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CDC`s Emergency Center to Control Ebola Outbreak; Youth Protests in Hong Kong

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CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: News broke yesterday afternoon concerning the deadly Ebola virus. It`s where we start this Wednesday edition of our


The hemorrhagic fever has made it to U.S. shores. When we talked about this before, it was when Americans were diagnosed with the deadly disease

in West Africa where the outbreak is and then brought to the U.S. for treatment.

Not this time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says a patient being treated at a hospital in Dallas, Texas, is the first

diagnosed in the U.S. with the hemorrhagic fever. The patient had recently traveled to West Africa and developed Ebola symptoms after getting home.

In August, CNN`s doctor Sanjay Gupta traveled to the CDC`s command center for Ebola.


SANJAY GUPTA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: This is the CDC`s Emergency Operation Center. Think of it as the nerve center of its response to the Ebola

outbreak. Just a few minutes after I walked in, phones and BlackBerries started buzzing everywhere.

(on camera): While we were here, the activation of - just went up to level one. Just in the last couple of minutes. What does it mean?

STEPHAN MONROE, CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION: What that means is just more people and more resourced dedicated to the response.

GUPTA: In that room, you could feel like quiet determination and a sense of urgency.

Let me give you a little bit of an idea of how this all works. What you are looking at is what the CDC looks at. A map of the world, trying to

figure out what infectious disease are happening and where they are happening. As you might imagine, a lot of focus on Ebola right now. They

are tracking that as well, real time. They`ve been doing it since March, take a look in here, this jumped out of me. Mid-May, they thought things

were basically under control, but then look what happens in the beginning of June. Everything takes off.

MONROE: This is our Emergency Operation Center, or EOC as we call it.

GUPTA: Dr. Stephan Monroe is helping lead the CDC`s Ebola response. Not an easy task at all.

(on camera): Was there mistakes made? I mean is there a reason why this outbreak is worse than any outbreak in history?

MONROE: The initial event, the lightning strike, if you will, was right in this corner between three countries in a very remote part of each of those



AZUZ: The original mission of the U.S. Secret Service stopped counterfeit currency. It`s broadened quite a bit since 1865, and an incident involving

the government agency was the focus of a hearing yesterday.

Five things to know about this, starting with security at the White House. There are five rings of that. Surveillance officers patrolling the outside

fence, officers in guard boots, attack dogs to run down intruders, SWAT teams that can swarm if needed and uniformed guards at the doors.

That brings us to the second point, Secret Service officials say Omar Gonzales, a 42-year old veteran of the Iraq war got by all of the outside

security measures on September 19. He allegedly jumped the fence and ran across the lawn to the door of the executive mansion.

He reportedly overpowered a Secret Service agent and got deep inside the White House before he was tackled and subdued by off-duty officers inside

the building.

Gonzales was carrying a knife, President Obama had left the White House a few minutes beforehand.

Third point, originally, the Secret Service praised its officers for showing "tremendous restraint during the incident." At a hearing

yesterday, one congressman said restraint isn`t what`s needed.


REP. JASON CHAFFETZ, (R) UTAH: If you project witness, it invites attack. We want to see overwhelming force. It a would be intruder cannot be

stopped by a dog or intercepted by a person, perhaps more lethal forces necessary, and I want those Secret Service agents and officers to know, at

least this member of Congress has their back. Don`t let somebody get close to the president. Don`t let somebody get close to his family. Don`t let

them get into White House ever.


Fourth point, the president says he has full confidence in the Secret Service`s ability to prevent this in the future. Its director appeared in

front of a congressional committee yesterday.


JULIA PIERSON, DIRECTOR, U.S. SERVICE: It`s clear that our security plan wasn`t properly executed. This is unacceptable and I take full

responsibility, and I will make sure that it does not happen again.


AZUZ: Fifth point, this is not the first breach of security at the White House. There are fence jumpers every year, an invited civilian couple once

crashed a state dinner. Gunshots hit the building, damaging it in 2011, but the agency has protected the president from an untold number of

incidents, and Director Pierson says she`ll bring it up to a level of performance that matches its vital mission.

Police and government officials in Hong Kong have told thousands of protesters to go home. They haven`t. They want China`s government to

completely stay out of an upcoming election. It won`t. The result, a standoff. Hong Kong is not independent. Officially, it`s a special

administrative region of China. China promised in the past not to impose its communist economic policies on Hong Kong`s free market economy. But

Hong Kong`s chief executive, its highest civil leader was selected by a committee loyal to China and China announced last month that it would only

allow candidates it approves to run in Hong Kong`s 2017 election.


IVAN WATSON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: There are lots of people here occupying downtown Hong Kong, a virtual sea of humanity, that`s been chanting slogans

like resign, that`s directed against the chief executive, the top official in Hong Kong ?Y Leung, who is a particular target of anger here. And the

other demand that people make again and again and again, is what they call universal suffrage. They want true, free and fair elections in 2017 when

they are projected to be elections. The signs up, the banners, up. A call for this true democracy, you end this crowd is overwhelmingly young. The

young people around me saying they are 20, 21, 22 years old for the most part. University students who are boycotting score until their demands for

more democratic system here in Hong Kong are met, and it`s important to note that the government here in Hong Kong and the Chinese central

government have all declared that these protests are illegal and by that definition, all of these people here are effectively criminals, but that`s

not really forcing - that`s not really changing the moral of this enormous crowd of people standing up and demanding democratic rights.


AZUZ: Miami, Florida, is more than just an awesome city. It`s where we kick of today`s CNN STUDENT NEWS "Roll Call." Florida Christian School is

watching, and we are glad to see the Patriots this first day in October.

Jumping up north to New Hampshire, David R. Cawley Middle School is on our roll, the hawks are circling over Hooksett.

And we are headed to Iowa to check in with Abraham Lincoln High School. We are welcoming the links of Council Bluffs.

Thank you all for watching.

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