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GARY TUCHMAN, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Very close. You know what, people here have been U.S. citizens since 1917. It's easy to get here. You don't need a passport. Beautiful place to be. It's 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can you hand us the grapes?

LINDSAY TUCHMAN, GARY'S DAUGHTER: So, there's a tradition. It's a Spanish tradition. We have to eat 12 grapes.

G. TUCHMAN: We're now at the countdown. But we'll tell you about the -

Nueve, ocho, siete, seis, cinco, cuatro, tres, dos, uno.

Happy New Year!

L. TUCHMAN: Happy New Year!

COHEN: All right.

G. TUCHMAN: A tradition.

COHEN: Let's celebrate.

G. TUCHMAN: Puerto Rico.

COHEN: Let's celebrate with a shot of De-Nada tequila.

L. TUCHMAN: Good luck for 2022.

COOPER: All right. Happy New Year guys.

Thank you.

COHEN: Happy New Year.

G. TUCHMAN: It's 2021 where you are. Happy New Year!

COOPER: Happy New Year to everybody in Puerto Rico.

L. TUCHMAN: Oh, my goodness.

COOPER: It's so great to see the island coming back.

COHEN: I know.

COOPER: So many people are going there. Tourism is coming back, it's great.

COHEN: I want to say, we just did a shot. But I just want you to continue. You didn't totally finish.

COOPER: My gosh.

COHEN: I got a DM last night that I want to read to you seriously.


COHEN: And this is from Emily McAllister. She reached out to me. Emily McAllister on Instagram. She said I don't know if this is even possible but tomorrow night, could you and Anderson share a glass in honor of my husband Frank McAllister. He passed away in August after a battle with breast cancer. I'm currently pregnant with our first and only child, a little boy we are naming Calum. He's due in March. Frankie was the most selfless man I ever met even continuing to be a firefighter while going through chemo to help others while he could. I hope 2022 brings you both and your sons all the best joy this world has to offer. Best, Emily.

COOPER: My gosh.

COHEN: Emily, this is for Frank and for Calum.

COOPER: Give me some -

COHEN: OK. I'll give you a little more. This is for Frank, but this is really also, Emily, for Baby Calum. We love you. You're not alone. Here with you.

COOPER: And to all those who are feeling alone tonight or feeling scared about the new year, we're all together and we wish you the best.

COHEN: Cheers.


COHEN: All right. OK.

COOPER: My glasses fogged up.

COHEN: Take them off, sweetie.

All right. We're going to keep the party going.

James Taylor and Carole King's 2010 tour is the subject of a new documentary "Just Call Out My Name." It airs Sunday night on CNN at 9:00. I can't wait to see it. We are honored that James Taylor could join us now.

Hey, James Taylor. I love you. JAMES TAYLOR, SINGER: Hi, Andy. Good to see you again.

COHEN: Great to see you. Your new concert documentary with Carole King, it's premiering on CNN January 2nd. It features previously unseen footage and I'm just wondering what was your first impression about working with Carole performing with her at the Troubadour in the '70s?

COOPER: At the Troubadour. Yeah.

TAYLOR: Well, you know, they say about the '70s that if you can remember it, you weren't there but generally, you know, it was a thrill to meet Carole and, you know, it was like, you know, finally making a connection with somebody who felt like a sister, you know. I mean, it was deep.

COHEN: I'm so obsessed with the new Beatles documentary. I'm just -- I've just devoured it. You were the first non-Beatle to be signed to Apple records and you were in the studio when the Beatles were recording the White Album. What do you remember about that time?

TAYLOR: I just couldn't believe my luck. You know, I constantly had to pinch myself because it really -- I couldn't have imagined a sort of a better opening. You know a better opportunity. Yeah, it was great.

COHEN: James, I would love to know what people who I respect musically, like to listen to. So, I want to play a little quick game, that I call James Taylor mix tape. I have questions for you about what you're listening to. Tell me what is your favorite song to listen to on New Year's Eve?

TAYLOR: Well, you know I -- a few years ago, we made a holiday album and I actually -- we recorded "Auld Lang Syne."


And I got a chance to get into the tune a little bit and I really love that one. You know it's obvious, I guess. But that --

COHEN: It's a classic.

TAYLOR: It's a classic.

COHEN: What's your favorite James Taylor song? What is your favorite James Taylor song?

TAYLOR: Oh, man. You know, I guess the song looking back, the song that I seem to perform most frequently is "Carolina in My Mind." So, I'm proud of that one. Yeah.

COHEN: What is your favorite Britney Spears song, James Taylor?


TAYLOR: I can't pretend to have gotten too deeply into Britney's catalog, but I love - COHEN: Me too.

TAYLOR: I really do -- I like "Piece of Me." It's a good -- "Piece of Me" is a good fight song.

COHEN: "Piece of Me." I love it. That's good.

James Taylor, thank you so much. We will be watching you and Carole King on January 2nd on CNN.

COOPER: Yeah. It looks like an amazing film.


COOPER: I talked to the producer. I interviewed him a while ago.

James Taylor, thank you so much for joining us. Sunday 9:00 p.m. Eastern on CNN.

Joining us now one of the biggest stars on the planet, she's a new brand-new Residency in Las Vegas. The amazing, the incredibly talented. She is at the Residency in Vegas at Resorts World Theater. In February, she'll host the "American Idol." Tonight, she's going to perform her brand-new song on this program.

Katy Perry is joining us. Katy, welcome.

COHEN: Hey. Oh. Hey, Katy.

KATY PERRY, SINGER: Hi, guys. Hey, will you save a shot of tequila for me or is there no more left?

COHEN: Oh there's -- we got more tequila. I mean -- but we're going through it.

COOPER: You need to help me, Katy, because I'm not handling this well.

COHEN: This is your first Vegas Residency.

PERRY: You're out of your depth standing next to Andy.

COHEN: I know.

COOPER: I am so out of my depth.

COHEN: It's so true.

COOPER: In so many realms, yes.

COHEN: Has Vegas been something that you've always wanted to do?

PERRY: Yes, of course. But there is actually a funny story behind it because my aunt was a top show girl over 30 years ago.

COOPER: Wow! PERRY: And my grandma was the top seamstress for the show girls. She used to sew the G-strings and little pockets in their G-strings. So that the girls can put their wedding rings in.


PERRY: So that they didn't get them stolen and actually, they worked at the Stardust Hotel, which is the exact same grounds that Resorts World is built on.


COOPER: That is crazy. That is nuts.

PERRY: It's in my blood. It's in my blood.

COHEN: You love that, sweetie? You love that?

COOPER: I do. I love that history. That's so cool.

COHEN: You know, I know you're a huge Whitney Houston fan. And I know that you've covered "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" for your California Dreams tour. You're now covering the "Greatest Love of All" in your Vegas Residency. Why did you decide to cover that song and I mean, Whitney Houston, that's like a major - that's -- those are major shoes to fill.

PERRY: Yeah, I better like, take some steroids or something.

It is one of my favorite songs because it means so much to me. It encapsulates my love for myself and my love for my daughter, Daisy, who is just born 16 months ago and the whole show --

COOPER: Oh my God --

PERRY: -- is larger than life. And there is like a crazy narrative, yeah. You guys have kids, too. We should have a play date.

COOPER: 16 months -

PERRY: The whole show is larger than life.

COOPER: My son is 19 months. I feel like this is the best age. It's so incredible. Like they're just becoming the people that they are.

PERRY: It's beautiful. And you just see everything through their eyes once again and everything is magic.


PERRY: And this show, like she's -- there is a story of -- there's like a through line of her love for me in this show but you guy haves to come to Vegas. It's a massive show. It's like "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" meets "Pee-wee's Playhouse" on mushrooms. Can I say that?

(LAUGHTER) COHEN: Well, I mean, well, yeah you can because I mean, I was just going to bring up. I heard that you twerk with a giant piece of Pooh to catch you sing "California Gurls." How much weed did you smoke before you came up with that?


PERRY: Listen, Andy --

COHEN: What?

PERRY: You want to see the show, but you don't want to live in my brain.


COHEN: I do want to live in your brain. Let me ask you a question --

PERRY: Well, then come to Vegas.

COHEN: Can you finally - can you finally put the rumors to rest and say who actually inspired the song "I Kissed a Girl." I heard it was Scarlett Johansson but then Miley Cyrus said that maybe it was about her.


PERRY: I mean, there is a new muse every other month quite honestly, you know what I'm saying?

COHEN: Right.


COOPER: Believe me, with Andy Cohen, I know exactly what you're saying.

PERRY: It was like 12 years ago. So, I think one of them.

COHEN: Yeah, right.

You know, I love hearing about your background because you actually grew up -- you had a very strict Christian upbringing. I heard that you used to pick it outside Madonna concerts. So, how surreal is it that you're now doing a Vegas Residency and that you've been on stage being spanked by Madonna? I mean, what would a young Katy Perry think of your Vegas show?

PERRY: That's -- being spanked by Madonna is like being crowned by Madonna. It's a hazing. It's like -

COHEN: Yes, you can spank --

PERRY: -- she initiated me into pop stardom.

COHEN: Right. COOPER: I got to say, Katy.

PERRY: We've come a long way. Yeah?

COOPER: I was dragged on stage by Madonna at the Barclay Center. Well, I willingly went. And I embarrassed myself tremendously. And I think she humped me. And do you know what it's like to walk into a Newsroom the day after Madonna has humped you on a stage? It's a difficult thing to come back from. And I did a terrible job dancing with her.

PERRY: Everything lives on the internet forever.

COOPER: It does. And I so wanted this moment -- I love Madonna as I love you and I so wanted to be that person who gets on the stage and like breaks a move and does incredibly well and I didn't. I just embarrassed myself and I'm ashamed. So, I just --

COHEN: I want to talk to you about your catalog a little bit because your Vegas set list includes over 20 of your greatest hits. So, I just -- I'm just curious, what is your most requested song would you say?

PERRY: Oh, it's either "Roar" or "Firework" for sure, for sure.

COHEN: What song after all this time is still the most fun to perform?

PERRY: "Firework" because even if you are dragged to the concert by your girlfriend, you still know the song and you still, like, go buck wild. You just let it all go loose.

COHEN: It is so true.

COOPER: I love that.

PERRY: 8 to 80, when "Firework" plays, it's like I don't care. I'm going to give it up.


COHEN: It is so true.

COOPER: I love that.

COHEN: It is so true.

What song does your husband Orlando Bloom's favorite?

COOPER: I so want to see your show.

COHEN: We'll go.

COOPER: I would love that.

COHEN: What song is your husband Orlando Bloom's favorite in the show?

PERRY: Drunk promises.

COOPER: No, no, no, no, I would actually love to see it.

PERRY: He hasn't seen it yet actually.

COHEN: Oh, he hasn't it yet.

He'll see it tonight.

PERRY: No, this is his -

COHEN: Tonight, he'll see it?

PERRY: Tonight, will be his first time.

COHEN: Oh my God.

PERRY: Yeah, we've been living in a crazy bubble and just trying to keep it all alive. So, we've been like super protected living in Vegas for like two and a half weeks.

COOPER: But you know it's actually an extraordinary time to have a child because you're able to spend so much time and be with them during this time. I think it is kind of a - it's a remarkable - it's obviously an awful time but it's extraordinary how you're able to spend time with your child, at least I am.

COHEN: Is there a song of yours that you're the most proud of?

PERRY: A song of mine that I'm the most proud of? I mean --

COHEN: Yeah.

PERRY: I guess I would say -- I don't know "By the Grace of God" or even "Daisies" which just came out a couple years ago. I actually put out a song two days ago called "When I'm Gone." And it is a dance anthem and that's exactly what I'm actually going to play for your guys tonight.


COOPER: Awesome.

COHEN: Well, thank you so much Katy. Break a leg tonight from your Residency and we can't wait to hear your new song later in the show.

PERRY: No, I don't want to break a leg.


COHEN: Don't break a leg.

Coming up next --

COOPER: Katy Perry thank you so much. I hope to see your best year yet.

COHEN: Yeah. I'm going to bring Anderson and I'm going to get him really drunk and we're going to go to your show.

COOPER: I would love that.


COHEN: Coming up next, we're going to talk to Regina King.

COOPER: I'll practice.

COHEN: Yeah, spank it.

COOPER: I'll practice.

COHEN: We're going to be right back. And of course, the final countdown to 2022.

COOPER: And to help us drum in the new year, we take you to a light scape at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is looking pretty lit. Take a look.





COHEN: We are back in New York City. Anderson, I'm going to pour you a little Mujen here.

COOPER: The danger on this Mujen stuff which I never heard of until this year and Andy's friend Bruce Bozzi --

COHEN: Yes, you're enjoying it.

COOPER: -- does this.

COHEN: I know. It creeps up on you.

COOPER: It creeps up on you. It tastes like water and it is light as perfume.

It's like a - it's like a -

COHEN: Low cal, no hangover. Our next guest had an incredible year.

COOPER: It's like a lovely siren licking you over the seas of Odysseus.

COHEN: Her current project, "The Harder They Fall" is available on Netflix. She'll play Shirley Chisholm in the biopic film next year.

COOPER: Regina King.

COHEN: What a year Regina King had. Hi, Regina.

COOPER: Regina King, we are such fans of yours.

REGINA KING, ACTRESS: Hey, you know I love you fellas. You know I do.

COHEN: What's your New Year's resolution, Regina?

KING: OK. So, New Year's resolution doesn't always work out for me, you know. So --

COOPER: I hear you.

KING: I tend to take - yeah, you hear me, right?


KING: So, I tend to take time like a lot of us do, yeah, to just kind of reflect about the things that like really hit me that really stuck with me throughout the year and one of the things that this past two years has kind of sat with me is inclusivity.


And with all we've been through to the past two years, just how different we all are but the one thing that we all have in common is that we want to be seen. We all want to be included and we should be. And when we are all included, things are better. Things feel better.

COOPER: Absolutely.

KING: Things drink better.


KING: Things are going to look better. And - and ironically, Diageo actually is a company that actually kind of subscribes to inclusivity too and that spirit that spirit of --

IAN ALEXANDER, JR., REGINA KING'S SON: The spirit of progress.

KING: The spirit of progress, right?

So here we are with -- OK, this is my son. This is my son. This is my son. No, this is my bonus son. And this is my son 20 years we're all together this whole family of people are together because of these two and their lives together. They brought us together. And we kind of drink in the spirit of inclusivity, too.

BRANDON: And progress.

KING: And progress.

COOPER: I love that.

KING: Right there. COOPER: Cheers to that.

KING: So, I'm drinking a little bit of -- cheers. OK.

COOPER: What are you drinking tonight?

KING: I, eyes --

COHEN: Oh, yes, eyes.

KING: Well, I'm not really a champagne girl. I'm not a champagne girl. I'm kind of a Don Julio 1942 girl.

COHEN: Yes, yes.



KING: That would be me.

COHEN: You know, Regina.

KING: That would be me.

COHEN: You were the highlight -- you are the best thing about this year's Oscars ceremony. I mean, the show opened with this kind of single tracking shot of you making your way to the stage. How nervous were you about that?

COOPER: That performance -- you gave an incredibly powerful speech.

COHEN: Yes, yes, yes.

COOPER: I mean -- yeah. It was incredible.

KING: I was so flipping nervous. You know I want to curse right now. I was -

COHEN: Well, by the way --

COOPER: It's cable. You're allowed to.

COHEN: Then you went on - then you went on to host "SNL." You made your "SNL" hosting debut. You've had a huge year. What was the most nerve-wracking part of hosting "SNL"?

KING: You know, actually they're so amazing over there. You know, there are drinks happening. Little blue labels happening like what Ian and Brandon are drinking over there, which I truly appreciated but the thing about it is I was so in awe of what they do every single week to bring us the show that we see that I was just kind of like all right. Tell me where to go. I came with some of my ideas.

COHEN: Right.

KING: And couple of them made it. Couple of them made it. But they school you really quick. Like yeah, that's not going to land so well.


COHEN: By the way, I'm really excited --

COOPER: I love that.

COHEN: -- to hear that you are producing and starring in the Shirley Chisholm biopic for Netflix. I mean this is the story -

KING: I am.

COHEN: -- of America's first black congresswoman and first black woman to run for president. When are we going to see -- when are we going to see this on Netflix?

KING: Hopefully at the end of 2022 COVID-free. That part right there.

COHEN: Yes, yes.

KING: But yeah, we're actually literally in the middle of production right now. This is the second film I've shot in the middle of production. I'm producing it with my sister Reina right there. What are you drinking?



KING: A little bit of Don Julio.


COHEN: There you go.

COOPER: It runs in the family.

REINA KING: Happy New Year!

COHEN: Hey, Regina -- speaking of drinking, Regina, we are approaching a very special anniversary in just a few days' time. It's going to be 10 years since you appeared on the most iconic episode of "Watch What Happens Live" with your friend and "227" co-star, Jackee Harry.

KING: Oh my God. Has it been 10 years?

COHEN: It's been 10 years. People are still talking about it.

COOPER: Still talking about it. I remember that.

COHEN: To this day, I got a text from my friend about it the other day. We have a special surprise for you. It is your "227" co-star, Jackee Harry.





KING: Hey, boo.

HARRY: Hey, Anderson.

COHEN: Jackee!

Oh my God. We love you so much, Jackee.

HARRY: I'm done. I'm done.

KING: That's my baby.

Oh my God. I love this woman. What are you drinking, Jack? What are you drinking, Jack?

HARRY: I'm drinking champagne. But you know I got my vodka right here. Here my vodka.


COHEN: Champagne and vodka! Yes.

HARRY: This is better. This is classic.


KING: Oh my God. I'm done. I love this woman.

COOPER: Oh my God.

COHEN: These reunion shows are all the rage.

COOPER: Oh my God.

COHEN: So, I'm thinking there needs to be a "227" reunion.



KING: Right now, my jaws are like hurting right here.


HARRY: Remember, we said we don't drink on TV. Remember that? We can't drink on TV.


COHEN: Yes, we can.

Jackee! I love you.

KING: So, right now, I'm on sensory overload.

I've got things coming in from everywhere.

COOPER: I'm done.

COHEN: Jackee, you're very good on "Days of Our Lives" and I'm so excited that you're back playing real estate mogul Paulina Price. You're really great.

HARRY: Congratulations on your footprints and stuff, Regina.

KING: Jackee.

HARRY: I'll call you, later.

KING: I love you Jackee. You are great in everything. Jackee could just, you know freaking me --

HARRY: Kiss Ian for me.


HARRY: Hey, Anderson. Your skin looks great.


COHEN: Can we play a quick game of never have I ever?


We're going to play a quick game of never have I ever. Drink if you've ever done this thing. OK?



COHEN: Drink if you've ever done this thing.


COHEN: Never have I ever lusted after someone on "Bridgerton."


Drink if you've done it. OK?

KING: I got to go through everybody on "Bridgerton." Give me a second.


COHEN: Never have I ever had to explain whop to Marla Gibbs.

Jackee, I know that you've had to do this. Yes. Never have I ever -

HARRY: She called me --

KING: Anderson, wait, wait, wait. Anderson, stop. Your giggle -- I can't. I can't take it. I can't take the giggle.

COOPER: I don't know what is going on. I'm -- I don't know what is going on.

KING: It's the most hilarious joyful thing.

COOPER: He's been making me drink this stuff all night long.

Like, listen, I haven't laughed all year. It's so nice to laugh with you guys and have fun and be together.

COHEN: I just want to say, you two are a duo for the ages. Regina King lived her best life this year. Jackee, I love you always.

KING: You guys -- you men, you women, you people --

COHEN: I see you on "Days of Our Lives."

Cheers, Happy New Year.

COOPER: Happy New Year, Regina and Jackee. Thank you so much. Really, made my night.

HARRY: Yes, here's to 2022.

KING: To Betty White.

COHEN: Coming up, Katy Perry is performing her new single --

COOPER: Yes, to Betty White, also.

COHEN: -- from Las Vegas Residency.


COHEN: And their tribute to the legendary Betty White from my friend John Mayer.

COOPER: Oh my God.

COHEN: Stay with us.



COOPER: Now our tradition which is for a New Year's Eve show "Goodnight 2021." It's one of my son's favorite books. He says like -- he calls it moon.


COOPER: So, this is it.

COHEN: Goodnight Oprah, Meghan and Harry.

Goodnight Miranda, Charlotte and Kerry.

COOPER: Goodnight Tokyo Olympics, Tom Daley knitting in the stands.

Goodnight Bernie Sanders mittens warming hands.

COHEN: Goodnight to my rapid test nasal swab.

Goodnight new Adele album making us sob.

COOPER: Goodnight dreaming of eating pasta with Stanley Tucci.

Goodnight fathers, son and house of Gucci.

COHEN: Goodnight Ben and JLo reunited on a yacht.

Goodnight thinking could I win the "Squid Game," maybe not.


COOPER: Goodnight Ted Lasso. I still haven't seen it. I promise I will, but I don't really mean it.

COHEN: Goodnight hot facts summer giving us hope.

Goodnight to the winter whispering nope.

COOPER: Goodnight Timothee starring in "Dune."

Goodnight 2021 moon. I love "Dune."

COHEN: Goodnight season two of COVID is finally done.

And goodnight to 2021.


COHEN: We are minutes away from our final countdown.

COOPER: 27 minutes.

COHEN: And the ball drop. But before that, my good friend, the great --

COOPER: This is so great.

COHEN: John Mayer put together a little tribute to Betty White and he sent it to us tonight.

Take it away, John Mayer, on tour this spring.




COHEN: All right.

It's the final countdown.

COOPER: The final countdown 22 minutes to go.

COHEN: 22 minutes to go.

We're going to put this year to bed. You feel like this Mujen is like --

COOPER: It's like water but it's -- I mean --

COHEN: It's taking you to another level.

COOPER: It's -- yes. I don't know what is going on.

COHEN: All right. Richard Quest is on the ground at Times Square.

COOPER: Richard, ground -- Richard, you're off -- I'm glad -- Richard, my God.



QUESTING: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

"I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"



COHEN: Richard Quest, Ted Turner founded CNN in the '80s. I tell you. I have to believe you're the first CNN correspondent to ever do drag.

QUEST: Oh, no. Oh, no.

COOPER: Oh, no. That's not true.

QUEST: I'm only the first one to do it publicly.


COHEN: We know what she's been doing but --

COOPER: Oh my God, Richard. I mean, you are a vision.

COHEN: Wow, Richard. QUEST: I have to say, I think the atmosphere in the Square is so much better than last year, even with everything going on.


COHEN: Well, yeah. There was no one here.

COOPER: I totally agree.

COHEN: And we still went here.

COOPER: No, no. That's not true.

All of a sudden, there are a lot of people here. I think they --

COHEN: No. Last year, there was no one here.

COOPER: But Richard, I think they let a lot of people in. There's great service members there.

QUEST: I may never recover from this.

I may never recover from this.

Hey, I promise you. That's all right. Next year, I'll do it in heels. How about that? Next year in heels.

COOPER: Richard, did you know that in fourth grade there was a school production in my school of the mayoral race in New York that Ed Koch was running in. He was allegedly dating a woman named Beth -- Bess Myerson -

QUEST: Right.

COOPER: Former Miss America in the school production, I played Bess Myerson, but it was a coed school. And I think back now like, why was I playing Bess Myerson?



What a mystery.


QUEST: I tell you. This is -- I think I'm looking quite fetching tonight.

COOPER: Oh my gosh. They've started the fog machine.

COHEN: There's a smoke coming from Ryan Seacrest group of losers that are performing behind us. I mean, with all due -- if you've been watching ABC tonight, you've seen nothing. I'm sorry. It's true.

COOPER: My God. COHEN: Let's go to Don and Alisyn and Dulce in New Orleans.

COOPER: Oh my God. Oh my God.


This is off the rails.

COOPER: We love you. Thank you. Happy New Year.

LEMON: Did Richard Quest have --

ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN HOST: A full figure? Yes.


COOPER: Don, what is going on?

Alisyn, what's going on?

DULCE SLOAN, ACTRESS: He definitely have - yes

CAMEROTA: Yeah, and actually literally --

SLOAN: He was giving us a Lady Liberty. He was giving us a real inclusive type of, you know, New Year's Eve moment.

LEMON: The last time I saw Richard in that outfit it was in the pines, but it was shorter.

SLOAN: OK. He was giving you - it was modest.


SLOAN: This is a family show.

LEMON: I'm going to grab some beads.


Wait a minute. Wait. Just give. You want to get some?


LEMON: Show me something!

SLOAN: We out here! We out here. We all here. We in here.

LEMON: We got some beads for you, Anderson and Andy.

SLOAN: We got the lemon beads for Don Lemon.

LEMON: Show us something to get them.

Here's a big - whoo!

SLOAN: Is this how you do this? I'm not sure.

LEMON: You know we have a whole show coming up after this. We have the after show.

SLOAN: Is that what I'm required to do?

LEMON: You think we are lit down.

COHEN: Oh, no.

LEMON: We should be drinking a lot more, later.

She's not drinking on camera but off camera.

Anderson and Andy, she is throwing them back.

CAMEROTA: Awesome music coming up.

LEMON: Yeah.

But can you tell them, please, about New Year's Eve. What New Year's Eve means to you?

CAMEROTA: OK. So, I don't feel the need to drink on New Year's Eve because it is such a kick experience.

LEMON: She got engaged on New Year's Eve.

CAMEROTA: It's so exhilarating.

LEMON: And something else was her first time --

CAMEROTA: I got engaged to be married on New Year's and I've had a lot of peak experiences.

LEMON: Dulce, do you have the New Year's Eve experiences you want to tell us about?

SLOAN: Well, the past couple years on New Year's Eve I've always gotten a kiss from a nice boy.


SLOAN: But I don't know if that's going to happen.


Oh, wait. Real quick.

COOPER: It's going to happen.

LEMON: Anderson, Andy. We had this conversation.


LEMON: Dulce and I before the show a couple days ago. SLOAN: Yes.

LEMON: You were visiting your family in Atlanta.

SLOAN: Yes, I was.

LEMON: And you said you were around too many negros, I said black people or negros and you said --

SLOAN: I'm not going to repeat that because you won't get me cancelled on this TV, on our love today. I got to buy my mama a house. You won't get messed up in these streets.

CAMEROTA: All right. They're calling us to raft.

LEMON: OK. OK. Real quick. We got to Amanda Shaw here. Amanda?


LEMON: Before they get rid of us, take it away.

CAMEROTA: Tell what you're going to play.

SHAW: I'm going to play -

COOPER: I don't know what's happening.

I don't know what's happening.

COHEN: All right. We want to keep the party going, performing her new single "When I'm Gone" from her new Las Vegas Residency.

COOPER: Katy Perry.

COHEN: It's Katy Perry.



PERRY: Happy New Year, everybody.

Anderson, Andy, back to you in New York.



COHEN: Thank you, Katy Perry.

COOPER: Thank you, Katy.

COHEN: What a Journey.

COOPER: Before we hit midnight -- COHEN: Speaking of Journey, I just got doused with confetti from the fake Journey appearing on ABC. If it's not Steve Perry, it doesn't count.

COOPER: I mean, really --

COHEN: You get it?

COOPER: That's not true.

COHEN: It's propaganda.

COOPER: That's not true.

COHEN: It's propaganda.

COOPER: Settle down, sweetie. Settle down.

COHEN: It's not Journey.

COOPER: No, that's not true.

COHEN: No, that was not Journey.

COOPER: It's Journey, now.

COHEN: Steve Perry is Journey.

COOPER: Things change. Things evolve.


COOPER: It's OK. It's OK. It's OK.

COHEN: Really? I have a face full of this crap.

COOPER: Come back. Come back to us.

COHEN: All right.

COOPER: It's almost midnight. We're 11 -- just 12 minutes away. I want to go quickly to Randi Kaye to see how everyone is feeling at Palm Beach, Florida. Randi, how are things on the beach?

RANDI KAYE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Things on the beach are great. We're still at the bar, go figure. We are listening to American Young. And we're rocking out with us. And we are going to make a drink here called the Waterfall, with Kevin, our flair bartender.

COOPER: Oh, my goodness.

KEVIN, BARTENDER: We all make a Waterfall.

KAYE: Oh, we'll all make it. OK.

How do we do it? KEVIN: So, I'm going to lift you up.

KAYE: Oh, you're going to lift me up. OK. Let's do it.

KEVIN: You ready?

KAYE: You mean, really lift me up?


KAYE: OK. Let's do it. Go.

KEVIN: All right. Ready?



KEVIN: You ready?

KAYE: Let's do it.

All right. This is the Waterfall. My aim is not great at this hour of the night. Oh, boy. OK.

KEVIN: Stop! Stop! Stop!

KAYE: I did the best I could. All right, Kevin. We got a Bong over here. Because Andy, I know you love the Bong. Let's go over to the Bong.


COOPER: I don't know what is going -- I don't know what -- this is not a good idea. That's not a good idea. All right. All right.

KAYE: Happy New Year, everybody.

COOPER: I don't approve of such behavior.

KAYE: Happy New Year!

COOPER: Randi, Happy New Year! We wish you the best.

COHEN: Abracadabra. Abracadabra.

COOPER: Randi is not driving home. That is for sure.

Donie O'Sullivan is in Irish bar in the West Village. Donie, how are things going?


DONIE O'SULLIVAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hey, guys. Are you talking to me?

COOPER: Donie, yeah. You're on the air. COHEN: We almost talking to you.

COOPER: We're live.

O'SULLIVAN: Hey, guys.

COOPER: It's Anderson and Andy.

O'SULLIVAN: We are having such a good time. We weren't even listening to you guys. We're having such a good time here in the West Village. I'm here with a couple who have traveled from Ireland having a good time, Danielle and Oistin (ph). It's a very difficult name for Americans to say. Danielle, are you enjoying your time here in New York?

DANIELLE, TRAVELED FROM IRELAND: Having a brilliant time so far. Yes.

O'SULLIVAN: What has been the highlight so far?

DANIELLE: The shopping has been the highlight so far.

O'SULLIVAN: Bit of shopper.

DANIELLE: Good food and nice drink.

O'SULLIVAN: How long have you been with this guy? Did he surprise you with the trip?

DANIELLE: He did. It was a lovely Christmas present. So, we're together 2 1/2 years.

O'SULLIVAN: And do you love him?

DANIELLE: Of course, I do.

O'SULLIVAN: And do you love her?

OISTIN (ph), TRAVELED FROM IRELAND: I love her so much. I just would like to do a special thing.

Danielle, would you like to marry me?


OISTIN (ph): I love you so much.


O'SULLIVAN: Congratulations.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Congratulations. And celebrations.

O'SULLIVAN: You did say yes?


O'SULLIVAN: You are sure.

You are sure.

DANIELLE: I'm sure.

COOPER: Ah. Donie, thank you.

That's so great. Congratulations.

I love that.

COHEN: That was sweet.

COOPER: That is so nice.

Let's go down to Chloe Melas on the ground in Times Square. Chloe, how are you doing?

CHLOE MELAS, CNN ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER: Well, well, well. Look at who I am here with. I am so scared. Wait, who is it? Ah, it's not that face killer, it's David Arquette. OK.


MELAS: All right. So, you have "Scream" coming out?

DAVID ARQUETTE, ACTOR: Yes, we're very excited after 25 years, a new "Scream."

MELAS: January 14th.


MELAS: Now I heard a rumor that the killer is actually in the poster.

ARQUETTE: Wow. That is scary.

MELAS: And it's been like flashing all over Times Square. Is that true?

ARQUETTE: Well, you know it's a classic. Who done it?

So, you got to like wait. See the movie. It' very exciting.

MELAS: I know, Courteney Cox, Neve Campbell, the gangs are back together.


MELAS: What was it like to get back with everybody again?

ARQUETTE: Oh, it's wonderful. We have known each other for you know 25 years. So, it's - it really is wonderful that we're with you know me and Courteney have a daughter together. You know, it's beautiful, but, you know, we have all, and you know, grown up together. Neve has got kids and it is just - I don't know. It is amazing. I got two new kids with my beautiful wife Christina.

MELAS: Well, listen. The movie comes out January 14th. I am so excited. I'm assuming you walk around with that mask just like all the time.

ARQUETTE: That is right.

MELAS: Like through the airport, through airport security.

ARQUETTE: That's right.

I keep a sharpie on hand.

MELAS: I'm going to bring to you, Andy and Anderson, next. I'm going to bring you the mask.

COOPER: All right. And David, we wish you a very Happy New Year and Chloe as well. Thank you for joining us.

MELAS: Happy New Year.

COOPER: We are just -

COHEN: We are in the final stretch here.

COOPER: Final stretch.

We're about eight minutes away. Shortly, one of my favorite moments is that like the time between like five minutes to midnight. You are mocking me in your stare.

COHEN: I know. I know.

COOPER: The time between like 11:55 to 12:10, I think it's a magical time. Somebody threw up in New York, I never came to Times Square.


COOPER: I just watched it on TV. To actually be here is wonderful. And I'm so happy that all of you, wherever you are in America or around the world, whoever you are with, if you are alone, if you are with a pet, whoever you're with or yourself, I am glad you are sharing this moment with us. And I wish you this new year, I hope this is your best year yet, because it has been difficult for a lot of people.

COHEN: True. And you know, it has been a rough year, and it has been -- I just feel like what it has shown is that all of our ability to be resilient in whatever comes to us.


COHEN: We all adapt, and we change.

COOPER: And Amanda Gorman said in this the poem early on and I won't paraphrase her, because I'm going to misquote her. And not as poetic as she said it. But we weren't ready for it, but we adapted to it or works to that effect. And I think -

COHEN: Do we pivot? We take stock of what we have and who we are, and we love the people that we are with. And I'm so grateful to be here with you.

COOPER: Me, too. And I'm so grateful for all of you joining us, and we should probably like get a glass, and get ready to raise the glass to the new year.

COHEN: For sure, we should. Do you want some Mujen? Do you want some tequila? What do you want, babe?

COOPER: Let's have this - this devil water Mujen because it's so delightful.


We're going to have some devil water Mujen.

COOPER: Andy's best friend Bruce Bozzi has come up with this.

COHEN: This is great.

Well, this is -- listen, this is the number one spirit in Japan.


COOPER: Is it really?

COHEN: It is.

COOPER: Well, I could see why.

COHEN: And it is so true.

COOPER: It's like water.

COHEN: And people in Japan know exactly what it is, and it is excellent.

COOPER: I hope this year is amazing. Appreciate you all joining us this year.

COHEN: I got to tell you something.


COHEN: Let me say this.

COOPER: Six minutes to wait for New Year.

COHEN: Anderson -


COHEN: It has been such a great joy for me to be a father with you, to be able to bond with you in a way that I never thought that I'd be able to do which is to just share our kids together and be together.


COHEN: And watch you be the dad that you are. It's so great.

COOPER: And to all of those who are watching, and you know we wish you the best, and hope you have a great new year. I don't know, yeah.

COHEN: What is this?


COOPER: I don't know. Let's listen.

COHEN: Let's listen. OK.

COOPER: Let's listen.

COHEN: Well, let's, here, let's have a toast.