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CNN Live Event/Special

We Love NYC: The Homecoming Concert; Concert May Resume Soon, Once Severe Weather Passes. Aired 9-10:30p ET

Aired August 21, 2021 - 21:00   ET


FRENCH MONTANA, RAPPER (via telephone): Yes, so, and we're performing tomorrow at summer jam at MetLife Stadium so -- if the hurricane doesn't hit.


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST (on camera): That's awesome. So --



COOPER: To look out and see, I mean, you, you know -- you know New York well, you know the Bronx well. What was it like to look out and see people from all the different boroughs, everybody just having a good time, people vaccinated, what was that like?

MONTANA: Oh, man, it was beautiful. It was beautiful, man. You know, seeing all the New Yorkers out there. And just like, we just left the weird space. So, everybody's happy to be outside, the energy was great.

And just having all my brothers and sisters on stage was -- it was beautiful. And it went all the way up came on. He just saw everybody go all the way up with us. It is felt great, because sure.

CHLOE MELAS, CNN ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER (on camera): And then -- and then, French, I got to ask you, LL Cool J, what was that phone call when he called you up and asked you to take the stage with him at this epic concert?

MONTANA: You know, LL Cool J, you know, they call him the GOAT. It was the first one with that name, Greatest Of All Time, man. You know, he dropped his first single on, you know, an 85 man, like, (INAUDIBLE), you know, stage with him is just -- is just beautifully amazing. Like he's one of my idols.

You know, like, I look up to all the work he had done and his definition of, you know, of the GOAT, you know, I'm saying. So, all of us, it was -- we was privileged to be on stage with him. You know, we learned -- everybody learned from somebody and got all of us learn from him.

ANDERSON: Were there other people that you met backstage that were -- I mean, it's always interesting when it's a whole big group of artists in one place that you don't normally get to necessarily see or meet.

MONTANA: Yes, definitely Busta Rhymes, Remy Martin. I think a lot of us haven't seen each other since before the pandemic. So, it was beautiful to see everybody especially rocking the stage.


MELAS: Well, where are you off to now, French? What are you up to? Are there any after-parties that are happening that now you get to go to or those canceled too?

MONTANA: We're going -- we're going shopping first. They left a couple of stores over for us to shop. Then after that, we're going to the after-party, New York City nightlife.

COOPER: All right. Well, listen, you have a great time. I appreciate you talking to us. Congratulations. It was amazing, great performance.


MONTANA: I have (INAUDIBLE). I like family. Thank you, I've always, you know, having me.

MELAS: We love you. I'm so glad that you called. Thanks for texting me back.

MONTANA: All right, take care.

COOPER: Wish you the best.

D.J. Cassidy is joining us on the phone. He was the D.J. for tonight's concert, is standing backstage, I understand, with our own Don Lemon.

D.J. Cassidy, it was really amazing to see you on that stage. What was it like to be there all throughout this? And were you -- were you surprised when it ended?

D.J. CASSIDY, AMERICAN DJ (via telephone): Hey, Anderson, I was extremely surprised. But you know, the weather and safety calls at unexpected times. It was an incredible experience. You know, I was born and raised in New York City not far from where I sit tonight in front of 60,000 people.

And to D.J. for 60,000 live in-person, millions on CNN, to make them many people dance, and smile, and move, and sing along in celebration of New York. And in celebration of the world coming back in many ways. It was incredible.

And I'm literally right now in Patti Smith's dressing room, next to Barry Manilow's dressing room, with CNN's own Don Lemon. Say hi, Don.

DON LEMON, CNN HOST (via telephone): Hi, Anderson.

COOPER: Hey, Don.

Wait so you all just hanging out. You got Barry Manilow, the next trailer Patti Smith, D.J. Cassidy, Don Lemon. I heard Elvis Costello is nearby, as well in another trailer?

CASSIDY: It's pretty much a torrential hang out right now back.

LEMON: We raided Jimmy Fallon's snacks, and now we're raiding Patti Smith's snack.

CASSIDY: Don came into my room asked me for iced tea and cup. Gayle King came in asking for napkins. I'm in Patti's dressing room, eating foods, barbecue potato chips. And we're all waiting to see if this goes back on.

And quite frankly, I hope it does. Because, you know, growing up you watch these Michael Jackson concerts at Wembley Stadium.



CASSIDY: With pouring rain, and you know --


COOPER: No, it's Diana Ross. I got -- I know I'm the only gay person around. So, I got to keep bringing this up. It's Diana Ross on stage in Central Park with her arms spread out wide, saying like, you know, I'm not leaving. I'm singing through the rain.

LEMON: You're not the only gay person around, Anderson, you remember that.


COOPER: (INAUDIBLE), you're there, thank you.

LEMON: -- and beautiful.

CASSIDY: Well, and listen, I don't -- I don't know --


COOPER: Don, if you're not standing there right now with your arms spread out wide, I -- that's how I'm envisioning you right now.

LEMON: My arms are spread out wide in a white sequined dress and a long Afro.

CASSIDY: Anderson, speaking of sequins -- speaking of sequins, Anderson, I don't know if you saw, but I had on a sequined jacket tonight, and I don't think it got quite enough exposure yet.

So, I'm hoping we go back because my sequined jacket wants a little more time on that stage.


COOPER: I saw it. I just want you to know, I saw -- I saw that D.J. Cassidy and I was very impressed.

CASSIDY: I'm happy you did. I'm ready to rock. Look, I'm here. I might not even put that back on. I'd like to hit the stage in exactly what I have on now.


COOPER: By the way, do you -- do you ever -- do you ever --


MELAS: He's with Patti Smith's trailer.

COOPER: I know. I --

MELAS: Let's get her on the phone.

COOPER: Well, I may not be happy too, but I don't know if she -- I figure she didn't want to.

MELAS: (INAUDIBLE) Cassidy, it's Chloe -- it's Chloe, would you get with -- could Patti Smith say hello?

LEMON: Patti is not here yet.

CASSIDY: I -- yes, I think she -- she's not sitting with us. We're in her room.


COOPER: Wait a minute, you all is just crashing Patti Smith's trailer, eating her snacks, and her (INAUDIBLE) Gayle King is taking Patti Smith's napkins?

CASSIDY: OK, this is the true story. Barry Manilow (INAUDIBLE) ran out of snack. So, me, and Don came into Patti's dressing room. We don't know if she was here or then you know the ladies' room whatever.

Don said he has four outfit changes left. Right now, he's been a little like casual linen ensemble. Wait, Patti has -- what is that? Champagne?

COOPER: Celebrities. They just like us.

CASSIDY: Patti has champagne, it's unpacked.

COOPER: You know, for people who are watching at home, you -- I often wonder like -- kind of wonder what like Bruce Springsteen and, you know, those folks do in their spare time. When things in the cameras aren't rolling, what's their life like?

You all just hang in each other's trailers, eating snacks, worried about napkins.

CASSIDY: I'm literally in Patti's Smith's dressing room. Don Lemon, Richard Wise (PH), R.W. (INAUDIBLE). Doug Davis is outside. I don't know where Clive is.


CASSIDY: It's literally kind of like the all little party here.


COOPER: Is there -- do you guys have a piano in that dressing room, because Barry Manilow had a piano in his dressing room. Was that like in his right? Or is that --


CASSIDY: There is a keyboard. There is -- there is a keyboard. Hold on. Listen, listen, there's a keyboard. Don, go.

LEMON: Can't smile without you. Can't smile --

COOPER: No, I don't want to hear Don Lemon sing. No.

LEMON: Mandy, you came and you gave without taking.

COOPER: Was that Don? No.

CASSIDY: Wait ads we're on.

Anderson -- and that was Don Lemon on keyboard.


CASSIDY: As we're on the phone, I just got a text from my personal producer said, can you be ready in 15? Now, don't call me. I don't know if I'm going on. They just said how long would it take to get ready? I said five minutes for the D.J. gear, 10 minutes for the sequined jacket.

COOPER: Wow. 10 -- and well, it take five minutes for the gear, but 10 for the -- how heavier the sequins?

CASSIDY: The sequined jacket weighs about 18 pounds.

MELAS: And wait, can now -- can you pass --


LEMON: Anderson, did you get our selfie? Did you get our selfie, Anderson?

MELAS: Can you pass this --

COOPER: I did -- I did -- I did.

MELAS: Can you -- can you pass this phone though to Doug Davis, Clive Davis's son, who I just heard his voice a moment ago? Can we -- can we talk to Doug? CASSIDY: Well, I heard -- I'd heard and saw Doug, but he's running around, probably trying to get this bag on. I don't I don't physically see him right now. But Don trying to get it.

COOPER: OK, but D.J. Cassie, that's a good -- that's a good piece of information there. So, they're making calls, asking all the key people, can you be -- how long you take to be ready? And you say 15 minutes. So, that's a good sign.

CASSIDY: I don't know if they're calling all the key people, but I did get a text myself. If you consider me a key person, I guess you could say that.

COOPER: Well, I consider you the key person.

You're the DJ, you're the key person.

CASSIDY: Well, there you go. I accept that from you, Anderson. This is the highlight of my night right now. I'm literally -- I'm literally being interviewed on CNN, sitting next to Don, talking to Anderson.

LEMON: Did he get our selfie. I think (INAUDIBLE) me and you and (INAUDIBLE).

CASSIDY: Don says did you get our selfie?

COOPER: I did. Yes, I did.

CASSIDY: Me and him, and him and (INAUDIBLE).

COOPER: Yes, I did. I liked it very much.

CASSIDY: Everyone's texting selfies. This is --- this quite a scene backstage in Central Park.

COOPER: So, who else has trailers around here? I heard Barry said that Elvis Costello is nearby.

CASSIDY: I don't know if Elvis is still here. We heard he might be. I don't know. I know. Barry Manilow is here. He's literally to my left. He's in the other room. I don't know who else is here.

But let me tell you Barry Manilow, Don Lemon, Gayle King, and D.J. Cassidy is more than enough to restart the show.

ANDERSON: Oh, no, I have no doubt about that. And you could -- D.J. Cassidy, you could do it. And I like to call you by your full name, D.J. Cassidy. You --

CASSIDY: You can call me, Cassidy.

ANDERSON: Oh, OK. Cool. Well, so, you could do a whole show by yourself. You probably do huge venue like that. You could do that.

CASSIDY: I would gladly do this whole show live on CNN. If they're listening, if the producers listening. Don Lemon is ready to announce me. I announced him three times earlier. He's going to announce me.

But get this. I'm going to drop Copacabana as my first song and see who comes out. I'm going to pass the mic to someone whoever comes out.

COOPER: See, that's what I was thinking. I think it should be like a -- like, you know, everybody on stage at once, and just freeform. It's like, remember in Spinal Tap, when they decided to do freeform jazz odyssey, and they don't know where they're going? I mean, that's not a good example, because there was nobody in the audience. But -- except for the guy going like that.


CASSIDY: It's -- then, I'm saying right now, if the -- if the producers are listening, we don't need any bands. Me, D.J. Cassidy will drop everyone's record, and I'm going to pass the mic that's a shameless plug to my series Pass the Mic.

By the way, Don Lemon is showing me right now video. Oh, he's texting you, Anderson. Don is texting you a video of Don and Gayle raiding Jimmy Fallon's tent for snap.


COOPER: OK, all right. I will receive that video.

MELAS: But the big question is what happens when Patti Smith comes back to her trailer and finds no snacks left?

COOPER: Yes. There's going to be hell to pay. If I know Patti Smith, which I don't.

CASSIDY: If Patti Smith -- if Patti Smith is listening, I'm eating your last Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn as we speak.

MELAS: With your picture of that as well, so please (INAUDIBLE). Thank you.

COOPER: Wow. I hope there's no crust on the small little sandwiches.


CASSIDY: Anderson, Anderson, if you don't mind.


CASSIDY: If you don't mind, I just -- I know my mother, father, sister, and grandmother are listening. So, I just want to say I love them to them. Thank you.

COOPER: You know, it's not like we're a global news network. Please, feel free to pass messages to your -- to your distant relatives.


CASSIDY: Oh, wait. Gayle King. Wait, Anderson, Anderson, Gayle King is here. Gayle.

GAYLE KING, CO-HOST, CBS NEWS (via telephone): Anderson. Hi, Anderson Cooper.

COOPER: Gayle King, what is going on?

KING: We were just walking in the rain. We just passed the mayor.


KING: Then I said, Mr. Mayor, is this going to happen? He said we're going to try it again at 10:00.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm feeling good.


KING: So, Anderson, the coolest thing is happening here. So, The Killers are doing an acoustic set in their tents. We just went in there and they did -- Anderson, Mr. Brightside acoustically.

COOPER: Grab your phone, run back over there, and put it on CNN for goodness sakes.

KING: Well, we already have the tape. We --


CASSIDY: No, Gayle, they want you to call from this. I'm going to text you their number, Gayle. They want you to call in like I called in from that tent.

KING: From the tent?

CASSIDY: From The Killer tent.

COOPER: If they're just playing there, sure, yes, let's do that.

MELAS: I Love Mr. Brightside, I know all the words.

KING: Anderson, I kind of wanted for "CBS This Morning". But, Anderson Cooper, I love you, so we'll go back over there.


CASSIDY: Anderson, we have the right -- we have the right. CNN.

COOPER: I don't -- what -- "CBS This Morning" isn't for hours Gayle. It's not going to hold. It's not going to be fresh. It's going to be like a salmon on Tuesday. It's not going to be something you want.


KING: I know. We're going to -- Anderson, we're going to go over there. Don Lemon is like a girl -- gurrrrl. And he's had three outfit changes? CASSIDY: And not, not on -- not on stage, just backstage, Anderson.

KING: But let's -- we should go to that tent.

COOPER: Are we still even on air?

CASSIDY: OK, should we walk to the tent?


CASSIDY: But, Anderson --


CASSIDY: Shall we walk in the rain to that tent?

MELAS: Sure.

COOPER: Yes. If you would do that for us, that would be great. If we'd look and grab -- if Patti Smith is there, just grab her along the way. Elvis --


COOPER: If you see Elvis Costello, tell him I went to his concert. It was the first concert I ever went to.

CASSIDY: OK, were -- OK, so, look, I'm going to narrate it. D.J. Cassidy, we got Don Lemon


COOPER: Oh, my God. Elvis Costello is calling in? Holy crap.

KING: -- it's super low.

CASSIDY: OK, we got Don Lemon, Gayle King, D.J. Cassidy walking in the pouring rain. We are outside right now. We are walking to The Killer tent.


CASSIDY: I am holding an umbrella for me or Don.


CASSIDY: Don, this is very special. Speak right now.

LEMON: All right, hold on -- hold on -- hold on. It's too low.

CASSIDY: Oh, wait. Now, Don is holding it from me and Gayle.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, but we don't mind --


COOPER: How long a walk is this? Is this like something we can come back to or do we need --


CASSIDY: No, I think -- I think we're 20 seconds away.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're almost there. (INAUDIBLE) there at 20 seconds.

COOPER: OK, wow. All right.

MELAS: So, what we've learned tonight is that the show can go on just over the phone. Just --


COOPER: We're going to get a quick break. We got to get a quick break and we'll stay on the phone with you guys. Well, quick break. We'll be right back.



COOPER: I am so pumped up. Joining me now on the phone, Elvis Costello hasn't yet performed tonight. We are hoping he still will get a chance. Mr. Costello, I am such a huge fan. You're the first concert I ever went to, was you, for your Armed Forces album. What's So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding. You were going to play that tonight. I still hope you will. How are you? Where are you? What's going on?

ELVIS COSTELLO, SINGER-SONGWRITER (via telephone): I'm in my dressing room. By -- I'd like -- you know, we were told it was -- they call the show then they -- then everybody said, hold on a minute, we might be back on. So, you know.

And then I heard from friends -- I've heard from my wife and my boys. My wife Diana Krall. You know, and my boys Dexter and Frank were at home watching it on T.V., get ready to see dad on T.V. And they said, Barry Manilow, is on T.V. talking about you, and Burt Bacharach and other.

What? Other -- I mean, admittedly, admittedly, Anderson, I have to tell you, you know, when Barry and I were at show business school together back in the 70s, you know, we were -- we were taught in class there how to deal with the unexpected, such as this.

But, you know, I literally have a Barry Manilow musical box on my shelf that plays I Write the Songs. When I'm ever -- I'm looking for inspiration, let's have the Barry.


COOPER: Does that right? Really? COSTELLO: No, I'm really say that with all sincerity.


COSTELLO: So, I mean, to hear him praise the work that I got was fortunate enough to do with Burt Bacharach, it was amazing. Because I saw him, you know, just at rehearsal yesterday. And I think there's nothing worse than getting into your first number. A lot of us have been in a situation where some of the scene where the event happens and they have to safety sake, get you, and most importantly, the audience off the stage.

I mean, this show, obviously, is bound to raise a questions about whether this is good or bad or and we have obviously just want everybody to get home safe.


COSTELLO: That's the main thing, the technicians, and you know, there is, after all, big old storm coming this way. So, we have to make sure that those people get the stage down. But if there's a way we can go and play a few tunes to bring it to some sort of musical conclusion, that would probably be great. Let's see what happens, you know.



COSTELLO: But I -- you know, I was so excited when Barry mentioned the collaboration because guess what? I can -- I can tell you, we're going in the studio next month to make a couple more slides together. So, how great is that (INAUDIBLE) Barry predict? You heard it first (INAUDIBLE)


COOPER: Wait, you and -- you and Burt Bacharach?


COOPER: Wow! That's awesome. I remember when you did that. It was -- I mean, it was such an interesting collaboration and unexpected, I think for a lot of people. That's --

COSTELLO: You must (INAUDIBLE) that's only if you kind of get the idea that he's over here, and I'm over there.

COOPER: Right.

COSTELLO: You know, we all -- we love songs that tell a story and have a lot of feeling. I heard that song since I was, you know, you run by me saying since I was a child, and yet, the first song by anybody else that I ever signed was, by onstage as a professional musician, was one of -- one of his.

I wrote -- you know, I wrote my own songs, and I still do. And, you know, it's something that carries you through your whole life, I go back to that. And that rapid we made 20 years ago, we -- our collaboration began 25 years ago now.


COSTELLO: So, it's very excited. But you know, I'm fortunate because I have a band, The Imposters that have -- you know, three of us began playing together 43 years ago. In a couple of weeks' time, we have the first record that The Attractions -- of the band we were -- we were called that band, and I'm The Imposters.


COSTELLO: That record -- this is modeled as the first -- is my second album, the first one with The Attractions. That is coming out in two weeks' time, with an entirely new cast of singers.

COOPER: Oh, that's awesome.

COSTELLO: So, we have finally after 43 years worked out the thing that was holding that record back on its success, which was my voice. And we took my voice off the record. And we have replaced it with a cast of incredible Latin artists.


COSTELLO: Singing the songs adapted into Spanish. Now, you probably think that, that was maybe something in that other cocktail that you had a little while ago, but I'm telling you -- I'm telling you, Anderson, this is true. This is called Spanish, Spanish model.


COSTELLO: You heard it here first. Spanish model, and its Pump It Up, and Radio, Radio. Pump It Up on by Juanes. Radio, Radio by my friend (INAUDIBLE). And incredible version of I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea from Raquel Sophia from Puerto Rico. The musicians are from all over the Spanish-speaking world. And they are the original backing tracks.


COSTELLO: Remix by my friend, Sebastian (INAUDIBLE). The original attractions back in tracks that you'd liked when you were a kid.


COSTELLO: Heard with a brand new coat of paint brought by a group of new friends. So, now, you know, you're hearing some exciting showbiz.


COSTELLO: You know, showbiz -- you know, exclusives tonight, we've not just got a show that's come to a grinding halt. I'm wildly filling here -- when you have some widely filling the space with exciting new information, you know. Really, seriously.


COSTELLO: I hope that you know, people need to get in out of the rain. And we can play a few. And Sunday and it's up night. I reckon it's like -- I reckon it's me and Barry at the piano, singing the hits in the -- in the --


COOPER: Well, I mean that would be -- that would be amazing. I mean, I just would love the idea of, you know, whatever was planned to kind of rejiggering it for whoever is still there and mixing and matching and just see what comes in it. I mean, that would be just an incredibly exciting night.

COSTELLO: I have to be honest, can I be completely frank with you?

COOPER: Please.

COSTELLO: These things make me very nervous because you are doing a couple of songs that you would normally do at the end of a two-hour show. And it's extremely easy to get yourself in the frame of mind that you, you can almost think yourself out of playing well.

And when I heard Jon Batiste up there just letting fly, a couple of hours ago --


COOPER: He was great.

COSTELLO: And he was terrific. When I heard -- you know, you've got the New York Philharmonic and you hear Mr. Bocelli singing, and then you hear Jennifer Hudson sing Nessun Dorma --

COOPER: Oh, my God.

COSTELLO: You know, this is a song that people like to think they can sing in the shower because they heard Pavarotti sing it. If you recall, when Pavarotti became unwell and couldn't send it the Grammys, Aretha Franklin sang it at one day's notice, and it was astonishing performance.


COSTELLO: So, for a course, Jennifer Hudson to be singing that song.


COSTELLO: As the film about Aretha's life has just come out this, I felt like she was singing it was such a feeling for the like it was a really beautiful thing to hear her sing a song that would always we had a big enough voice to do. And --


COOPER: I mean, you're listening to her perform was just extraordinary. And then she sort of, I mean, kept going, taking it to another level. It was really -- it was incredibly moving.

COSTELLO: Yes, though she was great. And you know, we're going to treat these circumstances. I mean, I have a, you know an infamous -- my very first time on television. Back in 1977, I actually was on "Saturday Night Live". I hope you don't mind me saying that it's different network, but (INAUDIBLE).



COOPER: And I love that. And that -- and that was "Saturday Night Live when it was -- I mean, that was -- that was --



COOPER: Key "Saturday Night Live".

COSTELLO: And on the spur of the moment -- on the spur of the moment, I didn't play the number (INAUDIBLE).


COOPER: Oh, I remember this. When -- you stop. You stop the whole thing.

COSTELLO: Yes, I have to say -- yes, I saw to believe that I -- that there is a curse that follows me around when it comes to live television. If you want your television show to go out of control and basically lose all continuity.

Clive Davis who was our gracious host tonight may have just -- that might have been the one --


COOPER: That you're the -- you're the one to blame. But wait a minute, I remember that --


COSTELLO: It's really my fault that all of this has gone wrong.

COOPER: Then, why was that, that you stopped it. You didn't like the way it was sounding and you change -- you switch to a different song, didn't you?

COSTELLO: When it was like, I say, that song was telling a tale then. Now, our friend (INAUDIBLE) is telling it in Spanish. You'll hear that at the end of this week, it's coming out on Friday.

You'll hear his version he tells a totally different story. And I said, feel free, these songs are here to be played. You put some love into it, sing it the way you hear it. Now, he wrote a completely new lyric.


COSTELLO: So, you know, those of you that speak Spanish, it has subtitles video, so you can watch that.

I ran into Cynthia Erivo just before we were -- just before everything sort of went crazy. And she was just coming by me in the hallway. And I said, you know, you show you want to be going on singing that, Don't Rain on My Parade, you surely don't want to rethink that right about now, because he was starting to like, drizzle a little bit in that brand.


COOPER: When Barry Manilow was about to sing I Made It Through the Rain.

COSTELLO: And she was going to follow him with I Don't Rain On My Parade.

COOPER: I Know -- I know.

COSTELLO: So, and then, I was up, I think after that. So, I said really between as we have probably bought curse on the show. Never mind. Never mind, you know, people's emotion in this moment. Let's just think to the future of positive. You got to love everybody that's here. Love everybody that came out.

If you didn't feel right about coming, you know, I'm not going to -- I'm not judging you. You know, let's just get together.


COSTELLO: I think Jon's messages very much get together. He said we got to get at it. We got to get at it. If there's very heated opinions. And we just got to calm it all down, just move on through.

So, that's the only reason I'm here.


COSTELLO: I want to get -- I want everybody to get home safe, including me. I want to get home to the family, as soon as this rain falls off? If we get to sing a few songs, that would be great.

COOPER: Yes. Well, it would be great. And I appreciate talking to you so much. And just one of the things I appreciate about you, just as an artist is, just the level of quality that you have consistently performed that, and the sort of the changes you have made, you know, from album to album, it's always something interesting and often unexpected. And it's just been a pleasure to, to watch from afar and to listen to, to all that you do. So, I really appreciate you talking --

(CROSSTALK) COSTELLO: Anderson, I appreciate what you say. You know, the thing that's been key this time that we've had, where things haven't been very, like recognizing this time with your family, you might have had -- you might have lost friends, you might have lost family, you might still feel very fearful.

For myself, I feel very lucky music has kept me going. We've made four records while we've been in this position. And not one of them is a song of self-pity. Everything has got life in it. And we have two more records after the one I told you about that are coming out in the early few year.

And we got to get going and pick ourselves up and be of good cheer. And hopefully, like the ill-feeling between people will eventually see someplace where we can look each other in the eyes and stop all this hatred.


COSTELLO: You know, it's a strange week to be asked us in peace, love, and understanding, there are unanswered questions that we all have in our minds about what the way the world is going, and the things that are happening and what is happening this, and the other.

That just hold your breath for a minute, hold your -- you know, your judgment on your fellow human, try to love each other, and just we got it. I got to believe in that. Because what else am I going to tell my boys? My boys were very proud of me, going out to do this. And hopefully, if we get to sing a song, that will be a nice entity.

So, Dexter and Frank if you're watching this, still, dad's coming up soon. All right? (INAUDIBLE)

COOPER: Well, (INAUDIBLE), did you say Gus and Frank?

COSTELLO: Dexter and Frank.

COOPER: OK, excellent. I love that name.

COSTELLO: Yes, yes.

COOPER: Well, thank you. I wish them the best. I wish you the best.

COSTELLO: And New York, and they're New Yorkers. So, they are supposed to be here. OK.


COSTELLO: Bye-bye.

COOPER: I hope to see you soon. All right, I hope to see you on the -- on the stage soon.

COSTELLO: OK, bye-bye.

COOPER: Take care. Bye-bye. COSTELLO: Me too. Bye-bye.

COOPER: Elvis Costello (INAUDIBLE).

Yes, what a night.


MELAS: I mean, I just cannot believe the sheer amount of celebrities that we are getting to call in. But I just got to know, where are Don Lemon and Gayle King? Did they find the Killers?

COOPER: Last we heard, they were wandering through the rain with a phone in order to go hear an acoustic set of The Killers, which they were going to air.

MELAS: Call us so that we could hear "Mr. Brightside."

COOPER: But we have to cut to commercial. I think I heard, as we cut to commercial, I thought I heard Gayle King saying, "Oh, don't let them cut to commercial," and then we cut to commercial so I don't know what's happened.

MELAS: So from what I'm hearing on social media right now, Anderson --

COOPER: Well, then it must be true, whatever that is.

MELAS: Not only are people saying that they don't mind if the artists go back on stage because they're enjoying what you're doing right now, so to keep going, some people want to know if you can sing?

COOPER: I cannot.

MELAS: Okay. And then other people want you to know who are at the concert that the celebrities are watching CNN in the background. So, that's how they know -- that's why everybody has FOMO about Barry calling in so everybody is angry, Barry called in.

COOPER: Barry Manilow set a high -- I don't know, you know, if we have to vamp for a long time, we should just replay the Barry Manilow clip because Barry Manilow set a very ...

MELAS: We are going to be called back.

COOPER: ... high bar for a call in guest. I mean, you know it's not really like a Larry King song like -- when Larry King would have his show and people would call in and be like, you know, Joe from Montana, are you there? Barry Manilow set a very high bar for any future call- in guest. He had a piano. He was in a trailer, but he had a piano and he just started.

MELAS: So, we know that Barry is still there right now.


MELAS: Okay, so Barry if you're -- COOPER: No, no Barry has done. No, no, no. Barry has done yeoman's

duty. He has set the bar for every other performer.

MELAS: And we're hearing Don Lemon has had multiple outfit changes in the midst of waiting.

COOPER: I hear Stephen Colbert. We can talk to him. So we're going to take a quick break and we'll talk to Stephen Colbert.

MELAS: Love that.

COOPER: We will be right back.



COOPER: And you're looking at live pictures, looking like some people actually now starting to come back and actually gather by the stage, which is a certainly good sign.

Joining me on the phone right now is the host of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert." Stephen Colbert, where are you? What's going on?

STEPHEN COLBERT, TALK SHOW HOST: Anderson, I'm very close to the performance venue right now. I'm actually in "The Killers" tent right now because it's not -- it is actually my tent not The Killers tent because they put me in there with The Killers.


COLBERT: And you were -- I don't know who you were talking to earlier who claimed they were in The Killers tent, but if they -- if they do go there --

COOPER: Gayle King was coming to The Killers tent for allegedly an acoustic set and she was going to hold the phone up so we could hear it. That's what it's come to, Stephen Colbert.

COLBERT: Okay, Anderson, first of all, we'll get to the -- you know what's going on right now in the concert. I just want to say I am watching historic broadcasting right now. I am enjoying this moment of you killing time of -- you are spinning straw into gold for the last two hours here and as a man who has hosted live shows that do not go the way that he expected, this is nothing but admiration and love, my friend.

COOPER: I appreciate that.

COLBERT: Beautifully done.

COOPER: But you know what, first of all, I have Chloe Melas here and she makes it all that much easier. But I've got to tell you, Barry Manilow really for me has -- is now at the peak of the pyramid of celebrity for his artistry and to his chutzpah and his just being a man of calling in and singing. He had a piano in his trailer. Do you have a piano in your Killers


COLBERT: I have a didgeridoo in my tent. I don't have a piano. But listen, you're right. I was there when Barry was singing and Barry Manilow, what is he -- he is 143 years old now? He was burning that stage to the ground. He was fantastic. He hasn't missed a step.

COOPER: Yes, no, I actually -- while he -- when he came out on the stage, he was singing, I actually turned to Chloe. I was like, how old is Barry Manilow? Oh my God, the guy -- and when you look at him, he is -- the number of hits, you know -- and by the way, Stephen, just so you know what we missed out on? He did "Copa." He did "Mandy." I think he did part of "I Can't Smile Without You."


COOPER: But then we didn't get "Even Now," "Weekend in New England," "Ready to Take a Chance Again." "Looks like we Made it," "Daybreak." "This One's for You." "I Write the Songs." And "I Made it through the Rain" which was would have been an iconic moment with the rain.

COLBERT: Wasn't he about to sing "I Made it through the Rain."


COLBERT: Wasn't he about to do that?

COOPER: Yes. He was.

COLBERT: I was about to go on stage and sing, "It's Raining Men." It was me and Andy Cohen. It was going to be amazing. By the way, where is Andy? This is so weird to see you -- it's a bit hard in terrible weather.

COOPER: I know. I know. Believe me.

COLBERT: Without being hammered with Andy.

COOPER I've been -- I've been texting with Andy who is by the way not watching. He's out in some bar somewhere, which seems -- I don't know, appropriate and also annoying.

COLBERT: Hold on one second. Somebody just came in. I'll ask. Hey, Anderson, I'm here with Bruce and Paul Simon and they want to know, have you seen Elvis Costello? Because we're supposed to be jamming together here in the tent with The Killers. Okay, Gayle just came in. Come on in, Gayle.

COOPER: This is -- I don't know if people who are listening to this are going to think, oh, wow. This is funny to hear kind of behind the scenes of all these well-known people, or this is everything I thought it was like and I hate them all.

Like they're taking each other's napkins. They're stealing each other's snacks and they're hanging out in tents with each other. [21:40:00]

COLBERT: Oh yes. It's absolute chaos back here. Chaos right here. Yes. There is -- Paul Simon has busted the strings out of his guitar. He's gotten into the guitar hole and he is canoeing back to his apartment on 72nd Street. He's a tiny man. He is using the pic like a sculling oar. That's how miniscule this man is.


COLBERT: But in such a way that it's just -- it's touching at the same time. You know. It's hot, but it's also poetry at the same time. Hey, can I talk to you about the photo you've got up of me? Well, you can't -- do not have anyone who knows Photoshop?

Just take a little bit of the leather off the left side of my face. It's like late stage Robert Redford. Please do something with my photograph. I beg you.

COOPER: Okay, hey wait, Stephen, can you hold on because we're in The Killers tent which you claim to be in, but we are apparently there was Gayle King and they're going to play.

COLBERT: I left. I left with Paul Simon.

COOPER: They're going to play right.

COLBERT: I was on the guitar, and I just canoed out of here. I didn't know. Somebody should have told me. Anderson, you've got to keep me abreast with these things. I am going to leave Paul Simon behind, the man --

COOPER: Gayle, are you there?

KING (via phone): I'm here, Anderson.

COOPER: What's going on?

KING: "Mr. Brightside," Anderson, just for you.


COOPER: That was amazing. Thank you, guys so much. Gayle, thank you.

KING: Brandon, you said you had something to say to Anderson.

BRANDON FLOWERS, THE KILLERS: I used to watch you in fourth grade on Channel One.

COOPER: No kidding. Oh my god.

KING: Brandon, no said, you had a song for Anderson. Not that.

FLOWERS: You want to hear a little --

[21:45:12] COOPER: Yes. Oh, we can't do that one. Wow. It's such --

LEMON: This is us.

COOPER: Guys, thank you so much. Brandon, thank you so much. It was really awesome. That was just -- that was one of those amazing, amazing moments that -- yes.

MELAS: My mind is blown. That is the song I wanted to hear tonight. Every single one of our viewers knows the words to "Mr. Brightside."

COOPER: I love that. It was so good. He watched me in fourth grade on channel one.

MELAS: You see what's happening right now. You with your, like "Defying Gravity," no time after the interview with Carlos Santana.

COOPER: You know what? Carlson Santana set the tone tonight. He said there is no time. There is no gravity and you know what? I'm starting to believe it.

MELAS: And look at this. We're able to do the concert from phones right here on CNN.

COOPER: We don't even need to go back on stage, but we hear that they are going to be going back on stage, which is very exciting. We're going to take a quick break -- we're going to take a quick break. We'll talk to Clive Davis. I don't know if we can get Stephen Colbert back. That'd be great.

We'll be right back.



COOPER: And welcome back, our continuing coverage of the concert that was really fun, then it got lightning'ed out and now, people have re- gathered. Some people are sticking it through in the rain waiting, hoping that it's going to start again. We believe it may start again. We don't have an exact time yet.

Some people had been told 10:00 p.m. We just had a great acoustic performance by The Killers backstage Gayle King on her FaceTime. You know, Barry Manilow sang songs for us in his trailer with the piano. Elvis Costello.

We're joined now by Stephen Colbert. Stephen --

COLBERT: Anderson --


COLBERT: No, I just said your name. I thought it would be nice if I said your name.

COOPER: So, you know, did you -- The Killers, they performed. That was amazing. I felt -- I found it actually very moving.

COLBERT: Unbelievable. I was in that tent. I can't believe you all wouldn't pan down to see me on the couch. The most amazing -- I was doing all the harmonies. It was incredible. But I'm going to head back out. I'm heading back out to the performance area right now.

I'm working the rope lines as a volunteer. I'm handing out snorkels and rosaries.

COOPER: So, have you been told? Is it going to happen or not? Do you know?

COLBERT: No. I know nothing. Do not look to me for information, Anderson. I am just -- I just live in constant hope of good news. But it's really been an exciting evening, regardless of whether the rest of the concert goes on.

It's been historic. I mean, the crowd has been amazing. Like completely moving. When Jennifer Hudson started saying "Nessun Dorma" --

COOPER: Oh my God.

COLBERT: I went, okay, now, I can't sing that, but still pretty good. Pretty darn good.

COOPER: Yes. But, I mean, not just singing, she really -- like -- it was transcendent. It was transplendid.

COLBERT: It really was. I was in tears. From the opening chords of it, I went, I can't -- she's going to absolutely rock this song.

COOPER: Hey, Stephen, have you ever interviewed Carlos Santana? Because we just interviewed him after his performance.

COLBERT: I have not -- I have not interviewed Carlos Santana for an hour and a half. That --

COOPER: Yes. I was mystified.

COLBERT: You just pack all this stuff and put it on a DVD collection. You've got an hour and a half of Carlos Santana. You've got a four and a half hour interview with Barry Manilow. I think he did his entire Vegas show for you twice.

COOPER: Yes, I know. We're waiting for Springsteen to do the Broadway show with us. Yes, I don't even really know what to ask, but I just -- I need to vamp, so I really want you to help me out here, Stephen.

MELAS: What other celebrities is he with right now? It sounds like you're -- Stephen, I used to intern for you, by the way. Like you are the reason why I'm here right now because you were --

COLBERT: Oh, 100 percent, I remember when you were an intern for me.

MELAS: Yes. I used to give you your credit -- COLBERT: One hundred percent.

MELAS: You don't remember me though, do you?

COLBERT: Of course I do. You were the one who was in the studio.

MELAS: Right, right.

COOPER: Exactly.

MELAS: You used to give me your credit cards to go buy your train tickets for you.

COOPER: All right. Stephen Colbert, I'm going to let you go because I know you have important things to do and Patti Smith is on the other line. So I -- are you still there, Stephen?

COLBERT: I'm still here. Please tell Patti, I won't be able to give her a ride home. Okay. She's going to have to Uber, but I'll Venmo her for whatever it costs.

COOPER: Okay, thank you, Stephen. I appreciate it, Stephen. Thank you.

COLBERT: Bye. Anderson, you're the best. See you.

COOPER: All right. Bye. Patti Smith is joining us on the phone. Patti Smith, it is such a thrill to talk to you. What's going on? Where are you?

PATTI SMITH, SINGER-SONGWRITER (via phone): Oh, hello, Anderson. Hello, everybody. I'm in close proximity with my band, because we weren't exactly sure whether we would be called upon again.

So my band is together. It doesn't look that promising, truthfully. Things -- all the equipment was taken away. People -- certain crew members left, but we are still together. I'm just here waiting until my duties are officially finished.

COOPER: So, are you in your trailer or?

SMITH: No, no, no, no, we're off site. We were asked to leave the site.

COOPER: Okay because --

SMITH: And we are close --

COOPER: I just want to tell you, from my understanding Gayle King, and DJ Cassidy have stolen your snacks and your napkins from your trailer.

SMITH: Well, that's fine. I mean, we have very -- our riders are very modest and healthy, and so they're going to get like peanut butter and whole grain bread.


SMITH: And I think ginger, lemon and honey, so there isn't a whole lot. I don't ask for a lot of things.

COOPER: I didn't think you would.

SMITH: But they are welcome. They're certainly welcome to it, because I don't like to waste things.

COOPER: But there had been talk about doing the concerts -- people were saying that it might start at 10, I know, sort of the Clive Davis family was trying to make that happen. You haven't gotten any indication whether or not that it is actually happening.

SMITH: I mean, we're on call. So I mean, I'm here. A lot of my people are gone. My band is here. I don't know what's going to happen. But obviously, we're -- you know, I really was hoping that it would happen.

We had our, you know, what we wanted to say and what we wanted to impart to the people. I mean, being on -- to have a global performance on CNN, which is a -- was a great opportunity to be able to say something of value to people all over the world. So, I was very hopeful that that would happen.

COOPER: Is it -- is there something you would like to say to people or I don't know what your setup is, right now. We've had a bunch of people playing, it would be presumptuous of me that to ask, but I don't know if that's something you're interested in or capable of making happen?

SMITH: Well, I mean, I'm just simply -- what I mean, I wanted, of course, a performer is there to not only inspire, but to entertain the people. So obviously, I wanted to entertain, and -- but there are there are things to talk about, even within music, the fact that we're at the crux of a continuing global, viral pandemic, and an environmental pandemic.

And these are things that are important to acknowledge, even within a night of celebration, because we can't -- what is there to celebrate tonight? It's supposed to be a night of celebration. We can't completely celebrate certain states of things. There are fires all over the world, there is flooding, there is drought, there is famine, there the earthquake in Haiti, the fall of Kabul.

We, and I know, for instance, the Delta variant is speedily permeating the people. And thankfully, so many people have been vaccinated, so they're not going to suffer as much. But these are real things that are happening.

So, what are we celebrating? And for me, this is the question that I've been asking myself and the answer, of course, is we're celebrating that we, as individuals have a life force that we have -- you know, that we have heart, we have resilience, and we have the ability to make change.

And so that was the focus that I had for tonight, and I'm grateful that even be able to talk to you for a moment to impart that.

COOPER: I wonder during this last 16 months or so --

SMITH: Sorry, I just talked a real lot. I am so sorry.

COOPER: No, no, no, no --

SMITH: I have so much adrenaline because --

COOPER: I get it.

SMITH: When you're going to play, you get adrenaline.

COOPER: I totally understand.

SMITH: I'm sorry if I over spoke.

COOPER: No, no, not at all. But I'm wondering like during the last 16 months, I mean, you talked about, you know, the agency that each of us has and the life force that each of us has. Have you despaired over the last 16 or 18 months just with either in your own life or as -- for society about the choices we're making? I mean, have you doubted at times the agency that we or that you have in your own life?

Because I mean, I certainly have, it certainly brought me many times wondering, you know --

SMITH: I hoped really, during the pandemic that we would all, you know, find a way -- you know, find it within our hearts and within, you know, we're all in -- we're intelligent, to find a way to reset and to comprehend that there is something even bigger than the viral pandemic and that is our environmental pandemic and that we, as a people try to globally unite and we have to -- it can't be a change in one quadrant or another.


We have to look upon our world, all of this as individuals, and see that we are really in trouble. Our world is in trouble, our environment, nature is in trouble. And it is going to take effort from every single one of this.

And, you know, in some ways, I'm heartened -- I'm heartened by our youth, but I'm disappointed in our lack of -- you know, lack of ability to really sacrifice and step out. I mean, things are not going to go back to where they were. We have to -- we have to face the new world and we have to face the new world with a certain amount of willingness to sacrifice and make change.

But anyway, that's what I think.

COOPER: Yes. What were you going to be performing tonight, can you say?

SMITH: we were going to be performing "People Have the Power," which my husband and I, my late husband, and I wrote, which is a song that both celebrates the individual and the change that we as a human community to make together so. And then we were going to do "Land," which was really on horses.

It was -- it is, you know, an exploration into evolution, and I was going to shift the lyrics, in terms of focusing on our environment. And then we were to do, "Because the Night" with Bruce Springsteen, which I know, would have made the people very happy.


SMITH: So you know, it's -- it is quite a disappointment. But, you know, with all the things that are happening in the world, and the things that people are struggling and all the strife in the world, it's a night -- it's a night that would have been, you know, musically great, or perhaps unifying or inspiring, but it's just -- it's just what it is. It's a night within a world that really needs for us to be fully attentive to.

COOPER: Yes. Well, that's why one of the reasons I was hoping that it does take place and I'm still hoping that all the indications that we have so far, or that something will take place, whether there's an audience or not, but I do think it is sort of a night, which was to support and celebrate the resilience, or at least how far New York has come thus far.

It would be great, if, you know, the night itself was able to be resilient and we were able to come back from this storm and you know, finish off the night and in some way, even if it's a different way, so I hope you're able to come --

SMITH: We'll see. I mean, in a certain way, it's just as I was thinking. Nature rules.

COOPER: That's true.

SMITH: It is all in her hands. We have abused nature to the point where she is chaotic. Nature is chaotic and unpredictable. But whatever happens, it's only one night. Will all continue to do our work, and if I'm called upon again, I'll be here.

Clive called me -- Clive Davis called upon me and I was proud to serve him. He has been very good to me through decades and again, what I wanted to celebrate is not the New York spirit, but the spirit of human beings, a global spirit, something that we all do contain even in the worst time.

So you know, I still feel that way. I'm going to, you know, be positive and it's a full moon and just salute the full moon and we'll see what happens. I'll be here just serve, but if I can't, I'll be here if I'm called upon again.

COOPER: Well, if you're not called upon and it doesn't continue and you feel like singing just to us, you'd be more than welcome to at any point tonight, so we're here as well and we love you.

SMITH: Be careful what you wish for. I mean, really, I can -- I can gather my fellas, if we can continue to sing for you in the bar -- COOPER: If you want, that would be awesome. The Killers just did

acoustic for us and Barry Manilow did, if you were up for that, we would love that.


COOPER: And our audience would love that.

SMITH: Well, I'll talk to my people because I mean, what we're here for is communication and even if it's a bit ragtag, if we can give anything to the people, we are happy.

COOPER: I would love it.

SMITH: So, I'll talk to my people.


SMITH: Okay. Thank you.

COOPER: All right, cool, we'll talk to you soon, Bye-bye.

SMITH: Bye. Thanks.

COOPER: All right. That would be cool.

MELAS: I mean, that needs to happen.

COOPER: I was kind of beating around the bushes because I didn't --

MELAS: It should have just happened. I was waiting.

COOPER: I know, but I --

MELAS: I was telling you.

COOPER: I know, but like I sort of, you know, I didn't want to be rude and I don't want to be presumptions and be like, oh, sing for us.

MELAS: And is she with Bruce? The boss. Is the boss there at the bar?

COOPER: I'm awkward around people and I want to be polite and I am --

MELAS: I'm pushy. So, we make a good team.

COOPER: I know, but she is Patti Smith and she is an artist and you know --

MELAS: Well, Patti, if you're listening.

COOPER: I want to be respectful.

MELAS: FaceTime us or we will just get Gayle King over there to do an Instagram live again.

COOPER: Yes, no, that would be awesome, too, and have Patti Smith. MELAS: I wanted her to tell the story of "Because the Night" with

Bruce Springsteen, you know, Bruce Springsteen, he had written that song. And then Jimmy Iovine, you know, incredible record producer early on in his career, he was working with Bruce Springsteen on his album. And so he said, I'm also working with this woman, Patti Smith, would you give her "Because the Night" to write the lyrics to it.

So she wrote the lyrics to that. So she said they were going to perform that and I mean, that would have been epic. So let's make it happen in the bar.

COOPER: Okay, let's make it happen. Well, yes, Bruce, if you're there, you know, that would be cool. Yes.

MELAS: He should call me back.

COOPER: I just try -- I didn't want to be, you know, sensitive. I didn't know -- I don't like to be presumptions.

MELAS: I'm also hearing Maluma is watching and he really wants to talk to you as well.

COOPER: Oh my God.

MELAS: I know.

COOPER: I love Colombia. I'm a huge fan of the country.

MELAS' Yes, he's incredible.

COOPER: He is incredible. Obviously, that would be great.

We're going to take a short break. We'll have more up ahead.



COOPER: We're getting live pictures from Central Park. Just a moment ago, there was clapping, chanting, couldn't hear what they were saying, but I'm guessing it was something to the effect of "Let's keep going."

It is a small crowd, but they are determined and we are still waiting for -- oh, there is a person in front of the camera.

Let's check it with Erica Hill who is somewhere in the rain. Erica, what's going on?

ERICA HILL, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (via phone): It is raining perhaps the hardest it has yet, so there's that, but --

COOPER: Well, Chad Myers did say it was going to get worse before it gets better.

HILL; Yes, but remember that part when Chad said there was going to be like a break and it wasn't going to last that long. I want to go back to that part. But while we're waiting to get to that part, I guess, I'm in storm coverage now, which is fine.

So, there aren't -- you know, there are people -- I just spoke to someone who said they had actually stayed you know, sort of in the park when they were told to leave hoping that the concert might come back on.

There are people straggling in. I will say, it certainly sounds like some people have taken the advice and perhaps enjoyed a beverage somewhere before they return. They were chanting, you said, you heard them chanting, it sounded to me like it was NYC. Earlier, I thought I heard people chanting Bruce.

You know, we see people on the scene. I think you might be able to see that shot, too. I think they look like a lot of the -- likely a lot of the crew. We haven't seen anybody come out. But you know, everybody is waiting to find out what's happening here, too. Is it on? Is it off?

There's a lot of back and forth. Not too long ago, there was a little bit of thunder and lightning. I'm hearing some booing I don't know. Someone just told these folks that -- I don't know, maybe -- maybe Bruce isn't coming out. I'm not sure -- I'm not sure what it is. I'm not as close to them.

But again, the rain is getting harder. So they are not deterred.

COOPER: Erica, we will check in with you. Thank you for being there. I cannot imagine it being very pleasant with all the rain. And I really appreciate it and I think --

HILL: We've got ponchos.

COOPER: All right, I heard ponchos are back, so we are waiting here -- by the way, for anyone, any other bands who are backstage if we're -- you know, we're hoping Patti Smith and Patti Smith is maybe thinking about a song to sing and she's will sing with us. Anybody else who is back there who wants to sing, you're welcome to. We would love to have you.

We've had The Killers perform. They were -- that was incredible. Barry Manilow set the tone. He kicked all of this off for us. So we appreciate it truly. And

MELAS: The Killers.

COOPER: Chad Myers, yes, let's check in with Chad Myers. Chad, so okay, so it's raining worse now, where's this band?

CHAD MYERS, CNN METEOROLOGIST: You know, it's just been one storm that has built back. As soon as you think one is gone, then another one builds down here across the south shore, comes across JFK and right back into where we're trying to get this concert in.

And it's been -- I've been watching this now for two hours thinking, please just go somewhere else, just go left or go right. It doesn't have to go right over Midtown, it doesn't have to go over Central Park, but it certainly has been.

We've even had flash flood warnings in effect here for Brooklyn and Queens. A little bit farther down to the south, a little bit more rainfall. But that's the last band, I hope. I mean, we've been looking at this now for hours and there's not much back out here in the ocean. We've still had a few lightning strikes.

To put this all into perspective, in case you're just joining us. If we had a lightning strike within 10 miles of the venue, it had to be shut down. Well, we had three lightning strikes within the 10 miles, and then a few more far away.

But three lightning strikes has caused this chaos with this concert, and it's all part of Henri. This is a normal outer band of a hurricane that is going to push rain in places. Now that outer band could have been here. It could have been down here, but it had to be over in New York City. Wouldn't you know?

So, what we're seeing now, the plane is flying through Henri. It is still 76 miles per hour. We'll get an update here in about 45 minutes.

But the storm is forecast to come on shore South Shore, Long Island. Maybe Connecticut and Rhode Island, it depends if it just kind of sneaks over here on this side of the cone. Yes, look at the middle. You still have to look at the cone even though we're less than 24 hours away from landfall here.


MYERS: And then finally, off to the ocean and out to sea by Tuesday and Wednesday. Hurricane warnings are here.

There may be hurricane force gusts, the forecast with the cone says 70. But what we do know, we know they're going to be three big things. There's going to be a surge, three to five feet. There's going to be a full moon, a higher tide than normal. So you put the surge on top of the tide, you get a storm tide, and it can be higher than even the numbers show here.

The ground is saturated. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, even parts of New York have really seen between 10 and 16 inches of rain since July 1st. So the ground is saturated, it's just mud. These trees are sitting in mud and all of a sudden you're going to push a wind of 50 or 60 miles per hour in the trees that still have leaves, and this is important because people are saying, this is no worse than a nor'easter.

It is, because, in a nor'easter, the ground is probably frozen and there are no leaves to block the wind or to stop and have more topple ability. There will be hundreds, hundreds of thousands of people without power because of this storm, which is still forecast to be a 70 mile per hour tropical storm.

You can't say it's only a tropical storm, there is no such thing as only a tropical storm. With these trees in the mud, the leaves still on the trees, the full moon and the surge, there will be significant damage even with this storm as it is right now.

And by the way, if you do talk to Barry again, tell him that Mr. Myers has Manilow, one, two, three, and four on original vinyl.

COOPER: Oh, nice. So -- but just in terms of rain for New York right now for this concert, and for the people sitting outside, is there still lightning? Is there still a threat of that? Or is it just rain?

MYERS: There was a lightning strike about two miles north of LaGuardia and I measured that out that was six miles from the center of the concert venue. And that was about 20 minutes ago. They like to make it go back 30 minutes before they'll even think about doing something else. This is a NASCAR rule. This is a baseball rule. Thirty minutes from the last strike and you can start doing stuff again.

So we're 20 minutes from the last strike. So, that would still put us 10 more minutes ahead. But you know, if we continue to build more showers down here, then we don't have a chance of this. But for now, most of the rain is moved into New Jersey, maybe even a little bit of flooding around some of these areas in New Jersey, Ridgewood, Wayne, Wyckoff could see some heavy, heavy rain and some maybe street flooding. But let's get this thing out of Manhattan.

COOPER: Okay, but Bruce Springsteen should not go back to New Jersey. He should -- actually, he should stay in New York for this concert because there might be some flooding. Okay, good to know if he's watching. Appreciate it, Chad Myers.

MYERS: My machine. She's a dud, she's stuck in the mud somewhere in the swamp.

COOPER: Chad Myers, I love it. We're going to take a quick break. We'll have more from the concert.


COOPER: Welcome to our freeform jazz odyssey of a broadcast. We are still awaiting word on whether or not this concert is going to reconvene. It was called off because of lightning during Barry Manilow's performance. In fact, we should show some -- I don't know if we're able to show some of the highlights for the concert because Jennifer Hudson was incredible. Barry Manilow -- oh no, not able to.

So anyway, so that's the crowd that's there right now. They have come back, people had left. They're hoping as are we that the concert will continue. Let's just check in with Erica Hill.

Also last we left, we talked to Patti Smith, she was at a location. Now, she's talking to her band about maybe singing something just for us. So we hope that will take place. We had The Killers perform. Barry Manilow performed amazingly and was just so funny on the phone with us as well. Elvis Costello was -- yes, The Killers.

So Erica, where do things stand? You're there.

HILL: Yes, so we're just hearing actually. So they just asked, Anderson, as you got back in the air, they were asking people to move back from the stage. Then they said very clearly we need you to move out and they just got on the microphone and said, all right, this is it, we're asking you to move back. The event is not happening.

So that's just what was announced in the last 15 seconds on the stage. We do see more people on the stage. I'm just going to walk up to the stage just to give you a better sense of what is happening, people in ponchos, people in raincoats.

ANNOUNCER: Once again, please make your way back. Please exit the park.

HILL: That's the announcement. Please exit the park. This is it. This is the announcement. And it looks like they are now taking, I think some of the instruments off stage. I don't know if they are going to maybe get the guitars back because they are grabbing the guitars.

They had uncovered. The keyboard is uncovered right now. There's drum set that's uncovered, as well as a grand piano, but I now see --

COOPER: This is a bummer.

HILL: ... the guitar tech walking off the stage with a guitar. Again, that was just the announcement that we've made here on the stage. I'm not sure what you guys are hearing.

COOPER: Erica, this bums me out because this was to my mind, this was going to be one of those incredible epic --

HILL: Listen, you and me both, you can get in a private concert, my friend.

COOPER: Well, I know. I mean, it's been epic thus far, but this was going to be one of those moments were like, you know, even if the rain continues, everyone comes out on the stage and it's Barry Manilow and Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen, and somebody singing something and then it morphs into something else and then it becomes this crazy night and the hundred people were there were like, I can't believe I was there.

HILL: I know, I can't believe I was here. I'm one of the lucky ones who get to say I was here all night. So there's that.

Listen, what they've said is that you know, the event is canceled. They want everybody to move. I mean, who knows? Who knows if they end up playing at some point without people in the park? You know, I guess things could happen.

I have a feeling Chloe is working her phone right now as I talk to you with a little more intel on that.

COOPER: Yes, she is.

HILL: Again, I am now seeing them, they are moving instruments off the stage. So you, know there are road cases that are moving. There are a lot of people doing a lot of things. COOPER: Maybe it is just going to be acoustics. Maybe just going to be

acoustic jam.

MELAS: Or have Stephen Colbert sing.

HILL: Could be.


MELAS: Stephen Colbert.

HILL; Stephen Colbert is going to sing? I am not going to sing. That I can be sure of.

COOPER: I'm like the last guy the party who is like, no, no, it's the time change. There's an hour where it's an extra hour. I don't know if you've ever been in that situation, but I have.

HILL: Remind me to invite you to my next party, AC.

MELAS: So what I am --

COOPER: I've never been in a party and you think you realize it's a time change, you're like, oh my God, there's an extra hour. This is awesome.

MELAS: What? No.

HILL: We are now changing the clocks tonight. Just so we're clear, there's not a time change.

MELAS: I can't imagine if someone said that to me at a party. I would be so confused, right?

HILL: I don't think people are not really leaving. Just so you know, guys. I mean, they're moving back stage, but they're not moving.

COOPER: I've just -- I'm being told in my ear that it's done, but I really feel like I'm not ready to give this up yet. I feel like --

MELAS: What about Patti?

COOPER: What about -- I know. What about Patti?

MELAS: Patti Smith.

COOPER: It's not happening. Oh my God.

MELAS: The last I heard was that Clive Davis was talking with Mayor Bill de Blasio and they were going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. Some more -- you know what they should do?

HILL: I mean, I will say, guys, too --

MELAS: They should move the concert to Stephen Colbert's house.

COOPER: Well, I -- what do you think they are all doing now?

MELAS: At the bar.

COOPER: Where are they going to go?

MELAS: Let's go to the bar with Patti Smith.

COOPER: I just felt like we were bonding with all these people and having a fun time and like concerts backstage and -- now we're just --

MELAS: But what would Carlos Santana do right now?

COOPER: Well there is no time or space for Carlos Santana.

MELAS: Right.

COOPER: here is no rain or lightning or there's -- well, there is --

MELAS: He would turn this into a positive. We saw a lot of amazing performers, Anderson.

COOPER: It is. Yes. We did see a lot of amazing performers.

MELAS: Let me try to help you feel better. Okay, so we saw a lot of amazing performers tonight.

COOPER: It's true. We did.

MELAS: Jennifer Hudson was amazing.

COOPER: Jennifer Hudson was amazing.

MELAS: The New York Philharmonic and you had private concerts for yourself and for many viewers.

COOPER: No, listen, I made -- okay before we -- okay, so yes, apparently this is -- the concert is not happening. That is the word. Is this official? It is official. It's not happening. Okay, fine.

Okay, it's not happening. I'm being told over and over and over. It is sinking in finally. I'm super bummed. But it was an amazing. For what was there -- there was an amazing concert. And the fact that all these artists wanted to be there and were there and are still there because they wanted to perform, they wanted to go out on stage.

MELAS: I know, I feel like there's going to be an epic after party somewhere.

COOPER: I'm sure there is.

MELAS: Plead Don Lemon to do it on his Instagram Live tonight.

COOPER: You know what, this was the -- for me, this was the party and I'm really glad that everybody at home got to experience it. For me what was actually kind of an extraordinary night of just completely not what we anticipated. MELAS: Barry Manilow set the bar high.

COOPER: Yet, again as he has throughout his entire career, Barry Manilow set the bar.

MELAS: So, we can't forget those people that came in for us today. Carlos and Barry --

COOPER: Thank you for watching. I want to thank all the performers and artists who called in. We really appreciate it. Patti Smith, if you're out there, we love you and I would love to hear you sing anytime on my program, you're welcome to come on and sing. That is a promise.

Thank you so much. It was really such a pleasure.

MELAS: It was fun Anderson. Let's do it again.

COOPER: Amara Walker takes over coverage, next.