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Another Alleged Tiger Woods Mistress Speaks Out; Mel Gibson`s Apology?; Taylor Swift Slammed; Jennifer Aniston`s Man Plan; Fantasia`s Confession to Oprah

Aired February 04, 2010 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Big news breaking right now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - another alleged Tiger Woods mistress speaks out. Tonight, brand-new explosive allegations from a porn star.


JOSLYN JAMES, FORMER PORN STAR: I was in love with Tiger and because of what he said to me, I believe that he loved me, too.


HAMMER: Her shocking revelations about Tiger`s steamy text messages. Why she insists she and Tiger were in love.

Plus, the strange Tiger golf ball controversy today. Outrage over golf balls printed with pictures of Tiger`s alleged mistresses.

Mel Gibson`s apology? Tonight, Mel`s bizarre new explanation for his dramatic outburst caught on tape.


MEL GIBSON, ACTOR: Do you have a dog in this fight? (EXPLETIVE DELETED).


HAMMER: But should we buy Mel`s explanation? Tonight, the reporters Mel blew up at right here in the headline-making interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And Taylor Swift can`t sing? Unbelievable attacks today on Taylor`s Grammy performance. Is slamming Swift singing totally out of line or do people have a point?

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


HAMMER: Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson coming to you tonight from Hollywood. And tonight, target Tiger Woods.

HAMMER: Yes, Brooke. Just when you thought you had heard it all about the Tiger Woods cheating scandal, there is a brand-new explosive development today. Tonight, we are hearing from yet another one who claims to have had a sexual relationship with Tiger.

She even says she`s got the text messages from Tiger to prove it. But that`s just the start of her salacious claims. Get this, the alleged mistress, a former porn star, says she`s outraged and offended. You may be wondering by what.

She`s disgusted by a new line of golf balls that has the photos of Tiger`s alleged mistresses right on them, including her own. This bizarre twist in the Tiger Woods saga made for big news breaking today.


(voice over): First, there was a mysterious car crash. Then, woman after woman went on TV claiming they slept with Tiger Woods.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Perhaps he was having relationships with multiple women?


HAMMER: And then we heard that the best golfer in the world is reportedly in sex rehab. But today, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, the Tiger Woods sex scandal has officially gotten weird.

GLORIA ALLRED, ATTORNEY: You please me like no other has or ever will.

HAMMER: Now, the Tiger Woods scandal involves celebrity attorneys, steamy text messages, an ex-porn star and golf balls. Yes, golf balls.

JODI MILLER, COMEDIAN: It sounds like the opening of a joke.

HAMMER: At a California press conference, a former porn star, known as Joslyn James, became the latest woman to come forward claiming an affair with Tiger Woods.

JAMES: I was in love with Tiger. And because of what he said to me and the length of time that we spent together and how long we were together, I believe that he loved me, too.

HAMMER: To prove how serious the alleged relationship with Tiger was, Joslyn`s attorney, Gloria Allred, read aloud some text messages she says Tiger sent her client. And they are steamy.

ALLRED: Baby, I`m not going anywhere or doing anything. You please me like no other has or ever will. I am not losing that.

MILLER: She might want to take an acting lesson.

HAMMER: Comedian Jody Miller tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she`s not impressed with Gloria Allred`s interpretive reading.

MILLER: "You please me like no other." I mean, I need to feel it, Gloria. She can take some lessons from Joslyn, actually.

HAMMER: And here`s where the golf balls come in. Joslyn and Allred are protesting the sale of these novelty golf balls that feature the faces of Tiger`s alleged mistresses including Joslyn.

MILLER: They came out just in time because Valentine`s Day is right around the corner. So you can get that for that golf lover or cheater in your life.

HAMMER: But Joslyn James argues the golf balls can lead to violence against women.

JAMES: I feel it is wrong for a golf ball to have my picture on it, because golfers hit their golf balls with a lot of force. As a victim of violence myself, it bothered me to think that someone would be standing with a dangerous club in their hands and hitting a ball with my face on it.

HAMMER: But not everyone is swayed by this ex-porn star`s argument about the golf ball.

MILLER: I don`t understand the moral outrage. Please, her face has been in a lot of places.

HAMMER: This craziness all comes as various reports indicate that Tiger Woods may soon leave the sex addiction rehab he`s reportedly been undergoing and return to golf soon.

Whenever he returns to the public eye, he`ll have to deal with a severely tarnished image and ridiculous sites such as famous attorneys butchering his alleged text messages in press conferences.

ALLRED: You please me like no other has or ever will.

HAMMER: Tiger might want to stay hidden for a while longer.


Hey, what do you say? So should Tiger stay out of the spotlight for now? And do these explosive claims damage him even more if that`s even possible?

Joining me tonight from Hollywood, Jess Weiner, who is an author and self-esteem expert. Also in Hollywood is Leslie Marshall, host of talk radio`s "The Leslie Marshall Show," incredible radio show.

All right. So another alleged mistress speaks out and reveals steamy text messages allegedly from Tiger Woods. Unfortunately, a mistress and text message are really nothing new when you`re talking about Tiger.

So Leslie, I`ve got to wonder, is this another blow to Tiger`s already tarnished image? Or really has the saga sunk him as far as he can go?

LESLIE MARSHALL, HOST, "THE LESLIE MARSHALL SHOW": Well, my mother always said, A.J., never write anything down that you don`t want to whole world to read. Maybe Tiger should have talked to my mom.

But I don`t think - I`m sorry, am I the only one that has heard things like, "I love you and if you love me -" you know, I`m sorry but, you know, many women or men would say you can`t always believe everything you`re told in bed.

And I kind of find it hard that a porn star wouldn`t know that because somebody texts and says, "I love you" or "I miss you" or "You were great in bed," to me doesn`t equal love. Lust, but not love. So I don`t think this is really going to hurt Tiger.

HAMMER: Leslie, former porn star. Please, let`s not mess this up, OK?


HAMMER: You know, but this former porn star does claim this is real. The alleged mistress, by the way, just held a press conference. I just like saying that actually. Now, we got to hear for the very first time the content of some of the messages that Tiger sent to her according to her.

You`ve got to hear one of these messages as read by none other than famed attorney Gloria Allred. Charles, roll that.

ALLRED: On October 1st, 2009, Mr. Woods wrote, quote, "Baby, I`m not going anywhere or doing anything. You please me like no other has or ever will. I am not losing that."


HAMMER: Gloria Allred, you know I love you but that is going to live on in infamy. Now, Allred represents former porn star Joslyn James, the latest of Tiger`s alleged mistresses to speak out. James says, ladies, that these texts prove Tiger loved her.

Now, I`m not so sure that that`s what I`m hearing, but we have heard reports that Tiger`s other alleged mistresses were paid to stay quiet. So Jess, I`ve got to wonder why this woman would be coming forward now with these messages.

JESSICA WEINER, SELF-ESTEEM EXPERT AND AUTHOR: This woman is coming forward, A.J., because she wants money just like Gloria Allred does by representing all of these women.

I want Gloria to know that legal work can be done behind the scenes. It doesn`t require a press conference all the time. And when she passes herself off as some women`s crusader by representing the salacious side of every tabloid, it makes me crazy, A.J.

I have more problems now with Gloria than I do with Tiger and his porn stars and crazy golf balls.

HAMMER: Wow. All right, Jess. That`s fair enough. Now, I have said it before about the whole Tiger Woods drama, nothing surprises me anymore. But I`ve got to say, I found this a little strange.

Pay close attention now. The former porn star just revealed that she`s upset that her face is on one of the new Tiger Woods mistress collection golf balls. Yes, you heard me right. I said Tiger Woods mistress collection golf balls.

A company has taken the pictures of Tiger`s alleged mistresses and imprinted them on golf balls. How lovely. The porn star now speaks.


JAMES: I`ve come forward today because I feel that it is wrong for a golf ball to have my picture on it. As a victim of violence myself, it bothered me to think that someone would be standing with a dangerous club in their hands and hitting a ball with my face on it.


HAMMER: Now, I know I should not be smiling at all. I mean, honestly.

WEINER: It`s ridiculous.

HAMMER: I don`t want to make a joke when it comes to anything related to domestic violence. Tiger`s alleged mistress obviously taking these golf balls very seriously. Leslie, as much as I would like to have a ball with all of this, does the porn star have a good point?

MARSHALL: You know what, A.J.? Let me ask you this.

HAMMER: Please.

MARSHALL: You can tie me up with handcuffs. You can whip me and have a little S & M. I can have numerous sexual partners on screen, but I`m concerned about a photo on a golf ball being hit by a golf club even though I`m not literally, physically on the golf ball? I`m not getting this. I`m not laughing at anybody`s who`s the victim of domestic violence, certainly. But I have to say ...

WEINER: That`s a stretch.

MARSHALL: ... that it`s weird. Yes, a bit of a stretch here, beyond that.

HAMMER: What do you think, Jess? I mean, honestly, again, never to make light of anything that somebody might interpret as promoting domestic violence, but a golf ball? Really?

WEINER: It sounds like a manipulative angle, A.J. And you know, I have to kind of warn all of us here in the panel, we have to be a little bit careful about labeling this woman a porn star and making all of the jokes that are essentially there for somebody who is in the adult sex industry.

I mean, women who choose to strip, women who choose to be in the adult film industry have all sorts of reasons why they are there. So I don`t want to also marginalize her and say she deserves this.

She believed a text - as you said earlier a lot of people believe text messages. It`s just that this is becoming to be ridiculous right now. Everybody is trying to make money - they guys who were doing the golf balls.

And if this woman wanted to get her fair share of cut, I don`t blame her for that. Just - you don`t have to hold a press conference.

HAMMER: But I agree with you and you`re right, nobody should be marginalized over this regardless of their involvement.

Well, another story making big news tonight, Mel Gibson has a bizarre new explanation for his latest dramatic outburst. The two reporters who Mel blew up at are right here. We have got the exclusive interview with them. But will they accept Mel`s apology? Jess Weiner, Leslie Marshall, don`t go anywhere.

ANDERSON: Oh, A.J. that interview is going to be explosive. All right, so I like Taylor Swift. I think she`s really sweet, a fresh face. But tonight she`s being slammed for her singing.

Unbelievable attacks today on Taylor`s Grammy performance. Ouch! So we`ve got to ask, is it just totally wrong to diss Taylor? Or do some people have a legit point here?

Who should Jennifer Aniston date? She`s been with actors, singers, all sorts of Hollywood types. We know how that turned out. But today, there`s an unbelievable suggestion about who Jen should go out with now. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - it`s more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Coroner says socialite Casey Johnson`s death was related to her diabetes. Beyonce says Jay-Z was "shocked" when she called him her husband at Grammy Awards.


HAMMER: Tonight, the cause of Brittany Murphy`s sudden death has finally been revealed. The Los Angeles county coroner said today that the 32-year- old actress` death was accidental caused by a combination of pneumonia and iron deficiency and, quote, "multiple drug intoxication."

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you no illegal drugs were found in Brittany`s system. The full autopsy will be available in two weeks. Brittany was found dead in her home in Hollywood on December 20th. Her mother and husband have said the actress didn`t abuse prescription medication or have an eating disorder. And by the way, on Friday, Brittany`s mom and husband will be on CNN`s "LARRY KING LIVE" at 9:00 p.m. Eastern.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Brooke, we`ve got two hot topics and tons of calls coming in to the "Showbiz on Call" phone lines.

ANDERSON: Yes, A.J. A raging debate going on right now about Mel Gibson`s two outbursts to reporters who were asking him about his 2006 drunk-driving arrest and anti-Semitic rant. Brooke from Minnesota thinks that everybody needs to move on.


CALLER: I think that Mel Gibson answered the question fairly. I don`t think he was prepared for the question. He did say that it was a long time ago and he has apologized for it.


ANDERSON: Thank you, Brooke.

HAMMER: Well, we also heard from Donna calling in from Pennsylvania on another subject. She is so disgusted by the raise that the "Jersey Shore" cast just got.


CALLER: I think this is disgusting TV. This is the stuff that we want to have taken off of TV. This is a bad message to be sending to our kids. Get rid of it.


HAMMER: Thank you, Donna. You can call us at "Showbiz on Call" and let us know what you think about "Jersey Shore" or anything else at all.

ANDERSON: The "Showbiz on Call" phone lines are always open. Here`s the number - mark it down - 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; 1-888-728-2899. Leave a voicemail. We will play some of your calls right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: Tonight, your first look at this year`s Super Bowl`s funniest commercials. This is pretty interesting because it really is the only time of year that we actually want to see the commercials rather than fast forward through them.

In fact, I just read that about half of Super Bowl viewers are actually more interested in the commercials than the game itself.

Here now is CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with a super-duper Super Bowl commercial preview.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): Whether it`s Doritos in a casket or a video game gone to hell called "Dante`s Inferno," it`s time for those infernal Super Bowl ads and even online previews promoting the ads, "See us in the third quarter." E-Trade has even put outtakes online.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why are there only girls here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What are you talking about? Dennis is right behind me.


MOOS: And it`s Budweiser saying it was going to drop the Clydesdale horses this year, then putting an ad featuring them online so folks could vote to bring them back.

(on camera): Football, who cares about football? Fifty-one percent of viewers surveyed by Nielsen say they enjoy the commercials more than they enjoy the game itself.

(voice over): Doritos let`s you make the commercial. 4,000 submissions were smacked down to six finalists.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE CHILD: Keep your hands off my momma. Keep your hands off my Doritos.

MOOS: A pastor dreamed up the one about a guy faking his own death so he could eat Doritos while watching the game.

PASTOR ERWIN MCMANUS: We paid for 70 bags of Doritos.

MOOS: Pastor McManus says it was inspired by an actual funeral.

MCMANUS: And he wanted to be buried with a pack of cigarettes and a can of beer. So they slipped it into the casket.

MOOS: The most popular amateur (UNINTELLIGIBLE) will actually and could conceivably win a prize of $1 million or more.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Anti-bark collar. You want a Dorito, you`ve got to speak.

MOOS: An aspiring filmmaker made this on a shoestring budget.


MOOS: Rosie the dog takes off her anti-bark collar. Coke will feature characters from "The Simpsons." Dr. Pepper will feature Kiss and Mini- Kiss, a tribute band made up of little people.

Sometimes little tweaks are required. CBS wouldn`t allow the tagline in the ad for the "Dante`s Inferno" videogame, so it was changed to "Hell awaits." What`s heavenly in terms of free exposure is having your ad rejected.

This year, CBS gave the thumbs down to a gay dating service called "Man Crunch." Their hands meet in the snack bowl and soon they are snacking on each other.


HAMMER: That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And you know, with the Super Bowl pulling in nearly 100 million viewers, advertisers are shelling out big bucks for their funny ads. This year`s commercials are reportedly going for up to $3 million, and that`s just for 30 seconds.

ANDERSON: Hey, there is nothing funny about Mel Gibson`s outrageous new rant caught on tape.


GIBSON: That`s almost four years ago, dude. I mean, I`ve moved on. I guess you haven`t.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thanks a lot for joining us Mel. Take care.



ANDERSON: Tonight, a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive, the two reporters Mel went off on are right here. Will they accept Mel`s bizarre new sort-of apology? It`s a headline making interview you will see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

ANDERSON: And I love Taylor Swift. I think she`s a great role model in addition to being a great songwriter, singer and she`s beautiful. But today, she`s being slammed for her Grammy performance. People are actually dissing Taylor`s singing. So are they out of line or do they have a good point?

And John Travolta`s brand-new emotional words about the loss of his son, Jett. Tonight, John, reveals how his fans are helping his family cope. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Supermodel Naomi Campbell plans fashion show for Haitian earthquake relief. Mary J. Blige, Wyclef Jean, Queen Latifah to be part of BET`s telethon for Haiti on Friday.



LARRY KING, HOST, "LARRY KING LIVE": This is apparently how I would look if I were a Navi of Pandora. Watch this..


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s frightening.


HAMMER: That`s a good look on you, Larry. CNN`s own Larry King has an "Avatar" character. Larry had the cast of the biggest grossing movie of all time on his show, including, of course, director James Cameron who has confirmed that there have been some talks about making a sequel.

ANDERSON: Brand-new revelations today of what it was like at the amazing new "We are the World" recording straight from one of big stars who was part of it, Jamie Foxx. Some of the biggest names in the biz met up Monday after the Grammys in L.A. at the very same studio where the original version was recorded 25 years ago. Jamie told "GMA`s" Robin Roberts this morning he was totally blown away.


JAMIE FOXX, ACTOR AND SINGER: It`s incredible. To see Celine Dion, to see Barbara Streisand, to see Anthony Hamilton and then to see the rappers. Lil Wayne chipped in. Snoop chipped in. And God bless Wyclef Jean and Hayden. It was such a great cause.

And I know other people are trying to get involved also. My man Isaac from The Fray. And it`s for a great cause. We have our fingers crossed that we won`t lose our enthusiasm for Haiti.


ANDERSON: The new "We are the World" video and song come out on February 12th. Proceeds will go to earthquake relief in Haiti.

HAMMER: Well, we really struck a nerve on Facebook when we posted the story about Jenny Sanford, the wife the cheating South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. She claims that he wanted to take out the part about being faithful out of their wedding vows. Listen to all of these fired-up comments.

Bonnie B. writing, "Hello. If he couldn`t even say it, what made her think he would actually do it?"

Markeda B., "He`s still a jerk and she, like most women, knew what she was getting into when she married him. Problem is a lot of women believe men will magically become something they are not when they get married. The only thing that changes after vows is the woman`s last name."

You can write to us on Facebook. You can also get our Twitter breaking entertainment news alerts. Sign up at

ANDERSON: And now, the SHOWBIZ lineup. Here`s what`s coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Taylor Swift`s singing slammed. Why some people are dissing her Grammy performance big time. So are they out of line?

A Mel Gibson exclusive. Tonight, both reporters who Mel just went off on are here. Will they accept Mel`s apology? It is the headline-making interview you will see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And Fantasia`s unbelievable confession to Oprah including how she was so broke she couldn`t even afford a pizza. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Tennessee passes a resolution to honor Michael Jackson. Fifth "Fast and the Furious" movie is in the works.



GIBSON: That`s almost four years ago, dude. I mean, I`ve moved on. I guess you haven`t.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thanks a lot for joining us, Mel. Take care.



HAMMER: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, it`s a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive. Tonight, right here, the reporters who got the Gibson tongue lashing sound off. Will they accept Mel`s apology?

Taylor Swift can`t sing? Tonight, the backlash over the superstar`s performance at the Grammys. It is out of line or on point?

Plus, Jennifer Aniston`s new man plan. Tonight, the new report that she might be turning her back on Hollywood bad boys for good.

Plus, more stories breaking in the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker."

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you tonight from Hollywood. And tonight, a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive. We`ve got the two men at the center of Mel Gibson`s latest outburst firestorm.

HAMMER: Yes, Brooke. For the very first time ever, the two reporters that got an absolute tongue-lashing from Mel Gibson are right here and ready to tell their stories together. It`s making for big news breaking today.

In a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive, WGN TV`s Dean Richards is right here right now with his fired up reaction to his explosive interview with Mel Gibson. What went through Richard`s mind when Mel seemed to swear at him on camera?

And KTLA`s Sam Rubin is also right here, right now to reveal startling details about Mel`s in-person apology to him for lashing out at Sam during their interview.

In Hollywood tonight, Sam Rubin, who is an entertainment journalist in KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles. In Chicago tonight, Dean Richards, who is an entertainment reporter for WGN TV in Chicago.

All right, guys. I really appreciate you being here. And Dean, I`ve got to start with you. You just interviewed Mel Gibson for WGN. Mel appeared to curse at you because you dared to ask what I and many others thought were perfectly legitimate questions related to his 2006 drunk- driving arrest and the anti-Semitic rant that followed. Let`s watch how all of that went down.


DEAN RICHARDS, ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER, WGN-TV: Do you think that the public will perceive you any differently after all that`s been in the news about you?

GIBSON: What are you referring to, specifically?

RICHARDS: Referring to, you know, the drinking problems, referring to what`s been called the anti-Semitic rant - referring to all those things. You know what I`m talking about.

GIBSON: OK. So that`s almost four years ago, dude. I mean, I`ve moved on. I guess you haven`t.

RICHARDS: Well, I`m just wondering if you think that the public has moved on and will perceive you in the same light.

GIBSON: Well, I certainly hope so. It is a while back. And you know, I`ve done all the necessary mea culpa. So let`s move on, dude. Come on.

RICHARDS: "Edge of Darkness" opens today. It`s good to see you back in the saddle and doing what you do best. Thanks a lot for joining us, Mel. Take care.



HAMMER: All right. First of all, Dean, great questions. I think you were dead on there. And I certainly think there were more classy and appropriate ways that Mel could have handled himself. He`s been at this for a long time. He should have known better.

We will get to his explanation for why he said what he said in a moment. But Dean, were you just blown away at how Mel reacted?

RICHARDS: Completely. You know, when it happened, it was a fairly routine interview. It was a little bit tense. But when he dropped the A-bomb on me, I couldn`t believe my ears. I couldn`t believe what I was hearing, you know.

And I thought how interesting, he`s trying to deflect these questions. He`s trying to present himself as a changed person, as an atoned person. But when he thought the camera was off, I think that`s the most telling part of this.


RICHARDS: Whether you`re famous or not, how you act when you think nobody is watching, I think, is a real window into who the real person was. And I think that was my initial reaction to all of this.

HAMMER: Yes. And I was particularly interested in seeing you write that on your blog, what you just said about famous person or not, a true measure how they act when they think no one is looking. I thought that really nailed it as well.

You also said on your blog that his body language spoke volumes to you. What did you mean by that?

RICHARDS: If you watch the entire interview - we just heard a little portion of it right now. But if you listen to the full, it`s like five or six-minute interview, when I`m asking about the movie and asking about his Boston accent, he`s very relaxed.

And as the questions became a little more challenging, and I might add not, questions dredging up the last four years and all of the personal problems he had.

HAMMER: Right.

RICHARDS: My questions were about his seven-year absence and how the public would perceive him after all that he`s been through. He asked me to bring up all of the things as if he didn`t know what I was talking about. But his body - go ahead.

HAMMER: No, you go ahead. The body language.

RICHARDS: The body language became increasingly tense. You know, he`s leaning. He was twitching and fidgeting. You know, clearly, he was bothered by the whole thing and upset by the whole thing.

You would think his P.R. people, in the last four or five years, would have prepared a concise, contrite statement for him that when dopes like me ask obvious questions, when you have the 2,000 pound elephant in the room, that any journalist worth their salt would ask the most obvious questions, he would come prepared for something like that, not be confrontational.

HAMMER: You know the questions - you do know the questions are coming. You, myself, Sam - we`ve been at this for a long time and we`ve seen both sides.


HAMMER: And I want to bring in Sam Rubin, because, Sam, this whole drama with Dean happened right on the heels of your run-in with Mel Gibson. I want to watch what happened during Sam`s chat for KTLA where, dare I say, it got a little tense. Let`s roll that Charles.


SAM RUBIN, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST, KTLA: Some people are like - people are going to welcome you back. And other people are going to be like, he should never come back.


RUBIN: Because of what happened before.

GIBSON: What happened before?

RUBIN: The remarks that were attributed to you.

GIBSON: That were attributed to me, that I didn`t necessarily make. OK. But - and I gather you have a dog in this fight?

RUBIN: Pardon me?

GIBSON: You have a dog in this fight or are you being impartial?

RUBIN: I`m trying to be impartial, I guess.

GIBSON: OK. Well, I`m back. And I hope it works out and I hope people will graciously accept me back.


HAMMER: You got around to his nice answer. And Sam, I`ve got to say, I think you got off that easy. Mel didn`t swear at you. But I did think he dug himself quite a hole when he asked you if you`ve got a dog in this fight.

He meant that, you know, because you`re Jewish, how could you possibly be objective. Can you even believe after all he`s been through that he would even bring that up?

RUBIN: You know what, A.J.? I didn`t take it in that fashion, although a lot of people have interpreted it as such. But sitting there right across him and three or four feet away, I didn`t feel there was an accusation.

But what was interesting, as Dean pointed out, was the physicality of it. And we actually put the two tapes together on our program yesterday as you can see him lean. We`re calling it the Mel Gibson move and this twitchiness that Dean described.

And again, I think it`s a question that`s a very, very legitimate question in terms of how does he anticipate audiences will perceive his return. And the fact - I don`t want to say unprepared, but if you actually look at both tapes as we now have done, you see very similar parallels.


RUBIN: He`s sort of questioning me or questioning Dean, "What are you talking about?" I mean, it`s pretty obvious what we`re talking about.

HAMMER: And really strange for a guy who`s been at it so long and was expecting these questions. I know he reached out to you to apologize. What did he say, Sam?

RUBIN: You know what he did which was very interesting is a day or two after the interview, through his publicist, got my cell phone, called me up. We met privately for coffee. And during the course of that time and apparently, I thought this was a unique experience.

Apparently he has done this several times on an individual basis. And I did feel that he was sincere in apologizing to me.

And I suggested to him you know, I think you could put this behind you, this kind of private conversation that we`re having. If you`d elect to have it on camera, I think that would be helpful. He didn`t have interest in that.

Since that time, he`s texted me several times back and forth. And when the thing happened with Dean, I texted him. He`s in France now and said, "Gee, what happened here?" He suggested that he wasn`t really swearing at Dean but rather making fun of a publicist who was nearby. He really looked into that. As it turns out, the publicist wasn`t in the room. The publicist wasn`t there.

HAMMER: All right. I want to ask you very quickly, Dean. Were you buying that at all?

RICHARDS: No, not a bit.

HAMMER: OK. I don`t think anybody will.

RICHARDS: I mean, I looked at the tape, you know, over and over again. It`s so funny that we`re looking at these tapes like they`re Zapruder tapes.


RICHARDS: You know, it is Mel Gibson. And you know, clearly, he is reacting and drops the A-bomb on me. He`s looking at me ...

HAMMER: He was looking right at you, man.


RICHARDS: He was not looking at somebody else.


HAMMER: I really do have to wrap it up and end it there, guys. But I really appreciate you taking the time. WGN TV`s Dean Richards and KTLA`s Sam Rubin, good to see you, guys. Thanks.

ANDERSON: Nobody can forget how Kanye West slammed Taylor Swift at the Video Music Awards. But tonight, Taylor`s in the middle of another awards show firestorm. Taylor Swift can`t sing?

The raging new debate today about Taylor`s Grammy performance. People are slamming her left and right. Is that legit or just plain mean.

Jennifer Aniston`s new man plan? Jen hasn`t got the best track record when it comes to men in Hollywood. It isn`t so great with musicians either. But tonight, has Jennifer come up with a new fool-proof plan?

Tonight, the heartfelt new interview with John Travolta. It`s been a year since he lost his beloved son. Now, for the very first time, we`ve got John`s emotional words for his fans. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: "American Idol" winner Carrie Underwood lands first movie role, "Soul Surfer." Report: Pamela Anderson to appear on "Dancing with the Stars."


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Tonight, slamming Taylor Swift?

ANDERSON: A.J., I cannot believe the mean-spirited attacks today on Taylor`s Grammy performance. In fact, the backlash against Taylor has been so harsh that the head of her record label has come out swinging ready to take on Taylor`s critics.

Also breaking tonight, is Jennifer Aniston looking for love with a wealthy businessman? And if she is, would that be the best move Aniston could make?

Joining me, Jess Weiner, who is an author and self-esteem expert. Also from Hollywood, Leslie Marshall, who is the host of talk radio`s "The Leslie Marshall Show."

Jessica, Leslie, I want to begin, of course, with the Taylor Swift slam. Take a look at what everybody has been buzzing about. People have been saying that Taylor sounded terrible when she performed her duet with Stevie Nicks at the Grammys. Listen for yourself.


ANDERSON: Taylor did take home four Grammys, had a huge night, including the biggest award, album of the year. So Leslie, what do you think? Are the attacks against Taylor unwarranted or do her critics have a point?

MARSHALL: Critics have a right to critique. But you can`t overlook the fact this young woman has been very successful, has had a quick rise, won four Grammys. This is not affecting ticket sales, record sales and fan base.

Everybody we know doing live TV that you can have things go off. That said, it is the Grammys and people have a right to say, hey, look. It wasn`t a 10 out of 10.

But please, everybody seems to pick on this young lady. I`m not a big country music fan, but I really think she does a good job. And I might be tone deaf. It didn`t sound that bad to me.

ANDERSON: All right. Well, Taylor`s record label confirmed to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT late today that there was a technical issue with the performance. In an interview with the Associated Press, the head of Taylor`s record label said the only reason he responded to critics was because he felt the criticism was just over the top.

And he went on to say, "It`s that classic thing that critics do of building something up and then wanting to tear it down." Jess, what`s your take on this whole thing?

WEINER: I am a big country music fan and love Taylor Smith and I`m loathed to say anything negative about her because I think she`s one of the most solid role models we have for young women out there.

But I have to say, it wasn`t indeed 10 out of 10. She did sound a little bit off. Me and my own little TV land on my couch felt like it sounded a little wonky. My problem, though, is with this record label guy coming out.

I think he also tried to slam sort of those who have been on "American Idol." That would be Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood. I think that was just a little bit unnecessary. I don`t think that you have to bring somebody down to pull somebody else up. I think you can come out and defend Taylor without having to slam other artists.

ANDERSON: Yes, that`s a great point. And obviously, Taylor has legions of fans. People adore her. Maybe it wasn`t the best live performance, but she makes up for it. She`s a great songwriter. Her lyrics are catchy. You can understand the lyrics of her song.

Well, you guys, we posted the story on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page and we were slammed with comments. Get this - people who wrote on the wall got into a huge debate with each other over Taylor`s slam.

I`ve got to read a couple to you. Kelly S. wrote, "If she can`t sing, then why did she win four Grammy award? OK then. Leave her alone."

But Lynn D. said this, "Taylor needs to stick to songwriting. She was horrible at the Grammys. Poor Stevie Nicks making her sing some teeny bopper song. It was atrocious."

I really can`t believe how downright nasty this has gotten even on our Facebook page. Leslie, why do you think people are so harsh?

MARSHALL: You know, I don`t know why it is so many people seem to take pleasure when somebody who is on top falls down to the bottom, even if it`s just for a moment. I don`t know if we`re envious, if it`s the bad economy and we`re all grouchy. We have too much on our hands because a lot of us are out of work. I don`t know but it does seem to happen, not just with Taylor Swift, with a lot of celebrities.

ANDERSON: And you know, to me, Stevie Nicks didn`t seem too upset singing Taylor`s songs. She agreed to it. It seemed like she was having a lot of fun. It was a great opportunity for Taylor to sing with one of her idols. I enjoyed it.

OK. I want to move now to Jennifer Aniston. There`s a brand-new report in "Us Weekly" magazine today that Aniston wants to be set up with a wealthy businessman. I actually think that could be a good idea.

You know, she was married to Brad Pitt. That didn`t work out. She dated singer-songwriter John Mayer. We know how that one ended. Jess, what do you think? Should Jen steer clear of other celebrities, find herself a nice wealthy businessman.

WEINER: I would like the tabloids to stay clear of Jennifer Aniston`s love life, Brooke. Here`s the thing. Being 40 and single doesn`t make you a leper and it doesn`t make you an old maid.

It makes you who you are. It actually makes you a modern woman. There are a lot of 40 single women out there who don`t need to be questioning every day whether they are loveable.

I think we slam - talk about slamming. We slam Jennifer Aniston and kind of question every week in the tabloids whether she`s loveable or not. I think it`s bordering a little bit on crazy abuse by the media - I think. I think we should let Jennifer Aniston go off and have her on love life. If it`s a wealthy business guy, who cares?

ANDERSON: She does seem very confident and secure in being single. But if she does want a mate, we wish her well in that quest. Jessica Weiner, Leslie Marshall, good to see you. Thanks.

HAMMER: Now, Fantasia`s new Oprah confessions. The "American Idol" winner`s heartbreaking revelation about nearly losing it all and not having enough money in the bank even for a pizza.

While juggling her singer career and a show-stopping run on Broadway in the "Color Purple," Fantasia was also supporting her mom, her brother, her daughter and several other family members.

Well, then she was stopped in her tracks when she found out she had tumors on her vocal cords. Surgery sidelined her for weeks and you know, with no voice, there was no money.

You`ve got to watch as Fantasia tells Oprah about the moment she realized she was dead broke.


FANTASIA BARRINO, SINGER: After I had the surgery, I couldn`t sing or talk for six weeks. And there were - no money was coming in. And I remember calling my manager and I was saying, I went to - which is so embarrassing - I went to order a pizza and the pizza lady says, "Well, the card declined."

And I called her, and I said, "You know, I`m not understanding." She just says, "I`m going to wire you some money. And at that point, I knew that I had been mishandled, because there should have been no way that there wasn`t any pizza money.

What`s a pizza, $20? A couple of wings, $25? It really hit me, wow. Then I realized I couldn`t go to anybody else in my home and ask them for anything because I had been doing everything.


HAMMER: Wow. Fantasia says she is financially back on track now and she`s learning to say no to her family`s demands.

ANDERSON: Tonight, one year after his son`s tragic death, John Travolta`s heartfelt message toward his fans. It`s a remarkably candid new interview with John. For the very first, he reveals how his fans have helped him and his entire family cope in their darkest hours. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Kate Gosselin and Valerie Bertinelli will be guest co-hosts on "The View" next month. Russell Crowe and Beyonce in talks for a remake of "A Star is Born."


ANDERSON: Tonight, John Travolta`s emotional thank you to his fans. For the very first time, in a brand-new interview, John reveals how his fans helped him cope with the tragic death of his son one year ago.

Sixteen-year-old Jett died after suffering a seizure while the family was on vacation in the Bahamas last January. John has never before spoken publicly about his devastating loss, but he is now opening up with a heartfelt thanks to his dedicated fans.


JOHN TRAVOLTA, ACTOR: My son had such an enormous effect on the world. And the kindness of fans and - and people of all types and sorts around the world have been amazing.

I mean, I`ve never felt more of a flow of support and love as I have in the last year. And we need it, honestly. I mean, we usurped every bit of support and help because you`re kind of a sinking ship and you need all the king`s horses and all the king`s men to keep your head afloat.

And we had it with our church. We had it with our friends, and we had it with the public. I mean, they were unanimous in their support for us in the last year.


ANDERSON: John says he and his family continue to work through their grief each and every day.

HAMMER: "Precious" star Gabourey Sidibe is looking for an Oscar love match. Well, the best actress nominee has got a very short list of men that she wants to be her date on Oscar night. One of them is taken.

In an interview just out today, Gabby made a direct plea saying, quote, "Justin, if you`re not doing anything on that night, maybe you could be my date or something. It`s find. No pressure."

No pressure, except the Justin she`s referring to, of course, is Justin Timberlake, and he has a girlfriend, none other than Jessica Biel. But Gabby does have a back-up plan. She is also is hot for "The Hurt Locker`s" Anthony Mackey.

And if they both accept her offer, Gabby says, "I want to make Justin Timberlake and Anthony Mackie fight it out for the honor of my date. I`m just going to throw them into the ring and make them do it."

ANDERSON: On Wednesday, we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Just moments ago, we did get those final results. Here was the question - "Michael Jackson Death Investigation: Are you surprised the case isn`t closed yet?" Twenty-four percent of you say yes; 76 percent not surprised to say no.

Here are some of the E-mails we received. Efrain from Massachusetts writes, "When has any court case with the name Michael Jackson attached to it ever been closed quickly?"

Kathy from Utah says, "I just cannot believe that doctor. For Michael Jackson fans, it`s like a slap in the face. We still miss him very much."

We do appreciate your E-mails. Keep them coming.

HAMMER: Well, thank you very much for watching SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Don`t forget, you can catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT every night on the 11:00s - 11:00 p.m. Eastern, 11:00 p.m. Pacific, also in the morning at 11:00 a.m. Eastern on HLN. Take care.