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Canada in the Wake of Shooting Incidents in Ottawa and Quebec; Sunken World War II Vessels Near U.S. Coast; CDC Faces Criticism for Handling Ebola

Aired October 23, 2014 - 04:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: We start today with a report about attacks on the Canadian capital. Just a few days after gunfire started yesterday morning,

and when we put this show together, police were saying, it was possible one or more suspects were still on the loose.

Canada raised its national terror alert, there were two shooting incidents in the city of Ottawa. One was at the Canadian War Memorial, near the

country`s parliament building, another was inside parliament. A Canadian soldier at the war memorial was shot and killed.

Inside the parliament building, several Canadian lawmakers tweeted that a guard killed the gunman there. Police said one male suspect was dead, but

they also said, there was more than one person involved in the shootings.

This all happened two days after a man drove his car into two soldiers, killing one of them in Quebec. Police fatally shot that suspect.

Afterward, they called that incident a terrorist attack saying the suspect had recently converted to radical Islam.

The suspect at yesterday`s shootings also had reportedly converted, but officials say they don`t know if these assaults are related in any way.

In the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been under criticism. Lawmakers and caregivers say the CDC didn`t sufficiently

prepare hospitals or health care workers to safely treat Ebola patients. So, the CDC has updated its guidelines. Three notable changes. One,

caregivers will now receive rigorous training and practice before they treat an Ebola patient. Two, every inch of their skin must now be covered

when they treat an Ebola patient. Three, they`ll be supervised as they put on and take off their protective equipment ensuring no exposure occurs

during that time.

The CDC`s director says, even one health care worker infection is one too many.

Also, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security says airline passengers arriving from Ebola stricken countries, must now land in one of these five

U.S. airports. They have enhanced Ebola screening in place.

Dr. Seuss`s real name was Theodore Seuss Geisel. His editor once bet him that he couldn`t write a book using just 50 different words or less. He

did, the result - green eggs and ham. It has exactly 50 different words. It`s random!

As you`ve started World War II, you`ve heard about fighting in Europe, North Africa, the Pacific. Here`s evidence of just how close that war came

to the continental U.S.

You`re looking at a sonar image of a sunken German U-boat, a submarine. Its location - 30 miles of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. U-576 was sunk

on July 14 1942. Its wreck was found just this August. Not far from a tanker it had sunk.

But all of the tanker`s passengers and crews survived, all aboard the German sub were killed. The site`s considered a war grave and protected by

international law, and it`s not the only one close to American shores. The U.S. sank U-166 in the Gulf of Mexico, on July 30 1942, after it had

torpedoed an American steamer. Both of those ships were explored this summer. U-boat sank dozens of American ships in the Gulf, but this was the

only U-boat destroyed there.

It`s one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history - what happened to Malaysia Airlines flight 270. Yesterday Malaysia`s defense minister

promised the missing passenger jet would be found and another ship is about to join the search. That`s centered about 1100 miles off the west coast of

Australia. There`s been no sign of the plane since it vanished on March 8 with 239 people aboard. It`s wreckage my hold the only answers to the



RACHEL CRANE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Following a plane crash, the search for survivors always comes first, but just as important is the search for

answers. They why and the how.

Often, those answers are found in the black box.

Since the `60s, all commercial airplanes have been required to have one onboard. Now, the name is a little misleading, because they are actually

orange, and when we are talking about a black box, we are talking about two different boxes, one being the cockpit voice recorder, the other being the

flight data recorder.

Together, they weigh anywhere between 20 to 30 pounds, and they have to be crash proof. Black boxes can survive just about anything. Temperatures up

to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour, forces that are 3400 Gs. Now, that`s 3400 times the force of gravity.

They are water proof and they can save recorded data for two years, and it`s a lot of data.

The cockpit voice recorder records the crew`s conversation and background noise.

By listening to the ambient sounds in the cockpit before a crash, experts can determine if a stall took place, the RPMs of the engine, and the speed

at which the plane was traveling.

When this sounds are cross-referenced with ground control conversations, they can even help searchers locate a crash site.

Then, there`s the flight data recorder. It gathers 25 hours of technical data from airplane sensors, recording several thousand discreet pieces of


Data about the air speed, altitude, pitch, acceleration, roll fuel, and the list goes on and on.

But to make sense of the data, first you have to find it.

Not an easy thing to do when a plane crashes into the ocean.

Both black box components are outfitted with underwater locator beacons, which self-activate the moment they come into contact with water. They

send pings once per second, to signal their location. And can transmit data from as deep as 20,000 feet for up to 30 days. When their batteries

then run out.

But on land, there`s no such pinging to help guide the search. Investigators have to sift through the wreckage until they find it.


AZUZ: It`s time to take a roll, you all. Here`s who is watching and requesting on our transcript page at CNNSTUDENTNEWS.COM, the Balboa Academy

Dragons are first up. They are in the capital of Panama. Welcome to Panama City. Up north in the ocean state, it`s the islanders who are next.

A Middletown high school in Middletown, Rhode Island, good to see you.

And show me - the show me state. The Fatima High School Comets are on today`s roll from Westphalia, Missouri.

Hinduism is the world`s third largest religion behind Christianity and Islam. That`s largely due to the number of the Hindu faithful in India,

they compose 80 percent of the world`s second most populated nation.

Diwali is one of Hinduism`s major religious festivals. It usually falls on October or November. The name Diwali comes from a Sanskrit word that means

row of lights.

Traditionally, small oil lamps are lit on homes and temples and set afloat on rivers. It`s a celebration of a new year. There are religious

ceremonies, gifts exchange, new clothes and feasting. And for India, that means business in stores and online.


SUMNIMA UDAS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Diwali, India`s most important festival. Five days or fireworks, ritual celebration, and most importantly, shopping.

For retailers like Mayank Bansal, Diwali can account for up to a third of the annual sales. At this year, well, it`s never been better. The

exponential growth largely owing to e-commerce sites like SnapDeal. In the lead up to this holiday season founder and CEO Kunal Bahl says, SnapDeal

sold one Smartphone every six seconds, a laptop every 20 seconds, and a pair of shoes every ten second.

SnapDeal works like a virtual marketplace, similar to China`s Alibaba. They don`t buy or keep their own stock and the inventory. So, all the

products are brought here. They`ve got deodorants, they`ve got smartphones, they`ve got razors and everything is brought to centers like

this: packaged and then distributed.

SnapDeal will deliver some 20 million products across 5,000 towns and cities in India this month. Other leading e-commerce sites like FlipCard

at Amazon, India, both similar numbers. Online retail in India grew 88 percent last year. Millions of Indians living in small towns and villages

like this now shopping online with smartphones.

For small business owners like Bansal it`s transformed the way they think.

MAYANK BANSAL, RETAILER: Market open for the whole of India. Now, we get customers from Kashmir to (INAUDIBLE).

UDAS: In other words, from north to south India. There are currently 243 million Internet users in India. That, too, is expected to more than

double by 2020. What does it say about the potential of e-commerce in India? Well, the math is quite simple.

AZUZ: From the world`s second most populated country to the world`s number one. Last story today`s from China. If you don`t mind the little

acrophobia with your appetizer, why not order up a nice view with your lunch? As a way to advertise his apartments, a developer recently allowed

daring diners to eat their lunch on a crane or suspended from one. Maybe it`s safe. You certainly wouldn`t be worried about breaking a dish. And

you wouldn`t have to crane your neck to look around assuming you can handle this suspense. The idea is food for thought, it seems nothing is off the

table, you get a great view at the skyline, from the skyline and after your meal - hey, you can just hang out! Thanks for craning your eyes on CNN

STUDENT NEWS. I`m Carl Azuz. We are back Friday.