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ANDY COHEN, CNN HOST: Thanks for a great year this year. Thanks for keeping them honest.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: To all of you who are at home, who are toasting along with us, we wish you a very happy New Year.

COHEN: Happy New Year, everybody.

COOPER: All right.

COHEN: I think it's getting easier. I think it's going down better. By the way, I just want to point out that --

COOPER: Why do people do this?

COHEN: I made a big effort. We waved at Seacrest. He saw us waving to him.

COOPER: Yes, yes.

COHEN: So, he cannot go around saying that I dissed him --

COOPER: Don't -- all right, don't start. Don't even mention --

COHEN: I'm not starting. I'm just keeping it real clean. We have waved, connection has been made.

COOPER: We complimented his outfit. He looked great. He's in a very nice tux.


OK, our next guest does it all. She is a comedian, actress, singer, writer --

COOPER: He's stirring the pot. This is Andy stirring the pot.

COHEN: Not really, just keeping it clean. I'm keeping my side of the street clean.

This year, she starred in a HBO series that has made a lot of best of list. It's called "Somebody Somewhere".

COOPER: Oh my gosh, so good. COHEN: You will laugh. You will cry. You will love her. She's my dear friend, Bridget Everett.

Hey, Everett.


COHEN: How are you doing? You look beautiful.

What did you bring with you?

EVERETT: I just brought -- this is like a beta blocker for women over 50. I will put it right here so I don't lose it.

COHEN: All right.

EVERETT: This is family-friendly tonight, right?

COHEN: Oh, yeah.

COOPER: Yeah, it's a family show.

COHEN: Nothing says family-friendly like you --


COHEN: We'll answer that question after we get through with you.

Bridget, what was your rose and thorn of '23?

EVERETT: Well, I think of my thorn was my mom died, and that was a little bummer --

COHEN: I'm sorry.

EVERETT: Thank you.

COOPER: What was your mom's name?

EVERETT: But my rose --

COOPER: What was her name?

EVERETT: Freddie (ph).

COOPER: Freddie?

EVERETT: Freddie, yeah.

COHEN: She looked amazing from Instagram, all the pictures.

EVERETT: Freddie is like -- she's the beaver tail queen, and we will get to that later.


EVERETT: But anyway, short story log, my rose is actually being my here tonight with you guys.

COHEN: Oh, come on.

EVERETT: No, this is so iconic. It's -- iconic -- I sound like a Kardashian. But this is so cool, all these people here, and to be here and have access to a bathroom, I mean, come on --

COOPER: Yeah, that's the cake.

COHEN: You have access to a bathroom?


COHEN: You have access?

EVERETT: I'm not even wearing a diaper. I just went on the street.

COOPER: But you never have been in Times Square on New Year's Eve like a lot of New Yorkers? Like a guy hadn't either.

EVERETT: No, no, I've lived here for 25 years, I never have done this before. It's exciting.


COHEN: Congratulations to "Somebody Somewhere".

EVERETT: Thank you.

COHEN: It's been picked up for a third season on HBO. What can we expect for next season?

EVERETT: A lot of love, no nudity, safe for the family, lots of tender moments. You know, I think it's a good time and it's 100 percent on "Rotten Tomatoes". So --

COHEN: There you go, wow.

COOPER: I saw you -- we saw you together at Joe's Pub a couple of year, it was the -- you were so funny, you're so talented.

EVERETT: Thank you, Anderson.

COOPER: Yeah, it's nice to see people getting to know you through the HBO show because a lot of people didn't know you?

COHEN: Yeah.

EVERETT: Well, I think like, you know, with anything, anytime you start to open your heart and just sort of let it go, whether it's downtown or Joe's Pub, sort of, motorboating (ph) people, you know, on HBO, and sort of having more tender moments. I think it's a great way to share your heart.


COHEN: I have had the privilege of being motor-boated (ph) by you several times, I have to say, and I cherish those experiences.

EVERETT: It's a New York right of passage.

COHEN: Yes, it is. And, by the way, shout-out to Joe's Pub because Sandra Bernhardt is performing there tonight. We saw her last night. It is absolutely wonderful.

We lost Peewee Herman this year.


COHEN: You posted about getting to know him. What is your favorite memory you have of Paul Reubens?

EVERETT: Well, my friend Murray Hill was good friends with him so we all went to dinner one night with my friend Michael Patrick King and Craig, and we just sat around and he is such a legend. And he was so personal. On my 50th birthday, he sent a video that was very thoughtful and tender and sweet.

COOPER: I heard he did that for people. I used to get Christmas and thanksgiving cards from him, which were hilarious.

EVERETT: I got the Christmas cards, yeah.

COHEN: Oh, yeah.

COOPER: But I know from people he really cared about it in wanted to connect with, he would send these very emotional videos.

EVERETT: He did. It was just like, I believe in you. I think you're this. I think you're special. Hearing that from somebody like him who is a legendary and has really paved his own way was -- it really moved me.

COHEN: I think also the fact that he knew we had this diagnosis, it clearly affected the way that he lived his life. And what he put out there. And it's so touching to see how many people he touched in the last few years of his life. I mean, certainly for his whole life.

But let me switch gears because I want to talk of one of my favorite songs in your cabaret. And it is New Year's Eve in a lot of people are celebrating breasts tonight.

EVERETT: Why not? We should celebrate breasts because that's what we eat -- we start our life, with those.

COHEN: Yes. And, you know, you have a song is really a great celebration of all the different kinds of breasts that there are. Can you run Anderson through some of the different kinds? He is a bit of a novice when it comes to breasts.


EVERETT: Anderson is going to have hard hitting -- I can see the, word right? COHEN: You can say it.

EVERETT: Hard-hitting tiddies.



EVERETT: Because you both have the silver daddy tiddies.


EVERETT: Or the zaddy (ph) tiddies, you got Ramona from the housewives, she has those turtle times. You have my mom who got the beaver tails. I don't know. I could keep going but everybody has different shapes and sizes in their all something to celebrate, right?

COHEN: I love it. Now, you have prepared a little special something for Anderson. Let me get on. Let me just switch spots with you. You love Anderson. You love Anderson.

EVERETT: I do. Everybody loves Anderson.

COHEN: Yeah.

EVERETT: This right now, I've gotten this close to me. So you are all mine.

Anderson, I wrote a song for you.

COHEN: Oh, did you write it?

EVERETT: No, I didn't write it but I should have because it's perfect.

COHEN: Who wrote it?

EVERETT: You know, new direction.

COHEN: One Direction.


EVERETT: Hold on, I got to block my beta real quick. People say hit the track but there is no tracks because I'm going to sing a cappella. I know you got to get -- there is a more important guests coming on.


COOPER: No, we got nowhere to go.

EVERETT: We've got nowhere to go.

COOPER: We've got four hours.

EVERETT: All right. It's going to start, just keep your hands in your pocket, let's not touch yet. It's That's too much. I fall over this railing. Are you ready? Unless you want to hold hands.

COOPER: I'm ready.

EVERETT: Okay, we'll get to it. Hit the track.

There is another song going. It's okay I'll make it work. Close your eyes.

You're insecure, don't know what for, you're turnin' heads when you walk through the door, don't need makeup to cover up, baby the way that you are is enough.

Everyone else in the room can see it. Everyone else but you. Baby, you light up my world like nobody else. The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed. When I'm looking at you I can't believe you don't know.

I sing a little too high.

COOPER: It's all right.

EVERETT: You don't know your beautiful. If only you could see what I could see, you'd understand why I love you so desperately. Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe. You don't know. You don't know you're beautiful. That's what makes you beautiful.

COHEN: Anderson, you are beautiful and you don't know it.

EVERETT: You don't know it, but now you do.


EVERETT: Andy probably here to tell you.

COOPER: Thank you for telling me. Wow.

COHEN: You are vessel for my emotion.

EVERETT: If you want to be here with you all night, I can stay.

COOPER: I would love that.

COHEN: I have to give it up to Bridget because the moment she started singing, some god awful song is playing over there and she saying. That is so hard to single another song is going. That was great. Good job.

EVERETT: Hard to hear here in Times Square. You guys, I love it here, happy New Year's everybody. This is the best night of my life. Cheers!

COHEN: Where are you headed right now?

EVERETT: I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying here. Is that weird? I didn't wear makeup so that we could have cattle bells.

COOPER: Yeah, sure. COHEN: Oh my god. Bridget Everett, everybody. Thank you so much.

Yes, take a picture of these two.

COOPER: We have an actual photographer.

COHEN: We asked some of your favorite celebrities what their resolutions are for 2024, and here is what they had to say.


JULIA ROBERTS, ACTRESS: My New Year's resolution is to watch more Bravo TV shows.

MAREN MORRIS, SINGER: My New Year's resolution is to stop apologizing so much.

GRAHAM NORTON, COMEDIAN: I resolve not to drink this year. Oh.

JOHN MAYER, SINGER: My New Year's resolution for 2024 is to think a little less about artificial intelligence and what it might mean for the future, and think more about humanity and connecting with humans and finding out more about what we're all capable of.

ISSA RAE, ACTRESS: My New Year's resolution is always just to do more and be better. But next year, I really want to read more. I did not read books and it is (EXPLETIVE DELETED) me up.

MATT ROGERS, ACTOR: This year, my New Year's resolution is I'm going to go to the gym and not workout, just pick up guys there.

SARAH SHERMAN, COMEDIAN: My New Year's resolution is to meditate every day.

KRISTEN STEWART, ACTRESS: I think I need to start having New Year's resolutions. I think that might be my resolution.

REBA MCENTIRE, ACTRESS: I am going to have a blast. I'm going to have more fun than the years before. I'm going to be a happy camper.

RITA ORA, SINGER: My New Year's resolution would be to protect my space.

TOM BLYTH, ACTOR: My New Year's resolution is to get more sleep.

YVONNE ORJI, ACTRESS: To apologize more. Yeah. That's a good one. Because I'm never wrong.

NICKI MINAJ, SINGER: My New Year's resolution is to keep my foot on these bitches necks.



COOPER: Wow. What was that? What did you say? COHEN: Keep my foot on these bitches' necks.


COHEN: Thank you, Nicki Minaj.

COOPER: Who is he referring to?

COHEN: The bitches.

COOPER: I don't know --

COHEN: I'll tell you later.

COOPER: Tell me in the break.

Up next, magic with David Blaine from his new show "Impossible" at the Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas.

COHEN: You're so beautiful -- you are so beautiful, Anderson.

COOPER: Plus of performance from Darius Rucker.

We'll be right back from Times Square.


COOPER: Welcome back. New York Times Square.

A couple of quick shout-outs. I want to give a happy birthday shout- out to Jane Moore who turns 21 today. Congratulations. Your friends and your family are so proud of you. We can't wait to see what this New Year holds for you.

Also to Jane Smart, the actress who was with us last year. Our thoughts are with you. We love you. We hope to see you more in the New Year.

And also my friend Janice Allen in Las Vegas who is I believe 96. Maybe she's 90 -- I think she's 96, or 98. Anyway, she is awesome. She's incredible woman in Vegas, a legend. I know she is watching and I want to wish her a very happy New Year.

Our next guest is one of the most famous magicians in the world. We're joined by David Blaine, who just launched his new show, impossible at Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas, which I really want to see.


I want to go there and I want to see this theater.

David, welcome. Happy New Year.

DAVID BLAINE, MAGICIAN: Happy New Year, Anderson and Andy. Nice to see you. COHEN: Great to see you. This was a big year for you. You know, I

remember reading you did an 80-foot jump during one of your shows. You wound up dislocating or shoulder. How are you able to pop it back in? And did you continue your show?

BLAINE: I did continue the show because the show must go on but I promise when you come I will not do the same thing. We will be okay.

COOPER: I know you are drinking a lot of water for something you're going to be doing. Can you share about your new residency, "Impossible," at the Wynn? What's it like? What should people expect?

BLAINE: It's amazing to be here.

COHEN: By the way, he's drinking a lot of water to prepare for this trick he's about to do, y'all.


BLAINE: No, I'm in the desert. I'm drinking a lot of water because it's dry in the desert, so everything is --


COOPER: So, what should people expect on your show?

BLAINE: But the truth is the show is called "Impossible", but it is because it is a very interactive show. So, it is an intimate move, so it's pretty exciting for me to be able to meet all the people and move around the theater and do all kinds of new magic.

COHEN: This is your first time ever performing on New Year's eve. Besides what you are about to do live for us on CNN, do you any special surprises planned for the crowd that will be there in Vegas?

BLAINE: I have a fun show tonight, for sure. I'll try something you guys, okay? So, I don't know if you can see all the cards in the deck. You can see how they're different, yeah?

I'm going to run through the cards and I want you to try to see what is inside. It might not the ace of hearts but try to see one inside if you can.

Can you see one?


BLAINE: Are you thinking of one?



BLAINE: Wait but you guys -- hold one, but you guys are drinking this year, huh?

COOPER: A little bit.

COHEN: Every hour.

BLAINE: I brought a drink also. We can do a shot together.

COHEN: Okay. That's kerosene, oh, boy, oh, God, this can't be good.

COOPER: Yikes.


What is going to happen here? Okay.

Whoa! What? Oh my god.

COOPER: That was my card!

COHEN: That was my card, too!

COOPER: How is that possible?

COHEN: How is that possible? He's got more.

OK. Let it all out. Yeah, let it out, purge it. Let it go. Wow.

COOPER: Wow, how is that possible?

COHEN: That was unbelievable.

BLAINE: Happy New Year.

COHEN: That was unbelievable. That was amazing, four of clubs!

COOPER: Yes, how is that possible?

That's nuts. I don't understand that.

COHEN: You just sold a lot of tickets to a residency, I will tell you that much because that really blew me away.

COOPER: I understand, Emma Stone must of revealed a couple weeks ago.

BLAINE: I'm very excited to see you --

COOPER: She was so impressed by a magic tricky, did she ran out of the room and slipped and broke her shoulder. Did you ever talk to her after that accident?

COHEN: Not the shoulder --

BLAINE: I did. That is not the type of reaction I would usually respond to, though.

COHEN: That's understandable. But, listen, people respond in their own ways.

COOPER: And I love the video of you and Harrison ford. That's just incredible.

COHEN: That was amazing.

COOPER: David, thank you so much. Have a great show tonight. We can't wait to see your show in Vegas. Thank you, David Blaine.

BLAINE: Thank you.

COHEN: Thanks for a great trick. I love that.

BLAINE: Nice to see you both, happy New Year.

COOPER: Happy New Year.

Four of clubs, how is a possible? That's crazy.

Our next guest has two tours next year, one solo, and the other with his band Hootie and the Blowfish, Darius Rucker. Also a new country album, "Carolyn's Boy", dedicated the memory of his mom Carolyn, who didn't live to see what his success became. Performing a track for that album, "Beers and Sunshine", here's Darius Rucker.



COOPER: Welcome back.

I'm sorry. My mind was elsewhere.

COHEN: OK. Next, the one and only Henry Winkler.

COOPER: I'm so excited, Henry Winkler. I'm so --

COHEN: Live on his big year.

But, first, a special message about the NHL Winter Classic happening tomorrow on New York's Day. Anderson's been talking about it all day.

COOPER: Let's talk a look.


HENRIK LUNDQVIST, RETIRED NHL PLAYER: Hey, Anderson and Andy, I want to wish you and everyone else around the world a happy New Year. The puck drops on New Year's Day with the NHL Winter Classic. Let's plan to watch together on TNT and Max. Cheers!




[21:27:03] COHEN: From "Happy Days" to his Emmy-winning role on HBO's "Barry", Henry Winkler is an American icon. He has a new memoir out, "Being Henry: The Fonz and Beyond", about his five decades in Hollywood, and his struggles with dyslexia.

It just hit eight weeks on "The New York Times" bestsellers list. I loved it.

COOPER: It's a great book.

COHEN: Henry is joining us now know, from someplace a lot warmer than here, Hawaii.

Hey, look at him.

COOPER: On shades, no less.

COHEN: Wow, the Fonz in Hawaii.

HENRY WINKLER, ACTOR: It is a pleasure. And I feel guilty than I am not bundled up.

COOPER: It's all right.

COHEN: I'm happy for you, Henry. I mean --


So, what's your plan for tonight in Hawaii?

WINKLER: The whole family is here, 14 strong. And we are going to have dinner from 2 to 78.

COOPER: Wow, love it.

COHEN: I love it.

I love your memoir, Henry. And I love how much you featured your wife Stacey, who's a good buddy of mine.

You two just celebrated your 45th anniversary this year. What do you think is a secret to a long-lasting marriage like the two of you have.

WINKKLER: Two things. One is will. The other is listening.

COOPER: Also, you know, in your memoir, you wrote about what a breakout character Fonzie was. You and I have talked about this over the years. I loved the Fonz as a kid. I was the Fonz for fourth grade on Halloween. I didn't know that were real cream, I put Vaseline in my hair and my hair was greasy for like a month and I was made fun of.

I have Fonzie sheets. I wrote you letters. I wrote you fan letters. The network I understand from reading your book wanted to change the name of "Happy Days" to Fonzie's happy days because it was such an iconic character, and you are against thjat.

Talk about that dynamic. Why were you so against that idea?

WINKLER: The Fonz was very successful because I got to live with that group of people, with that family. And why fix something that isn't broken? It would've been a slap in the face to every member of my family. If we called it Fonzie's happy days, instead of the "Happy Days" it was.

COHEN: Henry, I got to -- you shot the series finale of "Barry" this year. Were you happy with how it all ended?

WINKLER: I was shocked. Bill Hader said to me in the middle of our fourth season. Hey, want to know how it ends? I said yes, sure. Then he told me and then I said, I have got to go in a corner and shake.


I was not prepared for that at all.

COHEN: Wow, wow.

COOPER: And "Happy Days" is going to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024. Have you -- I mean, have you talked to Ron Howard and the rest of the gang about doing something special for it? I mean, people still love -- it is still beloved by people.

WINKLER: You know what? So far we have only talked together. We were with Marian on Zoom and they are still very much a family. Sometimes you do a show, it is over, you think you've been friends for so long and everybody moves on. But the "Happy Days" cast has stayed very close.

COHEN: Henry, you have been in over 100 TV shows and movies.


COHEN: I want to play a quick round of, was Winkler in it? I'm going to present Anderson with a project. He has to guess whether you are in there or not. And then you will reveal.

Anderson, was Henry an episode of the Bob Newhart show?

COOPER: Yeah, I would believe that.

COHEN: Henry?

WINKLER: Second show -- my second job in Hollywood.


Look how handsome you are.

OK. Anderson, was Henry in MC Hammer's music venue for "Too Legit to Quit"?

COOPER: No way. There's no way.

COHEN: There's no way. Henry?

WINKLER: I have no idea.

COHEN: Yes, you were.

COOPER: You were? What?

COHEN: Yes, he was.

COOPER: Are you kidding me?

COHEN: Yes, he was.

COOPER: Henry, were to you too legit to quit?

COHEN: Always.

COOPER: Yeah, apparently so.

COHEN: Obviously.


COHEN: Was Henry in an episode of Dr. Quinn medicine woman?

COOPER: Oh, my god, I had such a crush on that guy in that Dr. Quinn medicine woman, I was a little kid. Yes, sure. I would believe that. Henry, were you?


WINKLER: I don't remember it.

COHEN: Was Henry in "MacGyver"? No.

I know the answer to this. Henry, were you in MacGyver?

WINKLER: Yes, I was.


COHEN: Yes. He produced the show!

COOPER: I didn't know that.

WINKLER: It was the first show that John Rich and I sold to ABC under my banner.

COHEN: Was Henry in an episode of the Brady Bunch?

COOPER: I would say yes. If you were in MacGyver, you are in Brady Bunch.


COOPER: No? COHEN: Was Henry and --

COOPER: Maybe it's like Alice's love, you know, Sam the Butcher was out of the picture for a day. I don't know.

COHEN: I mean, when are we going to admit that Alice was a lesbian! Was Henry in the Waltons?

COOPER: Is America silent about that?


COOPER: She had Sam the Butcher.

COHEN: Wake up, America!

COOPER: She had Sam the Butcher. Alice wasn't a lesbian.

COHEN: Yeah, that will be that Sam the Butcher.

COOPER: What does that mean?

COHEN: I don't know.

Was Henry in the Walton's?

COOPER: Oh my goodness.

COHEN: Was he in the Walton's?

COOPER: Yes. I believe you were in a very special episode.

WINKLER: I was not in the Walton's. I was in the room, turning off the light.


COHEN: Was Henry in "Another World", the long running NBC soap opera?

COOPER: Yes, I would say yes.

COHEN: Were you, Henry?

WINKLER: I was in "Under Five".


Was Henry in "Pryor's Place", Richard Pryor's show aimed at kids?

COOPER: I didn't know Richard Pryor had that show aimed at kids. Yes.

COHEN: Were you?


COOPER: OK, good. COHEN: OK. Last one, was Henry in a movie called "Group Sex".


Mr. Winkler?

WINKLER: Directed by Greg Grunberg, yes, yes.



COHEN: I'm going to see that movie.

COOPER: I'm going to find a --

COHEN: There's a German poster for it. We couldn't clear the American poster. So we have the German one.

Henry, will you tell Stacey and Zoey and your whole amazing family that we say hi?

WINKLER: I promise. And Henry just say to everybody watching, a very peaceful, safe, and healthy New Year.

COHEN: Love you so much, Henry.

COOPER: Henry Winkler, thank you so much.

COHEN: Have a great time in Hawaii.

COOPER: Our best to your family.

Coming up, we put Richard Quest on top of one of the tallest buildings in New York, with some special guest. But, first, a look inside HGTV's Dream Home 2024.


BREEGAN JANE, HOST: Thanks, Anderson. I'm Breegan Jane.

BRIAN PATRICK FLYNN, HOST: I am Brian Patrick Flynn. And this is the HGTV Dream Home 2024 on a beautiful Anastasia Island, Florida.

JANE: We have spent months creating this stunning island retreats.


FLYNN: And we are giving it away.

JANE: Everyone at home can enter the sweepstakes for your chance to celebrate next New Year's right here.

FLYNN: This classic coastal retreat is super shareable, and someone watching can have it all to themselves. JANE: Just picture yourself in these dreamy spaces. They're going to

get all the likes, and see how this place all came together on the HGTV Dream Home special, tomorrow at 6:00 on HGTV.

Make the resolution to win the home of your dreams in 2024.

FLYNN: Happy New Year.



COOPER: And welcome back. We're about two hours and 20 minutes or so until the New York comes. Excited?

COHEN: I cannot wait.

COOPER: Really?

COHEN: Yeah.

COOPER: OK. Yeah. How do you think is going so far?

COHEN: I'm having a ball. I have to tell you, I'm having just a blast. I really am.

I hope you all are, too.

COOPER: Yeah, let's check in with our Richard Quest, who's on in one of the best spots in Manhattan to see all of this.

Richard, where are you? Explain. Are you at -- you are on the edge. You've not been to the edge of New York. It's really cool. I've taken all the friends there.

COHEN: We're all edging out until New Year's.

RICHARD QUEST, CNN INTERNATIONAL HOST: I'm at the edge, 1,200 feet of the largest, the tallest sky deck in the western hemisphere. You may recall, I have been here before New Year's Eve, when I climbed up the climb on the outside of the building.

COOPER: I remember.

QUEST: The view is spectacular.


The weather is perfect for tonight. And as you might expect, since it is New Year's Eve at the edge, well, I'm going to go to the edge for something very different.

COOPER: It's the blue men group.

COHEN: What is going to happen?

COOPER: Oh my gosh.

QUEST: Help.

COOPER: Oh-oh.

QUEST: I think you can guess what is going to happen. This is going to be -- there we go.

COOPER: He is being painted. Oh my goodness. Wow.

QUEST: I said I would do anything for you on New Year's Eve.

COOPER: You are being painted blue by the blue man group. That is iconic. Oh no. Here comes -- oh my gosh.


QUEST: They've been doing this for 30 years, it's the most performances at the moment in New York, 70,000 performances.


COOPER: Wow. Being assaulted by confetti here. Wow. I don't know what's happening.

QUEST: Careful where you are putting that leaf blower.

For all of you, needless to say, if you will go the extra mile this is CNN with the Blue Men Group.

COHEN: Look at this -- a reveal. It says, can't make it out.

COOPER: Happy New Year.

COHEN: I'm pretending to be an idiot on "Wheel of Fortune". I don't know, Pat. It says something now.

COOPER: Nappy new year.

COHEN: I don't know, Pat. I can't stop the buzz.

COOPER: Richard Quest, you've gone beyond.

COHEN: It's amazing, you have to get all that paint off, you dude.

COOPER: Thank you, Blue Men Group.

Have you seen the Blue Men Group?

COHEN: Many years ago.

COOPER: Like, I i haven't. I should go.

COHEN: Maybe we'll go back. We've been assaulted by Sabrina Carpenters -- what is this?

COOPER: Mylar.

COHEN: Mylar. Sabrina Carpenters Mylar. Which is a great transition to the year end pop culture.

COOPER: Yes. What to you stands out in the world of politics?

COHEN: Let me tell you this.

COOPER: I'm excited to see Madonna, I know you went already once.

COHEN: Oh, yes, and I'm going back and it's a wonderful tour but --

COOPER: She called you out from the stage.

COHEN: Yes, she did, but when we talk about tours, we must mention the Queen. I have been to the Renaissance, my friend. It is, by the way, I didn't -- I unfortunately missed it when she was here, but I saw the movie --

COOPER: Incredible. I want to see it.

COHEN: It changes everything.

COOPER: I met -- I got to interview her years ago at the U.N., and she performed, but like --

COHEN: You're one of the last people to interview her because she doesn't interview anymore.

COOPER: Really?


COOPER: She's great. I love her.

COHEN: She changed the entire game for live concerts. It's totally has blown the away. I absolutely loved it. I have so much respect for her. It is interesting because I am in hour 25 of the Barbra Streisand audiobook right now.

COOPER: Wait a minute.

COHEN: Oh yeah, baby.

COOPER: How many hours is her audiobook?

COHEN: Forty-eight glorious hours.


COHEN: Of Barbra narrating her book, and when I tell you it is outstanding, she is such a great storyteller, I know the details of Barbra that I know, she loves burgundy. All the food she loves, sick to her stomach in the U.K., when doing something. I know everything and I want all of these details.

It is incredible I love it so much.

COOPER: Did you hear the audio book for the kids days in the picture?

COHEN: I read the book, I didn't hear the audio.

Anyway, it is incredible. I really recommend. Listen, it is the first audiobook I ever listened to, recorded by --

COOPER: Yes, yes.

COHEN: Five New York Times bestsellers.

COOPER: Yes, yes. I know you do. Yes.

COHEN: Anyway, I've never listened to one it is absolutely --

COOPER: I had my own New York Times bestseller this year with Katherine Howe, my co-author. Yes.

COHEN: Anyway, thank you for doing that, Barbra. I know you are watching.

COOPER: She's always -- by the way, so, Andy has this thing, BravoCon. If you're not familiar with it.

COHEN: Andy has this thing --

COOPER: It is crazy. I went last year.

COHEN: I'm not the only one who has it.


COOPER: I went last year. This year, you sang at BravoCon.

COHEN: I did. I did.

COOPER: I want to show some of, that because I was blown away that you would decide to do it.

COHEN: It was kind of the biggest

COOPER: You sang live.

COHEN: I did.

COOPER: Let's watch Andy singing at BravoCon.

COHEN: Oh, god.


COHEN: If you love our network shows and every moment that you do, we say Bravo! If you all thought about since March, is Vanderpump Rules, we say Bravo! If you dream of taking orders from the stud at the sea, or if you shout how many sandwiches have you made for me, if you've been a fan since that first family van, Bravo --


COHEN: By the way, I asked for a later portion of the song.

COOPER: Just so you know, this is how TV works. Like two hours ago, Andy asked specifically like, don't play the beginning of it -- by the end.

COHEN: Because it was so bad. The end was my big finish.

COOPER: And people like, oh yes, sure, okay.

COHEN: Can I do another shot?

COOPER: And so, that was the beginning, which I guess you are not happy about.

COHEN: No, I wasn't. But anyway, I rehearsed and rehearsed. Every day I walked been to school, I had along my shoulders, he's like let's reverse your song daddy. And then I got back I was like, when I got to Vegas, I'm singing my song, I got back, I take in the school the next day like, let's rehearse the song. We are still seeing it on the way to school. Anyway --

COOPER: You also went to the Dead and Cos' final tour.

COHEN: Oh my god, it was so incredible. I had so much fun, and John Mayer is going to be joining us in a little bit. Oh, there I am kind of having a little moment.

COOPER: Oh, what's going on there?

COHEN: That's a boomerang.

COOPER: It is, is it? I don't know.

COHEN: No, it is, no it is. By the way, I saw Kylie Minogue --

COOPER: When is that, 9:00 a.m. in the morning?

COHEN: I saw Kylie Minogue residency in Vegas, highly recommend, unbelievable. She has more dates in the winter coming up, and I highly recommend that.

We love "Succession".

COOPER: "Succession", and that for me was --

COHEN: The ending was incredible.

COOPER: So good, so good.

COHEN: So good, did you watch the Beckham's documentary?

COOPER: I have not, is it good? COHEN: Oh, it's amazing, it is so good.

And by the way, coming up, Eva Longoria is going to be here for Miami, she is great friends with Victoria. And I want to ask her if she watched it.

COOPER: And Neil Patrick Harris is going to join us for a spirited game of never have I ever.

COHEN: Plus, a performance from Miranda Lambert, from her velvet rodeo Las Vegas residency.

COOPER: Have you ever been to a rodeo?

COHEN: Have you? Yeah, yeah, no.

COOPER: I have. It's fun.

You can't ring in the New Year without honoring --



COHEN: We are back live in Times Square.

COOPER: Yes, we are.

COHEN: Minutes away from the 10:00 hour on the East Coast.

COOPER: Two hours and ten minutes away from ringing in the New Year.

We cannot bring in the New Year without honoring the loudest, craziest, most epic meltdowns on social media. There have been a lot of them this year.

COHEN: I know, and actually, one caught our eye this week.

COOPER: Most recently.

COHEN: I mean, this is a couple that Anderson has been in a tropple (ph) with for how long?

COOPER: This is completely.

COHEN: Has it been, they've been together nine, years and then you've been involved with them for three?

COOPER: Ha, ha, ha.

COHEN: Anyway, this is a couple that melted down over a delayed flight, and --

COOPER: Think of the girls. , think of the. Girls


COHEN: Their dogs, Shelby and Dolly, of course named after Shelby from steel magnolias drink. And Dolly Parton, from steel magnolias.

COOPER: I didn't know that little detail.

COHEN: You didn't know that? Because Anderson has never seen Steel Magnolias.

COOPER: It's true, I haven't, I still haven't.

COHEN: Give me your gay card, I'm taking it back.

COOPER: I've never seen Steel Magnolia.

COHEN: Oh my God.

COOPER: Later on, one of these guys ends up yelling at a woman in a wheelchair.

COHEN: I know it's terrible, it's awful.

COOPER: People on planes are awful.

COHEN: I know, it's true, we're going to see more.

Here is a gal who was being kicked off an airplane. Let's listen then.


COOPER: You know what, people on planes, and is going to speak of her flight attendants for a, moment who have a really tough job. People on planes, they need to keep their shoes on. But for god sakes, keep their socks on, do not go barefoot on a plane, stop cutting your toenails and your nails on a plane, which I have seen people do. Stop putting your hobbit feet on the armrest in the back of the armrest in front of you so that my elbow touches your hobbit foot. And --

COHEN: When you're speaking of hobbit feet, you're not speaking --

COOPER: I mean, sweetie, of seeing your feet. But --

COHEN: Sweetie, I was at a podiatrist two weeks ago, who said my feet look like the after in a before and after. So, no.


COHEN: I will not -- Dr. Levine on Park Avenue, and some cross street. But that's what you told me, you said these feet are gorgeous, and like the after.

COOPER: Right, your paying her, what is she going to say?

COHEN: I'm not paying her to tell me my feet look gorgeous. COOPER: Anyway, the other thing, people just need to be nicer on

planes, and you don't need to videotape all of these things, just settle it down.

COHEN: Well, whoever videotape these gave us some context. Fun little fact about that last one, you know it was on the flight?


COHEN: Kara Top (ph). No kidding.

COOPER: I've interviewed Kara Top.

COHEN: Very good.

Well, here's a viral TikTok of a guy having a meltdown over his brother drinking the last of the milk when he wanted some for his ice coffee.


COOPER: Wow, the Australian accent makes it even better.


COHEN: I know, I like that glass door there. It's a beautiful touch.

COOPER: Yes, and an airplane traveler takes a ride of this -- again, airplane behavior takes a ride on the baggage carousel, and threatens to poop on it, after waiting for his bag because it's taking so long.

COHEN: It is fun hearing you say poop.

COOPER: Let's take a look.



COOPER: I knew a guy who once was at an airport that Whelan and Madam (ph) were waiting for their luggage today ever tell you the story. Do you member Whelan and Madam?

COHEN: I do. Do you think this is going to resonate?

COOPER: Yeah, I think.

COHEN: OK, go on.

COOPER: The guy, Whelan and Madam were like the center square guys. And it was this gay guy who had a puppet.


COOPER: So, they were waiting to --

COHEN: They were to out Whelan.

COOPER: I don't know.

Anyway, they were stuck at this baggage claim, and it really hundreds of people, it was very delayed. And the guy was standing there, he opened up the box that Madam was in, he took madam out of the box, and then he was just standing there. This is according to my friend, with Madam just like looking like this above all these people standing. And then finally just Madam screened out, where's my f-ing luggage!

COHEN: Oh my god, wow.

I can't believe all of these years I've known you, 30 years, you never told me that story.


Our next guest is a country music superstar, she just announced a final date of her velvet rodeo Las Vegas residency, performing from the back theater at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casinos, Miranda Lambert.