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CNN Live Event/Special

The Fourth In America. Aired 9-10p ET

Aired July 04, 2021 - 21:00   ET




DON LEMON, CNN HOST: Are you ready America? Are you ready? We are moments away from the start of the Washington fireworks. Welcome back everyone to CNN's Fourth in America. I'm Don Lemon and there she is.

DANA BASH, CNN CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: How are you Don? It is great to be here with an amazing view overlooking the White House, the Jefferson Memorial.

CNN has cameras circling our Capitol city to give you, the viewers at home, the best seat in the house. We're on the east side of the mall near the U.S. Capitol where the inauguration takes place. We're also on the western side of the mall by the Reflecting Pool, and also the Lincoln Memorial where people are gathered all the way up the Reflecting Pool to the steps. We're even a top the Washington Monument which will bring you images from the middle of the fireworks. And we're across the Potomac River in Arlington, Virginia.

LEMON: Beautiful.

BASH: And we're going to count down to this magnificent event marking America's 245th Independence Day.

Let's watch and listen to performances from the U.S. Army Field Band, the U.S. Navy Band, and the President's own U.S. Marine Band. We begin with America's national anthem.








[21:20:49] (MUSIC)



BASH: Don Lemon, this is the finale here in the skies of Washington, D.C. Unbelievable. You can see it on your screen, I can see it behind me.

This is the finale and all finale.

LEMON: Oh, my God.

BASH: I'll tell you that

LEMON: I'm speechless. I'm standing here about a day. This is -- I haven't seen anything like this, Dana, with fireworks, right, to be honest with you. In all my years, this is quite frankly, amazing. You said it before magnificent.

Let's listen.


LEMON: Wow. I mean, I was just standing here --

BASH: Oh, my goodness.

LEMON: -- in ow of what I'm -- what I was seeing on my screen. It's amazing.

BASH: It really is. I thought we saw the best fireworks in January for the inauguration, that topped it, for sure.

LEMON: Yes. I've got to say our thanks to the U.S. Army Field Band and the amazing Tasha Cobbs Leonard with that really gripping performance of "Lift Every Voice."

You know what, we thought that was amazing. Let's see New York City, I think is going to bring it. It's New York City's turned now. "The Big Apple" is about to light up the night, the light of the night sky with fireworks. A spectacular show.

Watch the show in the commercial. We're back in just a moment. Don't go anywhere. New York City is next.




DON LEMON, ANCHOR (voice-over): It is New York's turn right now. The Big Apple is showing off to the world. Here we go with New York's own Harlem Gospel Choir. (FIREWORKS DISPLAY AND MUSIC)




LEMON (voice-over): Wow! Oh, it's not over yet. New York City's fireworks finale is still yet to come. You can keep watching the fireworks during the break. Philadelphia's fireworks are also on deck. Don't go anywhere, a lot more to come.






LEMON (voice-over): Wow! How amazing was that? Dana, I don't know. It's a toss up between DC and New York City, I don't know. I don't know who won. I think they both won tonight.

DANA BASH (voice-over): I do too. I do too. And the finale, check this out. Now, that wasn't good enough before, this is the finale.

LEMON (voice-over): Isn't this crazy?


LEMON: Oh my God. Where I am people are applauding this firework show. They're standing up, standing ovation. Boats are honking their horns in the East River all over, it is amazing.

Dana, I have to tell you. I've got to be honest, after that finale, I think hands down it was New York City. Washington DC was great but New York City was like 25 minutes long with a spectacular firework show.


Fireworks coming out of the Empire State Building, the only thing they needed. The only thing they were missing is a Roman candle coming out of the Statue of Liberty. I'm done.

BASH: Listen, I'm not going to argue with you. New York was fantastic. And think about where New York was a year ago, you know. The city was absolutely on lockdown, and it's back to life. And there is good reason to be celebrating and lighting up the skies like New York City just did. So, so, spectacular. Though, I was actually here in Washington seeing it in-person, it was pretty, pretty good.

LEMON: It is. I'm not going to -- I can't decide. BASH: Well, take it all.

LEMON: It was amazing. Well, we got plenty more to come. There's a lot more to come more fireworks in Philadelphia, in Boston, in Nashville, Tennessee, in Jacksonville, Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Florida all on the way. Plus, we're going to take you to the concerts by Brad Paisley, the Black Eyed Peas and Bebe Rexha, all right here live on CNN.


LEMON: There is a very patriotic city that we're waiting to see and hear from, and that is none other than Philadelphia. The Liberty Bell, the Cradle of Freedom, Cradle of Liberty. I lived there for three years, Dana. And I love Philadelphia.

BASH: Do you really?

LEMON: I think second -- oh my gosh, yes. I worked at not at this station, our affiliate, KYW. I worked at WCIU.

BASH: So, you see the Art Museum there? And you see the fireworks starting. There we go. Let's listen in.

LEMON: Let's go to Philly.