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New Year's Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen. Aired 8-9p ET

Aired December 31, 2023 - 20:00   ET



JOE JONAS, AMERICAN SINGER: Hey, we're The Jonas Brothers.

KEVIN JONAS, AMERICAN SINGER: Happy New Year, Andy and Anderson. We are so excited to be performing for you tonight.

NICK JONAS, AMERICAN SINGER: We can't wait to see our fans all across the world next year on tour. Happy 2024.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: From the heart of Times Square, it's CNN's New Year's Eve Live. Welcome to TV's Wildest Party, with performances by Maroon 5, Enrique Iglesias, The Jonas Brothers, Miranda Lambert, Darius Rucker, Flo Rida, and Rod Stewart. With special appearances by John Mayer, Patti Labelle, Jeremy Renner, Amy Sedaris, Neil Patrick Harris, Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers, David Blaine, Bridget Everett, Eva Longoria, and more surprises.

And now, your hosts, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: And good evening. Welcome to Times Square, New York City. The city that never sleeps. It feels like it's at the end of a year-long bender tonight. There are protests in parts of the city. Times Square, though, is as locked down as I've ever seen it. Hundreds of thousands of people.

I think they're expecting as many as a million, and I'm joined by my partner in crime, Andy Cohen.


COOPER: Happy New Year.

COHEN: Happy New Year. Isn't not exciting?

COOPER: It's freezing cold.

COHEN: It's not. I think it's deceptive. Everyone keeps saying it's balmy, but we're also very protective.

COOPER: This was our -- this is our seventh year doing this together.

COHEN: This is our seventh year.

COOPER: It's like my 20th year in Times Square. And we've had some incredibly cold nights, but it's like just about 40 degrees here.


COOPER: And I'm hoping it stays that way.

COHEN: It's going to be a lot of fun.

COOPER: Four and a half hours.

COHEN: Four and a half hours.


COHEN: You've often said this is like a telethon with no disease.

COOPER: I've been known to mention that a little bit.

COHEN: Yes, you have. I stole that line from you at one point.

COOPER: Yes, you did.

COHEN: That's why I bring it up.

COOPER: We've got a lot of fun guests. Henry Winkler, who I've been obsessed with since I was a little kid.

COHEN: Me too. He's joining us from Hawaii.

COOPER: I know. Jeremy Renner.

COHEN: Jeremy Renner is going to be here. John Mayer is joining us from Tokyo, Japan.


COHEN: Have you ever heard of Tokyo, Japan?

COOPER: I have. I have.


COOPER: Yes, Andy. Yes.

COHEN: Miss Patty Labelle who I think has been with us almost every year that we've been doing this.

COOPER: Yes, we love visiting her house. And every year, she has more and more people in her house.

COHEN: I know.

COOPER: She has an incredible gathering of family.

COHEN: She throws great party.

COOPER: Yes. COHEN: Guess what. The first year we don't do this, we're going to Miss Patty's house.

COOPER: I would love that.

COHEN: On the riser coming up, we've got Amy Sedaris, Bridget Everett, Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang. We've got a lot of fun.

COOPER: It's a lot of fun.

COHEN: I'm very excited about tonight.

COOPER: Yes. It's a night of traditions, of course. And, yes, we're excited. We're excited. Yes.

COHEN: Speaking of traditions.


COHEN: It is -- It's just -- it's the top of the hour.

COOPER: Right, 8:00 o'clock. Top of the hour.

COHEN: Yes. And so we've been here for seven years doing this.

COOPER: Right.

COHEN: And for most of those years --

COOPER: Are you asking about alcohol?

COHEN: Well, at the top of the hour, we typically have a toast. And I feel that I'm hearing from a lot of people. And I guess I'm just wondering, does daddy get his juice? Like --

COOPER: Can daddy get his juice responsibly?

COHEN: Of course. Always.

COOPER: Well, look, to be honest, I do not -- I do not have it. I do not bring anything.

COHEN: You didn't bring anything?

COOPER: No, I did not. No.

COHEN: Well, Anderson, this is why I'm a really good partner to you. I got it.


COHEN: OK? We're doing this.

COOPER: How did this tradition begin again?

COHEN: Just I came into a show and it was like we got to do shots. OK. So here we go.

COOPER: So what is -- so what are the rules here?

COHEN: The rules are that we are going to do a toast at the top of every hour.


COHEN: You at home are hanging out with us. And we want to toast with you at the top of every hour with whatever you feel comfortable toasting with. Orange juice, whatever. This is a communal experience. All of us together.

We realize we are just wallpaper on your television for the next five hours. And we're cool with that. But at the top, we want you to lean in and say, we've got to join these guys.

COOPER: Sweetie (inaudible) jacket like that it's hard to be a wallpaper.

COHEN: All right. Wow. You had nice things to say about it earlier.

COOPER: Well, no.

COHEN: And now -- right here. Let me pour you up.


COHEN: The funny thing is you all need to know, Anderson really does not drink.


COOPER: I don't drink.

COHEN: And so I think now Colbert (PH) made us do a shot a couple of weeks ago. But I think that this may be kind of the first tequila you will have since --

COOPER: This is the first tequila --

COHEN: -- two years ago.

COOPER: Two years ago. Yes.


COOPER: That's -- that is true.

COHEN: Anderson, love you so much.

COOPER: All right.

COHEN: Thank you for having me.

COOPER: Thank you. COHEN: Cheers, everybody.

COOPER: Cheers to everybody at home.

COHEN: Happy New Year.

COOPER: Happy New Year.

COHEN: Here we go. It's good, right? OK. I feel loosen up already. You good?



COOPER: So how were your holidays?

COHEN: It's a long night.

COOPER: You -- Andy and I, we both have kids. We both have two kids. So this for us, this holiday season was like --

COHEN: Boy, you really can't get it together.

COOPER: I really --

COHEN: Is it worse than the pickle juice?


COHEN: Yeah.

COOPER: It's -- I don't understand why people do this.

COHEN: Well, you're going to understand me a little bit, baby. By the way, we had a lovely play date today.

COOPER: We did. We have good guests.

COHEN: Your kids came over to my house.


COHEN: And I should mention that all of our kids, I know at the top of the hour, are watching us right now. So will you all indulge me? Hey, Ben and Lucy.

COOPER: Hey, Wyatt. Hey, Sebastian.


COOPER: This is the first year that my son Wyatt, who's three and a half, going to be four in April, understood who Santa was, included -- and got excited about Santa. So it was such an exciting Christmas for that reason.


COOPER: And Santa, we left him. And Wyatt wanted to leave him M&M's, a banana, and a protein bar and milk. And Santa ate all of it.

COHEN: Oh, really? He ate the protein.

COOPER: He did. He ate the protein.

COHEN: Well, Ben is telling anyone who will listen, that we are Jewish. And Santa does not come to our house.

COOPER: Really?


COOPER: That's what -- really?

COHEN: There you go. Yes. He knows. He knows.

COOPER: And did you tell him that? I mean, that we're Jewish?


COOPER: That Santa doesn't come?

COHEN: No. He kind of put the pieces together there. Yeah.

COOPER: Interesting. Wow.

COHEN: OK. You were in Paris over Christmas?

COOPER: Yes. I went to Paris over Christmas, which my partner in parenthood, Ben, his family is French. And so my kids are speaking French. And so they all went, and we all went, and they were all speaking French, the kids. I don't know what they're talking about.

COHEN: Right. So you haven't, in all these years, picked up any French?

COOPER: I mean, I can say a little bit. But the thing that drives -- OK. I'm just going to -- the thing that drives me nuts about France is --

COHEN: OK. Good. For our French viewers, listen up.

COOPER: They don't know what iced coffee is. So any place you go to get --

COHEN: They don't know what ice is, period. They do not care for ice.

COOPER: They don't care for ice. But literally, I would go into every cafe and ask for an iced coffee. And they would look at me as if I was the first person in the world who has ever even mentioned that there is such a thing as black coffee with ice.

COHEN: Listen, I'm an ice queen. I order ice everywhere I go. And nobody wants to bring me ice. What kind of time? I brought some with me today and hope to --

COOPER: Didn't Madonna recently just call you a queen?

COHEN: A troublemaking queen. Yes.

COOPER: A troublemaking queen. Yes.

COHEN: She did it from the stage at the Barclays Center.


COHEN: You know what, if the shoe fits, what can I say? You are a thoroughbred parent, though. This guy will be like, I'll say, oh, where are you going for the break? We both have time off at the same time. He'll say, oh, we're looking at Morocco, or you went to Colombia earlier.

COOPER: Yeah, I went to Colombia.

COHEN: I'm taking my kids to Florida this week. And you would think we're going to Australia. I mean, you're a very brave parent.

COOPER: I did have one of those -- I was the person on the plane with the child who was screaming in the middle of the night. We were in Brazil and flying back. And literally at one point, like this is our --

It's a 10-hour flight, two hours into -- Sebastian who had been sleeping on me, because he's too little to have a seat of his own, wakes up. And for the next eight hours --

COHEN: I want to sleep on you.


COHEN: I want to sleep on you.

COOPER: I don't even know what that means. For the last -- for the eight hours he was the guy -- the kid who was screaming. At one point in mid-scream, the flight attendant came up and said, do you think he'd like a fruit plate? I was like, I don't think he wants a fruit plate. No, I don't know what he wants, but I don't think it's a fruit plate.

But they were very sweet. All the flight attendants were lovely on United. Yes.

COHEN: Did that shot make you cry a little bit? Maybe your eyes water. Oh, my God. Wow.

COOPER: Yes. What happened -- you were at this thing the jingle ball, which I --

COHEN: I was. I was introducing Cher-

COOPER: Right. You were -- COHEN: By the way, has had a number one hit every decade. Oh, well --

oh, this is what you're talking to me?

COOPER: This is what I'm talking about. So you got --


COOPER: -- criticized for what you were wearing --

COHEN: I did. I got roast. I cannot believe you're showing that on CNN.

COOPER: Well, sweetie, but can we just show the picture again? Because --

COHEN: Okay. Well --

COOPER: I don't know if we can do a split screen or something, because aren't you wearing the same shoes?

COHEN: Well, no. Tearing the same shoes. There's nothing wrong with these shoes.

COOPER: Well, yes, if you're a kid. Sweetie, you're 55 years old.

COHEN: Sweetie, no, no, no, no. Okay. All right.

COOPER: You're a father.

COHEN: OK. I love my shirt. That's an Alex Mill shirt.

COOPER: I heard a comedian --

COHEN: I love it.

COOPER: A comedian say that you were trying to appeal to your step -- to relate to your steps on with that, which I think is kind of funny.

COHEN: Well, I look like a lesbian toddler. It's true, but I love my Alex Mill shirt. That's a beautiful shirt. I think I shouldn't have tried the half-talk, but thank you for humiliating me.


COOPER: I feel like right tonight, I feel like I look like Logan Roy, and he looks like Kendall Roy. I feel like -- you know what? There's a slight feeling of you just like just --

COHEN: Trying to --

COOPER: Trying to --

COHEN: -- get you?

COOPER: Trying to go for it.

COHEN: Yes, yes, yes.


COHEN: You feel a little like Logan.

COOPER: My son right now is obsessed with Band-Aids. I don't know for you who have kids. And I know a lot of kids are watching right now if you have their kids up. So I don't know if your kids are also obsessed with Band-Aids. I didn't realize Band-Aids and stickers were such a thing.

COHEN: That's why it's in his legs.

COOPER: So that's why it's his legs.

COHEN: Oh, my God. That's --

COOPER: Which I rarely show because I feel like --

COHEN: Are those stickers or --

COOPER: No. There's a couple of stickers, but --

COHEN: OK. Well that's --

COOPER: But there's like -- the most he's had like 14 Band-Aids on his legs at one time.

COHEN: That's fun.

COOPER: Which I can't have him wear short pants because I feel like people will think, you know, I'm --

COHEN: Right. Cutting your own child.

COOPER: -- I'm abusing him in some way. I'm a terrible parent.

COHEN: Ben is in a moment right now where he thinks everyone with gray hair except me are my parents, Ma and Pa. His grandparents came in with a picture of Andy Warhol the other day and he goes, this is Ma. I'm like, that's Andy Warhol, dude. That's not Ma.

COOPER: That's so relatable.

COHEN: And it's a guy.

COOPER: That's such a relatable story. Every kid does that with their Andy Warhol.

COHEN: Listen, you do not want to start with me 10 minutes into the show about relatable, Vanderbilt boy.

Oh, my God, we are off and running. This shot really -- you know what? You're a -- you're a -- what did she- you're a trouble-making queen.

COOPER: Also, my son lost this year, lost his bear. COHEN: Yes. You made a plea on live with Mark and Kelly.

COOPER: Yes, and Mark and Kelly's genius staff and live viewers tracked down. This was the bear that was lost. Just known as --

COHEN: Adorable.

COOPER: -- bear.


COOPER: And that's also bear and -- but it disappeared. Then, of course, live viewers found two of them on Etsy, one in Australia, one in London. I got them both on Etsy. So there's two replacements.

But then we found it --

COHEN: Why it take to the replacement?

COOPER: No. Not interested replacements.

COHEN: Yes, yes, yes. Of course.

COOPER: But then we found the original one because, of course, it was right under the car seat and on the front seat where, of course, it would have been. And I thought people would look, but nobody had.

COHEN: Did you wash it?



COOPER: And but now (INAUDIBLE) in Paris. It's gone.

COHEN: Oh, my God. Relatable.

Coming up, we have a performance by the Jonas Brothers. Plus, my dear friend, Amy Sedaris, swept through traffic --


COHEN: -- and security to come right here and humor us.

COOPER: Throughout the show's special performances by the Brooklyn Nets kids dance team. We'll be right back.



COHEN: Less than four hours to the Ball Drop, Times Square getting more packed.

Joining us now, the queen of entertaining on the biggest night for entertaining Amy Sedaris. AMY SEDARIS, AMERICAN ACTRESS: Oh, gosh. Hi, you guys.

COOPER: Wow. You look so amazing. Wow.

SEDARIS: Oh. That's nice for you to say. Thank you.

COHEN: Wow, you swept all the way in the --

COOPER: How was getting in?

SEDARIS: I did. It wasn't so bad. They just kept changing the drop off avenues. I thought I had to walk from 10th, but I wore rain boots, so.


SEDARIS: You guys look good. I'm happy to be here.

COOPER: Have you seen Andy's shoes, by the way?

SEDARIS: I love Andy's shoes. They're so adorable.

COHEN: OK. All right. OK. OK.


COHEN: Amy, you know, we are -- well, do you want a shot?

SEDARIS: OK. You know, I am entertaining tonight. I have a party to get to.

COHEN: You're hosting --

SEDARIS: I'm hosting.

COHEN: -- a New Year's party now.

SEDARIS: Yes, I am.


COOPER: What should people expect at a party you hosted at your house?

SEDARIS: I haven't had a -- I haven't had a -- I hosted a party in a really long time. I don't know what you asked me, but this is my question.


SEDARIS: I haven't --

COOPER: What should people expect tonight? What's going to happen at your party tonight?

SEDARIS: Well, it's about casting your party. It's about who you invite, really.


SEDARIS: You know what I mean? And say when it starts and when it ends. And then if it goes on longer, it goes on longer.

COOPER: Do you put an ending time to your party?

SEDARIS: I heard someone say, well, I'm hosting it with two other people. They're going to put an ending time. But it's --

COHEN: And what time would they end the New Year's Eve party?

SEDARIS: 9:15. It's --

COHEN: OK. Do your shot.

SEDARIS: Oh, my God. It's so big.


SEDARIS: OK, that's good for me.

COHEN: OK. Now, by the way, we're drinking tonight. So, is there --

SEDARIS: I know you are.

COHEN: Is there any --

SEDARIS: Give me your keys.

COOPER: Responsibly. Responsibly.

COHEN: Yes, responsibly. Is there anything that we should be looking out for to help us cushion us from the dream?

SEDARIS: You're just going to pace yourself. How many shots have you had so far?

COHEN: Just one.

SEDARIS: Just one?

COOPER: Just on the hour.

COHEN: Yes, just on the hour. No biggie.

SEDARIS: OK. OK. I can't believe they're letting you do it. But there have meetings on Mondays, you know, that you can go to. And get a prepare for hangover.


SEDARIS: Don't take Tylenol, I heard.


COOPER: You heard. SEDARIS: You use (inaudible)

COOPER: Passing along.

SEDARIS: The people in my carpool.

COHEN: By the way, Amy builds herself as the sanest one in the room.

SEDARIS: I am the sanest one in the room.

COHEN: Yes, yes.

SEDARIS: (inaudible) about me once.


SEDARIS: Rest his soul.


SEDARIS: Yes. So he's one of the sanest one in the room. And I am.

COHEN: Well, I think you are.

COOPER: Where is it you're carpooling to? I want to know.


COHEN: Amy. Amy.

SEDARIS: Exactly. Inglewood.

COHEN: You know, I always get stumped at the holidays about what to get Anderson for a present.

SEDARIS: Oh. My bet.

COHEN: What do you think would be a good present for him?

SEDARIS: Black hair dye, I would say. Black hair dye. Electrical tape for the eyebrows.


SEDARIS: You know what I mean? Just something different. You look sexy.

COOPER: Because when -- my eyebrows, I'm reaching the point where like my eyebrows are starting to grow crazy.

SEDARIS: Really?

COHEN: Yes, I actually see that.

COOPER: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

SEDARIS: Why are you trying --

COHEN: I actually --

SEDARIS: -- to have a supplement when they're --

COOPER: No, it's just like --

COHEN: There is a hair I would like to pull.

COOPER: Oh, it's just one hair. I know. I know. It's very painful.



SEDARIS: Oh, my God.

COHEN: Oh, I got like four. Sorry, sweetie.

SEDARIS: (inaudible). Make a wish. Or is that (inaudible)

COOPER: Oh, I'm going to develop -- I'm going to develop a style over the course of the next hour. Whatever that is.

COHEN: Now, in honor of Amy being the sanest person in the room --



COHEN: -- we're going to bring back Amy's question box to ask Amy how to solve various problems from viewers and staffers.

SEDARIS: Well, I will say something have to be for my party. This girl was going to bring a dip.


SEDARIS: And then I was like, what do you need for your dip? And she's like a mixer. She's making it at the party.

COOPER: Oh, no.


SEDARIS: No, no, no, no. So I can't wait to it. That's good. You do that.

COHEN: I have a ton of leftover panettone after Christmas. What should I do with it?

SEDARIS: Pan fry it.

COHEN: Oh, really?

SEDARIS: Yes. COOPER: What's panettone?

SEDARIS: I also done really pan fry in a croissant once. So I'm like, yes.

COHEN: Yes, pan fry it.

SEDARIS: Pan fry it.


COOPER: I don't even know what that means.

SEDARIS: Put in a pan with some -- oh, what is it?


SEDARIS: Is it that moist cake, you know.


COHEN: I hate baby girl headbands. And I was given a bunch over Christmas. Do you have any ideas for what I should do with them?

SEDARIS: Throw them out. I won't even re-gift them. I wouldn't take them anywhere. Just throw them out.

COHEN: OK. That's the trash.


COHEN: Even though you should never show up to a party empty-handed, what's the absolute worst thing you could bring to a party?

SEDARIS: Well, a pineapple. And also because it takes so much energy. But I don't like when people bring flowers because you have to accept them, you know, acknowledge them, find a glass, and fill the water in the base, put them somewhere, when all your surfaces are taken up.

COHEN: Yes, right.

SEDARIS: It's really not -- they have to come already in a vase or the next day.

COOPER: By the way, do pineapples -- what is the energy required?

SEDARIS: Don't you think it takes a lot of labor to cut a pineapple?

COOPER: Oh, OK. I thought you meant in the growing of it. It sucks up a lot of like -- that's the (inaudible)

SEDARIS: (inaudible) that we've got to say there.

COHEN: What is the number one mistake someone could make while hosting a New Year's Eve party?

SEDARIS: Well, what kind of -- what kind of mistake?

COHEN: Number one mistake someone could make hosting a New Year's Eve party. It's early in the night.


COHEN: Help these people.

SEDARIS: Well, for me -- for me, as far as throwing it, you don't want to turn the music down in the middle of a song.

COHEN: Right.

SEDARIS: You want to have your playlist. You don't want to mess with the lights. You know, you don't want a piano player there, or a guitar.

COOPER: Right.

SEDARIS: We'll bring the party down, right? Are you listening to me?

COHEN: I'm listening to every word. OK. Last question. What do I do with old pantyhose? We've discussed this.

SEDARIS: Well, you know, I have a book on crafting with pantyhose.

COHEN: Give us -- give Anderson --


COHEN: -- five things you can do with old pantyhose.

SEDARIS: A plant holder. You can make (inaudible) fill it with mung beans and then crate a little across your face. Especially with your hair growth. That might be really good for you.

I mean, there's so many. I mean, we were in the room.

COHEN: A little more.

SEDARIS: Oh, my God. What else can you do with the pantyhose? You can braid it and make a little foot rug. Like the color of mold.


SEDARIS: It goes with every color.


SEDARIS: Right? You can put it over your head and add the eyes and mouth. Like I'm going to give yourself really good skin.


SEDARIS: And then hand gloves.

COHEN: There you go.

COOPER: All are --


SEDARIS: Don't throw your pantyhose out, right?

COHEN: Amy, you are the absolute best.

COOPER: Oh, my God.

COHEN: We love you for --

SEDARIS: Well, thank you for always having me.

COHEN: I had such a great year with you, by the way.

SEDARIS: I do too, actually.

COHEN: Nobody -- we had so many good laughs.

SEDARIS: We really did.

COHEN: Nobody makes me laugh --

SEDARIS: We really did.

COHEN: -- harder than this lady.

SEDARIS: And we always say that if we hang out. Like we rate our laugh? Well, we laughed hard tonight. That's good.

COHEN: Yes. We are celebrating all night.

COOPER: Performance is by three brothers from New Jersey. Their latest tour is their biggest to date with each night celebrating five albums of their greatest hits throughout the years performing from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, The Jonas Brothers.

SEDARIS: Oh, wow.

COHEN: You're dating a Jonas Brother.



COOPER: And those are the Jonas Brothers.

COHEN: Coming up, legendary performer Patty Labelle joins us.

COOPER: I'm so excited. We have celebrations from New Year's -- celebrities New Year's resolutions, and also New Year's celebrations from around the world. We'll be right back.


GAYLE KING, CBS HOST: My New Year's resolution, Andy and Anderson, is what has been for the past 11 years, sleep more, sleep more, sleep. I still haven't figured out a way to do it. Maybe 2024 will be the year.

ALEX COOPER, PODCASTER: I never do a New Year's resolution, but this year I'm going to. I'm going to have -- I always say I want to have more work-life balance, but whom I can call our daddy comes first, so.

ANDREW RANNELLS, AMERICAN ACTOR: Call my mother more often.

MELISSA ETHERIDGE, AMERICAN SINGER: To be kinder to myself and to listen to what I need.

BOWEN YANG, AMERICAN ACTOR: My New Year's resolution is to take the damn vegetables out the crisping drawer before mold grows on them.

RACHEL ZEGLER, AMERICAN ACTRESS: To have more grace for myself in moments of growth, and I hope everybody does the same.


ZIWE, AMERICAN COMEDIAN: Drink more 2003 Dom Perignon, because of the drought.

TYLER CAMERON, AMERICAN TV PERSONALITY: My New Year's resolution is to spend more time living, having fun and being with my family.

KATHY HILTON, AMERICAN FASHION DESIGNER: To be eating healthier, keeping my diet nice and clean. And lots of water.

JULIE CHEN MOONVES, CBS NEWS ANCHOR: My New Year's resolution for 2024, I've been saying this for five years, but this year, I'm going to read the whole Bible.

TROYE SIVAN, AUSTRALIAN SINGER: I want to pick up a dance class. I want to -- yes. I want to give that a go.

JENNY MCCARTHY, AMERICAN ACTRESS: Hi, Anderson. Hi, Andy. My new year's resolution this year is to never host New Year's Eve again sober.

MARK RONSON, BRITISH DJ AND PRODUCER: We had a daughter this -- last year in December and she was in the hospital for the first two weeks. And the first day that we came home was New Year's Eve. And the first thing that we really did was watch Andy and Anderson on, like that's very linked into my mind of bringing home our daughter, my wife and I sitting on the bed, bringing in the new year with Andy and Anderson. So that's a special memory for me.


COOPER: Well, that's so nice.

COHEN: Thank you to some of our (INAUDIBLE) COOPER: I love that, that that was a special memory --


COOPER: -- for Mark Bronson and his family. And there's so many people out there who make this a tradition every year and we're very thankful for that.

COHEN: I agree.

COOPER: And no one knows how to put out New Year's Eve's spread like our next guest.

Joining us now is one of our favorite legends, singer, actress and entrepreneur, Miss Patti Labelle. Happy New Year.

COHEN: Happy New Year, Miss Patti.



LABELLE: Happy New Year, Andy.

COHEN: Oh, come on down.

LABELLE: Anderson, you guys.

COHEN: Give us an entrance, legend.

LABELLE: Oh, wait. I'm trying to get them with these high heels. OK, here I come. Here I come. Woo.


COHEN: You look so great --

COOPER: Amazing.

COHEN: -- Ms. Patti.

COOPER: Amazing.

COHEN: Tell me what's on the plan for tonight's New Year's party. What did you cook?

LABELLE: Oh, it's on the plan for tonight. I cooked everything. I made a fried turkey, a big brisket. So many things. Look at the table. See Andy and Anderson --


LABELLE: -- you see all this stuff?

COOPER: Oh, my God.

LABELLE: I made kale greens with smoked turkey. I made pasta. I made clams pasta. Everything, guys. You know what I do.

COHEN: By the way --


COHEN: We have some of your food here, Patti.

COOPER: Patti, we have mac and cheese. It looks like maybe --

LABELLE: You have my food there?

COHEN: Oh, this is so good.

COOPER: So good. Is this chicken ala king?

COHEN: This is -- this is Miss Patti. She is so rich.

LABELLE: You can add the mac.

COOPER: Chicken ala king is so good. I love chicken. And my son, Sebastian, loves mac and cheese, so.

COHEN: This mac and cheese is so good, Patti. Hey, Patti --

LABELLE: You know I try to cook my best for you guys. What?

COHEN: Thank you.


COHEN: Patti, you did a great tribute at the BET Awards to the legendary Tina Turner. You performed the best. And, you know, we lost so many great performers this year.

And I'm just curious, what --


COHEN: -- are your memories of Tina Turner? Or, you know, what can you say about what a loss it is to the world that she's gone?

LABELLE: It's a big loss. We all missed -- she died on my birthday on May 24th. And that touched me so much. And we were buddies back in the day. And we did a lot of shows together. And, I mean, she was simply the best, really. That's my girl.


COOPER: You're also a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. You can get to be on their holiday album this year, doing a duet of this Christmas with an offensive lineman.


COOPER: How would you rate him as a singer?

Jordan Mailata, I think it was.

LABELLE: Jordan? Jordan, yes, he sings the same stuff. He's found a little like Donny Hathaway. And, of course, you know, I love the Eagles. There's no better team than the Eagles. So they're the best. They're simply the best. What about that?

COHEN: Hey, Patti, I think --


COHEN: -- you and I talked a little while ago. You said -- last time you spoke, you said you would be open to dating. I'm curious. Did you have any good dates in 2023?

LABELLE: No, only you. The only you.


LABELLE: I mean, it's like you're my dates. I love you guys. And I have most of my family here, my friends and --

COHEN: We love you, our Gemini -- our Gemini --


COHEN: -- sisters. Yes.

LABELLE: Gemini buddies. Yes. All my family --


LABELLE: -- my baby kids.

COOPER: You always throw --

LABELLE: See my granddaughters and grandsons.

COOPER: (inaudible) best New Year's Eve party. It's so great. I love all the family there.


LABELLE: Thank you.

COOPER: And now, Ms. Patti, I think you're celebrating a huge milestone this year. What are you going to do for this big birthday you have coming up?

LABELLE: For my 80th birthday. Isn't that something?

COOPER: Eighty years.


COOPER: Oh, incredible.

LABELLE: Eight years young. Say young, not old.

COOPER: I mean --

LABELLE: You heard?

COOPER: Well, you look incredible.

LABELLE: I'm going to party like it's 1999. Thank you. I'm having a huge birthday celebration on May 24th.


COHEN: Good. As you should.

LABELLE: Yes. (inaudible)


LABELLE: Yes, I should.

COHEN: Well, Patti, we love it.

LABELLE: I love you guys.


COHEN: We love to be able to see you every year on New Year's Eve. And you give us a preview of your party. And I can't wait to see you in the clubhouse soon or anywhere we meet up. Thank you for hanging out with us again.

COOPER: We love you.

LABELLE: Anywhere I have to be with you, I'll be there. I love you guys. Happy New Year.

COHEN: We love you.

COOPER: Happy New Year.

COHEN: Happy New Year, Ms. Patti.

LABELLE: Say bye, everybody.

ALL: Bye.



LABELLE: Bye, darling.

COHEN: Coming up next, we're going to Key West.

COOPER: I would love to go to Patti Labelle's 80th birthday party. COHEN: Oh I would love to go to Patti's 80th birthday party too. We're just putting that out there. I'd also love to go to Key West. And we're going to be going there after the break for a surprise.

But first, we have a shout out to our friends at the New York Marriott Marquis for the amazing rooftop shot.

COOPER: Well, there you go.

COHEN: Oh, look you can see how translucent Anderson's hair is. We're going to be right back, folks.


COOPER: And welcome back to New York's Times Square.



COHEN: Just a little bit sad.

COOPER: No. This morning, I just got to send an article. Variety is actually like reporting that we had a drink.


COOPER: It was kind of amusing.

COHEN: Headline news.

COOPER: The headline. We thought we'd check into Key West, Florida where it's about 30 degrees warmer. Joining us now. Randi Kaye. Randi, happy New Year.

COHEN: Hey, Randi.

COOPER: What's going on in Key West? We often check in with Key West every year.

RANDI KAYE, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Because I can't hear anything.

COOPER: You're on the air, Randi.

COHEN: Oh. Our first big faux pas. OK. Should we come back to Randi? I love her boa.

COOPER: I love the boa too.

KAYE: Hi, Anderson and Andy. Happy New Year.

COHEN: She's got -- there she is.

KAYE: We are in Key West where the party never disappoints for the New Year's Eve celebration. Check this out. I have a couple of the Bourbon Street boys. They have built a human throne for me. Should we walk a little bit? This is how you arrive in style. All right boys. Let me go.


COHEN: This looks a little --

KAYE: We are celebrating here tonight. Now, of course, with a throne, you also have a lot of drag queens around here to celebrate, so I will share my throne, of course. And also just a whole lot of people dressed in drag, like Patrick here.

And of course, we are in Key West, so we are celebrating and we're going to kick off the night with a key lime pie eating contest. And Patrick, you're going to be the judge, right?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am so excited. The pressure is on. But --

KAYE: Oh, my gosh. What are you looking for?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So tonight, I am looking for not just substance and how much you eat, but it's also flair. Show us some shimmy. Give us some glitter.

KAYE: I think that we need -- this is going to be a messy little contest, all right, so I think everybody has to take their shirts off. Everybody want their shirts off? Yes. And we're going to add some extra whipped cream. Whoa. All right. That's how we do it in Key West.

All right. This is Paul. You're not really a bourbon street boy, but we let you in. That's OK. All right. Here we go. You guys ready? You're going to have about 20 or 30 seconds. You want a little extra? All right. There we go.

All right. All right. Are we ready?

COOPER: All right. Let's go.

COHEN: Yes, I can't wait.

KAYE: Here's -- OK. All right. Let's do it. You ready? OK. Ready, 20. Here we go. Ready? One, two, three. Go.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, my goodness.

KAYE: All right. Who's going? Who's going?

COOPER: Oh, come back to this?

COHEN: No, it's 20 seconds.

KAYE: Get it. Get it. Oh, Mike's got it. Mike's got it. Mike's got it.


COOPER: Don't we know how this ends?

KAYE: Let's go.

COHEN: This is CNN.

COOPER: Don't we know how this ends?

KAYE: All right. Time.


KAYE: Time's up.

COHEN: Who won?

KLAYE: All right. Who's the winner? Who's the winner?

COOPER: All right, guys.

COHEN: Who's the winner? No --


KAYE: Whoa.



COOPER: The crowd favorite. All right, Randi. Thanks, guys.

COHEN: Thanks, Randi. I mean, I have to ask, just for -- on Anderson's...

COOPER: No actor.

COHEN: Is he seeing anybody?

COOPER: No actor has had a breakout year like our next guest, in part, because he did not realize he was an actor having a breakout year.

Ronald Gladden was the unknowing star of the hit TV series, Jury Duty. It's made so many critics top 10 list. Ronald thought he was in a documentary about a jury in Southern California. It was all elaborate hoax. Everyone, apart from him, was an actor.

Joining us now, is Ronald Gladden. Welcome.

COHEN: Hey, buddy. Great to see you.

GLADDEN: It's good to see you again, man. How you doing, Andy? How you doing?

COHEN: Such a fan of the show.

COOPER: So good to meet you. GLADDEN: Anderson, pleasure to meet you.

COOPER: Yes. What year you've had.

COHEN: So for people who didn't watch the show, explain it. You thought you were showing up to serve Jury Duty.

GLADDEN: Correct. Yes. I was under the impression that I was serving Jury Duty. It was a normal experience. And we were filming a documentary to show, you know, what happened behind the scenes and what happened in the liberation room of a jury.

COOPER: Have you ever served on a jury before?

GLADDEN: No, I had not.

COOPER: OK. All right.

GLADDEN: No. Yes, I had not.

COHEN: And so you were the only real person. It was like a simulation --


COHEN: -- of the whole thing. And everyone around you was an actor. Everyone, the bailiffs, the cops, the judge, everybody.

GLADDEN: Yes. They, honestly, created an entire fake world for me. It was more than just a courtroom. It was the hotel I stayed in. Any time we went out in public, everything was fake.

COOPER: So you -- I mean, was there ever an inkling? Because I -- I've watched the first episode, and I was like, this can't be real. Like there's no way you didn't know. Was there ever an inkling you had?

GLADDEN: Oh, I said it multiple times on camera. I told them all the time. I was like, this feels like I'm on reality TV. But they did such a fantastic job of playing it off. It's like, this is real.

COOPER: Right.

GLADDEN: This is like boring core and this is --

COOPER: Right.

GLADDEN: -- really what happens. So, I bought it.

COHEN: And I think that part of the reason that people responded to the show was you. Because you actually had such a great attitude throughout it.

COOPER: Yes. Your --

COHEN: And you were so kind to everybody.

GLADDEN: Thank you.

COOPER: By the way, you -- anybody would be lucky to have you on a jury. You were so even keeled with all the Mishegas.

COHEN: Oh, you're so kind.

COOPER: No. I'm not talking to you, sweetie. I'm talking to him.

GLADDEN: That's a good word. I like that.

COOPER: The Mishegas around you, you were like, OK, I guess this is part of the process.

GLADDEN: I mean, absolutely. I was just trying to do the best I could do and just kind of get in and out of there, you know.

COHEN: And what has happened to you since the show aired? You -- your -- are you booed up? Do you have a lady? Do you have a molt? Do you have a harem?

GLADDEN: My life has completely changed. I mean, obviously, I was on your show earlier this year. You already know how things have been for me. But just getting to meet famous people in general, attending events.

I went from working a construction job to being here with you guys on New Year's Eve. My life has taken a total 180.

COHEN: But did you quit your construction job?

GLADDEN: I did quit my construction job.

COHEN: OK. I don't like that. I don't like that.

GLADDEN: No? Why not?

COHEN: No. Because I have experience with people on reality television. You don't give up your bread and butter.


COHEN: I mean --

GLADDEN: Well, what if this is my bread and butter?

COHEN: Well, is it?

GLADDEN: Only time will tell.

COHEN: OK. A little tease from Ronald Gladden.

COOPER: You had a weird court experience.

COHEN: Oh, well, no. I was all hopped up after seeing Jury Duty. And I basically made the James Marsden mistake at my job. I mean, I --


COOPER: Well, you were called for jury duty.

COHEN: Oh. And I marched up to the judge and I was like, I can't be here. I was kind of like, you know, playing it like -- TV is Andy Cohen. Like -- he's like, well, why can't you be here? I go, I'm like, well, I have shows. He was like, no.

And then the person after me was like an oncology doctor. And he was like, no.

COOPER: Really? The oncologist couldn't get out?

COHEN: He can't either. I'm like, she can't get out?


COHEN: Anyway, it was terrible.

GLADDEN: I'm sorry I didn't work out for you.

COHEN: Thank you. I appreciate it. I appreciate it. How often do you get together with the gang from the show? Are you all --

GLADDEN: All the time. I talked to four of them earlier today. I'm telling you, I love these people. There was a great group of people.

COOPER: Wow. How long were you shooting for with them?

GLADDEN: Three weeks.


COHEN: Three weeks. Wow. Well, the show is so great. It's Jury Duty. And where can people see it?

GLADDEN: Amazon Prime, baby. Check it out.

COHEN: Oh, baby. All right. And what are you going to do after this? Where you headed? New York City is your oyster.

GLADDEN: That it is. Like I said, only time will tell. But you'll see more of me on the T.V. for sure.

COHEN: I mean, tonight.

GLADDEN: Oh, tonight?

COHEN: Yes. Where are you heading?

GLADDEN: Probably Brooklyn.

COHEN: Brooklyn. That's where it's at.

COOPER: You should stop by the Amy Sedaris after party.

COHEN: Yes, you should.

GLADDEN: Oh, yes? Do I got the invite?

COOPER: I don't know. I'm not invited. Yes. She didn't invite me.

COHEN: Well, I am.

COOPER: Oh, I'm sure you are.

COHEN: You can be my plus one. All right.

Straight guy headed to Brooklyn. Keep your eyes out. Thanks, dude. Great to see you.

COOPER: Congratulations.

GLADDEN: Thank you so much.

COOPER: Yes. Really nice to meet you.

COHEN: We have much more still ahead, including a performance by Rod Stewart from his residency at the Coliseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. We're going to be right back.

Thank you, dude. That was -- that was great.



COOPER: And welcome back to New York's Times Square New Year's Eve. We are, what, three hours?


COOPER: Three hours away from, almost, three hours, 10 minutes away from the New Year.

COHEN: Yes, cannot wait.

COOPER: Cannot wait.

COHEN: And we have been asking all of you to send us your shout-outs. If you have someone that you want to shout out or for us to pay tribute to tonight. Anderson, you want to?

COOPER: And we've been getting a lot of them. There are a lot of folks out there, and I often say this, and I'll say this probably throughout the night, and Andy's going to make fun of me. But I know there's a lot of people watching tonight who have lost somebody this year or who are particularly remembering somebody that they lost. It's always a hard time around the holidays for a lot of us.

And I just want everybody to know that we see you and we hear you and we're hearing from you and we're thinking of you and the people you've lost in your life. This is a note, a shout-out we got from Lisa Passichnik (PH). I hope I pronounced that right. Passichnik. She says, I lost my mom 12/2/23. So December 2nd of this year. She was 98. She had an incredible run. She was fierce and feisty. I know she's sipping her martini in New Year's Eve with her friends in heaven.

This is Shirley Manfredi (PH). And look at her shirt. It's "I Heart Porn."


COOPER: I love that. So thank you. Love Lisa.

COHEN: Her place. I love that. Oh, my gosh. Christine Feeler (PH) is sending a special request for a surprise shout-out to my husband, Scott, on New Year's Eve. He is -- it's -- he's turning 60 today and he looks just like you, Anderson.

COOPER: I can see that.

COHEN: Wow. There you go. He's ringing in the New Year in St. Louis, my hometown, with his wife and two daughters. So mazel tov to you, sir.

Nikki Chambers (PH) wants to send her husband, Paul, a message. He works in the ports of Los Angeles. They never close. There's a lot of people working tonight. And so she says, so he'll be at work on a barge when we ring in the New Year. He's the light of my life. A wonderful friend and husband. By the way, he can get it if I may say so.


COHEN: And --

COOPER: You can send us a shout-out and have your loved one, you know, sized up by Andy.

COHEN: Yes. Absolutely.

COOPER: Angela --

COHEN: That's fun. Wait, hold on. I want to say I know someone who is a kind of air traffic controller for tugboats. My co-executive producer and Melissa's husband, Jared. So shout out to Jared. He's working tonight.

COOPER: OK. And we want to send a happy New Year -- Angela wants to send a happy New Year to my husband who I love dearly, my mother and father-in-law who are amazing and not a happy New Year to my brother- in-law with his wife, who she says can stick it where the sun don't shine.

Oh, this is taking a turn.

COHEN: Yes. She can -- can I get in here? COOPER: I should have read this card and let you do it.

COHEN: I should have done this.

COOPER: I thought this was a feel-good.

COHEN: Angela continues. You have made my life miserable and I cannot wait for your legal separation. Yes. This was meant --


COHEN: -- for the troublesome queen. Anyway, thank you, Angela. More shout-outs coming up in a little bit.

COOPER: It's good that you get it off your chest.

COHEN: I agree, Angela. You're going to be rid of that stinker soon.

COOPER: Our next guest has one of the most legendary voices in rock and pop. Rod Stewart, he's releasing a new album with Jools Holland called Swing Fever in February. And he's going to wrap up his amazing 12-year residency --


COOPER: -- at the Coliseum at Caesar's Palace in Vegas this summer.

Now for a special performance, the legendary Rod Stewart.

ROD STEWART, AMERICAN SINGER: Hey, Anderson and Andy. I love you guys. Happy New Year to everybody in New York.

I have the best time and the best cheer from Las Vegas to New York.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hey, Anderson and Andy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Happy New Year from us, the Six. Happy New Year.

COOPER: And welcome back New York's Times Square New Year's Eve. Nine o'clock here in the East Coast.

COHEN: Nine o'clock. I think we should have a little toast. The streets below us are getting more crowded.

COOPER: The police anticipated as many as a million people here tonight, which is -- I mean, they always say that pretty much every year, but it is -- it's just incredible how many people -- there's hundreds of thousands there at least.

COHEN: I know. They're a little quite right now. It's kind of deceptive.

COOPER: Well, they've been pend in for hours here.

COHEN: I know.

COOPER: Many of -- have been here for 10 hours.


COOPER: I don't know. It's --

COHEN: Cheers my man.

COOPER: Cheers. Happy New Year.

COHEN: To great year next year.


COHEN: Thanks for great year this year. Thanks for keeping them honest.

COOPER: To all of you who are at home who are toasting along with us, we wish you a very happy New Year.

COHEN: Happy New Year, everybody.