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Everything about Hurricanes; Civil War Hero Awarded Medal of Honor; Burger King`s Becoming a Canadian Company

Aired August 28, 2014 - 04:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: Big storm brewing. And it`s bringing waves and danger to America`s West Coast. I`m Carl Azuz. This is CNN STUDENT NEWS.

Let`s go to California.

Look at this. Massive swells off southern California. Forecasters say they could crest as high as 15 feet. One surfer has been killed by the

waves. Buildings too close to shore are in danger of getting damaged. And people are being warned about strong rip currents which can drag swimmers

out to sea.

It`s all brought to the region by Hurricane Marie. Last night this was a category two storm, which normally can cause some damage and flooding. But

Marie isn`t expected to come anywhere near land. Forecasters say it will swirl and dissipate in the Pacific Ocean.

Still, several beaches have been closed as dangerous waves are expected through Friday.


IVAN CABRERA, CNN METEOROLOGIST: When tropical cyclone is an area of low pressure that forms in the tropical regions of the world.

Cyclones are actually very important, even though, of course, they can be deadly, they help essentially balance out the temperature across the globe.

They are an equalizer, so they take the heat energy from the tropics, and they translate that where we need it into the colder climates.

The generic term for it is a tropical cyclone. That can refer to any cyclone that has a closed center of circulation anywhere in the world, like

in the Atlantic when they get strong enough to a certain wind speed, we call them hurricanes. But if you are in the Western Pacific, a hurricane

is called the typhoon. There`s no difference between a hurricane and a typhoon except in the name. They are both tropical cyclones.

The naming system is based on the World Meteorological Organization. There`s a list of names. Depending on the basin, in the Atlantic basin, we

recycle the names every six years. If a storm becomes particularly intense or is devastating for a coastline, or has a lot of casualties associated

with it, we retire the name and don`t use it again. For example, Hurricane Katrina. That name will be used again.

Once a tropical storm become a hurricane, we use what we call the Saffir- Simpson scale. Saffir-Simpson scale categorizes the hurricanes from category one, which is the weakest, to a category five. A category one

minimal hurricane has to have winds in its center of 74 miles an hour. As the storm continues to gather strength and becomes more intense, if it

reaches 96 miles an hour, that`s a category two. A category three has winds of a 111 miles per hour. If it continues to intensify, that is a

deadly category four storm, and then the strongest of hurricanes, category five. That is pretty devastating stuff.

Definitely, heed the warnings and get yourself a preparedness kit. Know what you are going to do in the event of a cyclone. Are you going to

evacuate? And again, heed those warnings.


AZUZ: See if you can I.D me. I was established for the U.S. military during the Civil War. I`m an award for gallantry above and beyond the call

of duty. I`m America`s highest military decoration.

I`m the Medal of Honor. And I was established for the U.S. Navy in 1861 and the U.S Army in 1862.

It was an 1863. During the Civil War the White House says Alonzo H. Cushing earned his Medal of Honor. He was 22 years old, the first

lieutenant for the Union Army. He was facing a confederate charge at the battle of Gettysburg, and even though Cushing was wounded in two parts of

his body, he refused to evacuate for medical treatment. And he continued to direct his artillery unit until he was killed by a confederate bullet.

Historians say Cushing helped ensure the confederate defeat at Gettysburg. President Obama will present his award more than 150 years after Cushing`s

death. That`s the longest span of time between a military act and a Medal of Honor awarded for it.

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All right, quick. Think of all the fast food chains that sell hamburgers. McDonald`s probably comes to mind first. But in second place, with about

12,000 stores around the world, is Burger King. And until now, it`s been based in the U.S. It pays U.S. corporate taxes. But most major

corporations want to minimized those taxes. One way some of them do this is through inversion, when they basically decide to move their base to

another country.

Canada, for instance, has lower corporate taxes than the U.S. And when your factor in its lower sales and property taxes, moving there could save

a food company some serious bread.


CRISTINA ALESCI, CNN CORRESPONDENT: When you think of Burger King, you think America.

UNIDENTIFIED PEOPLE (singing): Happy joy - at Burger King.

ALESCI: But now, the iconic American brand and investor are teaming up to relocate the fast food chain outside of the United States. Here`s the

deal. Burger King announced it`s buying Canadian donut house Tim Hortons, and moving the combined company headquarters north of the border. That

creates an opportunity for the company to write off some of its U.S. corporate taxes and avoid paying U.S. taxes on earnings abroad. Burger

King is the most recent and biggest brand name company to attempt moving its headquarters. The U.S. is often criticized for having one of the

highest corporate tax rates of the world, but companies often find ways to offset their bills to the government. Just to put this into context, last

year corporate taxes were 1.6 percent of GDP, less than half of what they were 50 years ago. Burger King`s own executives say the deal classifies as

an inversion, but they also say, it won`t trim (ph) their tax bill. With many Americans still feeling the staying of the recession, it`s no surprise

this is a political issue.

BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: It`s not fair. It`s not right. The lost revenue to Treasury means it`s going to be made

up somewhere, and that typically is going to be bunch of hardworking Americans.

But before we get too patriotic, it`s important to remember, while Burger King may be an American brand, it has locations in 98 countries.

Its international growth is key. And the Brazilian investment firm owns most of the company. Cristine Alesci, CNN Money, New York.


AZUZ: Today`s "Roll Call" schools are in two hemispheres, but they all made a request in yesterday`s transcript at We`ll

start at Brazil. A big welcome to everyone watching at the International School of Brazil. It`s located in Curitiba in the state of Parana. To the

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state, we`ve got more warriors watching. Bethel Regional High School in Bethel, Alaska. Thank you for watching.

Call her Catherine, call her Sisi, call her CB, whatever you pick, you picked a winner. Catherine Bellis just became one of the youngest American

women to win a match at the U.S. Open. She`s 15 years old. She`d only competed in 13 professional matches. And she beat the 13 top ranked player

in the world for the upset. Just for perspective, Catherine`s ranking is 1208. After her win, the home schooled teenager said she felt amazing,

speechless and in shock. Her next match was schedules for this morning at 11, even if she doesn`t win that, though, she`s already served up once

serious match.

It`s usually a compliment when someone tells you you are one in a million. This luminous lobster is one in 2 million. Because it`s blue, and not

because it thought it was going to get eaten. Lobster expert say a genetic defect causes the cool crustacean coloration. It was pulled up by a 14-

year old high school freshman off the coast of Main. I know her family owns a lobster restaurant. This colorful catch will chill in an aquarium

instead of on a plate. She could have also thrown it back, but she would have lobst her chance to help. After all, avoiding lobster traps is kind

of a shell game. This animal will never sing the blues, he`s being donated to a good clause with aquarium life. A happy ending for this tale.

I`m Carl Azuz. We`ll have a fresh catch of stories for you tomorrow. It`s just the commercials that won`t hold water on CNN STUDENT NEWS.