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ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: And welcome back, live in New York Times Square. It is 10:00 here on the east coast, top of the hour.

ANDY COHEN, CNN HOST: Starting to get a little bit nippy, can I say that?

COOPER: A little nippy, sure, it's getting a little nippy.

COHEN: Yes, it is.

COOPER: The cold cannot keep with the beautiful way, though, it's hundreds of thousand people here in Times Square.

If you've been joining, if you've been joining us all night, you know we've been taking shots at the top of each hour. I hope you join along with us, whether you're drinking alcohol or not.

COHEN: Neil Patrick Harris is coming up in a wee bit. And --

COOPER: A wee bit, did you say?

COHEN: A wee bit, so is actor Jeremy Renner. We're going to talk to him about a new album he's recording based on his recovery from the freak accident one year ago, that nearly killed him. Let's do this, Anderson.

Cheers to all of you at home.

COOPER: Cheers.

COHEN: Happy New Year.

Oh, that was a big one, even for me.


Okay, standing up a little taller.

Toasting along with us tonight is actress and entrepreneur Eva Longoria. She is the cofounder of Casa del Sol, a luxury tequila actually.


COHEN: Hey, great to see. Wow, you look so beautiful. She is toasting along with us. Hey, what are you doing tonight to ring in the New Year, Eva?


EVA LONGORIA, ACTRESS: I know, I have a margarita.

I'm in Miami. I'm in Miami, at my friend Lauren's boat. It's called Utopia, and it's beautiful. And we're not moving yet for y'all. And as soon as I'm done doing this, we're moving.


COHEN: Thank you.

COOPER: Thank you very much.

Yeah, that's awesome.

How has your year been? How are you -- what are you, are you looking forward to the New Year?

LONGORIA: You know what, I've had an amazing 2023. I feel like Instagram is like, goodbye 2023, like everyone did not have a great one, and I was like, I loved my 2023, I had so many firsts, so much excitement. "Flaming Hot", the movie I directed. So, for me, it was really great.

COOPER: Yeah, it was your directorial debut.

LONGORIA: Yeah, yeah, "Flaming Hot".

COHEN: That was your directorial debut, and it was about the guy who helped create flaming hot Cheetos. And I -- did you basically get free flamin' hot Cheetos for life, at this point, after all you've done? Yes.

LONGORIA: For life, yes, yes.

COHEN: For life.

COOPER: As you should.

COHEN: As you should. And you even screened the movie at the White House, with the president this year. Did you serve the flamin' hot Cheetos at the White House?

LONGORIA: We served the flaming hot margarita at the White House.

COHEN: Nice.

LONGORIA: We did, yes, yes. COHEN: I was just telling Anderson how obsessed I was with the Beckham

docuseries. And I know that you are good buddies with Victoria. I wonder if you watched it. And did you learn anything surprising about them from it?

LONGORIA: No, I knew everything. You know, I've known Victoria for 20 years. But I will say, I am so happy that people know the Victoria I know. Like she was so funny, and she was so real and so honest in that docuseries, that I was like, that the girl that I know and love.

COHEN: Right.


You know, you also, you and I talked, I feel like it was maybe the start of this year, about your series on Mexico. What stood out to you, "Searching for Mexico", it debuted on CNN. What are some of the most delicious things that you ate on your travels across Mexico?

LONGORIA: Oh my God. What I love most about searching for Mexico was to expose the world to Mexico, and let them know it's more than tacos and tequila, even though they do that very well. But it's just how diverse the cuisine is. And it's like, it's one of the only two cuisines protected by UNESCO, French cuisine and Mexican cuisine.


So that's a big deal, and I was so happy. CNN's like, you want to eat your way through Mexico, and will pay for it? I was like yes, yes, I will.

COHEN: Are you going to take this series anywhere else, by the way?

LONGORIA: We may, we may. You know, there's been a lot of changes at CNN. So it's been, it's been back and forth and back and forth whether or not we're going to do it. So fingers crossed. There is another country we are going to.

COOPER: Was there a piece of history you are surprised to learn about Mexico?

LONGORIA: So much, so much history. You know, we went to six different states, and we went to a lot of indigenous tribes that are still in Mexico, in Oaxaca. I went to Vera Cruz, where, you know, the entire conquests happened, at that port. The Vera Cruz port, it was like really the gateway to spices in the Americas.

And so, so much diversity there. Y'all have to do the trip that I did. It was insane, and fantastic. And I am so happy the world saw Mexico the way I see Mexico, which is a beautiful country full of beautiful people.


COHEN: Well, you are a beautiful person, and you are very impressive, every time I talk to you. LONGORIA: I wish I was with y'all, y'all seem like you're having a lot

of fun. Next you are going to be there with you guys.

COHEN: I hope so.

LONGORIA: We should take another shot.

COHEN: Next year I want to be on that not on that yacht with you, on the Utopia.

LONGORIA: Utopia, you might want to be on the Utopia, it might be a little bit more.

COHEN: Pull your anchor off, and set sail into 2024. Have a great New Year, Eva, and we hope to see you soon.


COOPER: Thank you so much. Happy New Year.

LONGORIA: You all have fun. Happy New Year.

COHEN: I love her, and I love her outfit.

COOPER: She was amazing, yes.

COHEN: Okay, we're going to play a little game. It is called can we Vanderstump Anderson Cooper? In honor of Vanderpump Rules, which really dominated the headlines this year.

COOPER: Yeah, it's all we were talking about.

COHEN: Well, it actually was a ticker on CNN a lot, sweetie, to be honest.

COOPER: The Scandavol you're talking about.

COHEN: Yeah, CNN caught all over it.

I want to see if Anderson can guess whether a quote came from the show Vanderpump Rules, or from a real pop culture headline.

OK. So I've got Ariana Madix from "Vanderpump Rules", reading a line. Anderson is going to guess, and guess and then we're going to reveal.

COOPER: Wait, so it's a guess. Did this come from Vanderpump Rules?

COHEN: Or from pop culture.

COOPER: Okay, so here's Ariana with the first one. Here we go.


ARIANA MADIX, ACTRESS: It's scientifically impossible for me to form an actual fist. All of my nails would break.


COOPER: Okay. So that's got to be from Vanderpump Rules.

COHEN: It is great Scheana Shay said that line.

Obviously, yes, as good as gold.

Clip number two, roll it, Ariana.


MADIX: If I leave, the bullies take my place. This is bullying.


COOPER: Sure, why wouldn't that be Vanderpump Rules.

COHEN: It's George Santos.

COOPER: Well, yeah, okay.

COHEN: Right, Ariana, give us another one.


MADIX: You're a worm with the mustache.


COHEN: You are a warm with the mustache? I've never heard that line.

COOPER: Vanderpump rules?


The great DJ James Kennedy.

Okay, clip number four.


MADIX: I mounted her quickly, after which she spanked my ass, and sent me away.


COHEN: I mounted her quickly. Afterwards she spanked my ass and sent me away.

COOPER: That sounds like something that will be read at a Florida school board meeting to ban a book, I don't.

COHEN: Oh, my God, those mothers of liberty.

COOPER: What is that from?

COHEN: That is Prince Harry his book, "Spare".

COOPER: Oh, yes, right, right. Well, I did read the book.

COHEN: Yes, she did.

COOPER: Yes, that was him talking about losing his virginity.

COHEN: Yes okay, Ariana --

COOPER: Like behind or near a pub or something, if I recall correctly.


MADIX: I did not have implants, I just had a growth spurt.


COOPER: Okay, Vanderpump Rules.

COHEN: Britney Spears, which I loved also. Okay, give me --

COOPER: Did she do the audiobook?

COHEN: No. Michelle Williams did, honestly. Yes.


MADIX: Pooh-pooh heads, both of you, pooh-pooh heads.


COHEN: Pooh-pooh heads.

COOPER: I don't know.

COHEN: That's DJ James Kennedy, again.

Okay, give me another one.


MADIX: I don't want to hear somebody breathing.


COHEN: I don't want to hear is somebody breathing. Wasn't that?

COOPER: No, I don't know.

COHEN: That was recent, Linda Evangelista said that about why she doesn't want to date anyone.

COOPER: I remember this though from. Remember, who is that awful coupled with the kids, and then they.

[22:10:02] COHEN: John and Kate?

COOPER: Yeah, and then they did an interview, and she at one point turned him and was like, you are breathing in school loudly. It's a sign that.

COHEN: Wow, you saw that?

COOPER: That was like from a million years ago. Yean, I didn't know where I know that.

COHEN: So interesting to see what pop culture like gets in there.

Okay, Ariana, give me another one.


MADIX: You don't deserve to look at this.


COHEN: She has said to Tom Sandoval.


COHEN: Famous.

COOPER: I don't know.

COHEN: Okay, all right, okay I don't mean to be yelling at you.

OK, give us another one.


MADIX: You're like a serial killer's wet dream.


COHEN: That's also from Vanderpump Rules.

Okay, give me one more.

COOPER: Was that a compliment, by the way? You're like a serial killer's wet dream? I mean, what context was that --

COHEN: That was an insult.


COHEN: OK, last one.


MADIX: I'm up for a cage match if he is.


COOPER: I don't know.

Oh, yeah, that's like I know. I should know that. That's pop culture.

COHEN: It's Elon Musk about Mark Zuckerberg.

COOPER: And, of course, he didn't show for a cage match.

COHEN: Well, was there one scheduled?

COOPER: No, but Mark Zuckerberg is like in great shape, and clearly trained. It's like serious training, Elon Musk --

COHEN: And you're saying Elon Musk is not in good shape.

COOPER: Sweetie I mean, have you seen the yacht photos?



COHEN: Coming up next, the legendary actor for TV, film and Broadway. Neil Patrick Harris is here.

COOPER: I mean, I'm sure he has a lot of fine attributes.

COHEN: I know, he's certainly running Twitter into the ground or X.

From Enrique Iglesias and actor Jared Renner --

COOPER: Wear a robe on the tinder (ph) is what I'm saying.

COHEN: Yes, wear a robe on the tinder.

And actor Jeremy Renner will stop by to discuss his new album, and recovery from a near fatal snowplow accident that happened one year ago on New Year's Day.

First, one more time for the Brooklyn Nets Kids dance.




COOPER: And welcome back. New York Times Square, 10:15 pm. It's getting a little cold, a little nippy, starting to feel the cold a little bit. But the crowd is, well --

COHEN: What?

COOPER: I would say exuberant, people are just kind of a little.

COHEN: They're little dead. COOPER: They're a little packed in there for a long time.

COHEN: They're packed in there, jeez.

COOPER: Yeah. It's better to be frankly at home where you are watching this.

COHEN: Yeah, you're good, y'all are good.



COOPER: Yeah, we're going to be joined by Neil Patrick Harris shortly.

Let's warm up a little bit. Let's check out Randi Kaye who is live for us in Key West in Florida.

Randi, what's going on where you are?

RANDI KAYE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, you guys are talking about the cold, things are really heating up here. We have Andromeda Fire with us tonight. She is a fire dancer. And I know you're going to do a little something with me after this. But tell me what you're going to do now. This is your dragon staff that you brought with you.

ANDROMEDA FIRE, FIRE DANCER: This night dragon staff, mu shoe. Mu shoe comes from Mulan. Some of you may recognize that.

KAYE: And this is for me?

ANDROMEDA FIRE: Yes, this is for you.

KAYE: Okay, I hold it down here.

And then we have one of our amazing drag queens here with us as well, that gathers here on Bourbon Street. You have one of these as well, do we need to light that one?


KAYE: Okay, here we go.

Careful, careful. And yeah, am I my doing it right? Okay.


KAYE: There you go, oh, okay. This is really tricky stuff.

Okay. All right. We're going to walk over here to feel safe.

COHEN: I mean, that drag queen's going to catch on fire. Girl, get your hair out of there.

KAYE: I don't know, that's why we're -- no, what your hair! Watch your hair, Portia! COHEN: What? I'm telling!

KAYE: OK, OK, I know but this is live TV you know, this is how we do it. Things are getting a very exciting down here. Okay all right one more sign, it is not going to catch on fire. All right you ready, or almost there.

Okay, all right, Andromeda Fire, go for it. Go for it, you go, wow. Let's say it.


KAYE: Look at her go, whoa!


KAYE: That is amazing, okay, that is amazing. Yeah okay hold on, we've got another one.

Oh, all right, we're going to come back in here. And we do have one more trick for, us real quick. She's got to put out the dragon stuff. There's a lot of rules here, be a very careful.

COHEN: I'm telling you, that drag queens hair is going to catch on fire, I've seen it happened.

KAYE: Okay, here we go, wait, this is going to be something.

COHEN: Nobody's listening to me.

KAYE: Wait, hold on, what's this called again?

ANDROMEDA FIRE: These are called poy (ph).

KAYE: What is the trick?

ANDROMEDA FIRE: The trick is called human sacrifice.

KAYE: Human sacrifice. So what do I do?

ANDROMEDA FIRE: Just stand in front of me.

COHEN: Human sacrifice?

KAYE: Anderson and Andy help me.

Okay, here we go.

COHEN: Oh my God, Randi. We need you.

KAYE: Whoa, whoa, those are flaming balls. Those are flaming balls.

COHEN: This I like.


KAYE: Flaming balls. Those balls are really hot.

COHEN: It took us awhile to get here.

KAYE: All right, guys, back to you.

COHEN: This is entertainment.

Wow, oh my god, poor Randi Kaye.

COOPER: This is too much, Randi.

COHEN: Oh my God, what else would you do for CNN.

KAYE: Those balls are hot. Oh, my gosh!

COHEN: Oh my gosh.

OK, let's take Randi out of her misery.

COOPER: Randi, thank you, great job, nicely done.

COHEN: OK, thank you.

OK, joining us. I knew that drag queen was going to get her hair on fire. Joining us now live from Atlanta's paradise island in the Bahamas, where I wouldn't mind being myself. Tony, an Emmy award winning actor, Neil Patrick Harris.

COOPER: Wow, hey, wow.


COHEN: He is good.


COHEN: All right. What are you up to tonight?

HARRIS: I am here at the Atlantis Resort. I have been asked to come and host and event. I just introduced Timberland, mega producer Timberland is now on stage. There is 1,000 people there, and then there is a special guest after that. They invited our family here.

We've only been here for one day. We swam with dolphins. We laid, out I've gotten a bit of a sunburn. We've eaten at Nobu, and tonight, I don't have to wear top coat, like, it's a great way to end the year.

COOPER: Well, it sounds a great idea. And your kids, your twins turned 13 this year. I am terrified of the teenage years. Any, any advice?

HARRIS: Well, I don't know, the kids are right there, and they turned 13 in October. It's a very different vibe, right, because they want you to still be part of their lives, but they are very hands off and they want to do things independently. So, you're the cause of all of their frustration, and yet you are the one who can help solve all the problems. So I can't wait for you both to experience it, it's been -- COHEN: Oh my God.

Hey, Neil, you're directing a new production of Tick Tick Boom, that's debuting at the Kennedy Center in 2024. First of all, congratulations. Second of all, are there other theater opens that you're looking forward to next year?

HARRIS: I'm starting my ear off, yeah, directing. Not in front of the camera or on stage, but behind the scenes. So Tick Tick Boom is based on Jonathan Larson. There was a movie about it that Andrew Garfield was in. Andrew Garfield is not in this production.

We have Brandon Uranowitz (ph) who won a Tony this last, year a mic drop. If you have mics on stage, probably not. But yes, it's at the Kennedy Center in January, is where you can get tickets.

It is buzzy, I'm very excited by it. It's a bigger production, it's a very much like the David Blaine special in Vegas, but with much less regurgitation.


COOPER: Yeah, there was a lot of regurgitation.


Hey, you and your husband David are celebrating your tenth wedding anniversary, next year.

COOPER: Congratulations.

COHEN: Congratulations. We were talking to Henry Winkler about what he thinks the secret to a long relationship is. What do you attribute the success of yours, too?

HARRIS: Well, while we've been together for 19 years, married 10 because that's when it was allowed. And, I think, I don't know, I feel like when you start a relationship, you have to recognize that it winds up taking its own twists and turns, if you've decided that it must be this, it will not be that, right? So you have to be willing to let it expand.

And I think the key for David and I is humor. We both make each other laugh. He's one of the funniest people that I've ever met.

And so, as long as you can bicker and you can grow apart and back together. If you can do it with humor, and you can do it with respect, then I think -- I think you can suffer through teenagers together.

COHEN: That's how Anderson and I stay together, too.

I want to play a quick round of never have I ever with you. Anderson, here is a drink.

COOPER: Yes, what are the rules? COHEN: The rules are, we are playing never have I ever. If you have

done the thing, you take a drink. Do you have a drink? Does he have a drink?

HARRIS: Yeah, I have a Red Bull right there.

COHEN: Oh, he does, all right.

Never have I ever used my name -- never have I ever used my name to get an impossible dinner reservation?

COOPER: So what do you do, you take a drink?

COHEN: You drink if you've done it.

Yeah, okay.

Oh, you never have.


COHEN: Man, use your name to get on a reservation.

HARRIS: You have to have, I mean come on. That's --

COHEN: Yes, of course. Never have I ever been completely starstruck while meeting a coworker.

COOPER: So if I --

COHEN: If you have been starstruck, you drink it.


So I want to know, Neil, who have you been starstruck by?

HARRIS: Well, the first movie I ever did was one called Clara's Hart in 1986, with Whoopi Goldberg.


HARRIS: And I was wowed by her, and she was exactly the same Whoopi Goldberg that you still see today. She couldn't have been a nicer person to spend time with, and I'm sort of still wowed by her., She is amazing.

COHEN: Good answer. Never have I ever kissed more than one person on New Year's eve.

COHEN: Oh. I see.

COOPER: I don't remember, but I mean I think maybe. It's possible.

I've got two kids. Maybe.

COHEN: Oh you have two kids, and -- Never have I ever were --

COOPER: Had a full conversation with someone famous well not knowing who the heck they are.


Never have I ever used my kids as an excuse to cancel plans.

HARRIS: I'm so glad that this is not alcoholic.

COHEN: Yeah right, right. Never have I ever used my kids as an excuse to cancel plans, yes.

Never have I ever hooked up with a fan

Well, I mean -- if there are not a fan, I wouldn't do that.

HARRIS: If they weren't before, they were after, you know what I'm talking about --

COHEN: Yes, Neil.

Never have I ever -- never have I ever --


COHEN: Another shot coming up in 30 minutes.

Never have I ever. What is the next one, spent a whole day in bed.

I mean in the day years ago.


COHEN: Never have I ever -- oh here is a good one, never have I ever told a friend that I loved their TV show or Broadway show when I actually hated it.



That's called manners.

HARRIS: I haven't done that.

COHEN: You haven't?

HARRIS: I haven't. I think the vocabulary is very important. If you didn't like the show, don't say that you loved it. Just come up with other phrases like wow, what you did up there -- I mean, whoop, I have never seen a show like that before.

COHEN: This is a man who knows backstage etiquette. He knows it.

Neil, have a blast tonight, tell David hi.

COOPER: Neil, thank you so much.

COHEN: We appreciate it. Happy New Year. Coming up next --

HARRIS: Thank you guys, one of the great joys of the end of my year. One of the great joys of the end of my year was hearing Anderson Cooper's laughter in my earpiece. It's like I remember for life.

COHEN: Yes, yes. I agree.

Coming up next, we're going to remember some of the legends we lost this year. But first, our thanks to the New York Marriott Marquis for the iconic views you've seen all night. We'll be right back, guys.



COOPER: And welcome back, we are live in Times Square. Sorry, during the commercial break. There is the saddest scene has just played out in America.

COHEN: No, no, excuse me.

COOPER: Andy Cohen, there is a guy apparently named Jelly Roll.

COHEN: Yes, that's my man, Jelly Roll. That is my man.

COOPER: Andy has been trying to get his attention.

COHEN: Yes, because I wanted to prove to Anderson that he's my man.

COOPER: Yes, like, jelly roll, jelly roll.


COOPER: Yeah, it was so embarrassing.

COHEN: You loved it.

COOPER: It was so funny.

COHEN: Okay, we lost some amazing people this last year. Talk about an awkward transition. From singers to Hollywood legends, let's take a look.



COOPER: Tony Bennett. I mean, I got to spend some time with them right before the end of his life, in preparation for his final concert for piece I was doing on "60 Minutes", and, what an extraordinary life. You know, at the age he was, dealing with Alzheimer's. And yet, he still knew who he was, he still knew he was Tony Bennett, and that Tony Bennett performed.

And he was able, to even at a time when he couldn't have held a conversation thanks to his lovely wife, Susan, and his family and his son, Danny, he was able to perform at Radio City Music Hall with Lady Gaga. And the performances they were just extraordinary. And he, without any prompting, remember all of the songs. He got out on that stage, he was just incredible.

You were friends with Jimmy Buffett as well.

COHEN: God it just tore me up, come Monday just makes me cry. I just love that song so much.

Jimmy Buffett was just a light, not only in my life, but I mean in the world's life. He was just a universal kind of beacon of good vibes, and partying and, just happiness, and chasing your own happiness. And, man, I'll tell you something, I got genome over the last ten years, and everywhere he was where peace and happiness was. That's the only way I could describe it. I just loved him so much.

COOPER: And there are certainly a lot of people who are watching tonight who have lost somebody this past year, or this time of the year remember and feel the loss of somebody in their lives, a father, a grandparent, a child.

I certainly know what that's like. I could remember 46 years ago, on this a very night, about a mile from here playing on the floor to my brother, watching the ball drop in Times Square in 1978. And my dad was in the hospital, and I knew something terrible was going to happen to him. He died thought he died five days later.

And I remember the terror of watching this very night, this ball drop on De Klerk's show, knowing that I was this ten-year-old boy, who knew something terrible was going to happen at the end of the year.

So I certainly understand what it's like to watch a broadcast like this, and see all this merriment, and see all of the crowds of confetti, but also to feel alone in your, heart and feel alone in your life. And if you are alone, and you're watching it with us, and I just want to say thank you for being with us, we are thinking about you, and it's nice that we can all be together in this, even with something that you feel very alone in, and yet it is this bond that all of us share, that all of us have lost people, all of us will lose people.

And it's a bond that can connect one to the other, and we don't often talk about it, that adds to the silence that we surround grief with. It adds to that sense of loneliness. So tonight, it's nice I think it does take a moment on a night like this, when so many people are celebrating, to also acknowledge that there's a lot of people who don't feel like they can celebrate.

And you are not alone, and yeah, I hope you have continued strength and peace in your head.

COHEN: You're too humble to plug your own podcast. But I see CNN isn't, they are. But your podcast is called "All There Is" and it's simply -- it is a

discussion of grief, in a way that is so touching, and so relate-able. And I commend you for it, for anyone is that any kind of loss, or any kind of dialogue with grief, I highly recommend it.


It's outstanding what you've done.

COOPER: Thank you.

Coming up next, one year ago tomorrow, Hollywood star Jeremy Renner almost lost his life in an accident. We all remember that. Tonight, he is joining us live, and we are so happy about that.

Back in a moment.


COOPER: And welcome, and we are live in times square. 10:45 p.m.

Actor Jeremy Renner is joining us. He's gone from Avenger to singer/songwriter. His new album is going to be released in January. It's called "Love and Titanium", te first single, wait, drops tomorrow. That's the one year anniversary of a snowplow accident that nearly cost Renner his life.

The songs on the album are inspired by his recovery, and Jeremy joins us now.

It is such a pleasure to have you here, and to see you in such great shape. How are you celebrating this New Year?

JEREMY RENNER, ACTOR: I'm with my family. Happy New Year by the way, I'm with my family there actually were all with me last year. And so, we have a lot to celebrate this year. And to re-correct what happened last year, and really I feel blessed by it.

COHEN: I bet.


I mean, tomorrow marks the actual one year anniversary since you're near fatal snowplow accident. I know you are releasing the musical diary to mark the anniversary. How did your recovery journey inspire you to share new music?

RENNER: Music has always been pretty cathartic and healing for me, regardless anyway. When it came to this particular, this is more like the narrative of the life and death of the recovery of all last year. So it's more like a journal entry. So the music is -- crosses a lot of different genres. It's more cinematic in a lot of ways, if you like.

But it wasn't until like I think the summer where everybody started considering. I wasn't really strong enough to I think stand up to the microphone at that point. But, it was great. It was a wonderful healing, and I think some of the people I wrote it with all of my friends. All of my recoveries, the better I got, the better everybody else got. So it was -- the music became also a narrative of that. So, very happy to be able to do it.

COOPER: Jeremy, there are a lot of folks who are watching who join us in new years eve who are going through something in their own life, who have had a tough year, have lost loved ones, and had health issues. And they faced struggles. I mean, you have faced just an unbelievable battle over this last year. What got you through, what do you tell people?

RENNER: I think it's -- I am just so blessed that I had so many things to live for, brother, you know? It's -- I have a giant family, I've got a ten year old daughter. I would have disappointed and really messed up a lot of people's lives if I would have passed.

And so, there is a lot for me to get better for. I'm also pretty stubborn -- and so, you know, I just, there is a lot for me to fight for. And recovery was just a one way road in my mind. And my recovery became, you know, at least for me because I knew I could get relief to my family, my daughter, and to all those that I really affected, like my poor nephew is there with me on that day. You know, I gave him images that he could never unsee.

But I know that my healing would be healing for him. And with that, I never thought about my own physical ailments, or my own pain, or my own anguish. I had so many things to fight for.

So that one way road of recovery was my mental sort of attitude. And that attitude was always to get better, and there is no option other than that.

And, I still work hard every day, and thank God that I have a lot to fight for, and I couldn't be more blessed to share my life, and the depths of love with my family, and everyone who supported me throughout this last year.

COHEN: By the way, congratulations on season three of "Mayor of Kingston". I have to mention it. I mean, you must be so excited to get back to acting, after all of this.

RENNER: Yeah, it's been a really wonderfully busy year. And I think I'm ready, I think I'm strong enough. We'll see, I mean, I literally go back in a week.


RENNER: But I'll be doing my best, trying my hardest.

COHEN: Wow, well, what a difference a year makes. And it's such an inspiring story. You were the number one searched actor on Google this year, by the way, and it's so great to see you, and I'm excited to hear the new music, and congratulations to you.

COOPER: Jeremy, I wish you the best, I hope you have a great, great new year. RENNER: Yeah, thank you, man, happy New Year to you guys.I wish I

could be out there but I've got to be here and bring it in with my family. But much love to you guys.

COHEN: Yeah, as you should be. As you should be.

COOPER: We look forward to hearing the new music.

COHEN: Yeah, coming up next, my parents are going to stop by, but it's become a new year's tradition. And Enrique Iglesias, John Mayer --

COOPER: John Mayer's coming.

COHEN: And the countdown.

COOPER: That's right. We are about an hour and ten minutes away, from the New Year.

COHEN: It's happening.

COOPER: It is.

COHEN: Yes. We will be right back.



COOPER: And welcome back, Times Square New Year's Eve, about an hour and eight minutes away from the New Year. Fitting us into their busy schedule and there are two people, without whom half of the show would not even be possible.

We are joined by Andy's parents, Evelyn and Lou Cohen.

Evelyn, Lou, happy New Year.

COHEN: Happy New Year. Hey, mom and dad, you look great.

COOPER: You guys look -- so, what have you to been up to tonight? How have you been able to catch the show, or have you watched the show? How are we doing?

EVELYN COHEN, ANDY'S MOM: We have loved the show.

COOPER: You what?

E. COHEN: I need to ask Andy a question. I don't want to ask the Vanderbilt guy this question, it's too embarrassing.

ANDY COHEN: Okay, but they can ask you this question, it's too embarrassing.

E. COHEN: Andy?

ANDY COHEN: Yes, mom? E. COHEN: But I've been asking you this all these years. But I want to

know, is where you pee?

ANDY COHEN: Where you pee?

COOPER: We don't.

ANDY COHEN: We don't. I mean, it's funny you mentioned that. We were playing never have I ever with Neil Patrick Harris, and I was drinking my juice, and I was kind of thinking that if we had to go, where would we go.

COOPER: I think there is a port-a-potty that we could run to.

ANDY COHEN: Have you ever peed during all these years in the broadcast?

COOPER: I don't think so, I don't think so, no.

ANDY COHEN: I was actually starting to think during that Jeremy Renner interview that if I peed in my pants, no one would notice because no one can see my pants.

COOPER: That's what you were thinking during the interview?

ANDY COHEN: Well, no, of course, I was thinking about this as well, but I am able to listen and think, too

COOPER: Deep thoughts. Here's the thing, it's like a wind tunnel in there. You are thinking about his urination.

ANDY COHEN: Well, I mean you have to do it. Anyway, mom, you know, last time I saw, you we went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade together, with Ben. I know it's something that you had watched for years.

COOPER: How do you like the parade?


E. COHEN: It's -- it was -- it beat my expectations. It checked off my list. I loved it. But the best part about it was the band from my hometown from where I lived until I was 12 years old was in the parade, and I didn't know it.


And I saw marching down the street, it was so exciting.

COOPER: And you got to meet Cher.

ANDY COHEN: And you met Cher, mom.

COOPER: Was that --

E. COHEN: I met Cher -- ANDY COHEN: And Ben was having a huge meltdown. I covered his face,

and there is my mom, shaking his hand, shaking Cher's hand, her hand.

Mom and -- Dad, you got a new knee this year. Is your new knee excited for 2024?

LOU COHEN, ANDY'S DAD: Yes, it is. But my right knee is bothering me a little bit. But I'm going, I'm moving, I'm keeping going and looking forward for a good year.

COOPER: And, Evelyn, I saw this picture of you and John Mayer, it went viral this year. I want to show this picture, what exactly is happening in this picture?

E. COHEN: We came downstairs, me and Andy were doing something, going to something he may have to speak at. And he brings his shirt down and it was so wrinkled. So I said, I could -- I could steam the shirt. So I steamed the shirt, and then, Andy took a picture of the purse, and it went viral.

And then, I got a steamer from this company called Nori, which is iron spelled backwards.

ANDY COHEN: Oh yes, she got a steamer out of it. They sent her a steamer. Yes, and she's plugging them.

COOPER: Are you being paid to plug it right now?

ANDY COHEN: No, she's always plugging them.

E. COOPER: No, I've got plenty of steamers. It's great.

ANDY COHEN: She loves the steamer.

COOPER: You like the steamer. Well, listen --

ANDY COHEN: Yes, and my mom couldn't get over how big the shirt was. It was very big shirt. John is a big guy.

All right. Mom and dad, I love you. Happy New Year.

COOPER: Good to see you, guys.

ANDY COHEN: Love you.

E. COHEN: Happy new year.

ANDY COHEN: There you go, that's what I'm talking about, cheers.

COOPER: All right. Now, global superstar and multi-platinum pop icon Enrique Iglesias, he's currently on the sold-out trilogy tour, which extended is run with new dates in North America starting January. Take it away, Enrique.