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CNN's New Year's Eve Live. Aired 10-11p ET

Aired December 31, 2021 - 22:00   ET



ANNOUNCER: Tonight from New York to New Orleans, from Vegas to San Juan, this is CNN'S New Year's Eve Live with appearances by Katy Perry, Regina King, Leslie Jordan, Amanda Gorman, Dulce Sloan, James Taylor, plus more surprises.

And now, from the heart of Times Square, your hosts Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: And welcome back to New York Times Square. The last two hours of 2021. It blows -- I thought it was 9:00 like 20 minutes ago.

ANDY COHEN, CNN HOST: I know, sweetie. That Mugen really hit you.


COOPER: I mean, sweetie.

COHEN: I mean, I get it.

That party store just really keeps on giving and these were $3.50 each. I am pissed about that.

COOPER: Katy Perry is going to join us. We also have singer-songwriter James Taylor joining us. Plus, Broadway legend joining us later. I'm very excited about that.

COHEN: Patti LuPone.


COHEN: Yes, you're -

COOPER: What is this?

COHEN: That's the big one. This is De-Nada tequila.

COOPER: Oh, gosh.

COHEN: OK. Cheers.

COOPER: That last thing --

COHEN: De-Nada, sweetie. COOPER: Bruce's --

COHEN: I know the Mugen really got you.

Here you go.

COOPER: It's like water and you drink it, and you don't realize.

COHEN: And you got no hangover.

COOPER: And now I'm just like --

COHEN: Cheers.

COOPER: I mean, this is not a good idea. I'm just saying that now. I'm just making it clear.


COOPER: I don't think this is a good idea.


Bring it down. Bring it home, babe. Do it for America. America wants this. Honestly, we've had a crap year.

COOPER: Why are you shouting at me?

COHEN: Because we need it.


COHEN: Very good.

I mean, we were saying earlier you and I spent -


COHEN: Oh, boy. Oh, boy. You and I spent so much time together this year, mainly on play dates with our sons --

COOPER: Oh, yeah, bring up our kids right now.

COHEN: -- Ben and Wyatt.

COOPER: That's a good idea. It's very responsible.

COHEN: We had a moment this summer where Anderson had this teddy bear, and it was very lifelike. Like you look at the bear and it changed expressions. It was so lifelike.

COOPER: My - my - my assistant, Jessica, got me this bear for Wyatt.

COHEN: Well, Jessica, turn your TV down because you're not going to want to hear this story. Because the beer -- the bear so freaked out Ben that we were sitting there -- COOPER: We're all standing around in my house and like --

COHEN: It was a smell.

COOPER: Ben was playing with the microwave --

COHEN: Yes, we didn't think twice about it. There was a smell.

COOPER: Because we're terrible parents.

COHEN: Then the microwave -

COOPER: He took the bear -

COHEN: The overly expressive bear --

COOPER: -- in the microwave.

COHEN: -- with the batteries in it.

COOPER: But somehow, like he was just playing with the things. He didn't know what he was doing.

COHEN: Well -


COOPER: And all of a sudden, we're like what is that smell and the bear --

COHEN: Did you ever tell your assistant that?

COOPER: Well, I mean --

COHEN: Well, you told her now. Anyway, sorry. That seemed very expensive, that bear.

COOPER: No, it was a beautiful gift. I feel terrible.

COHEN: My highlight of my year with Ben was that he's started saying I love you this year.

COOPER: Yeah, Wyatt -

COHEN: Wyatt too?

COOPER: Yeah, I just like - so, in the last two weeks I've been off, and it's been -- because normally I work at night in case you didn't know, and I've been able to, like, you know give him his bottle of milk at night and then like have him fall asleep on me. It's like a nice 30 minutes where we just talk --

COHEN: Yes, bedtime.

COOPER: Yeah. And -- bedtime, right. And so, yeah, I started saying - you know, I mean, I've always been saying I love you but I was sort of teaching it to him and he started saying I love you. It's the greatest --

COHEN: Ben was like I la you. I la you. Oh my God. We do have a very funny video of -- you know, I will say you're a great dad and you're really surprisingly great with little kids. Look at him with Ben. Chasing him around. I mean, this is --

COOPER: And that's --

COHEN: That was like a Saturday morning. I mean, that was -- we -- that elephant is a different toy. Yes. I mean, and that's sober on your part. That's fully sober.

COOPER: Yes. Yes, I'm sober all year long.

COHEN: One of my favorite things that you did this year, sober, was your interview on "60 Minutes" with Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett.

COOPER: So, I got to interview -

COHEN: So incredible.

COOPER: I got to do one with Tony Bennett who for his 95th birthday, he performed two concerts with Lady Gaga, incredible night and his family revealed earlier in the year that he has dementia from Alzheimer's but what is so remarkable about him - I mean, not only the life that he's had and career he's had, the things he's done, the innovations he's done but that at 95, even with dementia and the difficulty he has communicating you know one on one in conversations, he still knows he's Tony Bennett. He still knows what he does, and he knows all the songs.

So, I had just done -- I got probably one of the greatest privileges of certainly this year if not of my reporting career was to be able to spend time with him. Go to his house with his beautiful wife Susan who is just so amazing. The love of his life, his son Danny and you know it's difficult doing interview with Tony. You really can't but as soon as his accompanist starting to play, as Lee Musiker started to play his into music, he comes out.


He stands at the piano and the showman is back and he just -- there were no notes. There was no teleprompter. There's nothing. All the songs - there it is. Let's take a look.


COOPER: When it was time to rehearse, something incredible happened. Tony's accompanist, Lee Musiker, began playing and suddenly, the legendary showman was back.

TONY BENNETT, SINGER: Let someone start believing in you.

Let him hold out his hand.

Let hill find you and watch what happens Smile though your heart is aching

Smile even though it's breaking

COOPER: He had no notes, no cue cards.

BENNETT: When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by.

COOPER: We were amazed all his old songs were somehow still there. He sang an hour-long set from memory.

BENNETT: If you just smile.



BENNETT: Thank you.

COOPER: That was incredible. You just start playing something and it's all there?

MUSIKER: When I start playing, Tony is completely engaged and it's a whole new performance and new phrases, new nuance, nothing short of a miracle.



COOPER: Tony Bennett, 95. It's unbelievable.

COHEN: And it's like the old Tony Bennett when gets up there and starts singing.

COOPER: It's so incredible. And he - I mean, Radio City, he and Lady Gaga were incredible together. She was so wonderful with him. They have such a beautiful relationship. And I just - I wish Tony and his wife Susan and their son Danny, the whole family the best this year.

COHEN: By the way, your arms look so good in that clip.

COOPER: My arms?

COHEN: Yeah.

COOPER: Yeah, they don't exist anymore. I don't know. For parents watching this, I'm told this is a thing. Do you get this -- I literally have something called -- it's usually referred to as golfer's elbow from carrying my son around?

COHEN: You know what, it's New Year's Eve. Let's not bring the people down. Let's go to Las Vegas with Stephanie Elam about to zip line over the city with a special guest.

Stephanie, where are you? COOPER: What is going on?


Hi, Anderson.

CARROT TOP, ACTOR: I'm going to kill you.

COHEN: Oh my God. Carrot Top.

ELAM: He didn't know what we were doing. And he's afraid of heights and so we've been hanging here while you guys have been talking --

CARROT TOP: No, it's a beautiful night.

ELAM: He's getting scared.

CARROT TOP: It's a beautiful night to zip line.


ELAM: And so, we've been hanging here very patiently. He came last minute, got here, did not know we were going to do zip line.

CARROT TOP: I thought we were going to talk about Betty White passing and now here I am strapped to a thing. So, here we go.

ELAM: We can still talk about Betty White because she's a national treasure.

CARROT TOP: I love Betty. I got to be in a movie with Betty White. She had no idea.

ELAM: Oh my gosh. The wind here is -- so what we're about to do --

CARROT TOP: If we don't make it, I love you guys.

ELAM: We're about to zip line over a party about five city blocks and 12 stories up and we're about to take off and he doesn't really like heights. So, this should be interesting.

COOPER: Neither do I.

ELAM: To ring in the New Year.

COOPER: We appreciate you guys doing this.

COHEN: I want to see it.

CARROT TOP: Yeah, do it.

ELAM: OK. I'm going to try to shoot both of us as we go down, too.

Are you ready, Carrot Top?

CARROT TOP: I'm ready. I'm ready, Stephanie. ELAM: Let's go.


ELAM: OK. All right. Here we go. It's about to happen. We're about to go.

CARROT TOP: I don't want to do it.

COOPER: Do it, Carrot Top.

Don't do it, Carrot Top.

COHEN: We believe in you Carrot Top.

You can do it.

We believe in Carrot Top.

COOPER: Carrot Top! Carrot Top! Carrot Top!

COHEN: Carrot Top! Carrot Top! Carrot Top!

Yeah, you could do it Carrot Top.

COOPER: Oh my gosh. They are flying. It's like "Peter Pan" in the Sound of Music.

COHEN: Now they are going into a mall with the white castle. Has there ever been any more Vegas? I mean, like honestly.


That's your restaurant.


COOPER: Wow. That's been a fun though. That's actually pretty cool. I could do that.

Oh my gosh. Carrot Top is now beating Stephanie.

COHEN: Is it a race?

COOPER: Isn't everything?



COHEN: Right into the valley of a mall.


COOPER: Stephanie --

COHEN: So, Vegas.

Oh my God, everything went down.

COOPER: You know what, we love it.

COHEN: All right. Stephanie, thank you so much.


COOPER: That's the whole thing. They're OK.

COHEN: One of our favorite people to ring in the New Year is joining us now.

It's Cheri Oteri, everybody.

COOPER: Cheri Oteri.

COHEN: Cheri, what's on your mind tonight?

CHERI OTERI, ACTRESS: I am so just grateful to be somewhere. This is like COVID roulette, you know.


COHEN: It really is. It really is.

Now be honest, Cheri, how has this past year been for you?

OTERI: Well, it's not as bad as 2020 but I'm not going to lie, it's been rough. It's been rough. Kind of lonely. A little lonely. But I got into crafting.

COOPER: Oh, nice. Nice.

OTERI: Yeah. So, I got into arts and crafts. I didn't think I would ever be into arts and crafts, but this past year made me really nostalgic for things that brought me comfort as a kid.


OTERI: And I remember the one thing that was always so comforting when I was a kid was when I went to the bathroom at my grand mom's house because I would sit down, turn around and there she was, the toilet paper cozy. Isn't she beautiful?


OTERI: Isn't she beautiful?


COOPER: Gorgeous.

OTERI: She was supposed to just decorate this toilet paper, right?

COHEN: Right.

OTERI: And impress guests with her refined taste but I called her friend.

COOPER: You called her what?

OTERI: I called her friend.

COOPER: Really?

COHEN: Friend.

OTERI: Yeah. I would put her on my lap, and we would talk and talk and talk until someone knocked. I mean, guys, we would literally shoot the shit.


COOPER: She looks like a southern bell.

OTERI: Isn't she gorgeous?

COOPER: Yes, gorgeous.

OTERI: This is Tatiana. She's southern. But her name is Tatiana. So, I'm bringing back the cozy. And they're not your grandmother's cozies anymore. I'll tell you that.

COOPER: You're bringing back the cozy?


OTERI: I'm bringing back the cozy.


COOPER: This is your mission?

I love it.

OTERI: Look at this.


OTERI: Isn't she beautiful? I mean, come on, guys. Look.



OTERI: Now, this is Christmas Karen. Now whatever you do, don't wish Karen a happy holiday. It's Merry Christmas only or you can go back to where you came from.


OTERI: Now, she's got the police on speed dial and isn't wiping ass until she speaks to your manager.


She won't wear a mask. Don't ask her to wear a mask but you better have your doll on a leash, or she'll unleash holy hell from the seat of HOA, PTA and a stranger danger group on the next-door app. I like to bear Karen with grand mom's Jean Nate because guys, it's what the ladies wore in France.


COHEN: Jean Nate

OTERI: Now, Anderson, Andy --

COHEN: Jean Nate is like -

COOPER: I mean --

OTERI: That's what my grand mom said. That's what they wear in France. Now Anderson --

COOPER: She's got a little cell phone with her.

COHEN: She's got what?

OTERI: She matches the tank. She got a cell phone.

COOPER: She got a cellphone.

COHEN: Oh, that's the tank.

OTERI: She's got the police on speed dial.

COHEN: Right, right, right.

OTERI: Now, Anderson, Andy. Did you guys use to talk to your cozies when you were kids?



OTERI: Oh, because you had friends?


COOPER: I've actually never seen a cozy.

OTERI: Meet my friend. Insurrection Irene. Isn't she beautiful? Look at that gown. Isn't she stunning? Now Irene just happened to be on a sightseeing tour on the Capitol when a hockey game broke out. Irene sleeps safe and sound or my pillow guy pillow along with their collection of firearms. Just in case of intruders or peaceful protesters are passing by the house. If so, Irene is ready with a Glock 43x, a Springfield hell cat - (LAUGHTER)



OTERI: She's got a horsepower.


COHEN: She's loaded. She has loaded Irene.

OTERI: A Ruger LCR and a Smith & Wesson M&P, just in case of critters come in to take her rights away.

COOPER: Do they sell these in the craft store?

OTERI: Not anymore but they're going to. They're going to start going.

Now, I'll tell you guys something. If she's out of ammunition, no problem. She'll gut you.


COOPER: Wow. She's got a cookery. It's very famous --

OTERI: Irene is ready for trouble.

COHEN: Yes, she is.


OTERI: Now, I like to pair Irene.

COOPER: But she's also got the shaman outfit hat.

OTERI: She's ready for action. Now I like to pair Irene with grandma's powder puffer irony and with grand mom's - along with grand mom's favorite editions of "People Magazine."

COHEN: That's her favorite news source?

OTERI: Wait a second, hi, Queen.


COHEN: Oh, oh, oh.


COHEN: Oh, Barbara.


COHEN: We love you, Barbara.

COOPER: What's the other one? What's the other one?

OTERI: Oh, there is more.

COHEN: That was Bruce Jenner.

COOPER: And Chrystie.

COHEN: Classic.

COOPER: All right. Classic.



COHEN: Who else do we have?

OTERI: Anderson, Andy, this is cancelled Carmen.


Isn't she beautiful?



COOPER: Gorgeous.

OTERI: She's on the -- she looks like a movie star, doesn't she?

COOPER: Yes, she does.

COHEN: She's got a baby face.

OTERI: Doesn't she?

COHEN: Yeah.

OTERI: Even on the downloads, she's stunning.

Now, Carmen had 11 million followers from her TikTok makeup tutorials. But lost 6 million when her new eyelash adhesive blinded three contestants on RuPaul's Drag Race. She regained 4 million followers after coming out as polyamorous, their yoga instructor, and musician boyfriend shotgun Chauncey.

COHEN: There he is.

OTERI: But then she lost 2 million after bullying Chrissy Teigen's basset hound pearl for posting why the long face. That wasn't nice. That wasn't nice. Then, Carmen was forced into a complete social media shut down when insensitive pics resurfaced of her dressed as a Mexican sushi chef Halloween 2012.

COHEN: Wow. What a journey. COOPER: Oh my God.

OTERI: I know.

COHEN: Oh my God.


OTERI: Anderson?


OTERI: What better pairing to help grand mom with her smooth move than the smooth taste of a Benson & Hedges cigarette?

COHEN: Ooh, that's smooth.

OTERI: Cradled in her favorite souvenir ashtray from her exotic trip to Boca Raton.

Now, Anderson, Andy, I'm alone a lot.

COHEN: Are you? Are you sure?

OTERI: It's OK. It's OK. Because I have the cozies. Guess who I have cozies for?

COHEN: Who? Us? Us?


COHEN: Come on.

OTERI: Now --

COHEN: What cozies could be appropriate for us, Sharon?

OTERI: I'll tell you what. OK. Andy, your cozy is located just off I- 78 from the Real Housewives of Newark, New Jersey.

COHEN: Ooh, that's rough.

OTERI: This is Cookie.


OTERI: Now, this former stripper turned candle entrepreneur as a beautiful housewife that's never done housework. She's got a lady for that. While you pee, she'll spill the tea but don't throw shade a Cookie because like Erica, she'll come for you. She knows what you did in the bathroom. She has receipts. See the receipts here?

COHEN: Yes, she knows.

OTERI: She's all ready for the cocktail and receipts --


OTERI: -- for the reunion.

COHEN: Yeah.

OTERI: Now, Cookie is currently uncoupled as her husband joined three to five upstate for wire fraud but that's not stop this bad barbie. She's coming out with a new cookbook called "We Got Beef." Andy, you can read it to Ben without the cuss words.


OTERI: Andy, I'm going to tell you something, a word of warning.

COHEN: Yeah, tell me.

OTERI: Cookie says she's not going home alone tonight. She's not wearing her cardboard roll. Uh-oh, uh-oh, somebody is free laving.

COHEN: She free laving?

OTERI: Cookie is free laving.

Watch out guys.

Now, Anderson.


OTERI: Your mother was a woman of refined taste.

COOPER: Yes, yes.

OTERI: I'm sure there was Mary Vanderbilt loo without a cozy. Am I right?

COOPER: You're right.

OTERI: Am I right? That's a lot of cozies.

COOPER: You're right. There were a lot of cozies.


OTERI: And since Wyatt will be approaching his potty-training journey --

COOPER: It's true, yes.

OTERI: What better to help potty train than his own personal coach that just happens to be a royal baroness Becky of Westchester shire.

COOPER: Wow. Her eyes blink -

OTERI: Isn't she beautiful?

COHEN: Her eyes blink?

COOPER: Her eyes blink uncontrollably almost. Yeah.

OTERI: She's got movement. Now this -

COHEN: Movement.

OTERI: Now this baroness by marriage --

COHEN: By marriage.

OTERI: By marriage is the daughter of local roofing and air conditioning magnate big Bob Randazzo of the Rhode's - down Rhode Island.


The baroness says, unlike her royal frenemy, the countess de Lesseps, she can't carry a tube.

COOPER: Rhode Island.

COHEN: Rhode Island. Down Rhode Island.

OTERI: And she is current - she can't carry a tune and she's currently performing off Broadway in the baroness sings back rock.


OTERI: Which for young Wyatt sounds like a royal flush.


COHEN: Wow. Thank you.


Amazing. I mean that's gorgeous.

COHEN: Wow. Cheri Oteri.

OTERI: I'm so glad you appreciate them.

COHEN: Can you stay, Cheri?

COOPER: And the eye movement is so real.

OTERI: Oh my God. I wish I could, honey, but I got to get this tank back home. Irene and I had the three-bean salad at the CNN money is an object luncheon. So, Happy New Year.

COHEN: I love you. Cheri Oteri everyone.

COOPER: Oh my God. Cheri Oteri. I love you.

COHEN: Wow. And her cozies. What a galaxy.

OTERI: Cozies are back! Cozies are back!


COOPER: 2022 is all about cozies.

COHEN: Oh my God.

Anderson, with this cozy. We have a tank here.

OTERI: COVID cozy. COVID cozy.

COOPER: Yes, yes.


Unbelievable. Cheri Oteri, we love you. A gift.

COOPER: Coming up.

COHEN: Coming up. An Amanda Gorman, the youngest person to ever read a poem at inauguration joins us with some inspiring words for the New Year.

COOPER: I love Amanda Gorman.

COHEN: From Cheri Oteri to Amanda Gorman. I mean the obvious transition.

COOPER: It's the range.

First, we have a performance from the kids of Brooklyn.


These guys have been amazing all night long for us. The kids from Brooklyn's United Marching Band. Take a look.



COHEN: All right. Welcome back.

Welcome back everybody.

From Cheri Oteri --

COOPER: Cheri Oteri because she's so great.

COHEN: So great.

COOPER: I feel like, why isn't Cheri Oteri having a Netflix series or something? She should have one. COHEN: True.

Because they're showing "Diana the Musical."

Thanks Netflix.

You killed it again. Dancing aids patients on "Diana Musical."

COOPER: You know which show I'm watching?

COHEN: Wow! Honestly.

COOPER: I'm watching Molly Shannon's Show.

COHEN: Get it together Netflix. You know what? Let's go after Netflix in 2021.

COOPER: No, no, no. I'm watching Molly Shannon's show.

COHEN: Oh, Molly Shannon.

COOPER: It's so good.

COHEN: All right. Let's go back to Randi Kaye at party central in Palm Beach, Florida.

COOPER: Hey, Randi. How is it going? How is the beach party?

RANDI KAYE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Our beach party is kicking off still. We're having a great time. We are making Sex on the Beach with Kevin, the flair bartender.

KEVIN, BARTENDER: We are making Sex on the Beach.

KAYE: Have you had Sex on the Beach? Is this a thing?

KEVIN: With you?

KAYE: No, the drink. The drink.



OK. All right. So, Sex on the Beach.

COHEN: Oh, they're doing shotskis.

KAYE: So, I want you to take notice here.

COHEN: I see the shotskis.

KAYE: Oh, wait, we're doing shotskis. There you go.

And our shotskis are super-hot. I know you guys - your shotski from Jimmy Fallon but our shotskis are South Florida style. KEVIN: They're more fun.

KAYE: OK. They are much more fun. You ready? Light it up. Our shotskis are even hotter.


So, our shotskis are on water skis.

All right, Kevin, let's hand them off.

KEVIN: All right. Let's do it.

KAYE: We're going to hand off our Sex on the Beach shotskis to our people over here. We have Team Anderson. Let's see which one these are. OK. These are Team Andy. This is team Andy right here. And this next is Team Anderson.

And so, the deal is whoever does the shot faster, the other one of you guys has to do the shot of tequila, which I know you have there in Times Square. So, this is Team Anderson. Of course, I'm on Team Anderson. If we do it faster, Andy has to do the shot and if they do it faster, Anderson has to do the shot.

You ready?


KAYE: OK. Ready?

One, two, three, go.




KAYE: Team Anderson wins. Team Anderson wins.

COHEN: Who did it faster?

COOPER: Yeah, I think --

KAYE: And wait, did you guys see?

Wait, show them the size. Look at that!

COHEN: We see. We see. It's so cute.

KAYE: Specially made for you guys.

COHEN: All right. I'll do a shot.

KAYE: So, wait --

COHEN: Twist my arm.

KAYE: All right. So, Andy has to do the shot.

COOPER: He just did. He did it.

COHEN: I did it.

KAYE: I can't see it. But I know you're doing it.

COHEN: Yeah. I did it. I did it. I love it that you had the shotski.

KAYE: Happy New Year!

KEVIN: Happy New Year!

COOPER: Happy New Year!

COHEN: Every Wednesday night on "Watch What Happens Live" we do a shotski.

COOPER: Yeah, I know you do.

COHEN: We've done a shotski with Hillary Clinton.

COOPER: Have you?

COHEN: Everybody has done it.

COOPER: Yeah? Is there anyone who has not done a shotski? Like --

COHEN: People who don't drink would do water shots.

COOPER: Fair enough. Sounds good.

Is that an option for me for the rest of the night?

COHEN: No, babe.

Our next guest had an incredible year.

COOPER: Amazing.

She impressed the world by reading an original poem, a beautiful poem at presidential inauguration. In a moment, she's going to - Amanda Gorman is here. She's going to read a brand-new poem for the New Year. And top of it, she also released three books this year and became first Estee Lauder global changemaker which features a set of brands to advance literacy for equality access and social change among girls and women.

Joining us right now, I'm so pleased, Amanda Gorman is here with us.

COHEN: Oh, wow.

COOPER: Amanda, it's so -- Happy New Year.

AMANDA GORMAN, POET: It's so great to be here. How are you doing?

COOPER: I'm doing great. You have --

COHEN: He's really good.

COOPER: I don't drink, Amanda. And I'm a little tipsy, I will say. But you've had such an incredible year. You and I spoke briefly after the inauguration, which I so enjoyed talking to you. And I mean, the year you've had when you look back on it, it's got to feel just surreal.

GORMAN: Oh, absolutely. And I also have to say, the interview I did with you was hands down one of my favorite that I've ever done. So, thank you for that.

COOPER: Thank you.

GORMAN: And I feel so fortunate you know that I've had the type of year that I have. I also know that 2021 has been so hard for so many people.


GORMAN: And so, I try to honor that in all of my poetry. You know give us faith for the hurt and the healing because I think both of those are so important.

COOPER: You know it's interesting. Because when you and I spoke, we spoke about a lot of things but one of the things we spoke about is a speech impediment that you have had, and I had dyslexia as a kid and still struggle with stuff. And I got such a reaction from a lot of people because you don't hear often people in public live speaking about that or you don't hear it enough. And I just thought it was so -- I just want you to know a lot of people have come up to me and talked about that. And I'm wondering how that -- how you overcome that in your - I mean your public readings are so extraordinary.

GORMAN: That's a great question. Honestly, I had to work years and years with a speech therapist for my speech impediment. Even to this day, if I have a poem, sometimes I'm reciting it and there is a sound that's particularly difficult for me, in the way that I kind of face that is looking at poetry and literature as a real source of an instrument for speech therapy. And so, it's not me looking at myself as if I'm broken or as if I'm wrong because I have a speech impediment but that experience of having a disability actually informs and strengthens my poetry to this day.


COOPER: I love that.

COHEN: We would love for you to read your new poem that you wrote for the New Year. This is a special treat for us tonight. So, take it away for 2022.

GORMAN: Will do.

This is called "New Day's Lyric."

May this be the day We come together. Mourning, we come to mend, Withered, we come to weather, Torn, we come to tend, Battered, we come to better.

Tethered by this year of yearning, We are learning That though we weren't ready for this, We have been readied by it.

We steadily vow that no matter How we are weighed down, We must always pave a way forward.

This hope is our door, our portal. Even if we never get back to normal, Someday we can venture beyond it, To leave the known and take the first steps.

So, let us not return to what was normal, But reach toward what is next.

What was cursed, we will cure. What was plagued, we will prove pure. Where we tend to argue, we will try to agree, Those fortunes we forswore, now the future we foresee, Where we weren't aware, we're now awake

And those moments we missed Are now these moments we make, These moments we meet, And our hearts, once all together beaten, Now all together beat.

Come, look up with kindness yet, For even solace can be sourced from sorrow. We remember, not just for the sake of yesterday, But to take on tomorrow.

We heed this old spirit, In a new day's lyric, In our hearts, we hear it.

For auld lang syne, my dear, For auld lang syne. Be bold, sang time this year, Be bold, sang time, For when you honor yesterday, Tomorrow ye will find.

Know what we've fought Need not be forgotten nor for none. It defines us, binds us as one, Come over, join this day just begun. For wherever we come together, We will forever overcome.

COOPER: Solace can be sourced from sorrow. That was beautiful. I love that.

You know, Amanda, I love -- nowhere else would you find a poem on New Year's Eve. And I think it's so important. I've talked about this before. And I'm sorry if I bore people with this. But I've always found New Year's Eve very difficult and sad, my dad died right after New Year's Eve and I have a lot of difficult memories with it but a poem like that, the idea of that sorrow, solace can be - I'm sorry, I don't want to butcher the line. Can you repeat it?

GORMAN: Solace can be sourced from sorrow.

COOPER: Yeah, solace can be sourced from sorrow. I think that so important especially on a night like this because there's a lot of people watching tonight who are home alone or who are isolated from their families and not able to be at parties or not able to you know and they see these images, the people, the crowds and everybody is having a good time and people are drinking. And it's -- they feel sad and alone and I think that's such a great message for tonight.

COHEN: Beautiful. Beautiful.

Thank you so much, Amanda Gorman.

GORMAN: Thank you so much.

COOPER: Go ahead, Amanda.

GORMAN: Yeah, no, that's amazing. Thank you for having me. Bye.

COOPER: All right. I don't want to cut you short. You were going to say something. I feel --

GORMAN: Oh, no, I was just saying I thought what you said was beautiful and I thought it speaks to you know the idea sort of old acquaintance be for guys kind of thinking, why do we remember, and we remember and also think of the new year because we love so deeply. And I think that's something to be celebrated today. So, thank you.

COOPER: I think that's really true. And also, on a night like this. I mean Betty White who has died just shy of her 100th birthday which would have been January 17th, it's easy I think to feel sadness about a loss like that and understandably. But to look back on the life that so many people led who have died this year and often, you know, so many people have died and there are so many families right now in sorrow for the losses from COVID and other things, diseases that went untreated because of COVID.


And I think it's so important to know that we are not alone in that grief that it's actually a bond that brings us together or should bring us together in the best of all worlds.

GORMAN: Exactly.

COOPER: Amanda Gorman, I'm such a fan of yours and I really appreciate you spending some time with us.

COHEN: That was very special.

GORMAN: Thank you.

COOPER: May this year be your best yet.

Coming up next, a special guest for Andy and we'll go back to New Orleans with Don and Alisyn.



COOPER: It feels very strange to say that I have a parenting show. Because I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing but I think there's probably a lot of us out there who feel that way. And while I don't have a lot of the answers, I certainly have a lot of questions and we'll try to bring you answers from people who actually do know a little bit about parenting.

Because I was on a plane. I was looking across from me the parent had two little kids watching screens and I felt - I mean I felt kind of morally superior.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Uh-huh. That's wrong. Don't feel like that.

COOPER: I mean I didn't say anything, obviously.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That's nice. That's great.



COOPER: So, I'm very excited to announce that I have a new weekly show that's going to be available on CNN plus. CNN's new streaming service debuting in early 2022.


My show is going to be called "Parental Guidance" or PG what they say or ACPG or PGAC.

I'm seeking out parenting advice from experts as I try to navigate life as a working dad. I don't know about you - well, I do know about you. I feel like I have you know no idea at some points what I'm doing.

COHEN: Well, I mean, we're all learning. It's a growth process. I'm excited for your new show. COOPER: I am, too.

COHEN: That's great. A new show!

COOPER: Yeah. Just what I need in life.

COHEN: Yes. I'm excited.

COOPER: I'm very excited.

COHEN: Wow, it's a podcast?

COOPER: No, it's a show on CNN Plus.

COHEN: Oh, my God.

COOPER: It's a streaming service. The kids today, do streaming, the streaming services.

COHEN: I know about Peacock, sweetie.

COOPER: Oh, that's right.



COHEN: "Ultimate Girls Trip," "Housewives of Miami" and CNN Plus.

COOPER: Oh my gosh.

COHEN: Do we head back to New Orleans?

COOPER: Let's head back to New Orleans. The party was already well underway when we were there last. Back with us is Don Lemon, Alisyn Camerota and Dulce Sloan.

DON LEMON, CNN HOST: Are you guys hammered?

COHEN: Oh my God. Don is feeling it.

LEMON: Are you guys hammered?

What? What are you talking about?

OK. Anderson, I'm going to get in trouble. I have a better name for your CNN Plus show.


COOPER: OK. What is it? Shoot.

LEMON: It won't be the first time you've called me daddy.



COHEN: Call me daddy. Call me Zaddy.

LEMON: Call me daddy.

It won't be the first time you've heard that or said that.

COHEN: Zaddy. Zaddy.

SLOAN: Like here is daddy.

LEMON: Here is daddy. Or no, no, no, I got a better --

Call me Zaddy.

SLOAN: Zaddy.

LEMON: Zaddy. Anderson, I think you need to talk to the boss.

COHEN: Is this thing on?

CAMEROTA: Let me tell you something.

It's time for us to dance before Don --

LEMON: Hold on. OK.

Listen, listen. We want you guys to do it with us. All right? So, it is one --

SLOAN: OK, OK, here it is. Here it is.

LEMON: Three.

SLOAN: It's one, two, three, and four.

LEMON: And then you pop, booty pop, pop, pop. All right?

SLOAN: It's eight count.

LEMON: All right. So, you got that Anderson, Andy? Can you guys do it with us? You ready?

SLOAN: Professionals.

LEMON: You got to do it.

SLOAN: Let's just call in the professionals.

CAMEROTA: Call in the professionals.

SLOAN: The young ladies?

CAMEROTA: Here with us. This is Sandra and Nicole. Tell us.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We are a crew. Every year we represent a new female musician and this year we are doing Madonna.


CAMEROTA: Are you going to show us how you dance?

COHEN: Now you are for attention.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You ready to dance with us?

CAMEROTA: We're ready.



LEMON: All right. Let's do it.

Come on, Anderson and Andy. Are you ready?

Five, six, seven, eight, you got to do it. Here we go.




LEMON: OK. I think it's time for some crawfish.

SLOAN: This is amazing.

LEMON: All right. Come on. Let's walk over here. We got something for you.

CAMEROTA: Enough calories.

LEMON: We promised some food for you.

SLOAN: OK. Wait. What are we having?

LEMON: Are you ready?

SLOAN: What are we having?



SLOAN: Oh, OK. At a hamper.

LEMON: Shaggy.

SLOAN: Is this the way --

LEMON: The crawfish king.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Happy New Year! Happy New Year, buddy!

SLOAN: Happy New Year!


LEMON: Say hi to Anderson and Andy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hi, Anderson, Andy. How are you buddy?

COOPER: Happy New Year.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Happy New Year you guys.

LEMON: The king of crawfish.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you very much.

LEMON: Who has the best crawfish in Louisiana?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: New Orleans. Nola Crawfish King Seafood & Barbecue!

LEMON: And during COVID he did something extraordinary. You actually opened a new restaurant.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We opened in brick and mortar. 5321 Franklin Avenue in New Orleans. Gentilly neighborhood. Come on out and see us.

LEMON: Anderson, you know Gentilly and you guys especially Andy, you know how to pinch the tail.

SLOAN: I don't know how to do it.

LEMON: Am I going to say about this part.

COHEN: I know how to what?

CAMEROTA: Thank you, Don. Thank you.

COHEN: Pinch some tail?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, I'd like to say hi to my mom and I'd like to wish Savannah Foster a happy 50th birthday. Happy New Year, everyone.

LEMON: Happy New Year.

SLOAN: My nails are too long for this.

LEMON: Let me help you.

COHEN: I love shoutouts and I love like specific addresses.

LEMON: She's trying to get the meat out.

Hold. Let me try to get the meat out.

CAMEROTA: We'll save you some Anderson and Andy. COHEN: OK.


LEMON: Whoa! Whoa!


LEMON: She went in. There you go.


COHEN: They just dumped the food on the table?

COOPER: Yes, it's crawfish. It's New Orleans.

We'll check in with you guys a little bit later on. I would love some crawfish up here.

I love New Orleans.

Our next guests are back this year for more mayhem. They are Andy's parents.

COHEN: Are here.

Oh my God.

Hey, mom and dad.

COOPER: You guys look thrilled to be here.

COHEN: What have you been up to tonight?



COHEN: Have you been watching the show at all?


LOU COHEN, ANDY'S FATHER: I have watched it a little.

E. COHEN: No. We saw a movie.

COHEN: What movie did you watch?

COOPER: A movie?

E. COHEN: "Super Nova."

COHEN: "Super Nova." You didn't like it?

E. COHEN: So depressing.

L. COHEN: Not an uplifting movie.

COHEN: So depressing. What are you guys looking forward to this year?

L. COHEN: The COVID disappearing and good health and travel.

E. COHEN: And your star on the Hollywood walk.

COHEN: I'm getting a star on the Hollywood --

COOPER: Are you getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

COHEN: I am. In February.

COOPER: That's amazing.

COHEN: Yes, my parents are going to be there, God willing. And also, I just want to shoutout.

COOPER: Can I go? I want to go to that.

COHEN: Please come.

Dad is turning 90 this year and mom is turning 85.

COOPER: You guys look amazing.

COHEN: Isn't that great?

Love you guys. Happy New Year.

COOPER: Happy New Year guys.

COHEN: Have a shot of tequila for me. You know what I'm going to do now that you're 90 and 85? We're going to do an edible together.

COOPER: Oh, my Lord. Don't do that. There is no reason to do that.


COHEN: All right. Love you guys.

Coming up, Tony and Grammy winner Patti LuPone is here. James Taylor is coming.

COOPER: Patti LuPone is here.

COHEN: Katy Perry is still to come.

Also, I want to thank the New York Marriott Marquis for this great shot of Times Square overhead.

We're going to be right back, guys. The party is raging in New York City. We are lit! It's happening! The roaring 20s are upon us.



COHEN: All right. We're back live from Times Square counting down until 2022 comes. We are so honored to have one of the legends of Broadway with us this year. She is a two-time Tony and Grammy award winner. Patti LuPone starring in "Company" right now.

Patti, we love you so much. I'm so happy to see you.

I have to start, you know, Patti, you've starred in six Stephen Sondheim productions and you're in one now. Your current role in "Company." We lost Stephen Sondheim this year. Do you have a favorite memory of him or favorite note that he gave you?


PATTI LUPONE, ACTRESS: Hi, Andy. Hi, Anderson.

I can't see you guys but Happy New Year.

COHEN: That's OK.

LUPONE: Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Have a safe and sane new year.

Yes, I have several memories of notes that Steve gave me. And I'm trying to think of the one that that -- you know, there is one on my dressing room mirror for this production that breaks my heart now because he's gone. And it was just him appreciating my attention to detail and the fact that I was a wonderful singer and coming from Steve after years of other kinds of notes, I was thrilled to death. I was thrilled to death.

Hi, you guys! Hi!

COHEN: We love you.

COOPER: We're such fans of yours.

COHEN: We love you.

COOPER: How was it returning to Broadway almost two years after the arrival of COVID forced "Company" to close while still in previews?

LUPONE: Oh my God. I'll drink to that.


LUPONE: It was pretty intense.

It's pretty intense.

COOPER: I bet.

LUPONE: It's a great "Company" and it's a great production and we're having a ball. We're having a great time. You have to come and see it.

COOPER: Yeah, totally want to. COHEN: We're coming. Patti, I mean, one of the things that people love about you besides your talent is that you have no F's left to give, basically. And so, I want to play a game with you called does Patti give a damn?


You're always opinionated. You never hold back. I want to ask you about things that happened this year and you tell me whether you give a damn. OK?


Do you give a damn about Nicki Minaj saying her cousin's friend in Trinidad got the vaccine and got swollen testicles? Do you give a damn about that?

LUPONE: Well, I do give a damn because if she gives out wrong information then shame on her. So, I give a damn about that. Swollen testicles.

COHEN: Do you give a damn that Britney Spears is finally free of her conservatorship?

LUPONE: Yes, go Britney! Yes, I give a damn. Yes! And if that father gets any money, any more money, I don't know. I don't know. Anyway, more.

COHEN: Did you give a damn about the Oprah, Meghan and Harry interview?

LUPONE: No, I did not give a damn.

COHEN: Do you give a damn about Facebook changing their name to Meta?


LUPONE: No, I do not give a damn.

COHEN: Do you give a damn that Pete Davidson is now dating Kim Kardashian?


LUPONE: No, I do not give a damn.

COOPER: I'm with you on that one, Patti.

COHEN: Patti, do you give a damn that the Housewives turned 15 this year?

LUPONE: Oh, Andy, I'm so sorry to say no, I don't give a damn!

COHEN: I love you, Patti LuPone.

COOPER: We love Patti LuPone. [22:55:00]

COHEN: Patti LuPone is the legend. She's an icon.

COOPER: We love Patti LuPone.

COHEN: You can see her in "Company."

COOPER: "Company."

COHEN: Thank you so much, Patti. We love you.


COHEN: Before we start our official countdown --

COOPER: Wait. Happy New Year, Patti.

COHEN: Here is a quick list of what's coming up in this hour.

We'll be right back.


COOPER: Let's go down to islander Puerto Rico where they just rang in the New Year.

CNN's Gary Tuchman and his daughter Lindsay are there for us.

Happy New Year guys.



G. TUCHMAN: We're close. We're one minute away from the Atlantic Standard Time New Year in Puerto Rico. This is (INAUDIBLE) a Puerto Rican blend. They've close down the street right here.

Lindsey and are dancing --

L. TUCHMAN: Oh, yeah. We'll show you what is going on down here in Puerto Rico.

G. TUCHMAN: All right. San Juan. This is the 500th birthday of San Juan. That's one of the reasons we're here. This is San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA. Historic place, 500 years old, like I said.

L. TUCHMAN: Everyone is having such a great time as you can tell. And I think we're close to midnight, right?

G. TUCHMAN: Very close. You know what, people here have been U.S. citizens since 1917. It's easy to get here. You don't need a passport. Beautiful place to be. It's 77 degrees Fahrenheit.