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Difficult Search for Malaysian Airline Plane; Masters Golf Tournament at Augusta Club

Aired April 11, 2014 - 04:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: The forecast. Relatively quiet with the chance of hurricanes - that report leads of CNN STUDENT NEWS. Fridays are awesome. Here`s the deal. Forecasters from Colorado State University are looking at conditions for the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season. It officially runs from June 1st through November 30th. Though hurricanes can form at any time. This year, meteorologists expect things to be relatively calm with nine possible tropical storms and three likely hurricanes. On average, there are 12 tropical storms and seven hurricanes. One reason for a calm forecast is El Nino. It`s a natural climate pattern that means warmer water in parts of the Pacific that can have a calming effect on Atlantic weather. But forecasts are far from an exact science. In 2012, there were almost twice as many storms than experts expected. Last year, there were two hurricanes when nine were expected.

Satellites, planes, ships and sonobuoys like the one you see in this YouTube clip drop from above diving into the ocean listening for anything that could be a signal from a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane. It vanished more than a month ago. No trace of the plane has been recovered. Signals have been heard beneath the Indian Ocean waves by several different listening devices on several different occasions. But to understand why it`s so hard to pinpoint the plane`s possible whereabouts, you have to go deep.


ED LAVANDERA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Plunging to nearly 15,000 feet below sea level is a journey into a mysterious abyss, a journey few humans can even comprehend. The Boeing 777 is about 200 feet wide, 242 feet long. And possibly, so deep under the Indian Ocean that you`d pass the Statue of Liberty, the Eifel Tower and the tallest building in the world in Dubai on the way down. And still be only a fraction of the way to where the plane wreckage might be resting. Keep plunging, and you`ve entered a place sunlight can`t reach. The pinger locator is being told well below that, 4600 feet below the surface.

Marine biologist Paula Carlson says at these depths marine life is unlike anything most people have ever seen.

PAULA CARLSON, THE DALLAS WORLD AQUARIUM: And then the deeper you go, you find less and less. They have to be very cold tolerant, they have to have - they might not even have eyes, they might be blind because they don`t need to see. There`s no light down there.

LAVANDERA: Keep going towards the ocean floor, and at 12,500 feet below sea level is where you`d find the wreckage of the Titanic. Which took some 70 years to discover and where it`s still rests today. And if it were turned upside down at 14,400 feet is where you`d hit the iconic pick of Washington State Mount Rainier. Only after all that, would you reach the spot where search teams believe the pings from the flight data recorder are coming from. 148000 feet into the abyss.

If that doesn`t capture the magnitude of this search, than imagine what one oceanographer described for us. He says, picture yourself standing on top of one of the highest picks in the Rocky Mountains looking all the way down and trying to find a suitcase. In the dark.

The pressure at nearly 15000 feet is crushing, and very few manned submarines can even withstand it.

SYLVIA EARLE, OCEANOGRAPHER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: There are only half a dozen of that can go to basically half the ocean depth with a number of countries having that capability.

If it gets to the point of collapse, it basically implodes. It just crushes.

LAVANDERA: Finding the plane is daunting, bringing it back from the deep even more difficult. Ed Lavandera, CNN.


AZUZ: You might have had Sriracha before. It`s a hot sauce. On the Scoville scale, which measures spiciness, it`s about half as hot as tabasco. But a California city council is turning up the heat on the factory that makes it declaring the factory a public nuisance. This is all because of how it smells. People in the community of Irwindale, California, say a Sriracha plant that`s close to town, gives off spicy fumes. So spicy that residents say it`s giving them asthma, heartburn, teary eyes and nosebleeds. Since it opened, the plant has brought new jobs to Irwindale. And the company says it has state of the art air filters to prevent pollution. But because of complaints, the city has given the plant 90 days to clean up its act or representatives are threatening to make changes themselves.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for "The Shoutout." Winners of what sporting event are awarded a green jacket? If you think you know it, shout it out! Is it, the U.S. Open, Kentucky Derby, Masters Tournament or Indianapolis 500? You`ve got three seconds, go.

The Masters Tournament played at Augusta National Golf Club is synonymous with the famed green jacket. That`s your answer and that`s your "Shoutout."

AZUZ: Jack Nicklaus has worn that jacket six times as champion of the Masters. His first swim was in 1963. His last in 1986. The tournaments going on right now. It`s been held for 80 years. It`s one of those sporting events with both history and mystique. And it`s not just because of the way Augusta, Georgia looks in the springtime.


STEVE EUBANKS, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR, PGA.COM: Masters is the first major gulf event of the year, and it`s the unofficial start of spring.

The Masters is much different than everything else because it`s held at the same gulf course every year. Augusta, national The reason they tournament is so exclusive is it`s still an invitation, it`s very much like getting invited to the member guest at your local club that bring people from all over the world to play in this thing, and it`s the greatest invitation that you can get in the game.

The course changes almost every year. The course that they play in the 1930s bears no resemblance to the course they are playing today. Every year something it tweak, something is changed.

President Eisenhower was one of the most famous members of the Augusta National. And he always had difficulty with the big pine tree to the left of the 17th fairway. Ike was a slicer, and he started that ball right at the tree and most of the time it got it hung up in there. He threatened to chop it down, and Clifford Roberts told him that he might have freed the world, but that tree was remaining.

The Masters is the most sold after ticket in all of sports, because there is no place to go buy it. The tickets that have been around, people have had them for decades and in some instances, generations. You can get on the lottery program for either practice rounds or the part three tournaments. But to get in, it`s a very, very special treat.

Perhaps the two most significant events in golf: where Jack Nicklaus`s win in 1986 still considered perhaps the greatest gulf tournament of all time. When the golden bear came charging back and became the oldest Masters` winner. The other was in 1997. When Tiger Woods burst on the scene as an amateur and became the youngest Masters` winner.

Setting a record for margin of victory at an event.

The green jacket was originally established so that people would know who the members were at the club. They wanted the members to all be wearing something distinctive, so that if a spectator or they call them patrons of the Masters had a question, they would know who to walk up to and to ask.

First winner to receive a green jacket was Sam Snead in 1949. It was an idea that Bob Jones would make the tournament a little more special and set it apart.


AZUZ: For our last roll call of the week, we are going to start out west and make our way cross country to the golden state in Temecula, California. Always glad to see some bulldogs watching. We`ve got them at Vale Range Middle School.

In Circle, Montana, the eastern part of big sky country, there are some wild cats watching. They are at Circle High School. And on the East Coast, in the Granite State, the Panthers are poised at Three Rivers School. We found them in Hebron, New Hampshire.

Growing up, I used to hate mowing the lawn. Then again, I never head this: oh, yeah. If you need a full-fledged motorcycle helmet to ride it, chances are, it`s for the best yard chore ever. Honda recently broke the lawn mower speed record with this. It weighs 308 pounds. It`s got 109 horsepower from a motorcycle engine. It gets to 60 in four seconds. That`s faster than you cousin`s Camaro. And it`s just the lawn mower speed record at 117 miles per hour. The previous record of 88 miles per hour just doesn`t cut it. It`s like they looked at that speed and knew they could do more. Technology was their motivation. The record was the grastification. They`ve got their golds and gear, kept their speed on the ground and sliced through that record with great zoizha (ph). We`ll have mower on news for you on Monday. Have a great weekend, you.