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Beauty Queen Resigns Over Porn Tape; Billionaire Plans to Build Titanic II; Dennis Rodman on Good-Will Mission in North Korea; Kid President Helps Promote White House Easter Egg Roll; Harry Styles Hit by Shoe Flung On-stage; The Battle of Baby Bumps: Kim Vs. Kate; Oscar Fashion; Chinese Executive`s Airport Flip-Out

Aired February 27, 2013 - 23:30   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight "SHOWBIZ Yikes." One Direction wonder Harry Styles, sure knows how to make a huge hit. But tonight, Harry is taking a huge hit. Yes, Harry taking one for the team as an adoring fan with no direction throws a shoe on stage and hits him in the place that guys likes to be hit. It`s Harry Styles` moment of horror, and you will see it, Caught on Tape for the ages.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT begins right now.

Hello and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

Tonight, we kick things off with a "SHOWBIZ Countdown," the top three stories breaking today that made us say, "They Did What?"

We begin with No. 3. It`s the teen beauty queen who just resigned for apparently making a cringe-worthy, totally not-safe-for-work, over-the-top porn video. Eighteen-year-old Melissa King, who was named Miss Delaware Teen USA, quit after the video went crazy viral. And again, trust me: you don`t want to call this one up at work. But let`s watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So what made you want to do your very first adult video?

MELISSA KING, RESIGNED FROM MISS DELAWARE TEEN USA: I thought it would be fun. And I needed the money, so I just decided to do it.


HAMMER: Yes. Not such a smart decision. King would have been competing in Donald Trump`s Miss Teen USA pageant. In just a moment you`re going to see what Donald Trump himself told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT just this afternoon.

Ralphie Aversa has worked as a judge in Trump`s Miss Universe pageant organization, which runs Miss Teen USA. And Ralphie is also the host of "The Ralphie Show" on 95.5, PLJ in New York.

Great having you here, Ralphie.


HAMMER: So at first, King reportedly denied the video had her in it, which is strange to me, and it became difficult for her in the end, because the girl in the video looks and sounds like her, is the same age as her, and even says she does beauty pageants. Let`s watch some more.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How long ago did you turn 18?

KING: About three months ago, March.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s pretty interesting, you`re actually a miss -- Miss Teen? For a certain state. I`m not going to say the state or anything like that. You do beauty pageants?

KING: I`ve done them, yes.



HAMMER: Yes, I`ve done them, not any more. Ralphie, she didn`t have any choice but to quit, did she?

AVERSA: No, not at all. And, you know, when you win a state qualifier and then go on to compete in Miss Teen USA, A.J., you do have to sign a contract. There`s a number of things outlined in that contract. And certainly, things like this are kind of covered in there, as well, because you can`t make the organization look bad at the end of the day.

If the organization is going to live on and move forward and get other women to sign up, it needs to save face, and people get reputations. Something like this obviously does not help that.

HAMMER: You remember the old rap song, what people do for money. And she obviously will not be competing in Donald Trump`s Miss Teen USA pageants.

So what does Donald Trump think about all this? Well, of course, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT had to ask him this afternoon. He was promoting the new upcoming season of "Celebrity Apprentice." And here`s what he told us.


DONALD TRUMP, REAL ESTATE MOGUL: I feel very badly for Melissa. We had no choice. We didn`t know about this. Nobody told us about this. She resigned; she did the right thing.


HAMMER: Well, as you see, Trump obviously expressing pity for Melissa. And she has had her share of troubles in the past. She`s been in and out of foster homes since she was 12. Ralphie, I have to say, you know, it`s all fun to have a little fun with, but I kind of feel sorry for her. What about you?

AVERSA: Yes. No, it`s a troubling situation. And obviously, she`s young, and she still has a lot of her life ahead of her. So certainly, she can learn from this mistake and move on.

But she was in and out of foster homes, reportedly, from the age of 12 to 18. However, when she won the pageant this past fall, she was with her parents along with a pageant coach. So obviously -- she had won pageants in the past, prior to this. So she had a promising career ahead of her. Maybe she still does, A.J. You know, she has, I think, at 3,000 Twitter followers now, so...


AVERSA: Regardless, she`s going to have a platform after this.

HAMMER: So much scandal has followed the Miss Universe organization around. A lot of these things in years past -- I mean, look at this, in 2009 Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean, fired in part because of racy photos and a reported sex tape.

Trump let Miss USA 2006, Tara Conner, keep her crown after allegations of her partying with alcohol and some cocaine use. In the same year, Miss Nevada USA, Katie Reese lost her crown after some racy pics of her surfaced on the Internet.

Ralphie, quickly, do the pageants need to loosen their standards, if they`re not going to keep losing people?

AVERSA: Absolutely not, A.J. Because if they loosen their standards, then parents aren`t going to let their daughters compete in these things. And as somebody who`s interviewed so many of these women competing, I can`t tell you how, A.J., many aspiring doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs that I`ve spoken with. So this came as a shock to me, as well.

HAMMER: But for some reason, so many of them prone to scandal. All right. Always good to have you here, Ralphie. Thanks so much.

AVERSA: Thank you.

HAMMER: Well, what may be a titanic mistake takes us to No. 2 on our "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of stories breaking today that made us say, "They Did What?"

Australian billionaire Clyde Palmer just announced plans to build Titanic II. It`s actually a pretty cool-looking ship. Right?

This is going to be a new cruise ship modeled after the one that, of course, sank on its maiden voyage back in 1912, killing more than 1,500 people. He is building a ship modeled after the most legendary sea disaster in history. But the ship`s designer says this Titanic will be different.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I can assure you that, from a safety point of view, it will be absolutely the most safe cruise ship in the world when it`s been launched.


HAMMER: Safest cruise ship in the world? Didn`t they say that about the original Titanic? I kind of recall that.

Anybody who knows history or at least saw James Cameron`s masterpiece movie knows how that turned out.

But despite the movie and the real-life disaster, Palmer does expect his boat will be a bonanza that is so successful he`ll have to build a Titanic III. Imagine that.

Let me take this to actor and comedian Skyler Stone, joining us from Hollywood tonight. Also in Hollywood, Michelle Visage, blogger for and also a judge. You recognize her from the Logo network show, "RuPaul`s Drag Race."

So I hear Titanic II, and I`m now thinking, what`s next? The Hindenburg II? Skyler, would you travel on Titanic II?

SKYLER STONE, ACTOR: Absolutely not. I mean, I know when people hear Titanic, they think Celine Dion. They think, you know, Billy Zane getting cheated on. An old lady throwing a blue diamond out to sea. But the fact of the matter is, this is a great tragedy. Like, you know, when a tragedy happens, you don`t continue using the name. They don`t still call it United Flight 93. They retired that number. You`re not going to see me opening any Egyptian hot-air balloon company tomorrow. You just don`t -- you throw it aside. You don`t say it any more. You know?

HAMMER: Now, Michelle, on the other hand, I`m thinking, what are the odds that the next Titanic would actually go down, right? Maybe it will be a safe bet?

MICHELLE VISAGE, BLOGGER, WORLDOFWONDER.NET: Look, I think the chances are fine, as far as the safety of the ship. But -- and the drama, the whole idea. You know, they`re redoing the whole thing: costumes, no TVs, no Internet, full experience. And I think the drama of it all is what is attracting the people. So anybody who`s a thrill-seeker or wants to do this.

By the way, this is going to be for the wealthy.

HAMMER: Oh, yes.

VISAGE: This is not going to be for the average people. So I think it`s going to be immediately huge.

HAMMER: Yes, immediately huge. But then will it continue to be huge is the question? And you bring up...

VISAGE: It won`t.

HAMMER: ... some of the -- right, some of the features that it may have with these similarities and differences between the old and the new Titanic. One similarity being that Titanic II will be roughly the same size as the original, which is small by today`s standards.

On board, the experience will be the same. You`ll have members wearing 1912-style uniforms. You`ll get to eat selections from the original menu. That are -- you know, modern fresh food. It will be served on board.

Big difference: Palmer says there will be enough life boats for everybody on the new Titanic. Obviously and sadly, that wasn`t the case on the original.

Skyler, Palmer says, as Michelle alluded to, people are going to line up to pay a million bucks to travel on Titanic II. It is already happening. Does that surprise you?

STONE: That surprises me, big time. I can`t even imagine paying $5 to get on that thing. You can`t catch me getting on a ride that`s named after a disaster. You know what I mean? I`m not going to go into a post office called the Timothy McVeigh Post Office. You know?

HAMMER: It is synonymous. It will be impossible to get away from that. And some people are saying it is disrespectful to the lives that were lost on the original ship.

But speaking of disasters, we`re now up to what could, quite possibly, be the most disastrous decision in the history of American diplomacy.

Here`s what`s No. 1 on our "SHOWBIZ Countdown." It`s things that made us say, "They Did What?" Sending Dennis Rodman to North Korea? Yes. The super-flamboyant ex-basketball player just arrived there with three members of the Harlem Globetrotters to film a show for HBO.

Now, we all know relations between the U.S. and North Korea have been tense because of that country`s nuclear program. But Rodman`s visit is being called ambassadorial.

Michelle, sending Dennis Rodman to North Korea just makes me laugh saying it. Is there any way that that`s a good idea? Or is it just simply a bad idea?

VISAGE: Well, ambassadorial is just ridiculous. I mean, there`s no anything to support that.

But I can say, as a reward to them testing their nuclear missiles, we send them the worm.

And the good thing is for Dennis Rodman. Everyone gets softened standing next to the Harlem Globetrotters. There`s a few of them over there with him. His image is going to get softened a little bit.

But meanwhile, he thought he was in South Korea. He didn`t know what he was doing, where he was going.

HAMMER: yes.

VISAGE: It makes no sense.

HAMMER: Not a good start. Just a -- quickly, Skyler, from you. Here`s a little factoid. North Korea`s new leader, Kim Jong-un, is said to be a fan of Rodman`s old team, the Michael-Jordan era Chicago Bulls.

So Skyler, is this a good idea?

STONE: It`s a great idea. We keep sending smart, competent men to talk to these terrorists, and they don`t know what to do. You send crazy to talk to crazy.


STONE: We may actually get some peace talks done. These are two crazy men. They speak crazy.

HAMMER: Very, very good idea. Yes, there won`t need to be an interpreter in the room. I never thought of that.


STONE: Absolutely.

HAMMER: ... thank you both so much.

Well, if Dennis Rodman seems clueless to you, I can tell you One Direction`s Harry Styles just got knocked senseless. Oh, the horror. Harry Styles takes what I`m thinking is the hardest hit of his life. It`s "SHOWBIZ Yikes," coming up.

And did Jack Nicholson`s infamous womanizing just get Caught on Tape at the Oscars, of all places?


JENNIFER LAWRENCE, ACTRESS: I love all your movies.

JACK NICHOLSON, ACTOR: You look like an old girlfriend.



LAWRENCE: Do I look like a new girlfriend?

NICHOLSON: I thought about it.

LAWRENCE: Oh, my God.


HAMMER: Wow. Jack meets Jennifer. Was the legendary actor putting the moves on Oscar night`s biggest star for the whole country to see there? I reveal tonight`s most shocking moments "Caught on Tape."



HAMMER: Now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Geico`s 15 Minutes of Fame."


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: President, it looks like you got my message?

ROBBIE NOVAK, KID PRESIDENT: Yes, Mr. President, I got your message. This is historic, the White House Easter egg roll. Kids dancing and rolling. I`m in.


HAMMER: How cool is that? That is 9-year-old Robbie Novak. The YouTube sensation known as the Kid President. And now, as we see, he`s helping the real commander in chief get the word out about the all-important White House Easter egg roll.

The Kid President is enjoying his 15 Minutes of Fame for his brilliant and adorable videos. Robbie has become famous for videos that he`s been posting since October on a Web site. It was actually created by Rainn Wilson. We of course know Rainn as Dwight on "The Office."

Check out Robbie`s pep talk for kids.


NOVAK: What if Michael Jordan had quit? Oh, he didn`t quit, he retired. Yes, that`s it. He retired. But before that, from high school, what if he had quit when he didn`t make the team? He would have never made "Space Jam." And I love "Space Jam."


HAMMER: Skyler Stone is with me tonight from Hollywood. So this Kid President even got the attention of President Obama himself, who, as we saw, just asked Robbie to do this video promoting the Easter egg roll.

Skyler, how do you see him extending his 15 minutes of fame? Because I`m thinking, you`ve got to work it when you`ve got the presidential seal of approval, of all things.

STONE: Well, the kid`s adorable. He`s going to have his own sitcom in no time. That`s not a question.

But what is a question is, how do we have $85 million in budget cuts happening this Friday, and the president is focusing on dealing with a little 9-year-old rolling hard-boiled eggs across the lawn for Easter? Like they`re planning event with hard-boiled eggs. We`ve got hot button issues to deal with. I don`t think the president should be messing around with, you know, planning an Easter egg roll.

HAMMER: Hot-button issues versus hard-boiled eggs. You make a pretty good point. It`s all part of the job, though.

Let me go to entertainment journalist Jill Simone. She`s in Hollywood tonight. Jill, as far as Robbie is concerned, do you see him maybe staying famous until he`s -- I don`t know -- 35 years old, when perhaps he`ll be old enough to legally run for president? That would be pretty awesome.

JILL SIMONE, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: Who`s to say in this day and age of social media. Right?

What I love about this kid, though, I`m going to say, is that, A, you know, he`s gotten the attention of the president. But he`s smart, he`s adorable, and he`s putting forth a positive message.

The fact that people have already latched onto this kid with over 4 million YouTube views of this video is to me a good thing. And if he can capitalize on it and create a career in entertainment for himself, that continues that positive a message, he`s got my vote.

Create a cabinet, that`s what I say. He`s going to create his own cabinet now.

HAMMER: Exactly. Good luck to you, Robbie.

Well, he`s not the only 9-year-old pint-sized viral video star tonight. No, we also have Little Poopy known as the Coke boy. But there are a lot of people who want his 15 minutes to end right this minutes, because of his videos which channel the most raunchy and misogynistic hip-hop videos. Watch this.




HAMMER: I don`t get it. Poopy`s videos like that are so offensive, police actually asked Child Protective Services to investigate his father for alleged child abuse and neglect. I don`t know. Skyler, do you think the kid deserves any fame at all, let along 15 minutes?

STONE: No, I mean, I`m a step-father to two kids. I mean, he`s pretty, like -- I was trying to find something really funny about this. And really, his name is the only thing that`s really funny. Little Poopy. I laugh ever -- I can barely say it out loud without laughing.

But I can`t believe this kid is doing this. I couldn`t even finish the video. I was like, "What is this?"

HAMMER: Yes. He`s doing this, and clearly, I mean, you look at the production value here, he`s got a lot of people behind him, who for some reason, probably money, think it`s OK.

I don`t think it is. Skyler, Jill, thank you very much.

Let`s move on right now to some more pint-sized news tonight. Why not? The "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of the "Battle of the Baby Bumps." We`ve got to deliver this. With Kim Kardashian versus Kate Middleton in the top three "Battle of the Baby Bumps" tonight. Yes, America`s American TV royalty going up against British royalty. Who will come out on top in this fierce competition?

Well, I can tell you who`s not winning at all tonight, One Direction`s Harry Styles. Ouch! Harry`s big hit. The moment we imagine Harry`s ex, Taylor Swift has perhaps just put on a loop. It`s coming up.



HAMMER: Tonight, "SHOWBIZ Yikes." That is One Direction`s Harry Styles recovering a shoe thrown on stage at a concert in Scotland by an adoring fan. What happens next? You`ve just got to see that. Because moments later, things go totally in the wrong direction. Watch this.




Yikes. Hit right in the place that guys don`t like to get hit, if you know what I mean. Actor and comedian Skyler Stone back with us now from Hollywood.

Now, I don`t know whether to laugh or cringe when I watch this, Skyler. Are you thinking, though, perhaps Harry`s ex-, Taylor Swift, might be laughing her butt off somewhere as she`s watching this clip over and over and over again?

STONE: She might be laughing. I can`t stand her as much as I can`t stand him. But I mean, seriously, this is absolutely hilarious. Like, you know, I know that there was a shoe bomb terrorist back in the day. This guy is a shoe hero. I mean, I want to go fund this guy`s whole campaign. I want to get together the person that threw the flour at the Kardashians, this shoe guy right here, and then I want to put them in a nice construction hat to be flung at a Jonas Brother. I want to get a whole revolution of just flying things at, you know, D-bags. That would be great.

HAMMER: All right. Well, Skyler, I don`t think that was the point here. Because this wasn`t some guy who as out to get Harry Styles. This was actually a young girl who hurled her shoes and she was revealed...

STONES: How do we know that, though?

HAMMER: Well, because she was revealed today. And she confessed to a Scottish newspaper that she simply wanted Harry to touch something that belonged to her, so she thought that was a good idea to throw the shoe up there. But she almost got tossed out of the concert.

She did, however, get her shoes back, so it kind of worked out, Skyler. I`m actually thinking Harry is just happy that it was a shoe and not some pointy boot or something like that.

STONE: Absolutely. But you know, you never know. It might have been a Trojan horse operation. Maybe she`s still working for somebody. Maybe she`s just posing as a fan, at least that`s what I hope.

HAMMER: OK. I see. It`s a little covert operation.

There`s something else that made us say yikes today. A lot of people buzzing about this, perhaps not as much as they`d like to be buzzing. A $5 million class-action lawsuit filed against Anheuser-Busch, makers of Bud and Michelob, claiming they`re watering down the suds. Beer lovers are outraged. The company says it is groundless.

Skyler, are you outraged?

STONE: I`m not outraged, because I`m a smart, competent 33-year-old male. Like, I know not to drink Budweiser. Like, if you drink Budweiser, you`re white trash. You know what I mean? Like, what are you going to do, like sue McDonald`s and say that Big Mac`s give you gas? Like, I think it`s pretty obvious that it tastes like water. You know what I mean? There`s nothing to stand here. You know?

HAMMER: And we thank you for your competence, Skyler. Thanks for being here.

How is this for a big yikes tonight? Oscar winner Anne Hathaway`s shocking apology for what she did at the Oscars. So Anne pulled a last-minute Oscar move that has her asking for forgiveness tonight. I`ll reveal to you what that is.

Plus, the absolutely outrageous "SHOWBIZ Caught on Tape" that is now a global YouTube sensation.




HAMMER: Yes, I`ve seen this before. This is a business executive who went on an airport rampage after he missed his flight. This happens to be some of the best worst behavior you`re ever going to see. Of course, it`s all "Caught on Tape."


And it`s time now for "SHOWBIZ Say What?" Tonight it`s the Oscar photo bomb. You`ve got "Modern Family`s" Jesse Tyler Ferguson jumping into Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr`s red carpet spotlight. I`m guessing Miranda and Orlando were thinking, three`s company. But what do you think was on Jesse`s mind?

Well, you can let us know by sharing your thought bubble with us at the Fill in the thought bubble. We`re going to share our favorite answers tomorrow right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



LAWRENCE: I love all your movies.

NICHOLSON: You look like an old girlfriend.



LAWRENCE: Do I look like a new girlfriend?

NICHOLSON: I thought about it.

LAWRENCE: Oh, my God.


HAMMER: Right now, "SHOWBIZ Caught on Tape." Jack`s Oscar pickup. Jack Nicholson crashes Jennifer Lawrence`s Oscar interview. So was the legendary actor really trying to pick up the Oscar star on-air? Well, we`ve got the tape. You make the call.

Plus, if you think Jack was being rude, well, just take a look at this guy.




HAMMER: Nice, a Chinese business executives` airport flipout. Can you believe no one`s stopping him in this thing? The video is flying around the world and I`m going to reveal the whole wild rampage to you. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer, and tonight in the SHOWBIZ Countdown, it`s Kim versus Kate in the top three battles of the baby bumps. From America`s reality TV royalty to real deal British royalty. The competition is fierce, I tell you. Kim Kardashian, obviously, doing anything but keeping a low profile since she announced her big baby news. She`s got a brand new mommy blog, she`s got new magazine spreads and she was just showing off her bump at plenty of post Oscar parties.

Well, Duchess Catherine has only made one official appearance since her royal baby buzz started. But wow, people are just so obsessed with every single step of her pregnancy, so the question is: who will come out on top in this battle? Well, let`s get the countdown rolling right now, and we begin at number three with who has got the better posse? I mean think about this, it is certainly amazing for Kate to get to have tea with the Queen of England and to get to play polo with the Prince of Wales, right? But is that more fun than perhaps traveling the world with the queen and king of the music scene? Beyonce and Jay-Z. My guests are ready to duke it out tonight. With me from Hollywood, Nikki Pennie who is a former friend and former stylist to Duchess Catherine. Also, joining us, Jill Simonian who is an entertainment journalist, who writes all about being a mom on her blog called ""

So, Nikki, let me fire it off to you right away, because I think this is actually a tough call, who`s got the better posse, Kate or Kim?

NIKKI PENNIE, FORMER STYLIST TO DUCHESS CATHERINE: Definitely, Kate in my opinion. I mean Kim may be about to go into hip-hop royalty with Kanye, and as much as I love Jay-Z, there`s nothing bigger than actual royalty. And Kate`s, you know, about to have the future king or queen of England, and I think that trumps Kim massively.

HAMMER: Are you partial because you`re British? I mean tell me the truth here.

PENNIE: Kind of. I am biased, but I do - I do really think that, you know, that royalty, you cannot buy that, no matter how much money you have, you cannot buy the royal title.

HAMMER: Tea with the Queen of England? Can you imagine that? Well, we`ve seen Kim and her boyfriend Kanye West side by side with Jay-Z and Beyonce at award shows and at concerts. But some critics have actually been sort of questioning Kim`s friendship with Beyonce and how real it actually is. So, Kim actually had the chance to just set the record straight on the "Sway in the Morning" show. Let`s watch what she said.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s always been a rumor that Beyonce doesn`t get along with you.

KIM KARDASHIAN: That is so not true. Like it`s - she couldn`t be the - a more -- like the sweetest person, seriously, one of the sweetest people I`ve ever met. She`s so sweet, I have no idea where these things come from. It`s - you know, I don`t know why people -- I think they just like to make up these feuds, it`s more interesting.


HAMMER: No, it certainly is more interesting. I don`t know how made up it is. But Jill, let me go to you now. And I believe you`re a full blooded American, so I`m curious to see which side you fall on here.


HAMMER: Who has got the better posse in your eyes between Kate and Kim?

SIMONIAN: All right, better posse, let`s be frank about this. Who`s got the better posse to me, equals more fun, and to me it is a heck of a lot of fun to be able to go to the best concerts, the best vacations, go on the best yachts, have the best clothes, that is fun, it`s true, I agree, that you cannot compete with royalty, but Kim and Kanye`s baby is going to have the most fabulous world at their fingertips. And for my blog, the, that`s what I`m going to be writing about the fabulousity (ph) of that baby.

HAMMER: OK, look, I don`t want to start a whole another war here between our two nations, so we`ll leave this one behind and get on to number two in our SHOWBIZ Countdown. It`s the maternity fashion war. The Catherine - we all know - caused a major frenzy when she debuted her baby bump in that gray wrap dress. Kim Kardashian made huge headlines wearing this hot pink form fitting gown, she just went to some post Oscar parties in another bump revealing dress, and now Kim is even blogging about her new favorite designer maternity jeans by Jan Brand. So, here is our SHOWBIZ Countdown question on this: Nikki, I`m going to you with who wins the maternity fashion war, I think I know who you`re going to say, but please go ahead.

PENNIE: Well, I have to say, A.J., it`s so interesting that now Kim and Kate have one thing in common in terms of maternity fashion. They both are big fans of J. Brand which overseas what Kim - tweets about on her mommy blog and Kate wears J. Brand all the time. And I`m sure she`s going to be wearing her maternity - the maternity jeans as well. But I have to say, I love that Kim is really embracing her maternity status, and really just letting it all hang out literally.


PENNIE: And she`s really going for the high - she`s going for the high fashion. She`s wearing every high fashion brand from Prabble Garang (ph) to Julien MacDonald. And she`s wearing things that are coming right off the runway. And I think it`s because she`s being dressed by her significant other, Kanye West ...


PENNIE: And not - she by herself. And she`s really being very sexy and making - being very adventurous with fashion. And obviously getting a lot of headlines because of that. And Kate on the other hand is going the complete opposite direction and she couldn`t be any more demure and elegant and timeless. And she`s basically just wearing things that suit her and flatter and almost kind of hide her bump in a nice, you know, elegant way.


PENNIE: And Kim is like completely the opposite.

HAMMER: Well, here`s the thing, that was all really terrific information. I don`t think you actually answered the question, I need to know who`s side you`re on, because, you know, I need to know if you`re going against the motherland or not.

PENNIE: Well, I`m definitely not going against the motherland, A.J.


PENNIE: I`m definitely with Kate.


PENNIE: I`m definitely with Kate.

HAMMER: All right, but you mentioned some really terrific points. And Jill, something that I have noticed. And I have a feeling people are probably communicating with you on your blog and responding to what you`re writing about this, there is so much interest and so much more than I could have imagined, and maybe it`s because I`m a guy, at what the fashions are for each of these women as they`re going through the pregnancies.

SIMONIAN: Well, maternity fashions for celebrities in general are always a huge topic because A, women in general are interested in fashion. And, of course, once you become pregnant and become a mom, you`re definitely interested in to see what celebrities are wearing and you sort of contrast and compare, and, you know, have favorites and so forth. To me, I am not going to pick sides on this, A.J. But here`s - I`m going to - I know you`re not going to be happy about this, but I`m going to say that each woman in my own, you know, in my own right is rocking it, because they`re each sticking to their own specific styles. And they`re very different women of, you know, different backgrounds and shapes and sizes. And that as a regular mom is inspiring to look at different women with different body types during pregnancy sticking to their own personal style.

HAMMER: OK. All right, Jill. Is she allowed to not answer and not take sides? Is that - does it break the rules? No.


HAMMER: Really, you didn`t sign anything that said you actually had to answer the questions. Well, let us move on.

SIMONIAN: Exactly.

HAMMER: And soon number one on our SHOWBIZ Countdown Battle of the Baby Bumps, it`s Kim versus Kate, star baby frenzy. Now, when Kate first stepped out to debut her baby bump. We all know the crowd just went berserk. Let`s watch.




HAMMER: And, of course, Kim`s baby bump debut was more like a paparazzi feeding frenzy. That was pretty calm, relatively speaking. So I got to ask, Kim versus Kate`s baby, which baby is the world more excited to see? And we may be falling again on lines of nationality, Nikki, but I need to know your take.

PENNIE: Obviously, A.J., my answer is Kate, because it`s the future - it`s the future heir of the - you know, the - if it`s a boy or a girl, it`s going to be the future king or queen of England. And that is massive. For me, that`s more important than Kimye the baby.

HAMMER: Look, I think I have to agree with you on that. And it seems that SHOWBIZ Tonight viewers do as well. Let me throw up these results from out SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll. It reveals, as you see here, more people want to see Kate`s baby by a landslide. 95 percent. Jill, do you think that does accurately reflect how most people feel?

SIMONIAN: I think it accurately reflects how most people voted. Because if you are in tune with Kim Kardashian and her over 17 million Twitter followers, I think that there are a lot more people interested in Kim`s baby than they want to admit. And I might be one of them. But, yes, royalty is history and there`s much more, you know, worldly importance, of course, with the royal baby being born. But I think more people are interested in Kim`s baby than they want to admit. That`s just my take.

HAMMER: Oh, than they want to admit. Well, that is almost understandable, because I do meet a lot of people who will say to me sort of under their breath, I do watch "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" all the time. Just don`t tell anybody.

SIMONIAN: Yeah, exactly.

HAMMER: All right, Nikki and Jill, thank you both.

SIMONIAN: And you watch ...

PENNIE: I do as well. I do as well.

HAMMER: He stole all of our worlds in all of our nations.

And we move now from the big baby bump battle to the big Oscar pickup? All right, did the legendary Jack Nicholson really just try to pick up Jennifer Lawrence on network TV right after her Oscar win? Jack crashing Jennifer`s interview on "Good Morning, America." I just got to know, was he actually hoping for some digits or is Jack just being nice and saying hello?

Plus, what about this epic tantrum at an airport caught on tape.




HAMMER: Wow, the Chinese business executive who just gave a whole new meaning to bad behavior. I`m going to reveal his entire wild meltdown. It`s SHOWBIZ "Caught on Tape." This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.



GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ABC NEWS: If you want to talk politics we can.

JACK NICHOLSON, ACTOR: You did such a beautiful job. I don`t mean to crash your interview.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE, ACTRESS: Thank you. Yeah. You are being rude.



HAMMER: Wow. It`s SHOWBIZ Trending. And I love this. Newly minted Oscar-winning Jennifer Lawrence giving Oscar-winning legend Jack Nicholson the business. As he crashes her interview. Welcome back on A.J. Hammer in New York. This was a rare moment caught on tape. And it`s topping SHOWBIZ Trending today. Jennifer Lawrence obviously just awestruck by Jack Nicholson, how could she not be. But the blogosphere is still going bonkers today over Jack`s motives, because people are wondering about this theory: was the 75-year-old actually hitting on the 22-year-old? Judge for yourself here.


NICHOLSON: Enjoy the night. I loved you in the movie. It was great.

LAWRENCE: Thank you. I loved all your movies.

NICHOLSON: You look like an old girlfriend of mine.

LAWRENCE: Oh, really?

NICHOLSON: Oh, yeah.

LAWRENCE: Do I look like your new girlfriend?


NICHOLSON: I thought about it.


LAWRENCE: Oh, my God.


LAWRENCE: Is he still here?

NICHOLSON: I`ll be waiting.

LAWRENCE: Oh my God!


LAWRENCE: I need a rearview mirror.


HAMMER: Jack, I mean can you imagine what was going through her mind? That was just priceless. Let me bring in the experts on this. With me now from Hollywood, Shira Lazar from " Shira, I`ve got to know what`s going on here? Was Jack just playing around when it seemed like he was fawning over Jennifer? Was he genuinely flirting here? What was the deal?

SHIRA LAZAR, WHATSTRENDING.COM: Who knows with him, right? You never know. Because he`s such an epic Hollywood icon, and she`s now the new Hollywood princess. And this just blew up the social media space. Everyone was capturing the images, creating GIFs out of them. And it`s just this incredible backstage moment that was even better than the moment that she tripped while accepting her award. Because, you know, this could be real. He could actually want some Jennifer Lawrence action. Maybe in another movie.

HAMMER: What`s great is, when you see the smile on Jack`s face. He seems to genuinely be gushing in and excited to be doing this. I don`t know, it was pretty weird. But I want to bring in another expert on the subject in many ways. Michelle Visage, who`s a blogger on And I`ve seen the way the men hit on you out there in Hollywood, Michelle. So, you know full on, was Jack being a full on flirt here?

MICHELLE VISAGE, WORLDOFWONDER.NET: Look, I think that he is notorious for this. This is what he does. I think he was having fun with it, and you couldn`t fall in love with Jennifer Lawrence more than the world is at this very moment. She is charming, endearing, vulnerable, and I think she totally knew. I mean, it was clear, she was in a legend`s presence, and she was totally going along with it, loved every minute of it.

HAMMER: This is going to go down as one of her greatest moments of working in the business of all time. Can you imagine, Jack Nicholson, by the way, it`s great to see Jack. He`s been conspicuously absent I think recently. So he`s obviously doing well. And Jack, it`s good to have you back.

Jennifer Lawrence not the only Oscar winner who is trending today. Anne Hathaway is also trending. This is for her brand new apology over her last minute Oscar dress switch. Now, she was expected to wear Valentino. That was her long-time favorite designer. They even sent out a press release announcing that, but instead she showed up in Prada. Here`s what she told "People" magazine about that. "It came to my attention late Saturday night that there would be a dress worn to the Oscars that is remarkably similar to the Valentino I intended to wear, and so I decided it was best for all involved to change my plans. I deeply regret get any disappointment caused." Now, Anne was reportedly referring to the dress that Amanda Seyfried wore to the Oscars. Why do you think this sparked such a frenzy online? This really got people`s attention.

LAZAR: Because people are waiting for her to appear at the Oscars, on the red carpet, and finally she appears, and she`s like the lady of the evening. People are hoping she`s going to win best supporting actress. And then she shows up in this dress that`s draping and a bit awkward, with a bit of attention on the upper half of her body. Questionably. Not sure if it`s pointing (ph) because it`s cold outside or because that`s the design of the dress. And that became the entire buzz of the evening with this dress.

HAMMER: She did get the wrath of Joan Rivers, I will tell you that. Did she really have to apologize, Michelle?

VISAGE: No. Look, I don`t want to say no, because she is a long time friend of Valentino and somewhat of a muse. So if you agree with a designer, it`s a really big deal if you choose this designer for the Oscars. This is not the Razzies, this is the Oscars, you`re wearing this on the red carpet. I think she needed to apologize to Valentino. By the way, that dress, that Valentino dress was a stunner. She would have had her own light, her own moment. Amanda would not have gotten in her way. It would have been fine. And she made an awful choice with that Prada dress in my opinion.

HAMMER: It`s so weird, all the drama that surrounds this show. Isn`t it? Shira Lazar, Michelle Visage, great to have you both here. Thank you.

And now from SHOWBIZ trending to SHOWBIZ caught on tape. The business executive who has just become a global Youtube star for all the wrong reasons.




HAMMER: That top executives air rage was so extreme, he didn`t even make it on to the plane before he flipped out. Of course, it`s all caught on tape. I am revealing his entire tirade tonight. Trust me, this is one of the craziest things you`re ever going to see. This is SBT, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN.


HAMMER: Tonight, "SHOWBIZ" caught on tape. There`s air rage and then there`s air rampage. That`s what a big time executive in China just went on. This guy ripped out computers, he tried to smash a glass window, and he generally just tore up the entire boarding area as you see. And yeah, as you guessed, every single second of the guy`s tantrum caught on tape. Now, he`s the kind of Youtube star you hope to never become. CNN`s Jeanne Moos has the whole wild story for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Fasten your seat belts. Extreme turbulence ahead. Chinese executive traveling with his family missed not one, but two flights. And when he, his wife and two sons weren`t allowed to board after missing the second flight`s boarding announcement, what went flying was computer equipment.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: On this episode of "China Uncensored," watch a Chinese official go nuts.

MOOS: Watch bystanders back off. Get me away from this guy. Who turned out to be Yim Lin Ku (ph), the vice chairman of a state-run mining company and an adviser on a Chinese political committee. Not to mention an expert desk kicker, though that might have hurt. He definitely meant to hurt the glass doors leading to the airplane, and when he couldn`t break through, he slammed the sign on the desk.

And just in case the husband may have missed a little something, his wife picked up an object and smashed it on the floor. We haven`t seen a rampage like this since a British guy ransacked a T-mobile store because they wouldn`t give him a refund. Or the drive-through customer who couldn`t get Chicken McNuggets because this Ohio McDonald`s was serving breakfast. She not only smacked the server, when they finally shut the window on her, she managed to smash a whole in it.

The McNugget slugger ended up being sentenced to 60 days in jail. She also paid a $1,500 fine for damages to the window. Funny thing was that 15 seconds after she broke the window, the next guy through the drive through was handed his food. The angry T-mobile guy ended up with fans.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What that guy did, kudos to him.

MOOS: But the air rage rampager has attracted comments like as, "what a contemptible, self-important arse." The Chinese air traffic system is a hive of delays, but there is little sympathy for tantrums from those considered elite. Yim (ph) has been suspended from his job and he`s already apologized, saying, "I failed to be a qualified political adviser as well as a good father." One of his sons seems to try to diffuse his dad, or at least disarm him. Eventually security stepped in. You, sir, are caught on camera. That`s no boarding pass, buddy.


HAMMER: That`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And if you think that was a rampage, wait until you se the lost footage from one of the most famous commercials ever. I`m talking about the legendary Grey Poupon ads from the `80s.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But, of course.


HAMMER: Tonight, the wild conclusion to the legendary "pardon me" ad. It`s our moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness. This is SBT. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Right now it`s time for SHOWBIZ awesomeness. This is where we name the most awesome moment of the day. Tonight I`d like you to climb aboard the SHOWBIZ time machine with me, because we`re going back to the `80s. Do you remember that legendary "pardon me" ad for Grey Poupon? You know it. One superrich guy in a Rolls-Royce passes the mustard to another super rich guy in a Rolls-Royce after he utters perhaps one of the most famous lines ever in advertising, "pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?"

So did you ever wonder what happened after that legendary passoff? Well, we have got the answer for you tonight. And apparently it`s a James Bond style high speed chase to get the mustard back. So pardon me, but would you kindly watch this ad?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Pardon me, but you`ve mistakenly taken off with my Grey Poupon.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I haven`t yet added it to my pork loin!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s not even eating that pork loin.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Time to punch some (inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Certainly, sir.


HAMMER: Who knew mustard could be so exciting.

Well, coming up next on "Dr. Drew on Call," the cross-examination of Jodi Arias continues. Dr. Drew`s expert panel breaks it down. "Dr. Drew" starts right now.