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New Year's Eve Live With Anderson Cooper And Andy Cohen. Aired 8-9p ET

Aired December 31, 2021 - 20:00   ET


TOM FOREMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I'm Tom Foreman wishing you all the best and none of the worst in 2022.


BARRY MANILOW, SINGER: At the Copa, Copacabana. Music and passion were always the fashion at the Copa. Don't fall in love.

Hi Anderson, Hi Andy. It's Barry Manilow here at the McCallum Theatre in Palm Springs wishing you a Happy New Year, and I want my audience to say something to your audience, ready guys?

One, two, three.

CROWD: Happy New Year.

ANNOUNCER: Tonight, from New York to New Orleans, from Vegas to San Juan, this is CNN's New Year's Eve Live with appearances by Katy Perry, Regina King, Leslie Jordan, Patti LaBelle, Cheri Oteri, KT Tunstall, Amanda Gorman, Kris Jenner, James Taylor.

Plus, more surprises.

And now from the heart of Times Square, your hosts, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: And Happy New Year, everyone. We are live in Times Square for what is going to be, what we think a very fun night.

ANDY COHEN, CNN HOST: It is going to be a fun night.

COOPER: It is the warmest -- I don't know how many years -- I think I've been doing this like 15 years, it is the warmest it has ever been.

COHEN: It is balmy. It feels great.

And we have Katy Perry. We have Regina King, William Shatner. We have so many more surprises.

Now, I had thought that the roaring 20s would have started by now.

COOPER: The roaring 20s?

COHEN: Yes, the roaring 20s.

COOPER: Right.

COHEN: We're in the 20s.

COOPER: Yes, I know.

COHEN: So when is that -- yes -- really.

COOPER: No, that's not going to happen.

COHEN: Right.

COOPER: You have to reset, but we made it --

COHEN: We keep resetting.

COOPER: We made it through another mishegas of a year.

COHEN: Yes, we did.

COOPER: And we'll see what the next year brings.


COOPER: It is a greatly reduced crowd here in Times Square. I mean, it was reduced last year, I feel maybe it is even more reduced than it was last year.

COHEN: Well, no there was no one last year --

COOPER: Really?

COHEN: And this year.

COOPER: Yes. I have no memory of it whatsoever.

COHEN: Yes. There is a hodgepodge of people here.

COOPER: A happy hodgepodge.

COHEN: A happy hodgepodge. I think the CDC just spins a wheel at this point and wherever it lands --


COHEN: There you go.

COOPER: And you had --

COHEN: I did have COVID.

COOPER: Yes, you just -- yes.

COHEN: I had just got over it. I thought -- I think it was maybe the delta, so I'm going for number three. COOPER: Stop bragging. Stop bragging.

COHEN: I'm going for number three. Maybe by the night is over/

COOPER: Well, I'm glad you're okay. Everybody had to be like we were -- everybody was tested this morning.

COHEN: Yes, of course.

COOPER: And we got passes.


COOPER: So it's hopefully a very safe -- and it's festive -- there's a lot of police officer here. They are all in good mood.

COHEN: Listen --

COOPER: Everybody seems to be in a very happy mood.

COHEN: It is about to be much more festive, because we're going to raise our first glass of the night. But first we need to pay tribute to the great Betty White who passed away today at the age, 99 years old.

COOPER: January 17th was going to be hundredth birthday.


COOPER: I mean, what an incredible, incredible person, an incredible life, and career.

COHEN: First lady of television, started on TV in 1939.

COOPER: It's incredible.

COHEN: And what did you just tell me before we went on?

COOPER: Well, she started in radio. Oh, one of her first TV shows when the guy who was she was co-hosting with left, she would act -- she would do like five and a half hours of live television. I think it was like Hollywood on TV, it was called.

COHEN: Right.

COOPER: Five and a half hours of live television, six days a week for like three or four years. I mean, it is mind boggling.

COHEN: That's a kibitz.

COOPER: She was also one of the few -- she was one of the first women to be in control not only on camera, but behind the scenes producing her own show.

COHEN: Oh, I didn't know that.


COHEN: We have two great Betty White clips. One from the great Sue Ann Nivens, "Mary Tyler Moore" and one from "Golden Girls." Take a quick look.


SUE ANN NIVENS, FICTIONAL CHARACTER: I want a job where I don't have to smile. I don't like smiling all the time, it is against my nature.


NIVENS: I am? Right now?


ROSE NYLUND, FICTIONAL CHARACTER: Sophia, what are you doing with a heavy coat on inside the house?


NYLUND: Dorothy, was Sophia naked just now or does her dress really need ironing?



COHEN: Classic.

COOPER: Amazing.

COHEN: Classic.

COOPER: Betty White.

COHEN: All right, we are going to --

COOPER: And she was such a lovely lady -- I mean, she was so amazing.

COHEN: A lovely lady. We're going to raise our first shot of tequila in honor of Betty White.

Now here's the thing about New Year's Eve, a lot of you are home tonight. Not a lot of big New Year's parties are happening.

COOPER: Yes. We want you all to celebrate with us in whatever way is -- you're comfortable with, okay? If it's tequila we're going to be drinking DE-NADA Tequila tonight.



COHEN: And this is in honor of Betty White, a life well-lived.

COOPER: Yes, 99 years old.

COHEN: Ninety nine.

COOPER: Betty White.

COHEN: Cheers.

COOPER: Cheers. Yes. There you go.

COHEN: There you go. Number one. Number one.

That's not all we're going to be drinking. I've got more for you.

COOPER: Oh yes.

COHEN: Yes. Yes. An hour is too long to wait.

COOPER: And as many of you who have joined us before know, I don't really drink. This is -- I haven't had -- I am trying to think of the last time I've had a drink this year.

COHEN: We had dinner a couple of weeks ago and I made you get a glass of wine.

COOPER: Oh, okay, yes. We spent a lot of time together this year.

COHEN: We spent an inordinate amount of time together this year.


COHEN: Which is lovely especially with kids.


COHEN: We had so many playdates.

COOPER: I'm going to show a picture because Benjamin, my son's Papa just sent me this picture. I just want to show it. This is what my son is doing. My phone is all -- sorry, it is all like cloudy.

Anyway, this is --

COHEN: By the way I am at a point now --

COOPER: Like a little New Your baby. Look at --

COHEN: He is wearing a Ben Me Down.

COOPER: A Ben Me Down.

COHEN: Those square pants PJs.

COOPER: Almost all of his clothes are Ben Me Down's. Andy's son Ben.

COHEN: I went over today and he had a Grateful Dead shirt on that you were very upset by. COOPER: Well, because all of his clothes were -- and we were right at

the end of a laundry cycle. Yes. Anyway.

COHEN: Anyway, we spent so much time together this year, we celebrated our birthdays together.

COOPER: Did we really?

COHEN: We did. Yes. You came to my surprise.

COOPER: Andy had a surprise birthday party. And as an afterthought, he was like, oh you know what? Why don't you just come and we will say it's yours.

COHEN: Your birthday is the day after mine and this was a momentous ...

COOPER: Look at the galaxy of stars. My goodness.

COHEN: ... year because I got a birthday present from Anderson.

COOPER: I did. I am not --

COHEN: Which I never --

COOPER: I'm not -- I'm a terrible gift giver. It's true.

COHEN: Got me a beautiful decorative box.

COOPER: Not a decorative box. It was like a sterling silver antique.

COHEN: It is an antique.

COOPER: I haven't seen it since.

COHEN: It's full of pot and it's sitting on my desk.

COOPER: Wait you have a -- you have a thing of pot sitting on your desk?

COHEN: I have many things of pot on my desk.

COOPER: Is that legal now?

COHEN: In February or March -- just read the fine print. We went to Costa Rica. I have an occasion to see Anderson in the water.

COOPER: Look at me.

COHEN: Here he is hydro foiling --

COOPER: Attempting to.

COHEN: He is like a translucent flash in the water. And I was cheering him on.

COOPER: So, I did this for like three days.

COHEN: Look how white he is.

COOPER: I know.

COHEN: Have you ever seen a whiter person? Oh my God. He thinks he is --

COOPER: I look awful. I look awful.

COHEN: I mean --

COOPER: That's why no one wants to see me in a --

COHEN: I can't take my eyes off of you in the water.

COOPER: I love it. The thing about that thing is it's really fun to do. What I didn't realize is, I was throwing out my back.


COOPER: My back has not been --

COHEN: That was such a great landing.

COOPER: I've not been able to work out since February of last year because of my back. Yes.


COOPER: I mean, I've worked out, but not -- it is hurting a little now. Thanks for asking, but I'm bearing through it, okay. It's hurting. I'm bearing through it.

COHEN: Yes. Okay.

COOPER: Well, I heard -- I just read this that "The Real Housewives" turned 15 this year?

COHEN: They did. Isn't that incredible? Fifteen years old.

COOPER: I mean --

COHEN: None of the women look a day over 30.

COOPER: Of course. I feel like I was one of the first to really catch on to it.

COHEN: You. Yes, you are Anderson like everything kind of turning into a true crime franchise.

COOPER: How many of the housewives have now been indicted or their husband is indicted?

COHEN: Thank you. No.

COOPER: I'm just wondering.


COOPER: You said it turned into a crime franchise.

COHEN: I know, but I was making a light joke.

COOPER: Well, I am, too. I'm just wondering how many --

COHEN: Just only one currently that have been charged with anything. Thank you.

COOPER: Has she been convicted? Or are he or --

COHEN: Trial in March. Anyway --

COOPER: My god. Trial in March?

COHEN: I just got over COVID --

COOPER: Are you going to cover it? That's going to be interesting.

COHEN: No, we're not going to cover it.

I just got over COVID as I said, and I will say the first time I had COVID, I took the opportunity to watch "Game of Thrones," which I had never seen. Watch the whole thing. I was --

COOPER: Hold on, stop. You should tell the story about when the other one went to jail and you were corresponding.

COHEN: I told that story.

COOPER: I know, but it's funny.

COHEN: Teresa was in jail and she can't -- and when she was e-mailing -- we were e-mailing, you have to go on a server and put your Social Security number and this whole thing.

COOPER: When corresponding with a prisoner.

COHEN: When corresponding with a prisoner something that you know a lot about and ever -- the subject line of every e-mail was "It's Teresa." I'm like, I know I logged on to this special site.


COHEN: Anyway --

COOPER: You're the only one in the Danbury National Security Prison.

COHEN: I, during COVID, this time took the opportunity to watch three things that I've never seen that I was so embarrassed that I had never seen.

COOPER: I embarrassed you. COHEN: 'The Godfather."

COOPER: I cannot believe you've never seen "The Godfather."

COHEN: "Godfather 2" and "Gone With the Wind." I had never seen any of those. What a joy. Is there anything you've never seen that you're kind of embarrassed to admit?

COOPER: "Sound of Music." I've never seen "Sound of Music."

COHEN: Wow. You know I may not have seen it.

COOPER: Really?

COHEN: You can take our gay cards right now.

COOPER: Yes. I always get -- this is going to sound ridiculous. And I always get confused between the "Sound of Music" and "Peter Pan."

COHEN: Oh, sweety.

COOPER: No, but it's always like there's a group of children in night shirts.


COOPER: Looking out open windows, isn't there? I feel looking at staring out and singing.


COOPER: I feel it's kind of the same thing.

COHEN: All right.

COOPER: I don't know.

COHEN: Should we go to our fleet of correspondents around the city and the world?

COOPER: Chloe Melas is on the ground in Times Square. Chloe, you and I bonded when we had the whole mishegas for the concert in New York.

COHEN: You --

COOPER: You and I -- you and I were just supposed to be like introducing it and kibitzing a little bit in between, and then the whole thing went to pod and you and I you had hours of TV to fill.

CHLOE MELAS, CNN ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER: Anderson, you changed my life. I think we spent four hours together. So we are bonded forever now.


MELAS: Listen, I am so excited to be here in Times Square for the very first time myself to ring in the New Year. Everybody is so excited. People from all over the world, and I'm going to let you guys talk to some of them. Where are you from?


MELAS: How long have you been standing out here tonight?


MELAS: Who are you most excited to see?


MELAS: Katy Perry. Well, she's going to be performing on our broadcast tonight.

Where are you from?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're from South Korea.

MELAS: This is your first time here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, it's not my first time, but first time for this, but it's --

MELAS: Are you so excited?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm so excited right now.

MELAS: I love it.

And then from my home state of Texas.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. We're from Brownsville, Texas.

MELAS: How excited are you to be here tonight?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're so excited.

MELAS: You're with your family. Do you guys have any New Year's resolutions?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: To be honest with you, no.

MELAS: And then where are you from?


MELAS: Awesome. I love Chicago. Who are you most excited to see tonight.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I will say Ashanti.

MELAS: Listen, this is so exciting. And Anderson and Andy, save me a shot because I love Betty White, too. I'm going to see you all up there. COHEN: All right.

COOPER: All right, well, see you soon.

COHEN: Listen, I've got bad news for that lady from London, but Katy Perry's going to be performing from Vegas.

COOPER: You know what, don't be a downer.

COHEN: She's been standing there for seven hours.

COOPER: Also, why I don't understand is why did she have to be standing there for seven hours? I mean, it's not like there's a lot of people.

COHEN: Well, why don't you go ask her?

All right, let's go to Richard Quest at the top of a skyscraper.

COOPER: Richard. Wow.

COHEN: Wow. Look at him. Wow.


COHEN: What's the outfit?

COOPER: A Big Apple. He's the Big Apple.

QUEST: I am. Tonight we are about New York icons. So. I am the Big Apple on top of the Big Apple. And tonight, now you're familiar with our jump here at the top of Hudson Yards. And you're familiar with this bit where as you know --

COOPER: Oh my God.

COHEN: That is terrifying.

QUEST: But --

COOPER: Richard, are you afraid of heights? I cannot do that.

QUEST: But would either of you walk out of the building and do the climb and walk up the building on the outside?

COOPER: Is that really a thing? You know, my friend Neil Holdsworth who is a lord actually. He's a cameraman --

COHEN: He is a Lord?

COOPER: He bought a lordship online one night in Baghdad.

COHEN: That is so relatable.

COOPER: He is a camera guy. But he has climbed that multiple times. So Richard, have you climbed that thing? That's terrifying. QUEST: You will have to wait on find out. We'll I do it? Will I be

brave enough to walk out of this building?

COHEN: Will He Do it? Wow, he's edging out at Hudson Yards.

COOPER: Yes. That's incredible.


COOPER: Richard, I'm so happy you're with us. It's our tradition.

QUEST: It is.

COOPER: And you are the Big Apple on top of the Big Apple.

QUEST: Just wait until you see what -- I'm going to give you a clue. What icon will I be later?

COHEN: Statue of Liberty.

QUEST: Maybe or maybe not. It could be the Empire State Building.

COOPER: I was going to say Dion Von Furstenberg.

COHEN: Ah again.

COOPER: I mean.


COOPER: Richard, we're going to check in with you later. We cannot wait. Thank you for joining us.

QUEST: Yes. Thank you.

COOPER: I hope -- wow.

COHEN: Keep your costume on.

COOPER: No, he is going to be changing.

COHEN: All right, he is going to change.

Coming up, Patti LaBelle is going to join us.


COOPER: I love Patti LaBelle.

COHEN: Patti LaBelle is our New Year's staple. Can't wait to see what she's cooking. A little bit later we're going to talk to Kris Jenner.

COOPER: Oh wow.

COHEN: And the Captain himself, William Shatner, fresh from space. COOPER: Yes. I talked to William Shatner before he went space and I

had the greatest time talking to him. He is so fascinating and funny, and I'm very much looking forward to that.

COHEN: Throughout the show.

COOPER: Throughout the show --

COHEN: Sorry.

COOPER: That's my line.

COHEN: Sorry, go ahead.

COOPER: Thank you. Throughout the show -- I'm feeling that thing that we took a little earlier.

COHEN: Oh. That thing we took?

COOPER: Well, that shot.


COOPER: Especially -- why does it hit so fast?

COHEN: I know.

COOPER: I haven't eaten anything -- was that?

COHEN: There you go. Oh, he brought baby food.

COOPER: I did.

COHEN: Pouches of baby food with him.

COOPER: Yes, it's what I eat now.

COHEN: Okay.

COOPER: Yes. What's fascinating about these because my kid likes them is that --

COHEN: My kid likes them. Really?

COOPER: They're -- it's like fruit and vegetables. So you get your vegetables.

COHEN: Yes, it's like fruit and vegetables.

COOPER: This is green kale and apples.

COHEN: We have special performances inside the Lightscape experience at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. And a whole lot more.

COOPER: I don't know where that is.

COHEN: We are going to be right back.

COOPER: Yes, yes.

COHEN: Oh my god.

COOPER: Oh look cool.


ANNOUNCER: New Year's Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen is brought to you by ZipRecruiter. The smartest way to get hired.



COOPER: Hey and welcome back to New Year's Eve here live in New York's Times Square.

COHEN: All right, I cannot wait. You know what, Randi Kaye, always a highlight ...

COOPER: She always delivers.

COHEN: ... on New Year's Eve.

COOPER: She puts the high in highlights.

COHEN: She does.

COOPER: Some years -- oh my God.

COHEN: Oh my god, Randi. Is that a bonfire?

COOPER: Wait, Randi is --

COHEN: In hot pants. Randi Kaye and hot pants I've seen it all.

COOPER: With the biggest glass of I don't know what, I've never seen a glass.

COHEN: That is a housewife sized goblet.

COOPER: How are you doing, Randi?

RANDI KAYE, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: All right, we are coming in hot, I've got my hot pants on. I'm great. Happy New Year to you, guys, Anderson and Andy. We are coming in hot.

I've got the hot pants and I've got -- this is my glass of champagne but it holds an entire bottle so you can see I've already done some damage tonight.

We are ready to get the bonfire and the beach party started. Check it out. We've got a whole group of people here. And we have a bonfire and just in case things go a little crazy. We have a fireman on standby. Oops. I think we forgot half of his equipment.

COHEN: I don't think he forgot his equipment.

KAYE: And we have American Young with us tonight everybody here. He will be keeping us -- they are going to be keeping us with some music, but let's get to the bar because we always have a lot of fun at the bar.

We have a flair bartender with us tonight.

COHEN: Yes, she would.

KAYE: All night.

COOPER: Oh my gosh.

KAYE: We sure do. This is Kevin.

KEVIN: How are you doing?

KAYE: All right, Kevin. Light it up for us.

KEVIN: I'm in the middle of making a lemon daiquiri right now.

KAYE: Whoa.

KEVIN: Just going to add the rum.

KAYE: All right --

KEVIN: And this is for you, I heard.

KAYE: This is for me. Okay.

KEVIN: It is.

KAYE: So I get this and my champagne.

KEVIN: Oh, yes, you do.

KAYE: All right, I wish we could share this with Anderson with Andy.

KEVIN: That's a good idea. That sounds like a good idea.

KAYE: But I'll take it. Yes. Do you think it's okay to mix a daiquiri with champagne? Is that all right? It is New Year's Eve.

KEVIN: Why not.

KAYE: Why not. You sound a bit like Prince Harry.

KEVIN: Yes. I don't have a bank account.

COHEN: Really?

COOPER: I think he sounds more Australian.

COHEN: But you have more flair.

KEVIN: I do have more flair than Prince Harry. You're right.

KAYE: Let's see you're flair. I'm going to taste this.

KEVIN: There you go. How about that?

KAYE: In the meantime.

KEVIN: You check that out.

KAYE: Let's see what else you've got?

KEVIN: So I'm going to teach you some flair today. And we're actually going to learn some juggling so I'm going to show you a quick juggle.


KEVIN: If I can.

KAYE: Okay. Whoa. That is awesome.

KEVIN: Oh, how about that?

KAYE: Oh my gosh, and I think -- you're like a Godzilla at the bar from what I understand.

KEVIN: Yes, I'm going to show you how to breathe fire as well. How about that?

KAYE: Whoa, whoa. Breathe fire? Okay, let's do it.

COOPER: I mean --

KAYE: Whoa. That is awesome. All right. I am going to take --

COOPER: Don't do this at home.

COHEN: Do not try that, Randi. Don't do that.

KEVIN: Cheers.

KAYE: Don't leave. I'm going to take my champagne glass and head over here. We're going to go back to American Young. They're entertaining us tonight and Anderson and Andy, I have a very special treat for you as well.

A friend of ours who has come all the way from Luxembourg to wish you Happy New Year to Anderson and Andy. How do you say this in Luxembourg-ish, is that right?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: (Speaking in foreign language).

KAYE: And as you said, like 600,000 people would understand that, right?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. Not 600,000, but yes.

KAYE: Happy New Year, guys. We'll see you again.

COHEN: Thank you. Happy New Year.

COOPER: (Speaking in foreign language).


COOPER: First of all, do not try that at home.

COHEN: Yes. No.

COOPER: Not a good idea. That's probably a trained professional.

COHEN: No. That fire man, I still haven't gotten over him.

COOPER: That's a whole other thing.

COHEN: You know what, Patti LaBelle isn't just a legendary singer. She is a fabulous cook, and she has something wonderful worked up for us again this year.

She is at her house in Philly, Miss Patti, wow, looking like a million dollar, girl. As ever. Look at you.

COOPER: Happy New Year, Miss Patti.


COOPER: Don't block the blessings, Patti.

LABELLE: Hi, Anderson. Don't block the blessings.

COOPER: How are you doing?



LABELLE: I can't complain one --

COHEN: We are Gemini triplets. The three of us.


COOPER: I can feel that Gemini energy.

LABELLE: Yes, we are Geminis, we're all special. Yes, a lot of energy going around over here.

COHEN: Patti, what are you cooking tonight over there?

LABELLE: Hey, guys. COHEN: What are you cooking?

LABELLE: I cooked everything. I had a turkey, brisket, branzino, sliders, all kinds of macaroni and cheese, Patti pies, Patti's dessert, a whole bunch of stuff, Andy and Anderson come over and see for yourself, okay?

COOPER: Sweet potato pies.



COHEN: You are back from performing sold out crowds. How happy are you to be back on the stage performing, kicking your legendary shoes off?


LABELLE: I've been kicking those legendary shoes off for about 50 years now and I kicked them off last month. Actually later in the show, you're going to see me perform something, okay, so stay tuned everybody to a Patti performance later.

COOPER: We cannot wait.

LABELLE: But I've been having fun, guys and must I say one thing.

Let's remember Sarah Dash and Betty White. Wait, Anderson and Andy, Betty White and Sarah Dash. Okay?


LABELLE: Rest their souls.

COOPER: Absolutely.

COHEN: Well, you know, we were talking about Betty White, but say something about Sarah Dash because she was your partner in "LaBelle" and she was so incredible. So, what do you want people to know about her?

LABELLE: Sarah Dash, yes. She was -- I want them to know that she was one of the better people in the world.

She sang phenomenally. She looked beautiful, and her death was very sudden. So we never expected her to leave so soon, but here is to her family. We love Sarah Dash and we love Betty White.

God rest their souls.



LABELLE: Yes. COHEN: You are performing later tonight. You're going to do "Lady


COOPER: I cannot wait. I mean, that's incredible.

COHEN: "Lady Marmalade" is actually inducted into the Library of Congress's National Recording Registry this year. What did that mean to you?

LABELLE: Yes. It was such a beautiful moment. Sarah Dash enjoyed it so much. I mean, for us to be inducted in that that Hall of Fame Library of Congress. It was one of the most beautiful things that could have happened to us, especially before she left this world.

So we are honored, yes we are. Nona and I.

COOPER: When you first -- when you first sang that, when you both first sang that, I mean, did you know the impact it was going to have? Did you know the kind of the legend that it would become?

LABELLE: We had no idea. We just knew it "voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?" Not knowing what that meant at the time. But we all know now what it is.

COHEN: Yes, we do. Yes we do.

LABELLE: Oh, yes.

COHEN: Oh, Miss Patti, you have really lived, and I really -- I want to play a game that's kind of a Watch What Happens Live classic. It's called Have You Met Them? I want to just run through various celebrities that you may or may not have met. And just tell me if you have an anecdote about people you may have crossed paths with.

Have you ever met a member of the British Royal Family?

LABELLE: I've never met a member of the British Royal Family. No, I met Elton John. Yes.

COOPER: Well, I mean --

COHEN: Didn't he -- he did something for you. Right? Didn't he play backup for you?

LABELLE: He was my piano player. Yes, he was my piano player. He's with Bluesology.

COOPER: is that right?

LABELLE: Years ago in London. He was -- yes, he was the opening act for us, for Patti LaBelle and the Bluebells. Yes, Sarah Dash and Nona Hendryx and Cindy Birdsong at the time. So, I want to show you something -- can I show you something? Andy --

COHEN: Oh, yes. Go ahead. Yes.

LABELLE: Have I ever met the Pope?

COHEN: Show me what you've got to show me. Yes, have you ever met a pope?

LABELLE: I have to show you. What I have to show you, they are people. Okay. My new grandbaby.

COOPER: Show us.'

LABELLE: Can I show you my show you my kids?

COOPER: Oh my gosh.

LABELLE: My grandkids.

COOPER: Please.


COOPER: Of course.


LABELLE: Come on. There's Gia. There is -- this is the little boy. My little baby boy, Zuri, Jr. Can you see?

COHEN: Oh my.

LABELLE: That's Ro and Gia, and Leyla.

COHEN: That is a black tie up there.

LABELLE: This is Zuri's little baby boy. Right?

COOPER: How old is he?

LABELLE: He is beautiful. He's about a month and a half -- a month and a half.



COOPER: Oh my gosh. That's amazing.

COHEN: I need that outfit.

LABELLE: Say, hi.

COHEN: He is so cute.


COHEN: He is so cute.

COOPER: He is so beautiful. LABELLE: Thank you, Andy. I know -- how's your baby?

COOPER: Congratulations.

LABELLE: Beautiful baby boy? Thank you.

COHEN: He is so good.

LABELLE: Thank you so much.

COHEN: How late do you think you'll go tonight, Patti?

LABELLE: We will go until five in the morning. We don't sleep in this house. We stay up playing cards and dancing all night. Yes. Right.

COHEN: It only takes about 90 minutes in the car from New York. Anderson and I might show up around 2:30.

COOPER: We should go.

COHEN: Well, why don't you just come? Come on, Andy. I have a house full of great --

LABELLE: We love you, Patti.

COHEN: COVID safe people. Okay. I love you guys. Thank you for coming every year.

COOPER: We love you, Patti.

COHEN: We love you.

LABELLE: Thank you, Anderson.

COHEN: Thanks for doing it again.

LABELLE: Okay, guys.

COOPER: You are the best. Wish you the best.

LABELLE: And stay safe. Stay safe, baby.

COOPER: You, too.


COHEN: You, too.

COOPER: All right, this is the only show tonight where you'll see Kris Jenner and Captain Kirk together. William Shatner himself.

COHEN: That's true. Together again.

COOPER: I love Patti LaBelle.

[20:30:00] I love her whole house. I love the whole family that joins.

COHEN: Me, too. I love that setup.

COOPER: I know. Very nice setup.

COHEN: Plus, we're going to take you to an Irish bar with us.

COOPER: Donie O'Sullivan, next.




CHARLAMAGNE THA GOD, RADIO HOST: My New Year's resolution is to continue on my healing journey. You know what I mean, to make sure that I go to therapy once a week, that I meet with my sacred purpose coach, that I continue to meditate, and all of that good stuff.

I am just going to continue on my healing journey. That's my New Year's resolution -- and continue to be a better version of myself.

MARTHA STEWART, TV SHOW HOST: My New Year's revolution -- my New Year's resolution for 2022 is to make sure that I am so, so, so close to my grandchildren and my daughter.

ZIWE, COMEDIAN: My New Year's resolution is to get more attention.

EMILY RATAJKOWSKI, MODEL: My New Year's resolution is to get Ziwe more attention.

ZIWE: Wow. I love you.


KEKE PALMER, ACTRESS: My New Year's resolution is definitely to spend time -- more time with my family and a little bit more time behind the camera whether it's writing, producing -- I'm very excited to explore a little bit more of that life.

VANESSA BAYER, ACTRESS: My New Year's resolution is to be on time for things, but that's my resolution every year, so I guess I better work on it.


B.J. NOVAK, ACTOR: My New Year's resolution is to give more compliments. Every time I get a compliment, it makes my day, but we think nice things all the time and don't compliment people. I'm going to compliment everybody.

Anderson and Andy, you look amazing.

(END VIDEO CLIP) COHEN: You, too. Look at those eyes on B.J. Novak.

COOPER: I like Charlamagne tha God talking about going to therapy and all of that.

COHEN: Could you tell that I got Martha Stewart a little trunk there?

COOPER: A little? It looks like a lot.

COHEN: She looks a little checkered there. She couldn't get it out.

COOPER: Yes. She looked like she was having a good time.

COHEN: Yes, she was.

COOPER: We also -- you know, we should say, you know, we're not encouraging -- if you're -- drink only if you're at home and you're not going to be driving, obviously, and follow us.


COOPER: Follow all applicable State laws.

COHEN: And also, you know what I like about this? We are all together.


COHEN: You know what I mean?


COHEN: Some of you are watching alone or with one other person. We're all here passing the time.

COOPER: It's true. It's not just passing the time.

COHEN: It's a telethon without a disease.

COOPER: No, no, no, don't say that. No, I mean, I do think there's something in this time when we've all been so separated and isolated. It's nice to have a communal event.

COHEN: This is our tradition.

COOPER: Yes. It's nice. And it's nice to take part in something whether you have a drink or you're every hour, you know, taking a shot of baby food like I am as well.

CNN's Donie O'Sullivan, by the way, who has had -- I mean, CNN's Donie O'Sullivan does a lot of just incredible work in a lot of difficult places. He's in an Irish Pub here in New York.

COHEN: Wow. Look at what he has got.

COOPER: Donie, where are you? Oh my God. Look at that. COHEN: Look, we're on the foam.

COOPER: Donie, Happy New Year.

DONIE O'SULLIVAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: This is -- this is my toughest assignment yet. This guys, is a distinct Irish honor. We have printed your two heads on to creamy heads of Guinness.

We are here in the Hudson Hounds, a bar in the West Village and we are here with a master pourer of Guinness.

Guinness is not unlike -- it's not like any other beers, is that correct, Michael Reardon? Tell us why.

MICHAEL REARDON, IRISH BAR, NEW YORK: I believe so. Well, there are two things that come to mind. Number one, it's its quality we do over 250 quality checks from the farm before a drop of Guinness even leaves the brewery at St. James in Dublin. The second one is in 1959, reinvented nitro beer.

O'SULLIVAN: Now, so you -- most beers, you could just pull the top down, right, and hand it out. And that's it. Guinness is different.

REARDON: A little bit than that.

O'SULLIVAN: There is a technique. It's an Irish, right?

REARDON: Yes, there's some theatricality, there's tradition behind it. It's a two part pour.

O'SULLIVAN: And you are going to show me now how to pour.

REARDON: I'm going to coach you through it.

O'SULLIVAN: A perfect pint of Guinness and the nation of Ireland is watching me, so there's a lot of pressure on here. So you're going to have to walk me through this as I do it.

So we tilt the glass a little --

REARDON: Yes, we have a Beer Queen Guinness gravity going.

O'SULLIVAN: And then we start pouring.

REARDON: Forty five degrees angle.

O'SULLIVAN: Like that?

REARDON: Open the tap all the way.

O'SULLIVAN: Stanley Tucci went through this. Now, what do I do? Do I just keep going?

REARDON: When you get halfway through the glass.

O'SULLIVAN: My hand is shaking. I'm so nervous. REARDON: Slowly tilt it up. Slowly tilt it up.

O'SULLIVAN: Tilt it like this?

REARDON: Don't be nervous. I've got you.


REARDON: Okay, now turn the tap off.

O'SULLIVAN: Okay, like this?

REARDON: Okay, steady there.

O'SULLIVAN: Right. Now do we -- what happens now?

REARDON: Now, it is going to settle, so the nitrogen bubble is going to surge the top and create that thick, dense cream.

O'SULLIVAN: So we need to wait.

REARDON: Hundred nineteen point five seconds.

O'SULLIVAN: We need to wait for two minutes.


O'SULLIVAN: I don't think -- I don't think, Anderson and Andy are going to give me two minutes. While we do that, let's see the owner of the bar.

COHEN: A hundred and nineteen point two seconds. Wow.

O'SULLIVAN: A hundred and nineteen seconds. I didn't know Irish people get drunk when they have to wait that long.

Jason, this is your var. Now, it has been a tough year -- to 2022, you're obviously hoping it's going to be a bit better.

JASON: Yes. We were just on the way back, a little bit of a small sidestep here, but we know we're going to come back strong. We are 22 years strong and will be 44 years stronger than we look.

O'SULLIVAN: Jason actually had hair before the COVID outbreak.

COHEN: What street is --

O'SULLIVAN: All right --

COOPER: Hey, Donie, Donie. What street is the bar on?

O'SULLIVAN: We are at Hudson Street, right?

JASON: Hudson --

COHEN: Yes, Hudson Street. O'SULLIVAN: We've been here since morning. We've been drinking

Guinness since the morning. We're not sure we are -- okay, I want to.

COHEN: I walk by there --

O'SULLIVAN: You walk bar on the way to the playground, Andy? Sure. Sure.

COHEN: I did.

O'SULLIVAN: Did you stop by? Okay, do you guys have a Guinness? You do. You guys have Guinness in hand, right?

COHEN: We do.

COOPER: We do. I am embarrassed to say, I've never had one.

COHEN: You ain't going to like it.

O'SULLIVAN: Okay, so Jason's going to try mine. I want you guys to try yours.


O'SULLIVAN: I want you to drink away, Jason.

COHEN: Cheers.

COOPER: Cheers.

JASON: Cheers.

COOPER: And I hope this year for the bar is the best year yet.

O'SULLIVAN: What do you think? Do you like the Guinness, Anderson?

COOPER: Yes, I do actually. It's not like beer. It's like smooth. It's nice. It's actually quite lovely.

O'SULLIVAN: It's Irish milk.

COOPER: Yes, I like this.

COHEN: All right, Irish milk. When we come back to you --

COOPER: Oh, wait, you've got what? What have you got, Donie?

O'SULLIVAN: We've got a -- well, we printed your heads using this very fancy Guinness technology. So if you guys send us a selfie, I will print it on. Andy, you could send it -- take a selfie, I unblocked your number just for tonight. Andy, send us our way and we will talk to you guys soon.

COOPER: All right, Donie, thank you.

COHEN: Thanks, Donie. [20:40:06]

COHEN: Now joining us to help us celebrate the New Year, The Queen of the Jenner-Kardashians, Kris Jenner.

COOPER: Happy New Year, Kris.

COHEN: There she is.

COOPER: Happy New Year.

COHEN: Kris, how are you doing?

KRIS JENNER, MEDIA PERSONALITY: I'm so good. So, glad to be with you tonight.

COHEN: How are you and the family celebrating New Year's tonight?

JENNER: Well, it's very quiet around here. It's just us, just a few of us celebrating and just trying to keep safe. But happy. Yes, everything is good.

COHEN: Good. I never thought I would say this. But congratulations on your cover of "Jingle Bells" landing on Spotify's top songs debut list last week.


COHEN: I mean, is there a future career for you? I loved your "I love LA" cover all those years ago. Is this going to be your next phase?

JENNER: You know, I had the best time. Travis Barker and Courtney Kardashian, it was their idea, and because I'm always running around singing Christmas songs, and I think they've just thought, well, if you can't beat them, join them.

So we had the best time recording that. And, you know, you never know. This is a precursor for next year. It's a little teaser.

COHEN: Wow. I mean, you all are spreading your tentacles in so many directions. Congratulations to Kim on passing the baby bar exam. What did you all do to celebrate this achievement? Did you ever see this coming?

JENNER: You know, finally, she tried so hard. She really was so -- she really gave all of us a real inspiration because she never gave up. And she even took it once when she had COVID, which was wild. So, I'm really proud of her and I'm excited to see what she does next.

COOPER: It's also got to be -- I mean, something that her father would also have been so, so proud to see.

JENNER: I know he would have been amazingly proud of her. I think that that was part of her drive as well because she knew that that was always the dream of his for one of his kids to follow in his footsteps. So, this was such a special time, and when she said that she passed, I

almost thought that I was you know being pranked, I said, "Are you sure." You know? Is this really happening? So, I'm so proud of her, and she is going to do good things. I'm excited for her.

COHEN: She will do good things. I always say she could run for office.

JENNER: And who doesn't need a family lawyer, right?

COHEN: Exactly. Yes.

COOPER: Or two or three.


JENNER: Exactly.

COHEN: You know, everyone is talking about Kim's new relationship with Pete Davidson. Have you had the chance to spend time with them? How are they as a couple?

COOPER: You're always digging in.

COHEN: Yes, I am.

JENNER: I know, he is always visiting.

COOPER: You have a visitor.

JENNER: I know. That's little Stormi. Hey, Stormi. Oh, you sit right here. Yes, so --

COHEN: Hey, Stormi.

JENNER: Nice distraction. Good timing, Stormi, perfect.

COHEN: I know.

JENNER: I like you.

COHEN: Kris Jenner, thank you so much. Have a great New Year. I hope you guys saw party late into the night, and you look like a million bucks as always.

COOPER: And we hope the next year is the best year yet for you and your family.


JENNER: Thank you. Well, I go to bed at nine o'clock. But we will be watching you guys and watching the ball drop. Thank you for having us and lots of love to you both.

COOPER: You take care.

COHEN: Thank you. Happy New Year to all of you.

JENNER: Happy New Year.

COHEN: Just ahead, space, the final frontier and the continuing voyage. We will William Shatner --

COOPER: I am so happy William Shatner is joining us.

COHEN: Who actually went into space this year and is going to tell us all about it.

COOPER: He also has his spoken word album, which is really great.

COHEN: Wow. You've been listening to that?

COOPER: I have actually, yes. I went back and I listened to a lot of his older ones.

Right now, as we go to break, special shout out to our friends at the New York Marriott Marquis for the amazing rooftop shot. We appreciate that.

We'll be right back.

Live in New York Times Square.



COOPER: And welcome back. We are live in New York's Times Square with Andy Cohen and myself.

Our next guest had a really amazing year. His new autobiographical album titled "Bill" spoken word. It's really great. The third season of "Unexplained" is airing on History Channel. He has a new talk show called "I Don't Understand."


COOPER: He's got everything and he went to space this year on top of it all, William Shatner is joining us.

William, thank you so much for being here. Happy New Year.

WILLIAM SHATNER, ACTOR: Happy New Year to you. You guys don't look cold at all.

COOPER: It's like 50-something degrees.

COHEN: No, it's very balmy.

COOPER: It's -- yes.

COHEN: You know, Mr. Shatner, we lost one of the greats today, Betty White at the age of 99. I know you worked with her on "Boston Legal" and "Hot in Cleveland." She brutally roasted you in your 2006 Comedy Central Roast. Do you have a favorite memory of Betty White?

SHATNER: I know she was ugly. Only a dim memory. I have an imprint -- I wrote to her on her -- what was going to be your 100th birthday, and I said wait for me. I'll catch up soon, but she didn't wait.

COOPER: Yes. She was just such a remarkable person with such an extraordinary career. I mean, I think about the career you've had, and this year, I mean, the spoken word album "Bill," which I've listened to, and I've gone back and listened to your other spoken word albums, which is so impressive, and going into space, I was really fascinated when you got back and when you came down, a lot of people talk about you know, seeing the curvature of the Earth and the smallness.

You talked about kind of the blackness of space and is that what death is like. I found it really profound and moving to hear you speak about it.

SHATNER: Well, I was looking back as Earth disappeared, and then I looked up and saw that blackness and thought, that's death and that's life.

And then I was overwhelmed by a sadness for what we're doing to Gaia, Mother Earth. So, one of the resolutions, or revolutions if you wish that we should all make is to do something to help the Planet -- help Mother Earth.


COOPER: Do you like New Year's Eve? I've always had a very mixed fraught relationship with New Year's Eve. I find it kind of sad at times. Do you -- do you enjoy New Year's Eve?

SHATNER: Well, I, for example, I'm enjoying talking to you and the moment this interview is over, I'll probably go to bed.

COOPER: That's the wisest plan I've heard tonight.

COHEN: I know, it is. You know, you've had such an interesting career. You've broken so many -- so many barriers and you just went into space. Of course, we want to talk to you about some of your firsts in your life.

Tell me your first thought when you were blasting off into space.

SHATNER: Human error.

COOPER: Hoping there was no human error, I assume.

SHATNER: Well, that's right.

COHEN: Who was the first big celebrity you ever met?

SHATNER: Probably Laurence Olivier.

COOPER: Oh, cool.


COOPER: Where did you meet him?

SHATNER: In a bathroom.

COHEN: When did you first realize --

SHATNER: Not really. Not really. Just trying to be amusing.

COHEN: You are. You are. He's in his first puddle of giggles of the night.

COOPER: I've got to -- Shatner, I've got to tell you, I've talked to you twice I think this year, and I've enjoyed it ridiculously every time. This is the third time, I think, but like I just think I feel like I rediscovered.

COHEN: He is a fan.

COOPER: How much I think you're great. So I just -- it tickles me pink that we're doing this tonight. Well, here's another first question. When did you -- what did you think?


COHEN: I didn't say anything.

COOPER: Oh sorry.

COHEN: What did you think the first time you walked into a "Star Trek" convention?

SHATNER: I was horrified.

COOPER: Oh God. Why?

SHATNER: Well, all of these people and they want you to say something. And like you guys are enduring now, although you've got structure. You look at 15,000 people and you don't know what to tell them.

COHEN: Wow. William Shatner, thank you so much. Have a good sleep tonight. Happy New Year early.

COOPER: I hope this is a great year for you, Mr. Shatner.

SHATNER: Thank you.

COOPER: And I appreciate all you've given us in this past year. Thank you.

SHATNER: Thank you so much for that, guys.

COHEN: Stick around. We have special performance from Katy Perry and Duran Duran.

COOPER: Thanks, take care. Katy Perry. Duran Duran. We're very excited.

COHEN: Yes. We're going to keep the party going, performing all of you from their new album. Oh, that's it. We're on a break. All right, we are going on a break.



COOPER: All right, we are live in New York's Times Square. It is almost 9:00 PM here on the East Coast.


COOPER: Yes, we are going to keep --

COHEN: Hours to go. We're going to keep the party going.

Performing "All of You" from their new album "Future Past," here is the legendary Duran Duran.

(Duran Duran performing "All of You.")