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CNN Sunday Morning

Interview With Ken Paves

Aired January 20, 2002 - 08:41   ET


CATHERINE CALLAWAY, CNN ANCHOR: Well, before the glitz and glamour of the event, many of the starts will spend hours -- Hours? Maybe -- checking out their outfits and working on their hair.

And celebrity stylist Ken Paves is joining us now from Los Angeles with a sneak peak of what some of the stars will be doing at the Golden Globes.

Thanks for being with us this morning.


CALLAWAY: I wish I had a hat. I hate that I'm having to interview you this morning. Actually, I took the cuticle...

PAVES: You have beautiful hair. I like your hair.

CALLAWAY: ... I took the cuticle scissors to my hair, which is not a good thing.

PAVES: No, not at all.

CALLAWAY: But what kind of styles are we going to see tonight?

PAVES: You know, I think tonight is a really great night. And a lot of people are excited, especially with what happened with the Emmys being postponed and things like that. People are really ready to celebrate. So tonight you're going to see a lot of decadence, a lot of really beautiful fashions, and a lot of individuality. Fashion is so different now. So you're going to see a lot of -- I'm doing a lot of wavy hair, a lot of great styles, and I want to make my clients look completely different tonight than you see them maybe on television or you saw them last week.

CALLAWAY: Who are your clients for tonight?

PAVES: The clients that I'm doing tonight are Heather Locklear and Sela Ward.

CALLAWAY: Well I think we have a photograph, actually, of Heather on the cover here.

PAVES: I think it's on the "Redbook" cover.

CALLAWAY: Wow, look at that. Now, you know, you just can't mess up Heather, though. She can go without any hair.

PAVES: No, you know, that is the perk to my clients -- that is the perk to my job, is working with beautiful women. It does make my work look better.

CALLAWAY: And there's Sela. What are you going to do for both of these ladies tonight?

PAVES: Well, you know what, I have -- what I do with my clients is, it's very important to me that I give them options. To me, it's like a wedding or something like that. So I like to work with my clients. The first thing I like to do is recommend a conditioning regimen. Right now my favorite shampoo is Nizoral shampoo.

And then what I like to do is go over to the clients and see what they're wearing. And I prepare three or four different hairstyles with them that we take a photograph of. And then I leave it with them overnight and then I kind of let them decide from there. Because to me, it's most important that they're extremely comfortable and feel really beautiful.

CALLAWAY: Is this a lot different than the Oscars, as we just saw in that report? Is this a little -- well, kind of wacky?

PAVES: Yeah, you know what, it's a little bit looser and it's a little bit more fun. I know all of my clients, and the people that I've done for the shows in the past -- like I just did quite a few people for the Emmys -- this is a little bit looser. And, again, you know, they do serve cocktails. So everybody's really ready to have a good time and celebrate and it seems like it's a lot more fun. Everybody's very excited.

CALLAWAY: You know, there are trends in hair, just like clothes. So give us some tips on what kind of hair we need to have coming up.

PAVES: Well, you know, short hair, like yours, is fantastic. I love short hair.

CALLAWAY: You're just saying that because I told you I took the cuticle scissors to it.

PAVES: No, he made me. No, I'm kidding.


PAVES: But, no, you know, we saw the bob was really trendy for a while, so actually now people are going in either direction. Either people are growing their hair out a little bit longer, or you're going in the other direction, which is really short. But in texture and things like that, we're doing a lot of wavy hair. Things are a lot more stylized and a lot more fashion right now. Again, we've gone back to from being very simple to being very decadent and kind of opulent. And people are really ready.

There's a throwback to the '80s too, so you're going to see...

CALLAWAY: Yes, I was going to say that big wavy hair looks like the '80s to me.

PAVES: I'm doing big hair tonight.

CALLAWAY: Are you really? So it's back?

PAVES: I'm going to do one big -- I'm hoping to do one big hair. Well, not too big. There's a modern twist to it. It's a little bit flatter through the crown, but a little bit -- it's still a little bit wavy and big. Bigger than we saw a couple of seasons ago.

CALLAWAY: So have you ever had a star ask you to do something that you just didn't want to do?


CALLAWAY: Well give us the scoop.

PAVES: I can't give you the scoop, but, you know, there is a compromise. My base is in fashion in New York, and like I do covers of "Vanity Fair," "Elle," I work with "Glamour," I work with clients like Jennifer Lopez. And the thing for me, the most important thing, is I take their idea. And just like when you have your hair done, it's so important to be comfortable and feel like you. So I don't try to impose myself too much on them. I try to take what they feel most confident about with themselves, or what they like the most, and then I, you know, influence it with my work.

I don't like to follow trends, because I think trends come and go. I like to make sure that the woman, most importantly, feels really beautiful, really sexy and really radiant. Sexy is good.

CALLAWAY: You don't do men's hair, do you?

PAVES: I don't do men's hair. I do my own.

CALLAWAY: Well, of course you do. But now do you get requests for that? And will men tonight have a new stylist and...

PAVES: You know, I do get -- I do get requests for men. I did I think the cover of "Talk" magazine with Benicio Del Toro. But men do have -- there's special people that do men's grooming, where they do light makeup and men's hair styling. It's just as much for the men tonight. I have friends that are stylists who, you know, have tried three different -- four different suits on men for tonight.


PAVES: So it doesn't take as long.

CALLAWAY: It must be tough walking down that carpet. You're so scrutinized.

PAVES: Well, I think -- the thing that I think that a lot of people don't realize is this really is part of their job. You know, this is like meeting with a client. They're coming to their public. So they really do put a lot of effort, and I think they should be applauded for the effort that they put into this.

CALLAWAY: You know, when you're a news reporter or news anchor you have to have five-minute hair. We don't have time for all the...

PAVES: Well, I've been in the studio and I've seen that. I'm actually always surprised of how quick that you can do that and look as good as you do.

CALLAWAY: Somebody's paying you well, Ken. Thanks for joining us. Hey, are you going tonight to the awards?

PAVES: You know, I'm not actually. I like to go home and I like to sit and watch my work at home.

CALLAWAY: Well, there you go. Well have fun tonight.

PAVES: Thank you so much.

CALLAWAY: And be sure and tell Heather and Sela we said hello.

PAVES: I will.

O'BRIEN: Ken, how's my hair?

PAVES: It looks great. I wouldn't change it.


O'BRIEN: Good. Thank you.

CALLAWAY: Wouldn't you love to know what he really thinks?

O'BRIEN: Yes, it's getting real thick hair.

CALLAWAY: Yes, it's getting real thick.