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CNN Live Event/Special

The Fourth In America; Celebration Of The 246th Anniversary Of Our American Independence With Musical Performances And Firework Shows. Aired 9-10p ET

Aired July 04, 2022 - 21:00   ET




DANA BASH, CNN CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: The fireworks here in Washington are going to begin really soon. Don't go anywhere. Stay with us.



BASH: Thousands of people are lining the National Mall and the streets of Washington, DC as the city is about to kick off its firework show. Organizers are promising one of the most dazzling displays in recent memory. You're going to see the light show from a variety of angles, including this view from on top of the Washington Monument.

Some of the most famous landmarks here in the nation's capitol will be lit up tonight. The fireworks will be launched near the reflecting pool and the Lincoln Memorial. The surrounding area is a prime spot for crowds to gather to see the show up close and feel the booms as the sky is illuminated.

Now as a local, I can tell you there's really nothing like celebrating America's birthday in the heart of the nation's capital and its shadow of iconic monuments to the country and to democracy.

Now. Let's go first to the firework show on this fourth along with stirring music of the U.S. Air Force Band. Right All right









BASH: Wow! That simply finale. Absolutely spectacular. You can actually physically feel it here in Washington. You can see it, you can hear it on television, but you can actually feel it here. Just gorgeous. So well done. Absolutely.

I feel so lucky Don, that I get to be right across--


BASH: --from the White House. Right across from this beautiful, beautiful - I mean every year I say OK, it can't get better next year, and I think it got a bit better than last year. It's hard to believe.

LEMON: You stole the words.

BASH: Was just gorgeous.

LEMON: You stole the words right out of my mouth. Every year - like the past couple of years, I can say, oh, DC is really stepping things up. This year. I mean, jaw dropping, amazing. You saw the reaction from the kids' faces.

And now you look at New York City, right? There's the monuments. We go from the monuments of Washington, DC to the monuments and high rises and caverns of New York City. And I want to see this year if New York City actually steps up to the plate. And so we're going to begin now. New York City fireworks begin right now. We're going to start with Journey.



LEMON: All right, so stay with us for the big finale of fireworks right here in New York City. You're going to see the show continued during this break. You won't miss a thing.









LEMON: Oh, my goodness. Now, that was amazing. That was amazing. This is the finale.

BASH: It sure was.

LEMON: --of The New York City fireworks. If you can hear me over the rock hose (ph) from the canyons of New York. And Dana, here's what people should know. It's not just one spot here in New York City. It's in the East River. It's the Hudson--

BASH: You can see it.

LEMON: --which is on the west side. It's in the harbor. Look, look at this, it's gorgeous. Unbelievable. I'm blown away. And it's reflecting off of the glass of - the mirrored of all the buildings.

BASH: Wow! Look at that.

LEMON: Spectacular to watch. Can you feel it all the way in DC?

BASH: You can - you actually can. It's incredibly vast. And then look at that, how iconic is that? With the Empire State Building there and the Statue of Liberty. I mean, we're pretty lucky pair of people here, Don, that we get to do this for a living and actually get to witness this in-person.

LEMON: I know.

BASH: And then, of course, bring it to people. And I have to say the Def Leppard was bringing me back to (inaudible) in high school. I'll tell you that right now.

LEMON: Dana, I was not even born yet. I'm kidding.

BASH: Of course, you weren't. I know. Of course, you weren't.

LEMON: This is my era, Def Leppard and Journey. I was a senior in high school in 1984 and we were definitely rocking this Def Leppard and Journey. But I think this is still going on. Look out, this is - I mean, it's just fantastic.

BASH: We'll get back.

LEMON: I can't tell you guys how amazing it is to witness and to be in this city, to watch all of the planes in the sky. People - I'm sure helicopters hovering. And to watch all the boats that are in the rivers here, in the harbor. It's just fantastic to watch.

There is so much smoke. There has been - there's much smoke as there are fireworks going off here. But you can see it all. I mean, the fireworks are just - listen to that, Dana.

BASH: That's a finale.

LEMON: I mean--

BASH: Wow.

LEMON: That's a finale, and the people here are screaming. Yes, wow is right. I got to say - look, I'm not going to say who's better - New York City or - there you go. You hear the applause. Applause--

BASH: I hear it.

LEMON: And the foghorn.

BASH: They deserve it.

LEMON: The applause, the foghorns from the boats, it's amazing. I'm looking at - I should be looking at you, Dana. You look great by the way. I love it. You're very patriotic. It's the perfect - it's not just a blouse as Dana informed me.

BASH: Thank you.

LEMON: It's an entire dress of stars and stripes. But it was really fantastic to watch and experience here in New York City and DC.

BASH: It's certainly--

LEMON: And of course, to be here with you Dana Bash. Happy Fourth of July.

BASH: I know. Happy Fourth of July to you. We'll pop the champagne in a little bit. But first we want to look at the skies over Philadelphia - the city's fireworks. Spectacular. It's just getting underway there.

Jason Derulo is appearing as well. We'll hear some of his biggest hits just minutes from now, and a performance by Machine Gun Kelly is also ahead.



ANNOUNCER: This is CNN. More people get their news from CNN than any other news source.

LEMON: CNN's Fourth in America, and more spectacular fireworks this hour, including this show in Philadelphia. We're getting closer to a performance by Machine Gun Kelly. I know you want to see them. We're also going to take you to Nashville, huge crowds are gearing up for the city's biggest light show ever. That happens later this hour. A jam packed hour for you, along with performances by country music acts Old Dominion and Maren Morris.

Danna bash, we are joining with our fellow Americans in celebrating this holiday. We're doing it though even in the face of the tragedy in Illinois.

BASH: We are. And this is a resilient nation and it's part of what this day is all about. Many people are even more mindful of security tonight as they gather in big cities across the U.S. St. Louis is getting ready for its firework extravaganza in the shadow of the Gateway Arch. Boston has one of the oldest July 4th firework shows in the country, dating back to 1777. That's going to launch soon.

Right now though. Let's go of Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love for the firework show and a performance by singer songwriter, Jason Derulo.