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CNN 2022 New Year's Eve With Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen. Aired 9-10p ET

Aired December 31, 2021 - 21:00   ET





DWAYNE JOHNSON, AMERICAN ACTOR: Happy New Year to you and your families all around the world. We got this. Let's party and let's bring in 2022 with style and let's crush this New Year. Happy New Year.


ANNOUNCER: Tonight, from New York to New Orleans, from Vegas to San Juan, this is "CNN New Year's Eve Live" with appearances by Katy Perry, Regina King, Leslie Jordan, Amanda Gorman, KT Tunstall, James Taylor, plus more surprises.

And now from the heart of Times Square, your hosts, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR, ANDERSON COOPER 360: And welcome back. We are now less than three hours away from 2022. Wow, I mean that was a big production.

ANDY COHEN, HOST, CNN HOST: You know I went to this freakin party store on Long Island the other day. I walked in, this lady - there was nothing happening in there. No music. The lady - it was just dead. And the lady is like what do you want? I got this. She's reading a book about the Holocaust at the front desk to tell you how lively it was.


COHEN: She goes, what are you doing New Year's Eve?

COOPER: That took a turn.

COHEN: Yes. She goes, what are you doing New Year's Eve? I go. I'm hanging out with my friend in New York City. She goes, Oh, yes, I heard it's packed. Enjoy. I go. It was packed. But now everyone is scattered that they got COVID. She goes, that's not what I heard. Enjoy.

So thanks for your $3.50 thing. I knew this was not going to work. Let's give a shot of tequila. I'm sorry. COOPER: Oh, wow!

COHEN: I've been holding on.

COOPER: All right. So it's top of the hour, so Andy likes to do shots. We don't - I'm not - we're not encouraging drinking. You should just celebrate with us in any manner you would like. What are - what is what is this?

COHEN: Imagine reading a holocaust book at the counter of a party store. Cheers. Happy New Year everybody.

COOPER: Happy New Year.

COHEN: Cheers. Wow.

COOPER: That was unnecessary.

COHEN: Yes, that was lot. Oh my god! I'm like parents are going to be joining us a little later on.

COOPER: What are your parents - are they watching us today?

COHEN: They said they were watching every second of it.

COOPER: Oh, that burns.

COHEN: Before we bring in our next guest, Richard--

COOPER: You still feel that in your stomach?

COHEN: What?

COOPER: Because I do feel that--

COHEN: Its settled. I needed a dash. So annoyed about that. Richard Quest is scared to death of heights. But tonight he's climbing the top of Hudson Yards a giant skyscraper here in New York?

COOPER: Yes. Let's go to Richard. Richard, what's going on? Where you are?

RICHARD QUEST, CNN BUSINESS EDITOR AT LARGE: Anderson and Andy, hello. Can you hear me? From the highest outdoor center in the world. First of all you got to get up there. New Year's Eve I can feel--

COHEN: Richard.

QUEST: --the energy of the sitting. And now there's only one question coming on (inaudible).


COHEN: He is climbing.

QUEST: Well, would you? COHEN: Wow. We're going to get back to Richard to see if he does it. Our next guest is an Emmy Award winning actor. He can be seen in season 2 of "Call Me Kat" in January. He's so entertaining on Instagram and in real life.

COOPER: I've never met. I can't believe I'm finally meeting you. Its so nice to meet you.

COHEN: You were here by satellite last time.

JORDAN: Yes, satellites.


JORDAN: And then we've got stuck--



COOPER: Yes. I fell in love with you during the pandemic, as did the entire world.

JORDAN: Yes. I was stuck down there in Tennessee.

COHEN: We've been talking about Betty White a lot. You worked with Betty White. Do you have a fond memory of her?

JORDAN: I'll tell you the best story. Betty White and I were on a series called "Boston Legal."


JORDAN: And she said to me, how many did they hire you for? I said 5. She said me too. I'm going to kill you or you going to kill me. So the fifth episode, sure enough, she was supposed to kill me. She was supposed to hit me with a skillet. So she came in that day and she said, Mr. Jordan I don't want to hit you with this skillet.


I said, well come here Ms. White, it's not real. It's a trick skillet. And so I took it over and I showed her that it was made of rubber. But it was hard rubber. She walloped me. If you see it. If you ever seen the episode, I fly through the air, they had to take it to the chiropractor.

COOPER: Is that true? Really?

JORDAN: She knocked up. But Jesus had of me. And every time I'd see her after that, she'd said, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Ain't she precious. Oh, she's got to be so mean.

COHEN: She's really. She is Queen a television.

JORDAN: You know, I was from three queens of television. We Three Queens and Lori and (inaudible).


JORDAN: But you know, I thought with Betty White, she's kind of a last of the Bronx.

COOPER: Yes, yes.

JORDAN: You know what I mean?

COOPER: Yes. Just think about Betty White, Bea Arthur on Golden Girls.

JORDAN: I love them.

COOPER: My mom was a good friend of Bea Arthur's. I remember her. I mean she used to come to our house as a kid.


COOPER: Yes, it was great. Yes, she was awesome.

COHEN: She was also smart.


COHEN: And then they're smart.


COHEN: What's been making you gripy in 2021?

JORDAN: Well, the only thing that really gets me gripy usually is traffic. And it's really hard when you live in Los Angeles. But I've also figured out a way where I can get where I need to get, so I don't have to get in traffic, because that's the one thing that really--

COOPER: I feel like you guys coordinated sweaters that would really pop on camera.

COHEN: Yes. What sleeve--

COOPER: You guys are really popping.

JORDAN: You're there.

COOPER: No, I'm like bland. I tried. He told me he was wearing blue, so I wear blue.

COHEN: How are your mom and sisters doing?

JORDAN: My mom - I was with them over the holidays. We were we decided to go down to Tybee Island, which is this wonderful island right outside of Savannah.


JORDAN: It's the most beautiful place on earth and we had the most - we just had the best Christmas.

COHEN: You - you have twin sisters.

COHEN: Identical twin sisters. They're 22 months younger than me. COOPER: Wow.

COHEN: But we're almost like - we're almost like triplets. We look - we're only 22 months apart, so we look exactly alike. But they're just precious.

COHEN: What are their names?

JORDAN: Their names are Janet Ann and Jana Lynn.

COHEN: Yes, yes.


JORDAN: Janet Ann and Jana Lynn. But when they were little Janet, Jana, Janet Jana. And my one sister has a mole right here, so mother would just pull her dress up. They would go to church and people say are you Jana or Janet? Pull the dress - oh, no, no, no. But they're adorable. And we had so much fun on Tybee - Tybee Island.


COHEN: I want to take the opportunity of you being here to play a little game about the year 2021. OK, this is a Watch What Happens Live Classic.

JORDAN: Oh, I'm not real good.

COHEN: Agree or disagree. All we have to do is hold up our sides. OK? So the first question, Megan Markel was silenced, not silent.

COOPER: Silenced.

COHEN: I agree.

COOPER: Focus. You agree, OK.

COHEN: Yes. OK. There can never be too many films or musicals about Princess Diana? 3-2-1 agree or disagree?

COOPER: Disagree.

COHEN: Yes, that musical was going to be real--

COOPER: The musical.

COHEN: The dancing aids--

COOPER: Nick Rizzo, the producer went to see the musical. I did not see. I heard it was--

COHEN: Available on Netflix if you want to torture yourself. COOPER: Is it? Really?

COHEN: If given the chance, I would probably date Pete Davidson too? 3-2-1 agree or disagree? You like - you like a man with heights?

JORDAN: No, it has nothing to do with that.

COHEN: OK. What's with that--


COHEN: What does - oh, you like bad boys?

JORDAN: Yes. Tattoos and dirty fingernails. I'm kidding. I just think he has a great chipped teeth.

COHEN: Talking to you about--

JORDAN: Chipped teeth and dirty finger nails.

COOPER: OK. Is that on your Grinder profile?

COHEN: Yes it is. OK, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are meant to be together. 3-2-1, agree or disagree?

JORDAN: Whereas Kid Carolina--

COOPER: I wish them the best. I wish them the best.

COHEN: I'm going to say yes. After watching "The Beatles: Get Back," I still believe that Yoko broke them up. 3-2-1, agree or disagree? Did you see "The Beatles" doc? Oh, it is so good.

COOPER: It's good. Yes, it is good. A friend of mine, Michael Lindsay- Hogg shot all the footage--

COHEN: Yes. Yes. Sharing Vintage Thirst Traps on Instagram is perfectly acceptable. 3-2-1, agree or disagree?

JORDAN: Just set me up.

COHEN: Gary you are--

JORDAN: You are setting me up.

COHEN: Check it out the dirty fingernails.

COOPER: I mean--

JORDAN: That's a Miami beach and I was 19 years old.

COHEN: Yes it is.

COOPER: What year was that?

COHEN: Don't pass the-- JORDAN: No, no, no. I would have been - I would have been 19, so '55, '65, '75 - it was '73.



COOPER: That is 1973.

COHEN: You look at it--

JORDAN: See people see old people and they think that we always looked like this. No, we did not. Listen.

COOPER: You're not an old person.

JORDAN: No, no, no.

COHEN: And by the way, you told a story of a lover tried to shoot you with a crossbow.

JORDAN: Oh, well, that's - we can't tell that, my mom is watching.

COOPER: Oh, OK. I'm sorry.

COHEN: We'll about it--

JORDAN: But he disgraced me.

COHEN: Oh, that's good. Tough face (ph), dirty fingernails. Again, you're time.

Jeff Bezos's space shuttle actually looked like a giant penis, 3-2-1, agree or disagree? Oh, you can't play newsman? Oh, you disagree? What did it look like?

COOPER: It looked like a spaceship?

COHEN: That looked like a dick. Andy--

COOPER: They've put a lot of effort into that. I don't like to make fun of them.

COHEN: Andy is a hotter daddy than Anderson? 3-2-1, agree or disagree? Oh, you're nice. OK, we set you up. All right.

JORDAN: I don't know which one.

COHEN: Are you going to - where do you go from here, Leslie, tonight? Are you going to go to--

COOPER: Where's the after party?

JORDAN: No, no, no. I gave all that up years ago.

COOPER: You've been sober for what? JORDAN: I've been sober for 25 years.

COOPER: That's awesome.

JORDAN: You know, I was thinking the other day and I wouldn't love this, but I would have 5:00 o'clock in the morning, you don't want to be walking the streets.


JORDAN: No, no, no, no--

COHEN: I don't understand the alcohol. I don't get the point of it.


COHEN: It's just messy.

JORDAN: And I - you know, I'm good now. I'd probably go back to my hotel room. And I said I've got to get up in the morning and fly somewhere. I'm always - oh, back to "Call Me Kat," my TV program, which you have to watch. "Call Me Kat" starts January 9th.

COOPER: Did you fly here just to talk to - it to be in New York and Times. Have you ever been in Times Square in New York?

JORDAN: Yes. Oh, yes.

COOPER: You had. OK.


COOPER: Because I'm a lifelong New Yorker. Until I started working here, I never--

COHEN: You been on New Year's Eve? Have you been here on New Year's Eve?

JORDAN: No, no. I have not.

COOPER: Of course.

JORDAN: No, I'm sorry.

COOPER: Sorry, I wasn't specific.

JORDAN: I kind of liked it. But it was seedy.


JORDAN: It was real seedy.

COHEN: Yes, yes.

JORDAN: Its like strip clubs and stuff.

COHEN: Leslie Jordan - yes, we know you a time--


COHEN: --on the Gaiety Theatre. Leslie Jordan. Thank you so much.

JORDAN: Oh, you all were so sweet. Thanks for having me.

COHEN: It's great to see you. We'll see you on Instagram.


COHEN: Coming up next is special surprise for Andersen after this.

JORDAN: My pleasure.

COOPER: Oh, thanks so much.




COOPER: All right, welcome back. We are live in New York Times Square a little bit after 9:00 p.m.

COHEN: You know what?


COHEN: Thank me now.

COOPER: I don't know what that means.

COHEN: We're going to have another cocktail.

COOPER: By the way where did--

COHEN: I brought a bar. This is Shochu. This is Japanese spirit. This is called Mugon. This is really good. And we're going to set this easier.

COOPER: This is light.

COHEN: It's really light. Yes, this is for sips. Cheers.

COOPER: I have not yet--

COHEN: We should have something sip.

COOPER: This is like a new terrain.

COHEN: Its low cal and it is no hangover.

COOPER: You're not a--


COHEN: What?

COOPER: You're just an enthusiast?

COHEN: I am.


COHEN: Something to sip. Yes. We're going to head somewhere where the weather is a little warmer. Gary and Lindsay Tuchman are celebrating in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Lucky you, Gary.

COOPER: Hey, I love San Juan. Happy New Year, Lindsay and Gary.


COHEN: Hola.


L. TUCHMAN: Yes. We are here in San Juan. First things first, we got to say it's where the Pina Colada was invented. So that's how we're starting the party.


L. TUCHMAN: We're an hour ahead of you guys. So we've got it started.

GARY TUCHMAN, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: That's right. This is the eight year in a row, Lindsay and I've worked together and New Year's. But this year, San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA. We take the sip. Salute.

The reason we're here, not only because it's a wonderful place to be on New Year's Eve, Anderson and Andy, but this is the 500th anniversary of the city of San Juan. And right now we're in Old San Juan, below us - in a rooftop bar.

Below us - right now one floor below, there's a band playing, like downstairs. I can look over and you'll see it too.

L. TUCHMAN: A party has definitely started.

G. TUCHMAN: A band playing, people on street having a good time. It's wonderful. And we will tell you we feel very safe here. Very strict rules to get into this country right now. You have to be vaccinated. You have to have been tested within 48 hours of getting--

L. TUCHMAN: To get on the plane.

G. TUCHMAN: We're outdoors so it's wonderful.

L. TUCHMAN: Yes, we're having a really good time right. We are at El Quinque de Douglass. It's a bar where people are having a good time.

G. TUCHMAN: And means Douglass' landtine (ph). Douglass is downstairs with the bar, tending the bar right now. These people - interesting story. Large family from three different places - Puerto Rico, Espana, Spain and Colombia, Colombia.

This is Elise (ph). She is the spokesperson for this large family. Tell us why you've all come to this particular bar tonight?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: To celebrate and enjoy the new year on a beautiful island.

G. TUCHMAN: OK. People from all over the place - Spain, Europe, South America, Colombia, you're in the Caribbean. Why so many countries? How do you know all these people?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just the way the world works, I guess. It's just lucky. The stars aligned for the family, yes.

L. TUCHMAN: Are you guys having a good night?

G. TUCHMAN: They are having a great time here.

L. TUCHMAN: Enjoy, cheers.

G. TUCHMAN: We want to say to all of you. (Foreign Language). Happy 2022 everybody. Cheers. Salute.

L. TUCHMAN: Salute.

COOPER: All right, Gary and Lindsay, will check out - also I want to give a shout out to Nydia Caro in Puerto Rico, who is an old, old friend of mine and my mom's and an amazing singer and a legend Puerto Rico and she's watching tonight. I texted with her earlier and her daughter Gabriela Suau. Yes, so I have lot of friends in Puerto Rico.

COHEN: Coming up next Richard Quest--


COOPER: --with memories of Mili Arango as well.


COHEN: Is going to do a daring stunt. He is going to scale one of Manhattan's tallest buildings, looking out more than 1,000 feet over this city, this New Year's Eve. Wow.

COOPER: It's just like water.

COHEN: I know it's really good. Plus, Don Lemon and Alisyn Camerota join us from New Orleans. Hilarity will ensue.

COOPER: I'm ready for like--

COHEN: Oh, yes--


COHEN: All right, we are back.

COOPER: Welcome back.

COHEN: Live in Times Square.

COOPER: I just drank, like I don't know what that is.

COHEN: You slurped your Mugon down. I know.

COOPER: I just drank entire glass like water.


COOPER: And now I realize it's all alcohol.

COHEN: Good. Welcome to New Year's Eve everybody. Now do we think that Kris Jenner had stormy standing by for when I asked a shady question.

COOPER: It was interesting, she toddled in a moment.


COHEN: I mean, it was exactly--

COOPER: She's is very beautiful, though.

COHEN: That Kris Jenner you know--


COOPER: --eyes, she is incredible.

COHEN: I'm going to do it and then you're come storm me. She worked it out. We have a special correspondent who's never seen New Year's Eve in Times Square like this. This is a surprise to you, Anderson. Anderson, please welcome the ghost of your great, great, great grandfather, Cornelius Vanderbilt. Wow, Commodore Vanderbilt. Oh, my god.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hello, how do you do?

COHEN: It's the ghost of your great, great grandfather. What is the Cornelius Vanderbilt - what is it like being in Times Square? Is it like it was when you were alive in the 1800s?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, its new. This is the bunch (inaudible) and what are these surrounding me and all these partygoers.

COOPER: Is there an echo?

COHEN: There's an echo because he is a ghost.


COHEN: So there is an echo. Are you proud of Anderson, ghost of his great, great, grandfather? Are you proud of him?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I couldn't be more proud, my great, great, great grandson Anderson.

COHEN: It's a great, great - is it great, great, great?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's a great, great, great.

COOPER: By the way, great, great, great grandfather you look - like your forehead is bruised. Have you been in a brawl?

COHEN: Yes. What happen to you?

COOPER: Have you had fist of cuffs with somebody?

COHEN: How did you die? How did you die?


COOPER: Venereal excesses--

COHEN: How did you die, Commodore Vanderbilt?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh boy. Well, I don't know, I'd like to go into it online TV. But let's say it has to do with the little bit too much partying, if you know what I mean?

COHEN: What was that, like venereal?

COOPER: Venereal excesses

COHEN: Venereal excesses.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Some might call it syphilis - tomatoes, tomato.

COOPER: Yes, it was a painful.

COHEN: Are you upset that Anderson and all of your relatives, all of your relatives squandered your great fortune.

COOPER: No all of that.

COHEN: Does that upset you. He wrote a whole book about where the money went following the money--

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, boy. I have one big great, great grandson that's living it to the void. I should have left the money to the women so that it gets spent on gambling and partying.

COHEN: Well, Commodore Vanderbilt--

COOPER: The first son did well with it, after that.

COHEN: So anything you want to say? This is the ghost of your great, great, great grandfather.

COOPER: I know. It's really - it's really moving for me to see you here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, it is the pleasure of mine dear boy. Anything to support the family.

COOPER: I've only seen your statue at Grand Central Station, which you founded and which - that part of New York you used to own?

COHEN: Oh my god.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's right, isn't it a self-resemblance.

COHEN: We love you ghost of Anderson's great, great, great, great grandfather. Thanks for joining us tonight.

COOPER: Thank you very much. It's great to see you. You have to go back to crypt now.


COOPER: He is in a crypt better days. I mean, he's in a crypt in Staten Island.

COHEN: I don't see the resemblance.

COOPER: Yes. Yes.

COHEN: The years have been difficult. There is a big party tonight in New Orleans. CNN's Don Lemon - you know what? Here's the thing. Here's my job tonight. I'm here to get him drunk and make him giggle.

COOPER: Oh my goodness.

COHEN: All right. Don Lemon and Alisyn Camerota are there with Dulce Sloan.

COOPER: Happy New Year guys.

COHEN: Happy New Year to you guys. Oh my god, Don, I love your jacket.

DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: OK. Listen. OK. Listen. Anderson and Andy, we're so excited to see you. We have a special guest star with us. And you know as you know, you have us here every year, because we're in New Orleans every year. We bring it so roll it--



LEMON: Say, hang on. Hold on.

CAMEROTA: Hang on.

SLOAN: Hold on.

LEMON: OK. Guys--

SLOAN: Don, say roll it.

LEMON: Roll it.

CAMEROTA: Roll it.

LEMON: Roll it.

SLOAN: Live television. People live television.

LEMON: We have a very--

SLOAN: Don say roll it.

LEMON: Mardi Gras, New Year's parade--

COOPER: Let the good times roll.

SLOAN: Roll it.

LEMON: And--

COOPER: Oh, I love it.

LEMON: And the reason we did this Anderson, you know I have a connection to New Orleans and Louisiana. I grew up here. And your family has connections here as well. We have the lovely--

SLOAN: OK, we moving. We're moving.


LEMON: --Alisyn Camerota with us. And introduce the fabulous lovely and talented very funny comedian, Dulce Sloan, welcome to CNN New Year's Eve.

SLOAN: Listen, it's the third time y'all have me on. Every year I think I'm going to get fired. Now, let's see what happens if I can lose my job.

LEMON: No, no, don't you. You are here to get us canceled. You're not cool--

SLOAN: I can't.

LEMON: --unless you're either on the verge of being canceled or you--


SLOAN: I can't get canceled turning by my house.

LEMON: But you said - didn't you told me I could be canceled.

SLOAN: No, you can't be cancelled (inaudible).

LEMON: I don't know a lot of people have tried.

CAMEROTA: Well, I'm sure you can't be tonight.

LEMON: I have too many of these - Oh my God look. I think I'm going to pull my--

CAMEROTA: Don's outfit is already going--

LEMON: What do you think of our outfits? We all decided to--

COHEN: I love them.

COOPER: Where in New Orleans are you?

CAMEROTA: We're going to do a lot of outfit changes.

LEMON: We're at Howlin Wolf in the Warehouse District.

CAMEROTA: In the Warehouse district. Yes.


CAMEROTA: The Howlin Wolf--


CAMEROTA: --it's awesome. That just so nobody worries. It's a fully vaccinated event.


CAMEROTA: It's invitation only. Everybody here is vaccinated, so you're about to see a marching band and a drum corps--


LEMON: When we're not on TV--


COHEN: And I got to say, Alisyn and Dulce - I mean, Don looks fabulous which we would expect. But Alisyn and Dulce, I mean you guys have brought it tonight. Well, I would like to say that Don Lemon is aging in reverse.

SLOAN: Thank you.

COHEN: Yes. Don, you look 25. What is your beauty--


LEMON: I'm going to put my face right in--

COHEN: And Alisyn--

LEMON: look, look, look, no Botox. I know you guys sneak to the Botox unit every--

SLOAN: It's called melanin.

LEMON: I have not--

CAMEROTA: Its chaos here. Thank you for accepting (CROSSTALK) and compliment us.

LEMON: --in the last three or four months. I did Noom and intermittent fasting, Anderson and I heard you couldn't go to the gym because you hurt your back. I did that I couldn't go for a year. I gained 30 freakin pounds.

CAMEROTA: He looks great. That's all right.

COOPER: And you've been fasting, way to go.

SLOAN: You gained 30 pounds--


SLOAN: I lost 30 pounds in. Trying to lose my weight once I got out that quarantine


LEMON: You did. And Alisyn - I knew Alisyn Camerota--

COOPER: Alisyn - I feel Alisyn Camerota is ringing like 80s disco--


LEMON: --jacket or no jacket.

COOPER: Donna Summer realness, I don't know.

CAMEROTA: Truly 80s--


COOPER: You are on the way to studio.

SLOAN: I think we got to start throwing--

LEMON: I threw this. We got--


LEMON: The Lemon beads, and we have CNN Mardi Gras beads all for tonight. Hey, listen, can we introduce you guys to the band? We are going to introduce you guys to the band.

COOPER: Please sure.

LEMON: Give us a second here. We're going to get off the float. OK, hold on.

COHEN: Oh my god, they are doing scene chain. LEMON: I've had a couple of tequila.

COHEN: Trying to step down.

LEMON: Give me introduction and well, I hope--

SLOAN: We got down. We're getting down.

CAMEROTA: It's not easy to getting out of this float. But it's worth it. So part of the huge man (inaudible). So this Derik Tab (ph). He is the--



LEMON: Hey guys. Hi guys.

CAMEROTA: --started it and he has the kids over here. Part of music tell us what that is.

SLOAN: What's happening. Hello.


LEMON: Can you hear Alisyn, I can't hear.

SLOAN: I can't hear anything. I don't know what's going on in this live television.

CAMEROTA: CNN nominee 2009 and these are the kids.

LEMON: These are all new kids, turn around and check them out.

SLOAN: Children.

LEMON: These are all of the children. And so in 2009 Alisyn, he was nominated because he keeps kids out of trouble. He says what he does is he teaches them music and to be part of a brass band so that they don't have enough energy to get in trouble, right.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Exactly. Teaching them so they can succeed and then it'd be too tired when they go home, they go to sleep.

LEMON: Do you guys have something special? Can you get near Alisyn?


LEMON: You guys have something special you want to play for Andy and Anderson?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, right now we're going to play a special (inaudible).

CAMEROTA: Oh, tell us the students. So which students can we talk to? Oh, hi. Hi. Tell me your name. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Tessa McGinnis (ph).

CAMEROTA: How old are you?


CAMEROTA: And what do you play?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I play clarinet. And I'm a drum major.

CAMEROTA: Very cool. Tell me your name.


CAMEROTA: What are you playing?


CAMEROTA: Yes, cool. What guys all going to play for us now?

LEMON: All right, you guys ready? We're ready. Hit it.

CAMEROTA: Here is marching band and we're going to send it back to you guys.

LEMON: All right, guys. We're having fun in New Orleans. When you come to us next. We'll be drunk on tequila, beer and boiled crawfish. We'll send you some via satellite. Anderson, Andy, Alisyn, Don and Dulce reporting live from New Orleans.

COHEN: New Orleans, wow.

COOPER: One of the greatest cities in the world, New Orleans.

COHEN: Yes, that's your special spot.

COOPER: I love it.

COHEN: That is your special spot.

COOPER: I love it. My dad went to--

COHEN: Anderson's special spot. Everybody who wants to know where Anderson's special spot is its New Orleans--

COOPER: I feel like there's a double entendre in there.

COHEN: Yes, that was some unedited television. You OK?


COHEN: Did everything kicked in?

COOPER: I mean, I don't know where this is.

COHEN: I know Mugon kicked it in. All right. The moment is here. Richard Quest is facing his fears, he is scaling one of New York city's--

COOPER: Why am I drinking this now?

COHEN: --tallest buildings. Richard. Richard, what are you doing?


QUEST: As you can see - as you can see, I'm now dressed harnessed up, if you will. The skies have cleared.

COHEN: I have feeling not the first time.

QUEST: I knew that. You know, you didn't go for the easy one, did you? I knew you would never go for that. That's $10 -

COOPER: I knew Andy was as well--

QUEST: $10, I've just won from my husband with that one. Anyway, look, the skies are clearing.

COOPER: Oh my goodness.

QUEST: You'll have to excuse me.

COHEN: Richard, just--



COOPER: Richard just for those who don't know, this is a thing that people can do when they come to New York, and they go to Hudson Yards and they go to the Edge, they can pay to actually climb up the building--

QUEST: It is one of the new - it is one of the new icons of the city. It is called the Climb, and I'm just going to pop upstairs.

New York is back and I've gone to the top, to the apex, to do the climb. Off. Oh my goodness. Whose idea was this? And these are how many feet up?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We're at 1189 feet.

QUEST: 1,189 feet. Look at it. King of the world.. I'm terrified of heights. My husband is behind me. What are you doing down there?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, sorry. I'll catch up.

QUEST: It's just great. Chris.


QUEST: Come on.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You got a nice night on the town. I didn't realize (inaudible).

QUEST: I told you it literally a night out on the town. I know that I'm tethered to the building in three or four places. And I know that I could pretty much go and nothing would happen. But I'm still shit scared. When they said do the Climb, I thought - I don't like heights, I won't enjoy it. But this is absolutely outstanding. The freedom the - of opportunity, the just the wind. I'm starting to realize just how much we've all been through. How far we've come. How magnificent it is just to be here tonight to enjoy it.

Oh. Oh, my goodness. No, I'm not doing the lean. No. I lean this - oh, no, no, it's too - the wind is - it's amazing, but it's terrifying.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There you go bend your knees. There you go all the way down. Then you're going to stick your booty out. Stick your booty up. Yes, stick your butt out. Yes, yes and then straighten those legs. Excellent. Yes, yes. You did it.

QUEST: I feel the wind is going to blow me off my feet.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's not going to blow you off of your feet. It's not going to blow you off your feet.

QUEST: King - well, why I want to keep saying king of the world.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Because you feel like king of the world up here.

QUEST: It's a building, it's a life, it's the jobs, it's the people, it's the loves, it's the crime, it's the - we look down and it doesn't look real. And yet I know, because I've lived here for so many years what's going on in everybody - it's just amazing. Just to extraordinary.


QUEST: It's up to you New York - New York--

COOPER: Richard--


COOPER: I mean, I cannot - I don't believe it.

QUEST: It was the most pathetic little lead that you could possibly imagine. But for $185 doing the city climb is worth it. Just to stand there and go - ah.

COOPER: Terrified.

COHEN: Wow, a $185? That's a massage.

COOPER: That's a what?

COHEN: A massage.

QUEST: Oh, you-- COOPER: So that's how you - that's how you - so does that mean, is that good or bad?

QUEST: Hey, Andy - Andy. Andy--

COHEN: We'll talk about it later.

QUEST: --here is the deal. Andy, I will pay out of my own pocket for you and Anderson to do it. Right.

COOPER: I wouldn't do it. I'm too afraid of heights. It's too much.

COHEN: Yes, I'm too freaked out.

COOPER: Yes, it freaked me out to even see you do that to be honest. But, I--

COHEN: You did it. You did it in a harness much less.

Coming up next.

COOPER: Richard Quest, we love you as always and we will see you very shortly. Your husband did it with you that's--


COHEN: --Kate Hudson, Chrissy Teigen and others share their new year's resolutions coming up next.

COOPER: And we'll check with the crowd at Times Square. Don't go anywhere.




KRISTIN CHENOWETH, AMERICAN ACTRESS: Hi, I'm Kristin. My New Year's resolution is to plan a wedding.

PHOEBE ROBINSON, AMERICAN COMEDIAN: My New Year's resolution is to never leave home without Gas-X. I'm a gassy person. I got to protect myself. 2022 I'm turning a new leaf and I'm not blowing any wind.

KARAMO BROWN, AMERICAN TELEVISION HOST: My New Year's resolution is to help as many people as I can. I actually have a goal of like at least helping at least 200 people in the new year, because we help a little bit of people on our show and I just really want to expand that, and I've figured out a way how to.

CHRISTIAN SIRIANO, AMERICAN FASHION DESIGNER: My New Year's resolution is to - yes, I think be closer to my family, you know we're apart for so long and it's important to be close to them.

KATE HUDSON, AMERICAN ACTRESS: Oh god, you know what my resolution is going to be is like, I feel like people need to just have more fun. And I know like things are hard and life gets weird and we're living in like a very weird fearful time. But that for me is like even more of a reason to enjoy like the good times with your friends and your family.

CHRISSY TEIGEN, AMERICAN MODEL: My New Year's resolution is to stop bringing food to the bedroom. Not like to eat.


COHEN: Wow, Anderson you are - oh, you're eating more baby food.

COOPER: I feel like I have to get something in my stomach, I've been drinking your alcohol.

COHEN: Oh my god. You notoriously love food in the bedroom, don't you?


COHEN: Joining us now here in Times Square - wow, I don't know how--

COOPER: He's back, Bozo the Clown.

COHEN: Bozo the Clown is here.


COHEN: Hey Bozo. Bozo.


COHEN: Come here. Hi.


COOPER: Wow. Hey Bozo.

COHEN: Oh, my god, Bozo--

DAVID ARQUETTE, AMERICAN ACTOR: Oh, I'm so excited to be here.

COHEN: Wow, why did you decide to ring in 2022 in the middle of Times Square?

ARQUETTE: It's a whole new era, we're bringing love, light, left to back to the world. It's going to be a beautiful 2022.

COOPER: Bozo, where have you been? I feel like I grew up with you and then I feel like you left for a while.

COHEN: You just leave a little bit.

ARQUETTE: You know, I did travel in the universe as you do, you know.

COHEN: You have a New York accent, Bozo?

ARQUETTE: I flew all over - Brooklyn, Coney Island lately.

COHEN: Oh, nice. Yes.

ARQUETTE: How's that all Wolfie Blitzer is he - he won the grand prize game once and I just think he's a doll.

COHEN: How long does it take to do your hair Bozo?

ARQUETTE: Well, my hair is pretty natural you know?

COHEN: Is it.

ARQUETTE: When you start losing it you just make the best of what you got.

COHEN: You make lemons and lemonade.


COOPER: You make lemonade--

COHEN: Wow, you are full of energy.

ARQUETTE: I have Dum Dums. I got some Dum Dums here. This is for you.

COOPER: Thank you.

COHEN: Wow, you have Dum Dums.

ARQUETTE: I got two other presents too. Can we have?

COOPER: Oh, my god.

ARQUETTE: Bozo loves giving out presents. I have in that bag.

COOPER: Oh, my god.

ARQUETTE: Oh, we got a giant comb from funding (ph).

COOPER: Oh my goodness.

ARQUETTE: Toothbrush--

COHEN: Oh, my god.

ARQUETTE: And look at this, I only got one Bozo doll - vintage Bozo doll.

COHEN: It's a little scary.

ARQUETTE: Oh, it's scary. Yes, that's the problem.

COHEN: OK, let's talk Bozo. Let's bring it down and get real bang.


ARQUETTE: It's time for the clown to make a resurgence, that's what I think at least. You know what I mean?

COHEN: Wow, Bozo.

COOPER: I feel like we need Bozo in 2022.

COHEN: Me too.

ARQUETTE: There's a lot of really beautiful clowns out there. Wonderful clowns. Misha Usov, he's an incredible clown. He wrote a book called "The Invisible Clown" and I read it and now I've learned how to make clown - better clown.


ARQUETTE: I've been proving myself. Self-improvement. Look, this is a bozo - I've been to the Bozo show. So we're unboxing right now.

COHEN: Yes. (inaudible) Instagram influencer--

ARQUETTE: Look, we're influencing as we're doing this, and it's really a beautiful thing. Let's see. Well, this has not been opened. Why don't you see what's in there?


ARQUETTE: Oh my gosh, this is from the 60s.

COHEN: Well, it's Bozo jump rope.

ARQUETTE: Oh my god.

COHEN: And Bozo - Bozo Mighty Mite YoYo.

ARQUETTE: Yes. And you know what, Bozo is doing to a lot of charity now?

COHEN: Is he?

ARQUETTE: This is a spider - magic spider.

COHEN: That's charity.

ARQUETTE: Yes, with healthy humor. They go into the hospitals. They do amazing work. If you go to you can buy a t-shirt that goes - all the proceeds go to

COHEN: Just a question. How did we book you? I mean, I have to assume Seacrest was after you. I think, Miley was probably after you. How did you choose us?

ARQUETTE: I am a big fan of CNN and I love Sanjay Gupta.

COHEN: Bozo loves Sanjay Gupta.

COOPER: Yes, America loves Sanjay Gupta.


COHEN: Good information.

ARQUETTE: I'm a huge fan of both of you.

COHEN: Who do you think--

ARQUETTE: I love the Housewives.

COHEN: Who do you think is the most overrated clown in pop culture? Krusty?

ARQUETTE: Krusty is a good - he's a good clown. I mean, he's a little grumpy sometimes, but he's a good clown. There's a lot of scary clowns. But scary clowns really aren't clowns if you ask me. They don't laugh enough. It's all about laughter. Remember just keep laughing.

COHEN: Wow. We want to thank Bozo The Clown for being here. Thank you so much. It's so good to see you.

ARQUETTE: Good to see you.

COHEN: We'll see you soon "Watch What Happens Live."

ARQUETTE: Don't be scared of clowns.

COHEN: Wow. Coming up next Patti LaBelle is bringing us an incredible performance.

COOPER: Patti LaBelle--

ARQUETTE: I'm a huge fan of Patti LaBelle.

COOPER: Can I touch your nose?

COHEN: And later CNN reporter is lining above Las Vegas.


ARQUETTE: Well, look at them.

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MIKE TYSON, BOXER: This is Mike Tyson here wishing CNN a happy and glorious 2022.

BROOKE SHIELDS, AMERICAN ACTRESS: Hey, Andy and Anderson, A squared. I want to wish you and everyone else a wonderful, wonderful, happy and healthy New Year. Happy 2022.

LA LA ANTHONY, AMERICAN TV PERSONALITY: Happy New Year. It's me La La Anthony wishing everyone a happy, healthy, blessed New Year sending you all the love in the world.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, Anderson and Andy, Happy New Year from the cast of David Byrne's American Utopia. Ready? Happy New Year.

JASON TARTICK: Hello it's Jason.


TARTICK: 2021 has been one heck of a year.

BRISTOWE: Happy New Year.

TARTICK: Happy New Year.


DEBBIE GIBSON, AMERICAN SINGER-SONGWRITER: Hi Anderson and Andy. Debbie Gibson here from my fur family in Las Vegas. I just wanted to say.




COOPER: Nice that's so cool.

COHEN: The lighting.

COOPER: I know.

COHEN: You were very freaked out by the clown.

COOPER: The clown scared me a little bit.

COHEN: He is upset.

COOPER: Yes. It was disturbing. I found a lot of emotions. I mean, the I - yes. As I said New Year's Eve is sort of fraught for me in general and that sort of took me in a spiral a little bit in a different direction.

COHEN: Right.

COOPER: I need to be brought back.

COHEN: Yes. Well, I'm going to bring you back. We're just about two hours out.

COOPER: That was David Arquette.

COHEN: Yes, it was. We are--

COOPER: David Arquette like David Arquette.

COHEN: Yes. We're about two hours out.

COOPER: He is Bozo The Clown.

COHEN: Yes. Let's go to Chloe in the cloud. She's live in Times Square with a special guest. Hey, Chloe.

CHLOE MELAS, CNN ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER: Hey guys. That by the way with Bozo is got to go viral. But another moment that should go viral, I'm here with KT Tunstall.


MELAS: Hey, girl. We are so called sober. Our first--

TUNSTALL: It's very weird.

MELAS: We're not drinking. Maybe we'll come up a shot with you Andy and Anderson. But I have to tell you that suddenly I see it was like the theme song to my teen years.

TUNSTALL: I love to hear it. It's amazing. And to play that song in New York. When I was in Devil Wears Prada and Anne Hathaway is just strutting herself.

MELAS: It was like Anne Hathaway. I really like was Anne Hathaway, by the way. I had - I actually worked for someone that I think that movie was based on.

TUNSTALL: That's terrifying.

MELAS: It was. I didn't get - thrown at me. But it was tough. But you're going to be performing at midnight tonight.

TUNSTALL: Yes. MELAS: Are you nervous?

TUNSTALL: I am a little bit nervous, because there's quite a lot of people watching that.



TUNSTALL: All over the world, which is very exciting. But I've been doing this a while I know I'm doing. If I was having to like speak, that would be awful. But I've just got to sing so it's OK.

MELAS: Really quick. What is your New Year's resolution?

TUNSTALL: Just eat more butter, wear pants (ph) less. It's been awesome.

MELAS: Eat more butter. I want her to teach us some dirty Scottish words she promised me.

TUNSTALL: Amazing. I promised, Chloe.

MELAS: You going to have to teach Andy and Anderson some.


MELAS: But you have one for us, right?

TUNSTALL: I have one for you. It means a turd. But it's much better than turd and it sounds friendlier, its Joby (ph).

MELAS: My child did a Joby. I can say that now?

TUNSTALL: Do you need a Joby?


COHEN: What about a skinny--

TUNSTALL: That is Scottish word for you?

COOPER: My nanny who was Scottish.

COHEN: I knew it was coming. Something so elitist - your nanny.

COOPER: I had a Scottish nanny.

COHEN: Yes, we now. Oh, my god. I saw it coming.

COOPER: She called me skinny malinky.



TUNSTALL: We call that skinny malinky, Anderson. Skinny malinky. Skinny malinky, long legs.


TUNSTALL: That's Anderson Cooper.

COOPER: There you go.

MELAS: You are long legs, Andy - I mean, Anderson?

COOPER: Yes. No, just like chicken legs. But anyway.

COHEN: We caught up with Patti LaBelle on her tour in Nashville. Here's one of her prospects Anderson watch.

COOPER: I - we did it.


COOPER: All right. Welcome back to York Times Square. Its last two hours and 2021. It blows - I thought it was 9:00 o'clock like 20 minutes ago.