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The Fourth in America. Aired 10-11p ET

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BORIS SANCHEZ, CNN ANCHOR: How low can you go, how low can you go? Dana Bash, do you like Ludicrous?

DANA BASH, CNN ANCHOR: Yes, I just want to keep hearing it. I wasn't going to interrupt that.

SANCHEZ: We've got two very exciting chose to bring you right now. Rapper, singer, and songwriter Post Malone is performing in Napa, California, and for the first time on CNN's Fourth in America, fireworks over Niagara Falls.

BASH: I can't wait.


What a night for Post Malone, a terrific performance. And guess what? It's his birthday. His birthday is America's birthday. And he's celebrating by launching a concert tour in just a few days and releasing a new album entitled Austin.


That's going to happen this month.

I noticed something on your face.

SANCHEZ: I was so inspired by Post Malone, I decided to get a face tat of my own. Here, it's a thing that has been done at CNN holiday extravaganzas before people getting tattoos.

BASH: On their face?

SANCHEZ: Well, maybe a first for the 4th.

BASH: Are we getting a close-up of that?

SANCHEZ: You like that? You like that?

BASH: Yes. I mean, it works.

SANCHEZ: I just want to take a second and say I love the 4th of July in part, Dana, because I'm here, largely because of choice. My grandfather was a political prisoner in Cuba. And coming to this country, being embraced by this country and now being able to celebrate alongside great people like you, it's something special. So, the 4th means a lot to me and I'm glad I get to share it with all of you.

BASH: Absolutely, that is so nice, so, so nice. And I'm glad you shared that story.


BASH: And there's a lot more that we are going to see and hear, fireworks, music, including in Nashville, Tennessee. We are heading into a performance by the before and spy the Zac Brown Band, and the party is going to continue, after a short break.



BASH: You're looking at live pictures from Nashville, home to one of the hottest Independence Day parties. We're bringing you fireworks from the music city and a performance by country music great Brad Paisley. And it's all coming up on the 4th in America, rather.

SANCHEZ: A jam packed Nashville. But, first, let's go to the fireworks in Jacksonville, Florida. And a performance by the Grammy Award- winning southern rock group, Zac Brown Band, joining the summer fest 55th anniversary celebration in Milwaukee.


A beautiful view of downtown Jacksonville, as we listen to the Zac Brown Band covering The Eagles. I did the face tat after Post Malone. I'm going to have to do a lot with the sleeves. I don't want to keep up with Zac Brown. That may be too much, too much for one night.

BASH: No, I don't know. I think you can handle it, you can handle it. No, there is no such thing as too much on the night of 4th of July.

We are heading to Boston next, the city that helped create the tradition of launching fireworks on the 4th. We are going to hear music from the rapper and singer Coi Leray and Demi Lovato will perform as well. It is all ahead. Don't go anywhere.




SANCHEZ: We take a look at the fourth of July party in Nashville, Tennessee. A huge crowd gathered in the Music City for a dazzling fireworks display as well as the music of Country Superstar Brad Paisley. We're bringing you both shows tonight and later, the celebration is going to move west with fireworks from California, including San Diego's famous Big Bay Boom extravaganza. You do not want to miss that.

BASH: Can you say that three times?

SANCHEZ: Big Bay Boom. Big Bay Boom. Big Bay Boom. Dana, we also have some friends joining us from San Diego.

BASH: I bet they can do it three times fast. Hi, it's Victor Blackwell and Cari Champion.



BASH: And Happy Fourth of July to both of you.

CHAMPION: Happy Fourth of July!

BLACKWELL: Happy Fourth! Listen, you all have had some great shows.

BASH: Okay.

BLACKWELL: You had D.C., you had New York. But come on, look at this.

CHAMPION: Yeah, our weather. You can't beat our weather.

BASH: I know.

CHAMPION: Look at this backdrop. Boats are behind us at the bay. It's amazing.

BLACKWELL: This is beautiful. So, we're standing here on a pier in San Diego Bay and the weather, I mean, we're on opposite ends of the spectrum. You guys there in D.C. are in the 90s. We're here in the 60s, but there are families here. They've got the chairs out on the seawall. It's beautiful.

CHAMPION: It's the best resort town there is, I think. I live in Southern California. I think this is the best resort town. Coronado, where we are right now, to me, really represents what we're doing today. There are families and their friends, and they're just getting here and celebrating the fourth of July.

BLACKWELL: And we coordinated. Look at us.

CHAMPION: We actually -- we put this together.

BASH: I know. That's impressive, guys.

SANCHEZ: That incredible view behind you is only matched by how stunning --

BLACKWELL: Great show is coming up --

SANCHEZ: --and stylish you all look, right?

BLACKWELL: Thank you, Boris. BASH: All right, we're waiting to see if you guys do any face tattoos, but --

BLACKWELL: Of course.

BASH: All right, we are closing in on the Nashville fireworks and a performance by Country Music Star Brad Paisley. Let's go live to CNN's Nick Valencia in Music City. Nick, set the scene for us.

NICK VALENCIA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yeah, wow, what a scene it is here in Nashville. Happy Fourth of July to you, Dana and Boris. It is just an electric atmosphere. These folks have been treated to live music all night long, as well as fireworks. Coming up here, we'll have that, so you're gonna want to stick around for that. This is going to be one of the biggest fireworks shows in the country, not just in the South. And what goes into all of that?


City of Nashville tells us that 40,000 pounds of fireworks will be used, about 200 miles of wire have been laid out. It took the city 11 days to set this up and at the center of it all are eight pyrotechnics. They're hunkered down in the middle of this all, launching those fireworks into the sky, synchronizing the fireworks show with the Nashville Philharmonic.

And guys, I got to tell you, when I got the news that I was gonna be part of this assignment, I was thrilled because our CNN viewers know this correspondence. We're the bad day, guys. We show up on the worst days of people's life but today, one of the greatest days in the year here, the fourth of July, so special to be hanging out with you guys have been doing an awesome night all night long Boris and Dana. You guys gonna want to stick around for this show. Brad Paisley coming up along with one of the biggest fireworks shows in the country. Dana, Boris.

BASH: Okay, we're excited too, but fact check, you are not a bad day guy.

SANCHEZ: No, definitely not. Definitely not. Nick, always a jovial personality. Always a big smile on that face. Nick Valencia, enjoy that party. We're going to get to it in a moment. But first, let's go to Coi Leray because she's coming to us from summer fest in Milwaukee where the festival is celebrating its 55th anniversary.

BASH: Wow.




CHAMPION: Coi Leray along with some spectacular fireworks from Boston where it all started.

BLACKWELL: That's right.

CHAMPION: In the you know, the tea, in the -- in the bay, all of it, we remember. There is still a lot more ahead. Fireworks in Nashville and Country Music Superstar Brad Paisley will perform his recently released song, "So Many Summers". Stay with us on the Fourth in America.

(VOICE-OVER): CNN's celebration of the "Fourth in America" is brought to you by 365 by Whole Foods Market, life ready, wallet happy.




BASH: Take a look at these fireworks in Boston, a city that originated fireworks on the fourth of July. The spectacular show continues live on CNN.

SANCHEZ: Yeah, Boston sure knows how to party. They had a big one back in the day throwing a bunch of tea bags right back at the British. Some fireworks going off behind us still here in D.C., but we want to get to "The All American Rejects" performing at Phase Fest in Kansas City, presented by Social House Entertainment.

"THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS": Are you ready? On your mark, get set, go!