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J.Lo Quits `American Idol`; Interview with Lenny Kravitz; On Location at Comic-con

Aired July 13, 2012 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight, "Idol" bombshell. J.Lo`s remarkable decision today to quit her job as a judge on the biggest reality competition show on the planet. The burning questions, did she make a big mistake? Was it about money, and should Mariah Carey take her place?

Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer.

Let`s just say it all together now. One, two, three. Adios, "Idol." See ya. Well, tonight the big burning questions. Will Randy Jackson be the next to go now that Jennifer Lopez has jumped ship just one day after Steven Tyler did?

J.Lo revealed today that she will not be coming back to "American Idol" next season after two years in that judge`s chair. She dropped that bombshell the day after Steven Tyler revealed that he, too, had had enough after just one year.

The big question is will Randy be next? And who should replace J.Lo and Tyler? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the big "Idol" angst.


HAMMER: This is what the "American Idol" judges panel looked like last season, and this is what it looks like now.

JENNIFER LOPEZ: I dread a conversation like this, and you`re going to make me cry.

HAMMER: Jennifer Lopez is making it official. This morning on the radio show of "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest, J.Lo confirmed that she`s leaving the "American Idol" judges table.

LOPEZ: I honestly feel like the time has come that I have to get back to doing the other things that I do.

HAMMER: J.Lo now becomes the second "Idol" judge in as many days to bail from the show. Yesterday Steven Tyler announced he`s also leaving "Idol" to concentrate on his rock band Aerosmith, and that`s not all.

RANDY JACKSON: Should we make this, like, really simple?

HAMMER: Speculation today that Randy Jackson, the only original "American Idol" judge still on the show, may also be on his way out. We`re clearly looking at the biggest shakeup in "American Idol" history.

LOPEZ: It`s just really going to be hard for me to go.

HAMMER: Lopez was emotional this morning as she talked to Seacrest about his decision to leave "Idol." It was a far more decisive tone than J.Lo had just yesterday on the "Today Show" when she hedged on whether she would be coming back.

LOPEZ: This has been a great journey, but at the same time, you know, but then again I really love the show.

HAMMER: J.Lo`s hemming and hawing had led some to believe that her indecisiveness may have been a negotiating ploy. The industry website reported that "Idol" producers were balking at J.Lo`s demands for a raise from the $12 million she reportedly made on "Idol" last season. But today J.Lo told Ryan Seacrest money wasn`t a part of her decision.

LOPEZ: I wasn`t ever playing any games or wanting more and more money. It wasn`t any of that. It was just being smart about making a business decision.

HAMMER: No question J.Lo`s two seasons on "Idol" were great for business. Being on America`s No. 1 show increased J.Lo`s music sales, reignited her movie career, and boosted the value of her endorsements. It all helped rocket J.Lo to the top of "Forbes" list of the most powerful celebrities, with $52 million in earnings over the past year. But this morning J.Lo admitted to Ryan Seacrest that all her business ventures, plus being a mom to her 4-year-old twins Emmy and Max, just got to be too much.

LOPEZ: I have my movies and my -- my music and my this, my that, and it all kind of worked together for a while, but it just gets more complicated, you know. And as the kids get a little bigger, and it just gets, I don`t know, I just started feeling like it was a lot, and I was going to have to -- something had to give.

HAMMER: So with J.Lo and Tyler now gone from "Idol," all eyes are on Randy Jackson. When contacted today by SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, he wouldn`t say anything about his future with "Idol," but either way it`s been clear for a while that big changes were coming.

Ratings for this year`s season finale were down dramatically from last year, and the show`s producers are reportedly mulling big changes. reported today that Mariah Carey is, quote "in serious talks" to being an "American Idol" judge. Plus former "Idol" runner up Adam Lambert is also reportedly in the mix to be an "Idol" judge.

NIGEL LYTHGOE, EXEC. PRODUCER, "AMERICAN IDOL": There are going to be lots of names coming up now.

HAMMER: Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner just earlier this week all bets are off.

LYTHGOE: Everything is still up in the air, I have to say. Nothing is confirmed.

HAMMER: Certainly "American Idol" has gone through its fair share of changes in its 11 seasons on the air, but as "American Idol" goes into its 12th season, it may give viewers something they have never seen before -- a judges` table that is 100 percent brand spanking new.


HAMMER: Wow. There goes another one, just like that. That makes two "American Idol" bombshells in one week. And, yes, today, "People" magazine has been reporting that Mariah Carey is in serious talks to join the show as a judge. Imagine that.

With me now in New York, Carlos Greer. He is a reporter for "People." In Hollywood tonight -- there he is -- Howard Bragman, the vice chairman of And listening to Jennifer`s voice, she really did sound truly emotional in that interview with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show this morning, talking about her decision to leave "Idol."

But in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT editorial meeting, we had a sort of different take going on. A lot of the staff were pretty jaded about the whole thing, thinking J.Lo was just posturing to earn a bigger pay day.

Now, Howard, we heard her say it wasn`t about the money, so why do you think she`s bailing on "Idol?"

HOWARD BRAGMAN, REPUTATION.COM VICE CHAIRMAN: You know, J.Lo makes plenty of money. We`ve all seen the charts. The woman has been making tens of millions of dollars a year. I think it really becomes a personal decision. Is this what I want to do? Is this where I want to spend my time? I`m still a little perplexed, A.J. I think it`s an unbelievable platform for anything you do, to have 20 million people a week watching you. So even if the money isn`t quite as much as you`re used to, it`s a lot of money and a lot of power.

HAMMER: It`s a lot of power, a lot of exposure, as you said, Howard, but Carlos, I think for her it really was a means to an end. It catapulted her once again into the stratosphere and she said, OK, now I`ll just take it from here. What`s your take?

CARLOS GREER, PEOPLE MAGAZINE: Exactly, she`s taking it from here, like "Idol," she had a huge career resurgence being on "Idol," and now she is ready to get back into acting, to get back to singing. That`s what she said, that her other passions took a back seat to "Idol" and now she`s ready to get back to it.

HAMMER: It was a great platform, made sense, moving on. Well, let`s move on. With J.Lo out, Steven Tyler out, Randy Jackson, maybe, maybe not, but Mariah Carey now. Her name is coming up in these new reports. In your magazine, "People" magazine, Carlos. How serious is this? Do you think we`ll actually hear an announcements about Mariah?

GREER: Well, sources tell "People" that it`s pretty serious. She is in talks to join "American Idol," and if Randy stays, he`s a longtime collaborator with Mariah, so it will probably be really good chemistry.

HAMMER: She`s very busy being a mom right now, right? She`s got her hands full.

All right. Let`s move from one shocking exit to another. I have to talk about Katie Holmes` quickie exit from her marriage to Tom Cruise, and tonight SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is bringing you this exclusive picture of Katie, with daughter Suri. This is on Wednesday at Central Park Zoo in New York.

Now, since Katie filed from divorce, she`s been keeping herself in the public eye very much, going grocery shopping, taking Suri to see the city sights. Every week reveals to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusively who is up and who is down in their exclusive monitoring of what`s happening online.

So, Howard, I need to know tonight, what`s going on with Katie?

BRAGMAN: Katie is going through the roof, A.J. She`s about 75 percent positive. Mostly from women who love her. They feel she got out of this marriage. She did it with great class. She`s a great mother, and they are on her side in a big way, and Tom -- Tom not so much.

HAMMER: Let`s talk about Tom in just a second. Do you think it is not hurting but helping Katie that she`s obviously going out in public, Howard, knowing that the cameras are going to capture her having a good time. I mean, she`s not silly about that. She knows what`s going to happen.

BRAGMAN: Well, going out in public does a couple of things, A.J. One, it shows you`re a good mother. You`re taking your kid to the park, to the zoo.

Number two, the more you`re out in public, the less you`ll be hounded by the paparazzi. It`s a little counterintuitive, but by going out in public, the photos become worth a lot less, so they are going to be a little less aggressive with her.

HAMMER: And why is Tom down?

BRAGMAN: Tom is down because there have been a lot of rumors about his personal life, about his religion, a lot of questions that haven`t been answered, and people aren`t feeling it right now. At the same time, it will not affect his movie career.


BRAGMAN: I promise you that.

HAMMER: I`m right there with you on that, and I`m sure he`s looking forward to all this going away soon, which is why they settled so quickly. Howard Bragman, Carlos Greer, I thank you both.

Well, tonight, wait until you hear this. It`s an incredible story behind hip-hop artist Frank Ocean. He just revealed his same-sex encounter.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`ll be the first to say that in our community, we do have a very big problem with homophobia, and especially within the music realm. This is like hush-hush, like no one is gay.


HAMMER: Tonight, we`re taking an inside look at the first hip-hop star to reveal a same-sex romance. But did Target ban Ocean`s new album because of that revelation?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is going on location. At Comic-con we met up with former "American Idol" favorite and Batman fan Chris Daughtry.




TURNER: This is cool, Chris.

DAUGHTRY: As a kid I wanted to be a comic artist, and -- and -- I -- I found music instead.


HAMMER: That is cool. Daughtry, the comic book artist. I mean, who knew? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT goes on location with all the stars of one of the biggest pop culture fests in the country, Comic-con. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Tonight, "Frank Talk" about Frank Ocean, the hip-hop R&B star who just revealed he has romantic feelings for another man on his Tumbler page. This has rocked the hip-hop world, which has sometimes been accused of being homophobic, and tonight Target is the target of criticism for not selling his new CD. Some claiming homophobia there. But Target just told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT this, "the claims made about Target`s decision to not carry the Frank Ocean album are absolutely false. Target supports inclusivity and diversity in every aspect of our business. Our assortment decisions are based on a number of factors, including guest demand."

Well, one thing is for sure, there is a whole lot of demand for Frank Ocean, but who exactly is he? Watch and find out.



HAMMER: On Monday, Frank Ocean made his television debut singing about his unrequited love for a man on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."


HAMMER: On Tuesday he became a worldwide star, hitting No. 1 on iTunes in ten countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom with his first full-length album "Channel Orange." Just who is Frank Ocean, and how did he seemingly achieve overnight success?

AMANDA SEALES, HOST, MTV`S "HIP HOP POV": This is definitely not an overnight success. Frank has been working a very long time and he has definitely put in the work to have this album be not just about the controversy but really about the actual content.

HAMMER: Frank Ocean is the stage name for Christopher Breaux, born 24 years ago in New Orleans. He`s been a member of the hip-hop collective Odd Future and has written songs for Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Jay-Z. Multiple taste-makers tapped Ocean as a rising star, but he didn`t start generating mainstream buzz until he confessed to having romantic feelings for a man on his Tumbler page. The date was July 4th, Independence Day.

LORI WILLIAMS, LOS ANGELES: When you have the courage to be honest, I think you can really hear it.

MARQUES HOUSTON, LOS ANGELES: Been a big fan of Frank Ocean before, you know, the whole situation, and I still am.

JAIME DOW, LOS ANGELES: There`s good and bad in everything. However, I will say this. Three days ago, I didn`t know who he was, you know what I mean? But now all my friends, you know what I mean, are telling me his album is really great.

HAMMER: It was a bold move, especially because hip-hop and R&B communities have been slow to embrace same-sex relationships. But support rolled in from famous friends. Beyonce even penned a poem in his honor.

SEALES: I`ll be the first to say that in our community, we do have a very big problem with homophobia, and especially within the music realm, this is like, hush, hush, like no one`s gay.

HAMMER: Insiders tell CNN Ocean is a humble and intensely private man, who has opted to do little press, and prefers to let the music speak for himself.


HAMMER: So we looked for clues about Frank Ocean in performances like this one on "Fallon," and watch the charts as his debut album explodes in wider release early next week.


HAMMER: But while Frank Ocean has not actually publicly declared he`s gay, he is dealing with an issue that a lot of stars deal with when they make revelations about their sexuality. Howard Bragman, the vice chairman of, is back with us. Howard is also a publicist and Howard has worked closely with a lot of major stars who have decided to make revelations about their sexuality.

Howard, what Frank Ocean has done is reveal on his Tumbler page that he has romantic feelings for a man, and that as we know is something very radical for a hip-hop or R&B star to do, but it doesn`t seem to have had really any negative impact on sales of his album. "Channel Orange" is already No. 1 in ten countries on iTunes. What does that say to you?

BRAGMAN: It says that we`ve turned the corner as a society, that we`re so familiar with this, A.J. You know, we have a generation of kids who grew up watching "Will & Grace" and "Modern Family" and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," and it`s just another lifestyle for them. And it is not something that their parents generation saw as something frightening. They know gay kids. They know kids of different feelings and different beliefs, and part of that diversity is what fuels their lifestyle.

HAMMER: And Ocean is getting lots of support from stars like Beyonce and Jay-Z and Russell Simmons. Howard, do you see this as a real turning point for hip-hop, which as we know has been notoriously homophobic in the past?

BRAGMAN: I do see it as a turning point. And we`re at a turning point in society, and I think he really understood that, and it turned the hip-hop community. It`s been amazing how many people have stood up for Frank Ocean.

HAMMER: yes.

BRAGMAN: And I think in the one interview that we had, it was like who is Frank Ocean? We all know who Frank Ocean is, and I think his album is going to open huge next week, A.J.

HAMMER: And the truth is, the revelations have gotten him a lot of attention, but did he not have the music to back it up, he would not be doing so well. So good on him. Howard, good on you, thank you for being here.

As we move on tonight, could you ever imagine what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would look like if they were never famous? You don`t have to wonder. A New York artist actually turned these big stars into average Joes. I`m talking cheesy family portraits, the whole deal. Beyonce and Jay-Z, the Kardashians. You`ve got to see what could have been if these stars never found fame. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Did you see this, stars as average Joes? Now, imagine a world without a famous Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, or one of those cheesy family photos of Jay-Z and Beyonce, if they weren`t famous. What would that look like? Well, New York artist Danny Evans created absolutely jaw- dropping looks at what these stars would look like if they were fame-less.

Here in the new issue of "People" magazine, on newsstands now. Carlos Greer is a reporter for "People." He`s with me in New York. And Carlos, these photos just stop you in your tracks because they look so incredibly real. Let`s start off by showing you Brad and Angie. Put it up. Look at these guys. I mean, that`s pretty funny. But, Carlos, do you really think that`s what they would look like had they never become famous?

GREER: Had they never become famous, no, I don`t think they would look like that. These pictures are clearly exaggerated and they are meant to get a rise out of you, and they do that. You can stare at them all day long.

HAMMER: Yes. I mean, I think I`ve actually seen Brad Pitt looking like that at some point. And look, Angie still looks completely glamorous.

Beyonce and Jay-Z, if we could put that one up, Charles, because I think they look like, you know, a lack of fame wouldn`t have changed them all that much.

GREER: Well, Jay-Z exactly. That actually looks like he does now. He is a pretty cool and calm and mellow dude, so famous or not he`d probably still look like this. Beyonce, on the other hand, this is a woman who was wearing six-inch heels when she was eight months pregnant, so something tells me if she wasn`t famous, she`d still be pretty glammed out.

HAMMER: I`m sure she`d be a glammed out diva with the best of them. And a real shocker for me was looking at what this artist, Danny Evans, did with the Kardashians. If we can show that one, Charles. Why is it that having no fame would make the Kardashians look like they were stuck in the 1980s? Couldn`t they still be trendy if they were not famous?

GREER: It`s the Kardashians, I mean, this is the family that everybody likes to sort of poke fun at. It`s all in fun. It`s hilarious. If you look at it, it kinds of looks like "The Golden Girls," actually. It`s pretty funny.

HAMMER: I actually imagined that Kim Kardashian would have the Guess jeans with the leather patch on the back. I don`t know if you remember those.

GREER: I remember them, and she probably would.

HAMMER: That would be Kim Kardashian. All right, it`s a real fun look there, Carlos Greer, thank you so much. And you can see all of the stars as average Joes in this week`s "People" magazine. It`s on newsstands right now.

Well, tonight, Lenny Kravitz is still famous and he is ready to take him fashion empire to the next level.


LENNY KRAVITZ, MUSICIAN: It`s the same way I make my music, it`s the same philosophy. I mean, I`m very detail-oriented. If you put me in a room that`s perfect except for one flaw, my eye goes right to the flaw. It`s kind of a sickness, you know. My attention to detail, but that`s the way I am.


HAMMER: That`s not a bad thing. We are on location with the one and only Lenny Kravitz inside his amazing home in Paris, and Lenny reveals his passion for fashion, and why he`s about to take his love of design to the next level. Wait until you see this. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Right now on a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, SHOWBIZ on location. We`re in the middle of it all at the pop culture party known as Comic-con. We`re going one-on-one with rock star and "Idol" alum Chris Daughtry.


TURNER: You did this?


TURNER: This is cool, Chris.

DAUGHTRY: As a kid I wanted to be a comic artist, and I -- I found music instead.


HAMMER: Chris may be a star himself, but he`s also Batman`s No. 1 fan. We`re going to show you why he`s going Comic-Con crazy.

Plus SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is on location with rocker Lenny Kravitz and his amazing mansion in Paris. And Lenny is the one responsible for the whole thing. Yes. Lenny`s a guitar genius and a design genius, and we are showing you his masterpiece.


HAMMER: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer. Thank you for watching, and welcome to a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, SHOWBIZ on location. Tonight we`re on location at Comic-con in San Diego. Put it up, Charles. Let`s take a look at this.

We have thousands of diehard pop culture movie and TV fans who have trekked from around the world to San Diego to try to get their very first sneak peeks at what`s coming next from your favorite TV shows to the big screen. But don`t worry, because SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is right there to take you inside the frenzy and behind the scenes of the biggest events.

We`re getting you in on all the action. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner is right there. She is coming to us from PetCo Park`s Comic-con interactive zone in San Diego. Nischelle, I`m looking at all the excitement there. It really is so much more than just a convention about comic books, which I believe is kind of how it all started.


HAMMER: You have the biggest stars in Hollywood all out to play. What -- what an amazing event. Set the scene for us.

TURNER: Yes. It absolutely is, Mr. Hammer. I mean, you`re missing out, I`ll just say that, flat out. I got the good gig to come to Comic-con.

This is my very first Comic-con. Let me tell you where I am. I`m in the fan interactive zone. Now, there are so many thousands of people here right now wanting to go through different areas here at Comic-con. We can look, Chris will show you this line here. These guys are waiting to get into this Norton Operation Shield truck. That is kind of an "Avenger" theme. They are all excited to get in there.

And then we also here on the other side have the Jango Unchained (ph) kind of faux set over here. Now, this is the new highly anticipated Quentin Tarantino film that stars Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kerry Washington. Fans are getting a lot of swag and memorabilia here. This is kind of what Comic-con has become. It`s like Hollywood`s marketing playground. There`s so much to do, so much to see, so I decided why don`t I be a little bit of a fan for a day and give you some of the flavor of Comic-con. Look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have about 130,000 people.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In essence I`m living a childhood dream here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s -- it`s bigger than Halloween.

TURNER: You know?

Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed.


HAMMER: All right. Hold on a second here. Nischelle, you are in the Batmobile. I`m not a jealous guy, but I`m looking -- I`m looking at you inside that Batmobile and wishing I was there. Ms. Turner, did you just feel like a super hero?

TURNER: Are you kidding me? First of all, I can`t believe they let me behind the wheel of the Batmobile. That`s the original Batmobile that Adam West drove in the television series, A.J.

HAMMER: You`re killing me!

TURNER: That was a cool, that was a beyond cool moment, it really was. I felt like a little kid. I was like jumping up and down, squirreling in the seat. It was real an awesome moment. That`s some of the stuff that you can see here along with the original Batmobile. They have all six cars. The other five from the movies. The one George Clooney drove, Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton, really, really one of the great attractions here.

You know though, one of the other things that I`m a little bit of a geek about, "Star Wars," and it was another dream. I got to hang out with Luke Skywalker himself, yes, Mark Hamill. Look at this.


TURNER: You can`t miss these eyes.


TURNER: You can`t do anything about those.

MARK HAMILL, ACTOR: Yes, yes, but my 28-inch waist line is in a galaxy far, far away.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How about it, fellow? Are you ready to stroll down memory lane?

HAMILL: My daughter read it and said if you don`t do this, you`ve got to stop complaining, because I always go to movies and say why don`t I ever get considered for Seymour Philip Hoffman parts, why don`t I ever get parts that Steve Buschemi gets?

TURNER: Yeah, I had to rewind and say, hold on, that was Mark Hamill?

HAMILL: Yes, you know, that`s not -- Carrie Fisher called the top of me a hair-don`t. Because it looks like sort of Kurt Cobain on a very--

TURNER: Like Kurt Cobain with extensions.


TURNER: All right. Plan of attack. We`re going to try to go this way.


TURNER: How about it, let`s have at it.

HAMILL: Let`s try it.

TURNER: Here we go.

I would be remiss if I didn`t ask if you could get in with your father.

HAMILL: Oh, yes, Dad Vader.

TURNER: Can you get in with your father? This is cool.


HAMMER: Yes, OK. That`s pretty cool, but let`s move now, Nischelle, from a movie icon to an up-and-coming superstar. You went one-on-one with former "Idol" Chris Daughtry, and I need to know what the heck he was doing at Comic-con.

TURNER: That`s what a lot of people would ask, right? I mean, but it just goes to show you the magnitude of this event and how it pulls at Hollywood`s heart strings. I mean, Chris Daughtry says that he is the self- proclaimed No. 1 Batman fan. You know, he even came to Comic-con last year with his son dressed up in a costume, so I had to talk to him about all things Batman, and also we are heroes, which is something that`s close to his heart. Look at this.



TURNER: Is that a new campaign? You re-recorded "Rescue Me," right?

DAUGHTRY: Right, right. We re-recorded "Rescue Me" for DC Comics, Warner Brothers entertainment campaign called "We Can Be Heroes," and the whole idea behind this is to bring awareness and relief to the people in the Horn of Africa who are suffering the worst famine in 60 years. It`s always fun to see the crazy costumes that people tend to wear, and I -- I tried it last year. I had a Batman mask on.

TURNER: I was going to say, a little bird told me you were in costume before.

DAUGHTRY: I lasted a good 30 minutes, and it was the most miserable thing ever. They were having this big art exhibit that`s tonight, I believe, and they asked if I would -- if I would be interested in submitting some artwork for it as well.

TURNER: I think I saw someone with it. And I want to -- can I show it?

DAUGHTRY: Absolutely. Absolutely.

TURNER: Can we look at it?


TURNER: Because I tell you.

DAUGHTRY: That`s the final product. That was me--

TURNER: You did this?


TURNER: This is cool, Chris.

DAUGHTRY: As a kid, I wanted to be a comic artist, and -- and I -- I found music instead, so this is -- in essence I`m living a childhood dream here.

TURNER: I mean, are you like seriously very excited when you come to Comic- con?

DAUGHTRY: Oh, yes, yes.


DAUGHTRY: It`s, you know, I never really grew out of this.


That guy can draw, but I personally am glad that he found music, A.J. You know, when I said to him again, you are Batman`s No. 1 fan, right, Chris? He said, well, actually I saw a guy in a suit just a little bit over around the way that may have trumped me. So maybe he`s Batman`s second biggest fan.

HAMMER: I guess you could say he`s home at Comic-con. Thanks a lot, Nischelle. And don`t go anywhere because I want you to bring us--

TURNER: Indeed. Absolutely.

HAMMER: -- the SHOWBIZ first look at the most anticipated movie coming out of Comic-con. I am talking about the prequel to "The Wizard of Oz," one of the most famous movies ever, of course. There is no Dorothy, no Tinman, no Toto, but there is a wild new world from Oz, and the original -- it`s the director who made "Spider-man." He did this. It`s amazing, and that`s coming up in just a bit.

And tonight, SHOWBIZ is on location with Lenny Kravitz at his amazing home in Paris.


KRAVITZ: The same way I make my music. It`s the same philosophy. I mean, I`m very detail-oriented. If you put me in a room that`s perfect except for one flaw, my eye goes right to the flaw. It`s kind of a sickness, you know, my attention to detail, but that`s the way I am.


HAMMER: I think it`s pretty cool. Lenny may be a serious rocker, but he doesn`t joke around when it comes to design. Lenny Kravitz giving SHOWBIZ a rare and total access look at this private world. We`ll take you inside the home that Lenny Kravitz thinks is his masterpiece. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Tonight`s "SHOWBIZ on Location" with Lenny Kravitz. He is an American rock star, but he lives in Paris, and get this: He`s as passionate about home design as he is about music. Kravitz recently opened up his amazing Paris home for a revealing look at his designs and why he has such passion for it. It really is a side of the rocker that we have never seen before.

Here`s CNN`s Alina Cho for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


ALINA CHO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Lenny Kravitz. Rock star, actor.

KRAVITZ: I`m here to help you in any way that I can.

CHO: Interior designer? Why not.

KRAVITZ: I was always into my environment, you know, even when I was a little kid.

CHO: I sat down with Kravitz at his palatial Paris home, a place he`s called home for seven years.

KRAVITZ: There you go.

CHO: The four-story mansion is filled with all of his favorite things. Art by Warhol and Basquiat, a Lucite piano, his four Grammys, photos of his late mother, actress Roxie Roker, and the couch and chandelier he designed.

KRAVITZ: It always made me feel good. It made the music sound better, you know, if the lighting was right, if everything was good. And I think it just goes hand in hand with everything that I do creatively.

CHO: In 2003 he founded Kravitz Design, a residential, commercial and product design company, with a real office in New York with real workers and real projects.

KRAVITZ: It`s the same way I make my music. It`s the same philosophy. I mean, I`m very detail-oriented. If you put me in a room that`s perfect except for one flaw, my eye goes right to the flaw. It`s kind of a sickness, you know, my attention to detail. But that`s the way I am.

CHO: He`s designed condos and hotel suites in Miami, wall tiles, wallpaper, and these chairs for Cartel called Mademoiselle, something he calls haute couture meets rock `n` roll.

Does one help the other?

KRAVITZ: Yes. Because when I`m doing music, I need a break from music. Doesn`t mean I want to stop being creative.

CHO: How do you keep it all straight? You`re talking about tile designs in between gigs?

KRAVITZ: Absolutely. You have to.

CHO: And this is just the beginning.

KRAVITZ: Well, the plan is to make it a lifestyle brand. That`s been, you know, my dream for this company in the same way, you know, you would see a Ralph Lauren. When people say that they enjoy something or something gives them pleasure, the music, a couch, whatever it may be, it`s just a great gift to be able to share something with other people.


HAMMER: Who knew Lenny Kravitz had such passion and talent for design. Really a fascinating piece there from CNN`s Alina Cho.

And here is something you definitely don`t want to miss from Alina, "Fashion: Backstage Pass" from Paris, with Alina Cho, debuting tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. Eastern on CNN.

And SHOWBIZ is on location at the newtube, the brand new evidence of the future of TV`s on the web.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The fun thing about this, is there`s a little bit more kind of just free-wheeling nature to it. Everyone is just kind of running around doing stuff. We don`t necessarily know what`s going to happen.


HAMMER: A-list stars, big budget projects, incredible sets. We`re going on set of the hottest new web series to show you why the Internet may be the new TV. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ on location at the newtube. We are on set of some of the hottest new shows in entertainment, and get this -- they are all brand new web series. That`s right. Big budgets, A-list stars, incredible sets. Everything you would expect to see on a network show, and it`s all done for the web. So is the Internet about to kill TV? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter behind the scene of the Internet TV boom.


KAREEN WYNTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It has the makings of a major Hollywood set -- a soundstage, lights, cameras, actors, but this production isn`t heading to TV or even the big screen. It`s going directly to the web.


WYNTER: Welcome to the set of "The Book Club," a web series for Yomyom F (ph), a Youtube channel with more than 10 million views. It centers on four guys whose book club stories are turned into action-adventures. Hence all the flying ninjas. The series features "Community" star Danny Pudi and Parvesh Cheena from "Outsourced."

So what`s different about this when you compare it to the TV world or the movie world? Is it different? Are there drawbacks?

DANNY PUDI, ACTOR: The fun thing about this is that there is a little bit more of kind of just a free-wheeling nature to it. Everyone just kind of running around doing stuff. We don`t necessarily know what`s going to happen at any moment.

PARVESH CHEENA, ACTOR: And we don`t have to be constrained by time. Because one episode might be two minutes, the other might be seven.

WYNTER: The often unconstraining, flexible nature behind the web series production is one of the reasons it`s rapidly evolving and becoming the Wild West of show business, with web series shoots popping up all over the place.

This is the set of "IMO." It`s a daily teen talk show for the Youtube channel Awesomeness TV. And speaking of awesome, these are the stars.

Do you think web series, the idea of having a web series and a popular show will ever kind of rise to the level of those staple TV shows that we`ve all grown up and loved?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it`s starting to.


GRACIE DZIENNY, IMO: With the channels on Youtube, I think it`s already starting to become that. I feel like people subscribe and they will make sure they tune in for that one video that`s on that day. It`s almost like the Internet is becoming the new television.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The Internet killed television.

WYNTER: Well, TV is not quite dead, but some major stars have already made the move to original content for the web.

The Ben Stiller produced comedy "Burning Love" is burning up Yahoo! And Jessica Alba, Tom Hanks and Jerry Seinfeld are just some of the few of the premiere names backing new web entertainment. And let`s not forget about Ashton Kutcher. We recently sat in on a pitch meeting at the web savvy superstar`s production company Catalyst.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right now we have six ideas.

WYNTER: Where producers were brainstorming ideas for the Youtube channel Machinamach (ph), which boasts more than 4.5 million subscribers and 3.5 billion views. With the potential for that many eyeballs, more advertisers and more A-list stars are surfing the web series phenomenon, says producer Kyle Sonia.

KYLE SONIA, PRODUCER: I see the writing on the wall. I mean, just look at what kind of web growth in the last five years. The train coming down the tracks. Smart people are going to get on board and help them do it, rather (ph) than stand in it way.

WYNTER: Right now, nothing seems to be stopping the web series locomotive.


HAMMER: That`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter aboard the web series locomotive.

Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is on location at the pop culture fan frenzy known as Comic-con, and we`re bringing you this.




HAMMER: SHOWBIZ first look at the movie everyone at Comic-con is talking about, the prequel to the classic "Wizard of Oz."



HAMMER: It`s a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, SHOWBIZ on location. And we`re at the pop culture phenomenon called Comic-con. Thousands of fans are in San Diego right now devouring everything from comic books to the hottest new Hollywood flicks. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner is in the middle of that huge party, and she has got a very special first look at the movie that every Comic-con fan has been salivating to get a peek in. Nischelle?

TURNER: Oh, absolutely, A.J. You know, there`s a couple of movies here that there`s been some buzz about, but none more than "Oz, the Great and Powerful." This is like the prequel to the "Wizard of Oz." Every fan at Comic-con here has really been buzzing about this and is ready to get their hands on to a sneak peek.

Now, this is a Sam Raimi movie, and he brought us the "Spider-man" movies, and he`s bringing us this one. It`s James Franco as a Kansas magician who gets swept up into this mystical land of Oz, and today I`ve got your SHOWBIZ TONIGHT first look at Oz.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: See the most wondrous sights imaginable.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Kansas is full of good men. I don`t want to be a good man. I want to be a great one.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re going to need this!


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re in Oz. Are you the great man we`ve been waiting for?


TURNER: Ooh, it`s dark and delicious looking, doesn`t it? And it reminds me of kind of like "Wicked" for the fellows, right, A.J.?

HAMMER: I would say that`s actually a pretty good call. Have a great time there this weekend at Comic-con. Great to see you, Nischelle.

As we move on tonight, why was a man tased three times by police for jaywalking? Terrifying ordeal was all caught on tape, but the cops responsible say there`s a lot more to the story than meets the eye. Jane Velez-Mitchell has that right now.