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Donald Trump Gives Election-Eve Speech; Trump: "We Have One Flawed Candidate to Beat". Aired 6-7p ET

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[18:00:01] WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: The presidential candidates and their surrogates, they are fanning out across the country tonight in the final hours of this unprecedented race for the White House. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are firing up their supporters, but are they motivating their opponents as well?

The last word. The Trump and Clinton campaigns both are making heavy investments in last-minute ads, buying prime-time slots to deliver extended appeals to voters. Tonight, as they make their final arguments for themselves and against each other, will talking directly to voters make a difference?

Motivating the base. The presidential candidates push to get their most ardent supporters out to the polls tomorrow, Trump focusing in on the white working-class voters who have catapulted him to the GOP nomination, while Clinton targets minority voters at the heart of the Democratic Party.

Will both sides come through for their candidate?

And all night long. The stars are out as the candidates and their biggest supporters barnstorm through the battleground states late into the night and even into Election Day. CNN is live around the country to bring you all the excitement and all the tension.

We want to welcome our viewers in the United States and around the world. I'm Wolf Blitzer. You're in THE SITUATION ROOM.

ANNOUNCER: This is CNN breaking news.

BLITZER: Breaking news on this election eve, as we count down to tomorrow's historic vote for president of the United States. Tonight, the candidates are fighting to the finish for every last vote, especially in the handful of battleground states that could decide tomorrow's outcome.

We just heard from President Obama campaigning for Hillary Clinton, and we're now standing by to hear from Donald Trump this hour in Pennsylvania. He's already held rallies today in Florida and North Carolina. Later tonight, he will team up with his running mate, Mike Pence, for two more rallies, first in New Hampshire, finally in Michigan.

Hillary Clinton's campaign will put out a Democratic show of force with the candidate and her family joined by the president and the first lady at a star-studded rally in Philadelphia. Clinton then goes on to North Carolina for a late-night rally. And both campaigns are spending millions and millions of dollars on extended prime-time television ads airing tonight.

Clinton's two-minute appeal features her speaking directly to voters, while Trump has him railing against what he calls the political establishment, while showing images of Clinton, President Obama and others.

And in a final picture of the race, as it stands right now, our CNN poll of polls shows Hillary Clinton four points ahead of Donald Trump nationwide 46-42 percent.

We're covering all of that, much more this hour, this election with our guesting, including Congressman Adam Schiff. He's the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee. And our correspondents and expert analysts, they are also standing by as we get ready for a critical, critical election.

Let's begin right now with the Clinton campaign.

Our senior Washington correspondent, Jeff Zeleny, is in Philadelphia for us.

Jeff, Hillary Clintons is about to hold a big rally there with the president and the first lady. But it won't be her last stop of the night.

JEFF ZELENY, CNN SENIOR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT: Wolf, the Obamas and the Clintons will be here on Independence Mall in Philadelphia for what Democrats hope is a passing of the torch. But before that is known, the Clinton campaign has a nervous eye on so many battleground states. That's why Hillary Clinton is flying to Raleigh, North Carolina, for a midnight rally hour before the polls open.


ZELENY (voice-over): Hillary Clinton is racing through blue states in her fight to the finish.

HILLARY CLINTON (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I can't do any of this without your help tomorrow. This election is going to really set the course of our country.

ZELENY: From Pennsylvania to Michigan and back again.

AUDIENCE: Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!

CLINTON: So for those who are still making up your minds or thinking maybe, maybe it's not worth voting at all, let me just say the choice in this election could not be clearer.

ZELENY: On the eve of the election, she's still working to shore up two states Democrats have won in the last six presidential races, but this is a race like no other, and Democrats are pulling out all the stops to derail Donald Trump and his message for change.

President Obama also hitting Michigan and New Hampshire before joining Clinton tonight on Independence Mall here in Philadelphia. Today, it seemed like he, not just his legacy, is on the ticket.

BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Michigan, whatever credibility I have earned after eight years as president, I'm asking you to trust me on this one.

ZELENY: An unprecedented fall of campaigning by a sitting president and first lady, trying to pull Clinton over the finish line. The fight against Trump is also personal.


OBAMA: It's bad being arrogant when you know what you're talking about. But it's really bad being arrogant when you don't know what you're talking about.

ZELENY: Heading into Election Day, the CNN poll of polls gives Clinton a four-point edge nationally, but it's far tighter in battlegrounds like Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.

The Clinton campaign exuded more confidence today in the wake of another FBI bombshell, this time Director James Comey clearing Clinton again over her e-mails. She didn't mention it at all today, as she tried looking forward.

CLINTON: I know that people are frustrated. A lot of people feel left out and left behind. There's fear, even anger in our country. But I have got to say, anger is not a plan, my friends.

ZELENY: On the brink of history, as the country decides whether to elect its first woman president, Clinton is trying to end on a high note, as she started more than 18 months ago, with this announcement video.

CLINTON: I hope you will join me on this journey.

ZELENY: Tonight, a new two-minute ad is airing, with Clinton acknowledging a far bumpier journey than she imagined back take .

CLINTON: I want to be a president for all Americans, not just for those who support me in this election, for everyone, because we all have a role to play in building a stronger, fairer America.


ZELENY: Now, it was an extraordinary day on the campaign trail, Wolf, in terms of the history of this country. Never have we seen a sitting American president and a first lady campaigning so much for someone they want to be their successor.

In New Hampshire, a short time ago, President Obama almost sounded as though she was running again. He was nostalgic and wistful, telling that old story from Edith Childs, the South Carolina woman who fired him up back in 2007 with an anthem for his campaign, "Fired up, ready to go." He talked about that today.

Wolf, he was trying to transfer some of that energy and some of that enthusiasm onto the Clinton campaign. And, tonight, they still need it, Wolf. They're keeping an eye on several battleground states, hoping the president can help pull her across the finish line with a bigger margin of victory than she might even have otherwise.

They're already looking towards governing, but that only happens, Wolf, if she wins tomorrow -- Wolf.

BLITZER: That is an accurate point, Jeff Zeleny in Philadelphia for us. They're getting ready for a huge event there.

Donald Trump, meanwhile,, is also on a whirlwind campaign swing this election eve with stops in five states.

CNN political reporter Sara Murray is in Manchester, New Hampshire, Trump's next stop.

Sara, Trump will be joined by his running mate, Mike Pence, for his -- for the last of two rallies of the night.


This was originally going to be Donald Trump's last rally of the night before his campaign earlier tacked earlier -- that he tacked on a stop in Michigan. And that gives you an indication of how Donald Trump, with his jampacked schedule today, even though he been in high energy, even though he's been in good spirits on the trail, his campaign acknowledges that, look, there is no simple, easy path for him to hit 270 tomorrow. It's going to be a steep slope.


MURRAY involve Donald Trump is closing out his 2016 presidential bid at a breakneck pace.

DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: This is the last day of our campaign. Who would have believed it?

MURRAY: And relishing in his evolution from political newcomer.

TRUMP: I'm not a politician. My only special interest is you.

MURRAY: To presidential candidate, with just hours left to woo voters.

TRUMP: With your vote, we are just one day away from the change you have been waiting for your entire life.

MURRAY: The reality-TV-star-turned-GOP-nominee stretching his Sunday campaign schedule past midnight with his typical Trump flare.

TRUMP: Hillary right now is fast asleep. She's sleeping so beautifully. MURRAY: Today, he's touching down in five more battleground states,

Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Michigan, and tapping supporters from his children Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr., to Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani to round out his sprint to the finish.

On the trail today, Trump expressing frustration at losing his preferred political attack, after FBI Director James Comey reiterated his opinion that Hillary Clinton shouldn't face criminal charges.

TRUMP: The FBI, the director, was obviously under tremendous pressure. So they went through 650,000 e-mails in eight days. Yes, right.

MURRAY: In the waning hours, our CNN poll of polls shows Trump is in the hunt with 42 percent support nationwide, but still trailing Clinton's 46 percent.

TRUMP: I see she's doing fine, I'm doing fine in the polls and all that stuff. I don't know how. Nobody goes to her rallies.

MURRAY: And early voting in pivotal battleground states shows an uptick in Latino turnout. The candidate who entered the race with this message:


TRUMP: When Mexico spends its people, they're not sending their best. They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

MURRAY: Is now making a final plea to Hispanic voters.

TRUMP: To all of our wonderful Hispanic communities in this state, I want you to know that you will have a true friend and champion in Donald Trump. That, I can tell you.

MURRAY: And relishing in the lighter moments on the campaign trail amid his high-stakes sprint to the finish.

TRUMP: Nice head of hair, I will say that.


MURRAY: Now, Wolf, it's hard to overstate the improbable path that led to Donald Trump, this billionaire businessman, crashing through the field of Republican candidates and beating the Republicans to take on Hillary Clinton.

And New Hampshire, right here, is where he got his first victory in the primaries as a presidential candidate. So it will be interesting to see when he does show up here tonight if any of that nostalgia seeps through on the campaign trail -- Wolf.

BLITZER: We will of course stand by for live coverage of that this hour. Sara, thanks very much. Let's get some more with our correspondents and our political experts.

Gloria, Donald Trump, he's got a huge challenge in these next two speeches that are coming up, one this hour, one a bit later tonight. He's done five of them. He's showing he does have remarkable energy.

GLORIA BORGER, CNN SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: He's trying to turn out his base, to turn out the Trump voters they believe they might be hidden in a lot of these blue states.

He needs to break through that blue wall. Certainly, at the end of this campaign, you can't say that Donald Trump hasn't been energetic about trying to reach every potential voter he can possibly reach. The Republican National Committee has a great get-out-the-vote effort this year, as opposed to 2012, when there was a great deficit on that score.

So I think what we see Donald Trump doing and I think what we see his campaign doing is seeing a whole dozen or more states they believe are within a margin of error. You can talk to pollsters about it, they might disagree. But this is their shot. Tomorrow is the day, and they're going to go all out to gather that base and to close on an argument, I believe, they believe, has worked for them.


DANA BASH, CNN SENIOR CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, first of all, I think you're right. It is important to give Donald Trump his due in terms of the stamina. I mean, I'm not 70, and I can't even imagine doing what he's doing.

Now, you're also pumped up by adrenaline. Both candidates are. You talked about the fact that he's really going around and trying to energize his base. But I think, at this point, it's a two-way street. He is a performer and he's energized by the crowds. There's no question about it.

That is almost entirely what he focuses on when he is going to an event, when he's coming from an event, when he's talking to his aides. It's all about the crowds, the crowds, the crowds. He talks about it during the event as well. So he clearly wants to finish leaving nothing on the field, and I think that's clearly what this is about.

The fact that Michigan is one of his final states today, I do think is fascinating. If he could come close, closer than Republicans have been able to come in a generation, it would be noteworthy and I think very telling as to the demographic split in this election.

DAVID AXELROD, CNN SENIOR POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Look, he may win Ohio, which is a huge prize in the Industrial Midwest.

There is a shift in -- a demographic shift in this country and the base of the Democratic Party has shifted away from the Industrial Midwest and to states like Virginia and Colorado and Nevada and maybe Florida, and maybe Florida.


AXELROD: But what you say is so true. He's trying to energize his base.

And what the problem has been for Donald Trump from the beginning is, his base is not large enough to win a general election. And he has to -- he had to be about the business of expanding that base. And the question remains as we sit here tonight, is there some miraculous path to do that?

BLITZER: He has been different these past couple of weeks, you have got to admit.

AXELROD: Oh, yes.

BLITZER: Very disciplined, reading those scripts, not tweeting.


AXELROD: We have seen this twice in this campaign. He had a disastrous August. His campaign was all but written off. He went on the teleprompter. He showed discipline. Then the debates came. They went badly for him. He misbehaved in between debates.

When the debates ended, he got back on -- after the tape debacle, he got back on the prompter, was very disciplined, focused, a message aimed at Republican voters, consolidated the Republican base to a large degree. So that's largely why this race is close.


BLITZER: David Swerdlick, you have got to admit, Donald Trump with no real political experience, he beat 16 Republican candidates, senators, governors for the nomination, and now he's giving Hillary Clinton the run of her life in this campaign.

DAVID SWERDLICK, "THE WASHINGTON POST": Yes, as a first-time candidate, he's demonstrated a lot of political skills, retail political skills, if not the organizational skills behind the scene.


To Dana's point, I think both candidates have left it all out on the field. The other day when Secretary Clinton was out in the rain campaigning, it reminded me a little bit of President Obama about a week before the 2008 Election Day, when he was out campaigning in the rain.

People will remember him in Pennsylvania in that windbreaker, the same thing, kind of that sense that they have given it all they have and now it's really up to the voters.

BLITZER: Jeffrey Toobin, you have to admit that he's stunned not only the United States, but the world with his success so far.

JEFFREY TOOBIN, CNN SENIOR LEGAL ANALYST: It's really an astonishing story when you think about the only other non-politician to be the nominee of the Republican Party in recent decades was Dwight Eisenhower. And all he did was win the most important war in the history of the world.

And the other person who won the Republican nomination is Donald Trump. Historians are going to be evaluating this for a very long time, win or lose. I do think, though, to quote George W. Bush, when we say he's reading the teleprompter, that might be the soft bigotry of low expectations.

We are saluting him for reading every word that comes up on the teleprompter.


AXELROD: They suspended his Twitter account.

BLITZER: Access to his Twitter account.


BLITZER: All right, we're going to have live coverage of Donald Trump's speech. That's coming up. We're getting ready for that.

We heard from the president of the United States in the last hour. When Donald Trump goes to the microphones there in Scranton, Pennsylvania, we will hear from him.

But, Jim Sciutto, you have been tracking potential threats on this Election Day here in the United States, specifically cyber-threats. What are you learning?

JIM SCIUTTO, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL SECURITY CORRESPONDENT: That's right. We're tracking very closely, arguably, more importantly, the Department of Homeland Security tracking them very closely as well.

They have a 24-hour center. There were things like a Twitter outage yesterday. That was a lot of concern that this might be evidence of an attack. We have been in touch with Twitter. That was actually a technical thing.

More importantly, you had groups like Guccifer, which is a hacking organization online which is very powerful. It claimed over the weekend to have penetrated the FEC, Federal Election Commission. The trouble with that, one, I have spoke to the FEC today. They see no evidence of successful hacking.

Two, the FEC is not involved in counting votes. Guccifer made this claim we're inside, there's evidence Democrats are rigging the vote, interesting kind of parallel to some of Donald Trump's talking points. But they're not actively involved in counting votes.

The thing is here, though, that this is an information war. That's the way it's described to me by cyber-experts and by intelligence officials. So it's not so much necessarily about changing the outcome of the election. It's about sowing doubt, creating questions out there.

And, arguably -- and, again, the intelligence community has blamed Russia for this information war. Arguably, they have already won that war, right, because you have had a months-long attack on Democratic Party officials, revelation of Democratic Party e-mails virtually on a daily basis released through WikiLeaks.

You have had huge trolling operations that are pushing out fake news, questions about the voting system, raising doubts whether the system is rigged, whether it can survive this.

With those doubts out there, and, frankly, all of us are experiencing it. You're reading about it on the Web a lot, particularly from the Republican Party. Arguably, that information war has already been won.

To this point, no evidence of major attacks in the last 24, sort of 48 hours. But we're going to be watching tomorrow, because there are a lot of ways that that information war can continue into Election Day.

BLITZER: Pamela Brown, you're our justice correspondent. I know you know the Justice Department is sending monitors to 28 states to make sure the election process goes as it's supposed to go. And it almost does go as it's supposed to go.

Tell us more about the role that these observers are going to play.

PAMELA BROWN, CNN JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT: There will be more than 500 DOJ monitors, as you said, in 28 states.

Essentially, what they're going to be doing is looking for voting rights complaints, voter rights, voter suppression efforts, that kind of thing. As Jim sort of touched on, there is concern that perhaps there could be these trolling operations to disseminate fake news, such as tampering with the machines and that kind of thing.

So that's another part of this whole equation. But as Jeffrey can also talk to, there is a Shelby case in 2013 which changes the role for the Department of Justice. They can go longer go into these polling stations, so they will be doing the work outside of the station.

TOOBIN: This is really important.

In 2013, as Pam said, the Supreme Court effectively ended the Voting Rights Act, the most important civil rights law ever passed. And this is the first national election in light of that.

In North Carolina today, you have the North Carolina Republican Party bragging about how minority turnout is down after polling places, the number of polling places in minority neighborhoods have been reduced.

I mean, this is something that I think everyone is going to want to look at and see what the impact is over the course of tomorrow and through the election.

BLITZER: All right, Donald Trump, we're told now, has taken the stage in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Let's listen in.



TRUMP: ... one day, we are going to win the great state of Pennsylvania, and we are going to take back the White House.


TRUMP: This election will decide ruled by a corrupt political class or whether we are ruled by yourselves, the people.


TRUMP: It is time to reject a failed political elite that has bled this country dry.

To all the people of Pennsylvania, I say we are going to put the miners and the factory workers and the steelworkers back to work. We're bringing our companies back.


TRUMP: The trade policies of Bill and Hillary Clinton have destroyed manufacturing in your state and throughout the country.

I want to take this moment to share a message with all of the Democratic voters in our country who are thirsting for change, like everybody else. Everybody is thirsting, thirsting for change.

You're tired of a government that works only for Wall Street and the special interests. You're tired of the reckless foreign policy, the crazy wars that are never won. Hillary Clinton is the last stand for the Wall Street and special interest donors and to special interest themselves.

And Hillary is the face of failure. She's the face of failure. She's the face of failed foreign policy. Real change begins -- she is indeed the face of failure. Look at what she's done with e-mails. Look at the mess. Look at the mess, and look at the corruption.

Real change begins immediately with the repealing and replacing of the disaster known as Obamacare.


TRUMP: This is a great room. We had great victories in this room, by the way, great victories in this room.


TRUMP: And I went to school in Pennsylvania. And my kids went to school in Pennsylvania. So, I guess we assume it's a good place to learn.

Look, have you been seeing the polls, by the way?


TRUMP: Oh, boy. Oh, boy. See the dishonest people back there, the media. They're totally dishonest.


TRUMP: They are so dishonest. They are so dishonest, folks. You can't even read articles in certain papers anymore.

"The New York Times" is a total lie. You can't -- you can't -- it is so false, nothing to do with me. I'm just telling you, such lies, such lies, such fabrication, such made-up stories.

Now, "The Times" is going out of business pretty soon. That's the good news, but such made-up stories, such vicious made-up stories.


TRUMP: But I'll tell you, they're going a little crazy, because we're leading in Ohio. We're leading in Iowa. We're leading in New Hampshire, where I'm going to be in a little while.


TRUMP: We're doing fantastically well in North Carolina. I think we're leading. We, I believe, are leading in Florida.


TRUMP: And now Hillary has just announced she's going to additional stops. She's going to Michigan, traditionally, not really a Republican state.

But, you know, I have been talking -- I was man of the year in Michigan a number of years ago. And I started telling and talking about your car business is being stolen from you. I have been saying it for years and years and years.


And you know what? Michigan now agrees. We're leading in Michigan. We're leading.


TRUMP: And when I heard that crooked Hillary is going there tonight, she had to. Nobody thought in terms of Michigan.

When I heard, I figured, you know what? I have nothing to do tonight, so I will go there tonight and give it the last word, OK?


TRUMP: So, after this, I'm going to New Hampshire. And then I'm going to Michigan.

Oh, we're going to have a great victory tomorrow, folks. We're going to have a great victory.


TRUMP: They have no idea. The dishonest media has no idea. Actually, they do have an idea. They're saying, what is going on?

And look at these people and look at this enthusiasm. There's nothing like it. By the way, I just -- I have to say, this is considered -- in the history of this country, this is actually -- and you have been hearing it -- this is considered the greatest movement. Nobody has ever seen anything like this, folks. Nobody has ever seen anything like it.


TRUMP: And I was thinking today, it's a movement -- if you really think about it, it's a movement of common sense. It's a movement of competence.

It's not a movement where we give $150 billion to Iran, where we give them $400 million in cash, but that turns out to be $1.7 billion in cash to Iran.


TRUMP: For hostages, for hostages, which our president lied about.

And just one other thing. Why is he campaigning all the time? He ought to be working on jobs, on getting rid of ISIS, on our borders, on our health care, which is failing so badly. Boy, oh, boy.


TRUMP: And she can't get anybody to go to her rallies, so she gets Jay-Z.


TRUMP: He uses the worst language I have ever heard.

And by the time he's finished, what's happened? What happens? He and Beyonce, right, they're finished. By that time, most of the people have left. So she thinks she's getting people. By the time she speaks, they're all gone anyway. She should just take a small room and talk. Talk. Just take a small room and talk.

It's just been announced that the residents of Pennsylvania are going to experience a massive double-digit premium hike, so high that I won't tell you what it is. It's very high. All 67 counties in Pennsylvania, most of which I won in the primaries, right?


TRUMP: Almost all -- almost every one of them -- are losing Obamacare insurers next year.

But the truth is, it's not going to matter, because we're going to repeal it and replace it. Not going to matter. Don't worry about it.


TRUMP: So you can leave here happy.

Premiums are surging, companies are leaving, insurers are fleeing, doctors are quitting, and deductibles are going through the roof. Yet crooked Hillary Clinton wants to double down on Obamacare, making it even more expensive than it is right now.


TRUMP: I'm asking for your vote so we can repeal and replace Obamacare and save health care for every family in Pennsylvania...


TRUMP: ... and, by the way, for every family in this country.

Real change also means restoring honesty to our government. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the United States. She's threatened national security. She sold her office to the highest bidder.

And, then, to cover her tracks, she deleted 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena.

AUDIENCE: Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!

[18:30:07] She should not be allowed to run for president. She's being protected by a rigged system. And part of the rigged system is the dishonest media, believe me. They're rigging the system. True. It's true.

Don't worry, they'll never show the crowds, folks. Never. They show my face, boom, boom, never show the crowd.

It took over a year for the FBI to review 50,000 e-mails, and in just eight days they reviewed 650,000 e-mails?

So now it's up to the American people to deliver justice at the ballot box tomorrow. You've got to get out and vote. Let's swamp them. Pennsylvania, let's swamp them. You've got to get out.

Our country has never, ever done anything like they're doing right now when it comes to justice. James Cartwright, four-star general, two weeks ago admitted to one mistake, and he did it on the basis -- did it on the basis of national security, he said. And I can understand that. He may go to jail for to five years.

General Petraeus' life has been destroyed for doing 1/100th of what Hillary Clinton did. So sad. So sad. It's -- honestly, it's a disgrace.

And now she's allowed to run for president, and General Cartwright will end up being in jail.

My contract with the American voter begins with a plan to end government corruption and take back our country from the special interests and the donors. I want the entire corrupt Washington establishment to hear the words from all of us, when we win tomorrow, we are going to Washington, D.C., to drain the swamp!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Drain the swamp!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Drain the swamp!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Drain the swamp!




TRUMP: Tied in Pennsylvania. I don't think so. I don't think so. I think we're going to blow them out tomorrow in a lot of different ways, blow them out. No way. This is not the sound of a second place finisher, that I can tell you. No, they have us tied. Don't forget, we were 12 points down three weeks ago. And then after the debates, all of a sudden, we started going up. We started going up, and it was great. And now they have us even. But I actually think we're much better than that in Pennsylvania. I do. And so do you. Get out there and vote.

At the core of my contract is my plan to bring back our jobs. Pennsylvania has lost almost 40 percent of its manufacturing jobs since NAFTA, a deal signed by Bill Clinton and supported by his lovely wife, Hillary Clinton. Lovely lady. America has lost 70,000 factories since China entered the World Trade Organization, another Bill-and-Hillary-backed disaster. We are living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world.

A Trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving America, and we will stop the jobs finally from leaving Pennsylvania. And very simply, folks, very simply -- and you haven't heard this -- very simply, if a company wants to fire their workers, leave Pennsylvania, and move to another country like Mexico, and then ship their products back into the United States, we will make them pay a 35 percent tax on those products. And you know what's going to happen? They're not going to leave. And if they do, that's OK, the country will make a lot of money. But they're not going to leave. They're not going to leave.

[18:35:22] Now, your politicians could have thought of that, some of them. Some of them can't, for they have other problems.

We will renegotiate NAFTA, one of the worst deals, probably the -- not probably, the single worst trade deal ever made in the history of this world, it's true. We'll stand up to China and stop the job-killing Transpacific Partnership, which Hillary Clinton wants. You know, she called it the gold standard, and then she lied during the debate. And she said, "I never said that."

I said, "Yes, you did. You called it the gold standard." Turned out she was lying. Turned out. Of course, she could look at it differently. It is the gold standard for the other side, not for the United States. For the other side.

How about this? How about this? How about getting the questions for the debate? They fed her illegally -- they fed her the questions for the debate, Donna Brazile. They fed her the questions for the debate. And she never came...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: CNN sucks! CNN sucks! CNN sucks!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: CNN sucks! CNN sucks! CNN sucks!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: CNN sucks! CNN sucks! CNN sucks!

TRUMP: They fed her the questions to the debate, and she didn't say, "I can't do this, I'm sorry, it's so unethical."

Can you imagine if I was given the questions to the debate, what would have happened? The biggest stories all over the -- you don't even read this. You read a little bit about Donna Brazile. But you don't read this. They gave her to the questions to debates, numerous debates against Bernie Sanders.

And Bernie Sanders, he is really upset. I would bet you he would wish that he didn't give her that little nod, because he made a deal with the devil. You know it. He ruined a legacy. He really had a very important legacy going, folks. He ruined his legacy when he did that, and he's got to be very embarrassed. He's got to be very, very embarrassed.

As part of our plan to bring back jobs, we are going to lower taxes on American business, from 35 percent to 15 percent. And we will massively cut taxes for the middle class, the forgotten people, the forgotten men and women of this country, who built our country. We will massively lower taxes. It's in our plan.

And I'll tell you, Hillary -- and you see her plan -- she is going to raise taxes substantially, folks. We're the highest taxed nation in the world. She's going to raise taxes. Figure that one out.

We will lift the restrictions on American energy, including shale, oil, natural gas, and clean coal. Hillary has openly stated she wants to shut down the mines and ban shale production. You folks can't be too happy about that, I guess. We are going to unleash an energy revolution right here in Pennsylvania. We will cancel billions of dollars in global warming payments to the United Nations. Billions and billions and billions. And use that money to rebuild the infrastructure of the United States. And we will put our miners back to work, and we will put our steel workers back to work. They're going back to work.

We will rebuild our inner cities. The African-American community, the Hispanic community, living in the inner city have been treated very unfairly. Crime that is so bad -- and I say it -- you can't sometimes walk to a store. You get shot. Horrible education and no jobs. No jobs. For 100 years, Democrats have ruled the inner cities. Unabated, unbroken.

We are going to fix our inner cities. We're going to bring back jobs. We're going to bring back safety. We're going to bring education to the inner cities. And I say, because there's such unbelievable potential in terms of people within our inner cities. And I say, honestly, folks, what do you have to lose? It's so bad now. What do you have to lose? I will fix it. We are going to spend, and we are going to bring those jobs back. We are going to fix our inner cities. We're going to bring back jobs. We're going to bring back safety. We're going to bring education to the inner cities.

And I say -- because there's such unbelievable potential in terms of people within our inner cities -- and I say, honestly, folks, what do you have to lose? It's so bad now. What do you have to lose? I will fix it. We are going to spend, and we are going to bring those jobs back. We are going to fix our inner cities. What do you have to lose, to the African-American community and to the Hispanic community?

And by the way, take a look at what's happening in Florida and other places. The African-American community likes Donald Trump, and they're not liking voting for Hillary Clinton very much. They're not showing up. They don't want to vote for her. The Hispanic community, the numbers are becoming great. You know, the Cubans, they gave me an award, Bay of Pigs Award last week. The entire Cuban community of Miami, Bay Of Pigs Association.

No, but a lot of trends are very disturbing to the media. I'll tell you, you look at what's going on. And my numbers with the African- American community are -- I knew that was going to happen. I knew it. But we're going to fix the inner cities.

We will become a rich nation again. But to be a rich nation, we must also be a safe nation. Hillary Clinton wants a 550 percent increase in Syrian refugees flowing into our country. Her plan will import generations of terrorism, extremism, and radicalism into your schools and throughout your communities. When I'm elected president, we will suspend the Syrian refugee program and we will keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country! Have no choice. We have no choice.

A Trump administration will also secure and defend the borders of the United States, and yes, we will build a great wall.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall!

TRUMP: Are you ready? And who is going to pay for that wall?




TRUMP: A hundred percent correct. They will. They have -- unbelievable how they've done with our country. I was with the president of Mexico three months ago. Terrific. It was a terrific meeting.

But you know, when you have highways going into a country, it's got to be like a two-way highway. Right now, they get all the jobs. They get all the factories and plants. They get all the income. They get all the money, the taxes. We get unemployment, and we get we get drugs; we get nothing. We get nothing. That will all change, folks. It will change very, very fast. And it will be -- it will be a two- lane highway. Maybe one lane for a little while, but when they're coming here. But just for a little while. They have to catch up. This is a lot of years, a lot of years we've been abused by people that don't know what they're doing. A lot of years we've been abused by stupid politicians, very stupid politicians.

Hillary Clinton supports totally open borders. There goes your country. And her plan gives your Social Security and Medicare benefits. You know, she wants to give them to illegal immigrants.

We're going to take care of our veterans, folks. We're going to take care of our veterans.

Hillary also strongly supports sanctuary cities like in San Francisco, where Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant deported at least five times.

[18:45:04] Couldn't keep him out. We're going to keep them out. They come back, five years. They come back again, ten years. They come back again ten years. Believe me, nobody is coming back, OK?

We will cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities. We will stop illegal immigration, deport all criminal aliens and dismantle every last criminal gang and cartel threatening our citizens. Have to do it. Have to do it.


Have to do it.

We will also repeal the Obama-Clinton defense sequester and rebuild our badly depleted military.

This will be a national efforts and it means a new future for Philadelphia's navy shipyard, right? I know it well. I went to school in Philadelphia. I know it well. It's going to be activated again, really activated.

I'm honored to have the endorsement of more than 200 top admirals and generals and 22 medal of honor recipients, and the list is growing. The list is growing rapidly.

And they told me on Mosul, the other night, I was at Ft. Bragg, right near Ft. Bragg, we had 25,000, 27,000 people in a field. It was unbelievable.

And some of the generals and admirals came up to me. We had a lot of them there. They said, Mr. Trump, you're so right on Mosul. You're so right.

You know, I've been saying the element of surprise. Four months ago, we say, our leaders, "We are going to attack Mosul in four months." A month later, we say, "We are going to attack Mosul three months, we are going in, because we're going to get the leaders of ISIS who are in Mosul."

Well, you have to understand, they've already left when you said the four months, right? They're gone.

Then two months, then one month, then one week, a few weeks ago. We will be going into Mosul in one week. Oh, this people -- the element of surprise.

The great General Douglas MacArthur, right? Spinning, spinning in his grave. The great General George Patton.

Can you imagine what they must be -- let's assume they could actually see what's happening, maybe they are. Can you imagine what they must be thinking? These were great warriors, great generals -- as we tell the enemy exactly what we're going to do, when we're going to be there, where we're going to enter.

Oh, boy, folks, we're going to have such a different country. You're going to be so proud of your country again. You're going to be so proud.

Wouldn't it be nice if nothing were said by our politicians and by Obama? Wouldn't it be nice if they did the job and then had a news conference a week later and said, total victory?

They're having a very hard time right now. The leaders and the people have and the other fighters are entrenched, and it's much more difficult than they thought, because of that.

But the generals said, you're so right on that, Mr. Trump, you're so right.

Hillary and our failed establishment have dragged us into foreign wars that have made us less safe and they never end. Shipped our jobs (VIDEO AUDIO GAP) that will all change when we win the presidential election.

(APPLAUSE) Because from now on, it's going to be America first. America first.



Is everybody going to vote tomorrow?


TRUMP: Get your family, get your friends. No matter what you do, you've got to get out and vote.

The whole world is laughing at us. They're laughing at what's going on in our country. When you look at trade, we don't win. Trade, trade, with the world, trade. We're $800 billion almost in the hole with the trade deficit with the world. With China, almost $500 billion trade deficit.

[18:50:00] Who negotiates these deals?

You know who negotiates them? Political hacks. Political hacks, dealing against the toughest, smartest people that have been trained -- they've been trained to do nothing but this. They laugh at the stupidity of our country.

But you know what? We have the greatest negotiators in the world. We have the greatest people in the world. We're going to use these great businesspeople. Carl Icahn endorsed me, so many others.

We're going to use our great leaders, our great businesspeople. It's time. It's time. Think of it, almost $800 billion, all this work, all this everything, and we have a deficit, $800 billion.

To all Americans, I say, it's time for change. It's time for leadership.


In summing up, just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days of a Trump administration. We are going to have the biggest tax cuts since Ronald Reagan. Hillary's going to raise your taxes. She's going to raise your taxes.

We are going to protect your Social Security and Medicare and you know what Hillary's going to do. You know what Hillary's going to do, right? Not good what she's going to do with your Social Security.

All right, let's -- we will eliminate every unnecessary job-killing regulation. A disaster. Cancel every illegal Obama executive order. Protect your religious liberty.


We will rebuild our badly depleted -- and you know what's going won with the military. You see it all the time. We will rebuild our badly depleted military and we are going to finally take care of our great veterans.


Provide school choice and put an end to Common Core. We're bringing education local.


We will support the men and women, these are great people, of law enforcement. We'll support.


And we will save our Second Amendment, which is under siege.


Hillary Clinton is going to do big, big bad numbers on your Second Amendment.

And appoint justices to the United States Supreme Court who will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.


I can't believe I'm saying this. It started on June 16th, last year. June 16th. It's a long time. Long time.

Thank you. I love you, too, darling. Thank you.

I can't believe I'm saying this. You have one day until t election and now it's less than that. It's been a long journey.

Remember how I entered and we had 17 governors and senators and, you know, the old story. And one by one, right, all together, one by one by one by one, and we ended up getting -- by the way, some incredible endorsements. Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, so many others. So many others. Almost -- almost all of them. Not quite, but almost all of them.

They signed the pledge and they honored the pledge. But almost all of them and it was -- it's great.

But now, we have one flawed candidate to beat, one person who will not be able to do the job for you, folks. Will not be able to do the job.

You have one day to make every dream you've ever dreamed for your country and your family come true. You have one magnificent chance to beat this corrupt system and to deliver justice for every forgotten man, every forgotten woman, and every forgotten child in this nation.

It will never happen again -- it will never happen again, folks. In four years, not going to happen. Not going to happen. It's never going to happen again.

Do not let this opportunity slip away. We are fighting for every citizen who believes that government should serve the people. Not the donors and not the special interests.

[18:55:00] And we are fighting to bring us all together as Americans. We're a divided nation. We're a very badly divided nation. We're going to be brought together.

Just imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people, under one God, saluting one American flag.


Wouldn't it be nice? I'm asking you to dream big. Go vote. We are just one day away from the change you've been waiting for for your entire life. You got to go out and vote, get everybody to vote.

It will be the greatest vote you ever cast in your lifetime because together, we will make America wealthy again. We will make America strong again. We will make America safe again. And, yes, we will make America great again.

Thank you, everybody. Thank you. God bless you, everybody. God bless you. Get out and vote! Thank you, Pennsylvania. Thank you.

BLITZER: Donald Trump making his final appeal to voters in Pennsylvania right now. And, indeed, across the country.

Gloria Borger, let's get a little analysis. He basically went through all of his major talking points.

BORGER: He went through his major talking points. I think he went back a little bit to the stream of consciousness that we've seen during the campaign, riffing on Hillary Clinton. Telling African- Americans what you have to lose. But also calling Clinton the face of failure, which is really something he wants to use to motivate his base. This was a base-motivating speech, as he said, get out there and vote.

BLITZER: Dana, he also said it's a rigged system.

BASH: Absolutely, that's what this is all about at the end. She's the insider. He's the outsider. She's going to bring more of the same. He's going to bring something different.

I just have to say as we're closing out, I've been listening to this song for the past year and a half. You can't always get what you want is his closing song. I've never understood that.

BORGER: I know, he just likes --

BLITZER: David Axelrod, his message -- his message does resonate with millions of Americans.

AXELROD: Well, in the heart of Pennsylvania, in particular, that, you know, anti-trade message, anti-immigrant message has found an audience, particularly in the industrial heartland where people have felt these changes in our economy very, very strongly, but I was struck, having gone around the table and given him all this credit for being disciplined, that he did sort of devolve into open mike night again, which has been a problem for him in this campaign.

I look at that and I say, will that grow your vote? And I raise that question earlier. I raise it again. He is -- you can only get the same people to vote once, and I don't think that was a base-building speech.

BLITZER: David Swerdlick?

SWERDLICK: Yes, he sounded almost wistful to me. If he somehow pulls off the upset and becomes president, that's like a rough draft of the State of the Union. If he loses and Hillary Clinton becomes president, it left me wondering like where does he go with that whole, as you said, stream of consciousness, all these issues from Kate Steinle to trade, it's just sort of we're all going to be asking ourselves, what happens next?

TOOBIN: There's policy point that I think is worth pointing out. He says he's going to overturn Obamacare. If he wins, he's going to keep Senate and he'll keep the House. They really will overturn Obamacare. I mean, this is really one of the --

BASH: Well, maybe. Needs 60 votes.

TOOBIN: You know, they'll get rid of the filibuster. I mean, I think this is a true campaign promise he's making. And I think voters can decide whether they want to or not, but Obamacare is gone if he wins.

BASH: It is a lot more possible if he's president. No question.

BLITZER: Yes, if he's president, and he has a Republican majority in the Senate --

TOOBIN: Which he will.

BLITZER: -- and a Republican minority in the House --

TOOBIN: Which he will.

BLITZER: Pamela Brown, it was a very rousing speech, the crowd there loved it.

BROWN: That's absolutely right. You know, you look on the heels of what happened yesterday with the FBI coming out and essentially closing the probe into Hillary Clinton, for now, unless, of course, new e-mails surface. This was something that was a key talking point for Donald Trump. He doesn't have that anymore.

But the situation is that that will be something that will continue to hang over Hillary Clinton no matter what happens tomorrow.

BLITZER: Jim Sciutto, quick thought.

SCIUTTO: Just two quick things. I mean, on Iran and on the TPP, Hillary being for it before she was against it. I mean, he had the makings of what could have been substantive criticisms of her policy stand, but mixed in with all the other stuff, you know, really throughout the debates lost the opportunity.

BLITZER: All right. We're going to continue our special coverage, nonstop coverage here on CNN throughout this night, all day tomorrow. I want you to stay with us.

In the meantime, that's it for me. I'm Wolf Blitzer in THE SITUATION ROOM.

"ERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT" starts right now.