a swig and I`ll wait. Boy, that would be great news. It would be the happiest thing of - in your life.

CAREY: It would be the happiest thing in my life. But what I`m saying is right now, with this movie coming out and with the next few singles from the album and those things that I`m doing, I need to focus on that, because I cannot do the having a child thing half way.

I wouldn`t just be like, "Oh, I`m having a child. Yes. Let me get a nanny so I can give her the baby. You know, take the kid." I (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

KING: Yes. You don`t want that.

CAREY: That doesn`t work for me. I don`t believe in it.

KING: So when you do have children, are you going to be less show biz, more a mom?



HAMMER: By the way, the movie that Mariah referred to - she is co-starring in "Precious," already getting rave reviews for her performance. Mariah is totally deglammed in this role, nearly unrecognizable. She plays a frumpy social worker. "Precious" looks fantastic. It opens in theaters on Friday.

So on Tuesday, we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Just moments ago, I was handed the final results on this paper - "Jon and Kate: Do you think they should get back together?" Let`s take a look at these results. Look at this - 32 percent of you said yes. So 68 percent of you say no, they should not reconcile.

Here are the e-mails we got. Evette from Hawaii writing, "I think that Kate should forgive Jon but not reconcile. There is just too much hurt involved."

Kim from Nevada writes, "This whole breakup between Jon and Kate was for the ratings. They`ll be back together before Christmas!"

We also heard from Lindi in Illinois. Lindi writing, "I think they might be able to be friends later on, but never husband and wife again. They have hurt each other too much."

Well, that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I am Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Don`t forget you can catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11:00s - 11:00 p.m. Eastern, 11:00 p.m. Pacific, and in the morning, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern right here on HLN.